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Your Fate is in the Stars

Author Yyaku
Season Lunar Temple
Episode Number One
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Adult Content Warning
This episode features uncensored adult content that may not be suitable for younger viewers or easily upset viewers. Any statements said in no way reflect what the author stands for; these are all characters. Thank you.

Your Fate is in the Stars is the premiere episode of Survivor: Lunar Temple.



Lunar Temple Challenge: Beam Me Up
Players will begin on 20 individual stands. Upon starting the challenge all players will race out into a field full of star pieces. Once they find the three large star pieces they must run back to their beam and hold all three pieces above their head. Holding position, keeping all the pieces together and managing to keep it for 60 seconds will result in you completing the challenge. Whoever finishes first will head to the Lunar Temple. Whoever finishes last will also be sent to the Lunar Temple.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Pattern Past Saturn
Each tribe will be assembling rings around a replica of Saturn. One by one a contestant will run forward, grab a ring and head through the obstacle course. The obstacle course is going over and under logs, walking across beam, and climbing over a rock wall structure. Once they get to the end of the obstacle course they will add a ring to their pile and run to the start. After all six rings are collected one player will be the solver and they run back to the start and open up a hidden door to reveal the puzzle's solution. They must then run back and solve. If they need any additional looks they must run all the way back through the obstacle again. The last tribe to complete their Saturn puzzle will lose the challenge.
Reward: First place will receive fire-starting kit, the two runner-up tribes receive fire in the form of flint.

Day One

The episode begins with an overhead view of the beautiful country Bhutan, a large brown temple is present in the shot. Quickly the camera pans down to Jeff Probst standing in front of the wide entrance of the temple. Surrounded by towering green foliage and umbrella'd by a bright blue sky, we see Jeff Probst take a step forward from the temple and begin his dialogue. While Jeff begins talking, footage of frogs hopping over a creek, waves crashing onto the beach, a snake capturing a mouse, and large trees as the sun rise and set is shown.

Jeff Probst: I am standing here in front of the ancient Lunar Temple located in Bhutan, Asia. This timeworn temple has stood in solitude for hundreds of years built upon the ideology of following the very constellations in the sky. These lands are known for their voluptuous jungles and desirable fresh waters. Here is where twenty strangers from different walks of life will be separated from the outside world. This will be the beginning of a journey of a lifetime for them. They will only have minimal food and supplies while battling the elements trying to survive.

The camera pans to a large boat traversing in the middle of the ocean, spread across the deck are the twenty castaways in various positions, some sitting on crates, standing next to the mast, looking over the bow. Surrounding the players are sporadically placed crates and baskets. Inside these crates and baskets are fruits like bananas, coconuts, oranges, mangoes, and guavas. Other items include coils of rope, bread, cages full of chickens, pots, and blankets. Mounted against the sides of the boat are rafts. The camera focuses towards a boy shaking his legs wearing a letterman jacket and squinting as he looks off the side of the boat with the sun beaming on his face.

LT Connor “Getting the chance to play a game like Survivor is the biggest honor someone can have. My pops and I have watched this show for nearly eight years and I remember pointing to the TV as a kid and saying ‘that’s gonna be me one day, pops!’ and here I am. Living out my childhood dream, I hope I will be able to prove myself out here both as an athlete and as a person. I am keeping my values on my shoulder and going to play the most honorable game I can. However, that doesn't mean I'm just going to roll over and get played. Without a doubt I am going to knock the rest of these people out and get the win, i'll just have a smile on my face as I do so. (Connor laughs)”

The camera changes to a girl sizing up the competitors around her. She is wearing a sleek white dress with her legs crossed with a prudish look on her face. She purses her lips as she begins fanning herself.

LT Stacey “This game is about your ability to adapt. Seeing these gross sweaty people on this boat is already testing my ability to do so. I work in a corporate office for a living working with prestigious businessmen and woman. I get to see faces of clean shaven, hard working, classy people and I am surrounded by people wearing nothing but casual clothes and unkempt hair. I have more respect for myself then that but too survive out here it is not going to be glamourous. It is not going to be easy. I am going to take what I have learned from the brutality of a competitive office and apply it to this game. ”

The camera zooms onto a black girl who's smiling as she looks off the side of the boat with her legs crossed. She is wearing a brightly colored and spontaneously patterned shirt with her long hair flowing in the wind.

LT Ginny “This game is going to be a damn test. In my day to day life I spend my time huddled over a jewel as I finely and precisely cut it and that's the most serious I ever am! Other then that i'm cracking jokes and having the time of my life. Everyone here is playing to win but knowing there is going to be cutthroat backstabbers makes me all types of anxious. I mean can't we all have fun and not vote people off? I guess when a million dollars is on the line anything goes, and maybe I'll be the one doing the blindsiding around here. (laughs) Maybe. ”

A bell rings as a signal to the contestants to begin gathering supplies. We see Jeff Probst appear on screen as the contestants stand up frantically running around the crowded boat full of items. Jeff completely ignored as contestants do whatever it takes to get what they need. Chaos ensues in the background as he casually begins his dialogue explaining to the audience what is going on.

Jeff Probst: These twenty strangers have been tasked with gathering supplies that they will need to use for the next 40 days. They have been given two minutes to gather whatever rations and tools that they can. With tons of options, but very little time the castaways will need to make split second decisions on what they see as essential. They must work together with people they’ve never spoken to in their lives. The decisions they make in these two minutes will greatly impact their entire tribe.

A clip is shown of a stern-faced blonde girl, Pamela, with a cowboy hat on reaching for a basket filled with bananas and oranges. A contestant rushes over and attempts to loot the fruits from the basket and Pamela pulls the basket away from their clutches and shoots them a nasty look. A young black guy, Vince, is seen voicing commands towards a tribemate with a red buff to grab a chicken cage. Palm tree leaves are being flung through the air and shots of cutting bamboo is shown. A plump chicken escapes from a cage being held by a worried girl in a green buff, Diana. The chicken flies into the air and Diana's tribemate, Ginny, begins yelling and running away from the chicken as it flaps its wings. A tall man in a blue buff, Cameron, snatches the chicken midair causing Diana to gasp. Cameron with chicken in hand heads to the side of the boat. A scene of a man in a yellow buff cutting his tribe's raft free as it falls into the ocean is shown. Fruits and baskets are being hauled off of the boat by three girls in red buffs. Not a graceful landing in sight for food or people. The ocean is seen to be cluttered with palm leaves, bamboo, and chicken feathers.

Jeff Probst: 30 seconds left!

A girl in a blue buff, Alyssa, struggles to lift a crate as a tribemate much bigger than her, Johnathan, takes the load from her hands. Underneath the crate she had picked up was a rolled up paper with purple string wrapped around it. The camera focuses on it and then to Alyssa and Johnathan walking away from it unknowingly. Johnathan runs to the side of the boat and calls down to his tribemate, Zachary, to move and roughly drops the crate onto their raft. A fit guy with red hair and a yellow buff, Damien, is seen cannonballing into the water below - splashing the members of his tribe with water. An older woman in a green buff, Ledalia, is seen rummaging in a basket and her glance is lowered to floor where she spots the rolled up parchment previously ignored, Ledalia quickly grabs it and slips it into the front of her dress.

LT Ledalia “Knowing what I know about the game of Survivor i'm thinking there has to be a clue somewhere on this boat. I'm searching through this basket of mangoes hoping it is hidden underneath some fruit when suddenly in the corner of my eye I see this paper sitting there on the floor. Sure enough I grabbed it and it's a rolled up parchment! I am hoping nobody saw me grab that because that would likely paint a target on my back. This is incredibly beneficial for me to have gotten so early.”

Jeff Probst: Time! Get off the ship! Get off the ship!

Contestants still remaining on the boat began leaping off the boat with their last second addition items. Once everyone was in the water, castaways began loading everything onto the meager rafts. Arguments occurred on the rafts over what could fit and what couldn't. The yellow tribe's raft decided there wasn't anything they could throw off so the men had to go in the water and paddle the boat with their swimming. Other boats began their travel with oars collected from the ship and embarked for the shore of the island.

LT Winston “My tribe decided that it would be a good idea the men would be the ones to push this raft to shore. It's not a good fucking idea let me tell you. We have too much stuff for us all to sit on it and paddle because it was starting to sink. Who's fault is that? The people who cramped the raft with hundreds of pounds of shit. These guys swimming from my tribe are like these Chris Hemsworth's and in comparison I look like a Tom Holland. I don't have the physically capability to do this, I mean, do you see me? I'm this scrawny interior designer for North California. Do I look like someone who can be moving hundreds of pounds? Exactly you guys, give me a break.”

The camera shows Winston attempting to push the raft in the water as Noland and Damien are struggling in the back pushing the full weight of the boat. On the raft is yellow tribe's Zanaya and Yasmyn holding paddles helping as much as they can. The camera shows the red tribe's raft functionally operating as everyone sits on it close together and three people are using paddles. The blue tribe appears to have a communication issue with Cameron. A no-cares-given woman, Stacey, wearing a now soaked dress is barking at Cameron who is refusing to paddle. Stacey grabs the paddle from Cameron's hand and he simply keeps smiling and admiring Alyssa. The green raft is operating fine with Damien steering and Ledalia is seen tucking her advantage deep inside her shirt before she begins paddling the boat. The camera pans out to the sky showing all four boats making their way to the shore of the island. Jeff's monologue begins in the background.

Jeff Probst: This is the ultimate test. Twenty newcomers from all across the country split into four groups. They must adapt or they will be voted out. In the end, there will only be one left standing who will take the million-dollar check and claim the title of Sole Survivor. 40 days, 20 people, and only ONE SURVIVOR!

The intro plays in a triumphant tone introducing all of the contestants by name and showing various challenges, tribe scenes, and upclose face shots. It has positive uplifting music and intensity all wrapped in one. It concludes and it fades to black as tropical upbeat music begins picking up in the back.

As the intro concludes, the scene resumes at the beach where all four rafts appear pulled ashore and the castaways have lined up at their tribe matts associated by color. Next to their matts stands a tall flag with their tribe color on it and the season's logo printed on it. Everyone has their buffs on, whether it be on their head, arm, or around their neck.

Jeff Probst: Welcome (Jeff pauses) to Survivor: Lunar Temple!

Everyone begins applauding, a clip of the red tribe celebrating as a man, Brad, wraps his arms around two female tribemates, Kylie and Monique who are clapping. Another clip of the Yellow tribe is shown where Yasmyn is giddily jumping next to a guy with white hair in the back, Noland, fistpumping the air and cheering. Finally a clip of the green tribe shows Ginny and Diana clapping and Ginny nudges shoulders with a shyer guy, Daniel, who is seen only just smiling.

Jeff Probst: Alright, take a look around at these contestants. All of you have come out here to Survivor totally out of your element. We see all different types of people so let's get some first impressions. Guy in the black jacket (Jeff points to Cameron who is standing their smug) What do you take of this cast?

Cameron: I mean I think we have a nice group!-

The cumulative celebration picks up again as everyone claps and nods their heads in agreement to Cameron's statement.

Cameron: -I feel like we have some strong competitor, and some definitely pretty ladies.

On the yellow tribe Damien cheers in agreement to that and every laughs at Cameron's statement. On the green tribe Ginny jokes and fans herself in mockery of Cameron's remark.

Ginny: (flirtatiously) And some handsome men!

The ladies begin cheering louder and Pamela makes an 'ooooo' sound and the men start laughing.

Cameron’s looked around and smiled at the ladies and then looked at Alyssa and waved. She politely smiled at him and then turned her direction back to Jeff. Probst pointed to the most ecstatic on Han Gin with a wide smile splattered across his face.

Jeff Probst: Guy with the beard.

Damien: (proudly) Damien!

Jeff Probst: Damien, how would you say your tribe did in the very first obstacle put in your way with the rafts.

Damien: Well, glad you noticed the beautiful beard first of all (Damien laughs followed by some of his tribemates) and I think we did pretty great! (The yellow tribe all claps) We got so much stuff that we had to push the boat to shore!

Winston rolls his eyes a little at that statement.

Jeff Probst: Guy standing next to Damien-

Winston: (respectfully) My name is Winston.

Jeff Probst: You seemed to roll your eyes at that rhetoric.

Winston: I wouldn't say I rolled my eyes, I just wasn't that thrilled to be out there.

Damien pats him on the back.

Jeff Probst: Alright, girl with flower dress. (gestures towards the red tribe)

Kylie smiles widely.

Kylie: (nodding) Kylie.

Jeff Probst: You are on this tribe with complete strangers, do you have any idea why you were placed the way you were?

Kylie (confused): I.. (Kylie pauses) I'm not sure really. I thought it was hair color for a second but then I saw Pamela!

Everyone laughs at this joke and Pamela holds a strand of her blonde hair out and makes an casual embarrassed face.

Jeff Probst: Well, this season you have been divided based off of your birthdates and how they align with the zodiac chart.

A mixed reaction is gazed from the crowd, some infatuated, some sighs, some claps.

Jeff Probst: For the first time in Survivor History, we will be putting the zodiacs to the test to see if horoscopes really do have an effect on how someone plays Survivor.

Everyone seemed to resonate with the idea, the general consensus was positive with some skeptics in the crowd spread out.

LT Zanaya “I am not entirely sure if zodiacs are real. I see a lot of jokes about some zodiacs being crazier than others but I don't think it means anything. I mean you can have one person be a completely awesome nice guy and another person be a serial killer and they have the same zodiac. Playing this game with zodiacs coming into play I don't think will be too different then a normal season. I know I am not going to change myself for anyone and I'm going to be the real upfront Zanaya I have always been. Whether I am a Libra or not, these bitches are getting a taste of their own medicine. ”

Jeff Probst: Alright, I can sense some confusion. A lot of you seem like you don't even know what a zodiac is.

The crowd laughed, however to some this happened to be the case.

Jeff Probst: Guy with the long hair.

Vince (smiling): Vince.

Jeff Probst: Vince, do you have any clue what your zodiac might be?

Vince: Well Jeff, in all honesty no clue.

Jeff Probst (laughing): I admire you for your honesty. Alright, for this season you have been divided into four tribes of elements. Every element consists of three zodiacs. Red tribe, you are the fire element. Consisting of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius you make Kalayo.

Kalayo celebrates, and Vince wonders which zodiac of those he was.

Jeff Probst (informatively): Brad and Monique you are Leo. Pamela and Vince you are Sagittarius. Leaving you Kylie, as an Aries.

LT Kylie “Figuring out this season is divided based off of our zodiacs is amazing news to me. I happen to know a lot about personality types and zodiacs. Being fire signs means we are naturally competitive and full of energy. I think being on a tribe full of fire signs we will have a very upbeat energy. However we definitely might get into some fights because there is some hotheads out there. We are the signs who like to get things done and I believe that will play into challenges and our overall morale around camp. I know my personal strategy heading into this game is going to be likable and lie to people's faces and turn around and vote them out. I will be a snake, yes. I want to win that million dollars.”

Jeff Probst: Now onto the blue tribe. You are the water element. Consisting of Alyssa and Johnathan as your Pisces, Stacey and Cameron as your Cancer, and Zachary as your Scorpio. Your tribe's name is Tubig.

Tubig claps and accepts their new title.

Jeff Probst: Onto the green tribe.

The green tribe very excited begins chanting 'Green tribe, green tribe!

Jeff Probst: Don't get too attached to that name, you got another one coming. You are Yuta the Earth tribe. Consisting of your Taurus, Diana. Your two Virgo's Ginny and Daniel, and your Capricorns Ledalia and Connor.

Han Gin still excited begins chanting 'Yuta, Yuta!' causing the rest of the contestants to break into laughter even cracking a smile from Jeff

Jeff Probst: Last but not least, the yellow tribe. You are Han Gin, the air tribe. Damien and Zanaya are your Libra whereas Noland and Winston are the Aquarius leaving Yasmyn as the only Gemini.

LT Zanaya “Taking my knowledge of what I know about zodiacs, Gemini are often tied with being two-faced. Backstabber, betrayers, liars - you name it. Hearing that Yasmyn is a Gemini especially when she looks that nice is worrying. Right off the bat it makes me think she is bound to be a disloyal ally so I have no other option than to base my first impression off of what I know about her. I am a law student learning to be a lawyer and I have to take what information is presented in front of me and form reason out of it. Survivor has presented me this information about a tribemate and here we are.”

Jeff Probst: Alright now that you have been introduced to your tribes and know what you are about it's time for you to get to your camps. Kalayo, here is your compass and map (Jeff throws Brad their items). Tubig, here you are (Jeff throws the items to Johnathan). Yuta, here's your stuff head on out head on out (Jeff tosses it to Connor). Han Gin here you are (Jeff tosses the items to Damien).

A shot from the sky of all four tribes grabbing their rafts and carrying the items ontop of it and heading in four different directions is shown and zooms out to show the expanse of the full island before fading to black.

Yuta Camp

Everyone slowly tread towards camp carrying the stocked up raft looking exhausted. Setting down the stuff and propping down the shimmering green Yuta flag the tribe cheered. Once all of their items and belongings were situated they gathered in a circle around their raft and began discussion to get to know each other. Ginny, the most excited of the group took the stand to speak first

Ginny: I would like to start this Yuta day off with a toast. I know we don't have any glasses or alcohol to celebrate but we can all hold up a coconut.

Everyone agrees with Ginny's proposal and grabs a coconut.

Ginny: Here is to the Yuta tribe!

Yuta Tribe (in unision): To Yuta!

Ginny: I say we kick this wonderful day off with getting to know eachother. If it's no bother I will start since i'm already talking.

Everyone seems fully compliant and lets Ginny introduce herself.

Ginny: My full name is Ginny but you can just call me Ginny! (everyone laughs) I work in Jewelry design. I am shockingly 29 years old but I don't look older than 20 and if you tell me otherwise my boyfriends an eye doctor and you should pay him a visit!

Yuta tribe laughs at Ginny's humor.

LT Diana “So we are introducing ourselves in Yuta and within the first five seconds of her talking I fall in love with the personality of Ginny! She is absolutely funny, amazing, her confident, loud yet not annoying demeanor just seems like such a great person to be around. I can tell she is dependent and strong which is such an assuring person to have in a group with you. As a therapist I am used to being around people who are upset and I have to be that light that gets them out of dark places - so to be around someone so positive for a change is something I can't pass up. I have a feeling her and I will be good friends. I am going to try and get to know her better and for her to like me because I would kill to have a friend like her.”

Diana: Jewelry? You make jewelry?

Ginny: Yes ma'am! Actually, the earrings i’m wearing right now, real gold by the way, are designed by myself.

Diana: Those are absolutely gorgeous, you certainly have a talent!

Ginny: Oh why thank you sweet thang! You have the cutest hair by the way, i'm all about that color.

Diana smiles gracefully. Everyone seemed really impressed with Ginny’s occupation and attracted to her bubbly personality.

Ginny (playfully): Enough about me, enough about me! I am dying to get to know all about you guys, someone go!

Connor (laughing): Ahh I guess i'll go, it'll be hard to make a good impression after such a cool person like you though, Ginny! (Ginny smiles at Connor) My name is Connor, I play for the Hawks college football team in Wyoming! Home state represent! (laughs)

The rest of the tribe laughs at his shout out.

Connor: I am just thrilled to get to meet all of you guys and can't wait to see what's in store for this tribe!

Ginny: So, what brings you to Survivor, Connor? The million, hot girls, finding yourself?

Connor (taken back): Well, I mean.. I guess the same as everyone else! It's the chance of a lifetime and I really just am so humbled to actually be here right now. I'm sure everyone else is too. The million could be nice too (chuckles).

The group laughs at Connor's last remark.

Daniel: I hate to interrupt the introductions guys, but can everyone just take a second and look around at this camp. I have to say it is quite beautiful here!

Surrounding the contestants is a soft blue sky caressed with white clouds. The coast of the shore is lacy waves and a cool breeze. The turquoise shimmering water leads to soft beige sands following up to tall line of palmtrees providing shade. Everyone feeling small in comparison to the beauty of nature admires the beauty for a few moments before returning to themselves.

Diana (lost for words): Wow.

Ledalia: It's so tranquil here.

Daniel: Sorry, I just had to point that out. I've never been somewhere as amazing as this. It's making me want to draw it.

Diana: Oh, so you draw? I should've guessed that. You look like the creative type from first glance.

Daniel: Heck yeah! Oh, right I should probably introduce myself. I'm Daniel, I am a freelance artist. Drawing is my lifestyle it's all I like doing.

Ginny: Tell me Daniel, what's the difference between a freelance artist and a normal artist?

Daniel (laughing): Freelance basically just means i'm self employed. I don't work for a company or anything.

Ginny: Oh! Makes sense, that must be challenging to do it all on your own. I do jewelry on my own but I think it's a little different since I'm employed and just work from home.

Daniel: It can be.. waiting for bookings and people to come to you is a little stressful when it's how you make a living. I just have to rely that I will be able to keep bringing in attention by getting my name out there! (laughs)

Ginny: I wish you the best of luck in your art career, I'd love to see one of your works once we get back home!

Daniel: Thank you very much! That means a lot to me Ginny.

Diana: I admire any type of artist, I can barely even draw a stickfigure. Let alone do some painting.

Connor: Stickfigure! (laughs) That's better than what I can do. I don't think i've tried drawing since elementary school.

The tribe laughs together over their lack of skill, and Daniel feels a little more comfortable with his group.

Diana (anticipation): Okay... my name is Diana. (smiles) I am a relationship therapist. Unfortunately I have no relationship for myself (laughs).

Ginny:' Aww, no way! A pretty girl like you has to have someone!

Diana (laughing): Thank you, but no. I think guys get intimidated by someone who went to college for four years on how to run a relationship.

Connor: Shuck, well those guys are missing out, you seem wonderful.

Ginny: Absolutely adorable, too!

Diana (blushing): You guys are too sweet!

LT Ginny “I get on this tribe and I am just throwing out jokes left and right and all these people dig. I find myself to be a very comedic person because I like keeping everyone in some good types of energy. I have a feeling this is going to be a good team because they all give off vibes I like. I am a person who likes encouraging everyone around me and everyone seems to bounce back with that same kind of attitude. We have Connor this handsome stud who does nothing but smile. Diana, who is sweet little compliment machine. Daniel, the shy friendly boy who likes nature. Ledalia, the kind older lady who still seems to have kick in her step. I don't think we are going to have a problem getting along.”

Ledalia (jokingly): Alright, enough of you youth talking - it's time for an old timer to introduce herself.

The rest of Yuta laughs.

Ledalia: My name is Ledalia Wu, I am a proud mother and grandmother. I am very pleased to be here.

Yuta claps, Ginny smiles particularly big at the mother comment, as she herself hopes to be a mother one day.

Ledalia: I look forward to getting to knowing all of you and hope my age is no problem in us forming relationships. I may look old but I am sharp and modestly athletic!

Connor: Hell yeah! I expect nothing less from you. Keep kicking ass Mrs. Wu.

Ginny: Yeah girl, don't let yo age do the talking - let you do the talking!

Daniel: This tribe is so uplifting to each other it's awesome. I bet the other tribes don't have this kind of positivity.

Connor: Definitely man! I think we should get started working on some sort of shelter. We can just beast one out real quick so we can relax the rest of the day.

Ginny (agreeing): I think if we have the guys work on cutting wood and the girls working on getting all of our stuff from the boat organized that’d good.

Everyone agreed and began getting to their tasks. While the boys head into the forest area, the girls all sat down with the pile of stuff and began grabbing the fruits and putting them into assorted baskets.

Diana: So, what do you guys think of the boys?

Ginny: Oh, well Connor is just the sweetest little handsome kid and Daniel is so kind! They are both truly such gentleman it's refreshing. I thought we were going to have to deal with some prick, like that "Cameron" guy. (groans)

Ledalia: Yes, they are fine young men. Oh and believe me, that guys answers to Jeff's questions were childish. I believe that the boys will put our group ahead athletically.

Diana: Well, Connor will be for sure. Daniel doesn't really strike me as athletic ... (reassuring) but, but i'm not discrediting him! I just think, his talents are in other stuff. Like mental competitions he will definitely be a help! Also to keep our head out of the dumps.

Ledalia: I agree with you completely. I feel as if we are a very unified tribe. I am sure the other tribes did not have the same luck we had getting placed.

Ginny: Do you think it has anything to do with these Zodiacs?

Diana: Oh! Hmm.. that's probably a good reason, I don't even remember what zodiac we all were if i'm being honest.

Ledalia: We were the Earth signs. We are the core of the earth and spirit of the world.

Ginny: Does that mean we are more down to Earth? (laughs)

Diana: (laughs) I think I have read somewhere that Earth signs are a lot more grounded, hardworking, and emotionally stable than any of the other signs. I wish I was fire though, that'd be cool.

Ginny: Girl, I wish I was emotionally stable! Where you been reading because obviously they ain't account for Ginny.

The group of girls laugh.

Ledalia: Well, whether we are unified because we are all great people or because there is something in the stars making us gravitate together - I like you guys regardless.

All of the girls smiled in approval of Ledalia’s statement and continued arranging and distributing the items. The scene cut to the boys in the forest cutting wood.

Connor: So man, your name was Daniel, right?

Daniel: Yep! You are Connor, correct?

Connor: Yeah man! So how are you feeling about everything. We've only been here a little but you are bound to be going through some feelings right now.

Daniel: I guess I feel pretty good about being out here. I mean it's my first time doing something like this. I just want to do good.

Connor: I seeeeee.

Daniel: I am not really the survival type guy but I think I had a lot going on in my life that I needed to escape from and just focus on myself.

Connor: Are you sure a backstabbing cutthroat game of Survivor is really the meditation you need for a 'focus on yourself' kind of trip?

Daniel (laughing): I'm sure it's not the ideal thing I need, but I feel like i've spent my whole life trapped. I wanted to do something sporadic and shocking to my parents for once. I didn't even tell them I was coming here!

Connor: Wow, my parents were the first people I told. But, I totally get that Daniel. I think you are a cool dude and whatever you want to do I support it.

Daniel: Thank you Connor, you are pretty cool too!

Connor (smiling): So, we have a pretty nice group, I would say? We got some ladies - Diana, Ginny, Ledalia.

Daniel: Oh yeah! Everyone here is just so great. It's a little challenging, I thought there would be at least one person I didn't get along with.

Connor: Yeah Yuta is starting to look like one of the most nicest starting tribes this games ever seen. I don't think we will have any trouble.

Daniel: Knock on wood! (laughs)

Connor: Right, right. We have only known each other for maybe an hour! I get ahead of myself sometimes. I just think this is a strong group and the morale around the tribe is pretty nice.

Daniel (sadly): Yeah. I hope I will be able to pull my weight in challenges. I don't want someone leaving because I sucked.

Connor: What do you mean "pull your weight"? Of course you will pull your weight.

Daniel: I just don't think i'm athletic and all. I'm not going to be able to contribute as much as everyone else does.

Connor: Well, that doesn't matter! All that matters is you give it your all. "Your weight" you pull is a personal thing. Whatever you physically can do - do until you can't anymore.

Daniel (laughing): Look at you talking, you are the sport star. You probably make up double me.

Connor: Man, I wasn't just born being a football player. I used to be in your same position. I have asthma and I never thought I would do anything. I couldn't even run a mile without getting sent to the nurse in school!

Daniel (perplexed): So .. what changed?

Connor: I decided to not let what I thought of myself and what my body was telling me speak louder than myself. I gave school P.E. my all, and when I fulfilled that I decided i'd give sports my all. I found myself really appreciating football and all the lessons it taught me.

Daniel: Wow, i'm ... really impressed. I didn't expect that kind of backstory from you Connor.

Connor: It's nothing! Anyone is capable of making a change for themselves, you've just got to want that change. I really think you will be just fine Dan the Man.

Daniel (smiling): Thank you, Connor. I'm not so worried for the first challenge anymore.

Connor: Happy to help, I don't want anyone being upset on this tribe! It's too good of an experience to let stuff like that to get to you.

Daniel: I never knew a football player could be so nice.

Connor: Don't think of me as some sporty jock, just think of me as a friend!

Daniel: To be honest.. you are the first ever football player i've talked too. In school and in college they always were just so rude to my passion of art and called me rude names.

Connor (sadly): Yeah, a lot of players on my team treat people the same. I always encourage them to be a light and a role model but... (sigh) I would never be like that though, I care about people too much. I hope I can change your mind about what you've thought about football players in the past!

Daniel: You've already opened my eyes to a lot, you are off to a great start. (smiles) Thanks Connor.

LT Daniel “Connor is... just something else. I totally assumed he would be this jerk because of the letterman jacket. The only people I know who were letterman jackets are douches with big egos. To think that someone so encouraging could be a guy like Connor really makes me think about how many other people i've misjudged. Connor not being a total asshole football player makes me so relieved because out of everyone he was the person I feared I would get along with the least. But I think Connor is someone I would like to work with because he seems to be invested in others. He talked to me like I was a real person and not some 'nerd' or something like that. I hope he is willing to work with me down the line because I can't pass up an ally like this.”

Both guys smile as Connor begins a hard whack at the wood. As it crashes down hardly the scene switches off as to show that there is a cut between frames. When we return time has passed since the conversations - the shelter looks nearly complete and all five Yuta are gathered around.

Diana: Wow, i'm impressed. This camp sure came out well you guys.

Connor: Definitely, good job to everyone here.

Ginny: This look a-maz-ing! I'm so proud of us. Look, we have the cutest bed ever and (points to shelves) we have a cute little shelf rack for our food.

Daniel: I'm so excited to finally eat some of that food, i'm starving from all the work we have been doing.

Ginny: You are telling me! I forgot to eat before I came here. My stomach feels like it's turning inside out right now.

Ledalia (laughs): I made sure to grab tons of mangoes because they are my favorite. We also have oranges and coconut. I think we have some rice bags under all of that fruit.

Ginny: Girl, I could just cook some of that up right now but I think i'm going to hold off until it's absolutely essential.

Daniel: Yeah, I think I will do the same. Whatever is best for the tribe.

Connor: I'm so excited that we got brown rice, that stuff is the best I love it so much.

Diana (laughing): Love? That's a prety big word to use to describe your feelings for some brown rice.

Connor: Psh, yeah! For sports I eat this stuff practically every night. It goes good with anything. I eat it like every meal.

Diana (nodding): Hm, I would've never though. I prefer white rice.

Ledalia: Not to interrupt the rice talk, but does anyone know if we have a water well, I am certainly quenched from that walk up here and all of this building.

Daniel (looking around): I don't think I see it anywhere. It could be in the forest somewhere.

Connor: Maybe there's a trail in the forest you could look for. Usually they have a little path to walk to one.

Diana: You and I could look for it together if you want, Ledalia. I wouldn't mind looking around.

Ledalia: I think I should be fine, (gestures to an opening) there looks to be a path right there. I'll just be right back.

Ginny: Girl, hold your horses i'm coming with. I'm so thirsty I could drink the whole ocean right now.

Ledalia (surprised): Alright. I guess Ginny and I will be right back.

Ginny and Ledalia stand up and begin walking towards the clearing. Ledalia and Ginny both have canisters in their hands. Ledalia turns back and smiles at the group and they begin to walk out of sight.

Ginny: Alright Ledalia, tell me more about yourself. I want to know everything about you because that dress? It's beautiful. I need backstory.

Ledalia (laughs): Well, I am a spirit guide. I wear this dress when I am doing my sessions, but I also wear it on my free time because it's pretty.

Ginny: It is. Also, catch me if i'm wrong but you said a spirit ... guide? What the blue hell is that?

Ledalia: A spirit guide is where take peoples palms and read what the spirit world has to say about the and the life they are living.

Ginny: So you talk to the dead like a medium and give them advice.

Ledalia: Not directly, I don't talk to dead family members for people. I give them advice from a group of spirits who lived noble and honorable lives. Emperors and such.

Ginny: Interesting, so you have like a jury who judge whoever's hand you grab's life. Then they just do some roasting and figure out what they should fix.

Ledalia: I suppose you could say that is what I do.

Ginny: Sounds cool, I do similar stuff with the jewels I make. I have a private little collection of healing stones I believe can connect and tell you stuff about your life. It's no spirits or nothing but it still does the job.

Ledalia: It is good to see someone who is tapped into their spiritual side. I wish there were more of us out there.

Ginny (laughs): Same to you girl. Some people think i'm crazy for the things I believe but I think it just makes me special.

Ledalia: Believe me, in my years I have lost many friends over my career. They call me blasphemer and fraud. Losing friendships over something like a gift is pretty challenging.

Ginny (frowns): I'm sorry to hear that, Ledalia.

Ledalia (chuckles): It's okay, loss leads to wisdom. You can learn something from everyone you encounter in your life. Taking the stories I learned from those people helps me understand people better.

Ginny (teasingly): I agree with that. (long pause) So Ledalia, you going to look for the idol out here or something?

Ledalia (nervous laughter): Heavens, unless that idol is shaped like a nice water filled well, then I believe not.

Ginny: Just messing girl! I doubt they would hide an idol here anyway.

Ledalia: Oh? What makes you say that?

Ginny: Well we got four tribe, do you think they have four idols? I don't think they'd put that much power out into the game but then again what do I know.

Ledalia: Hmm, maybe. I wouldn't rule the idea out but I think they don't have one this early.

Ginny: I doubt we will be here long, but it wouldn't hurt to look for it I guess. Get you and I that early game advantage.

Ledalia: I suppose it could. Maybe we could look tomorrow. I don't think they would hide it the first day.

Ginny: Girl, I was thinking right now! We have to get it before anyone else does or we'll lose our shot at an idol.

Ledalia (surprised, whispering): Right now? Won't the group notice we are gone for a long time.

Ginny: I mean what other time! We could say we got lost on our way to the well and then couldn't find eachother.

Ledalia: I guess, but what if the Well is very easy to find and we just look like complete fools for missing it.

Ginny: They don't know our IQ! We could be complete idiots, it'd be rude of them to assume we could find it. (laughs)

Ledalia: I suppose so, I guess we can look for it. Should we split up so we can cover more ground.

Ginny: Ledalia, you are one smart lady. I was just thinking of doing that.

Ginny heads out in the right direction meanwhile Ledalia continues walking straight towards the well.

LT Ledalia “My goal in coming out to the well was to try and get a chance to read the parchment I got when I was on the boat. Ginny decides to tag along which began to worry me, I was thinking there's no way I can read this if someones right next to me! Suddenly she gets the bright idea to look for the idol and I suggest splitting up. This is a perfect situation for me because she thinks we are working together and I get a free shot to read this thing without causing any unnecessary attention. I just hope Ginny doesn't get miraculously lucky while looking for the idol and find it!”

Ledalia hides herself behind a tree and pulled the parchment out from inside of her dress where it had been lying there since she was on the boat. Ledalia opened it and began reading aloud to herself.

Ledalia: Congratulations. You have found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. On the second morning head to your tribe's well and you should find what you are looking for.

Ledalia closed the parchment and hid it back inside her dress. She did a giddy little dance jumping up and down and then began trying to collect herself. Ledalia walked to the well and filled her canister. Ginny came out of the forest and met up with her.

Ledalia: You have no luck?

Ginny (sighing): No, unfortunately I couldn't find anything. (groans) I checked so many places but I don't think it was on my side.

Ginny goes to the well and fills up her canister and she stands with her hand on the well looking at Ledalia.

Ginny (taking a sip): How 'bout you, have any luck?

Ledalia: Sadly not. I just got tired of searching so I decided to walk here. Sorry, (chuckles) these old bones aren't feeling so well after all that labor we did around camp.

Ginny: Hmm damn. This might sound crazy, and here me out. Have you asked your spirits any advice on the idol? Maybe they could point you in the right direction.

Ledalia (disappointed): I have. They told me this ground is not known to them and they were not present when it was hidden so they have no idea.

Ginny: Well that's a bummer. I guess we should head back to the tribe before they realize we were gone too long.

Ledalia (nodding): Yes that'd be a good idea.

LT Ledalia “I do feel bad for lying about what the spirits have said but I was put in a situation where I couldn't compromise. I just can't believe this right now, going into this game looking for a clue and with nineteen other competitors I am the one to receive it. This is an ideal scenario for me to be in right now. Tomorrow morning I have to go to my well and get the clue and I am solid in this game. I know if this tribe goes downhill and we lose a challenge that I will be the target. It is fairly obvious I am the odd one out being the oldest. This gives me a big relief knowing I am not going to be the first one going home in any world. I just have to make sure I keep this to myself and then without I will have protection in this game.”

A clip of Ledalia returning to camp with Ginny is shown. The tribe is all talking and the camera pans to the ocean waves crashing onto the beach and fading into the sand.

Han Gin Camp

A clip of birds flying under the tops of the trees is shown. Incoming is the yellow tribe, Han Gin, carrying all of their supplies. Leading the front of the group is Damien with a triumphant smile on his face. The beautiful foliage creates a beautiful shaded area for the Han Gin camp. Yasmyn runs up past their flag into the sand and falls to her knees relieved to be there.

Yasmyn: FINALLY! That walk was sooooo long! I'm so glad we're finally here! That walk was like the longest thing I think I have ever done.

The Han Gin tribe laughs and they set their stuff down onto the floor and begin examining their campsite. Yasmyn gets up and brushes the sand off of her knees off and runs over to a tree.

Yasmyn: Do you guys SEE these trees? They are so tall! They are like perfect for climbing, and, and, OH! Maybe if we get a hammock we could hang it off of these. There's a tree here, and a tree here, and OH, a tree here!

Damien (teasingly): Yeah, we are on a island. There's trees uh, everywhere.

Yasmyn: Duh! But look at how TALL! I love trees, and nature, and beaches, and water! Don't you guys love this? It's so cool.

Noland: It is pretty cool, I wish I were that excited about it though.

Yasmyn (enthusiastically): This is the BEST. CAMPSITE. EVER!!!! I can't wait to get to sleep here, and eat here, and OOO look over there.

The rest of the tribe looks to where Yasmyn is pointing.

Yasmyn: There's a pile of rocks. A PILE, OF, ROCKS! What if there's seashells in there? Or even a crab? I am so freaking excited guys.

Zanaya: So, girl who can't stop screaming and talking about how great everything is, what's your name again?

Yasmyn: It's Yasmyn Quinwell, what... you don't know me? I'm kind of a big deal. (laughs) This is actually kind of surprising, I thought everyone knew me and was just playing cool.

Zanaya: No, i'm being serious. You are?

Yasmyn: (laughs) Well, I run a VERY popular Youtube channel, I have like 5 million subscribers. I am totally into all sorts of things. My channel has vlogs, gaming, art, singing, you name it!

Damien: Does your channel happen to have any workout vids?

Yasmyn: Uh, YEAH!!! Working out is awesome. It's practically all I do besides when i'm vlogging or gaming or singing or doing crazy challenges. I love being fit though it's like amazing to know i'm not unhealthy.

Damien: Cool, I already have a workout buddy. (winks)

Yasmyn: Sweeeet, we are gonna get supah buff! I mean, more than we already are. I mean i'm buff you are buff. Except we are going to grow super big and take the other tribes fucking asses.

Damien and Yasmyn laugh.

Zanaya: Anyways, now that we are done talking about other tribe asses. Should we go around and introduce ourselves and what we do? We already got to know famous pants over here.

Noland: That sounds like a good idea.

Zanaya: How about you go first, guy who's fancied up in all of the Gucci attire looking like a needle in a haystack.

Winston (snapping out of it): Huh? Oh, right. My name is Winston Osten. I do home interior design. The gucci was the only jacket I really wanted to bring, it's my least expensive one.

Yasmyn: Wow you are like so rich. Oh my gosh, I bet your house is like totally decorated, huh?

Winston (laughing): I suppose it is. It's a pretty modern look, but my favorite part is going to other people's houses and figuring out what they want.

Yasmyn: Ooh, so you like totally can pin a person with a furniture, huh? Like you can see a fat chick and say she is a couch. What type of furniture am I to you? Am I something cool like a seance room?

Winston: I wouldn't say it works like that, but if I had too: trampoline. You are definitely a trampoline.

Yasmyn: That's so crazy! A trampoline? I would've never thought that, I kinda feel like I identify with a bean bag chair more then that. I'm just so down to earth, you know? I feel like I never have that much energy i'm always calm and relaxed. (laughs)

Winston: I am sticking with trampoline.

Noland: Interior design, huh? So I assume you must also be pretty good with fashion because you know what looks good together?

Winston (laughing): I guess so.

Noland (teasingly): Tell me, is my outfit okay?

Winston: Those jean shorts are a little out of style but other then that you pull it off.

Noland laughs pretty hard at that and Damien walks over and puts his hand over Winston's shoulder.

Damien: Thank you for the advice, Winston. We all appreciate it. I will go next. Names Damien - I am a stuntman, it's no biggie, I have totally high energy at all times. Always doing crazy shit. It's in my genes.

Yasmyn: Oh yeah! (highfives Damien) That's so freaking radical, I love stuntman I think I could easily be one. I am like the biggest risktaker I know.

Damien: I do all kinds of crazy stuff in my work career, thrown out of buildings, getting thrown into buildings, lit on fire inside of buildings.

Yasmyn: Lit on fire?! Sick! I always wanted to be lit on fire, not in the sense where I am about to die but like in the sense where I'm on fire and i'm burning but at any point I could not be on fire and also I wouldn't want it to hurt. Not that I don't like pain, pain is awesome. I am like the strongest person I know and never once have been in pain. Well i've been in pain but it didn't hurt. Well it hurt, but like I didn't show it because i'm not a pussy. Do you get what I am saying?

Damien: (nervous laughs) Yep! So anyway if there's ever a challenge and you guys are too scared to do something you can always count on me.

Yasmyn: Or me, because I too am a stuntperson.

Noland gives Damien a fistbump and then a frame of Yasmyn looking at Damien with glistening eyes is shown with her smile wider than ever.

LT Yasmyn “I am a game streamer! I think i've made that pretty clear. I play so many video games online for my fans who are just the greatest community. All of my fans love me and they praise me and they all say "Oh Yasmyn you are literally the greatest youtuber not even Shane Dawson compares to you!" So I am not like most girls I would say. I play Fortnite while they are out at parties wearing dresses. Dresses are fucking stupid and I think feminine girls are all stupid. I'm not some ditsy girl who relies on men, I rely on myself. Seeing a guy like Damien who has the same type of energy as me is just so awesome. I think he is someone who could look up to me because he seems to have the same aspirations as things I have accomplished. I would like to get to know him better, he just seems like someone I would want to work with because I could see us doing crazy things and getting away with it. I totally want to be that person who is going out of their element, for me being a streamer i'm inside most of the day - being outside and away from technology is something I don't normally do. However life is about things you don't normally do which is why i'm SO EXCITED! I can't wait to get my hands dirty in a challenge or something and then kick ass.”

Zanaya: I'll go next, my name is Zanaya, I am a law student, i'm 22 years old and i'm out here to have a good time.

Winston: Interesting, it's nice to meet you Zanaya. May I ask what branch of law are you interested in?

Zanaya: Hi Winston, it's nice to meet you. Well, I'm actually focusing on being an immigration lawyer. It's been a dream of mine since I was young.

Winston (nodding): Oh, that is very nice.

Damien (puzzled): A lawyer for immigrants? What do they need them for?

Zanaya (informatively): Well, visas, citizenship, refugee or asylum and green cards. There are a lot of lawyers who do practice in immigration cases.

Damien (skeptical): Hmm, I see no use for that but whatever works for you I guess.

Zanaya gives a judgemental stare at Damien before looking back at the rest of the tribe to continue the conversation.

Noland: Zanaya i'm so impressed that you are trying to be a lawyer. Being a lawyer sounds so cool, I wish I had what it takes to be one.

Zanaya: Oh I know, it'll be so great once I am. I feared I wouldn't be able to do it either but it's been a dream of mine since I was young so I guess i'm finally getting to act on my passion.

Noland: Damn, that's so cool you had your career planned out that far in advance. I'm just a simple tattoo artist - never expected to be one.

Winston: Tattoos? (sneers) For a living? I can't imagine tattoo is in anyway something you can make a living off of.

Noland (raising an eyebrow): Well.... I can. What's wrong with them, do you dislike them or something?

Winston: I just would never put some childish grafitti on a masterpiece, that's all. My body is a refine mansion, and no ink will dare tarnish it.

Noland (defensively): Well I guess we can go with the old time motto of to each their own.

Winston (prudishly) : I guess we can, to each their own.

Zanaya (interested): so Noland, how long have you been doing that tattoo thing?

Noland: Damn... I guess... since I was 18. I had a tattoo gun and would tattoo my friends. My very first tattoo (shows his wrist) is one I gave to myself. It's pretty simple, nothing to special.

Zanaya: Wow, what a pretty tattoo, does it have any significant meaning as to what it stands for?

Noland: Well, its a really plain design. It's just a feather, and the meaning.. (long pause) it's to honor my mother who unfortunately passed away after I graduated high school.

The vibe at camp quickly got melancholy. Everyone had a visible frown on their face and looked like they had no idea what to say. Silence broke suddenly.

Zanaya (quietly): I'm so sorry.

Noland (reassuringly): No, don't worry you guys. It's really okay. She would've never wanted me to be sad about it. She was my best friend in the entire world who I told everything too. I know she's got my back.

Zanaya put her hand on Noland's shoulder and smiled at him. He put his hand over hand hand and smiled back at her.

LT Noland “(sigh) I really didn't want to have to explain this tattoo so early on. I really don't want to be pitied out here for something like my mom passing. It happened when I was eighteen and though it still makes me sad she wouldn't have wanted me to mull over it my entire life. I know she is watching over me play this game and I'm not going to use the fact she's gone to get me further in this game. That's because she's not gone, she's tuning in and watching the whole thing play out. I am playing this for her. I want to play a game that she can respect and I can feel comfortable about. This is such a great opportunity to be out here and I don't want to waste it.”

LT Damien “Alright, call me the asshole but it needs to be said. Noland revealing his tragic backstory and why he's out here and what he is doing it for is really not the best move. It makes him a threat due to the fact he has a sob story that in the end could get jury votes, someone who's got a sad life is powerful in this game because sympathy kicks into gear and strategy goes out the door. Noland seems like a cool dude and I don't count on him babying his way through the game going 'Oh my mom!' but I totally see him getting to the end using that argument. I don't have any immediate plans but if we get to the merge and I see he is getting a good track record i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure he doesn't win.”

Yasmyn: Well, I think we have all introduced ourselves so I guess that means we've all gotten to know eachother.

Zanaya: I think we have a pretty diverse group we have here. Fitness dude, Youtube star, gucci wearing house designer, tattoo artist, and a lawyer. (laughs)

Damien: This groups fucking awesome. I bet all the other tribes have such lame-ass excuses of players. Han Gin is the place to go.

Yasmyn (giggling): You can say that again.

Noland: I really hope we can win this first challenge. I want to keep this team strong.

Damien (scoffing): It'll be a breeze my man, I mean with you and I alone we got this. Have you seen yourself? You are a powerhouse.

Noland (laughing): I guess.

Yasmyn: For real though, have you seen yourselves. Damien is an absolute massive guy, and Noland you are one of the most muscular guys i've ever seen. You must benchpress cars on your free time.

Zanaya: You guys are absolute monsters. We might get a free ride to the end with you guys on our tribe.

Damien and Noland look at eachother and laugh. The camera pans to Winston who is still insecure about his performance in paddling the boat, feeling insecure about being the weakest man on the tribe he tries his best to fit into the group discussion. Noland looks over and notices and feels sympathetic.

Noland: Come on, we have to give props to my boy Winston over here. (Noland smiles at Winston) This dude pushed his way on that boat even though he clearly didn't want too.

Damien: Yeah good job man! Sorry we had to make you do it. You did great out there though, sorry Jeff singled you out. I know you didn't mean to seem upset.

Winston (shyly): No it's okay, I am glad I did it. It was the first time I did something like that, even though I didn't really do good.

Damien: Pffft. What are you talking about?

Noland: You did awesome. I'm really proud of the work you put in.

Damien: Was totally badass seeing a guy in a gucci jacket soaked wet in the water pushing a boat full of stuff. Sorry about the jacket though man.

Winston (laughing): It's fine, like I said. It's really my cheapest jacket I have. I'm not the best competitor.

Damien: Hey man, the weakest link in one thing is the strongest in another chain somewhere. I'm sure you have your niche that will come in handy.

Noland: Plus these are team challenges. Individual failure isn't going to matter much when we are all pulling some weight.

Damien (backtracking): I mean, that still means you should try. Not in anyway saying let us do all the work.

Noland: Oh yeah, still definitely try in the challenges.

Yasmyn (teasingly): Yeah or the girls are going to have to pick up your slack!

Zanaya (sassily): The girls are already going to pick up your boys slack. Ain't that right Yasmyn.

Yasmyn: Mmmmhm.

Both of the girls laugh which causes the entire tribe to laugh before settling back down and getting back to the discussion.

Noland: Well, we have our first challenge right now.

The rest of the tribe looks at him dumbfounded trying to process his statement. Winston gasped and covered his mouth.

Winston: We what? How do you know? Did you read treemail? Is the challenge immunity? Are we going home?

Noland: Nooo. Chil chill, I meant the campsite. We don't have an actual challenge, damn I should clarify more.

Han Gin (excluding Noland): Ohhh.

Damien: Nolands right. Let's get this camp started and let's do fucking work round here you guys.

Yasmyn: OH YEAHHH.

The scene changes to them working to set up camp, it begins as a very unified process of everyone throwing in whatever helping hand they can. The camera directs focus to Yasmyn who seems very verbal about what she wants done. Rather her doing work she begins instructing people on what to do taking on a de facto leadership role for the process of making shelter.

Zanaya: Hey, Yasmyn girl. I appreciate you whatever help you think you are doing but can you stop for a second and (struggle in her voice) help.. me with this (deep grunt).. log?!

Yasmyn: (not paying attention then suddenly snapping back into it) Oh, um.. sure one second Zanaya. I'm a little busy.

Yasmyn turns around and instructs Winston to move a palm leaf a few inches over. Behind her Zanaya roughly sets down the log on the floor and Yasmyn quickly turns around.

Yasmyn: Oh no that's not a good place for that log Zanaya. I would not have put that there, I think you are going to have to move it.

Zanaya (irritated): Girl...

Yasmyn (yelling): Noland, put that muscle to good use and hurry up with that bamboo! You are taking forever.

A scene of Winston looking exhausted staring at Yasmyn who is proudly standing there looking around her is shown.

LT Winston “I am an interior designer. What I do for a living is designing the perfect home. Yasmyn strolls into camp and starts barking orders at everyone and doesn't even both to get her nails dirty. Now i'm not one for hard work but if I am going to be doing it I would like for this girl to put some effort in. Not to mention the way she is having us order things around is completely horrendous. I don't even have a second to suggest something else before she orders me to go move something! I don't want to be doing all this manual labor as she stands around doing my job for me.”

Yasmyn: Noland sweetie! I am going to need you to set that bamboo there. Where you are would be good if someone was blind and thought this is where my bamboo bed should be.

Noland (straining): Sure thing.

Yasmyn: Finally, some complacency around here. I want to see the same kind of submission Noland just showed from all of you.

Damien: Hey shortie, mind getting off your pedestal and doing some work. We are sweating our asses off in this damn heat.

Yasmyn: Someone has to be the voice of direction! This tribe has me! (giggles) So get back to work Damien.

Damien: Yeah but I think all of us exhibit just a tad common sense and know what we need so I really think you should do something. Five hands is better than four hands and a brain.

Yasmyn: First of all, that didn't make sense. Together you guys have eight hands, not four. Second of all what? I am doing more than anyone by being the voice of direction. What would you like me to do?

Damien: I don't know, anything. What you are doing right now is not helping anyone in the slightest.

Yasmyn: My thing is instructing you guys. Appears i'm doing a good job because everything is getting done as according to plan.

Zanaya: It just rubs us all the wrong way because you could be doing things while directing us rather than just standing around while we struggle.

Yasmyn: I just don't get why there is so much complaining! (giggles) I mean we are all on the same team. I hope you guys don't complain this much in a challenge! Now please get back to work because I am getting tired of progress being halted.

Zanaya and Damien exchange glances. Noland begins lifting up a beam and propping it against their bamboo bed structure. It begins to tilt and it falls onto the bed causing all the bamboo to unravel and fall apart.

Yasmyn: Noland you big loaf! Look what you did. You had one job and you destroy the bed we spent so much time on. It's really careless of you to just destroy things.

Noland: Shit! I didn't know that would happen. I thought I dug the hole deep enough for the beam. I'm really sorry.

Yasmyn: It's really not okay though Noland. You may think a little apology will do the trick and everyone will forget about your incompetence, but now Winston has to wrap and tie all of those beds together. You really aren't being a teamplayer right now. I'm sorry but you are starting to look like a weak link.

Noland: I'm sorry Winston, i'll try and help you...

Winston: It's no biggie Noland. Just, try and get back to whatever you were doing before. I can handle this.

Yasmyn: It actually is like a biggie Winston, it's getting late and we don't have a bed. Winston you need to get on that, Noland maybe you should wait for my instructions before doing something next time. Now stand up and walk away so Winston can begin doing his work.

Noland looks down at the floor visibly upset and stands up. Zanaya looks at Yasmyn with angry eyes and Damien just looks pissed. Noland heads back into the jungle and is followed by Zanaya and Damien.

The scene cuts and Noland is seen talking to Zanaya and Damien in the jungle. All of them are crowded around a big tree.

Damien: Noland man, don't let anything she said get to you. She is being this egotistical cunt right now.

Zanaya: Yeah there's no way you could've prevented that. I don't get what her fucking deal is but it's pissing me off.

Noland: I just feel really bad for Winston he spent so long on that. I'm so clumsy... gahh.. I feel stupid.

Zanaya: Well no offense, if he spent that long on it and it falls apart if a 30 pound beam falls on it how did he expect us to sleep on it?

Noland: I mean, it's not really his fault. Yasmyn basically is babysitting him and making him tie every knot her way. Nothing is getting done correctly because she doesn't have a clue on how it should be done.

Damien: I don't understand that girl's problem. Who does she think she is to boss around strangers she just met.

Zanaya: She has some nerve walking around like she owns the place. We ought to teach her a thing or two about some damn decency.

Noland: It does rub me the wrong way. I don't know if I'd go that far but I think we should lay our feelings out there and have a discussion.

Damien: I think that's just silly. I think we should confront her. She's not even that great at assembling a camp either. I should've stepped up and started telling her what to do. I just didn't want to step on anyone's toes. Now I realize it's the only way we are going to get this bitch to shut up.

Zanaya: I wish you would've, you don't show up to a camp full of people you've never met before and start yelling commands at them and talking down to them.

Noland: I don't think it's good gameplay on her part. Leaders aren't supposed to be dictators, she needs to realize we are all on the same page here.

The group of three arrives at their teams well and begins filling up their water canisters.

Zanaya: I am done taking orders from her. I cannot take one more second of her condescending personality or that high pitch giggling.

Noland: Should we just build it and ignore her completely? I mean it can't be that bad, she might even join...

Damien (hesitantly): She probably will throw a fit and be like "I'm the leader why aren't you guys being obedient little slaves!"

Zanaya: We are better off just not giving this girl anymore emotions to spout off. Her being angry sounds more miserable then that annoying ass laugh right now.

LT Zanaya “In my normal day to day life I can usually take being talked down too. As a person of color in the pathway I am taking, I am used to being pushed down and told I can't do it. However on an island separated from the outside world i'm not going to take bullshit from a fellow woman. Yasmyn is the only other girl on this tribe so I need her to be a girl I can trust and work with because we need to stick together. If she is going to be this dictating bitch though, there's no hope for her. It's beginning to look like the strong Han Gin has a target on our hands.”

The scene changes to show Zanaya approaching Yasmyn who is seen still guiding Winston in making the bed again. Damien and Noland silently follow close behind her and prop themselves a few feet away from the girls.

Zanaya: Girl, I think we need to talk. (she gets ignored) I really think we need to talk Yasmyn. It's pretty important.

Yasmyn (cheerful): Oh, I didn't see you there. (giggles) Well you guys certainly took a while on your break. Winston hasn't made much progress though so I suppose you are fine. What do you need to "talk" about?

Zanaya (calmly): I just want to say: I like your "charisma" or whatever but the direction you are taking with it just isn't working out. Nobody appreciates how you are trying to run things.

Yasmyn (caught off guard): What do you mean? I think i'm doing fine. Nobody else stood up to lead this group anyway. I am the only one who has what it takes.

Zanaya: You can lead alongside us though, it sends the group a much better message. It's a team process. If we are being honest Damien would be more suitable anyway.

Yasmyn: I don't catch your drift. You are saying i'm not a good leader because... I should work instead of lead. That doesn't make sense.

Damien: She's saying tone down on the commands and step up your work ethic. You won't accomplish anything dictating.

Noland nods in agreement and Winston stops working on the bed to watch what is going on. He turns to the rest of the group who are infront of a distraught Yasmyn.

Yasmyn (perplexed): I really just don't understand what you don't like about my leadership, can't I help by showing you all my vision? I don't need to do work in order to lead, I won't be able to instruct if i'm busy carrying shit away from the group.

Zanaya: No, it doesn't work that way. We have been slaving away and you are standing here the whole time. You can lead alongside us, and truth be told we don't really need a leader. It's a group.

Damien: Not to mention it doesn't even look the best. This place looks like it's a trainwreck.

Yasmyn (offended): Pardon me?

Damien: I mean can you really argue with that statement. Obviously the way you are having Winston do that bed is wrong. The beam holes you had Noland dig were not nearly deep enough, and nothing is getting done remotely fast enough because you spend all your time mouthing off at us.

Yasmyn: I have to disagree with you there Damien. I think it's coming out great. I think you guys are not doing your jobs right so I am having to now be "forced" to work because you can't pick up slack. Where's all the muscle when you are carrying? What is a scrawny little girl going to change.

Zanaya: Every single person counts, are you even listening to how we feel? Do you care about this team at all?

Yasmyn: Of course I do-

Noland: Then you need to show it.

Yasmyn (shocked): (looks around) All of you feel this way? Everyone is mad at how i'm running things.

Zanaya: Well, I mean. Yes. That's why we are all doing this.

Yasmyn is bewildered before glancing around at her tribe. Noland standing with his arms behind his back, Damien crossing his arms infront of him. Zanaya with her hand on her hip. She turns her head back to Winston on the floor twiddling his fingers.

Yasmyn: I see how it is. You all felt this way. I thought you guys liked me, this is totally not awesome. I can't believe I sat here thinking I had a group of people who respected me when this whole time you've been planning a revolt, so what? Damien can lead? How is he going to lead when all your muscle is telling you what to do. Real smart guys, real smart.

Yasmyn looks physically upset and then storms off to the beach to have a moment to herself. The rest of the tribe looks at eachother with confused or disgusted faces.

LT Yasmyn “I came out here totally fresh to the whole surviving thing. Taking my knowledge from what i've seen in past seasons and also all the binge watching survival shows, I thought I would be fit to share this knowledge with this tribe. This whole experience is meant for growing and to show i'm not just some gamer girl who shows her boobs to the audience for views. I am actually a hard working person who strives for acceptance of people. I feel like these people aren't giving me a chance. I know I am good at what I am doing. I don't understand why they have so many issues with how i'm running things. I just want to assert myself as the leader so that things can get done, I know I am capable of leading. I think it is utter bullshit they had the nerve to say anything to me. They don't know what is best for any of them.”

After Yasmyn had collected herself and gotten time to process what they meant, she came back to the tribe who was all standing around.

Yasmyn: I.. guess.. (pause) I just wanted to apologize. I am sorry for bossing you guys around and not doing anything. I know you guys probably don't think the camp is the best. I'm new to this all but I thought I would be able to make it work out.

Everyone looked around at each other and waited a few seconds to respond. Noland smiled and Zanaya looked annoyed.

Zanaya (sighing): Girl, it's fine. Just try and bring it down a notch. We are all still fresh to this so there's no reason to be fighting.

Damien: Yeah, and try and help out. We need all hands on deck if we want to get this place finished before the sun goes down.

Winston: Maybe use nicer words? Treat people better. I'm not someone you can just call names because I don't tie something perfectly the first try.

Yasmyn (glares): I-

Noland: And maybe just try and calm down. We are all trying to enjoy it out here. There's no need to be so bold and crazy about stuff.

Yasmyn (nodding): Alright .. (swallows) That was... a lot to process. I will try my best to do all of that. I promise I won't make the same mistake again.

Zanaya: (claps hands together and smiles) Alright let's see it happen. Come on you guys production has resumed.

Winston stands up and all of the group look ready to get back to work knowing Yasmyn would be more helpful this time around. The tribe seemed a lot more unified then what they had started with. They proceeded to build their camp but this time everyone contributed ideas and Yasmyn wasn't ordering everyone around. Yasmyn was seen helping out picking up things while still trying to guide the process. The bed was eventually made by Noland and Winston collaborating. The montage finishes and all five of them are standing in front of their newly completed camp.

Damien: Well I would say this was a much better success than before.

Yasmyn: It feels a lot better seeing it now that I helped. I feel like I really contributed more just now then when I was leading you guys.

Zanaya: Good on you girl.

Winston: I'm exhausted, absolutely exhausted. If this is day one I have no idea how the rest of this season is going to be.

Damien: Sure it won't be that bad. Still, let's get try out this bed then!

All five of the Han Gin members gathered on the bed and laughed at how close they were together. Curled up together the five huddled for warmth .

Zanaya: Hey Noland, is it alright if you can pass me a coconut? I'm pretty thirsty right now.

Noland: (reaches for one then begins handing it to her) Sure thing Zanaya.

Damien: This is certainly cozy. Just the five of us chilling together with all of our body parts touching in an uncomfortable fashion.

Winston: Yeah, i'm surprised it's holding together with all of our weight on top of it. I guess Noland's idea for the knots really worked.

Noland: Please that idea was nothing compared to your idea of using the beams with little indents so the bed could slide in.

Winston (smiling): I couldn't have done it without your guy's help.

Zanaya: This is great, thank you guys. I feel so relaxed even though we are laying on some bamboo logs, it certainly isn't a bed like back home - but it does the job.

Damien: Yeah it does. Man, i'm spent. What a long ass day.

Suddenly the snoring of Yasmyn overshadowed the whole conversation and everyone began breaking out into laughter looking at her sleep being the one to do the least amount of work.

Noland: Should we just leave her be?

Zanaya (shaking her head and smiling): I guess so.

The scene ends with all of them cuddled up in bed as it begins to fade into black.

Kalayo Camp

Triumphant music roars in the background. The members of the Kalayo tribe arrive at the beach with very mixed reactions. A lot of tribe members are pleased to have finished their journey through the jungle. Brad let's out a grunt and collapses to the floor and burying his face in the sand.

Vince: Aloha Kalayo!

Pamela: Quesadilla, Kalayo!

Monique (looking concerned at Pamela): What?

Pamela: Aren't we all speaking different languages here? I thought I could join in and speak Spanish.

Monique: You just said quesadilla.

Pamela: Fine, burrito Kalayo! Sorry sister.

Monique: I.. (sighs) you know what I think i'll pass on this one.

Vince: I'm so glad we finished walking. That took forever, what should we do now? Get to introducing ourselves?

Brad (harshly): No.

Vince (confused): No?

Brad: No, I don't want to get to know any of you. I personally think you guys all fucking suck and I want you all gone.

Vince: I don't .. understand? Did we do something to rub you the wrong way. It's only the first day I hope I didn't-

Brad (laughing): I'm messing dude! Damn you are so uptight. Relax a little and take a joke.

Vince: Oh.

Pamela (snorts laughing): You had me there! You really did. I thought you were about to march off and avoid us for the next three days. (slaps hand on her knee) You are quite the jokester.

Vince: So... is that a yes on introductions?

Monique: Sure, you should start.

Vince: Okay, well if nobody else wants to I guess I will be the one to go first. (laughs) Alright, my name is V-

Brad: Are you fucking serious right now? You are just going to waltz into here and act like you get to go first without asking anyone first?

Vince: Huh? What do you mean?

Brad: I really wanted to go first. I think it's shitty you'd assume I didn't and just go right ahead and talk about yourself.

Vince (annoyed): Then by all means go first.

Brad (laughs): I'm kidding again! You really are gullible. Introduce yourself man, I need to put a name to that angry face right now. (laughs even harder)

Vince (insecurely): Well you shouldn't expect a stranger to tell you are being sarcastic. Not everyone can read eachother's humor.

Brad (sternly): Sarcastic? You thought I was being sarcastic during any of that.

Vince: Yeah.. weren't those jokes you made just now? You didn't actually want to go first, right. (nervously) I'm so bad at this.

Brad: Those weren't jokes kiddo. I'm deadass.

Monique (whispering to Kylie): Did he... just say deadass?

Kylie (whispering back): I think he just said deadass.

Vince: You are really starting to confuse me! Are you being serious or not, I can't tell with you.

Brad (laughing): Good, good, that's the point! Alright introduce yourself Mr. Paranoid. I'm dying to hear this.

Vince (aggravated): Sure... (sighs) my name's Vince. I am 24 years old and work as a technician.

Brad: Ohhh! (scoffs) No wonder you are so stuck up. You are cramped in an office all day fixing computers. Little nerd.

Vince (sighing): No. Not a computer technician. I am a car technician.

Brad: Oooh, you could've said that buddy. You are a grease monkey, not a virgin. There's a big difference between the two.

Vince: Well-

Brad: Oh, you are a grease virgin, gotcha! Hey man live your life, I don't judge.

Vince: Hey! I-

Brad (interrupting): No no, it's okay man. I respect a guy who saves himself for... marriage? Well, unless you aren't saving yourself and you just really have bad luck with the ladies. In that case then that's really sad. I mean you fix cars you could easily charge sexual favors but I mean power to you.

Vince (cheeks reddening): I beg your pardon?

Brad (laughing): Begging now? Wow, reallll desperate. My pardon is NOT given.

Monique (whispering to Kylie): How did this escalate so quickly?

Kylie (whispering back): I have no idea, I don't even know the red shirt guy's name yet.

Vince: You are so fucking obnoxious!

Brad: Wow, cussing AND namecalling already? What gives? You are being so rude for no reason. I don't think anyone appreciates it.

Vince: You are the one who called me a virgin!

Brad: Hey man.. it's not namecalling if it's a fact. Nobody needs to get upset over the fact you've never got lucky with a girl.


There is silence on the tribe and everyone has awkward looks on their face. Brad broke out laughing and everyone looked at him.

Brad: WOAHHHHH bro, T-M-I. I really don't care about your personal life like that, I don't go around talking about if I've been screwed or not.

Vince groans and covers his eyes with both of his hands.

Vince: Fucking asshole..

Monique: I think we should continue on with the introductions.

Pamela (laughing): Oh, you boys. Putting on quite a show. You remind me of my two sons when they are bickering at the dinner table.

Monique (eyes widening): Two sons? You don't look a day past 18!

Kylie (looking off to the side and muttering to herself): Well.. I wouldn't say THAT.

Pamela: Oh honey, I am 23. My boys are six and eight years old. Little Tyler and Benson back home.

Monique: So that means you had them at...

Pamela: Fifteen.

Monique (shocked): Oh wow.

Pamela: Well what can I say, when you gotta get the farm productivity up, you gotta get that farm productivity up.

Monique (dumbfounded): Wait... you had your kids so they could work on your farm? No other reason then that?

Pamela (shocked): Well why else do you have kids?

Monique: To love and to cherish? To watch grow up and experience life? To have someone to look after and to hold...?

Pamela: They get their lovin' and cherishin' if we meet monthly productivity goals. If not then I don't want anything to do with those rascals.

Monique: Wow.

Pamela: Well, since you all know my life story without a name, it's Pamela! You can just call me Pam though. I prefer Pam because my stupid whore of a mother named me Pamela after my Meemaw who was an absolute FUCKING BITCH!

Brad: Helloooo 15 and pregnant Pam!

Pam (turning her head): Wud'ya just say, fella?

Brad: Once again, (devilish grin) was just stating a fact.

Pam: You shouldn't go around talking like that about people unless you want it in return. I ensure you that you do not want to get the blunt of my wrath.

Brad: No, but I would like a blunt. (laughs)

Kylie (whispering to Monique): I wonder if he has roasts on all of us.

Monique (whispering back): Oh boy, can't wait for mine.

Brad: Hey.. (turns head) whats going on over there you two? We got some lesbian lovers brewing already? Little purple on this red tribe?

Kylie (quickly defensive): What are you talking about?

Monique (stepping sideways): No.

Brad: Oh boy, you guys keep your eyes on these two. I wonder who the top bunk is in that couple. (nudges Vince and winks) How do lesbo's do that anyway, they just wrap their legs together and go to pound town? Or do they-

Monique: That is very inappropriate! I suggest you keep quiet or i'll file a complaint about sexual harassment.

Kylie's face gets really red and she goes silent. She looks away and Monique looks at Kylie who's face is red. Monique looks sadly at her as Kylie's eyes water.

LT Kylie “The ONE thing I wanted to avoid this game was my sexuality getting out there. The ONE thing. I mean, I'm a very private person, I don't share much with anyone. To be outted like that when I didn't plan on telling anyone makes me so upset. Yes I find Monique very attractive but I don't like her like that! Plus.. (shyly blushes) I don't think she likes me like that either. I mean, if she did I wouldn't be opposed to it!

(shaking her head) No, of course she doesn't. And I can't like a girl out here anyway, I have to focus on my game. I know Brad's this overconfident jerk and spouts whatever he wants and nobody probably thought anything of it, but it already made Monique wary of being close to me! She stepped AWAY when he said that. Like she was repulsed at the idea of me.. (wipes tear) Yeah I like girls but they don't know that. It's not something I need to tell anyone! (burying face in knees) Ughh, why did Brad have to say anything? I probably just lost my best shot at an ally and we are five minutes in. I hope she still talks to me.”


Brad: Okay, well i'm sure the rest of you are thoroughly anticipating my introduction. Dying to get to know me, if I may.

Vince (to himself): Absolutely thrilled.

Brad: Names Brad. I do baseball, i'mmmmm kinda a big deal. Take of that what you will. No autographs or pictures please.

Pam: Baseball? Well how 'bout that! We are talking to one of those superstars from the stadiums on TV.

Brad (smug): Yeah, (smiles) I am a celebrity but it's okay I want to be treated just like any ordinary person. I'm kind of a god on the field.

Vince (muttering): Who let this guy get anywhere near the field? His teammates probably hate him.

Pam: Oh this is so exciting! I'm finally meeting my first hollywood person. Have you met Tom Cruise? Is it true he's one of those scientists?

Monique: Scientologists...?

Vince: You realize athletes and actors are different right?

Pam: I don't follow what you are laying down, virgin.

Vince (sighs): HEY!- You know, nevermind.

Pam: Anyway, Brad, I swear I saw you in that one movie about the spaceships, was that you? Don't you go by "The Cock" or something like that?

Brad (laughing): Yeah that was me.

Kylie: I think you mean, "The Rock."

Brad: Oh baby, it is. But uh, we all know why you don't want a piece of it. (winks)

Kylie glares at him intensely.

Pam: Oh joy! Can I get an autograph? Oh wait you probably don't have a pen, alright well when we go to tribal council can you take my hat with you to the booth and sign it.

Brad: Sure, but I don't count on going to tribal anytime soon. If we do, I won't do it anyway. I sell my signatures for a high price, maybe if you vote for me to win this game I'll consider.

Vince: Oh yeah?

Brad: Well virgin, I plan on carrying this team to victory every time. You'll have no choice but to watch me sit pretty at the final tribal.

Vince: I'M NOT-

Brad: So I think i'm the team leader, officially.

Pam: All in favor of Mr. Superstar leading the tribe?

Brad: I agree, I think i'd lead nicely.

Pam: I obviously agree, have you seen him? He is just destined to lead us wonderfully. That chiseled jaw, those big arms... I put my faith in him.

Monique and Kylie look at eachother.

Monique: I... guess.

Kylie: Sure, it's not like being the leader means anything anyway.

Vince (looking at Monique and Kylie): Are you guys serious?!

Monique (shrugging): What?

Kylie: Don't worry Vince, it doesn't mean we are going to start listening to orders he throws out. It's just a title.

Brad: Let's start making camp.

Pam: Okay leader, anything you ask I will follow. You know what's best for us and I agree with you 100%.

Monique: Smart idea.

Vince (mouthing to himself): What the fuck?

Brad: Hey Vince, go fetch some bamboo would you?

Vince looks visibly annoyed and marches away into the jungle with the machete. He paces over to some bamboo and begins slicing it to get his anger out.

LT Vince “As a car technician I am used to people giving me orders for their cars and what they want done. I can take orders, that's not the problem. It becomes a problem when someone is personally insulting me and expecting me to return disrespect. With that, why the FUCKK is everyone just going along with this douchebag? He is obviously the most annoying sarcastic fuckhead i've ever met. If this is what i'm going to be forced to listen to there is going to be some problems. I thought Monique and Kylie would have even a little common sense.”

The scene changes to a montage of the castaways of Kalayo working on building their shelter. They are putting together chunks of bamboo Vince had brought to them, putting leaves ontop of their bed structure and smoothing the floor sand. It begins looking like the camp is coming together. Brad is seen carrying a large log of wood and Pam is close behind him with an admiring gaze.

Pam: Brad you are absolutely the strongest man I know. So beautifully toned and wonderfully built.

Brad: Really? It's just a rock.

Pam: The biggest rock i've ever seen! You are carrying it so effortlessly, I could swoon over that all day.

Brad: Your husband doesn't do any moving objects around home?

Pam: What makes you think I got a husband?

Brad: You have two kids, I just assumed you weren't a slut. Then again you did get pregnant at 15.

Pam (gasps): Oh Brad! You are such a jokester. No honey I don't have a husband, I had a boyfriend but we never tied the knot. The kids don't want nothing to do with him, he's such a deadbeat.

Brad: Figures - just surprised it's not your cousin who's the father.

Pam (breaks out laughing again): Oh Brad.

Brad: Pam?

Pam (eyes sparkle): Yes?

Brad: Can you move so I can set this down.

Pam: Oh, of course. (Pam steps aside) I'm so sorry I was in your way it'll never happen again I was just so busy staring at you I lost track of where I was i'm so careless Brad i'm sorry.

Brad: Cool.

Monique: Phew, it looks like this place really came together.

Vince: (shrugs) It's alright.

Pam: What are you talking about, this is the best campsite i've ever seen y'all! Brad did so much hard work and he made it look great. He truly knows what is best for our living arrangment and I think we all owe him a thank you. On three, one, two three! Thank you Brad!

Nobody else joins in the thanking of Brad. Kylie and Monique stare at eachother and grimace at Pam's overeagerness.

LT Monique “Brad is - I guess - attractive, we get it. Pam is making it overly obvious she has a crush but it's really embarrassing because clearly he does not reciprocate. Her agreeing with everything he does like some lost puppy dog dwindles all individuality she has as a person. It's also worrying that a player so loyal to another this early in the game even exists. This makes Brad such a bigger threat because he already has one assured number. Kylie and I are only going along with his leadership so he doesn't suspect we want him out. Vince makes it too obvious, he clearly doesn't know how to handle someone with an ego. All in all Brad has got to go first because he has too much power with Pam on his side as a permanent vote.”

Vince: We are going to need a fire, any bright ideas on how to do that Brad?

Brad: Oh, actually yeah I have one. It's a real good idea, i'm sure you will love it Vince.

Vince: This'll be great.

Brad: Maybe... just hear me out here... we could make a fire. (does a fake mind explosion gesture to mock Vince)

Pam: That's such a good idea Brad! I see why we appointed you leader! If we built a fire then maybe we would have one!

Brad: Vince why don't you grab two sticks and start rubbing them together? I'm sure your fully capable of doing that.

Vince: I don't think that's how that works.

Brad: Okay well just try it.

Vince (groaning): I'm good.

Brad: Tsk tsk. Are you questioning me as a leader? You don't care about our team obviously, look at Kylie and Monique. They are practically shivering.

Kylie and Monique look completely fine and seem bit confused.

Monique: I'm go-

Brad: She can barely get her words out, she's freezing.

Monique (annoyed): Alright.

Brad (to Vince): So let's see it. Make these ladies some fire. Be the hero, Vince. Let everyone see the man you really are.

Vince (glaring): Fine.

Vince begins picking up the sticks and rubbing them together for friction. Nothing seems to come out of it but he keeps trying anyway. It's a good three minutes of trying before Vince gives up and sighs setting the sticks down.

Brad: Wow, quitting already. Sad. Really is, here I was thinking you were going to prove me wrong for once.

Vince: Chill dude! I don't think sticks can even convey energy. They didn't light a spark once.

Brad: Of course they can there is electricity in everything. You aren't strong enough to get it working.

Vince: I don't think thats true in the slightest.

Brad: Have you ever seen a lightning bolt strike a tree?

Vince: Sure but-

Brad: It's a conveyor of electricity. Plain and simple.

Pam: Isn't it just so weird that lightning is just gunshots made of baby zappers causing the spindles of the wood babies to engulf in the heat flaps?

Monique (anxiously): What the fuck???

Brad: Vince can you just light the fucking fire already!

Vince: You do it, team leader! You obviously know what you are fucking doing so go ahead take the fucking sticks!

Pam: Boy, boys.

Both of the boys look at Pam in the midst of their heated fight.

Pam: No need to fight over me!


Brad: Who are you again?

Monique: Wait guys... what if we used rocks? I think that could work if we get a spark to come out of them.

The whole tribe looks at Monique.

Brad: Sure that could work. Vince you seem fully competent to handle that since sticks was out of your credentials.

Vince: Do those have electricity in them?

Pam: What is with you and asking about things electric capabilities? What kind of question is that? Rocks are metal. You are pretty dumb.

Monique: That is.. not correct.

Brad (annoyed): Just light the damn fire, Vince! All you do is talk talk talk. It's getting annoying.

Vince: Okay, okay.

Vince picks up two rocks and begins rubbing them together. He gets some sparks but all in all it still doesn't work. He keeps trying but it keeps failing.

Brad: Clearly Vince has failed us yet again. It's beginning to become pretty obvious he can't help out his team when they need it.

Pam (disappointed): Oh Vince. You really do let us down.

Vince: Would any of you like to try? It's much harder than it looks, okay?

Brad: I'll pass. I really don't think I should be doing such tasks, my celebrity fingers can't get dirt on them.

Pam: (laughs) Oh Brad! I will pass too. Seems really hard, i'm okay. (Pam pulls out her bag and pulls out her reading glasses. She puts them on and squints at the rocks) Yeah those don't look like fire starters. Those look like water skippin' stones.

Vince: Wait a minute.. (Vince stands) Can I see those? (pointing to Pam's reading glasses)

Pam (bewildered): Sure I guess. Usually you wear these when you need them but-

Vince takes Pam's glasses and gets some dry leaf, he makes a pile and then then a frame of the sun beaming down on the glasses and heating them up is shown. He holds them still and then fire begins sparking on the dry leaf.

Brad: No fucking way.

Monique: Vince! You did it! Good job!

Pam: I think - I - did it, but yeah, go Vince!

Vince quickly tends to the fire adding more and more to it causing it to grow. Everyone crowds around Vince watching in amazement. Brad stands behind with his arms crossed rolling his eyes.

Brad (annoyed): Yeah yeah, awesome job Vince. You finally proved yourself and we are all so impressed we are going to have one big orgy to celebrate.

Pam: Wait a minute, are we actually?

Brad: That was obviously sarcasm Pamela. There's no fucking way we are having an orgy, i'm not touching any of you naked. Except maybe those two (Brad winks at Monique and Kylie)

Pam: Oh yeah, I should've caught that. Duh, an orgy is so stupid I should've guessed. I'm normally good at catching things you do.

Brad: You've known me like four hours tops.

Pam: I believe in love at first sight! I feel like I have known you my whole life and nothing matters. I have nothing to look forward other than your dreamy eyes.

Brad: You had kids for them to be slaves. I'm good.

Pam (offended): Do NOT make this game personal.

Monique: Look at how big this fire is getting! Vince good job on this fire, really. That was a good idea.

The rest of the group gathers around the fire.

Pam (wiping sweat from her forehead): Wow, this is hot. I might need to undress, Brad? Would you help me take off my bra?

Monique (looking at Pam then gasping): Yikes.

Brad: No.

Kylie: (groans) I wish we had marshmallows.

Brad: I actually brought some in my bag!

Kylie: Production let you do that?

Brad: Of course, i'm famous.

Pam (swooning): So impressive. I wish they let you bring condoms too, because i'm not trying to get pregnant! Although the farm could use a cow milker...

Brad: I'll fetch it out of my bag right now.

Pam (face brightens up): A condom?!

Brad: The marshmallows.

Brad stands up and walks to his bag and then comes back with his hands behind his back. Brad slowly pulls out a clenched fist and then opens his hand to reveal a very erected middle finger to which he shoves in Kylie's face.

Brad: Get fucking pranked!

Pam and Brad start laughing and Kylie looks disappointed there was no marshmallows. Monique puts her arm around Kylie and reassures her it'll be okay.

Vince (yawning): It's getting late.

Brad: Tired already? Damn, look at sleeping beauty get ready for bed so quickly. Hope you aren't that tired when we are doing immunity challenges.

Vince: It's been a long day, actually. We should get some rest we don't know what's in store for tomorrow.

Brad: No shit, we have 39 more of those. Well, I mean you probably will have two more - so actually no, get your beauty sleep Vince.

Vince: Are you... saying i'm going home? Is that what you are implying?

Brad: What? No. Why would you insinuate that? I never said you are going home ever.

Vince: You JUST said I have two more days here. That can only be interpreted as I am leaving in two days. Is that a threat?

Brad: When did I say that? I don't have any memory of doing such a thing.

Vince: Just now! You say I have two more fucking days left Brad. Quit playing dumb and be upfront with me. Are you planning on taking me out?

Brad: I didn't say that, did anyone else hear me say that?

Pam: No, I usually listen pretty good to when you talk. Didn't hear a word. Vince you sound hysterical right now with all your making shit up.

Monique: Brad you said it.

Kylie: Really loudly, to like, everyone.

Brad (laughs): Hey snitches, chill out. Just having some fun. Of course Vince isn't going home first... (laughs) he'll go right after Pam. Vince: Brad, i'm getting real sick of your shit. You can't just act like the leader at all times and be a total fucking dickhead.

Brad: There's nothing that I am doing wrong Vince. You are being quite the little complainer right now.

Vince (groans): I mean, your attitude is just fucking disgusting!

Brad: Wow, so a guy can't have a little fun? You don't always got to be a buzzkill all the time. Take a nap granny.

LT Brad “I came into this game with the mindset of having a good time. My humor is sarcasm, it rubs people the wrong way but at the end of the day I don't really mind. I get it's a social game but my physical strength is enough to keep me. Originally I was just messing with Vince to see what type of man he is but it's clear he's nothing but a whiny little bitch so messing with him is less fun and more necessary. I already have Angela wrapped around my finger so I just need one more lady. (Brad pauses) Pamela? Her name isn't Angela? Who would've thought (laughs)”

Vince shook his head and went to the bed and rested in peace, the four Kalayo members remained circled around the fire 20 meters away.

Brad: Damn that kid never stopped complaining since we got here. The only thing that comes out of his mouth is bitching and complaining.

Monique: In his defense you were patronizing him the entire time. I would be pretty upset if I were in his shoes.

Brad: Kid can't handle a little teasing? It's the real world he is going to have to learn to take some jokes.

Pam: I think you treated him just fine, Brad. You are the nicest person on this tribe and Vince is being a crybaby.

Monique: Pam you literally agree with everything he does.

Pam: Is anything he does ever wrong?

Monique: Plenty of times, calling Vince a virgin, forcing him to twiddle sticks, forcing him to do the hardest labor when we are making the camp. For what, the benefit of your own ego?

Brad: What? I thought we were all on the same page about this kid. He's a complete loser. Plain and simple he is the first going home.

Monique: Apparently we are not on the same page because I do not feel that way.

Brad: We know him half a day and all he does is get in little fights with me. I'm voting him out if we lose a challenge.

Monique: You should be the bigger person and stop taking jabs at him. Obviously you know he's insecure. I'm not writing his name down, i'm probably going to write down yours.

Brad: Sure have fun with that but how else is the kid going to get past struggles in his life. He can't live in a bubble his whole life, someone's gotta teach him to be a man.

Monique: I'm sure a bully is not the figure he needs to get past his self doubt.

Pam: I think he needs a daddy figure. Brad I would say be that for him but I don't want you to do that. Vince might be a homosexual and enjoy it. That'd make me very jealous.

Monique: Pam, Brad is not going to be your daddy figure either. Sorry I should've put a spoiler warning in front of that sentence.

Pam: Hey shut your mouth, Brad makes his own decisions. Right Brad?

Brad (annoyed): I'm not gonna be a dad figure to you Pam. I'm not going to be any figure to you, you have slave children.

Pam (mumbling): Damnit. My kids always get in the way of anything good in my life.

Brad: Alright well if we lose a challenge I think Vince should be the one to go simple as that.

There is silence around the tribe camp as the fire crackles.

Brad: I know you guys (gestures to Monique and Kylie) are probably gunning for me but just know if it's a Brad vs. Vince war and one of us goes I am fine with that being the case. The stronger player will win. I hope you will take my side since I am what this tribe needs strength wise and Vince is going to cause us to lose again and again.

Fire crackles as it focuses on all of the tribe members faces. Monique and Kylie look at eachother debating what Brad has told them before looking back at the fire. The screen starts to fade to black.

Tubig Camp

Joyful upbeat tropical music plays in the background as the blue tribe, Tubig, arrives to their camp. There is a very large opening surrounded by deep green colored trees and shade awnings. The five players set down their raft and gathered around in a circle under some shade to get to know eachother.

Cameron (sighing): Damn that was one exhausting walk.

Johnathan (laughing): It certainly was. Did we all make it here in one piece?

Cameron: Think so.

Stacey: (stretching) I could go for a round two.

Cameron: Chill it, white dress. We aren't trying to brag about what we can and can't do. We just got here.

Stacey: My name is Stacey. This dress was a mistake to wear. It's obvious i'm not going to get any respect wearing it.

Cameron (looking up and down at Stacey): You are right, maybe you should take it off.

Stacey: (scoffs) Gross.

Cameron (chuckles): You happen to have really.. big.. personalities. Has anyone ever complimented you on how big they are?

Stacey: Watch it junkie.

Zachary: Does anyone know where the beach is? (looks around) I don't see one anywhere.

Alyssa (looking around): That's so weird, are we in the right place? Usually they park us right on the beach.

Cameron: You two are ready to take a dip this early? We just got here it's no time for a relaxing spa day.

Zachary (nods): We did just do a long hike. I'd like to cool off - get all this sweat off of me.

Cameron (shrugs): Fair. No idea where it is. (Cameron looks at Stacey) You have any bright ideas?

Stacey: I don't know maybe we could try looking for the ocean.

Cameron: Damn, smart idea Stacey. You should tell us more about you so we can get to know those personalities a wholleeee lot better.

Stacey: What's there to know, you know my name. Do I need to tell you my past and my ambitions and all my fond memories of childhood?

Cameron: I don't know, maybe you could start with what you do? That's usually a go-to when it comes to conversation.

Stacey: I am a secretary.

Cameron: Oooo, submissive, huh? You do any 50 shades of grey in that office of yours? Must be one lucky boss.

Johnathan: Hey man, can you chill with the innuendos? Let the lady speak.

Cameron: I'm just playing, Stacey knows i'm joking, right Stacey? We have a relationship like that.

Stacey: I don't even know your name. No I am not okay with you harassing me and talking about my breasts.

Cameron (disappointed): It's Cameron. Nice to meet ya.

Stacey: I doubt I am going to remember a name like that.

Cameron: How? It's just Cameron. C-a-m-e-r-o-n. There's only 7 letters. However more than 7 inches.

Stacey: Don't know (smiles) must be the forgettable face. I doubt it'll come in handy since I doubt i'm going to need to get to know much more of you.

Cameron: Hey! You are about a 6 out of 10. There's no reason you need to be talking to me like I'm lower than you on the scale. The only good thing about you is your body, that face looks like a mans.

Stacey: I didn't ask for your rating on my looks! I don't care how I look to you, you aren't getting it.

Cameron: Good, cause I don't want it!

Johnathan: Can we all calm down? We just got here. We should be getting to know eachother not fighting with eachother.

Alyssa: I agree with him.

Zachary: Yeah, I like this guy he's a voice of reason among bickering kids. (gestures to Johnathan). What's your name?

Johnathan: Who, me? (flattered) I'm Johnathan. Thanks for what you said!

Alyssa: Hi Johnathan (smiles). I like your glasses, they are cute.

Cameron looks at Alyssa get along with Johnathan and grows jealous. He rolls his eyes then walks closer to Alyssa and smiles.

Cameron: Hey, pretty lady in the blue?

Alyssa (quietly): Yes..?

Cameron: What's your name?

Alyssa: Alyssa.

Cameron: Cute name, where'd ya get it?

Alyssa: (looks at Cameron, then turns to Johnathan) I like your tattoos too! They are so pretty. All the blues and oranges really bring out your eyes.

Johnathan: Thank you!

Zachary: Yeah, those are really cool! They are like koi fish but with flowers.

Alyssa: What do they mean? Any cool backstory like you were born in a bed of flowers in Japan?

Johnathan: Oh well I don't have some elaborate story unfortunately, they are just flowers. (laughs) I thought they looked nice.

Zachary, Johnathan, and Alyssa laugh. Alyssa puts her hand on Johnathan's chest and rubs it over the tattoo smiling and giggling.

Stacey (sadly): I wish I could get tattoos.

Johnathan: Why can't you?

Stacey: My boss won't allow me.

Johnathan: Oh, that unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear that.

Stacey: It's fine.

Zachary: What would you get if you could get tattoos?

Stacey (face lightens up): Well, the first thing I would get is a dagger piercing through a bleeding skull that's on fire as it screams in agony as it's melting in a volcano. (smiles)

The tribe looks at Stacey closing her eyes smiling, fascinating the idea of the tattoo. There is an unpleasant feeling in the rest of the tribemates.

Cameron: Anyway, once whacko finishes dreaming about murder - let's get to know Alyssa a little bit more, eh?

Alyssa: Um... sure. I'm 19 and I do modelling. I live in California with my two roomates in college.

Cameron: Damnnn, college girls. (smiles) I remember the days of college. Sneaking into dorms everynight and getting girls drunk and having threesomes. Those were the days.

Johnathan: (sighs at Cameron's antics) So, what university are you going to?

Alyssa: Stanford (smiles).

Cameron: Smart girl, damn. I like that, someone who thinks they are clever. Those are the best ones because in bed they-

Alyssa: I'm going to save you the trouble since I can tell you are into me. I'm not into you. Even slightly. You are an arrogant asshole.

Cameron: Woah woah woah, cool it! No need to go off on me like that i'm just playing around there Alyssa.

Alyssa: I'm used to guys like you. It's better to shut it down early then let them think they have a shot at me.

Cameron: Damnnn. You are really going to be like that. You know you aren't that great so you really don't need to act like i'm the one who's missing out. You are really going to regret hanging with the betas when you could have (points to his body) this.

Alyssa: I doubt it.

Stacey: (changing the topic) What about you Johnathan, what do you do for a living?

Johnathan: I'm just a simple Uber driver.

LT Johnathan “My strategy is telling these people that I am an Uber Driver. It will obviously take away from the fact my real profession is an actuary which is a lot more demanding mentally than just driving people places. If people think i'm a simple guy they won't be threatened by me or my profession. I will take great pride in being overlooked and maybe they will focus on a bigger target. I hope that my cover works because this game means everything and I want to be here as long as possible so this cover is going to buy me time to get stable ground.”

Zachary: No wayyyy. I take Uber everywhere.

Alyssa (looking at Zachary): Really? I prefer Lyft.

Johnathan (laughing): Uber is a lot better.

Zachary and Johnathan fistbump. Alyssa giggles, Cameron watches in disdain at the three's closeness already.

Alyssa: Pfftt, alright. I will stay getting to places on time and not getting matched with creepy drivers.

Cameron: I drive a Motorcycle everywhere. My last name is Ryder for one of two reasons. One, I ride my motorcycle. Two, I like to be ridden like one too. (winks)

Stacey: Who was that wink too?

Cameron: Um... any lady willingly (chuckles)

Stacey: (stares at Cameron long and hard.)

Cameron: Stop staring at me.

Stacey maintains eyecontact.

Cameron: Stop...

Stacey: No.

Cameron: Why are you staring at me?

Stacey: Stop being stupid and I will stop.

Cameron: I'm not... (gulps) fine i'll shut up.

Stacey (looks away): Good.

Alyssa (looking at Zachary): I didn't catch your name!

Zachary: Zac.

Alyssa: Hi Zac, I really like your shirt. Also that hat is totally adorable, i'm obsessed with your fashion already.

Zac: Thanks girl, I like your hair. That ombre makes your eyes glisten like the son. You are so beautiful.

Alyssa: Aww, you are too kind. I'm so glad we got on the same tribe, I saw you on the boat and I was like wow he's so adorable I have to meet him.

Zac: Wig, we love a complimenting queen.

Cameron: Kid... you talk like a queer.

Zac (glares at Cameron): That's 'cus i'm gay.

Cameron: Well damn that explains a lot. You looked off from when I met you.

Alyssa: What's wrong with being gay?

Cameron (laughing): Nothing Ms. Social Justice, calm your tits.

Stacey (smirks): "Calm your tits", that sure is one way to get a girl to want to sleep with you.

Cameron: Usually works, I don't like when the girls do to much talking. I like when all they are saying is my name under their breath.

Zac: Men can do it better.

Cameron: I'll take your word for it, i'm not about that lifestyle. Hope you enjoy getting your shitter packed though.

The tribe is very unpleased with Cameron's antics.

Alyssa: So what do you do for a living Zac?

Zac: I'm a Barista!

Alyssa: O-m-g at Starbucks?

Zac: No ew, Dunkin Donuts. I wouldn't want to work at Starbucks it's very overrated.

Alyssa: Thank god, Starbucks is SO overrated. I love how woke you are on coffee shops.

Zac: Truly it's the worst. Also, don't I have to be? I am a gay after all, we love our iced coffees it's basically genetic.

Johnathan (chuckling): You guys are certainly passionate about your coffee's. I don't remember the last time i've even had any.

Zac: Heck yeah, coffee is my 'grind' (laughs)

Alyssa: I see what you did there! You are so funny oh my god.

Cameron (aggrivated): You guys sure know how to hijack a conversation. Stop talking about your coffee for one damn minute?

LT Cameron “I am a pretty careless guy, you know. Carefree, I get tons of girls, and Alyssa definitely isn't the prettiest girl i've seen but she's the prettiest girl on this island and it's frustrating she's more focused on this homo than me. It's just a little frustrating she's not all over me - there's nobody on this tribe better looking than me. I hope she can come to her senses and start paying attention to me. (sighs) Whatever it doesn't matter, my goal is to win her over eventually and I know she won't be able to hold off forever. When she gets cold at night she is going to snuggle next to the 'biggest' member. ”

Alyssa: Oh my god Zac, I was working with Jen Setler for this video on my instagram 2 days before I left. (laughs) You know who that is right?

Zac: Oh my god I love Jen Setler! She is absolutely gorgeous I follow her on like everything.

Alyssa: Right? She's awesome. Her and I are like best friends except we just met and yeah.

Zac: For real, she slays. It's so iconic that you know her though, god I wish that were me. If I met her i'd probably drop dead.

Stacey: I'm sorry, who's Jen Setler?

Alyssa: She is a fitness model.

Zac: She's like totally gorgeous. Prettiest girl I have ever seen, I love her so much I can't. Besides Alyssa, oh my god she's gorgeous.

Alyssa: Zac! Oh my gosh i'm gonna blush stop.

Stacey (confused): Is she someone on this island?

Alyssa (laughs): No, sadly not.

Zac: Oh my god if she was that'd be amazing!

Alyssa: I wish. She would be so iconic she'd be the new Parvarti Shallow.

Stacey (agitated): Not to be rude but if she's not on the island, why are we talking about her? That doesn't play into the game whatsoever.

Alyssa and Zac stare at Stacey for a few moments then look at each other and resume talking to eachother.

Alyssa: Do you want to walk and find the beach and talk more? About our interests and stuff? I totally want to get to know you better.

Zac: Yes I would love to get to know you more also. You are literally the most iconic person out here.

Alyssa: I feel the same about you oh my god, you have no idea. Your mind is legendary I truly cannot.

Johnathan: Uh, guys..

Alyssa: We'll be right back.

Zac: Like, right back.

Alyssa and Zac walked down the the ocean and instantly began talking like instantly. Cameron, Johnathan, and Stacey sat there.

Johnathan: I was going to tell them we should probably get started on the camp.

Cameron: Those two get on my nerves. They won't stop using vocabulary I don't understand and that queer talks like he's a chick or something.

Stacey: You get on everyone's nerves. Stop saying queer, this isn't the 1960's he's gay and allowed to be proud of it.

Cameron: Hey hey hey. No need to diss insults. Gay people just aren't everyones cup of tea that's all.

Stacey: That's fucking stupid, you are such a piece of shit. There's nothing wrong with them and you can't come up with a valid reason besides jealousy.

Cameron: You are just mad you can't handle me. This has nothing to do with gay people and more to do with you.

Stacey: You are right, I can't handle you, because you are a douchebag 95% of the time. How you treat people isn't okay.

Cameron: You barely even know me. You can't judge how I "treat" people you don't know me outside of what you've seen in the past few hours.

Stacey: And yet I know you enough to know you are a douchebag. I wonder how I came to that conclusion? Was it the objectifying my body? The sexualizing of Alyssa? Your blatant homophobia?

Cameron: You formed that opinion for no good reason. God feminists are so entitled to thinking a guy can't fucking compliment something without being a dirty old pervert.

Stacey (laughs): Alright Cameron.

Cameron (smirking): See, you did remember my name. You know that you can't resist me.

Stacey: You are right, I have no control when i'm around you. I fan myself and pray that I'll be able to control myself from running over and kissing you on the lips. Not.

Cameron: You'll come around eventually, they all do.

Johnathan: (ignoring conversation) Should we call them back up here? I think we should get started on building.

Stacey: Who cares, we can built it ourselves. I doubt they would be much help anyway, the boys a little scrawny and we all know that girl's not lifting anything. Let them talk about their coffee.

Cameron (sighing): What's the point of us doing hard work if Alyssa's not here watching me work though??

Stacey: Maybe it's making a shelter we could sleep in. Or, or, maybe you will do something for a change and put all that repressed sexual energy into something meaningful.

Cameron: I like your sass, Stace. I still see no reason for me to work though.

Stacey: Alyssa would be sleeping in that shelter bed.

Cameron: Well, what are you slobs waiting for? Let's get to building! We've got to make sure Alyssa is extra comfy when she's my baby spoon tonight. (chuckles)

A small montage of Cameron, Stacey, and Johnathan working on the shelter is shown. The scene jumps to Alyssa and Zac on the beach still talking, totally oblivious to the work being done behind them. The montage finishes and all of the members are back at the camp again.

Zac: Wow you guys really did a number on this camp. It looks so amazing, i'm sure Stacey and John did most the work.

Alyssa: I wish I knew you guys were starting, I would've helped out somehow. We just got lost on the way to the beach but we ended up finding our tree mail spot.

Stacey: It's fine. We knew you probably wouldn't have been much help anyway.

Cameron (chuckling): Yeah nobody even broke a sweat. It was easy as hell.

Alyssa: Really? You look really exhausted right now. You are practically panting as you stand there.

Cameron: Wait, for real?

Alyssa: I'm kidding.

Cameron: Woof, don't scare me like that. I can't look bad in front of the ladies. (grins at Alyssa)

Zac: Oh sweet all of the fruits are in one place? Who's idea was this!

Johnathan: Oh that was m-

Cameron (sarcastically): Really now? I thought we would've hid them around like in a scavenger hunt.

Alyssa: Hey don't be such a dick to Zac. You are getting to be really annoying Cameron and i'm sick of it.

Cameron: He shouldn't be so dumb and it wouldn't be a problem sweetheart.

Zac: It was a simple comment. You don't need to treat everyone like shit to feel better about your sorry ego.

Cameron: Oh I have plenty of ego to go around. Not to you though, you'd enjoy it too much.

Johnathan: I think what this group needs is something to boost morale.

Stacey: And what would that be?

Johnathan: We could play a game!

Cameron (skeptical): A game.. how about we play seven minutes in heaven except you and Zac sit out. (laughs)

Alyssa: (glaring at Cameron) What kind of game?

Johnathan (thinking): Maybe... uh... get to know eachother game? So we can ease this tension and just be nice for a few seconds.

Zac: Sure!

Stacey: Whatever. I'm fine with whatever as long as Cameron's not going to make it uncomfortable with his sex puns.

Cameron: I won't baby, I promise.

Alyssa (looking at Zac): Alright.. if everyone's playing I guess I will too.

The five tribe members gather in a circle and sit on the floor in the sand. Zac sits next to Alyssa and she sits next to Johnathan. Johnathan is sitting next to Stacey and then on the opposite side of all four is Cameron.

Cameron: Alright guys I see how it is. This isn't even close to a circle. All of you are on one side and i'm on the other. Not even you Johnathan? Come on now.

Stacey: Maybe if you didn't rub everyone the wrong way we would sit next to you. I guess your only shot at redemption is this game. Maybe you can prove that you actually have a personality!

Cameron: What game is it anyway?

Johnathan: Maybe, "never have I ever?"

Alyssa: Oh boy. This will be good.

Stacey: What a 'get to know you' game! Let's talk about all the horrible things we have done by putting down fingers.

Johnathan: Everyone know how to play?

Cameron: I don't know how to play. I only play spin the bottle, and firetruck.

Johnathan: Everyone will hold up five fingers, someone will make a statement like: 'Never have I ever killed someone'. Everyone who's killed someone would put down a finger.

Stacey put down a finger.

Johnathan: Stacey, we didn't start yet..

Stacey: Oh, right.

Johnathan: Alright, is everyone ready?

The group cumulatively agrees.

Johnathan: I will go first, never have I ever kissed the same sex.

Alyssa, Zac, and Cameron put down a finger.

Stacey (shocked): Cameron?

Zac: You swing that way?

Cameron (laughing): Hell no. It was a dare. Don't get any bright ideas homo, we are not going to become a thing.

Zac: Thank god.

Johnathan: Wait, Alyssa you-

Alyssa: I'm in college.. you have to try everything at least once.

Cameron had a noticeably big smile on his face looking at Alyssa.

Stacey: I guess it's my turn. Never have I ever drank alcohol.

Everyone puts down a finger.

Johnathan: Alyssa, aren't you underage?

Alyssa: Jeez what are you, my dad? I go to college parties.

Cameron (chuckling): I like this Alyssa, seems way cooler than the prude Alyssa we knew five minutes ago.

Alyssa: I wouldn't say I was ever prudish. I just don't buy into your creepy tactics. You look like you are almost 30. I'm not even 20.

Cameron (sadly): Damn, don't need to bring out my age.

Zac: I'll go now. Never have I ever cheated on a partner.

Cameron put down a finger and nervously chuckled. Stacey put down a finger and looked sad.

Johnathan: Cameron makes sense, but Stacey? What happened?

Stacey (deflecting): I don't really want to get into it. It's my biggest regret in life. Someone I loved I hurt very bad. (wipes tear) But now they are dead, and I have no sympathy and regret nothing.

Alyssa (changing subject): Alright.. my turn. Never have I ever voted for Donald Trump.

Cameron puts down his finger.

Alyssa: Well that figures.

Cameron: Now what kind of question is that, it doesn't have to do with anything at all, you liberals are all the same.

Stacey: Alright just take your turn. I'm really curious to see what you HAVEN'T done.

Cameron (smirks): Never have I ever gone a week without getting pussy.

There is a general distaste among the group for that very explicit statement. Zac rolls his eyes at Cameron's obvious jab at him. All four players put down a finger.

Cameron: Fucking virgins. (laughs)

Stacey: Or we just prefer not being STD trains. Choo choo, your weekly pill is here.

Cameron (angered): Hey take that back you dyke!

Stacey: Excuse me?

Johnathan: Hey hey hey! Stop fighting you two, enough name calling. This is suppose to be team building and trusting exercises.

Alyssa (annoyed): Can we just continue?

Johnathan: Sure, it's my turn. Never have I ever done a sport.

The tribe looks to Johnathan in utter shock at such a statement, seeing a guy so muscular for his size admit that he has never done any kind of athletic sport in the past comes as a blatant shocker.

Zac (somewhat impressed): Wow, really? Never? You look fit for someone who didn't do sports. I would guess like football or basketball or even tennis.

Johnathan: I guess just hitting the gym! I never had time for it, I was always studying in school. I'm kind of a book nerd.

Cameron (smugly): All that studying and you still ended up an Uber Driver. Guess it didn't really end up mattering.

Johnathan: Actually I- (Johnathan holds his tongue.)

Cameron: What, you what?

Johnathan (covering his blunder): I also work parttime as an intern.

Cameron: A PAID intern?

Johnathan (deliberating): ...No.

Cameron: My point still stands, you are some random washed up Uber Driver who also works for free as some intern bitch? Why study so much when you are going to fail and rely on a reality TV show to pay your bills.

Stacey: Cameron shut your fucking mouth, you have no room to talk to people like that you messy sleaze bag.

LT Johnathan “I feel pretty bad that Stacey is sticking her neck out to defend me from the butt of Cameron's insults but in all actuality it really doesn't effect me, I am an actuary not an Uber driver so none of his insults even effect me. It sucks that I got myself in this situation though but it's better because Cameron's downplaying my threat level right now in front of the whole tribe.”

Cameron: Whatever i'm done playing this dumb game anyway, all I got to know is you guys are a bunch of pansies. I'm sick of dealing with you guys who try and make me the villain at any given second.

Stacey: All we learned was your true colors. You are a homophobic asshole who shames everyone around you.

Cameron: I'm sure you have, you know SO much abut me. Fucking bullshit.

Cameron begins heading to the camp's bed.

Stacey (yelling): We have, we all saw it.

Cameron (dismissing): Okay tranny!

Stacey (screaming): You are fucking going home!

Cameron: Alright, nighty night sweetheart.

There is very clear tension between the two tribemates. The general animosity that Cameron brings to the camp is causing there to be negative moods all throughout. Cameron's actions clearly have taken its toll on everyone by individually upsetting the group. The fire crackles as the remaining four members of the group sit and watch it start to die out.

Alyssa: Don't worry about him you guys. He's not worth anyone time of day. He doesn't deserve a second look.

Zac: Yeah, he will be the first to go. Without a doubt, he's going to be someone nobody will remember once this is over.

Stacey: (scoffs) Can't wait. He's so fucking trash.

Alyssa: Just don't let anything he says get to you. Guys like him have to overcompensate somehow. They are usually missing something in their lives.

Stacey: Yeah, I know. If only I had my machete. (sighs)

Johnathan: It's going to be okay, this group right here. This is Tubig. Not him, he's tribe Cameron. This is the actual members.

There is a quiet roar of laughter among the four. A bond seems to be brewing between the small group as the enemy's picture is painted to be Cameron. The fire begins to die out and there is a scene of the sun setting and the moon rising. The moon then goes down and a scene of water is shown.

Day Two

Yuta Camp

The sun begins to rise on the horizon. Cascading down onto the water is beautiful warm colors of peach, yellow, and orange. Water crashes onto the shore and a small crab walks up out of the ocean. The Yuta camp is passed out when suddenly there is stirring about. Music begins picking up in the background when Ledalia quietly perks up out of her bed and lifts her legs over the side. She slips on her shoes and tries to quietly walk in the sand away from the camp. Ledalia makes it out of the camp quietly without waking anyone up and she celebrates quietly to herself in the forest. She steadily walks down the jungle path looking at the trees as she goes. She makes it to the well and is looking all around the sides of it. She stoops to the floor and tries digging out from under it but to no avail. She looks inside the well but sees nothing but water. Ledalia begins to look frustrated and helpless. A scene of the idol being on the top of the inside of the well are shown. Ledalia looks along the beams but still finds no idol.

LT Ledalia “I woke up bright and early this morning because yesterday my clue said the idol will be at the well. I sneak out of my camp without anyone hearing me and I go to the well and am beginning to wonder if it is here yet. Was I too early for them to put it here? I keep searching and looking in this well but it's nowhere to be found. It could be underneath the water but that seems like a silly idea. Any second I am gone is putting a target on my back, I simply have to get this idol. It is essential for me to have it in this game so I am breaking out the last resort. I decide it is time to let my spirit guides do the work.”

Ledalia sits on the ground in front of the well with legs criss crossed. She puts one palm against the well and begins mumbling words to herself. She closes her eyes and a scene of the water in the well is shown.

Ledalia: Spirits.. show me the idol.

Ledalia removes her hand from the well and there is a few moments of silence. She stands up and then leans inside the well. She looks in the water at her reflection and suddenly in the reflection is the idol wrapped around at the top. Ledalia smiles and turns to grab it. She unwraps the idol from the string and tied to it is a parchment paper. Ledalia grabs opens the parchment and begins to read it.

Ledalia (smiling): "Congratulations you have found the Hidden Immunity Idol. This idol's power will change over the course of the game." Oh wow... (wiping teras) "Every 10 days the idols power increases. The first rotation the idol negates half of the votes cast on the person it is played on." (shakes her head in disbelief) This is crazy. "The next rotation the idol works normally, negating all votes cast against who the idol is played on." Alright, that makes sense. "The third rotation the idol will redirect any vote cast towards the target back to the vote caster." (Ledalia looks confused) I wonder how that would effect the game. "Finally, the last rotation, the idol will can be-" CAST AFTER THE VOTE? Wow.

Ledalia stands up slowly and collects herself. She looks around before tucking the parchment into her dress and the idol into the dress's front pocket.

Ledalia: An idol that gains power the longer you don't use it. This gives me incentive to hold off on using it.

LT Ledalia “With this idol and its growing power, it gives me reason to not blow it early. Holding this idol right now, it doesn't do much to the votes. If all four of Yuta voted against me, it'd only negate two and i'd still go home. However if I make it to day 31, I am guaranteed safety if I get voted out. My main goal for this idol is to hold it as long as possible. There was to my understanding, only one clue on the boat meaning right now i'm the only person in the game who knows about this idol. Hopefully whoever finds it next will keep its power as secret as I do. This idol is my saving grace in this game because I knew without it I would be the first to go if we lost a challenge. Now I can use this to my advantage to keep me in this game longer.”

Ledalia begins to walk back to camp, once she arrives she is surprised to find Daniel awake sitting up in bed. He looks at Ledalia dead in the eye. Ledalia's face is filled with panic.

Daniel: Hello?

Ledalia gulped and looked around she was about to begin speaking before she realized something. Daniel did not have his glasses on, they were on the floor and he was squinting. Ledalia took this opportunity to quickly sneak around Daniel and head to the other side of the bed to lay down. Once she got in bed she closed her eyes just as Daniel retrived his glasses and put them on.

Daniel (confused): I could've swear I just saw someone.

Daniel glances at the bed with all four members laying on it. He stands up and stretches. He wipes his glasses off.

Daniel (scoffs): So weird.

Ledalia quietly sighs in relief and figures there is no point in staying fake asleep. She sits up slowly with her eyes closed and yawns stretching her arms. She rubs her eyes and then looks at Daniel standing up.

Ledalia (yawning): Oh, Good morning Daniel.

Daniel (turns around to Ledalia smiling): Good morning Ledalia.

Ledalia: Did you just wake up dear?

Daniel: Yeah... I did.

There was a long moment of silence before Daniel began speaking again.

Daniel: And the weirdest thing happened to me. I didn't have my glasses on and I saw this figure in front of me. I must be hallucinating from that ship ride yesterday.

Ledalia (scoffs): Huh, that is so strange. I can't possibly think what you might have saw. (looks around) I don't see anything. (gasp) Oh, Daniel! This is just a theory but what if what you saw was one of the spirits who walks these lands? Do you think that you are spiritually gifted?

Daniel (laughs): No, I don't think so.

LT Daniel “Ledalia, Ledalia. You must think I am PRETTY FUCKING STUPID. I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first, you know? Seeing her sneak back from the forest. I just assumed, oh maybe she had to use the bathroom! Maybe she was embarrassed that she had been caught. But NO, she decides to treat me like a fool. Just because I don't have my glasses on doesn't mean I am blind. I can clearly see a woman wearing a long blue dress in front of me. I played along at first but her clearly covering it up makes me suspicious about what she really was doing out there. Coming up with some elaborate story on the spot about "spirits"? Her lying to me was a big blunder and shows the type of game she is playing so early on. If we lose a challenge I will make sure this coy snake is the one to go.”

Daniel: I think I am going to go check tribe mail.

Ledalia: Alright, hurry back. Incase it is spirits this time of morning is probably the most activity. They can really mess with your head.

Daniel nods before silently walking off into the forest. The scene changes and Diana, Connor, and Ginny are awake. All four of them are gathered around making breakfast when Daniel returns with tribe mail.

Daniel (walking back in): Welp I got bad news for us guys. It looks like today we will have a challenge take place.

Diana: Oh. I didn't see that coming, on day two. I wonder what it could be - reward probably?

Connor: Probably reward, did tree mail say anything else about the challenge like what type it is?

Daniel: Nope, just that today we have a challenge.

Connor (smiling): Ooh, how mysterious. A mystery challenge on day two. I'm kind of excited for what that could mean.

Diana: I wonder if it has to do with zodiacs? Like certain zodiacs go to the challenge and we have some faceoff!

Ledalia: What if it's immunity?

Ginny: It can't be immunity, it's only day two.

Ledalia: Yes but what if they want to speed up the start of the game? Just get someone out of here already because they are tired of us. (laughs)

Connor: Hmm, this season IS forty days. It wouldn't be too far fetched to have a tribal council on the second day.

Diana: I really hope it's not, losing someone on the second day seems way to soon to lose someone.

Connor (chuckles): Well we aren't losing anyone because we aren't losing. Isn't that right guys? We are going to pull out a victory for Yuta.

Daniel nods and Ledalia claps. Ginny stands up with a glass in her hand and raises it to the sky.

Ginny: Yuta will not be the tribe to have the first boot. Make that known into the presence and let ALL the other survivors here.

Connor (laughing): That's right!

Diana (relieved): Alright, I agree. Let's go Yuta! To the tribe that will never die.

Daniel (making eye contact with Ledalia): Yeah, Yuta strong.

Ledalia (nervously laughs while looking at Daniel): Woo, ... Yuta!

LT Ledalia “I am picking up some very negative energy coming from Daniel. This kid is usually shy and quiet but this morning I found him being combative. The short responses and the glares at me. I fear he knows more about my little trip to the jungle than I'd like to believe. I figured if he has that information it's better for me to just confirm it with him then leave it for him to do what he will with it. I am going to do my best to keep my power hidden from him however if I fear he is not believing me or is too far gone then I will have to expose the power.”

Ginny and Diana stand up and decide to go get water from the well. They wave goodbye to the other contestants. Meanwhile Connor decides to go out to the shore and declares that he is going to try fishing. Ledalia and Daniel stay seated around the campfire.

Ledalia (calling down to the shore): Good luck, Connor!

Connor turns around and waves. Ledalia now left alone with Daniel looks at the ground. There is an awkward silence. Daniel with a stone cold face doesn't even bother to say a word. Ledalia is left in awkward intensity.

Ledalia (suddenly): I have a confession.

Daniel (glancing up): Hm?

Ledalia: This morning... what you saw, was actually me.

Daniel (pretending to be surprised): Really now?

Ledalia: Yes. I am... (pauses) I am going to tell you something, and I have to absolutely trust you alright?

Daniel: Alright, you can count on me Ledalia.

Ledalia: Day one when we were on the boat looking for items and stuff, I happened to find the clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Daniel (gasps): The clue? That's crazy. Where was it? I knew that there had to be one I just had no luck when I was looking.

Ledalia: It was under a crate someone from another tribe picked up. I saw a parchment on the floor and snuck it into my dress.

Daniel: Wow. I would've never guessed. It's good you had that luck to find it like that though.

Ledalia: The clue told me that on the second morning I was to go to the well and i'd find the clue. That's where I was this morning, looking for the idol.

Daniel: The well, I see. That makes sense. Does anybody else know about this?

Ledalia (shakes her head): No, you are the first person that i've told and I count on it being the last.

Daniel takes his glasses off and squints, putting his finger on his chin he ponders.

Ledalia: I found the idol and it's completely normal. I was hoping it would have some sort of twist on it since they like adding new things to shake up the game as the seasons progress.

Daniel: Yeah, well that is kind of a bummer that it doesn't have any "super idol" powers. That would be good for you.

Ledalia: (Ledalia pulls it out and shows it to him.) It's got a very cool look to it, it's a pretty weird shape.

Daniel: Wow! That's amazing. I really like the design. (Daniel touches the top of the idol) Can't believe i've felt my first ever idol! (laughs)

Ledalia: I'm only showing you this because I felt bad about lying earlier and the spirits compelled me to come forward. I knew that I could trust you so that is why I needed to clear the air.

Daniel: Well, I appreciate you telling me this. I promise I will not tell a soul about this.

Ledalia: Thank you Daniel. I think that we would be a good group to have in this game. I feel very connected to you. I feel like this is the start of a very special connection between two creative minds.

Daniel: Really? I felt the same way. I feel like someone like you and someone like me would make a great alliance. We both have similar goals in this game.

Ledalia: I'm so glad you feel the same way. That means this idol I will use on either you or me if we are in trouble. You can count on me, neither of us are going to be the first person to go home.

Daniel: That's so great, thank you Ledalia! I appreciate you having my back in this game and I will return the favor in whatever way that I can.

Ledalia: Do you have anyone you would like to be our plus one in this group? Three is the majority on this tribe. I would like for us to get a group formed early so that way we have our heads on straight if we do lose whatever challenge this is today.

Daniel: Connor and I have spoken on the first day. He seems very cool and a strong competitor to keep around. I think his athletic ability will provide a lot for our team and can be useful later on in protecting our group.

Ledalia: I agree. I was thinking the same person to incorporate with us. As for targets, is there anyone you wouldn't mind seeing go home.

Daniel: Ginny can go honestly. I love her personality but I don't think she offers much more then some jokes now and then.

Ledalia (exhales): I see. Ginny does... not really provide that much. I see it making sense that she should be our alliances first target.

LT Ledalia “I decided to form this alliance with Daniel. I felt obligated since I felt like he knew I snuck out and was being passive aggressive ever since. I hoped sharing the idol information with him could possibly regain trust with him. I have no intent to save him with the idol however I just want to restore any burnt bridge I might've got with him. As for our 'alliance target' I do not think Ginny is the one who should go. I think Connor should be the first to go as he is a threat in the later game. Except that's who Daniel wants to work with! I should've been more vocal about wanting Connor to go but now Ginny is his target. This worries me because Ginny and I have talked and I felt a close bond with her. We are both very spiritual people and I do not think she has any reason to go home. I trust Daniel and now that he knows about my idol we are going to have to have eachother's backs in this game. Daniel and I can tell are going to make some very pivotal plays in this game. I can see us going all the way to the end together.”

LT Daniel “I have no intention of working with Ledalia outside of having her think we are. That idol she is "promising" to use on me isn't really assuring. She has lied before about her location so I don't think her word really means much after she's been caught lying to my face. She is backtracking right now with promises of an idol and an alliance which is smart on her behalf since she obviously realized I knew she lied about sneaking out. Except knowing she has an idol and that she's deceptive makes her an even bigger target. Us making a little alliance with Connor is just to ease her into thinking she has numbers and a group. I want to take her out the first opportunity that I can though. I need to group up with Connor the first chance I get and share my findings.”

Daniel: I feel good knowing that we had this talk Ledalia.

Ledalia (smiles): Me too.

The two stand up and hug eachother.

LT Ledalia “I need Daniel to have my back from here on out.”

LT Daniel “I need Ledalia out as soon as possible.”

The scene abruptly ends.

Han Gin Camp

Han Gin appears to wake up early due to Yasmyn's antics. She appears to be having quite the struggle which her grunting and shuffling wake everyone up. The rest of the tribe finds Yasmyn trying to untangle herself from some rope.

Zanaya: Oh, morning Yasmyn. You look like you are all tangled up. Do you need some help there? Or are you good.

Yasmyn: I think ... (grunts) I got it..

Zanaya: Are you sure? You really don't look like you've got it. Your foot is wrapped throughly with rope.

Winston: How did you even get in the rope? I really want to know the backstory behind this.

Yasmyn: I was trying to get the chicken back in the cage so I was going to lasso it cowboy style and swing the rope around my head and then catch it by its neck so I could triumphantly fling it into the air. Then I was going to alligator clap it in my hands and then bodyslam that little pecker into the cage again.

Noland: Wait.. chicken BACK in the cage?

Damien: The chickens out of the cage?! What the fuck Yasmyn? How the hell did you let it get out of the fucking cage?

Yasmyn (quietly): Yeah... I don't know how to explain myself on that one. It kind of just happened when I was playing with.

Damien: Playing with it?!

Yasmyn: It was... an accident. I really didn't mean too. It just kept giving me these eyes like, Yasmyn I really want to play tag with you but it's unfair that i'm kept in a cage and you have the whole beach. I was like "Oh Mr. Chicken I agree that is stupid rules I don't agree with whoever made them!" So, I let him out.

Damien (sighing): Well.. where do it go atleast?

Yasmyn: Left, it definitely went... left.

Damien: That's vague, is it my left or your left?

Yasmyn: Wait no, not left. That was stupid of me to say and I didn't mean it. What I meant to say was west. The chicken went west.

Damien: West? I don't have a fucking compass on me. Yasmyn where the hell did the chicken go?

Yasmyn: Up! It flew! It freaking flattered its wings and just kept flying! I don't really remember a hundred percent, okay?!

Damien: Yasmyn, stop playing games. Point in the direction the chicken went. Just give your best shot at remembering.

Yasmyn (pointing): I think it went that way!

Damien started to take off in that direction. Noland stood up abruptly.

Noland: Should I... go with him? It seems like he's really eager to get it back, and I don't think he is going to catch it on his own.

Winston (shrugging): He can probably handle it on his own, but I guess you can go.

Zanaya: I'll come too, Noland.

Winston (glars at Zanaya): What? Wow, okay. Fine, I guess i'll go too. I thought we were going to relax here.

Yasmyn: Wait, guys! Don't just leave me here. I ... (struggling) can't get my foot out! I want to come help look for Mr. Chicken too!

The other three took off after Damien who is looking for a chicken. Yasmyn sighed and laid on the floor with her foot trapped. The rest of the group stops to find Damien stopped. He is looking at a large tree with feathers at the bottom of it.

Damien: The feather trail stops here. Damn, those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth.

Winston: How the hell did Yasmyn let it get this far?

Zanaya: She seemed pretty preoccupied trying to lasso a chicken. Then getting the lasso stuck around her foot. It was definitely out of her hands.

Noland: My question is how did she do all of that without waking us up? She tried lassoing a chicken and then gets caught and let's it fly away and doesn't think to say, hey guys the chickens out! Instead she just sits on the floor.

Damien: No idea, that girl is batshit crazy though. Letting a chicken get out, bossing us around camp. It's getting real fucking annoying.

Zanaya: She's really getting on my nerves, she was kicking me like the whole time last night! She does nothing but knee me in the back. It kept me up the entire time I don't know how anyone could sleep next to her.

Winston: She snores too. Very... very loud. She kept me up with that snore. (groans) She's so annoying.

Damien held out his hand to signal his group to stop talking. He pulled out his hand and pointed upwards, and there the chicken was in the tree. High up it flapped it's wings. The group all peered upwards at it.

Damien: Are you kidding me, how the fuck did it get up there? Now someone is going to have to climb to go get it.

Winston: Won't it come down eventually? Can't we just leave the thing there and when it decides to come down we will be waiting.

Damien: I'm going to have to climb to go get it, unless someone else wants too.

Noland: I can try.

Damien (huffs): No it's fine. I think I should be the one to do it. This thing is very annoying and i'd like to do the honors of shoving it back into the cage.

Damien sets his stuff down and begins trying to climb the tree. Once he finds decent footing he begins slowly taking strides up the tree. Struggling he clenches onto the sides of the tree. Noland down below helps boost his feet so he can get to the first branch. He plants his feet and stands up. He can almost reach the chicken from where he is standing. He puts out both of his arms and begins instructing the chicken to leap.

Damien (softly): Come on little chicken, jump into my arms.

Down below Winston and Zanaya began chuckling that such a muscular dude was babytalking to a chicken.

LT Winston “Seeing Damien talk to a chicken in a baby voice and let his guard down is so funny to me. He is just so big whereas this tiny chicken is causing him to climb a tree to get it. It shows me that he can be silly and it made me think he's not this mindless jock. I'm still intimidated and scared of Damien, don't get me wrong. I just feel like I got a new side of him.”

Damien: Damnit I almost got that little bastard! It's so fucking close to my arms.

The chicken flies down off the tree and quickly dashes awawy. Damien yells for the group to go after it while he works on getting down off of the tree. Noland leads the pursuit after the chicken and Zanaya and Winston trail far behind too busy laughing at the situation.

Noland: Come on buddy! Come to Noland!

Noland turns around to Winston and Zanaya.

Noland: Okay, i'll go straight, Winston go left, Zanaya go right. We are going to corner it.

Zanaya (laughing): Alright.

Winston: Operation chicken hunt.

The group split up and all of them began running in different directions. The chase was on. Scenes of them running through the forest are shown, the chicken is in hot pursuit trying to get away. Finally the chicken arrives at the shore. Noland runs out from the jungle and the chicken starts heading left. Winston appears and the chicken flies back. It quickly runs right and here comes Zanaya to block it off.

Zanaya: Gotcha!

Winston: Bawk bawk bawk.

Noland lunged forward catching the chicken off guard and abruptly grabbing it. He picked up the chicken triumphantly as it made noises frantically. He carried it over to the cage and gently set it down inside. He closed the cage door and then looked at Yasmyn asleep on the floor with her foot still wrapped in rope.

Suddenly Damien ran out of the jungle with a machete.

Damien (catching breath): Where is that fucking chicken hiding? I am going to kill that little fucker.

Zanaya (confidently): There is no need for that. We got it.

Damien: Wait, ... you got it?

Winston: Yeah, (pointing to cage) safe and sound.

Damien (scoffs): Huh. I'm impressed.

Zanaya: What, you didn't think we could handle it on our own?

Damien: No, no not that. Just surprised you didn't need me to get the chicken. I thought for sure you couldn't do it on your own.

Zanaya: That's essentially the same but okay.

Damien: Well whatever it is, good job you three. As for this one (gestures to Yasmyn sleeping on the floor) she's starting to get on my nerves.

LT Yasmyn “(yawning) I feel like i'm well liked on this tribe. Being a youtube personality and having a large following definitely made me realize i'm well liked. I can tell when people appreciate my presence it's nothing really surprising to me. I know that my tribe kind of favors me. People like the crazy videos I do and so I probably don't rub anyone the wrong way. I think I am kind of the cute clumsy girl on the tribe. (giggles) I can tell my actions make everyone laugh and they probably want to work with me. Which is cool, but I am really going to have to consider my options. I'm not going to work with just any fan of mine.”

Zanaya: Yeah sleeping beauty is resting after all her "hard work" yesterday. (laughs) Oh and don't forget how triumphantly she returned the chickens.

Winston (laughing): She is our tribe leader after all. She deserves a good rest after all of that lasso'ing.

The group laughs, this wakes up Yasmyn and she looks to see all of them surrounding her.

Yasmyn: Oh, is this funny? (laughs pointing to the rope around her foot still) I am such a mess you guys. I'm only human though, we all slip up from time to time.

Zanaya (looking down): Huh? Oh you are awake.

Yasmyn (smiling): Well duh.

Damien: Oh, by the way. That tree I was stuck in happened to be the tree mail tree.

Noland (looking over): Oh, did it have anything in it?

Damien: Yeah, apparently today we have a challenge.

Winston (fearfully): A challenge.. you are kidding me right? A challenge? No this can't be happening.. I-

Zanaya (groaning): Ughhhh, Great.

Noland: That sounds fun!

Damien: I thought the same, i'm bored already I want do something. Sitting around camp and chasing the occasional chicken doesn't do it for me. I want to win some challenges.

Yasmyn: I can't wait to show off my beast challenge skills. You guys are going to be like, "woah Yasmyn chill out we didn't need to rub it in their faces so much, they are cool people" and i'll be like "booo suck my ass Han Gin will crush your ugly faces!"

Damien (sighing): I hope we do win this challenge.

Noland: Well let's just keep our hopes up guys. Whatever this challenge is let's give it our all.

Damien: If you lose i'll punch you in the face though!

Winston (gulping): Haha... I hope that doesn't apply to me.

Zanaya: I'd like to see you try and punch me in my face. That would not end well for you or anyone here.

Yasmyn: There's no way we are losing, this is the greatest tribe in like, all of Survivor history. Mainly because I am here but, also because you guys.

Winston: Is that so?

Yasmyn (cheekily): It definitely is so, we are the most united. We all like each other equally here.

Zanaya: I don't think that's true.

Yasmyn (frowning): Why's that?

Zanaya (sarcastically): You are obviously everyone's favorite. You are the social media star, girl. We all talk about how much we love you in private all of the time.

Yasmyn (gasps): Oh my god. Am I really? You guys! I'm just a normal person like you guys I swear. Please don't treat me like some type of celebrity. I swear I always get this type of treatment and it's so annoying. Just because I have millions of fans doesn't mean I am some god. It just means a lot of people really like me.

LT Zanaya “Yasmyn is absolutely oblivious to social cues. She rubs everyone the wrong way and then has this huge ass ego on her back. I'd like to give her a reality check, I wouldn't mind losing first just because seeing the look on her face when she gets unanimously voted off would be gif worthy. She is so in her own world she would never see it coming. Get ready for that "#Blindside"”

The scene abruptly ends.

Kalayo Camp

The scene begins and it is already past morning at the Kalayo tribe camp. Everyone is up and active moving around. There is a pot of rice being cooked by Vince meanwhile Brad is doing morning stretching as Pamela watches from camp with admiring eyes. Monique and Kylie are sitting next to eachother on the bed still talking.

Kylie (smiling): That's so interesting, I would've never guessed that you were a biotic scientist. Although you did strike me as someone smart so I should've known it'd be something cool like that. (laughs)

Monique (smiles): Oh it's nothing that special. It's very normal compared to what my family does, my brothers are all doctors or lawyers and make my family proud. I am a scientist and they view that as silly and time wasting.

Kylie: What? No way. I think it's totally cool. You are in labs doing all types of experiments and findings and studies. You are an absolute genius.

Monique (looks away and blushes): Please, you run a salon. That's way cooler than what I do. You get to interact with tons of different people and then cut hair. Meanwhile I have the most basic haircut you can get.

Kylie: I love your hair are you kidding me? It's so pretty and natural. I would love to cut hair like yours and style it one day.

Monique: You are too kind, Kylie. Having someone like you around is so refreshing. All of this drama on this tribe (looks at Brad and Vince) you really make the day so much better.

Kylie (laughs): Monique you are too nice to me. Really.

Monique: Pfttt, do you want me to stop?

Kylie: No no, of course I don't want you to stop. It's nice, i'm just surprised you are so nice to me. I don't deserve that.

Monique put her hand on Kylie's shoulder reassuringly and smiled into her eyes. Kylie got all flustered and turned nudging Monique's arm off of her.

Monique: Kylie.. what's wrong? Did I do something. (frowns) I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Is it... about yesterday?

Kylie (stands up): Can we.. not talk about yesterday.

Monique: Oh, alright. Well, I mean it shouldn't be that big a deal, it's not like he was being serious he does that to everyone. We obviously are just friends. (laughs)

Kylie (frowns): Yeah, that was silly of him.

Monique: Unless.. are you-

Kylie: I'm going to go get water now, i'll be back later.

Kylie walked away solemnly and Monique looked confused then sad. She realized why Kylie was acting so strange about it and gathered herself.

LT Monique “I just realized that Kylie likes me. I really should've considered this but I usually don't consider another girl liking me as a possibility. I mean it doesn't happen too often, in fact I don't think i've ever had a girl crush on me at all. If i'm being honest I don't really like anyone too much. I have a focus on my career and especially in this game i'm going to focus on victory. Kylie is an extremely sweet girl and I would say my bestfriend in this game just from what i've gotten to know about her. I don't want her to feel awkward around me. I don't even know how I feel about her. She is really pretty and nice and friendly and makes me smile and laugh a lot. However i've never considered being with a girl. All I know is I am not going to be with anyone in this game. I am going to put my head on strong and not fall for anyone because it isn't worth that million dollars.”

Monique stood up and began walking after Kylie in the forest. She quickly caught up to her and called her name to get her to stop so that she could talk. Kylie looked like she dreaded what was coming.

Monique (out of breath): Kylie! There you are. Hey what's wrong? You bailed on me back there out of the blue.

Kylie (sighing): I'm sorry Monique. I don't know if our friendships going to work out anymore.

Monique (sadly): Kylie.. I don't understand. There is nothing that should end our friendship, what is it that's on your mind?

Kylie: (groans) I can't tell you. It'll mess up everything even more than it already has been messed up.

Monique: Kylie..

Kylie: I like you okay! Like, like like you. I know it has only been two days and I barely know anything about you but I just love your smile, and your face, and your personality, and that laugh! You are just so great.

Monique (smiling): Kylie. I think you are great too. Absolutely amazing. None of those feelings you have for me are going to effect anything I promise you that. I think you are beautiful and nice and sweet - and I don't know what that means. I've never liked someone, what I do know is I need to focus on my game though. You need to focus on yours. You can like me and I may even like you but we are out here to win. We are going to be allies, and best friend. I know that for a fact, so let's not let this get in the way until we are out of this game and one of us has the million dollars.

Kylie (holding back tears): Monique.. That was beautiful. You are right. We do need to focus on playing. Romance is silly it'll just put a target on our backs anyway. I am glad you aren't going to be weird about this. I.. (sighs) I've lost lots of good friends before based on how I felt about them. A lot of people can't handle that.

Monique: To be honest, nobody really ever likes me. This is new for me in general. I am really flattered and hope you don't take my reluctance as rejection. I am open to trying new things and this is.. definitely new for me. It just needs to be the right place and time.

Kylie nods and hugs Monique, both of the girls hold eachother tight. They let go and Kylie exhales deeply.

LT Kylie “I am so glad Monique and I had this opening up talk and I got to vent my feelings into the air. She is very smart and wants to focus on our games and if after the game she is still willing I would love to get to know her better. I believe I have found an ally in this game who will have my back and I am really glad she cares about me enough to want to protect my game like that. It just makes me like her more, but I know I have to focus on what is best for me and that is winning these challenges and keeping us safe.”

The girls began returning to camp after their break to find a fight brewing between Vince and Brad, which is to be expected at this point.

Brad: Oh there you guys are, perfect timing. You managed to walk in on Vince being an absolute fuck up yet again!

Vince (glares): You trash bag, you are the one who did this! You have no room to blame anyone but yourself.

Brad: Excuse me? I didn't decide to pour out the entire pot of rice. That was your own doing, Pam who poured out the entire pot of rice.

Pam: It was Vince, he poured out the rice all over the floor like a little child and said "No rice for anyone."

Vince: That's not fair, Pam agrees with Brad over literally anything she is not a reliable source because her pussy does the talking.

Pam: Excuse me Vince, I would prefer if you didn't refer to me as a talking pussy I think I have a bit more class then that.

Vince: A bit. You just said you had a BIT more class that a talking vagina. I think any normal personal would give them and a talking genitalia a fair amount of difference in class levels.

Pam: Well I don't think there is all that much wrong with talking pussies anyway. it really rings in female empowerment if you think about it. Are you one of those women hating assholes? You must be a talking penis.

Vince (groans): You are NOT one to lecture me on woman empowerment you used your body as a slave factory.

Pam: You have got to be joking, I should have never told you guys I had two kids it's all I get attacked for. Excuse me for wanting to better my farm.

Monique: Can someone explain what the fuss is here?

Brad: Like I said, Vince's dumbass spilt all of this mornings rice on the floor because he was sick of my attitude.

Vince: That's not how that went at all.

Monique: Can someone just explain what really went down? This is getting old.

Vince: I will! I've been trying too. Brad was pestering me as I was holding the rice and then decided to tickle me when I was holding the pot up and I dropped it all over the floor. It's not my fault!

Brad (laughing): Tickle you? I wouldn't put my hands on you bro. That's just weird I don't roll like that.

Vince: You did! Pam saw it, I felt it, we all know what went down so stop trying to pin everything on me for once in your damn life!

Brad (shrugging): Sure thing pal, hey can you fetch me up some rice and try not to spill it this time? Greatly appreciated.

Vince groans and stands up. He looks at the two girls and Monique looks sympathetic, she gestures to the forest so that the three could go talk. He nods and obliges and all three walk out into the forest together to calm Vince down.

Vince: I don't get what his deal is! He is so mean to me for no reason, he started it out of nowhere and he keeps just persistently making fun of me and doing things to bother me. It doesn't make sense why he's treating me like this at all.

Monique (comforting): I know, I know. It's okay Vince calm down, you don't need to worry about him right now. Just focus on me in front of you, alright.

Vince (frustrated): It's just so upsetting! We are supposed to be united and all he does is treat me like garbage and doesn't have any sympathy or-

Monique: Shhh shh shh... come here. Come here. (opens arms)

Vince looks at her with open arms and deeply exhales before obliging and hugging her. Monique starts holding him tight and rubbing her hand in circles on his back to calm him down.

Monique: It's going to be okay. It's all going to be okay. I've got you, and we aren't going to let him treat you like that anymore.

Kylie (smiling): Yeah, enough is enough. Brad isn't going to be doing anymore bullying from here on out.

Vince: Thank you guys. It means a lot to have friends on this tribe besides Bully and his little minion. I was starting to think everybody hated me.

Monique: We don't hate you in the slightest. We are just going along with Brad's ego so that he won't expect it when he goes home. I'm sorry we've let him trash you thus far, but we did try and stand up to him last night.

Kylie: He said it was going to be an all out war. I think he is just scared. He knows just him and cowgirl over there aren't going to be enough to swing the vote and he's going to be going home first.

Vince: (sighing) Yeah. That makes me feel better, I just was thinking because he is stronger than me you were going to keep him around and send me packing.

Monique (looking at Kylie): Well, obviously that.. came into question. I considered it, but after lots of consideration Brad isn't someone who deserves to play this game. You are still physically capable and I know you can pull your weight just as much as the rest. With him gone I don't think we will suffer at all.

Kylie (nods assuringly): Yeah, he is all talk. He doesn't have anything you couldn't do. He treats us bad and causes division anyway and if we sent you home, it'd be a 2v2 anyway. We can't have that for anyone because us three need to stick together.

LT Vince “Monique and Kylie, really are something else. They lifted my spirits up so much when I thought I was alone on this tribe and really made me feel so much better about everything that was going on. Now I know that I am not alone here and that Brad is still widely known as the target and the first one to go. Having a group like this very early in the game is reassuring as we all bonded out of our disliking for one player. Brad going home is going to be the most relieving thing in this game because he really thinks he is in control. He thinks he has three little followers and they are going to vote me out. When we lose - it's going to be so satisfying to have him fall right into our trap.”

Vince (smiles): So this is an alliance right here?

Monique: It is I believe. I guess we need a name to make ourselves official. Something that'll stick.

Vince: Hmm, something legendary. That'll make Brad regret trying to go against any of us to begin with.

Kylie: How about.. "Bad Rockford"? (laughs)

Vince: That's funny, but I don't think we should give him any more attention then he already so much asks for. Maybe something like, "Kaslayo"

Monique (laughing): Kaslayo? I was thinking something combining our zodiacs. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Slaries or something.

Kylie: Ooh, ooh, or maybe combining our names like "Vylique".

Vince: Vylique sounds hard to pronounce. Slaries sounds like some weird drink you find in a gas station in Wisconsin.

Monique: Hmm... how about something simple. KMV?

Vince: It could stand for something like, Keeping Majority Vote.

Kylie: Oh, a double entendre! Kylie Monique Vince ... Keeping Majority Vote! I like it, we will stick with KMV!

The group laughs and appreciates the newfound name of KMV. They decide to return back to the camp where Brad and Pam are sitting with treemail in their hands.

Brad: Well well well, look at who decided to return to camp. Have any of you guys seen this bullshit?

Vince: Oh great, what did I do now?

Brad: Not you, but you probably have done stuff to fuck up since then. I am talking about the fucking treemail.

Monique: Treemail? We got some? Why?

Brad: Apparently we have a challenge today! That means we are going to have to count on Vince today when he's already screwed us up and we aren't going to be able to eat anything beforehand.

Kylie: Can you shut up for two seconds Brad, what type of challenge is it?

Brad: It's a fucking immunity challenge? Reward challenge? I don't know. Whatever it is it's going to be important so it doesn't really matter does it?

Kylie: What did it say on the tree mail?

Brad: It didn't specify so I don't have a clue. I just know we have one.

Vince: Great, a challenge day two. That can't mean anything good.

Monique: Let's not get down so quick, it could just be a reward and nothing really game changing. Let's just keep our heads up and focus on trying to win.

Pam: Well I hope we win it, camp life sucks around here and I could use something to boost my day. I really hope theres a food reward i'm already missing so much.

Pam smiled at the thought of getting a nice food reward and licked her lips. Kylie walked over to Brad to get a look at what the Tree Mail said then walked back over to Monique and Vince.

Kylie: Alright, well let's just try and be unified and take this seriously and try our best. That's all we can do.

Brad: I know i'm going to give it my all, and I hope Vince can too.

Monique (stepping in): Oh Vince will, you are going to have to catch up or you are going to be eating his dust, mister.

Brad: Woah, we are defending Vince now? What happened to I'm the leader? Seems like some underlings have gone soft on me. (laughs) That's okay though, we don't need to worry about tribal since we aren't going.

Kylie: That's good, I don't plan on going either. We are just going to learn to get along and maybe we can win because we all like each other, eh?

Brad: Not a chance, Vince is a little bitch. I like you guys though.

Vince (groans): What did I even do to you? There's no reason for you to dislike me. This is the second day you've known me.

Brad: It's just your attitude my man. I wanted to get put on a tribe with a guy I could bond with but so far you are nothing like me. You complain and don't throw out jokes. You can roast me back all you like but you don't - you roll over and then walk off with some girls to talk about your feelings?

Vince: Is that what you want? A rival? You so desperately want someone to have a fight with?

Brad: I don't want to fight someone at all, I just want someone who I can be friends with. It's clearly not going to be you since you don't get my humor. I'm not trying to upset you it's just friendly teasing. You just don't know how to handle it and that's fine, I just want no part in talking to you if you can't make an attempt to talk to me.

Vince: Every time I talk to you you treat me bad. Teasing in friendships comes up after years of knowing each other, not hours. That's when you are making first impressions, talking about interests, finding out if you even WANT to be someones friend. You lost any shot at being my friend when you attacked me day one.

Brad: Fine, keep that grudge. See how far that is going to take you in the game having an enemy. You can't hate someone out here and you should know that. You need friends so if you were smart you'd atleast fake it. (laughs) Guess you can't handle your circumstances.

Vince: I perfectly can. I don't think I am going to need you as a friend though. I don't count on seeing your face much longer. We all know if we lose that challenge either you or me is going home.

Brad (smiles): Then let the war begin.

Vince looks uncomfortable as he stares at Brad, then he nods at Brad's statement before looking at Monique and Kylie who were looking at him reassuringly.

LT Vince “If Brad wants a war he is going to get a war. I don't care what the consequences are because I am fed up of him acting like he is the boss around here. He treats me like garbage and walks around like he runs the place. If we lose he is going home simple as that, he could try as much as he wants but I have my faith stored in KMV. We will keep the majority vote and throw his game in the trash - without a doubt I know he's going to be shocked.”

LT Brad “Vince might think he has a trick up his sleeve to send me home but what he doesn't understand is i'm Brad fucking Rockford and I always get my way. I might just have Pam right now but there is two other castaways and I can convince them to stop using that sympathy of theirs and start using their head. I am stronger and without me that tribe will lose challenge after challenge until there is none of them left. I know at least Monique isn't an idiot and if I can get her to listen then simple as that Kylie will follow. I just need a time and a place to convince Monique this is what we need to do and Vince will be out of here in no time.”

The scene ends with Brad laughing in his confessional devilishly before cutting to black momentarily afterwords.

Tubig Camp

The scene picks up in the middle of the day. The Tubig tribe is well awake with all of the members sitting around their camp's fire. A pot of fire is being stirred by Stacey as Johnathan, Zac, and Alyssa are seen engaged in a conversation. Cameron is sitting with a bowl in his hand taking another bite of food. begins and it is already past morning at the Kalayo tribe camp. Everyone is up and active moving around. Cameron reaches for the pot of food and his hand is swatted by Stacey who shoots him a glare.

Stacey (harshly): No seconds until everyone has gotten their first bowl, Cameron. Don't be so greedy.

Cameron: Damn chill out Stace. I didn't know everybody hadn't eaten yet, they are too busy over there talking nonstop.

Stacey: No reason to try and take their food. Johnathan, your bowl of food is ready - may you come get it?

Johnathan: Oh, hey Stacey. Thank you sorry I wasn't paying attention (stands up and walks over) Wow it smells good. Thank you for making me a bowl!

Stacey (smiling): No problem. I'm going to get started on Alyssa's next.

Alyssa: Oh thank you so much Stacey!

The group of three continues talking on the bed and laughing sporadically. Cameron looks noticeably upset.

Cameron: Isn't it annoying, Stacey?

Stacey (not glancing up): What, you? Yeah.

Cameron (sighs): No not that. That group, look at how close they are. All three of them sitting all high and mighty on their throne while you have to cook for them? Do you seriously think they are your friends.

Stacey (sighs): They are my friends Cameron. You are just angry you don't have any so you are trying to dissuade me into being yours. You know how passionately I hate you so stop wasting your breath on me.

Cameron: No, i'm not trying to do that. All i'm saying is do you really consider yourself apart of that group. From the second we got here it's those three that are tight and you are on the outs. Clearly I am the target but what do you think will happen if I go out of here.

Stacey (deliberating): ... Nothing, nothing will happen because once you are gone we are going to keep winning challenges because we wont have a jerk bringing us down.

Cameron (laughing): You can't seriously believe that. You know just as well as I do that that group is tight. You don't have anything in common with them. You know you are on the outs.

Stacey: You are full of it, you would say anything to try and get yourself to not be the first boot. Trying to win me over is not even a chance. You know I hate you more than anyone here, except maybe Alyssa.

Cameron: All I am saying is I don't take you for an idiot like those three. They are the attractive young ones who think they are running the show. We are the outcasts because we are older and mature.

Stacey: (calling over) Alyssa, your bowl is ready!

Alyssa: Oh cool. (Alyssa walks over and grabs it and walks back to the bed.)

Stacey (glaring): Not even a thank you?

Alyssa: Oh.. um, sorry I forgot. Thanks Stacey! (giggles) Anyway John as I was saying (Alyssa begins to trail off and the conversation resumes to Stacey and Cameron.)

Cameron: See.. not even a thank you. Listen, just take it into consideration Stacey. It really can't hurt more than help your game.

Stacey: Whatever Cameron. I'm not really going to consider it but I guess it's cute that you thought I would.

LT Stacey “Cameron is trying to get me to flip on my group of three to work with just him. Any logical person can argue how dumb that would be. First of all three versus two, the three still wins if you know first grade math. The second thing you have to consider is you are working with Cameron. There is not a desirable thing about him, he sexualizes you, treats you like an object, is disgustingly rude and sexist and any other prejudice you can name. There is nothing about him I could see as being useful to me as an ally. Him trying to persuade me is really funny. The only thing he pointed out is that I am on the bottom of my group, which is true. I am on the bottom of my group, they all bond and get along. We don't share any interests or passions so I can't bond with them like that which is worrying. If we do manage to lose Cameron and then lose again. I know all three of them will turn on my in a heartbeat.”

Time passes between this scene and Cameron is out in the water cleaning himself off. Stacey is sitting in bed with John, Alyssa, and Zac.

Zac: No I am serious literally he fit the whole thing in his mouth and then he just threw up all over the floor. The four layer hamburger was all over the floor. It was disgusting.

Johnathan (cackling): That is so wild, what on earth did you even do after that?

Alyssa: I'm just wondering how he thought that was a good idea to begin with? Who just decides they are going to eat that much hamburger at once. Let alone think it's impressive.

Zac: Literally no idea why he did it on a first date but it beats me. All i'll say is I unmatched him off Tinder that night and there will be no second date.

Stacey (laughing): That's such a weird story, how long ago was this?

Stacey's comment is ignored before Alyssa says a comment louder that gets recognition.

Alyssa: Oh, you should tell John that story you told me yesterday on the beach about the guy who's cousin was Jake Paul? That story was so funny.

Zac (bursts out laughing): Oh my gosh that was so horrible! You are going to absolutely die.

Johnathan: Alright try me.

Zac: Okay so I was getting out of I think Junior year and I just decided to (Zac begins ranting a long story about how he got to know Jake Paul's gay cousin. It quiets down while it focuses on Stacey's face looking out of place as he speaks) hang out with this kid who was obviously flirting with me a ton. He said we can hang out at my place or yours and I obviously didn't want to bring him home I just met him and I didn't really want to go to his house because who knows what that's like so I was like we can just meet at some public place like Wendy's or something. He was like okay sure and we were having a pretty good hangout and then he smoked me out and then he's like oh hey can we stop by my cousin's real quick to pick up some more weed. I was like sure whatever and so we drive and we roll up the fucking Team 10 house and then Jake Paul is there and then his friend slips him a bag while he's talking to Jake and i'm just sitting there like holy shit Jake Paul's friend is giving him weed in front of me. I had no idea what to do and he didn't even both to introduce me but he could probably tell I was freaking out because he looked at me and waved and I was like wow, can we hang out here? But I obviously didn't say that because I didn't want him to think I cared too much. Unfortunately we stopped talking after that but it was pretty much one of the coolest dates i've been on.

Alyssa and Johnathan begin laughing and Stacey sits there completely confused.

Stacey: Who is .. Jake Paul?

Alyssa (looking over): You are kidding right? Jake Paul is a youtuber. You seriously didn't know that entire story?

Stacey (laughing): No, is he some sort of big deal.

Johnathan: He's big annoying. Other then that I don't know much about him but it's still crazy (glances over to Zac) that you casually went to his house.

Zac: And got dealt weed by his friend! (laughs) Like who would even believe that in a casual conversation.

Stacey (standing up): I'm going to excuse myself to use the bathroom.

Alyssa (dismissively): Mkay.

Stacey expects more of a reaction but the three immediately resume conversation. Stacey looks a bit annoyed and starts to walk off into the jungle to take some time for herself. When she returns she sees Cameron still out there by himself. She decides to walk over to him.

Stacey: Hi Cam.

Cameron (shocked): Stacey.. why are you here talking to me? Shouldn't you be with your (heightens voice) friends!

Stacey (rolls eyes): I wanted to just say hello to you. You don't have to discourage every person who comes your way. Maybe that's why you are alone right now.

Cameron: I'm not alone anymore am I? (Stacey looks annoyed and Cameron sighs) Look - Stace, my personality isn't for everyone and I get that. My job isn't to win everyone over and i'm not really trying too. I came out here knowing i'm going to rub people the wrong way because not everyone... likes.. my personality. I'm used to it. I just thought i'd get at least ONE friend.

Stacey (sympathetically): Why do you act the way you do?

Cameron: It's all i've ever known, from a young age I was also hitting on girls and trying to get a girlfriend. (laughs) I mean, not to be a sob story or nothing.

Stacey: No, don't feel like you can't share something with me. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. I'm just trying to understand why you act the way you do.

Cameron: I guess... maybe my dad? It was my way of.. getting back at him? (laughs) This is stupid. I've never talked about why I act the way I do.

Stacey: Well I appreciate it, it's the first time you've sounded like a real person since I met you and not some sex robot.

Cameron: Well.. my dad kind of was this charismatic player. My mom was one of many girls and he kind of just left her to travel the road. When I was younger it bothered me a lot seeing my mom struggle to take care of me on my own. As a coping mechanism I guess I developed what my father did to me. Leave people a lot. I don't like sticking around in people's lives or settling down. So (shrugs) I guess it's never mattered how I treat people since I never stay too long.

Stacey (nodding): I see. I'm sorry to hear that. I am also sorry for how I have treated you since we got here. Obviously your personality caught me off guard but now that I have a bit more understanding of you... you aren't THAT bad.

Cameron (winks): So you'll sleep on my side of the bed tonight?

Stacey (sighs): Cameron, come on.

Cameron: Okay! Sorry, sorry. It's just habit at this point. I'll TRY to work on how I talk to women.

Stacey: Thank you.

Cameron: Since I opened up about some childhood bullshit, how about you share more about yourself? I mean it's only fair.

Stacey: Myself? There is not much to know. I practically exist serving my boss and outside of work I don't have much of a social life. The office girls are annoying and cliquey and exclude me a lot because I don't have similar hobbies.

Cameron: I see. What ARE your hobbies?

Stacey (laughs): Oh, I don't want to get into those. You are going to think that I am absurd.

Cameron: Oh i've met many girls, try me.

Stacey (exhales): Okay, fine. After long shifts... I like going to rock concerts, or the boxing rings. I do fighting to alleviate stress - get the office life off of my mind.

Cameron: Damn, so you are one of those tomboy types?

Stacey (nodding): I guess so.

Cameron: I see, well that's not bad. Sucks that those bitches don't want to include you.

Stacey (looking over at the campsite): Yeah...

Cameron: I was talking about the ones from your office. However, those ones too. They seem just like those cliquey girls you described.

Stacey (considering): Yeah. I guess they do.

Cameron: I don't care for any of them really. Sure Alyssa's pretty and all but she and that Zac kid. They are total airheads and talk like absolute-

Stacey: If you are going to say more homophobic bullshit save it. I agree with the airhead comment but any further then that and i'll have to disagree.

Cameron: I'm not even homophobic. I have slept with a guy for money before. I just get annoyed by certain over the top stereotypes, those feminine gay guys you know.

Stacey (sighing): I don't know what you are talking about. I don't think anythings wrong with it. I think everyone is entitled to live their own lives.

Cameron: Look, can we stop lecturing me on my personal opinions, they obviously could use work. I know i'm not the nicest person but at least I welcome company and don't kick people out. If Zac WANTED to be my friend i'm not going to say all that stuff. I'd sit here and have a decent conversation with him regardless of what he was into or did. He could tell me some elaborate story about how he took it up the a-

Stacey (interrupting): Hey now.

Cameron: How.. he.. did some things with a guy and i'm not going to judge! Everyone can live their lives. There's just some people I don't personally care for SOME of their actions. Alright?

Stacey: You are backtracking heavily right now but I guess I understand where you are coming from. (groans) I don't really get what they talk about either. It's too out of my element. The names they say and the words they use. It's like they are speaking my language but sound foreign.

Cameron (laughs): I get that. Well look Stacey, I could always use a friend on this tribe and whenever you come around I will be here.

Stacey: I appreciate that Cameron. I'm going to head back to the camp now.

Cameron: What's the rush? Off to talk to those bullies some more. I don't see the urgency.

Stacey (laughs): You can join if you want, you just can't be a menace.

Cameron: I'm good down here with my thoughts and my conscience. Have fun though Stacey!

LT Cameron “Stacey came down to the beach and decided to talk to me which really made me feel better about where I stood on the tribe. I was beginning to feel really isolated around here with no friends but she gave me some reassurance that it was possible to flip her over to my side and have a friend in this game. As for someone else I have no idea who that could be. This tribe doesn't offer much in terms of allies. It's controlled by Alyssa and Zac where Johnathan is really the man in the middle. Stacey giving me a little boost of confidence really restored my hope in this game though. I was sitting here alone waiting for tomorrow so we could lose the challenge and i'd just be sent home. Now if we lose I think I have a better shot at staying. I just have to get someone from the other side to flip on that group.”

Stacey rolls her eyes and laughs and begins walking up the beach. When she gets to the top Alyssa is perked up in bed looking at her with a glare. Zac and Johnathan are sitting there silently looking at her. Stacey looks confused and turns around and looks around then back at the group sitting there.

Stacey: Is.. something wrong?

Alyssa: What the hell was that? What are you doing sitting on the beach with Cameron laughing and talking, Stacey?

Stacey: I was just giving the guy company, all four of us were up here and he's down there by himself.

Alyssa: Don't you hate him with a passion? In what world are you going to just go talk to your rival on the tribe all casually?

Stacey: I still have human decency. Nobody deserves to be an outcast, not even Cameron deserves that.

Alyssa: I guess that's where we disagree Stacey. If you want to go to talk to Cameron, talk to Cameron. Don't expect us to be here when you get back though. He is the enemy and you going down there clearly shows you want to be a people pleaser and not a real ally.

Zac nods at Alyssa's statement whereas Johnathan doesn't look conclusive on who's side he is on. Stacey's face grows more upset and Alyssa turns her head away from her.

Stacey: That's so fucking stupid Alyssa. Just because us four are sending someone home doesn't mean we need to outcast them. That's like highschool bullying.

Alyssa: Sorry, I think it's called not being fake. I am not going to sweeten my victim up and try and gain his sympathy before sending him home. What's that going to earn you, it's not like there is a redemption island.

Stacey: I guess i'm just not a mean person.

Alyssa: So yesterdays freakout was nothing? If anything you are the meanest person on this tribe excluding douchebag down there. What did you finally give in and fall for him?

Stacey (offended): What? Of course not why would you even say that?

Alyssa: All of that giggling and looking each other in the eyes. It's pretty clear what you are doing Stace.

Stacey: I am not sure what you are getting at but in any world that is not what is happening. I was just talking to him about his actions and how it rubbed us the wrong way.

Alyssa: You don't need to give our enemy a life talk. It just shows that you are playing both sides. You aren't going to be able to save him.

Stacey: I'm not trying too! I am still loyal to us four.

Alyssa: I'm sure you are, but you will need to do a lot more convincing if you want any shot at gaining trust back.

Stacey: I need a breather. I am going to go to treemail.

Alyssa (angrily): Mkay.

LT Alyssa “Stacey showing her disloyalty to the group by talking to Cameron really puts her on the outside. She already was on the outside of our group but now more than ever its solidified. She showed where she stands as a snake in the middle the second she stepped foot in that water. It's not like she's going to get away with it either. Johnathan and Zac are both on the same page as me. Cameron needs to go and that's that. If she thinks she can flip the vote the best she can do is make it 3-2. Cameron is going to go home and unfortunately for her she's not going to like the aftermath of being the person to try and save him and will have three unhappy people waiting for her after tribal.”

Stacey walks past Alyssa who is visibly upset and then Zac puts his hand on her back to comfort her. Johnathan notices Stacey looks upset and stands up to follow her. Alyssa looks over at Johnathan leaving and pays no mind to it.

Johnathan: Stacey! Are you okay?

Stacey: Yeah, i'm just annoyed that's all.

Johnathan: I'm really sorry for how Alyssa treated you back there, I had no idea she was going to say anything of those things and just know I didn't agree with any of them. I think it's perfectly okay you were talking to Cameron.

Stacey: Thanks John.

Johnathan: I just don't want you to feel like you can't talk to people here. Alyssa is a little bit petty. Please try and ignore it i'm sure she didn't mean to make it seem like you are on the outs or something. I value you.

Stacey: Thank you.

Johnathan: Let's go check treemail.

The two continue walking until they get to the treemail. Stacey opens the box and finds a letter inside. She takes the letter out and begins reading it to herself. Once she finishes she hands it to Johnathan who reads it. They set it back inside of the box. They start walking back to camp.

Johnathan: Well guys we have some news.

Stacey: We have a challenge right now.

Alyssa: Wait what?

Johnathan: Treemail said we should start heading to the challenge right now. It didn't say what type of challenge it was just that we'd be competing.

Zac: A challenge already? (groans) This sucks I was relaxing. I don't want to go to a challenge right now.

Alyssa: Me either, this is going to be such a downer.

Stacey walks to a tree close to the edge of camp and calls down to Cameron to come up to the main camp because they have a challenge. He gets out of the water and joins the group. All five of them are standing around the camp.

Cameron: A challenge? Damn.

Johnathan: Whatever happens let's just try our best guys.

The group agrees and picks up their bags. They start walking as a group to the challenge and a scene taken from the sky of the group walking is shown before cutting to black.

Lunar Temple Challenge

Clips of all of the contestants walking in with their bags are displayed. There is a varying reactions on everyones faces. Some members like Damien, Brad, and Connor are displaying looks of utter confidence or excitement. Whereas some players like Daniel and Winston look anxious for the challenge. Monique examines what she can make of it upon entering and sees twenty individual platforms. This raises confusion and everyone begins realizing this. This is not a team challenge despite all of the players being on teams.

Jeff Probst: Welcome everyone, to the first ever Lunar Temple Challenge. What the Lunar Temple is, I will get to in a minute. I am looking around and seeing some excited faces, some confused faces, and some not so happy faces. This will be an individual challenge, so for this one it will be twenty of you battling head to head for victory. For this challenge, players will begin on their stands. Upon starting the challenge all players will race out into a field full of star pieces. Once you find three large star pieces that fit together, you must run back to your stand. You will need to assemble the star and be able to hold it above your head for 60 seconds without the pieces falling. The first person to complete this challenge will win and be sent to the Lunar Temple. Whoever finishes last will also be sent to the Lunar Temple. The Lunar Temple is a twist this season you are going to want to be going to for the right reasons. Inside the Lunar Temple is a gigantic dial. (The castaways have shocked expressions on their face) This calendar will have 6 advantages and 6 disadvantages. The winner will draw one from the advantage side and the loser must draw one from the disadvantage side.

The castaways drop their mouths. Some contestants look to eachother and begin whispering their theories or feelings about the twist.

Jeff Probst: The advantage and disadvantage will only be known by the two people who enter the temple. As for who they share the information with after is up to them. The advantages will be big, the disadvantages will be big. This is a challenge you do NOT want to lose as it could greatly hurt your game. I can tell a lot of you are eager to get to this challenge. We'll draw for spots and then get started.

There is a transition and all of the contestants are on their platforms. The camera goes to Vince's face and he looks steady and confident. He looks over a few platforms down and Brad is there with a game face on. He shakes his head and jumps back into reality without messing himself up. The camera focuses on Alyssa who has a confident grin on her face. Stacey is clenching her fists. Diana looks nervous and looks at Ginny who nods at her and mouths 'Good luck' to her. Diana nods and smiles at Ginny and wishes her luck aswell.

Jeff Probst: Survivors ready!...

There is a long dramatic pause, the music stops and the intensity builds for a few moments.

Jeff Probst: Go!

During the challenge intense music plays, rising with intensity and sound in pivotal moments. There is triumphant music throughout and at the end a celebratory beat as the winner is crowned.

Lunar Temple Challenge: Beam Me Up
LT Stacey
1st Stacey
LT Brad
2nd Brad
LT Damien
3rd Damien
LT Johnathan
4th John
LT Ginny
5th Ginny
LT Noland
6th Noland
LT Monique
7th Monique
LT Connor
8th Connor
LT Vince
9th Vince
LT Kylie
10th Kylie
LT Zanaya
11th Zanaya
LT Ledalia
12th Ledalia
LT Cameron
13th Cameron
LT Yasmyn
14th Yasmyn
LT Daniel
15th Daniel
LT Diana
16th Diana
LT Zachary
17th Zac
LT Alyssa
18th Alyssa
LT Winston
19th Winston
LT Pam
20th Pam

Summary of the Challenge:

  • The challenge starts of with the men taking an early lead. Damien and Brad are the quickest out to the field of stars followed closely behind by Stacey, Noland, and Connor. The last to the field are Zac, Winston, Pam, and Daniel. However quickly Johnathan finds his first piece followed by Ginny.
  • Stacey gathers her first piece and then another quickly after. Jeff points out how every piece is different and there is only three which will fit together. Many contestants begin finding their first pieces. Johnathan finds his second piece. Brad find his second piece. Stacey retrieves her third piece and begins running back to her platform with all of the pieces.
  • Johnathan gathers all of his pieces and begins running back, shortly after Brad, Ginny, Damien, and Vince take off after the group. By now every player has one piece however some struggle to find their second. Winston noticeably complains he can't find a single piece and begins pouting. Zac steals a piece that Winston is looking for right from under his feet. Pam is seen looking around for Brad.
  • Stacey has begun holding her pieces intact above her head. Johnathan begins holding the pieces above his head followed by Brad and Damien. Stacey completes the sixty seconds required and wins the challenge! The challenge is not over and winner still need to be declared. Johnathan drops his pieces on accident and must restart. Brad finishes and then Damien. Johnathan on his second attempt finishes. The people who didn't get first place look noticeably upset at how close they came.
  • Ginny is the next to finish followed by Noland and then Monique. Connor keeps messing up at holding it over his head but finally gets it. Vince finally completes it after multiple tries. Kylie, Zanaya, and Ledalia complete in rapid succession.
  • The remaining contestants are still looking for their pieces. Winston and Alyssa have the least amount of pieces. Zac begins helping Alyssa in the challenge. Cameron completes the challenge. Yasmyn completes and immediately falls over. Daniel is having trouble keeping the pieces above his head. Pam is still looking for her third piece in the field. Daniel finally gets to sixty seconds and completes. The rest of Yuta cheers for him.
  • Diana finishes the challenge and finally Winston gets his last piece. Pam is still looking for her last piece when Alyssa and Zac head to their platforms. Zac completes quickly and then Alyssa it comes down to Winston and Pam. There is a long and grueling battle of attempts, both kept continuing to drop it. Finally Winston completed leaving Pam in last place.

Pam looks absolutely defeated. She is on the floor of her platform on all fours. She is bawling her eyes out and sits up and puts her hands over her eyes. Everyone from Kalayo rushes over to her platform. Kylie and Monique squat down around her and put their hands on her back and comfort her. Brad and Vince stand over her with their arms crossed. Stacey and the rest of Tubig is celebrating her victory. Zac hugs her and Johnathan gives her a highfive. Alyssa just smiles but doesn't look too enthusiastic. Cameron looks like he has a ray of light on his face. Han Gin doesn't look too pleased with the results. Damien is rolling his eyes watching the celebration occur. On Yuta they are all hugging eachother and congratulating Daniel and Diana for putting hard work in.

Jeff Probst: Stacey, congratulations on winning the first ever Lunar Temple challenge. This means you will be heading out for the afternoon with the loser of this challenge Pam. The two of you will go to the temple where Stacey will be receiving an advantage and Pam a disadvantage.

Pam begins breaking into tears again, still receiving comfort by her team.

Jeff Probst: Pam, tell me why you are upset right now?

Pam (sobbing): I'm just... (sniffles) so sad that I lost, and am going to get a punishment. (wipes tear) that could potentially hurt my game and send me home. It's the last thing I wanted in this game and here I am... the first person to lose this thing.

Monique (holding Pam tight): It's okay Pam. You did your best.

Kalayo begins clapping for her and suddenly all of the other tribes begin clapping for Pam. Pam looks around and starts smiling and keeps wiping her tears, through her sniffles she thanks everyone for trying to motivate her.

Jeff Probst: It looks like you have gotten uplifted by not just your teammates but also the other teams. Pam sorry i've got no good news for you. Stacey and you may begin heading out, the rest of you may head back to camp.

All of the tribes start heading back, Kalayo tells Pam she is going to be okay and Kylie and Monique give her a hug. Brad gives her a thumbs up. Tubig wishes Stacey luck in getting a good advantage in the game. Triumphant music plays as the screen fades to black.

Stacey and Pam's Lunar Temple

Tropical music starts picking up in the background as shots of foliage and trees are shown. The two girls begin their quest alone and begin walking to the temple which is a pretty decent length walk.

Stacey: Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm sorry it's not on better terms then this. However it's cool that we get to talk to each other.

Pam: Yeah, it's nice to meet you too. Good job at completing this so fast, I have no idea how you did it. The whole time I was just thinking where the hell are these other puzzle pieces. I looked and looked but all of them looked so similar and my head was hurting just looking.

Stacey: I get that, I guess I just kicked it into overdrive. There's a lot going on in my camp life so I just wanted a power to guarantee I would be okay heading back to camp.

Pam: Oh yeah, what IS your camp life like? If I may ask. I'm just really curious what the other dynamics are and if there is anyone we should be worried for.

Stacey: Well, we have a common enemy on our tribe. It's this guy Cameron who is just this total sleazy guy and he made us all upset the first day so we have been ignoring him mostly. I am the one who decided to talk to me and he's trying to get me to flip the vote but... (sighs) I don't think I can. The other three on the tribe are close and i'm on the bottom. I'm not sure I know what to do in this situation. I have no power to flip the vote if I wanted too. I'm not even sure I want to flip the vote but I also don't want to be the next to go if we lose twice in a row.

Pam: That's challenging. Maybe you will get something in the Lunar Temple that will make your decision easier. (laughs) Or maybe harder. All I know is a disadvantage right now is the thing I did NOT need. I am already at the bottom of my tribe.

Stacey: Oh i'm so sorry to hear..

Pam: Me and my best friend Brad are at the bottom and the power alliance of Vince, Monique, and Kylie are going to send Brad packing or me. I really needed to pull out a win for Brad and it sucks that I disappointed him. I hope the disadvantage is something that doesn't effect the game.

Stacey: I hope so too.

LT Stacey “I am meeting Pam and learning all about what their camp life is like, it seems like Kalayo is as hectic as it is on Tubig so at least we aren't the only ones going through weird battles. However that just means everyone will be fighting really hard for this immunity challenge tomorrow because they all don't want to go home. It's really important that whatever I get will protect me in this game if we do lose because after Alyssa spouting off to me at camp i'm really not sure where I stand with them. She could easily want to take me out and that worries me.”

The two girls arrive at the doors of the Lunar Temple. It towers over them and the doors themselves are three times their size. The ancient temple is embellished in colors of gold and silver. With paintings on the sides of the walls and the articulate structure forming all around them the girls are breathtaken. Pam reaches for the handle and the doors to the Lunar Temple slowly open revealing a gorgeous interior. In the very center is 12 tables forming the shape of a circle. On each one of them stands an urn. They both slowly approach the circle and admire how big and round it looks with all of the elegant colors.

Stacey: So THIS is the Lunar Temple. Wow (looks around) this is really pretty. It's crazy this is what we are using as a twist. I wonder how this works. (notices a table in the center of the circle of urns with a parchment on top of it.) Well spoke to soon! Here's how it works I guess. (walks over)

Stacey picks up the parchment and unravels it and holds it up so that the two of them can look and read it.

Stacey: "Welcome to the Lunar Temple. Before you stands twelve different urns. The green urns are all advantages and the red urns are all disadvantages. The winner of this competition will select one of the green and the loser will select one of the red." (Stacey looks at the urns) Hmm. There's no real way to decide what's best I guess. Just random luck.

Pam: Hopefully I pick the least impactful disadvantage. (sighs) Who should go first? I'll let you pick since you won the challenge.

Stacey: I guess I will go first (laughs) there is so much pressure. I hope I pick something really good. (Stacey looks long and hard at the each urn, she paces around looking at all of them deliberating.)

The urns consists of all of the Zodiacs with their symbols on them. They are all illuminated in either red or green painting. The green urns consists of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini symbols. The red urns consists of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius symbols.

Stacey: Well I would pick Cancer but it's a red urn, so I guess there's nothing I can really do except pick something else. I'll pick something in my elements so I guess i'm going to (picks up a green urn marked with the symbol of Pisces) lock in Pisces! Johnathan and Alyssa's symbol.

Stacey shakes the urn and then opens the top, out falls a parchment paper. Stacey inhales and exhales deeply before unwrapping it and reading what is inside.

Stacey: "Congratulations, you have received..." (Stacey pauses and her mouth grows wide and begins smiling hugely) "-a Vote Steal! Eligible to use until the Final 8 you may steal one player's vote and use it to cast it how you intend." Wow.. that is... that is crazy. This is so insanely powerful. I'm so freaking happy right now! (smiling) I'm so glad I won that.

Pam: Congratulations! I'm happy for you. You really deserve it. I guess it's going to help with your decision after all. Now you can flip the vote if you want too.

Stacey: Huh? Oh.. I guess I can. I don't know (laughs) I think i'm going to hold onto this one, there's no real reason to waste it. I doubt we are going to be in tribes of four much longer anyway.

Pam: That may be true. Well.. I guess it's time to get to choosing my disadvantage. (sighs) I'm not really excited to do this bit. (looks around at all of the urns) None of them really look promising. I guess I could choose a Sagittarius urn because that's my zodiac. (sighs) Wish me luck.

Stacey (smiling): I guess your fate is in the stars.

Pam (looking at Stacey): I guess it is.

Pam picks up the urn and opens it slowly, intense music plays in the background as she pulls our the parchment. She unwraps it and deeply exhales before reading it outloud to Stacey.

Pam: "Unfortunately, you have received a disadvantage in this game. Your vote has been left to fate at the next tribal council you attend. Contestants will draw rocks after all of the votes have been cast but before any idols or votes can be played/read." (Pam starts crying) "Whoever draws the odd color rock will be the one to receive your vote." (Pam closes the parchment) This is horrible.

Stacey walks behind Pam and puts her hand on her back as she begins sobbing. She turns and hugs Stacey giving her a full embrace.

Pam: This is going to mess up everything, we needed to rely on my vote if we went to tribal and now I can't guarantee to protect Brad or myself. This fucking sucks.

Stacey: I'm so sorry Pam. I really wish there was more that I could do to help you.

Pam: It's okay, (wiping tears) you know everything happens for a reason in this game and obviously Survivor chose for me to get this disadvantage. I just am hurting knowing it's going to get played eventually and it's not like it will just go away. I'm going to be cursed whatever tribal I go to to play this stupid thing.

Stacey: I am sure you will be fine, I hope they don't gun for you and kick you when you are down. You already have a disadvantage. There is no reason for you to be any more of a target.

Pam: I hope so. (smiles at Stacey) I wish you luck in the challenge and on your tribe. It was really nice meeting you.

Stacey (nodding): It was nice meeting you too. It's kind of nice I feel like I made a friend from another tribe. I am sure you are going to make it further and we will reunite eventually and be great friends.

Pam: I hope so girl. I hope so.

Stacey and Pam exit the temple together and part ways to walk to their own separate camps. They wave goodbye one last time before leaving on their trip back to camp.

LT Pam “I got a disadvantage in this game which renders my vote unpredictable and essentially useless. This puts Brad and I's game in a bad spot especially when there is a war going on between him and Vince. I'm sure his closest ally not being able to have a locked on vote is really going to throw a hinder into everything. I just really hope he isn't disappointed in me. I tried my best for our games. Whatever comes next is out of my hands which kills me inside but there is nothing I can do about it.”

Day Three

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Roaring loud music plays as shots of the immunity challenge from overhead are shown. Flashes on screen as quick paced music builds up in the background. Shots of all the castaways walking in slowly with closeups on their faces are shown. Jeff Probst is standing in front of the challenge waiting for them. In the front of every tribe was someone carrying their flag color.

Jeff Probst (calling out) : Come on in guys!

The contestants all line up on their tribe colors corresponding matt and they set down their flags. Everyone looks eager and excited, exempt a few un-athletic faces.

Jeff Probst: Today you will be battling as tribes for Immunity and Reward in a challenge I call "Pattern Past Saturn". In the challenge you will have four designated runners collecting pieces. One at a time you will take a piece through an obstacle course and bring it to the table and run back. Once all six pieces are retrieved the solver will open those doors (points to them) behind you, showing the pattern you need to remember. You will place the rings around the Saturn model. The first three tribes to finish will receive immunity and a reward. Want to know what your playing for?

The tribes all cheer and shout "Yeah!"

Jeff Probst: For reward the tribe finishing first receives a fire-making kit. The runner up tribes will just receive fire in the form of flint. Last place, nothing but a date with me at tribal council.

The contestants seem to get what Jeff says and he seems content with their reactions so he continues his dialogue.

Jeff Probst: Alright, I'll give you a minute to strategize and we'll get started.

There is a timeskip which cuts to the four runners on each tribe, there is one runner in the front of every group and the solver is sitting in the back waiting with anticipation. The music builds up and there is tension on everyones face.

Jeff Probst: Survivor's ready... (long pause) GO!

Immunity Challenge: Pattern Past Saturn
Tribe Runners Solvers
Tubig LT StaceyLT CameronLT ZacharyLT Johnathan
Stacey, Cameron, Zac, Johnathan
LT Alyssa
Kalayo LT BradLT VinceLT PamLT Kylie
Brad, Vince, Pam, Kylie
LT Monique
Han Gin LT YasmynLT NolandLT DamienLT Zanaya
Yasmyn, Noland, Damien, Zanaya
LT Winston
Yuta LT ConnorLT DianaLT GinnyLT Ledalia
Connor, Diana, Ginny, Ledalia
LT Daniel

Summary of the Challenge:

  • Brad takes off first for Kalayo, he leaps over the first log hurdle and quickly piledrives under the second. Quickly on his tale Johnathan for Tubig is putting in a valiant effort with his piece. Damien gets a good start for Han Gin but is overshadowed by the other two competitors. Connor is the person to leave for Yuta but he has trouble clearing his first log. His athletic abilities seemed to have failed him so he has to jump and crawl over the first one. Brad begins having trouble balancing on his beam when Johnathan passes him up by being sturdy and hopping on his rock wall. Brad finally gets it and Damien and him are neck and neck. Connor quickly zooms across the beam and is close behind the other two boys. Tubig is the first to retrieve a piece followed by Kalayo, Han Gin, then Yuta.
  • Stacey is next to take off after Tubig's member returns. She quickly jumps over the first beam and falls on her face but bearcrawls under the second log. Kylie puts both hands on the beam and lifts herself over and gains on Stacey. Zanaya effortlessly clears the first obstacle and then passes up the other two girls on the balance beam taking the lead. Diana finally able to start due to her tribemate returning has trouble on the first section but makes up for it on the balance beams. Han Gin with the lead gets over the rock wall first and places the piece down and quickly runs back. Noland begins overlapping and gaining on Diana infront of him.
  • Kalayo and Tubig finish respectively and send their members out, Diana is still struggling and gets passed by Han Gin. Yuta is slowly falling out of the challenge. Han Gin finishes their third piece and begins on their first. Kalayo and Tubig are still on their third. Yuta is still at it's second.
  • Diana finally gets over her rock wall and Ledalia may start. Kalayo and Tubig just finish their second. Han Gin finishes their fourth and begins their fifth, recycling Damien again. Yuta catches up with Ledalia surprising everyone with her quick ability. Ginny takes off for Yuta. Yuta catches up with Kalayo and Tubig who all finish their third the same time. Damien finishes giving Noland the last round. He beasts through it and overlaps the contestants again, making Han Gin the first team to finish their obstacle course part of the puzzle. All of the members run to the end of the puzzle and leave Winston to solve.
  • Kalayo, Tubig, and Yuta all work on their fourth while Winston pulls up his board to reveal the puzzle. He takes all the time he likes with plenty of time to spare. He memorizes the colors and gives himself a pattern and then runs through the obstacle course. Tubig finishes their fourth and begins their fifth with Cameron running. Kalayo finishes shortly after and sends Brad out again. Yuta finishes and throws Ledalia back in the competition. Yuta makes progress and passes the other two tribes, and gets the piece back first. Yuta sends out it's final player. Winston makes it to the end of the challenge still trying to repeat the pattern to himself.
  • Winston begins working on his puzzle just as Yuta finishes their final piece needed. Daniel lifts up his board to reveal the pattern and he gets to memorizing. Tubig finishes and begins on their sixth, and Kalayo is last to finish their fifth. Winston is making progress on his puzzle and only has two pieces left. Daniel is making his way through the obstacle course. Tubig finishes their sixth piece which allows for Alyssa to begin working on her pattern. Winston solves his puzzle and asks Jeff to check in.
  • The other tribes look very quickly to see but continue working. Daniel begins working on his puzzle. He gets three pieces down and then rushes back to the start to look at the other three pieces. Kalayo finishes sending Monique to look at the board. Tubig's Alyssa is having trouble and decides to run through the obstacle course, she doesn't seem to know what is going on. When she arrives there she begins working but only puts down the outer ring before running back to the start. Monique makes quick work and runs through the obstacle course. She puts down four pieces and then runs back to the start. Daniel comes through with the final three pieces of his puzzle and puts them into place.
  • Yuta is busy celebrating meanwhile Alyssa is returning putting three more pieces on the structure. Her tribe is telling her to guess the last two. She puts two random ones down and calls for Jeff. Jeff tells her it is not correct and to keep working. Monique is coming back quickly looking confident as ever. Alyssa switches the order of the two pieces and then calls Jeff again. He tells her yet again she is wrong. Monique quickly works on her puzzle and then calls Jeff over. There is silence for a second and the intense music stops...

The challenge concludes, the Tubig camp looks exhausted. All of the tribes are relieved the challenge is over. Jeff shows the contestants the immunity that they were battling for. The largest of which he hands to Han Gin also giving them their firemaking kit. They all clap and celebrate as Damien retrieves the prize for their team. Secondly he gives Yuta a smaller idol and flint, Diana retrieves it for them as the other tribes clap for them. She gracefully accepts the immunity idol. Finally Kalayo is set to retrieve their immunity idol and flint. Monique walks forward and thanks Jeff before returning to her platform with the objects.

Jeff Probst: Glad to tell you that nobody from Han Gin, Yuta, or Kalayo will be going home tonight. You guys can grab your stuff and head back to camp. Enjoy the night off.

There is triumph and cheers all around, all of the tribes leave with smiles on their faces, leaving Tubig looking upset on their matt by themselves. Jeff then turns to the Tubig tribe who are looking at him awaiting what he says next.

Jeff Probst: Tubig, unfortunately for you, I can not say the same thing. One of the five of you will be the first person voted out of this game. You guys have the afternoon to figure out who that's going to be. Grab your stuff and head back to camp, I'll see you at tribal.

As the Tubig tribe grab their bags and make their way back to camp, the camera shows close ups of all the contestants faces. Alyssa looks upset, Zac looks annoyed. Stacey looks at Cameron and Cameron looks on the verge of tears.. The camera then cuts to Alyssa's confessional.

LT Alyssa “We lost our first challenge and I think i'm the one to blame for that. I obviously fucked up big time when it came to solving that and I wasn't prepared. Hopefully my tribe is able to ignore that and recognizes the fact with Cameron here nobody is going to get along. I'm nervous that Stacey's going to flip and ruin this for us with whatever power she got from the temple but I know she doesn't like Cameron enough to save him. She's not a total idiot so I guess I have some faith. Ultimately I hope Cameron doesn't try and turn anyone against me because going home first over a stupid fucking planet would be so dumb.”

There is a cut and the screen fades to black.

Tubig Camp

There is a gradual focus that eventually reveals all five of the Tubig members returning to camp with their tribe flag and their bags. Everyone has a look of disappointment on their face. Alyssa's eyes are swollen with tears. Stacey looks exhausted. Cameron angrily storms off after setting his stuff down, he quickly walks to the water to wash off.

Alyssa (sniffling): Well, that really sucked.

Zac (groaning): That really did, I cannot believe we flopped and lost the first goddamn challenge. I mean I really expected us to win that.

Johnathan: Great work though, everybody. We tried our best and I guess.. we have to lose someone because we weren't as good as everyone else.

Alyssa: ... (deep sigh) I'm going to come out and say it. I know I sucked really bad at that challenge, we had a decent lead above the other tribe and we were off to such a great start but I totally just threw this challenge. It honestly was just way harder then it looks.

Zac (comforting Alyssa): Girl you did your best and that's all that matters. I am so proud of you for everything. You really gave it your all.

Alyssa (smiling): Thank you Zac. (looks at Johnathan and Stacey) I hope that we all can move past this and hopefully stick to the plan tonight. Cameron has to go, and I guess we have our opportunity now.

Zac nods in approval. Moments later Stacey and Johnathan both gave unconvincing nods. Johnathan whispered to Stacey that they should meet up and talk for a bit. They seperate from the group and begin talking.

Johnathan: Okay I hate to be that person who is stuck in the middle but do you really know what to do tonight? I have no clue. On one hand Alyssa really sucked in this challenge, really badly. She came back with one idea in her head for one piece not even two. I mean anyone could've come up with ATLEAST three. They were 6 different colors afterall. On the other hand we have Cameron, working with him seems miserable and I think we'd all be adding 5 years to our lives by never hearing him speak another word again.

Stacey: I know, i'm having that same dilemma. I think ultimately we will be more unified if we take out Cameron though. Cameron doesn't offer anything to our tribe except for physically. I don't know, do you think we have the ability to keep winning challenges if Cameron goes home.

Johnathan: I mean, you won the Lunar Temple and I came in fourth for that. You and I carried the challenge today, Cameron did okay but I just think if we keep Alyssa off of puzzle solving we should be good. She cleared the obstacle course just fine.

Stacey: You are right, mental challenges aren't for everyone, and honestly we stuck her there because we thought she was the weakest but we'd have been smarter to stick with Zac since he cleared it the slowest but I think he could've memorized better.

Johnathan: Well, are we solid on Cameron tonight then?

Stacey: I think so.

Johnathan: Hey, I never got around to asking you. You don't have to tell me but, what does your power from the Lunar Temple do? Does it potentially help yourself tonight guarantee he goes home?

Stacey: It can guarantee someone does go home tonight, yes. It eliminates their ability to vote and gives me their vote.

Johnathan gasps.

Johnathan: That is pretty powerful. I guess we could have the first ever unanimous vote five to zero, Cameron goes home.

Stacey: (laughs) That would be pretty iconic to send him home. I just hope nothing goes wrong like he has an idol tonight.

Johnathan: Well, in the case he does, what do you want to do?

Stacey: I'm not sure, let's think this through. We have five people. Cameron most likely for Alyssa, Alyssa and Zac most likely for Cameron. It is 2-1. If you and I vote Alyssa, Alyssa goes home 3-2. If you and I vote Cameron. Cameron goes home 4-1. If Cameron idols 4-1 Alyssa goes home.

Johnathan: Well that's assuring, I just hope he for sure goes Alyssa and doesn't throw a curveball and do something like me.

Stacey: I don't think he would do something like that, and I don't think he has an idol. When we were talking today we bonded and he was trying to get me to flip, if he wanted me to flip he would've clearly said he had an idol to entice me as to why his side was more promising. It was before I even had my power too.

Johnathan: Alright, so he has no idol. That being said I don't think you need to use your power tonight. There's no real point if it's going to be unanimous in his favor.

Stacey: Yeah, I wasn't planning on it. I am counting on it being a stress free night regardless. Unless some crazy thing happens at Tribal council, Cameron's fate is sealed in this game.

There is a cut in the scenes, it jumps to Johnathan, Alyssa, and Zac all talking at the camp together huddled around. They are whispering to each other and Cameron and Stacey are nowhere to be found.

Johnathan: Okay, I found out more details on her Lunar Temple power. She told me that essentialy it's a vote steal and she has no intent on using it tonight. She also confirmed to me that Cameron was trying to get her to flip yesterday. He doesn't have an idol so it should be four votes to send him home tonight.

Alyssa (sighing): That's great news. I was ready for that bastard to go home, he made me so uncomfortable. I don't even feel bad about losing the challenge for us anymore, because obviously it's eliminating the biggest nuisance. It'd be awesome if we could get rid of Stacey's power tonight though.

Johnathan: I tried, I really did. I told her it would be "iconic" and "gamechanging" if she made it a 5-0 vote and he went home by his own vote. She just laughed it off, I really thought she would try and be gamebotty like that.

Zac: Well that's unfortunate, I guess it's a problem for another time. It can't really do anything but force a tie though, and in a revote she would go home. She's not staying here much longer if Cameron's not here.

Alyssa: That's for sure, she sealed her own fate yesterday when she was paroozing around down at the beach with him. You don't work with the fucking enemy, i'm sorry. I don't have sympathy for her sealing her own game.

Zac: Honestly, what if we took her out tonight.

Alyssa (laughing): What? Took her out tonight? What do you mean?

Zac: Think about it, she has a power in this game. Cameron doesn't have a power, he's annoying as fuck i'll admit but strategically, she's stronger and later in the game she can easily use that if we don't lose another challenge after this and she gets to the swap. I doubt she will want to work with us if we regroup because she can tell we don't really include her.

Alyssa: Taking her and her power out.. that's something I didn't consider. I was so hellbent on Cameron going home. What do you think Johnathan? Should we send the girl home first? (giggles)

Johnathan: (long silence) I think it could work, she fully trusts me and my information and she is going to vote Cameron tonight. She isn't stupid, she doesn't like him as much as we do. She's going to fall for it and she'll be sent home.

Alyssa (cackling): I doubt she's even considered we'd flip on her, I bet that would be the biggest blindside ever! Betrayed by her own "alliance" the first ever vote getting a power out of the game while we're at it!

The group of three laughs together menacingly, the scene cuts to a confessional of Johnathan looking conflicted.

LT Johnathan “I like Stacey, i'm not a mean person and wants to see her burn. Alyssa and Zac are my bestfriends out here though and they have a bit of a darker side which (laughs) I don't mind. They are really playing the game. They are my alliance and I support their decisions which is why i've been playing to Stacey's interest making her think I have her back when in actuality i've just been spying on information and getting her to trust me and feeding it back to my alliance. I do feel bad about it because i'm not a mean guy, but these are my friends. It's a cutthroat game, I think Stacey's biggest downfall in this game was getting that power, since it's going to singlehandedly play into her elimination.”

The scene cuts to Stacey and Cameron talking on the beach together.

Cameron: Damn, this fucking sucks. I really can't believe we lost after all that work we did in the challenge. Alyssa really had to blow it.

Stacey: I mean, a team challenge everyones to blame. Yeah though, she byfar didn't contribute the most to our group.

Cameron: Well, whatever. It is what it is, we lost and now someone is going to go home tonight. (sighs) I really am not happy we lost.

Stacey: I know Cameron.. (puts hand on back) I'm sorry.

Cameron (looking Stacey in the eyes): Can you just be upfront with me Stacey, i'm going home aren't I? I did my best trying to persuade you but you and your magic power are staying shut and you don't need me because your powers some extra vote that'll save you once i'm gone?

Stacey (sadly): That's not ENTIRELY wrong.. but, yes Cameron. The plan tonight is to vote you off. I'm sorry to tell you like this, because getting to know you HAS been fun. You started off as a really big dick, and now you are just a big pain in the ass.

Cameron (deep long huff): Damn. My games really over, huh. You are going to side with the cool kids and send this ol' guy packing.

Stacey: Come on Cameron, don't do that. Don't guilt trip me, you know I can only do so much.

Cameron: What's your power, huh? I guarantee it's not something silly. It's obviously gamechanging. What is it, extra vote? Vote negate? Vote STEAL?

Stacey looks away to avoid the confrontation.

Cameron: Exactly.

Stacey: It's a vote steal, okay! That doesn't mean I want or HAVE to use it on you though Cameron. Maybe you going home is best for my game, you don't control me!

Cameron: I'm not trying to control you Stacey, i'm looking out for you. You are the only person out here who even bothers to talk to me, the other three just ignore me and treat me like fucking dirt.

Stacey: So now you are going to guilt me into saving you in this game just because I showed some basic human decency? That's messed up.

Cameron: I'm just trying to tell you that there's really nothing for you in this game if you are going with them, they are going to cut you at the FIRST opportunity they get, do you really want to be here by yourself like I am right now?

Stacey: Obviously not, but I don't know what to do! I'm confused and upset right now. I am torn between two different sides. One side has three fucking people. Two of whom would be upset at me and want me out for the rest of the game!

Cameron: Well it depends on who you take out. You take out one of the two minions the other minion will hate you always. I think Johnathan is cool though and will understand making a big move. Plus I don't think he really likes them much anyway.

Stacey (groaning): Stop trying to make me do this, I told you and I should've left after this. I don't want to get blood on my hands the first vote.

Cameron: Do you want to start this game off like a wimp and a follower or make a gamechanging move?

Stacey: What is a "gamechanging" move to you? Sending Alyssa a teenage girl home who sucks at challenges and giggles every five seconds?

Cameron: You are underestimating her. And it doesn't have to be Alyssa. Any of those three going helps your game. Losing me hurts your game because I owe you eternally if you save me, plus you are my bestfriend and I would never go back on that.

Stacey: Look Cameron, i'm not going to guarantee anything, alright? Please don't get your hopes up. My mind is set and I appreciate your last ditch efforts but I just don't feel comfortable going with your plan. I don't want to go against my friends.

Cameron: Alright, well. Don't stop thinking about it please. Consider it as much as you possibly can, my life in this game is on the line and I really want to stay and play this game together with you. Weigh your options and be the smart person I think you are.

Stacey (sighing): Thank you Cameron. I will consider it, alright.

Stacey walks away from Cameron who looks distressed. He is sitting there and he rests against a rock and breathes in and out slowly.

LT Cameron “(sniffling) I hate to be a crybaby out here, but it's really sad knowing my game is probably coming to an end tonight. I fought to the best of my abilities with Stacey trying to convince her that I am who she needs to keep for her own game, but she clearly thinks she can survive on her own without me. It's disappointing but I don't know what I expected. I am praying for a Survivor miracle to save me tonight. Stacey is my only hope in this game, the other ones are going to take me out regardless so I just hope she recognizes her place on this tribe and realizes i'm the one true ally she has.”

There is a cut in the scenes and Stacey is at the camp with Johnathan, Alyssa, and Zac. She is sitting on the bed with them and looking upset.

Alyssa: Something wrong Stacey? You don't seem like yourself tonight.

Stacey: Oh no, i'm fine. I feel good. I am just really sad that Cameron's going to go home unanimously but also relieved we won't have to deal with him anymore.

Zac: Yeah, it sucks for him probably but it's what our tribe needs to be stronger as a whole. There's no way we can continue with that asshole tearing us down everyday.

Johnathan: I agree, it's for the best.

Stacey: Yeah..

Alyssa: Look on the bright side, you get to keep your vote steal safe for tonight! (giggles)

Stacey (confused): My vote steal?

Alyssa's face dropped and she realized her blunder, she chuckled and tried covering up her lie.

Alyssa: Sorry, that's just what Zac and I have been theorizing it was. Because you didn't tell us and all, I just (laughs) let it slip out I guess.

Stacey (looking at Johnathan): Did you tell them?

Johnathan (nervously laughing): I thought it would fine because we are all in the same alliance, right? I mean it's useful information to have, plus I thought it might come in handy so we could theorize stuff on how you might be able to use it later.

Stacey (raising her eyebrow): Gotcha. Well anyway, yeah I guess I don't have to use it. I get to save it for another time.

There is a nervous laughter amongst the whole campsite. Alyssa's face is red with embarrassment and Johnathan is fake smiling his teeth off. The scene cuts to Alyssa's confessional.

LT Alyssa “Well holy fuck I made a mistake, I cannot believe I let that slip out of my mouth. Hopefully Johnathan's explanation settles her down and doesn't raise any of her suspicions towards us. I don't think she is smart enough to pick up on a move like that though, she kind of looks like a brute girl with no brains. I just need her to keep that power in her pocket tonight so we can send her home and get Cameron without any problems next time we lose.”

Stacey smiles and stands up and then the scene cuts to the Tubig members getting ready for the first tribal council, everyone grabs their stuff and an aerial shot of the contestants walking down their beach at dusk is shown. Intense music roars in the background and it jumpcuts to Tribal council.

Tubig Tribal Council

Drumming and rattling picks up in the background, there is background vocalists chanting and singing high notes in the background. Light drum taps start to pick up as the faces of all the contestants in the dark begin to appear in the light of tribal council. A constant cricketing sound and frog ribbiting is in the background. All of the contestants enter the tribal council area greeted by Jeff behind his podium and infront of him a large fire crackling.

Jeff Probst: Behind each of you is a torch, go ahead and grab a torch (gestures to the fire) and get fire.

The castaways begin grabbing their torches, a scene of all of them dipping it in their fire together is shown. It zooms in on Stacey's face and then Cameron's.

Jeff Probst: This is apart of the ritual of tribal council because in this game fire represents your life, if your fires gone so are you.

There is a rattle in the background after Jeff makes his statement, the music calms down and Jeff begins his questions.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Alyssa. Tell me, when you have a season based around zodiacs and the lunar temple - do you think it has come into play at all?

Alyssa staring at the fire continues as she gives her answer.

Alyssa: Well Jeff, I do think it may have come into play. We obviously were put on these tribes for a reason. (a clip of Stacey's face nodding is shown) I think we are all very similar in terms of personality. (a clip of Cameron looking at Alyssa is shown) we are all strategic, smart, and emotional. However we also have one thing in common (unnerving music plays and the mood is changed) we are little schemers .

Stacey's eyes widen and she looks at Alyssa who is sitting there smiling.

Jeff Probst: Stacey, that comment got a reaction from you, what do you think Alyssa meant by schemers.

Stacey: Well Jeff.. I think she was trying to reference me. Obviously she is still upset over the fact I talked to Cameron when he was on his own. (Alyssa looks at Stacey) Which I thought we've gotten over but apparently not.

Alyssa (smiling): I wasn't talking about that at all. I was just saying how we are all very strategic. We have forgiven you. (smiles)

A clip of Johnathan's face is shown looking straight forward.

Jeff Probst: Johnathan, how do you think you guys performed in the challenge. You were off to an early lead and yet near the end it seemed as if nothing could get you guys back in the challenge.

Johnathan: Well Jeff, I think we definitely didn't do well in the challenge today. It was something we could've been more prepared for and I think it'd be easy to just put all the blame on Alyssa but I don't think that's right.

Alyssa (interrupting): No, I think that it's fair. I didn't do my best and I couldn't memorize that pattern.

Jeff Probst: Alyssa, do you think that your performance in a challenge says anything moving forward?

Alyssa Well Jeff, I really do believe it was a one time mistake, I promise to never let something like that happen again however if the tribe wishes to move forward without me (a scene of Cameron looking at his clasped hands is shown) then I reasonably understand.

Jeff Probst: Zac, what are you basing your vote off of tonight? Strength in the tribe, what will unify the tribe, or something else?

Zac: I think I am placing my vote .. strategically tonight, to allow the person that needs to go home to go home. I think there is one person who is obviously not contributing socially or strategically enough.

Cameron snickers to himself and shakes his head catching the attention of Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Cameron, that got a reaction out of you.

Cameron: It sure did. I think it's really funny coming from Zac, someone who's made no effort to talk to me once this game to say that I don't contribute socially.

Zac: I think you made it pretty clear how you feel about me when you started calling me slurs and making everyone on the tribe uncomfortable with your comments.

Cameron: Just because I have a bad first impression makes me the plague for the rest of the game? That's silly Zac. I've lent out an olive branch since then to patch things up.

Zac: I'm sure you have, but unfortunately I don't like fucking olives so you can keep it to yourself.

Cameron rolls his eyes and starts laughing. There is discomfort amongst the tribe. Stacey looks particularly conflicted.

Jeff Probst: Stacey, you had a pretty big win in the Lunar Temple giving you an advantage in the game. Do you fear this puts a target on your back going forward?

Stacey: I think it definitely does. I think there is people who would like to see my power taken out of play (a clip of Alyssa staring at the fire smirking is shown) however I just want to clear the air and say stop worrying everyone, it's going to be used in the right place.

There is a loud shift in the music and a rattle in the background, the drum beat continues and there is a varying of reactions on peoples face.

Cameron (whispering to Stacey): Does that mean what I think it means? What do you mean the "right place"

Alyssa (whispering to Stacey): You are using it tonight? Why would you drop a bomb like that right now.

Stacey (ignoring both): That's right, I am going to use my power tonight to clear my name and get the power off my back so going forward there will be no reason to target me.

Alyssa looks flustered, she looks at Zac. Cameron is still confused, he tries pushing further for to explain what "using her power" means for him.

Cameron (whispering): Are you doing what we talked about earlier?

Alyssa looks over and sees Cameron whispering and gets upset.

Alyssa: Stop talking to her, she's not planning on saving you anyway. She's using her power to send you home.

Cameron: Stacey... don't do this. Don't use your power if your voting me out, at least save it for when they turn on you. You don't need to do overkill on me. They are going to take you out next and you need that power.

Jeff Probst: Johnathan, very big claim coming from Stacey, do you have any idea what she's doing right now?

Johnathan: Well I mean, if I stand corrected... she's going to use her power against Cameron.

Jeff Probst: Her power being?

Johnathan: Her vote steal.

Cameron (whispering to Stacey): Stacey, come on. You need to trust me that these three do not have your back. You lose another challenge, your pretty much dead.

There is whispers amongst Johnathan, Zac, and Alyssa.

Cameron (whispering): Look at them, not including you in their plans.

Alyssa looks over at them and suspenseful music begins to rise in the background. Alyssa looks over and sees the two staring at them.

Alyssa: We .. are just talking, making sure we know what you are doing.

Stacey (raising her eyebrow): Why not include me if you want to talk about my move?

Alyssa (smiling): Because.. we just were confused... I thought you weren't using it. That's all.

Stacey: Well I want too, so i'm not a target once Cameron goes home.

The music quickly rumbles and there is crashing sounds chimed in with violin strings playing and drums beating.

Alyssa: I promise you, you are going to be safe after Cameron goes. We won't vote you.

Cameron: Do you hear this Stacey, doesn't that make NO sense to you? She just said "we won't vote you" as in all three of them. That doesn't add up, think rationally for a second!

Stacey looks over at Cameron. She puts her hands over her face and whispers something to Cameron.

Zac (leaning over): Stacey.. Stacey.

Alyssa: Stacey, what are you doing, don't talk to him Stacey.

Johnathan (calling over): Stacey, hey! Remember what we talked about earlier? You and I. I promise that I have your back.

Stacey (looking over smirking): Okay Alyssa and Johnathan. You two are promising me once Cameron goes home that i'm safe and you have my back. That means Zac is out next?

There is a loud roar as the tone shifts and the camera focuses on Zac's face who's eyes bulge out and he looks at Alyssa.

Alyssa (covering her tracks): Obviously not.. I mean, things can change. I mean it could be me next for all I know. All I am saying is it won't be Stacey... so she doesn't have any reason to be worried right now.

Stacey: Don't you think in this game telling someone not to worry should be their BIGGEST alert sign?

Johnathan face palms and Zac is shaking his head. Alyssa is left completely dumbfounded. She exhales gently and continues.

Alyssa (looking Stacey dead in the eye): I'm TELLING you. If we lose another challenge you don't have to worry about me. I will vote to keep you. Don't use your power tonight if you don't believe me. Save it.

Cameron: She's backtracking, she knows she lost your trust Alyssa. Use your head, they aren't your friends.

Stacey: Why SHOULD I believe you Alyssa?

Alyssa: I've gotten to know so much about you, you are a secretary, you hate your stupid boss, you go to cool rap concerts on the weekends.

Stacey: Rock.

Alyssa (correcting herself): Right. That's what I meant. Listen, I have been nothing but genuine with you so I'm begging you don't flip on the vote tonight.

Zac: Yeah, please. We all want Cameron to go home, after that.. it can be anyone's game.

Johnathan: We aren't even guaranteed to lose again after this! We could be off these tribes in a matter of days with the swap. You take out Cameron and you don't have to worry about us. We will be a lot more unified.

Cameron: They're lying.. Alyssa's not going to win a challenge! She's weak, and Zac is too. You and Johnathan won't be able to do this alone. Keep me, your friend, your ally, a competitor.

Stacey looks at Cameron and then the group of three eagerly and desperately wanting her to remain on the same page as her.

Jeff Probst: Stacey, obviously in a very tough spot right now. Run me through your thoughts.

Stacey: I'm in a pretty shitty circumstance. I don't know what to do honestly.

Jeff Probst: Well, I hate to do this to you, but it is time to vote.

Stacey looks over at Cameron, she leans over to him and whispers him something. He looks at her and nods, he leans back and whispers something in her ear. Alyssa buries her face in her knees. Stacey stands up.

Stacey: Jeff, i'd like to play my advantage (reaching into her bag.) I got this in the Lunar Temple, what it is is a vote steal. It allows for me to take one players vote and use it as my own.

Suspenseful music plays in the background. Alyssa's mouth is open, Zac is clenching his seat. Cameron is sitting with a straight stern face.

Stacey: I'm going to steal Johnathan's vote.

Alyssa gasps and covers her mouth. She sits there in shock and looks at Stacey with wide eyes. Zac is glaring at her and Johnathan is in disbelief shaking his head.

Johnathan: I really hope you know what you are doing Stacey.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Johnathan that means you will not be voting. Stacey you will be casting two votes. Stacey, your up.

Stacey walks to the table and a closeup of the voting area is shown. Clips of Alyssa's face still shocked are shown then Cameron with a smile on his face. Stacey arrives and sets down her two votes on the table. She takes the writing utensil and boldly begins writing a name, it transitions to her folding it up and putting it inside of the urn. An oddly colored parchment is below and she begins writing a name that is ineligible and then folds it up and puts it inside.

Stacey (whispering): It had to be done.

A scene of Alyssa walking to the voting booth with a pissed off expression is shown. She is sitting in the voting booth shaking her head and rolling her eyes. She writes down a name and then then folds it up. Followed by her is Zac, and then finally Cameron. None of their votes are shown. All of the contestants return to their seats and a loud blaring noise is played.

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Clips of Stacey sitting their with her hands folded with a blank expression are shown, Alyssa covering her face with both of her hands, Zac angrily staring at the fire, Johnathan sitting still, and Cameron smirking to himself are shown. Jeff returns with the urn in his hands.

Jeff Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity they would like to be played, now would be the time to do so.

There is a montage of all of the contestants face's, however there is no movement.

Jeff Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff slowly opens the urn and takes out the first vote.

First vote: Stacey (1-0)

Stacey's vote opens in shock, she looks over at Alyssa. Alyssa is sitting there with no expression.

Second vote: Alyssa (1-1)

Alyssa sighs and covers her face with her hands again and begins lightly sobbing into her palms.

Third vote: Stacey (2-1)

Stacey darts a glance towards Zac and Alyssa with aggression.

Stacey: Seriously you guys? Was I the plan tonight if I didn't do this?

Alyssa glances over and smirks.

Fourth vote: Alyssa (2-2)

Alyssa's face is suddenly full of dread and her eyes look heavy. Stacey is focusing on not making eye-contact with the group. Zac puts his hand on Alyssa's shoulder. Cameron's smile grows the widest it's been yet.

Jeff Probst: First person voted out of Survivor: Lunar Temple,


Jeff Probst: Alyssa, that's three votes, you need to bring me your torch.

Alyssa's mouth is completely dropped. She looks at Stacey and Cameron, there are tears in her eyes and she stands up and hugs Zac and Johnathan. She whispers "good luck to them" and walks slowly behind her to grab her torch. She glares at Stacey.

Alyssa: You should've been the one to go home, but I guess you aren't as stupid as I thought you were. (smiles)

Stacey: Thanks.

Jeff snuffs her torch and Alyssa sighs looking back at her fellow tribemates.

Alyssa: Well it's been my pleasure, I can't believe a stupid fucking power ruined my game but what can you do.

Alyssa walks off of the tribal area and down the pathway, Jeff begins his monologue.

Jeff Probst: Well with a gamechanging power used, the only thing you can hope for sure is if you will be more unified after tonight's vote eliminating the weakest challenge player. This will either make you stronger as a tribe or dwindle from the line severed in the sand. You can grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night.

Outro music plays as the remaining 4 members of the Tubig tribe grab their bags and their torches, then make their way back to camp. Zac looks completely heartbroken. Johnathan looks annoyed. Stacey is still not regarding any emotion and Cameron is absolutely relieved.

Tribal Council #1:
LT Alyssa
Alyssa (3 votes)
LT StaceyLT StaceyLT Cameron
Stacey, Stacey*, Cameron
LT Stacey
Stacey (2 votes)
LT ZacharyLT Alyssa
Zac, Alyssa
LT Alyssa Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

LT Alyssa “(Casting for Stacey) This is pretty much fucking pointless because you stole Johnathan's vote which is probably the only move you've ever made if i'm being honest. I hope you go home. ”

LT Zachary “(Casting for Stacey) Stacey i'm really annoyed that you would stick up for a guy like that, I thought you had values. Clearly you don't and want to enable a homophobe. I really hope this somehow works and even Cameron's ass wants you gone.”

LT Stacey “(Casting for Alyssa x2 ) Alyssa, i'm sending both my votes towards you tonight. It's clear you aren't playing this game as intended because your strategy is being an absolute cliquey bitch. I'm tired of being treated like scraps, how you handled yourself was silly and i'm going to enjoy being the one to singlehandendly send you home”

LT Cameron “(Casting for Alyssa) (quietly laughing) I cannot believe Stacey actually flipped to keep me, the absolute madwomen. I'm so proud of her right now for finally sticking it to you, and hey after this game. I might let you have my number, how's that sound buttercup?”

Final Words

LT Alyssa “I'm really shocked right now, I never in a million years would've guessed Stacey would've figured out we were sending her home. Cameron is the brains of that group clearly because without her that little follower would be sitting where I am right now. I'm so annoyed a twist this powerful is into play on the literal first fucking vote but you know what i'm glad I came out here. I met Zac and Johnathan who are two of my greatest friends and i'll be rooting for them to win. As for Stacey I really wish she could choke, but I guess she made a good move so i'm going to try and not be bitter and give credit where it's do. I really wanted to go far in this game and actually make some shit happen but apparently not. Oh well, I don't really need a million - i'm already rich.”

Still In The Running

Kalayo Yuta
LT Kylie
LT Monique
LT Brad
LT Vince
LT Pam
LT Diana
LT Connor
LT Ledalia
LT Daniel
LT Ginny
Tubig Han Gin
LT Johnathan
LT Alyssa Eliminated
LT Stacey
LT Zachary
LT Cameron
LT Noland
LT Damien
LT Winston
LT Zanaya
LT Yasmyn

Next Time on Survivor...

Things get messy on the Tubig tribe.

Zac: This really fucking sucks. I can't believe Alyssa's really gone. (buries his face into his knees)

A fight breaks out on Kalayo.

Pam: “I've had it up to HERE with Brad. I could tolerate it when he was being mean to other people, or just teasin' me. However i've come to realize he is a flat-out asshole to me and everyone around us!

A new alliance is made on Yuta. A shot of Ginny, Ledalia, and Connor laughing in a circle is shown.

And an unexpected tribal council of a lifetime.

Jeff Probst (opening his mouth): Wow.

Author's Notes

  • This is the longest episode/page on the website (and yet I still feel like it's a very short episode, yikes!)
  • I was really scared to do the ending I did due to such public outcry for wanting Cameron to go home, I decided since it's been in my drafts for a long time to send Alyssa packing I was going to stick to my guns. Please try and be merciful! I realized Cameron is controversial however his views do not reflect mine and I ask you hate the player and not the author!
  • The episode took a span of 5 months to fully write!
  • This episode title along with the finale were the two pre decided factors of this season that have not changed through the entire process. Those being "Your Fate is in the Stars" and "The Stars Have Spoken".