"You Can't Undo Brothers"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 6/15
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

At Tala, Camille invited Kasia to an alliance of five with Kevin, Talia and Ricky. At Bulan, Leo again antagonized his tribemates. Bulan continued to be dysfunctional as they lose two consecutive Immunity Challenges by a blow-out. Salina went home first because of her dislike of Leo, and Burgundy, because she was weak in challenges. 14 are left, who will be going home tonight?


Immunity Challenge: I Love You Pole!
The survivors must retrieve bags of puzzle pieces from a fifteen-foot tall greased bamboo pole. Then they must finish the puzzle. First to do so wins individual immunity. The challenge will be done in two heats, one per tribe.
Winners: Leo (from Bulan) and Tyler (from Tala)
Additional Stipulation: From the two winners, the winner who has the best time will partake at the Temptation Reward.
Temptation Reward: A feast of cheeseburgers, french fries and iced tea while listening to the other tribe's Tribal Council.
Consequence: To get this privilege, Leo must get a Brazilian Wax treatment on his arms and legs.


Night 15

After Tribal Council, the Bulan tribe returns to camp, where Declan lashes out at Leo, asking him how the vote went the way it did (with Declan's girlfriend Burgundy blindsided). Leo answers that he voted for Martin, and he was not with the others when Burgundy was voted out. Leo adds that it was Andy and Devon who did the blindside.

I don't know who to believe at this point. They've voted Burgundy out without my consent. That really caught me by surprise. What to do?


Day 16

At Tala, the Deckers twins do their usual early morning jokes. At one point, they made a "fat ass" joke on Talia, which she took offense, and runs to the beach crying. Ricky scolds the two, saying that Talia suffered from anorexia prior to the game. The twins approach Talia to apologize, but Talia shuns them.

I have more reasons why the twins need to go.


After receiving a mysterious Tree Mail, the tribes meet Jeff Probst, who informed them that they will partake in an individual Immunity Challenge, because both tribes will go to Tribal Council and vote one of their own out of the game. Jeff reveals another element to the challenge: that the from the two winners, the winner with the best time get the opportunity to face the Temptation Reward. After a draw of rocks, Bulan goes first.

Melissa and Devon struggle to climb the greased pole, while Andy, Leo and Martin successfully retrieve their first bags. Leo extends his lead by using his buff as support, while Andy and Martin are in close second. Melissa falls behind for not even reaching her first bag. The challenge continues to be a close match between the rivals and Andy, but it is Leo who become triumphant, winning himself immunity.

Tala subjects to the challenge next. The Deckers twins surges ahead early on, while Ricky struggles to climb because of his massive size. Talia finds herself falling four feet from the ground. This incident makes Jeff call for medics to check on Talia. When the Dr. Ramona clears Talia to be in perfect shape, the challenge is continued. Regardless of Talia's mishap, Team Double Deckers still dominates the challenge. While the brothers are still neck and neck during the puzzle-building part, Tyler finishes his puzzle first, winning immunity.

After handing out the Immunity Necklaces to Leo and Tyler, Jeff reveals that in 10.59 minutes, Leo is the fastest in the challenge (against Tyler's 11.04 minutes), giving him an opportunity to take the Temptation Reward. Jeff offers Leo a chance to give Bulan a feast of cheeseburgers and bottomless iced tea, but he has to undergo a Brazilian Wax session for his arms and legs. If Leo accepts, he would also bring Bulan to Tribal Council before Tala. Though reluctant, Leo half-heartedly agrees, stating that it is his way of saying sorry to the wrongdoings he did at camp. Bulan becomes joyous and hugs Leo.

I don't buy Leo's "act of goodwill." Leo treated you like crap for fifteen days, and in one day you forgot all about it because he gave you food? Like, seriously, how dumb are you people?!


I know I already pissed a lot of folks in my tribe, so I'll gonna do a pinch of butt-kissing. Nonetheless, I can use this as leverage to get rid of Martin.


Returning to camp from the challenge, Kasia is asking for confirmation from her alliance if Josh really goes home tonight. Kevin assures her Josh goes home.

I'm getting paranoid because i'm the only person who doesn't have a partner here. I just wanna be sure if my vote still counts tonight.


Later, Tyler and Josh approach Ricky if they would be willing to vote Kasia out, stating that Kasia is far more socially dangerous than Ebony. Though Ricky agrees, he is still non-committal. The twins then try to talk to Talia, but she still would not want to talk to them. With nobody wanting to talk strategy to them, the twins only hug each other, telling the other twin to expect for the worst.

Well, it's just my twin and me I guess. Like, our bond with each other is no match for their wives, boyfriends or whoever. You can't undo brothers.


I don't know how much more I can take this. I want this, but I know my brother wants it more. I don't want to be an obstacle to his dream. I'm so troubled right now. Like, I don't wanna tell my brother I want to give my immunity to him so he can stay because I know he'll refuse it.


At Bulan, Jacki hugs Leo for his sacrifice to give a feast for their tribe. Suddenly, a motorbat arrives, and a Brazilian Waxing practitioner comes down to get Leo down to business. Leo screams in pain during the process, to the point of Tala hearing his faint voice from a distance (both tribes live on one island, albeit on opposite sides). In the end, Leo finally finishes the ordeal, with his arms and legs scraped clean and stinging.

Having the Brazilian wax was like acid put on my entire body. This better give me a million dollars!


Later, while enduring the pain, Leo walks with Andy and Devon, telling them if it is in their best interest to vote Declan out, because he was "beyond furious" of Burgundy's elimination, and that might cause him to flip to Tala once they merge. The best buddies agree. Meanwhile, Declan talks to Melissa and Jacki about making a coalition against Andy and Devon, who appears to be the only pair to be loyal with each other, because Leo and Martin continue to turn on each other. Knowing Leo is merely Andy and Devon's affiliate, Declan tries to recruit Martin to get the majority of the votes, which Martin also agrees. The four meet at the beach, telling that Andy is a bigger threat, making them all agree that they would vote for him.

At Tribal Council, Bulan enters with a happy mood despite having the burden of voting someone out. The tribe members send their gratitude to Leo, who took courage of taking the Brazilian wax for the tribe to have a feast. Then, Jeff asks Declan of how he feels that the tribe voted his girlfriend Burgundy out of the game. Declan replies that though it is painful, but he stated he learned to accept that he is all alone now. With that, Declan boldly calls out Andy and Devon for making the conspiracy against his girlfriend. Andy rebuts that Burgundy was weak in challenges, and the tribe needed to dispose her to be a stronger tribe. Not buying any of Andy's statements, he then calls out Melissa and Jacki (the other players without partners), and Martin (for being shunned by his own partner Leo) to step up and vote for Andy, telling them that if Andy and Devon can double-cross Burgundy, they can for sure can do it to them as well. Declan then intimidates Melissa, stating that she was blindsided first, when her partner Paula was sent home by surprise, and brings up her Aspergers' Syndrome to coerce her to "assert herself," making Melissa emotionally overwhelmed. Instead of joining Declan's cause, Martin and Jacki castigate Declan, telling him that his treatment of Melissa was not good since the game started, telling him that his treatment of Melissa is not different to Andy and Devon's (as Jacki puts it, they consider Melissa as a "goat"). On a lighter note, Leo the other hand expresses his delight of giving something for his tribe, but his partner Martin reveals he does not buy it, because Leo made numerous attempts to vote him out. In the end, Declan is voted out for his aggressive attitude after a 6-1 vote. After Declan leaves, Bulan then moves over to the Jury bench, waiting for the Tala tribe to arrive for their Tribal Council.

Tala comes to Tribal Council, which marks the start of Bulan's burger feast. Jeff asks what has happened during Tala's winning streak. Kasia reveals that one of the twins will go home, because not only they are threats, but they are also somewhat annoying at camp. The twins fight back, stating that Kasia is a bigger threat because she does not have a partner, and similar to Ebony, Kasia can turn the game around. Kasia shrugs the allegation, telling them that she is just as in a precarious position as them. Kevin states that he has nothing against the two, but he wishes that the two take the game more seriously because the strategies and the living conditions are not getting easier, and laughter may not be the best medicine. Talia speaks up, stating that she was offended by the twins' actions for making fun of her past with anorexia. The twins apologize yet Talia continues to ignore them. Before Tala votes, Jeff instructs Bulan to finish up what is left on their mouths and tell them to head back to camp. After Bulan left, an emotional Tyler makes an unprecedented move—handing his Immunity Necklace to his twin brother, telling him that he deserves the it more than him, and "whatever happens, happens." In the end, the five person alliance sends Tyler home instead, after a 5-2 vote. After one final hug from Josh, Tyler walks away.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 7:
Declan (6 votes)
Andy, Devon, Jacki, Leo, Martin, & Melissa
Devon (1 vote)
Declan Morrow

Voting Confessionals

This is supposed to be Devon, but suddenly you changed into a jerk way worse than Leo ever was.


This is for making me look like a bigger fool than I already am.


You should be a gravedigger, because you really did well making yours.


You're making us look like puppets. And you're no good of a ventriloquist.


I don't care of who goes, but gotta stick with the team.


I'll vote you out because you gave me every reason why shouldn't vote for Martin tonight.


Warfreak. That's all I have to say.


Final Words


Tribal Council 8:
Tyler (5 votes)
Camille, Kasia, Kevin, Ricky, & Talia
Kasia (2 votes)
Josh & Tyler
Tyler Deckers

Voting Confessionals

You have noble intentions for giving that necklace, but one of you has to go.


A selfless act, but actually a dumb move for me.


For my brother, ain't gonna write his name down.


I'll fall for a sword for my brother. He wants this more, and I'll not take this away from him. As for you, we're sticking to our plan, regardless if it works or not.


You're funny, yet pompous. We need to be more serious, but you're not giving it. Don't worry about your brother, he's going next.


Sorry it has to end this way. It hurts I know, but it's either you or your brother.


This "Fat Ass" sends yours home.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • A shocking twist causes paranoia to the remaining castaways. Allegiances shift as the once-untouchables Martin and Josh strike back.

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