"You’ve Just Sent Yourself to the Jury Three Days Sooner"
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Season Survivor: Terra Nova
Author User:Gavin316
Episode Number 9/13
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This is the ninth episode of Survivor: Terra Nova


Reward Challenge: Head Hunter
Each player is assigned three skulls on posts. When a player answers a question correctly, they ignite the skull of another player. The Survivor with the last skull left unburned wins.
Reward: A picnic lunch with hot wings, beer, burgers and soda.
Winner: Marlon Rice (shared with Paul Pires)

Immunity Challenge: Living Color
Jeff would reveal a cycle of colored tiles to the castaways. Once the cycle is complete, the castaways would recite the pattern back by placing colored tiles in a chute. If they are incorrect, they would be eliminated. The last castaway standing wins immunity.
Winner: Pearl Jones


Night 24

The Canucks Tribe returns from their first Tribal Council as a merged tribe. Kyle does not look at all happy due to the fact that Octavia was just voted out and he is now part of the minority alliance in the game. Kyle walks over to Simon and gets right into the much smaller Simon’s face.

Quote1Simon you’re supposed to be a smart guy…right?Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Smart enough I guess…Quote2- Simon

Quote1Well then with all of your smarts, why did you make the move you just made? I mean come on bro; you just went from a final five scenario to a final six scenario where you are clearly going to end up in sixth place. That math doesn’t add up…but I guess you’re smarter than me so you just clearly made a brilliant move.

You’ve just sent yourself to the jury three days sooner.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1I did what I felt was necessary for me in this game. After all, it is not like you guys wanted me in this game or that if push came to shove any of you would have my back.Quote2- Simon

Quote1Look I’m going to put this out here right now. It takes four votes to win this game and if me, Octavia, Jocelyn, and Violet all do end up on the jury we are going to be the deciding factor on who wins this.

With that being true, I would like to put this out there. You guys have the majority even if you get rid of this turncoat so I think the right move to make is to vote him out next. Don’t let a turncoat make it far in the game it is not fair to us and it is not fair to you guys either.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1You know what kid? Put a damn muzzle on it. Stop being a sore loser…maybe if you had treated Simon better he would not have felt the need to flip.

You may have been the king over on your old tribe but over here you nothing but a regular player just like the rest of us. So cut the crap, stop trying to bully Simon for making a move that he felt would help him out. We are all grown-ups here and we should act civil towards one another.Quote2
- Paul

Kyle is both livid and shocked that Paul would have the nerves to talk to him that way. A speechless Kyle looks around at the other castaways and realizes with that little speech that Paul just gave his (Kyle) power is all but gone. Kyle says…

Whatever bro…


Before he lies down in the shelter.

Kyle is nothing more than a punk and so I will deal with him that way. He might have been able to bully his way to the top on his previous tribe but that crap isn’t going to fly over here. Not with me at least.


Day 25

Day twenty-five begins with all of the remaining castaways hunkered down in the shelter due to the fact that it is pouring rain.

Today around dawn it just started to rain and I don’t mean a little bit. I’m talking torrential downpours here. What sucks is not so much the rain, what really sucks is how cold it gets up here in Canada.

I’m from Texas so I am not used to it being that cold. Especially during this time of the year, we are having fall weather and it’s not even close to fall.


We see various shots of the castaways all bundled up and sitting on top of each other in the shelter desperately trying to stay warm.

The thing with me is, I am not about to allow some rain to ruin my day so I started doing various things to keep the other folk’s spirits up. Yeah I may have made a fool out of myself but it was worth it to see people smile on such a miserable day.

I think the highlight of the day was when we did a little talent show. I was the host and Pearl, Simon, and Urban served as the judges. Man was it fun, especially seeing how for that period of time we we’re not a bunch of people trying to stab each other in the back. No we were just a bunch of people trying to bond and make the best out of a miserable day. It was a good feeling to see everyone getting along.


We now see clips of the talent show. Zelda tries to tell some jokes and the keyword is “tries” because he jokes were not exactly over with the judges.

There are many things that Zelda is. She is a pretty girl, she is smart but the one thing she ain’t is funny. I don’t think Tina Fey has anything to worry about.


I guess I am not going to be the next big female comic. I bombed out there today.

I probably should have chosen a better talent to showcase…the sad thing is I thought that was my talent.


Kyle unimpressively flexes his muscles for the judges. The only judge that appreciated Kyle’s “talent” was Pearl.

I was robbed in that talent competition! Why were there two dudes on the judging panel bro? Had there been three women I would have won hands down!


I be honest, I think Kyle is a jerk. But I must say…and my husband will probably kill me for saying this…he does look great without his shirt on.


The last thing I wanted to see today was Kyle not wearing a shirt and flexing his muscles. I mean who does that sort of thing? Especially when in the pouring rain!

Of course I gave him a low score; he should have come up with a better talent.


Violet’s talent was using the camp’s cooking pot as her drums. The judges loved this and they all gave Violet high marks.

What I loved about our little talent show was the fact that we were all getting along. Often in this game we tend to dehumanize our fellow competitors because it makes it easier to get rid of them. Today there was nothing but love for each other and it was a beautiful thing.


Jocelyn wowed the judges with a great singing voice. All three judges gave her a standing ovation.

As lame as this is to admit, I almost cried when the judges gave me a standing ovation. It felt good to just go out there and show everyone what my talent is.


Finally, Paul cracked the judges up with his horrible dancing.

Yes as the kids say, I busted a move out there today. I am lucky that is the only thing I busted because when you get to my age you could very easily bust a hip when trying to bust a move.


In the end Jocelyn is crowned the winner of the Survivor: Terra Nova talent competition. Jocelyn smiles and thanks the judges and then hugs Marlon.

Today was a fun day and in a game like this you really don’t get many fun days. Part of me wishes it would rain all of the time. Maybe if it did we would have more fun days.


The last thing we see is Marlon sliding head first in the mud towards a tree stump. Marlon touches said tree stump and Paul calls him safe much to the delight of the other castaways. We the viewers are not privy to the context of what is going on, one must just assume that it was just another way for Marlon to entertain the crowd.

Day 26

Day twenty-six begins with a confessional by Violet…

Today is a Reward Challenge day and I really want to win that reward. I am so sick of eating rice day in and day out. If anyone ever wants to lose weight, apply to be on this show because you will lose weight…a lot of weight.


Reward Challenge:

The Canucks Tribe arrives at the challenge where Jeff greets them. Jeff then goes on to explain the rules of the challenge.

The first question was, “From sea to sea, is the national motto of Canada.”

Everyone but Urban said true and everyone but Urban was right. Zelda, Marlon, and Simon all set fire to Kyle’s skulls knocking him out of the game in the first round.

Kyle and Violet set fire to Simon’s skulls leaving him with one left.

Jocelyn set fire to one of Zelda’s skulls.

Pearl set fire to one of Jocelyn’s skulls.

Paul set fire to one of Violet’s skulls.

The second question was, “Kim Campbell is the current Prime Minister of Canada.”

Everyone but Simon and Pearl said true and only Simon and Pearl were correct when they said false.

Simon set fire to Violet’s skull.

Pearl set fire to Simon’s final skull thus eliminating him from the challenge. Zelda shot Pearl a, “What the hell?” look and Pearl just shrugged her shoulders.

The third question was, “Canada is the largest country in the world.”

Everyone got this answer correct with the exception of Zelda.

Urban knocked Violet out of the game by lighting her final skull on fire.

Violet returned the favor by lighting one of Urban’s skulls on fire.

Jocelyn set one of Pearl’s skulls on fire.

While Paul and Marlon decided to take Jocelyn out of the game by lighting her final two skulls on fire.

Pearl set one of Marlon’s skulls on fire to finish out the round.

The fourth question was, “The Beothuk was native to the province of Manitoba.”

Only Zelda and Pearl got this answer right.

Zelda set Urban’s second skull on fire.

While Pearl set Zelda’s second skull on fire. Zelda once again shot Pearl a confused look, as if she was wondering why Pearl would be targeting her.

The fifth question was, “Winnipeg is the largest city in Canada in terms of population.”

Everyone got this question right.

Zelda and Paul set fire to Pearl’s remaining two skulls knocking her out of the challenge.

Pearl returned the favor and knocked Zelda out of the challenge when she set Zelda’s final skull on fire.

Urban set Paul’s first skull on fire.

Marlon set Urban’s final skull on fire thus eliminating Urban from the challenge.

The sixth question was, “Canada has fifteen provinces.”

Paul got it wrong and Marlon got it right.

Marlon set Paul’s second skull on fire, leaving Paul with one skull left.

The seventh question was, “The Montreal Canadiens have won twenty Stanley Cups.”

Both men got the answer correct and because of that Marlon won the challenge as Paul only had one skull left to burn.

Jeff informs Marlon that he is allowed to take one person with him to the picnic. Marlon hesitates before choosing Paul because Paul was the last person in the challenge with him. Jeff informs Paul and Marlon that they will be leaving for the picnic immediately. Jeff then informs the rest of the castaways that he has nothing for them.

The castaways who did not win the challenge return to camp. Zelda pulls Pearl aside and asks if she can talk to her.

Quote1What was up with you in the challenge? Why did you get rid of Simon so quickly?Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Why not? The boy only had one skull left and the object of the challenge was to eliminate folks, so I did just that…I eliminated him.Quote2- Pearl

Quote1Yes but that challenge is put there for a reason. That challenge is put there to expose any weak links in the majority alliance and by you going after Simon so quickly…well you just made it seem like he was not important enough in our plans.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Well you see it that way but I don’t and I’m sure Simon knows why I did what I did. He knows there was no malice on my part, I was just doing my thing and that was eliminating people from the challenge. Nothing more, nothing less.Quote2- Pearl
I like Pearl, I really do. However, there I times that I wonder if she really knows how to play this game. Knocking Simon out of the challenge as early as she did was a bonehead move plain and simple. She put no thought behind what she did and she did not even think or realize the repercussions that could come by doing what she did.

I hope that Simon is not bummed out by what she did, because if he is that means I have some serious damage control to do.


Zelda is always worrying about everything. She should take a deep breath and just learn to chill. Simon is a smart guy, he should know that I was not trying to be malicious in any way and if he does not understand that…oh well.


Meanwhile over at the Reward picnic, Marlon and Paul are enjoying their food.

I could have picked anyone to join me on the reward but I chose Paul because he is the person I feel the closest to at this point. Yeah I am in an alliance with Zelda, Pearl, and Urban but I am not really all that tight with any of them.

Paul on the other hand is my boy and he and I are tight. We just had a great afternoon out here away from the game. Hell we hardly talked game truth be told. We spent most of the afternoon talking about life and sports and at the end of the day I could not have asked for a better time.


I am going to be honest, I like Marlon he is a great kid but I did sort of cringe when he chose me to go on the reward with him. Not because I did not want to go on the reward with him…no it was more due to the fact that I did not want people to perceive us as a duo.

Because once people start thinking of you as a duo, you get one large ass target placed firmly on your back. At this point I do not want any kind of target on my back, I just want to lay low and get as far as I possibly can in this game.

All that being said, I did have a great afternoon and it was awesome to step away from the game for a bit.


Day 27

The twenty-seventh day begins with an early morning conversation between Paul and Zelda. Zelda tells Paul that she had to reassure Simon of his position in the game after Pearl had eliminated him from the Reward Challenge early on. She says that the last thing they should do is make Simon feel unwanted because that could end up biting them in their ass. Paul agrees and then wonders why Pearl did what she did, Zelda says that Pearl claims it was purely because Simon was on his last skull but Zelda does not buy that and she thinks that Pearl has other motives.

They then start talking about what their next move should be and they both agree that taking out Kyle should be the next move to make if he does not win the next Immunity Challenge.

Zelda then talks about building a relationship with Jocelyn, just in case they need her for a vote. Paul says that he is not sure if that is a good idea or not, but Zelda assures him that it is. She says even if they do not end up working with Jocelyn they still have a friendly face on the jury.

Paul concedes that point and says perhaps they should try to lure her over to them. He does make the point of telling Zelda that he wants to remain as loyal as possible to Urban, Pearl, and Simon for as long as they possibly can because they have helped them get to where they are today. Zelda agrees and says that she will only try to bring Jocelyn into the fold if she thinks Urban and Pearl are trying to make any side deals.

Every morning Zelda and I discuss the state of the game with each other. It is our way of keeping each other abreast of what we thinks is going on and what we are planning to do. My recent conversations with Zelda have me a bit concerned.

You see I am a very loyal person; I want the final six to be myself, Zelda, Simon, Pearl, Urban and Marlon. However, I do not think Zelda is as loyal to that as I am. She is always talking about possibly using Jocelyn to work with us if so and so turns on us. When a person thinks like that I have to wonder if she is making counter plans against me as well. I guess only time will tell.


Immunity Challenge:

The members of the Canucks Tribe enter the challenge area. Once all of them are settled in on the mat Jeff Probst asks Kyle to return the Immunity necklace. Kyle smiles and while handing over said necklace to Jeff he says…

I’ll be getting it back bro; you’re only temporarily holding that.


As the other contestants react to Kyle’s rather bold statement, Jeff begins to explain the rules of the Immunity Challenge. He then reminds the castaways that the winner of the challenge will be safe from the vote. He then reminds the rest of the contestants that anyone not holding Immunity could end up becoming the tenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Round 1:

The challenge begins with Jeff showing the first cycle of colored tiles. They were green, yellow, red, purple. All of the castaways were correct for the first two sequences. However, Urban incorrectly answered purple during the third sequence which was wrong and therefore Urban was the first eliminated from the challenge. The remaining eight castaways all were correct in their answers for the first cycle.

Round 2

The second sequence was red, yellow, black, purple, green, purple, blue. All of the remaining castaways correctly guessed the first two tiles. Both Marlon and Violet were eliminated on the third set as Marlon incorrectly answered blue and Violet said purple. Jocelyn, Kyle, and Zelda found themselves eliminated from the challenge on the fifth set. Both Zelda and Jocelyn incorrectly guessed purple while Kyle said yellow. Paul was eliminated on the seventh tile when he incorrectly guessed black was the seventh tile.

Round 3:

The third sequence was yellow, green, blue, green, black, white, orange, red, purple, white. Both Simon and Pearl correctly guessed the first five tiles correctly. Simon did not correctly guess the sixth tile as he answered orange when it was white. Therefore Simon was eliminated from the challenge and Pearl won Immunity!

Jeff places the Immunity Necklace around Pearl’s neck after the challenge is over. Jeff then reminds the other castaways that Pearl will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council and everyone else has the chance of becoming the tenth person voted out of the game.

We get a confessional from Pearl who is proudly wearing her newly won Immunity Necklace.

This was not expected! I mean I am not trying to down myself but there is nobody who thought I, the oldest woman in the game, would be wearing this baby to tonight’s Tribal Council.


As soon as the tribe returns to camp Kyle asks Zelda if he could have a word with her. Zelda obliges and the two of them head out of camp so that they can talk.

Quote1I am glad you are open to talking with me bro. I assume that I am going to be the target tonight.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well that would be a good assumption but it is not a lock. I mean this game has a way of changing at a drop of a dime.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Yes but that challenge is put there for a reason. That challenge is put there to expose any weak links in the majority alliance and by you going after Simon so quickly…well you just made it seem like he was not important enough in our plans.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Cool…I was hoping that would be your attitude. Okay well then I guess I would have to say what is it that I can do for your game, in order for me to keep on playing my game?Quote2- Kyle

Quote1I don’t know. I mean I am only one vote out of six. I am hardly calling the shots…Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Oh please, you are the brains of your alliance and you know it. That is why I am talking to you right now because I know you have a lot of sway into how this vote is going to go.

So I am just going to put my cards out there right now for you to see. I can be a very strong person to be aligned with bro. Because of that I think you should help a brother out and keep me for three more days.

The way I see it is eventually the six of you are going to have to turn on each other. That has to happen in order for the game to move forward, now I am not going to claim to know who is tight with who but what I can tell you is that I am willing to take out whomever you want me to. If you keep me in the game and you tell me to vote for Urban, I’ll vote for Urban. I don’t care who you need me to help you take out, whoever it is I will do what you need me to do bro.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1What about Jocelyn and Violet how do they factor into all of this?Quote2- Zelda

Quote1They don’t. The two of them are non-factors. In fact I say get rid of one of them tonight and let that be that.

If you do that solid for me I will do whatever you need me to do. Just know that I will make this offer to others but I would rather you be the one who takes me up on the offer because I think you are the only person in your alliance who is truly playing the game.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1 I don’t know…let me take time to process what you are saying and I will give you a firm answer later.Quote2- Zelda
Kyle is a dead man walking. He is a guy out of options and he knows it.

Right now he is trying to wheel and deal out here and it is fun to watch. What really made me laugh was when he flat of told me that he was going to make offers to other people in my alliance.

I was like dude, are you seriously asking me for help and then threaten me at the same time. Kyle is a joke.


Meanwhile out on the beach near the camp, Violet and Jocelyn discuss what they plan on doing. Violet says that she is going to vote for Simon because that is what Kyle wants. Jocelyn says that is not the smart move to make because it seems like it is a foregone conclusion that Kyle is the next to go and so pissing off Simon by voting for him does nothing but hurt Violet’s game.

Violet is miffed over this because she realizes that Jocelyn is probably going to vote with the majority and vote Kyle out. Violet questions Jocelyn’s loyalty and Jocelyn laughs and says that she has been playing an individual game all game and so she does not have any loyalty to anyone. Jocelyn then says that if by some miracle Kyle manages to get people to vote with him then she will vote for his target as well. However, if Kyle does not get anyone to vote with him, then she will vote against him.

Jocelyn is such a turncoat. She has no loyalty to anyone and that is something that she is proud of.

I am starting to wonder if maybe we should have kept Billie-Jean over her. At least with Billie-Jean you knew where you stood, with Jocelyn…not so much.


Kyle continued his scramble to stay in the game, this time talking to Pearl and Urban about working with him, Violet, and Jocelyn. Urban is clearly entertaining the idea, while Pearl does not seem at all interested in what Kyle is trying to sell them. Kyle says the five of them could get rid of the potential challenge beast in Marlon or the brains behind the original Beothuk three Zelda. Urban says he is down with doing that because it needs to be done but he says he is worried about being outnumbered three to two if he and Pearl were to flip.

Kyle tells him not to worry because the girls are just there as votes and he will get rid of them when he needs to do so. Pearl and Urban do not give Kyle and concrete answer and so Kyle tells them to think it over and get back to him.

Pearl and Urban discuss Kyle’s offer once Kyle is out of earshot. Urban clearly wants to take the deal and get rid of either Zelda or Marlon before they can get rid of him. Pearl says that it is still too early to make such a move. She says that if they made the move there is no guarantee that Kyle would keep his word and get rid of Violet and Jocelyn before he got rid of them.

Pearl then says that if they are going to turn they should do so after Kyle is gone from the game. That way they get rid of an Immunity threat and a polarizing player who someone like Simon would not be interested in working with. Urban asks why Pearl is bringing Simon’s name into this and Pearl tells him that they will need Simon’s vote if they want to turn on Paul, Zelda, and Marlon down the road.

I think part of the reason why Urban is so gun-ho about turning on Marlon, Paul, and Zelda is because it is clear to him that he is not part of the core group. He knows he is near the bottom rung of our alliance and so he wants to get them before they get him.

I on the other hand know that I am probably going to be dragged along in this game and I am fine with that. Right now I do not feel the need to rock the boat, I am just going to continue with the status quo and go from there.


Before heading to Tribal Council we see a confessional from Kyle…

Today was my hell day bro. I scrambled my ass off today and I am not sure if it did me any good. I felt like a politician today, make all sorts of deals I have no intentions on keeping.

I am not sure what is going to happen to me tonight. All I do know is that I have to hope that the Girton charm works tonight and I am able to stay in this game three more days.


Tribal Council:

After the castaways settle down onto their seats Jeff brings in the first member of the jury Octavia who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Octavia, who is wearing a nice green dress, takes her seat in the jury box. There is no outward emotion on her face as she studies the people who are still in the game.

Jeff asks Kyle if he is in trouble tonight. Kyle laughs and tells Jeff that he brought his bags with him so that should give him an answer. Jeff then asks Kyle if he tried to make any moves to secure himself three more days in the game.

Kyle says he spent the entire afternoon pitching plans to members of the majority alliance and he feels that most of what he said fell on deaf ears. Jeff asks Zelda if what Kyle is saying is true and Zelda says yes. Zelda says that Kyle’s idea of trying to stay in the game was odd because he was begging to stay in the game and he was also threating her as well.

Kyle does not like the fact that Zelda says he threatened her and he makes it known. Zelda says he did threaten her by saying to her if she was not willing to work with him, then he would go to someone else in her alliance and try to get them to work with him. Kyle says that what he said was not meant as a threat but more of a promise. He says that he had to tell her that so that she could see he meant business.

Jeff asks Simon how his former teammates treated him after the previous vote. Simon says it was pretty much par for the course with how he was treated since day one. He said Kyle flipped out on him but he was expecting that because that is all that Kyle has done to since the beginning of the game. Simon says that he would like to thank the members of the former Beothuk Tribe for making him feel welcome in the game for the first time. This remark elicits a roll of the eyes by Octavia from her seat in the jury box.

Jeff asks Jocelyn if she is at all nervous about tonight’s vote. She says she is a little nervous about the vote because you never know what might happen but she thinks she is safe for at least one more round.

Kyle goes on to say that if anyone in the majority alliance wants to win the game they are going to have to make big moves and if they don’t the potential members of the jury will not respect them. Marlon rolls his eyes which Jeff catches and so he asks Marlon if Marlon disagrees with what Kyle just said.

Marlon says that he doesn’t disagree with what Kyle says because he knows it is true. However, two or three people are going to make it to the finals and out of those people one of them is going to have to win so he does not put much stock in the jury not respecting any big moves that are not made this early in the game.

Paul chimes in and says he plans on making his big move tonight and that move is getting rid of Kyle. We see a quick shot of a shocked Octavia sitting in the jury box, she cannot believe that Paul would be so open about who he is going to vote for. Jeff asks Paul why he is being open about his vote and Paul says that Kyle needs to go tonight and there is no need for him to have any hope about staying in the game.

Jeff asks Kyle’s opinion on what Paul just said and Kyle says that for the first twenty-seven days he is actually speechless.

With that last comment it is now time to vote.

The members of the Canucks Tribe get up to vote and after the last person votes, which was Marlon, Jeff goes and retrieves the votes. Jeff returns from tallying the votes and asks the castaways if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol before he reads the first vote. Nobody does and so Jeff begins reading the votes.

Jeff proceeds to read all of the votes and in the end Kyle becomes the tenth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova and the second member of the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Kyle Girton beard
Kyle (7 votes)
Pearl JonesZelda SelznickJocelyn RiveraUrban Day beard
Marlon Rice beardSimon Patel beardPaul Pires beard
Pearl, Zelda, Jocelyn, Urban,
Marlon, Simon, Paul
Simon Patel beard
Simon (2 votes)
Kyle Girton beardViolet Tannehill
Kyle, Violet
Kyle Girton eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I’ve pitched a ton of different plans to a ton of different people but I don’t think any of them will pan out. So I am just going to throw my vote on you, you little turncoat weasel.


This is hands down the best vote I am going to make in this game. I hope you enjoy your time on the jury…bro.


I am just being loyal to Kyle; I hope others help us with this vote.


Just go home you bully!


You want to talk about big moves? How is this for a big move?


Man I’m don’t trust ya and I am not sure I even like ya. But I would’ve worked with ya in a heat beat but now is not the right time so I’m gonna have to send ya home.


Sorry about this bro, but I have to look out for myself.


No hard feelings man, you are just an Immunity threat in this game and I can’t be having any competition in that category.

Plus I am sort of sick of you calling folks bro.


You just rub me the wrong way…


Final Words

I saw this coming a mile away. If I am being honest with myself, my game hasn’t really been the same since Andy was voted out.

This is what it is, I offered people the chance to help themselves and they were fools not to take me up on those offers…bro.



Members of the Jury
Octavia Wilson Jury
Kyle Girton beard

Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea eliminated
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly eliminated
Octavia Wilson eliminated
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires beard
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin eliminated
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice beard
Billie Jean Carlisle eliminated
Kyle Girton eliminated
Simon Patel beard
Angelo Castellucci eliminated
Hank Black eliminated
Andy Im eliminated
Urban Day beard

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Author's Notes

My original boot order had Kyle going at either fourth or fifth place. I had planned on him being a challenge monster who would serve as a foil for the majority alliance.

I changed my mind though because I pretty much did that with Wild Bill in my previous season. Meaning I had the major “villain” type player last deep into the game only to fall short right before the finals. I decided not to go that way for this season and it actually made me reshuffle the entire upper end of the boot order.

Going into the start of the fanon I had my final three locked and now two of my final three will still be there. It is the person in the third spot that has now changed thanks to Kyle’s early demise.