"Who Voted Against Me?"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
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Who Voted Against Me? is the second episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously On Survivor...

20 Survivors were divided into two tribes, but they don't know they are going to vote out one of their own, on Day 2.
Jeff: First person voted out of Survivor Hainan: Elisa
Jeff: Second person voted out of Survivor Hainan: Mi
They were both sent to Redemption Island.
Jeff: Yu Shen! Won the first reward!
At Lei Gong, no one was frustrated that they lost.
Bobby: Just a flint!
But some seemed not very ready for the game.
Gabriel: So I'm here to cut woods instead of facing that drama!
Dash: I don't know if I had aligned with the correct person.
At the immunity challenge:
Jeff: Lei Gong! Wins immunity!
Rebecca: I'm sad because I'm obviously on the outs now. I want to find some sort of crack here.
But some still had some unrevealed secret.
Penny: This is the immunity idol...
Keith: Who do you think you can pull?
Rebecca: I'm voting for Steven tonight.
In the end, Rebecca became the third person voted out.
Jeff: Rebecca, the tribe has spoken.
Who will be voted out tonight?


Combined Reward/Redemption Duel Keep It Up
The two observers from each tribe and the three inhabitants will battle against each other for staying in the game and reward. The first inhabitant out will be eliminated and the other two inhabitants will remain on Redemption Island. The last two competitors staying also win reward. There will be two choices of reward and the last one standing gets to pick first. The winner of reward can opt to share the reward with their tribes/other inhabitants or to enjoy it themselves.
Each contestant would have to hold two poles against a platform above their heads. If any of the two would fall, that contestant would be out. The last two standing wins reward and the first inhabitant out will be eliminated permanently.
Reward: Fishing gear or a plate of grilled fish with a side salad.
Winners: Nancy (Fishing Gear), Elisa (Fish Plate)
Eliminated: Mi

Immunity Challenge Chicken Couple
Two members of each tribe will catch 2 chickens and place them inside a cage. Two other members must swim into the ocean and place them on a balance and drop a set of puzzle pieces. They must carry the pieces back and the remaining tribe members must solve the puzzle, resembling the chickens. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Yu Shen


Night 3

At Redemption Island:
Rebecca: Hey girls!
Elisa: Oh hi there.

Oh my god Rebecca is now voted out, that means the duel tomorrow will feature two young girls versus one old lady. Guess who's gonna win now!


[Elisa went back to the shelter and started sleeping]

At Yu Shen camp: Tifanie: We survived another tribal!

I'm pretty sure this is an alliance of seven, and I only have Nancy to vote off, before the alliance starts to crumble. I voted for Steven tonight, I hope this won't make me to become a target.


Tonight's vote was not exactly what I expected. Who voted against me? I can see Rebecca voted for me, I can see Nancy maybe. But who else? I don't want to pull a Rupert and yell at everybody, but unfortunately I might have to find that person out and reduce the size of my alliance.


In the end I still have the hidden immunity idol, after tonight I am confirmed to have an alliance of six, but it's not final six in the end, it's final 3 or 2. I have to find someone with me now.


Day 4

At Lei Gong camp:
Johnathan: Hey, you wanna get tree mail?
Dash: Sure.
[Headed to get tree mail]
Johnathan: I think they have six people now. I'm not even sure if we have three, I don't know what's going on on Gabriel's head.

It's cool that Johnathan mentioned that, I know if we lose the next challenge, they are gonna split the vote. Eventually I'm gonna be the seventh in this tribe. But if I can swing two people back, then that's the whole new level. I might have some idol-ish idea here.


Dash: Yes I know, we probably need to look for hidden idol. It's till early, let's try to search for it.
Johnathan: Cool.
[Dash and Johnathan split up]

The idol has to been around something. I know it has to be around something. I see quite a lot of "something" around the camp. There are two dead trees right next to the shelter. There is a rock with holes and look like a honeycomb right next to the well, under a strange looking tree pointing to the ground. I took a look under it, nothing. And then I started digging. See what I've found! [shows hidden immunity idol to camera]


[Johnathan got back to Dash]
Johnathan: Hey I've got it.
Dash: Oh my god is it real?
Johnathan: Yes, you noticed to strange rock near the water? It's buried under it. Dash: Alright, that's great. I think we need to get the tree mail now. Don't make your pockets bulgy.
[Johnathan and Dash got tree mail and went back to the beach.]
Dash: Tree Mail!

The ones voted out you might miss,

witness them to have the goodbye kiss.
Two people go using more than their eyes,
In the end you might get some surprise.

–Tree Mail

Catherine: It seems like the redemption duel but we need to send two people there to witness.
Johnathan: I really want to go there.
Catherine: Me too. Is it okay guys?

At Yu Shen:
[Nancy reading the tree mail]
Nancy: I want to go there, it's the first duel!
Keith: Anyone else? If no I kinda wanna go!

At Redemption Island:
Jeff: Come on in!
[Elisa, Mi and Rebecca walked in]
Jeff: Welcome to Redemption Island Arena. Today one of you will be eliminated from the game permanently. Here's how it's gonna work. Each contestant would have to hold two poles against a platform above their heads. If any of the two would fall, that contestant would be out. The two inhabitants standing will stay on the Island for a few more days.
[Elisa nods her head]
Jeff: Here comes to surprise. All the four, Catherine and Johnathan from Lei Gong, Keith and Nancy from Yu Shen, you are going to participate in this too. Among all seven contestants, the last two standing will also win reward.
[Everyone were shocked]
Keith: [whispered to Catherine] Keep this secret?
Catherine: Sure.
Jeff: Want to know what are you playing for?
Everyone: Yes!
Jeff: There are two options here. First, fishing gear. This will provide more food to your diet. Second, if you want some instant satisfactory, you can also pick - A plate of grilled fish.
Jeff: Everyone get ready, and we will get started.
Jeff: Alright, the challenge officially begins.
Jeff: Stay focused, fight for your chance of staying here, or fight for some delicious reward.
[Elapsed time: 5 minutes]
Jeff: The sun is going away, rain is coming. Mi slipped a little!
[Elapsed time: 10 minutes]
Jeff: Rain always make this extra fun.
Mi: Oh sh*t...
Jeff: Just like that, Mi, is out of the challenge, and become the first person eliminated from Survivor Hainan. That also means, Elisa, Rebecca, you are both safe and everyone is now fighting for reward.
Jeff: Rebecca is moving. Nice comeback.
[Elapsed time: 25 minutes]
Keith: My hands are so tired now. I'm dropping, good luck guys.
Jeff: Keith, the second person out!
[Elapsed time: 40 minutes]
Rebecca: Oh god.
Jeff: Rebecca, third person out!
Catherine: My pole is moving too!
Jeff: Catherine, fourth person out! Three are left, only two reward.
[Elapsed time: 1 hour 30 minutes]
Jeff: Rain has been falling for over an hour, and you all have been standing for 90 minutes.
Johnathan: The fabric on the pole absorbs so much rain and it's so heavy now. My hands are a little numb.
Jeff: No movement from Elisa and Nancy.
Johnathan: Alright, you two can have it.
Jeff: Johnathan is out! Elisa and Nancy win reward, but they are still battling to see who's picking first.
Elisa: Nancy, I take the fish plate. You take the gear, deal?

I need to defeat so many upcoming challengers. It's always better to make yourself full but your opponents starving.

– Elisa

I couldn't hide the fact that reward can be won from duel forever. I need to gain trust by this. I need to show my tribe I am worth here despite I'm the oldest. I hope this would make me a part of the major alliance.

– Nancy

Nancy: Deal. Drop them.
Jeff: Elisa, drops her poles. Nancy wins the challenge!
[Everyone clapped]
Jeff: Alright, let's get the major thing here go first. Mi, come over here. I'm sorry, but you are the first person eliminated. Drop your buff into this fire. Mi: Oh this is tough! [dropped] Bye guys!
Everyone: Bye!

I'm quite disappointed, being voted out on Day 2, eliminated on Day 4. That's worse than Francesca! Anyway, this is a cool experience. This will be over soon.


Jeff: Now let's get to the reward part. Nancy, do you stay true to your deal and pick the gear, or you want the fish?
Nancy: I'll have the gear.
Jeff: That means Elisa, you can have the fish plate! Grab your reward!
[Nancy and Elisa grabbed reward]
Jeff: To all, you can opt to or not to share any information on this duel. Head back.

At Yu Shen Camp,
Tifanie: They are back!
Nancy: I've got something for you all!
Tifanie: Oh my god fishing gear!
Nancy: It was a combined duel and reward challenge. I won this and Elisa on the Island won some food.
Oak: Who lost?
Keith: Mi from the other tribe.
Lucas: Oh wow Nancy, you are strong!

I hope I can sent them a message, that I am not as weak as they think, and maybe the can voted out someone like Albert next time.


Nancy: Let's catch some fish!
At Lei Gong camp:
Johnathan: Hey don't talk.
Albert: They are back!
Catherine: Eh, Mi was eliminated. And that girl... Rebecca I think, was voted out last night.
Ingrid: They are voting out young girls!
At Redemption Island,
Rebecca: Can I have some?
Elisa: Not to much. I haven't got anything but coconuts since I arrived.

I can see what Elisa is trying to do here. To weaken the others. I mean, what other food can be found but coconut on this island? She's a bitch.


Day 5

At Immunity Challenge:
Jeff: Come on in!
[Tribes walked in]
Jeff: Ready for the immunity challenge?
Everyone: Yes!
Jeff: But first, let me take the immunity idol back. Thanks Albert.
Jeff: Here's how it's gonna work. Two members of each tribe will catch 2 chickens and place them inside a cage. Two other members must swim into the ocean and place them on a balance and drop a set of puzzle pieces. They must carry the pieces back and the remaining tribe members must solve the puzzle, resembling the chickens. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity.
Jeff: Lei Gong, you have one extra member, who's gonna sit out?
Albert: Me!
Jeff: Alright, take a seat on the bench. I'll give you a minute to strategize, we'll get started.
[A minute later]
Jeff: Catching for Yu Shen, Nancy and Tifanie. Catching for Lei Gong, Fion and Catherine. Swimming for Yu Shen, Keith and Lucas. Swimming for Lei Gong, Johnathan and Gabriel. The rest will work on the puzzles. Survivors ready, Go!
Jeff: In no time Nancy has got one chicken, off to a slight lead.
Jeff: Nancy is going back to help to catch the other one. Fion has got one while Catherine is still chasing around.
Jeff: Both tribes have got their chickens and Yu Shen is having a slight lead. Go red, go yellow!
Jeff: Keith is swimming like an Olympic medalist!
Jeff: Johnathan and Gabriel just reached the pieces. Keith and Lucas is back with all puzzle pieces. Go puzzle-solvers!
Jeff: Yellow is back with the pieces. Go! This puzzle is very hard. There are trap pieces that do not fit in in either of the chickens. Don't give up!
Jeff: Red completed one chicken. Yellow is no wear close.
Jeff: Red is getting close! Yu Shen, wins immunity!
[A minute later]
Jeff: Yu Shen, here's the immunity. You are safe tonight. Lei Gong, someone is going to redemption tonight, I'll give you an afternoon to figure out who that is, and I'll meet you at tribal. Head back.

At Yu Shen camp:
Keith: First immunity win!
Nancy: Keith, do you need water?
[Keith and Nancy walked away]
Nancy: I know it's kinda early, but when it's about to merge, and if the six still remain, you know who's gonna be out, the stronger ones.
Keith: You're right.
Nancy: You performed so well today.
Keith: Thanks.
Nancy: If you want to do something to avoid that, it's probably the time. You still have me and Tifanie. Maybe you can join Lucas too.
Keith: I'll definitely consider that.

At Lei Gong camp:

Back from the challenge, I know Gab, John and I are in trouble tonight. My idol can do hardly nothing, they are gonna split.


[At the woods]
Johnathan: Hey Cath. I know I'm in danger tonight. But who's gonna go home tonight?
Catherine: Well, I don't know, they might be spliting.
Johnathan: I don't want to go home yet.
Catherine: I understand that. They are probably aiming for you or Gabriel tonight, Dash seemed quite strong.
Johnathan: But Gabriel doesn't know how to play. He's like giving up on Day 1.
Catherine: If you want him out instead... emmm....
Johnathan: Maybe you can help me to change to 3-3 split to 4-2. I stay wanna stay.
Catherine: Let me think about it.

This is how Tyson went out in Heroes vs Villains. I'm no fool, not gonna fall for that. Now I'm sure that they have an idol, 3-3 split is definitely a must now.

– Catherine

[Catherine and Gabriel walked away]
[Catherine was back with the alliance]
Catherine: Guys, I basically confirmed the other 3, one of them has got the idol. Albert: Why so sure?
Catherine: Emm, Johnathan slipped it out of his tongue basically.
Fion: So are we spliting vote to night?
Catherine: Yes!
Bobby: So Albert, Cath and I vote for Gabriel, the other girls vote for Johnathan. If Johnathan doesn't play it, we'll vote him out on the revote, is that cool? Fion: Okay.
[Catherine walked to Johnathan]
Catherine: Dude, if you wanna safe yourself, vote for Gabriel tongiht. You'll be safe if you do so. I promise.

I think Catherine may be smart enough to see my plan. Never mind, I've got Plan B - I don't know who went to the duel today?


Johnathan: Alright, I think I might have to go with that.
[Johnathan walked to Albert and Bobby]
Johnathan: Guys, I think Catherine had forgot something.
Albert: What is it?
Johnathan: If all five guys vote for Catherine, she's going to redemption. I'm here to give you two reasons.
Bobby: Alright, let's here.
Johnathan: Today's redemption duel was not just a duel. Whoever went there can have a shot at winning reward too. Catherine won a plate of grilled fish and she ate it all, I didn't even get a share.

Alright it's exaggeration. But I need this work desperately.


Albert: Oh wow.

At this point, I'm not sure if that's true. I strongly doubt it. If that bitch really did it, I'll kill her.


Johnathan: And, I hope you guys would trust me. [showed hidden immunity idol] This is what I've got. If the five of us all get to the merge without using this, I'm going to give it to you two. Seriously.

Five of us might sound great, but if we are going to merge at twelve, we're probably so screwed. I need to think about it.


[Conversation interrupted by Catherine]
Catherine: Hey guys we need to go now.
Albert: I'm so exhausted now. I should've gone to the duel and try to win some reward.
Catherine: [shocked] What? No! John! No! Only ... I mean them... the inhabitants could complete... I ... Johnathan can't win anything... No... Nothing.

At tribal council:
Jeff: Albert, how is camp life going? Got enough food? Water?
Albert: Well we could all feed ourselves pretty well, on basic level. A scoop of rice and a scoop beans. Unlike two of us.
Jeff: What do you mean by "unlike two of us"?
Albert: Well two of use, Cath and John, went to the duel today. I heard that Reward can be earned there.
[Fion, Ingrid and Holmium are shocked.]
Jeff: Not many of you looked shocked.
Johnathan: Well, I told this to all the people I trust. Gab and Dash was in the minority alliance since Day 2, I told them already. I don't think I've got any trust issue.
Jeff: Catherine, have you told anybody about winning reward?
Catherine: I mean, no. John and I promised not to talk about it. And he still mentioned it when we just came back!
Bobby: Well quite a number of us were just shocked.
Jeff: Ingrid, did you know that?
Ingrid: No I din't know about that. I was completely clueless. I thought we were in an alliance!
Johnathan: We can see some trust problem here. Do you feel trustful to your alliance? When you go to a merge, are you certain that someone won't flip and pull a Cochran? I guess I won't bet on that.
Jeff: Alright. It sounds like everyone needs to really think deep who to vote for. However, It's time to vote, Johnathan, you're up.
[Everyone voted]
Jeff: I'll tally the votes.
[Grabbed the urn]
Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council very immediately. If anybody has the hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. [no one reacted] Alright, I'll read the votes.
Jeff: Give me your torch.

Jeff: ... the tribe has spoken.
Jeff: You'll have a chance to get back to the game. Grab your torch and head to redemption.
Jeff: Everyone is thinking very far, but there is a long long way to go. Grab your torches head back to camp. Good night.

Redemption Island Duel

Michelle mi chen gray

Final Words

Tribal Council

Voting Confessionals

Catherine, you are such a liar and such a bitch. I hope this would work and you would suffer on redemption. Bye


I don't know should I vote for you or John. That monster still got an idol. I don't know would this still work, but I'm going for it.


Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash
Elisa rester gray
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps
Hope -holmium - nickle
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris
Oak timm
Penny smith
Qwerty filex
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye
Tifanie case

Next Time On Survivor...

Jeff: Rain always drive people crazy.
Nancy: I don't know can I take it anymore.
Jeff: Everyone is shocked
Jeff: You are now fighting for individual immunity.
[Everyone is shocked]
Jeff: Including inhabitants.
Rebecca: What is this?

Author's Notes