"When in Doubt, Blindside"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 7/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the seventh episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: The Amazing Burmese Race
The tribe will be divided into three teams of four (green, red and yellow teams). Teams will be transported back to civilization to finish five tasks and must return to Galone camp to win reward. A pre-determined monetary amount will be given to the castaways for transportation and other expenses (they may only use the money for the purpose of finishing the challenge). The flag bearing the season logo will be the route markers. The five tasks are:

Task 1: Must go to a tattoo parlor, where all four members must have henna tattoos of Burmese symbols, that if deciphered, will lead them to their next location.
Task 2: Teams must proceed to a food stall where they have to eat "Ngapi Daung" - a "severely spicy" noodle soup. The next clue is written below the soup bowl.
Task 3: Teams will have to go to a village, where they must play "Htote Si Htoe" - a Burmese border-crossing game where the team must successfully get past the children and avoid getting tagged by them. Once all four members are through, they may proceed to a nearby toy store for the next task.
Task 4: Teams must proceed to a toy store where they must find a certain toy with a certain picture with the season logo underneath.
Task 5: Teams must find the location where the picture was taken. Once found, the team will find a map and a team-colored motorboat. Teams must then direct the boat driver to send them back to the Galone camp. First quartet to return to camp wins reward.

Reward: The day after the challenge, the winning team will have an elephant ride to a secluded location, where they will have a traditional Burmese massage and meal.
Winners: TBA

Immunity Challenge: Bounce, Bounce, Baby
The tribe will be divided into six teams of two, and will have to play a traditional Burmese game of Chin Lone. Pairs must bounce a rattan ball using their elbows, knees or head. Using hands are not allowed. One partner must bounce the ball while the other counts their progress. Once the pair reaches 25 bounces, he/she must pass the ball to his/her partner while keeping the momentum going. If at anytime the ball touches the ground, they must start over (even if one partner already reaches 25 bounces, but the teammate misses the ball, they must start over). First pair to reach 50 consecutive bounces wins immunity.
Winners: TBA


Night 17

After a surprise merge at Tribal Council, the new Galone tribe moves to the camp of the disbanded Magan. The former Nagar and Sar Mayee tribes hug each other for making it this far in the game. As Galone reaches their camp, a group of Burmese cultural dancers and a feast await the castaways. With Nagar just enjoyed a feast of pizza and hotdogs minutes before, they let the Sar Mayee members to eat the majority of the feast. While eating, the tribe witnesses a cultural dance. After the feast. While the tribe prepares to sleep, Kendra and Conway proceed to the woods and compared notes, something they were unable to do since Magan's dissolution.

Quote1Hey lady! How's it going? I'm scared they'll get rid of me!Quote2- Conway
Quote1I've talked to Rashad and Donna. We'll get this alliance going.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Molly and Zach are in as well, but I think we should not vote as a group just yet. Let's just reveal our plan later, because we're sending these people to the jury, and if we're not careful, they're gonna braid our necks.Quote2- Conway
Quote1What's your plan?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Kyle. He's pissing Zach and everyone else on my tribe to no end. Let's convince everyone to vote Kyle out, so they won't realize our alliance this early.Quote2- Conway
Quote1I don't trust Kyle. At All.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Like they say in Survivor, "When in doubt, blindside."Quote2- Conway
Quote1Exactly. High five?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1High five!Quote2- Conway
Me and Kendra are planning to convince people to vote Kyle out to conceal our alliance. That way, our trails will be covered. It should be easy, because neither tribe can't stand his arrogance.


Day 18

Early morning at Galone camp, the tribe is awakened by the sound of four approaching boats, one carrying Jeff Probst. Jeff reveals that their first reward challenge as a merged tribe will be a race in the streets of Mergui. After a draw of rocks the three teams of four: Danny, Donna, Francesca and Nigel (red team; all of whom are from the original Nagar tribe), Zach, Molly, Rashad and Marshall (yellow team; all but Zach are members of the original Sar Mayee tribe) and Kendra, Conway, Kyle and Jolanda (green team; the only remaining members of the disbanded Magan tribe).

The green team reaches the city's docks first, but gets lost on their way to the tattoo parlor. The red team catches up by taking a cab to the tattoo parlor, but Donna realizes they lost half of their money, so she advises to use the money wisely. The red team takes their henna tattoos until the yellow and green teams show up out of nowhere. The red team continues to lead until the second task. Donna struggles to eat the spicy delicacy, enabling the second-placing green team to catch up. Kyle tells his tribe to "let the food walk into their mouths," prompting Jolanda to drink the whole soup. As the green team runs away, Kyle goads the red team, to the chagrin of both red and green teams. While the red team continues to wait Donna, the yellow team shows up, where they also get past Donna, leaving the online student emotional. After taking Kendra's advise to hire a local, they extend their lead by reaching the third task first.The green team passes through the kids quickly, but Conway cannot get past the kids, telling his tribemates he is nervous. The other two teams show up to close the gap, with the whole yellow team surging ahead, because Conway and Donna cannot get past the children. Conway finally surpasses the last child, while Donna remains stuck. The yellow and green teams struggle to find the toy with a picture, until Kyle finds an elephant figurine with the required picture underneath, allowing them to perform the final task, which is to locate where their tribe boat is parked (the picture underneath the toy depicts the location of the boat). Just as the green team leaves the toy store, Kyle looks smugly at the yellow team, shrugging his shoulders and smirking at them. Ignoring Kyle, the yellow team finally finds another figurine. The red tribe arrives just as the yellow team is about to leave. Donna redeems herself by finding the picture on her first look. With the help of the same local, the green team finds out that the location of their boat is at Port of Myeik. On their way back to Galone camp, the green team's boat stops moving due to a damage on its motor. While the boat undergoes repair, the other two teams slowly inch their way to camp. The boat driver finally fixes the boat and continues to move. After a close race, the green team (Jolanda, Kendra, Kyle and Conway) wins reward. The challenge ends by sundown.

As the two teams reaches camp, Nigel and Danny admonish Kyle's rudeness at the challenge. Kyle replies that he is only taunting them because he was too caught in the moment.

Funny that we won the challenge, because when we were still Magan, winning is a stranger to us.


It's nice to win a challenge with my former tribe, but winning it with Kyle pissed me off. He was so-not classy at the challenge. If it had gone my way, I won't let Kyle join us. Having him around makes this reward less enjoyable.


After congratulating the winning team, Jeff leaves the Galone tribe, but not without informing the former Magans that their reward will be given the next day.

That massage will cost him a million dollars!


Day 19

Morning at Galone, three masseuses fetch the winners and hand them bathrobes. Minutes later, two giant elephants carry the four to the secluded place. Jolanda and Kendra visibly enjoy the massage. Having never taken his shirt off in front of his tribe, Conway expresses his doubts of taking his clothes off. After a "little help" from Kendra, Conway finally takes his shirt off, leaving only his boxers.

This is so awkward, I don't know if i'm in a spa or in a brothel. I never took my clothes off in public, let alone in front of a woman. What a humiliating way to tell the world you're still a virgin.


After Conway's massage, he meets up with Kyle in the sauna. Kyle reveals to Conway his steamiest bedroom secrets. Conway is visibly disinterested, but due to the steam, Kyle does not see Conway's frustration.

Kyle rips every fiber of my being. I hate him. I wish we went to Tribal Council instead. I would love to snuff his torch myself.


Back at camp, Molly, Donna, Rashad and Zach go to the depths of the jungle to talk strategy.

Quote1so who is it?Quote2- Zach
Quote1Conway and Kendra both say it should be Kyle.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Well I agree on taking Kyle out. He's just downright nasty yesterday.Quote2- Molly
Quote1By the way, I fear that we might not succeed in our endgame if we surface immediately. Like, if one of use makes it to the final, they won't vote one of us.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1Here's the deal. I'll convince the former Nagars, that's you [Rashad], me, Nigel, Kendra, Marshall and Jo to take Kyle out to make it appear as if the Nagars are sticking together, just we don't want anything to to with Kyle. then make the Sar Mayees believe we're gonna Pagong them. But in truth, it's one of the muscles - that's Nigel, Danny, Jo and Fran.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Sounds good to me. But H'bout Marshall? Though he's not physically strong, he's too likable to stick around. We have to vote him out as well.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Okay, voting Kyle out is our tentative priority. But we have to tell Kendra and Conway what we talked about. But how will we get back without them suspecting anything?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Let's just pretend we got lost.Quote2- Zach

The winners return to camp by nighttime. Kendra and Molly sat together by the bonfire. Molly tells Kendra that the others are leaning towards voting Kyle out, using the strategy donna proposed that afternoon.

Quote1Kendra, we've talked about taking Kyle out.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Conway and I were talking 'bout the same thing. Like, we'll convince Donna, Rashad, Jo, Mars and Nigel to vote Kyle out while you Sar Mayees vote Marshall. That way, we don't get detected this early.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Gosh, you can read minds even when you're not here! Donna proposed the exact same thing!Quote2- Molly
Quote1Good. At least we're settled on one thing at least. Kyle?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Kyle it is. Like after the challenge, we take the tribes on separate ways. You convince the Nagars to vote Kyle out, while I send Sar Mayee to vote Marshall out.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Settled. By the way, if the Sar Mayees wanted to vote Kyle, it's fine.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Molly

Day 20

Early morning at Galone, Kendra tells Conway about what she and Molly talked about last night. Conway agrees with it.

The Galone tribe meets Jeff Probst for their first individual Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains that the challenge is inspired from a local game called Chin Lone. Jeff adds that the challenge will be a pair effort - meaning that two people will win immunity. After drawing for partners, the pairs are:

  • Conway and Kyle
  • Kendra and Molly
  • Jolanda and Nigel
  • Danny and Donna
  • Francesca and Marshall

Danny and Donna takes the lead by passing the ball to each other in each bounce while counting together. Molly and Kendra struggle with their rhythm. Jolanda and Nigel catch up to Danny and Donna when Nigel finishes his 25 bounces and successfully passing it to Jolanda. Conway and Kyle are completely out of because Kyle's panicking. Francesca patiently waits Marshall to even make one bounce. It all comes down to Danny and Donna who make an unorthodox strategy and Jolanda and Nigel who follow the given instructions. Danny accidentally drops the ball when Jolanda is already in her final few bounces. It is already impossible for Danny and Donna to catch up, as Jolanda makes her 25th and final bounce, winning her and Nigel immunity necklaces.

This is an example of why these stronger people must go. If they stay longer, we can't win.


At camp, Kyle accuses Conway of not supporting him at the challenge.

Quote1You didn't seem to care to win immunity today. Like, do you even hate me?Quote2- Kyle
Quote1You act very disrespectful to everyone. It showed at the Reward Challenge. That's why pairing up with you is ungainly; and for the record, if there is anyone who needs motivation, it will be me, because i can't bounce that freaking ball for the life of me.Quote2- Conway
Quote1You could have just told me earlier!Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Gosh, Kyle, you're years older than I do, you should have known how you're coming across to people.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1You're taking this out on me, but you're the one who's walking away? You make no sense to me, KyleQuote2- Conway
Kyle just zaps the energy out of me. He needs to go, or i'll go ballistic!


Kendra, Nigel, Donna and Jolanda are all in the shelter. Kendra asks them if the Nagars are sticking together. Jolanda confirms, but she notes that she won't tolerate any more of Kyle's brashness. with this, Kendra proposes that the five of them should vote Kyle out and deal with the Sar Mayees later. Minutes later, Kyle, who goes back to the shelter after pissing, asks if the Nagars will stick together. Kendra insists to vote Conway out because he is a strategic threat. Kyle asks fist bumps as a symbol of confirmation from them.

Conway's gonna pay for his treatment of me. I saved his ass from Chuck before, and this is how he will return the favor? What an ungrateful brat!


Meanwhile, at the beach, Molly convinces the former Sar Mayee to vote Marshall out. Danny insists to vote Kyle out. Conway states that Kyle is the best choice to be eliminated due to his athleticism and apparent arrogance. After the conversation, Molly and Conway go to the woods, with Conway stating that even with the plan of voting Marshall is unsuccessful, at least it is already sure they will vote Kyle out.

At Tribal Council, Kyle expresses his confidence that the former Nagars will send the five Sar Mayees home, to the point of taunting Conway. Kyle admonishes Conway for shunning him after he saved his life from Chuck some episodes ago. Conway says it has nothing to do with returning the favor; and he was only angry because of his arrogant showing at challenges and at camp. In the end, Kyle is blindsided by both nagar and Sar Mayee tribes, sending him to the jury after an unanimous 11-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Kyle (11 votes)
Conway, Danny, Donna, Francesca, Jolanda, Kendra, Marshall, Molly, Nigel, Rashad, & Zach
Conway (1 vote)
Kyle Pierce

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • The members of the Three Tribes Alliance work very well in concealing their alliance. Will it continue?
  • With Kyle's elimination, the strongest members of the tribe begin to worry. Will they realize the existence of the Three Tribes Alliance? Find out!

Author's Notes

  • Htote Si Toe is similar to the Philippines' Patintero.

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