"Well That Was Shocking"
Santa Carolina Island
Season Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned
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Episode Number 12/13
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This is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned


Immunity Challenge (Day 34): Centrifuge
The castaways must spin a ball around a circular track using centripetal force, using momentum to keep the ball spinning. The castaway who keeps the ball spinning for the longest wins individual immunity.
Winner: Vanessa Schurz

Immunity Challenge (Day 36): Corks And Keys
The contestant must fill their canteen with seawater, cross a balance beam without falling off, and pour the water from their canteen into a tube, raising a key attached to a tiny float. They will then unlock the second beam and lower it, and repeat the process. If they need to refill at any time, they must return to the starting platform to do so. They must get five keys and lower five beams to grab their flag, before crossing them again to get to the start.
Winner: Lauren Kuechly


Night 33

The members of the Oribi Tribe return to camp after having just voted out Aaron. Vanessa says out loud to no one in particular…

Vanessa: The long national nightmare that was Aaron Brzezinski is finally gone.

[The other members of the tribe laugh.]

Lauren: I am honestly surprised with how well he took it. I thought for sure he would flip out…

Wild Bill: Nah, I knew he wasn’t going to go off. He was all show and no real substance. He was just playing up the role of villain if you get my drift.

VanessaReturned I tried to help Aaron but he threw me under the bus. It really sucked trying to give him a lifeline and have him do that to me.

Not that I really would have wanted to work with him but I realized if he stayed in the game the target on my back would not be as big. Unfortunately, he seemed to have lost his will to stay in the game and because of that he is now a member of the jury.

I for one won’t miss him…not at all.

Day 34

Day thirty-four begins with Vanessa taking a hatchet to one of the shelters support beams and marking the day on the support beam.

VeraReturned I cannot believe I am still around. I only lasted three days the last time I played. So as you can tell I am not really sure what to expect from here on out.

Vanessa and John enter camp with Tree Mail informing the castaways that there will be an Immunity Challenge later that afternoon. Upon hearing this news Craig and Lauren have a short conversation out of earshot from the rest of the castaways about who should be voted out. Lauren says it should be Vanessa and if Vanessa were to win Immunity, then it should be Vera. Craig agrees and says he will tell John and she should tell Wild Bill.

CraigReturned2 I was a little shocked when I heard there was going to be an Immunity Challenge today. I had the next one pegged for three days from now. Because of this news Lauren and I had to have a quick conversation about the vote because I did not want to have to scramble too much when we return from the Immunity Challenge.

If all goes to plan and Vanessa does not win Immunity, then it will be adios Vanessa. If she wins then we will have to get rid of Vera.

Immunity Challenge:

The Oribi Tribe arrives at the challenge area, once all of the castaways are standing on the mat; Jeff Probst takes the Individual Immunity Necklace from Vanessa. Vanessa playfully tells Jeff that she fully intends to have him give it back to her. Jeff says he loves her confidence.

Jeff then goes on to explain the rules of the challenge before reminding the castaways that the winner of the challenge tonight will be safe from the vote. While anyone of the other five castaways could end up being the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

Vera and Lauren both seem to be struggling right out of the gate in this challenge. Shortly after the two minute mark, Lauren loses control of her spinning ball and is the first person out of the challenge. Lauren is clearly not happy with herself as she kicks the dirt before sitting down on the ground a sulking.

Vera is the next person eliminated from the challenge after three minutes and fourteen seconds. Vera says she was surprised over how long she lasted.

It is now down to John, Wild Bill, Vanessa, and Craig. A little bit after the ten minute mark Craig loses control after he becomes distracted by a fly that landed on his nose. Wild Bill joins Craig on the bench mere seconds later when his ball fell out of the circular track.

It is now down to John and Vanessa for the Immunity Necklace. Neither seemed to be remotely bothered by this challenge and both seem to have supreme concentration. A little after the half-hour mark Jeff points out that the sweat is pouring down John’s face and it looks like it is getting into his eyes. John blinks moments later and that was enough for him to lose concentration and lose the challenge. This meant that Vanessa won Individual Immunity!

Vanessa excitedly claps her hands as Jeff puts the Immunity necklace around her neck. Jeff reminds the rest of the castaways that Vanessa is safe from the vote and that one of the five other non-immune castaways will become the thirteenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

LaurenReturned I have to hand Vanessa, every single time she has needed Immunity she has one it. I hate to say it but I am impressed.

The tribe returns to camp and everyone congratulates Vanessa on her Immunity win. Though it is very clear that none of the castaways truly mean it and they are just paying her lip service.

VanessaReturned Look who is going nowhere…me! I can’t believe I won Immunity tonight!

But winning doesn’t mean anything unless I can get Craig or Lauren out of the game.

Vera and John are sitting in the shelter talking about the vote while the other castaways are doing various odd jobs around camp.

VeraReturned I am not stupid. I know that my days in this game are numbered now that Vanessa has won Immunity. But I thought I would talk to John to see if there was any way I might be able to remain in this game.

Vera: Well now that Vanessa won Immunity it looks like I will probably be the next to go.

John: It would appear that way sadly.

Vera: Is there any way I could possibly stay?

John: Well…I will be honest with you we are a solid four and I really cannot foresee us deviating from our path. As much as I like you, I gave them my word that I would stick by them and my word is my bond.

Vera: I understand…I just wish I could do something…anything to stick around.

At this point Vanessa, who was listening in on the conversation interrupts them.

Vanessa: Sorry guys but I couldn’t help but hear the two of you talking and I wanted to run something by the two of you.

John, right now you know that once Vera and I go, you’ll be the next to go. So right now at worst you’re playing for fifth place and at best you’re playing for fourth place. Is that really what you want?

John: If that’s the Lord’s plan for me…so be it.

Vanessa: Look I respect that, but what if you could improve your lot in this game?

John: If I were to try and improve my lot in this game it would mean I would have to go against my word. I am a preacher, how would that make me look?

Vera: I am sure the people in your church would understand that what you are doing in this game is not what you would do in reality.

John: That may very well be the case but I would still feel awful doing such an underhanded thing.

Vanessa: Look I know you will not vote out Craig. I understand that but why not take Lauren or Wild Bill out of the game?

If we force a tie and we stick by our choice I am sure one of them is bound to flip. Honestly as a man of faith would you really want someone like Wild Bill making it to the finals? John: I rather like William. He and I get along but so of his actions in this game have been pretty mean spirited.

Vanessa: Exactly. Also, think of it this way. If you were to help us get rid of either Bill or Lauren you would be in the prime spot in the final five. You would be the swing vote. No matter what you would make it to the end.

John: That is true…I do not know though. This is a very tough decision for me to make. There are a lot of variables to think over.

Vera: This would be your chance to make a huge impact on this game John. It very well might be worth going back on your word.

JohnReturned2 I am in a very tough situation. Do I force a tie tonight and potentially improve my position in this game. Or do I go with the flow and stay in the same spot.


Later on in the day John approaches Craig and asks him if they could talk about the game.

JohnReturned2 Craig and I have had a close friendship for some time now and I feel as if I should tell him of the move I might potentially have to make.

John: I am debating about forcing a tie tonight…

Craig: Why would you do that? You’re sitting pretty right now, why would you do such a thing?

John: Because I am here to play the game. I am not here to play for fourth place.

Craig: Fourth place? Who is saying you’re playing for fourth place? As far as I know there isn’t a pecking order when it comes to our final four.

John: Look Craig…I appreciate you trying to make me think that I am not already penciled in to go when we get to the final four. However, you and I both know there is no way I am going to get a whiff of the final three.

Craig: Hey man I am not trying to game you right now. If you don’t win Immunity at the final four I fully intend to force a tie in the vote. Sure you might have to do a tie-breaker challenge but it will mean you have an opportunity to get to the end.

But this vote isn’t about the final four. It’s about sticking with the plan and getting Vera out. I truly don’t see how forcing a tie tonight is something that you should do. I mean had you flipped during the last vote I would have understood the logic. But after tonight you’re golden man…

John: I have to do what I have to do Craig and I feel like I have to force the tie tonight. You might not see the logic behind it but it is what I feel I need to do.

Craig: Okay John. But if I were you I really reconsider this move because all you will be doing is putting yourself in danger of drawing rocks.

CraigReturned2 I respect John but if he forces a tie in the vote tonight…well that would just be a terrible move. Plus I want Wild Bill sitting next to me in the finals so he has to stay in the game.

Back at the camp Vera is trying to see if Lauren might want to make a majority alliance to knock Bill out of the game. Lauren says that she has no interest in getting rid of Bill at this point.

LaurenReturned I fully understand that Vera’s back is up against the wall and she needs to do whatever she can to stay in the game. However, if she thinks I am going to vote Bill out…well she’s nuts.

She claims that she and Vanessa flipped John which I do not believe for a second. Plus why would I want to turn on Bill? If I am in a finals with him I am going to beat him. It’s as simple as that.

We now see Craig and Wild Bill near the well talking about John potentially flipping. Wild Bill does not seem very worried over John’s potential flip and he informs Craig that if they stick to the plan all will be good. Craig looks confused and Bill smiles and tells Craig about his Hidden Immunity Idol. Craig starts to laugh and Wild Bill says he will be happy for them to vote against him because he is not going anywhere.

WildBillReturned2 I knew I was going to have use this puppy sooner or later and it sounds like tonight might be the night. Or maybe I will not use it and let them force a tie that way there will be a tie in the votes and we might see someone go home due to a rock. Either way tonight will be exciting.
Wild Bill

Tribal Council:

The members of the Oribi Tribe enter Tribal Council once they are all settled down Jeff Probst welcomes in the members of the jury, Jody, Jillian, Jocelyn, Simon, and Aaron who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. The freshly shaved Aaron glares at the castaways that are still in the game as he takes his seat in the jury box.

Jeff starts Tribal out with a general question asking if at this point in the game when it is down to six players, if old allegiances are no longer in play. Craig says you would hope that is not the case but you truly do not know where folks heads are at and how they are approaching the game. Therefore, old loyalties might not be as strong as they once were.

Vanessa nods her head and says that she is clearly the next target and once she does not have Immunity she will be gone. Therefore, she hopes that the old loyalties are not still in play because if they are then she will be a goner.

Jeff asks Vanessa how she can go about turning the majority against each other. Vanessa says that there are four people in the majority and as far as she knows only two of them will be in the finals. Therefore, that means there are two people currently playing for third and fourth place. She then says that she believes that John and Lauren are the two playing for third and fourth at the moment. Vanessa believes that it is in the best interests of John and Lauren to get rid of either Craig or Wild Bill so that they can improve their standings in the game.

Lauren rolls her eyes and says she is content in her position in the game and she is not playing for third place. Vera interjects and tells Lauren to prove it. Vera says that right now Lauren has done nothing noteworthy in the game and because of that she will not win. She tells Lauren to do what is best for her game and knock either Craig or Wild Bill out of the game.

Wild Bill laughs and says that right now in the game it is best to stick with the plan and go from there. Jeff asks Wild Bill what the plan is and Wild Bill says in a matter of a fact manner, “The plan is to vote out Vera.”

Jeff asks Vera if she knows that she is on the chopping block and Vera nods her head. Vera says it is a simple case of math, meaning that Vanessa has Immunity and everyone else is in an alliance and so that makes her the odd woman out. That is unless John and Lauren decide to actually make a move and not sit around waiting to be picked off.

Jeff asks John if the thought of voting with Vera and Vanessa has crossed his mind. John nods his head and says that it has crossed his mind and it is something he has been thinking about a lot because he is fully aware that once Vanessa and Vera are gone he will be the next to go.

Craig says that if John is feeling that way he should not because they have a final four pact and there is no hierarchy in the pact. Vanessa laughs and says that is an easy thing for Craig to say because he is the one who has been running the game and so he can make statements like that. She continues by saying that, it is clear as day that John will never get higher than fourth place if he decides to stick with their plan.

Vanessa looks over at John, who is sitting to the right of her, and implores him to make a big move and do what is best for his game. John shrugs his shoulders and says he probably will not know what he will do until he votes.

With that last comment it is time to vote. The castaways then begin the voting process and once the last person finishes voting, which was Craig; Jeff goes off to retrieve the votes. Jeff returns from tallying the votes and he asks if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol that they would like to play.

The camera focuses on Wild Bill who remains seated as he looks over at the other castaways. Wild Bill then lets out a huge sigh before saying, “Hold up Jeff, I might as well play this puppy on myself tonight.” The castaways who are still active in the game and the Jury members all looked shocked as Jeff verifies that Wild Bill is indeed playing a legitimate Immunity Idol and therefore no votes cast against him will count. Both Vera and John look mortified over this turn of events.

Jeff then proceeds to read the votes.

The first three votes are all for Wild Bill and therefore they do not count.

The fourth vote is for John.

The fifth vote is for Vera.

The sixth and final vote is for…John.

This means that John has become the sixth member of the jury and the thirteenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

John slowly gets out of his seat and grabs his torch. Jeff then snuffs John’s torch out and John turns and wishes everyone good luck. As John walks away, Vera turns to Vanessa and says, “Well that was shocking.”

Day 35

Day thirty-five begins with a confessional from Lauren.

LaurenReturned Voting John off last night sucked big time. But he chose to go off and do his own thing and that simply can’t happen. Bill and I both agreed that Craig did not have to vote John off because we know he promised John he would not vote for him and we’re not totally heartless so that was why Craig voted for Vera.

The game is about to get really fun now that we are down to the nitty gritty. I mean we have no idea if there will be a final two or a final three and that has us all on the edge. I mean I know that Bill, Craig, and I are solid until three but what happens from there is anyone’s guess.

We now see Wild Bill near the well filling up his canteen. Vera nervously approaches him.

Vera: May we talk?

Wild Bill: Sure thing. What do you want to talk about?

Vera: Well…I was wondering why I was speared last night and you all got rid of John.

Wild Bill: Well it’s pretty simple. Promises were made and not kept. John chose to turn his back on us and so we voted for him. No promises were made to you and so that is why you’re still here.

Vera: Well I cannot fault that logic. I do have one more question though, if Vanessa were to win Immunity again would it mean I am next? Or even if she does not win who would go in that case?

Wild Bill: If she won Immunity then I am sorry to say but you’d have to go. I am at a point right now where I am sticking to the people who helped me get here and I am not about to deviate and I think Craig and Lauren would agree with that line of thinking.

Now if either you or Vanessa were to not win Immunity…then I would be open to getting rid of her. I mean I would have to run it by Lauren and Craig and all…but I wouldn’t be opposed to you joining us in the final four.

Vera: Thank you for your candor; I really appreciate your honesty here.

Wild Bill: Well I mean you and Vanessa know what’s up. You’re both playing for fourth or fifth and heck one of you might even slip into third if the conditions are right. So I ain’t about to lie to you when I don’t have to because there is just no reason to do so.

VeraReturned My conversation with William was interesting to say the very least. He pretty much laid out exactly where I stood with the majority alliance and he actually earned some respect from me for being so open.

My best bet to stay in this game is to either win Immunity or hope that Vanessa does not continue her Immunity run. The game is going to be tough from here on out but this old lady loves a challenge.

Back at camp Lauren and Vanessa are standing near the fire watching the rice cook. Vanessa looks around to see if anyone else is around before she proceeds to talk.

Vanessa: I have to admit that Craig once again impressed me with his vote last night?

Lauren: How so?

Vanessa: Well he stayed true to his promise to John and he made you and Bill look like jerks for getting rid of John. Craig came out of that vote with his integrity still intact while you and Bill looked like heartless jerks who voted your own ally out while there was still someone you could have gotten rid of first.

Lauren: I don’t see it that way at all. Bill and I got rid of a traitor who was actively working with you to get rid of one of us.

Vanessa: Sure you can try to spin it that way and I guess you wouldn’t be that wrong. But perception is everything and you and I both know that John was loved by nearly everyone in this game and so because of that you and Bill are going to look like jerks for voting him out.

Meanwhile, Craig comes out smelling like roses because he was a man of his word and did not vote John out.

Let me ask you something. Who gave Craig the okay to vote for Vera?

Lauren: It was a group decision…

Vanessa: Oh it was a “group decision”…and Craig had no influence in making this “group decision”? He wasn’t the first person to bring it up?

Lauren: Nope…it was Bill who brought it up. Look dude I know what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to sow some seeds of discord here. Well that crap is not going to fly with me.

I am not about to turn my back on Craig or Wild Bill, so you can stop trying to get me to doubt them.

Vanessa: Fine. Have it your way but if you are sitting next to Craig in a final two or if you are sitting next to Bill and Craig in a final three, you’re going to lose and it will probably be a landslide.

LaurenReturned Vanessa irks me to no end. She is always trying to get us to turn on each other and at this point I am just not willing to do that. That chick has to go….sooner rather than later…

VanessaReturned I really don’t understand Lauren’s game. Do the boys have her snowed that much?

It is like she wants to finish in third place. I mean she has both Vera and I who she can still use. Yet she would rather stick with the boys and lose to one of them in what will probably be a landslide vote.

Laruen is playing such a terrible game and if she does make it to the end and I am on the jury…well she will not be getting my vote…because she doesn’t deserve it.


Day 36

Immunity Challenge:

The Oribi Tribe enters the challenge area, after all of the castaways are standing on the mat; Jeff Probst takes the Individual Immunity Necklace from Vanessa. Vanessa asks Jeff if she has to give up Immunity and he laughs and says yes.

Jeff then goes on to explain the rules of the challenge before reminding the castaways that the winner of the challenge tonight will be safe from the vote. While anyone of the other four castaways could end up being the fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

This seemed to be a challenge where only two people had any reasonable chance of winning. Those two people were Vanessa and Lauren. Both women seemed very at ease on their respective balance beams. The same could not be said about Vera, Craig, or Wild Bill who all had a difficult time at mastering their respective balance beams. Wild Bill was the worst out of the three and he quickly lost any chance he had at winning this challenge. Of course he was swearing up a storm every time he fell off his beam.

Lauren and Vanessa were racing neck-and-neck in this challenge with neither of them having a huge lead over the other. Craig did manage to pull away from Vera and Wild Bill but he was not in contention to win the challenge as Lauren and Vanessa were too far ahead of him.

Vanessa was slightly ahead of Lauren during the last part of the challenge. She even managed to grab her flag before Lauren could grab he own flag. However, Vanessa seemed to crack under the pressure of being in a do or die situation as she kept on falling off her second balance beam. This allowed Lauren to pass her and return to the start first. This meant that Lauren ended up winning Immunity!

Lauren has a huge grin on her face as Jeff puts the Immunity necklace around her neck. Jeff reminds the rest of the castaways that Lauren is safe from the vote and that one of the four other non-immune castaways will become the fourteenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

We are shown a post-challenge confessional from a teary-eyed Vanessa.

VanessaReturned Well there you have it. I am officially done in this game…I can’t complain I had a good run but it still sucks to be going home so close to the end.

The tribe returns to camp and everyone congratulates Lauren on her victory.

LaurenReturned Having Immunity tonight means the world to me. Mainly because it means that this puppy was kept out of the hands of Vanessa and Vera.

In the shelter a crying Vanessa looks over at Vera, who is sitting next to her, and says, “Well I guess it is the end of the road for me.” Vera comforts Vanessa and tells her that all is not lost and that they could still try to appeal to Lauren or Bill in order to get rid of Craig. Vanessa smiles and says that she loves how Vera still has fight in her but she (Vanessa) is just emotionally and physically spent and she no longer has any will to stay or any fight left in her.

VeraReturned It shocked me how quickly Vanessa was to say she was done with the game. Granted in a way it is fine by me because if she no longer wants to even try to stay…well that means my ticket to the final four has just been stamped.

While Vera tries to comfort Vanessa in the shelter, the other three castaways are on the beach happy over Lauren’s victory.

Craig: That couldn’t have come at a better time…

Lauren: I know right? I was actually shocked at how badly Vanessa chocked during the end of the challenge. I mean she had a small lead on me and I thought for sure she was going to beat me.

Wild Bill: I think the pressure of staying in the game got to her. I was right next to her in the challenge and I saw this blank look in her eyes as she was trying to get back to the starting line of the challenge. It was almost as if she just couldn’t muster up the energy to win…

Craig: Well her loss is our gain. I say we go back to camp and inform Vera that she’s final four bound.

Wild Bill: Whoa now…that ain’t a lock. We’ve got to hash out the pros and cons of this vote.

Craig: Say what?

Lauren: Bill’s right. I mean I really want Vanessa to go but Vera is much more likable than Vanessa. So I think we have to look long and hard at getting rid of Vera first.

Wild Bill: My thoughts exactly…

Craig: Have the two of you lost your minds? That chick is a challenge beast. She’s won two Immunity Challenges through sheer force of will.

You would rather keep her around over Vera who is no threat to win any challenges? This is nuts…

Wild Bill: Look man, I want Vanessa gone as well. Heck she tried to get rid of me at the last Tribal Council. But Vera would smoke all of us if she were to somehow make it to the end.

Craig: But Vera ain’t making it to the end. The only way she’ll get to the end is if we allow her to get to the end. If we keep Vanessa around she may very well win her way to the end and that thought scares me.

Lauren: Maybe you’re right and maybe we’re overthinking things. I don’t know I just feel that we’ll be sorry if we allow Vera to make it to the final four. My gut is telling me that.

Wild Bill: I got the same feeling as well. But if you think Vanessa is the one who has to go, I guess I’ll back you up. After all you did warn me about John…so I sort of owe ya.

CraigReturned2 I think Lauren and Bill are out of their ever loving minds. Why would we want to keep Vanessa around? That would be one of the dumbest moves in the history of this game. We have her up against the ropes right now. We should just move in for the kill and knock her ass out of the game.

LaurenReturned I am a little uneasy about Craig once again trying to force his agenda. His argument has strong merits but I just think it is time for Vera to go. Plus if we keep Vanessa around and she wins Immunity, I know that I’ll be safe from getting voted out and I think Bill is thinking along those lines as well.

Whereas, if Vera were to win Immunity…well I think would have a really good shot at going home and that is not something I want to explore.

Later on in the day Craig approaches Vera and tells her she is staying and that she should vote for Vanessa. Vera happily nods her head and says she will do just that.

VeraReturned When Craig approached me and told me that I was staying in the game and that I should vote for Vanessa…well it felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It felt so good to have him confirm that I was a member of the final four.

While Craig is informing Vera of her safety, Lauren and Wild Bill are having a brief conversation about getting rid of Vera. Lauren says that she is not happy about how dismissive Craig was about getting rid of Vera. Wild Bill agrees and says the thought had crossed his mind to get rid of Craig instead. Lauren says she thought the same thing but she said that she did not know if she could be that heartless because she views Craig as a friend. Wild Bill says this is Survivor and there are no friends in Survivor.

Lauren laughs and says getting rid of Craig would be a huge move and would be one of the biggest blindsides in the history of the game. Wild Bill nods his head in agreement but then says that both Vera and Vanessa would be left in the game and that would mean the final four vote would probably end up and two-two split and he would not want to go through that again. Lauren laughs in agreement and says perhaps they should table the idea of getting rid of Craig until they reach the final four.

WildBillReturned2 Me and Lauren had an interesting conversation about getting rid of Craig tonight. I mean if we decided to do so would could get it done easily. But it would make the final four more difficult for the two of us, so I don’t think we’ll go that route. But you never know…we might just do that.
Wild Bill

Tribal Council:

The members of the Oribi Tribe enter Tribal Council once they are all settled down Jeff Probst welcomes in the members of the jury, Jody, Jillian, Jocelyn, Simon, Aaron, and John who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. John has a broad grin on his face as he takes his seat on jury.

Jeff starts off by asking Vanessa why she blew her lead at the Immunity Challenge. Vanessa says that the pressure of being in yet another do or die situation go to her and she just choked. Jeff says that the fact she was in a do or die situation should have motivated her to push forward and win. Vanessa says she thought so to but she just could not mentally or physically do it anymore.

Jeff then asks Vanessa if she is completely sure she is going home tonight. Vanessa chuckles and says that there might be a slim chance of Vera leaving the game but that would be a very slim chance.

Jeff asks Craig if this is true. Craig says he believes it is true because keeping a dangerous player like Vanessa in the game would be insane. Vera laughs and says that she is hurt that nobody views her as a dangerous player. Everyone laughs at this comment.

Jeff asks Vera if there is some truth behind her statement. In that she is offended over not being considered a dangerous player. Vera says that she is perfectly fine not being viewed as a dangerous player because dangerous players go to the jury. She then says, “The jury is made up of dangerous players.”

Jeff notices Lauren rolling her eyes and he asks why Lauren just rolled her eyes at Vera’s comment. Lauren says that everyone in the game can be a dangerous player to someone else. You do not have to be a comp beast to be a dangerous player. She (Lauren) thinks that Vera is a very dangerous player because she is a sweet old woman who nobody in the game could beat if she (Vera) made it to the finals.

Wild Bill nods his head and says that is what this Tribal Council is all about. Do you get rid of the comp beast that could win comps and force her way into the finals or do you get rid of the likable woman who could beat anyone in the finals.

With that last comment it is time to vote. The castaways then begin the voting process and once the last person finishes voting, which was Wild Bill; Jeff goes off to retrieve the votes.

Jeff then proceeds to read the votes. Once Jeff has read all of the votes it is Vera who became the seventh member of the jury and the fourteenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

Tribal Council

Day 34

Tribal Council 13:
Wild Bill (3 votes)
(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)

John, Vera,Vanessa
(Votes Not Counted)
John (2 votes)
Wild Bill, Lauren
Vera (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

JohnReturned2 I have nothing against you William, but I need to make a big move tonight. I hope this does not end up going to rocks.

WildBillReturned2 Johnny boy you should have listened to me when I said stick with the plan. Had you done that it would've been Vera going home tonight.
Wild Bill

CraigReturned2 I made a promise to John that I would not write his name down and I am sticking to that promise. Because of that you are my only option to vote against.

VeraReturned You are a mean, vile, bully of a man and I want you to get nowhere near the finals.

VanessaReturned Sorry babe but this is what I have to do.

LaurenReturned I really do not want to vote you out but you kind of forced my hand. Sorry John.

Final Words

JohnReturned2 Well I tried to play an honest game and the one time I did not I paid for it. I guess this is what I get for going back on my word...oh well. The first time I played this game I only lasted three days and this time around I lasted thirty-four days. I think that is one heck of an accomplishment and I am very proud of myself.


Members of the Jury
Jody, Jillian, Jocelyn, Simon, Aaron, John

Day 36

Tribal Council 14:
Vera (3 votes)

Vanessa, Wild Bill, Lauren
Vanessa (2 votes)
Vera, Craig

Voting Confessionals

VeraReturned Sorry but I want to stay in this game, so I have to vote for you.

VanessaReturned This is not meant to be personal...

CraigReturned2 Well you are the last major obstacle left in this game for me, so I shall vote for you with no regrets.

LaurenReturned Boy is Craig going to be surprised when he sees the outcome of this vote...

WildBillReturned2 Bye grandma. Don't break a hip...
Wild Bill

Final Words

VeraReturned I fail to see how keeping Vanessa in this game is logical but it really does not matter now. I enjoyed playing this game and I cannot wait to help decide who will win it.


Members of the Jury
Jody, Jillian, Jocelyn, Simon, Aaron, John, Vera

Still in the Running

Wild Bill

Author's Notes