"Welcome to Vieques"
18 castaways compete for $1,000,000...
Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 1/15
Date Uploaded February 1, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 1 of Survivor: Vieques.

This episode is titled "Welcome to Vieques."


Reward Challenge

On day 1, Jeff informs the tribes that they will be conducting their first reward challenge immediately. The challenge is quite simple. Using coconut husk, a large pile of dry wood, and a magnifying glass, each tribe must build a fire and burn it threw 3 strings tied at 6 inches, 1 foot, and 2 feet above the fire. First two tribes to do so win flint.

Winners: Cacimar & Bieque Immunity Challenge For this challenge, each tribe will designate a puzzle maker to start off the challenge by completing a puzzle that requires the player to study a set of 24 matches arranged to make 9 squares (see diagram below) and remove just 6 so that only 3 squares remain. Once completed, the player will grab the key and run it to the second person in the challenge. The second person must walk across a balance beam 400 feet long, with checkpoints at every 100 feet. If you fall of, you must go back to the last checkpoint. Once across, you will get another key and you must take those keys and give them to the third player in the challenge. This person must swim out to a dock in the water. At the dock, there is a lit torch they must swim back with, while keeping it dry. Once back, they will light a pile of hay, which will burn a rope, and release another key. With three keys, the player must pass them to the next player, who must use those keys to unlock a triple padded safe. Once unlocked, the player must take out the tribes flag and hand it off to the final 2 players who must make their way across a short obstacle course while their wrists are tied together and holding the flag. At the end of the course, they must hang their tribe flag and raise it. The first two tribes to raise the flag win immunity.

Winners: Yaureibo & Bieque

Notes: Cacimar fell apart early, as Barbara could not get across the balance beam. She was chosen, and could not complete it in time for her tribe to catch up.

Day One

Contestants arrive at Vieques, without tribes. As they approach the beach, Jeff arrives and tells them to approach their respective tribe mats. As he names off Andrew for Cacimar, Malik for Yaureibo, Paul for Cacimar, Jonny for Yaureibo, he names off the remainder of the two tribes leaving six additional castmates without a tribe. Probst then lays it on the castaways that the remaining six will be an additional third tribe, Bieque.

When he told us that there was a third tribe, I was like, wait... seriously? That changes the dynamic quite a bit doesn't it!



As each tribe makes their way to their brand new homes, Cacimar appears to have a well-oiled tribe. They are all cheering for being the first tribe to finish the challenge and are feeling good about having flint before they even reach camp. Paul seemed to have already formed a leadership-type role, as he is projecting his ideas and almost forcing them upon the tribe. Fortunately for Paul, the 5 others openly accept his ideas and have gladly granted him the role he seemingly desires.

Ya know, everybody on my tribe is great. We are all trying hard to get this camp situated and uh, I think we got ourselves a pretty good team. I guess I've kinda stepped up as our leader, if you want to call it that. Comin' into the game, I was open to the idea. It's just natural for me, and I've always been like that. I like this position and I feel good about it.


As Cacimar continues to make good progress with their camp, Andrew and Paul are shown having a nice conversation. They are seeming to click well. Andrew proposes an alliance to the end. Paul agrees wholeheartedly. With their alliance of two, they decide to try to bring one more into the alliance. They decided it would be best to separate the girls as early as possible, so they call Jessie, who has also been having a good time making camp life fun, over to the fire.

So I get called over by the young kid, Andrew, and Paul. I got good vibes from Paul, and Andrew is really young. I mean, he's still a kid. But he seems mature for his age. I guess we'll see. But they were straight forward about a three person alliance, and although the numbers would be even, I told them yes. I meant it, but I'm concerned about out numbers as a group. If Colleen, Barb, and Jason catch wind of this, they could cause a tie. I can't think about that now though. I'm in a good alliance and there is a positive.


Jessie agrees but warns Paul and Andrew not to forget about numbers. They agreed to act as if they weren't allies as to not cause the other three to join forces out of neccesity.

Jessie brought up a good point tonight about numbers. I see that we have majority issues, but I'm comfortable with out alliance of three. I know it would be easier to bring in a fourth, but I don't see that happening. I just have to make sure I make relationships now with Colleen, Barb, and Jason so that they consider an offer I may bring to them in the near future. Uhhh, I guess we'll see!



Meanwhile, at Yaureibo, despite losing reward, managed to start a fire thanks to Autumn's glasses. Cameron used her glasses to magnify sunlight onto a pile of coconut husk, and managed to get a flame. From there, he managed to caress it until it was a blistering hot fire. It was a great start to Yaureibo even though they came off of a loss on day 1.

Woohoo! I was so excited when I got that fire goin! Ahh man I almost jumped up and down like a little kid! It was great! The group really likes me now, and I am in a good spot! I guess I am gonna hafta play provider. If it means I'm needed, I am allllll for it.


Yaureibo got quick to setting up the camp, but were dismayed to see a tired Suzanne laying in the unfinished camp. Malik and Cassie approached her, and Malik asked to help, despite Cassie's begging to him to not say anything.

I didn't want Malik to say anything. He did. And he started up a whole mess of trouble.


Malik, although politely, asked Suzanne to get up and help, Suzane responded rather rudely and it resulted in the two of them yelling at each other and bickering and swearing. Suzanne claimed that she needs food and is too tired to go on until she gets some water. While Malik countered, the rest of the tribe was annoyed by Malik's persistence. He would keep on going, and Suzanne would keep on countering. It went on for quite a while before Malik finally apologized for bothering her. He realized what he may have caused and tried to apologize but Suzanne wouldn't accept it.

Damn. I didn't mean for that to happen! I just wanted her to help out weaving fronds. But she is crazy so that is just too much of a burden for her. Man, I think I really messed up.

–Malik, (on his argument with Suzanne)

Despite all the tension, they managed to create a fairly successful camp structure, and called it a night to start early tomorrow.


On Day 1, Bieque has a fairly eventful day. With flint on day 1, fire was first on the list of things to do. Devan managed to start that without too much trouble, and then they started to get working on a shelter. Devan also took the reins of the operation and got a sturdy shelter base built while most of the others worked on gathering supplies. Eugene approached Devan and wanted to help, to which Devan gladly obliged. Connor saw this as an opportunity to start an all male alliance with Devan and Eugene. He noticed that Devan seemed pretty smart and decided to approach him first. They talked and both agreed that the guys sticking together would be best, because all three were fairly strong and could do well in challenges.

I saw Eugene and Devan alone as a chance to get a good alliance going early on. I feel as if the guys stick together, we can really get far in this game.


What Connor didn't know is that Mackenzie and Evelyn got together and decided to look for the hidden immunity idol. And they concluded that since there were no hints, it had to be near a point of interest. They looked at the water well and to their surprise, there it was. Simple as that, it was hidden in a hole in the tree next to where the water supply was located. And with that finding, Evie and Mackenzie promised each other that nobody else would know, no matter what. And there was when the alliance of Mackenzie and Evie were formed.

Oh my god. C'mon survivor. Either your casting 'Russells' again, or you just don't know how to hide these damn things! It took us five seconds! Literally!

–Evie, (on finding the hidden immunity idol)

Day Two

Day 2 held no challenges. It was camp only.


Day 2 for Cacimar consisted of mostly work. The tribe worked together to build their camp to the best of their abilities. Everybody was assigned duties, and were performed. The alliance of Andrew, Jessie, and Paul continued to build in secrecy, while Colleen, Jason, and Barb were seemingly unaware of the alliance.

Our alliance is not showing any signs of wear. We are a close three, especially for being together for only two days.



Cameron continued to improve the camp, and Cassie once again tried to console the tension between Malik and Suzanne. She asked if they could forgive each other and just work together. Malik and Suzanne agreed, and managed to shake on an agreement. Jonny noticed Cassie's ability to change both Malik and Suzanne's minds. He was very impressed.

So I can deem Cassie a threat, but a threat I would love to have on my side. She is subtly threatening. And I don't even think she knows it.


Jonny goes through the day talking to Cassie and improving their relationship, without coming to any formal alliance.


Bieque clearly had the best camp out of the three. Devan and Mackenzie worked well together building their shelter and all six members formed a great bond. This may be the best starting tribe in the history of Survivor.

I don't feel like we're playing Survivor. We all get along so darn well!


Day Three

With the day upon the 18 contestants, the tribes get mentally prepared for the first immunity challenge. They make their way down the beach to compete for immunity.

We can do this. I know we have good teamwork.


Man this is nerve-wrecking! I don't want to go home first, so we must win!


Let's bring our best.


Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.


Yaureibo returns to camp satisfied with their results in the challenge. It wasn't too stressful, because Cacimar completely blew it and couldn't catch up. Yaureibo was satisfied with their finish.


Bieque won by a landslide, and was able to get first place in the first immunity challenge. Led by Evie's quick work of the puzzle, and Mackenzie's ability to get over the balance beam in one try, they dominated the challenge and walked away with the victory.


Cacimar lost the challenge, and one of the six tribemates will have the distinction of being the first person voted out of Survivor: Vieques. While Andrew, Paul, and Jessie were tight in their alliance, Barbara was in jeopardy because of her performance in the challenges.

I think I'm in trouble. I really blew it in the challenge today and I don't see any signs of forgiveness.


Jessie, Paul, and Andrew quickly get together to decide who they will cast their votes for. They decide it will be Barb, because of her weak performance. But they are still worried about the other three joining together. They decide to tell Jason and Colleen to vote out Barb, and they both agreed. Barb, however, felt like she was on the chopping block. She approached Jessie and asked who they would be voting for, to which Jessie stated that it was between Jason and her. Before tribal, Barbara asked Colleen and Jason to switch their votes for Andrew, because he was arguably too young to play this game. Undecided, the tribe made their way to tribal council, not aware of who exactly was going home.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Barbara headshot
Barbara (5 Votes)

Andrew headshotPaul headshotJessie headshot
Jason headshotColleen headshot

Andrew, Paul, Jason, Jessie, Colleen

Andrew headshot
Andrew (1 vote)

Barbara headshot


Barbara headshot


Voting Confessionals

Congrats on placing 18th overall. I liked you too. If only you did better today, this might not be happening.


Andrew, I'm voting for you because I don't think you should be playing this game. If it's me tonight, I think it will be you the next tribal council.


Barbara, thanks for being here. You were a good friend, but I have to go with the tribe.


You were great out here. But somebody has to go, and you're the weakest.


Sorry, majority rules.


First victim...


Final Words

Well, this was a great experience. I got ousted by my tribe but the important thing is I got to do this. I'm definitely leaving here with my head held high.


Still in the Running

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Next Time on Survivor...

A castaway slips a secret, causing the entire tribe to be uneasy. And an immunity challenge nobody can win? Stay tuned for next weeks episode of Survivor: Vieques.