"We Ain't in Jersey Shore"
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Season Seychelles
Author Coolio15 and AnitaG.
Episode Number 2/14
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We Ain't in Jersey Shore is the second episode of Survivor: Seychelles.


Duel: Jail Break
Locked in a makeshift jail cell, players must use sticks and rope to create a long pole to retrieve three keys. These keys are to be used to unlock three locks. The first and the second person to open all three locks and get through their door stay alive.
Winners (in order of finish): Zeke and Terrell

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Phish Farm
The tribes would race out into the ocean and climb over and into a bamboo cage. The tribe would then have to untie a door on the cage and drag a fish traps through the door and back to the beach. Once back onto the beach, the must retrieve puzzle pieces inside the fish traps. After that, one member from each tribe must assemble a rotating puzzle. The first two tribes to finish would get immunity; the first-place tribe would receive spices.
Reward: Fishing gear (1st place); a spear with goggles and snorkel (2nd place)
Winners (in order of finish): Cachée and Praslin


Night 3

Redemption Island

The camera starts the episode out with a shot of the midnight moon shining brightly on the horizon. We are then taken to a boat arriving to Redemption Island. It's carrying Zeke who has just been voted out at Tribal Council. Zeke jumps off of the boat and starts his walk towards the hut that is on Redemption Island.

Arriving at Redemption Island sucks. But it doesn't suck as much as getting blindsided. I went into Tribal Council thinking that I had the best laid out plan and...I still don't know where it all crumbled. I don't hold anything against these people, I am not pissed off. I am rather embarrassed. Because...(shrugs his shoulders)...let's be honest, who'd be proud of being the first person voted out of the game? (giggling) Like, that'd be weird.


The camera shows us a scene of Miranda and Terrell sitting at their fire. They seem to be cooking some rice as Terrell is stirring something in a pot. Zeke then comes along.

Zeke (smiling): Where are you, people?

Miranda and Terrell turn around to discover that the person who's just arrived is Zeke. Both of them are rather shocked. Miranda seems to be disappointed as well.

Terrell (coming towards Zeke to hug him): Hey, man! What the hell happened? How come it is you?

Zeke (giggling): I'd like to know the answer myself.

Miranda rolls her eyes as she turns her fake smile on and comes towards Zeke to hug him. She then walks back towards the fire and sits down next to it as Terrell and Zeke discuss what had gone on.

We hear somebody coming and then we realised that it was Zeke. (drops her head) I mean, me and Zeke haven't exactly liked each other before the tribes were picked. I was actually trying to destroy his alliance. Don't get me wrong! I am happy that he got voted out, I am. I just...really don't want to spend any time with him right now. He's a prick.


Terrell: I mean, when I saw your tribe, I knew that you would lose the challenge but I never thought that you would be the one to arrive here! This is crazy!

Zeke (smiling): Tell me about it! Amanda and Jayson promised to stick it out with me. We had everybody voting for Danielle because she screwed up the challenge for us and then she went looking for the idol and got caught.

Terrell (ecstatic to learn more news): Oh, really? That is nuts, man!

Zeke: I guess somebody there had grown balls when I wasn't looking and they all wrote my name down. Good for them, they'll keep on losing, not me.

Terrell (nodding his head): Yeah!

Miranda can be seen not really enjoying listening to the conversation that Terrell and Zeke are having. Zeke sees that and shakes his head at Miranda's antics.

I don't really get Miranda. Like, we are both out of this game and she sits there shooting daggers at me. I have no power over her so what does she help herself out with, I am not really sure. But it doesn't matter. I am focusing on winning the next duel myself. If she wants to be a sour puss about it and not talk to me, that's fine by me. I am not playing this game for Miranda, I am playing it for Zeke. And, eventually, Zeke will have to beat Miranda to win. That's just facts.


Zeke and Terrell get more and more into their conversation.


The camera then flies out of Redemption Island as it cuts over to the Lazare tribe's beach as they are returning from the wild Tribal Council. Abner takes everybody's torches and leans them against a tree.

Danielle (smiling): I was not expecting that, guys! You really shocked me there!

Lina: Well, we sure are glad to have you here with us. That was a wild Tribal Council. Zeke really wasn't expecting that one either, that's my guess anyway.

Danielle (hugging Lina): I have to thank you though. I really thought that I was the odd man out.

Jayson (smiling): Ah, don't sweat about it. Zeke really acted so cocky over here that the only move that made sense was to send him on his way.

The five castaways still remaining in Lazare then talk about the vote for a little more as Danielle is glowing the whole time.

What happened at Tribal? You are not the only one wondering that, my friend. I came in there thinking that I was a goner because I am the untrustworthy older lady who sucked at the immunity challenge. But I guess that Zeke's jackass mentality caught up to him and he was sent home, epically! (laughing) I still can't believe it worked out that way! I am in complete awe right now!


Danielle (smiling): So, whose idea was this?

Amanda: Mine. I really didn't think that his behavior towards you was necessary. What you don't even know is that he made us eat a fish without telling you that we caught one.

Danielle opens her eyes wide in shock as Amanda nods her head at Danielle. Danielle looks at the ground with a surprised look on her face.

Abner: We can promise you, that ain't happenin' no more. We are a tribe, we're sharin' stuff.

Danielle (smiling): I'd appreciate that!

The camera shows all of the members of the tribe laughing at Danielle's little comment. The camera then shows us a close-up of Jayson as he is staring at Danielle when she is saying something.

Last night, we blindsided Zeke. The whole day I was saying to myself that keeping Danielle in the game was a really dumb idea. But Amanda was right, Zeke was a vile human being. He really turned me off with how he treated Danielle at Tribal and before that as well. There really was no reason for me to keep him. Yes, we lost physical strength but it's not all about that in this game. Hopefully, this new tribe will have a camaraderie that will carry it through some of the challenges. Because physically, we are definitely the weakest tribe right now.


Abner: Tomorrow, we'll wake up and start whole new chapter.

Danielle (nodding her head): I agree. Let's do it!

The five castaways all put their hands in the middle of their circle and happily cheer for their tribe. The camera then focuses on the face of a smiling Danielle.

I am really happy that I am still in this game. However, it is clear to me that I have to shape up, I need to start playing this game in a different way. Right now, I am still the old lady that sucks! But I can't be that anymore. I really need to prove my value to the tribe and connect on a more one-on-one level. Because if I made it past three days, that leads to more three days and that can lead to another twenty days here. I've just gotta go step by step and work my way up. And I know that I can do that!


Danielle can be seen doing some type of a happy dance as the rest of her tribemates all giggle and laugh at her antics. The camera then cuts to the intro.

Survivor Seychelles

Survivor Seychelles

Day 4

Redemption Island

The camera reopens with a shot of a few seagulls flying around a small island in the middle of nowhere. We are then taken onto Redemption Island. Terrell and Zeke have both woken up earlier than Miranda as they have gone out to retrieve treemail.

Zeke (smiling): Do we have something in there?

Terrell takes off the lid a looks inside. He starts giggling immediately as he sees a rolled-up piece of paper. He pulls it out and shows it to Zeke.

Terrell: We definitely do! Haha! Let's head back and tell Miranda!

Zeke nods his head as the two men decide to head on back to the hut. Meanwhile, Miranda can be seen sitting on the corner of the shelter and looking out to the sea.

I know that the duel is taking place today and I am just mentally preparing myself for it. I know that I do have it physically, but it's all in th head. I would really love to pull through for the girls and beat both of these guys. It would really show everyone that I should not be messed with out here. At the same time, I can't go in there underestimating what Terrell and Zeke can do. They are both very big competition to me. I really need to try hard and beat both of them. The fact that I don't particularly enjoy either of their companies could help or hurt me. I really hope that it gives me even more strength.


Miranda can be seen smiling at the ocean. At that moment, Terrell and Zeke come bearing gifts in the form of the treemail.

Terrell: Miranda, we got mail!

Miranda smiles when she hears that. She stands up and walks on over to Terrell and Zeke. Terrell then proceeds to reading the mail.

Terrell (reading the note): This is your chance to prove yourself, show them how much you're sour, fail to unlock the gate, this could be your last hour.

Zeke: We're definitely unlocking something.

Miranda (nodding her head): Yeah, that would make sense.

The threesome then talks about the treemail for a longer period of time as the camera focuses on Terrell's close-up.

We'll be heading off to our first duel today and it is both frightening and exciting to me. I finally get a chance to show these people how big of a mistake they made in not choosing me. However, I am also terrified going into this duel because both Miranda and Zeke seem very physical. If the challenge has no portion that includes using a brain, I might as well quit already. But I need to believe in myself and it'll be okay, I believe.


The camera shows us all three of the castaways packing their bags and heading off to the duel as Zeke's confessional is heard in the background.

This duel will be a really important one. Because this could really start someone's run. Usually, the person that wins the first duel goes on a streak of wins and I hope to follow that rule. After all, look at what I stand against. (giggling) I've got an asian barbie doll gone a little hoochie and a comedy show detective with his ass peaking outta his pants on all occassions. I think I got this one in the bag!


The camera shows us the three castaways walking along the shoreline for a little bit more. It then cuts over to an overhead view of the Redemption Island arena, which is very similar to the one used in Survivor: South Pacific. First, the Cachée and Praslin tribes walk in one by one and take their seats on their benches.

Probst: Cachée and Praslin, you can have a look at the new Lazare tribe missing Zeke, who was voted out at the first Tribal Council.

The camera shows us several shocked expressions at the vote off. Jerome shakes his head and looks at the ground. Sebastian looks over at Caleb who sadly shrugs his shoulders. Bri nods her head with a confident smile, happy that Zeke is gone.

Probst: We'll now bring in the competitors in today's duel.

Miranda, Terrell and Zeke, in that order, all walk inside the Redemption Island arena. Miranda smiles at the three tribes, especially at Amanda. Terrell completely ignores the people sitting to his right as Zeke gives a stare to his tribe. The three then stand opposite to Probst.

Probst: Welcome to the Redemption Island duel arena. This is where you three will get a chance to return back into the game and show these tribes that they made a mistake in voting you out. (smiling at Terrell) Terrell, I can't not say that I see the anger that you are holding against these tribes.

Terrell (cutting Probst off): Oh, it's not anger, Jeff! I am not angry at them, I am just ready to prove them wrong.

Probst: Simple as that?

Terrell (nodding his head): Plain and simple.

Probst nods his head as Lexi rolls her eyes at Terrell's comment.

Probst: Zeke, how does it feel to be competing in the first duel? The first one.

Zeke: Well, obviously it doesn't feel good to be one of the three people competing in today's duel. I was not that interested to be one of the three. But I don't hold anything against these people. I dug my own grave, now I've gotta dig myself out of it.

Miranda smirks at that comment as Amanda watches on.

Probst: Okay, are you three ready to get to your first duel?

The three castaways all nod their heads. Probst then goes on to describe the challenge rules for this duel. After that, he sends the three competitors to their spots as the challenge is about to begin. The camera cuts over to all three of the competitors standing in their starting positions behind the gate that they ought to open. Probst commences the duel as all three of the castaways get right to creating their poles. The camera shows us scenes of all three of the castaways tying a few sticks together using a rope as they try to do it as fast as possible. Miranda can be seen as the fastest one as she just briefly ties the knots to be as fast as possible. Zeke os being more effective as he ties the knots really tight. Terrell is the slowest one as he has just about two knots tied. Miranda has her pole constructed as she goes on to get her keys. She puts her hand with the pole inside of it out of the cage. She is aiming for the closest key. She quickly gets it as she is trying to keep her pole together without it breaking down and still getting the key back to herself. Zeke has his pole constructed. He pushes it out and gets the key off of its pole really quickly. His pole is better-prepared than Miranda, it si more sturdy and helps Zeke pull ahead. He gets his first key back and goes for his second right away. Miranda gets her first key back. Terrell realises that he is behind and goes to try and get his first key. He aims for the closest one but his pole is not long enough. He has to go back and re-construct it. Miranda tries to get her second key while Zeke already has it on his pole and is trying to manouver its way back to him. He gets it back. He then realises that his pole is not long enough to reach for the furthest key and he goes to make it longer. Miranda has her second key on her pole. She is half-way through when her pole breaks down and the key falls into the sand. That gives Terrell a chance to catch up. Amanda can be seen closing her eyes sadly. Miranda goes back to make her pole more steady. Terrell reaches out for the first key and gets it onto his pole. Zeke has just finished making his pole longer. He reaches out and gets the last key key onto his pole. He tries to get it back really slowly because the third key is really far from him. However, he manages to get it back. Zeke then proceeds to unlock all three of his keys and gets through his gate. He is really happy as Probst announces that Zeke has won the duel. It is now between Terrell and Miranda. Terrell already has his second key on his pole. He gets it back as he pulls ahead from Miranda who has just adjusted her pole. Miranda has to get her key out of the sand. She tries to pull it back on the ground but buries it into the sand more deeply than it was before. Terrell gets his last key with no apparent problems. He then unlocks the three locks to his gate and walks through to stay alive. Miranda is out. She breathes heavily, she then walks over to congratulate the two winners as she is obviously not happy with her loss. The camera then cuts over to the three competitors standing in front of Probst.

Probst: Zeke, congratulations. You won this duel and you will stay alive to see another day. Terrell, the same congratulations goes to you. (turns to Miranda) Miranda, what is the feeling now that you know that you are out of this game that you love?

Miranda (shrugs her shoulders): Well, it sucks. It's not even the fact that I lost the first duel. It's being out of this game on Day Four without even really getting to play it. I've been a lifelong fan and this is embarrass...(starts crying) is very embarrassing for me...

Everybody in the arena can be seen showing some remorse.

Probst: But you still got to play this game and you made it four days. Most people don't even get to do that!

Miranda (wiping off her tears with a smile): I know. And I am grateful that I got this opportunity. I still carry a lot of memories from this adventure. I just wish it was longer.

Probst nods his head with a smile as Miranda takes her stuff and prepares to leave.

Probst: Miranda, after four days in this game, your adventure is over. You can take your stuff, throw your buff in the urn on your way out. It is time to go.

Miranda smiles as everybody in the arena gives her an applause. Miranda throws her buff in the urn where it burns down slowly. Miranda waves everybody goodbye and walks out of the arena with her head held high. Probst then turns to the other two inhabitants of Redemption Island.

Probst: Zeke, Terrell, you two seized the moment and won the duel. You will live to see another day in this game. You can now head back to Redemption Island and await your next duel.

Zeke and Terrell both take their stuff as they walk out of the arena. Probst then sends all three of the tribes on their way back to camp. The camera then shows us one more overhead view at the arena before it cuts to a break.


The scene reopens with a shot of a beautiful and huge waterfall in the middle of the jungles of the Seychelles Islands. The water drops so calmly. The camera then cuts to the Cachée tribe's camp when they return after they've witnessed the duel between Miranda, Terrell and Zeke.

Serenity (smiling): Oh, my gosh! I can't believe that they voted off Zeke!

Destiny (nodding her head): Yeah, was that a shocker or what?

Caleb: That seriously was not a good move their part. They kept the two older women when they've proven that they will not be that good for challenges. I don't know what they will do now...

Serenity: I agree with you. Especially considering that the tribe has three of the oldest people on it.

Fawn (smiling): I mean, I was happy to see Zeke gone though.

Serenity (nodding her head): Yeah, because it's sort of good for us.

Everybody giggles at the cute way Serenity said her remark as they continue to talk about the events that took part. The camera focuses on Serenity's face.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw that it was Zeke who got the boot! I had to double pinch myself! Zeke was arguably their strongest member and they decided to blindside him. (smiling) I mean, that's okay as far as me and my tribe goes because we need every advantage we can get over the other tribes. So, if Lazare wants to vote out all the strong people, that's one less tribe to worry about. And that's never a bad thing.


Caleb (smiling): As far as I know, we shouldn't worry 'bout what happens on their team. We should try to keep this tribe united and that's the only worry we need to have.

Sebastian (nodding his head): I agree.

Ian: Yeah. I think we should just get back to working. There's a ton of stuff that needs to be done.

The whole tribe agrees with what Ian is saying as they get right to work. We are shown a few scenes of Destiny and Serenity cooking rice as the men and Fawn bring firewood to camp from the woods. The camera shows us Sebastian's face as he seems to be thinking about something.

The duel really raised some worry as far as I go. Before we were split into tribes, I had an alliance with four other guys that we called the Fantastic Five. However, Zeke was voted off at the last Tribal Council and that really worries me. (nodding his head) It does. I feel like the people are starting to target the big strong guys really early in this game. And I don't want to follow suite, I don't want to be the next one to go. Luckily, I got Caleb with me on this tribe. I needed to go and catch up with him and touch base. I really need to lock this down so that I don't become the next target. And he is the first person to go to for me.


The camera cuts over to Caleb, Sebastian and Fawn stopping in the middle of the jungle. The three decide to have a conversation rather than to work on getting firewood.

Sebastian: Can we talk?

Caleb (nodding his head): Sure. What 'ya need?

Sebastian: Well, I think that the alliances started way too soon. As was seen by the last vote, the strength does not matter to these people. But I don't want to be voted out when I know that I am worthy.

Caleb: No, definitely. I don't want 'ya voted out either.

Sebastian (smiling): Well, it's not just about you and me, man! We really need to settle all of this out before it's too late. I think that us three are the strongest three people in our tribe. And looking at what happened, I think that we should stick to each other.

Caleb and Fawn both nod their heads as Sebastian continues his explanation.

Sebastian: Don't get me wrong, I am all for people making big moves in this game. But I would rather keep us, the strong people, all together. We can look after each other.

Fawn (nodding her head): Oh, yeah. I totally agree.

Caleb: Yeah, I like...I like the idea. Would it be just the three of us?

Sebastian: I mean, it could be. I would have no problem if we brought in Serenity as well because I feel like I can trust her and then it would be Destiny and Ian as our sacrificial lambs.

Caleb (smiling): I just wanted for Serenity to be with us. I'm okay with other two bein' on the bottom.

Sebastian nods his head as the three continue their conversation. The camera then goes right into Caleb's confessional.

I definitely liked Sebastian's idea right then and there when it was presented to me. It does make sense for the strong people to stick together against the weaker crowd. (smiling) We could also make history by doin' that, because, lately, the weaker crowd in Survivor overtook the stronger players by makin' big strategic moves. So I jumped aboard. The good thing is, I still have my rock, Serenity, with me in that alliance. While I was pleased with the idea, I don't trust Sebastian or Fawn as much as I trust Serenity. For now though, this is the group that I feel the best 'bout goin' with.


Sebastian: The best thing about this alliance is that we know that we have to stick together or we'll get taken out for being too threatening.

Fawn (nodding her head): Good, I agree with you.

The three then all shake hands as they start to make their way back to camp with the firewood getting dragged behind them. The camera cuts over to Sebastian and Serenity walking along a rout while they drag palmfronds behind them.

Sebastian: So, this is the plan. It is me, you, Caleb and...uhm, what's her name?

Serenity (smiling): Fawn?

Sebastian: Yeah, Fawn. We agreed that we would stick it out together, because we all think that we are strong and we don't really trust Ian or the sneaky older lady.

Serenity (nodding her head): I like it!

Sebastian: You do? That's great!

The two continue to talk about the idea a little more deeply as they continue their walk. The camera goes into Sebastian's confessional.

The one thing that I don't want to become in this game is a sleeper. I am not sleeping, I really want to do well in this game. If I can't have the five-boy alliance, I am happy that I am in the alliance that I am in. I feel like I can trust everybody in there. However, there are never enough relationships to draw from. So that's why I need to develop a friendship with everyone. Fast!


The camera shows us Serenity smiling at something that Sebastian tells her. Then, the scene transitions over to Sebastian walking off with Destiny.

Sebastian: So, you say you are a paralegal?

Destiny (nodding her head): Yes, I am. Y'know, I really love that job. It kind of helps me in this game a little bit. I can tell when people are lying to me better, because that's what I sort of need at the court.

Sebastian: Well, I'm glad I got an ally in you.

Sebastian and Destiny then both laugh at something that Sebastian says to her. The camera then switches over to Ian and Sebastian standing in the water and washing their clothes.

Ian (smiling): I would really appreciate it if you let me know when my name is on the chopping block.

Sebastian: Oh, yeah, totally! I have your back a hundred percent. I think that you are the most trustworthy and down-to-Earth guy here. I got your back, if you got mine.

Ian: Oh, I definitely got your back.

Sebastian: Great. Then I've got yours.

Sebastian and Ian fist bump as they continue to have fun in the water. The camera focuses on Sebastian's close-up as the camera goes into another one of his confessionals.

I am trying to make myself the go-to guy. I am not just doing this for the sake of strategy, because I genuinly like all of these people, but playing both sides is a part of the game. I have made an alliance with everybody on this beach, because I want all of them to trust me. One of my all time Survivor idols is Rob Cesternino. He controlled the game thanks to sub-alliances and that's what I am trying to accomplish. I'll pull the strings when I need to and they'll do what I tell them, because who's the one that's always there for them? (points at himself) Me. It leaves me with room to move and I like that. Looks like I'll be pretty dirty at the end of this game, but that's what the game is all about.


The camera shows us Sebastian bringing up a trey of food. He goes around all of his tribe, offering them a piece of baked coconut.

Sebastian (standing above Destiny): Want some?

Destiny: Sure. Thank you.

Sebastian is then seen making some jokes that make Serenity fall off of her seat.


The camera then flies across the ocean to the Praslin tribe's camp. We are shown a scene of most of the members of the tribe working on their camp as it is quite not finished yet. The camera shows us Dillan and Karson working on the structure as the rest of the tribe is somewhere else.

Karson: I don't know which rope to pull.

Dillan (pointing at one of the ropes): I think it's this one.

Karson: Okay! Got it!

The camera shows us Karson walking away to get more firewood as Dillan continues to work on the shelter. The camera focuses on his close-up.

Our camp...(laughing disappointedly) in misery right now. The situation with everything that needs to be done is that it's getting post-poned all the time. I am already getting a little bit irritated. The people that work around here are myself and Karson predominantly. Jerome also works hard. He doesn't work as much as me and Karson do but he pulls his weight around camp. Valli is also a hard-working girl. She is not as capable as the three guys but she more than does her job. Bri and Lexi...(shaking his head)...they aren't working.


Dillan: What I'd like to know is where everybody else is. I am busting my ass for this tribe, nobody even says 'Thank you' or 'You are doing such a great job'. No. All I get is deadly stares...barely even that.

A dong is heard in the background. The camera then shows us Karson bringing back a huge log to Dillan as the two work on the floor section of the shelter. We can see them assembling a nice structure.

The tribe dynamic right now is that I am with a tribe of five kids. There's five young people and me. I am the clear odd man out. I really need to show them that they wouldn't be able to survive without me. I am the one that has worked on the shelter basically on my own, I am the one that boils water, I am the one that looks after the fire, I do everything here. But I can't call them out because that would be a bad strategic move. What I need is patience. (jokingly) And luck. Because, with these people, I don't see many good things ahead of me.


The camera shows us the work of Dillan and Karson. It then cuts over to Jerome, Bri and Lexi at the tribe's waterfall that they found a few days ago. They are all chilling under it in their swimsuits. The camera shows us Bri and Lexi lying under the waterfall while flaunting their bodies as the water drops all over them. We are then shown Jerome looking over at them in a very cagey way.

So far, I am really happy with the tribe that I've been given. I think that we are the strongest tribe here, mainly thanks to the fact that we have almost all of the young people here. Besides Dillan, nobody here is older than 35, which is a really great thing. (starting to smile) And the fact that two of the girls here are really hot doesn't hurt either. I really wanted to go to them and see if they would be interested in an alliance with me. I was really anxious, because if they said yes, I would be spending a beautiful time in Seychelles with a hot girl on either of my two sides. I mean, who needs more than that? (scoffs)


The camera shows us Jerome raising his voice to the girls as the three are now all taking a dip in the pond under the waterfall.

Jerome: So, what are you girls thinking so far?

Lexi (smiling): The rain sucks, the work sucks, the part about constantly being wet sucks, but besides that, it's all cool to me.

Bri and Jerome both giggle at Lexi.

Bri: I mean, I've just been kind of feeling things out.

Jerome (smiling): That's great. I wanted to ask you about something.

Bri: What about?

Jerome (smiling): I was just thinking that I like the two of you the most. And that it would be a great alliance if the three of us stuck together. I mean, I know that there's just three of us, but if things go the way they have been going, Dillan will be on the chopping block first.

Lexi (annoyed): Oh, please! He is just such a tryhard! He wants to work all the time, I hope he has a heartattack sooner or later!

Jerome and Bri both smile a little bit at Lexi.

Lexi: Which means I'm onboard!

Jerome: Great! (turns to Bri) What about you, Bri?

Bri (nodding her head): Can't complain about much these days, I believe that we'll be okay.

Jerome: I think that the three of us could have a long journey ahead of us.

Lexi smiles at Jerome as she dives down into the water. The camera focuses on Bri who can be seen a little bit unsure about Jerome's offer.

Alliances are really important in the game of Survivor. I tried to work my magic on Jerome in the past few days because I really wanted to be in an alliance with him. He is very strong for challenges, he is smart and extremely good-looking. (giggling) So, to learn that he wanted to be aligned with me, that excited me to no end. I really like Bri too, she is the one girl that I've gotten along with the most out here, she is very similar to me, just I am prettier. (laughing) I love this new alliance that I am in. It may be also because of the fact that it puts Dillan's head on the chopping, because, let me tell you, I don't like him!


The camera cuts to later that day back at the main section of the Praslin camp. We can see everybody bringing firewood out of the woods while Lexi remains in her favorite position, lying in the shelter. The camera shows us Dillan looking at her when he brings a huge log back to camp.

I am so irritated by Lexi's behavior. She really makes me think about the worst things. She only lies there in the shelter and that's about it. The most work that she's done in the past few days was go use the restroom. I think that the girl has some issues that must all be centered around one thing...self-awareness. She has absolutely none and pardon me, I just couldn't take it anymore. We ain't in Jersey Shore here! So I decided to voice my frustrations with her because she really should help out a little more.


Dillan (bending over to Lexi): Hey, Lexi, there's a lot of wood out there that needs to be brought here!

Lexi (with closed eyes): So?

Dillan is shocked at Lexi's response as his eyes grow larger.

Dillan: We would really appreciate your help out there. We need an extra hand. If you'd be so kind and pitch in, we'd be done in no time.

Lexi: I'll look in my diary and will come help you when I have free time.

Dillan rolls his eyes at that as he doesn't whether to smile or scream. He then walks away in a pissed off fashion. The camera then shows us Lexi walking out of the shelter to go and help with the wood.

I think that Dillan goes out of his way to piss me off, I really do! He just keeps on bugging me and he speaks to me in such a fashion that makes me feel like I am a student listening to a professor once again. I don't really appreciate him having an attitude with me. I wanna be like 'Get outta my face before I punch you in it!', but I can't because that would really make me a bad person. So I went there to help them out. Y'know, a little work never kills.


Lexi is seen grabbing a few of the sticks in the jungle. The camera then cuts over to Dillan, Karson, Valli and Jerome back at camp as they are worn out from working a lot. Dillan, Jerome and Valli all head inside the shelter while Karson goes out for another batch of firewood.

Dillan (seeing Lexi's spot empty): Oh, Lexi's not here! Call the police!

Valli giggles at Dillan's comment as Jerome just ignores it. When Dillan sees that Lexi's spot is empty, he climbs inside and lies down on her spot.

Dillan (smiling): This spot is great! No wonder Lexi likes being in it so much.

Valli: Is it really that comfortable over there?

Dillan (exhaling deeply): Yeah...

Dillan gets completely relaxed when he lies down. The camera then cuts over to Bri standing at the fire as Lexi comes back to camp with the few sticks that she picked up. She then drops them.

Dillan (looking over his shoulder): Oh, look, she brought back two sticks. We need to check her out and maybe take her to the hospital. This is not normal.

Valli giggles at the joke as Jerome laughs at it too. Lexi then walks towards the shelter. When she sees Dillan lying in her spot, the music starts going faster.

Dillan: Oh, hey, Lexi! Where have you been?

Lexi: Helping you out with the firewood. Until I found out that I was the only one there.

Jerome (smiling): Yeah, babe. We came back here because we were tired.

Lexi nods her head but we can see the fire in her eyes burning. She walks away from the shelter and stands next to Bri at the fire where she starts her ranting.

Lexi: He is just such a moron. Why does he send me on my way just to find out that I am the only one who's going to get wood?

Bri (trying to keep Lexi calm): I know, I know. That was unnecessary of him.

Lexi (annoyed): No, that was rude and moronic of him.

The camera focuses on Bri's face as she tries to keep Lexi from doing anything crazy. The camera then goes into Lexi's confessional.

Call me a bitch, call me nasty, call me whatever, but I ain't stupid. I know that Dillan sent me away on purpose. He wanted to get everyone in on taking me out of this game. Guess what, jerk? That¨s not happenin'! Lexi ain't goin' nowhere. Actually, Dillan's time is rapidly approaching, I'll make sure of that. That's the one job that I'll take on.


Bri (keeping calm): Just roll it off your back and smile.

Lexi (nodding her head): Yeah, I'll do that, don't worry. But he'll be gone the second we lose, promise me that that's the case.

Bri: I promise. He's going first.

Lexi (calming down): Okay.

The camera shows us Lexi trying to calm down her nerves as the focus is put on Bri's close-up.

Dillan and Lexi have been going at it ever since we came here onto this beach. I mean, Dillan does come off as an overbearing jackass sometimes. He wants work done and he is willing to burn a few bridges over that which in my opinion is dumb. But Lexi is completely letting it effect her performance. I don't really enjoy Dillan's company either, but it's not like I hate him or anything, there's definite hatred between the two of them though. I'll actually be shocked if the two of them don't end up going at it. Everything's been leading up to it so far. (smiling) I love catfights! (laughing)


The camera focuses on Lexi walking back an forth at the fire as she is obviously irritated. The camera shows us a scene of a snake slithering across the beach as it cuts to the break.


The camera returns with a shot of a small island with beautiful jungles. We are then taken to the Lazare tribe's camp. The camera focuses on Abner fishing. He can be seen sitting on a cliff with his feet hanging in the air. He starts whistling all of a sudden. The camera then cuts over to Amanda and Jayson tanning on the beach together.

The person that I've grown the closest to out here is definitely Jayson. I do have great realtionships with everybody else in the tribe, but he is the only one from my age group and we really connect on a whole new level. He likes the same things I do, he is very chill and he is funny. At the same time, I don't want our relationship to be seen as too dangerous by the others. Like this other time that we were tanning on the beach together. We were just lying there while the rest of the tribe was working. I kind of felt guilty a bit.


Amanda (looking over her shoulder): I feel bad that we're just lying here.

Jayson: I don't. We worked really hard this morning. We'll help them after we get a little bit of a rest, don't worry.

Amanda: I can't believe that you're so chill!

Jayson (with his eyes closed): That's what modeling's prepared me for. Do you know how long I have to wait at the castings I go? That really makes you chill out.

Amanda nods her head as she just looks on.

I really like Amanda. I mean, she is gorgeous to the eye, that's for sure. But there is some extra spark to her that makes me look at her twice. Yes, she has a boyfriend back home and I know that and I am not trying to be a hustler over here. (laughing) But I really want to meet her as a person. And a little flirting never hurts, right?


The camera then shows us Jayson crawling on towards Amanda. He lies down on her tummy as she starts scratching him on his head. She is, however, really shocked that he did that.

Jayson: Have you ever thought of trying to model?

Amanda (blushing): Me? No way! I am way too fat for that!

Jayson: Come on, don't sell yourself short.

Amanda (giggling): I am not selling myself short, it's true. I am not actually stick-thin. Like, you are at least good-looking, I have no attributes right for modeling.

Jayson smiles at Amanda's comment as her words definitely made his heart warm. The camera focuses on Amanda's face as she doesn't like what's going on.

I don't know what Jayson is thinking of, but I can asure you that nothing will happen here. I have a boyfriend back home and I am loyal to him. Jayson is a really flirtacious dude though and he started making it so obvious with all his compliments about everything all the time. I mean, he is a nice dude and he is my friend, but let's keep it at that. Fortunately for me, I have a clean mind because I know that I won't let anything happen. Jayson is on my lap just like a...little puppy dog. (laughing)


The camera shows us Amanda laughing at a joke that Jayson makes. The camera then cuts over to Lina who can be seen cooking rice. She looks over her shoulder at Amanda and Jayson. Abner then brings a load of firewood back to camp.

Abner: No luck on the fish, y'all! I think I'll have to use some other bait...

Lina (looking at Amanda and Jayson): Amanda's bait is working on Jayson.

Abner: She got bait? I wonder what's she usin'.

Lina: Her looks.

Abner (realizing what Lina meant): Oh, you mean that. Right!

Lina giggles at Abner's comment. She then turns her sights back onto Jayson and Amanda. Danielle comes back to camp with a huge load of sticks.

Danielle: Wonder when they'll come along to help us.

Lina nods her head as Abner just simply throws his hands into the air. The camera focuses on Lina's close-up.

It is obvious from where everybody in the tribe stands, Danielle is the one that is going to have to go home sooner or later. The thing is, that's if me and Abner stay with Amanda and Jayson only. However, Amanda and Jayson have been getting really close out here. And that's a problem. The only person that I trust out here is Abner. You first look at him and you think that he is some primitive hick from Texas. But he is intelligent and he is a gentleman. And I like people like this, he works really hard to accomplish whatever that he has to. So I needed to talk to him about something.


The camera cuts over to Abner and Lina talking in the woods as they are a little bit further away from camp where nobody can hear them.

Lina: I'm a little bit worried.

Abner (concerned): 'Bout the fish? Don't worry, Lina. I'll get us some soon, I promise 'ya. I've just gotta get some better equipment and we'll be rollin'.

Lina (smiling): No, not the fish, Abner. Strategy.

Abner: Oh, right...right. What's that?

Lina: I just feel like we are running ourselves into a roadblock situation if we stick with Amanda and Jayson. Don't get me wrong, I like the kids, but it's too risky for the two of us.

Abner: In what sense, do 'ya mean?

Lina (looking down): Well, if we vote off Danielle like was agreed upon, we'll be up against that twosome. However, we can gain an advantage if we get Danielle on our side to vote either of those two out.

Abner nods his head as he puts his hand right under his mustache.

Abner: I think...I'd have nothin' against that.

Lina: The only thing that I am worried about is if me, you and Danielle can win challenges.

Abner (smiling): Well, that's a sticky situation. Hahaha!

Lina smiles at Abner's comment as the two of them dicuss the way the vote should go for a little bit more. The camera transitions to Abner's confessional.

Me and Lina, I mean, we're tight. We sure as heck are tight, we're solid as rocks. But we've come to a problem in the plan, we've sort of come to a viper in the diaper, y'know what I mean. There is a strong duo of Amanda and Jayson. Lina was worried that we should not fall asleep on our laurels and that we should take Danielle and run with her. I'm just a little worried that Danielle's a load that's too heavy to run with, y'know. (loses what he wanted to say) I mean, it's twisted, it is!


Lina: I really want to do this Abner, I really do.

Abner (throwing his hands in the air): I mean, I'm all for it, Lina, you know me. I just worry that we'll suck.

Lina: But I don't wanna be gone.

Abner: Yeah, me neither.

The camera shows us the two standing opposite to each other and looking each other in the eyes. The camera then cuts to the commercial break.

Day 5


The camera returns with an overhead view of the beautiful waters of the Indian ocean. It then cuts over to the Praslin tribe's beach. We can see that everybody is gone out in the water and having a great time except for Lexi who is right now lying back at camp in the shelter once again.

I am not going to let that arrogant jackass Dillan run around thinking that he is owning this place, he is not. I am not the one that you'd want to mess with and he's messed with me yesterday. He slept in my spot for about three hours. My spot is my spot! What does he not understand about that? So I planned my revenge.


The camera shows us the five members of the Praslin tribe floating close to shore as Lexi looks out of the shelter. When she doesn't see anybody who'd be looking, she starts peeing on her spot. When she's finished, she starts rubbing herself of the spot where she peed and starts smiling.

There it is! I marked my a dog. Dillan better know what my territory is. And that's my spot. I am pretty sure that nobody's going to want to spend much time anywhere near that spot. But me...I don't mind urine. It is said that the urine makes your skin quite the clearer one. How do you think mine looks so good? (laughing as a dong is heard in the background)


The camera cuts over to the castaways coming back from the water. Bri, Jerome and Valli climb inside the shelter. When Jerome smells something weird in the air, he points it out.

Jerome: What the hell is this smell supposed to be?

Valli tries to smell the same thing and then just makes a disgusted face. Lexi remains lying in her spot without even saying anything as Jerome tries to describe the smell.

Jerome (looking disgusted): It smells like urine.

Dillan comes closer to the shelter to ask Jerome about what he just said.

Dillan: What was that?

Jerome (smiling in a disgusted way): It smells like urine here. It's like somebody just peed in here.

Dillan smells the same thing and walks a little bit further away from the shelter.

Dillan: Maybe we should, like, clean it out or something, put some new fronds in.

Lexi (in an annoyed): Well, good luck with that because I'm not moving after what you've done to me yesterday. The smell will disappear in a few days anyway.

Dillan rolls his eyes and throws his hands in the air. The camera then cuts over to Jerome, Bri and Lexi sitting at the fire. The camera focuses on Jerome holding his breath.

Our shelter smells like urine. I don't know whether somebody's urinated in there or whether something's died there and it smells the same, but one thing's for certain. Whatever it is, it's not bothering Lexi a bit. She just lies in the shelter all day long no matter how bad it smells. But then she smells the same. Part of me is thinking that Lexi urinated in there just to keep everybody else away from her. (laughing) But the smell is absolutely terrible and it's not gonna take a while until the whole camp smells alike.


The camera shows us Bri trying to breath as little as possible as Jerome is already turning darker all over his face. Lexi decides that she is going to go and wash in the ocean. Jerome finally starts breathing as he starts gasping for air.

Bri (jokingly): Oh, I know.

Jerome smiles as he is happy to finally get some fresh air. The camera shows us Lexi washing up in the water as the camera focuses on Jerome's close-up.

When she is standing anywhere near me, I have to stop breathing for a certain amount of time. It doesn't really even matter whether I die because I can't breath or because I can't breath, y'know. (laughing) Lexi is a pretty girl but she smells like the public restrooms. I have no qualms about aligning myself with her, I just don't think she smells right. Y'know, who wants to hang out with a girl that smells like urine. I mean, come on!


The camera shows us Jerome looking at Lexi. The camera then cuts over to the immunity challenge course.

Immunity Challenge

The Cachée and Praslin tribes walk in and fill in their mats as Lazare is the last tribe to arrive. Probst starts by taking the immunity idols back from Cachée and Praslin. He puts them on the pedestal right next to him and goes on to describe the challenge. After he's done with that, he continues.

Probst: Cachée and Praslin, you both have one extra member, you need to sit somebody out. Who's it gonna be?

The two tribes talk strategy before telling Probst that the two sit-outs will be Destiny for Cachée and Karson for Praslin. The two take a seat on the sit-out bench. The camera then cuts over to all three of the tribes getting ready at the start of the course.

Swimmers Only Puzzle Solver Sit-Outs
Abner hankins
Amanda smythe
Danielle karnes
Jayson pickett
Lina walker
Dillan ische
Jerome wilde
Lexi flanagan
Valli gregg
Bri anderson
Karson fargo
Caleb gibson
Fawn larios
Ian hewitt
Sebastian blaszak
Serenity reynolds
Destiny hollaway

Probst commences the challenge as all three tribes make their way into the water very quickly. All of the tribes have some really strong swimmers while especially Danielle, Valli and Lexi are the three slowest swimmers. Jerome is the first one to make it to his tribe's cage. He has to wait for the rest of his tribe while the Cachée tribe reaches their cage all at the same time. Danielle is the slowest swimmer as she is really slow. The Praslin tribe gets to their cage as they start climbing over. The camera shows us Caleb jumping inside the cage as the last one for Cachée as they start untying the knots to release their gate. The camera ficuses on Danielle finally making her way to the cage. Jerome is the last one to jump inside the cage. He, however, doesn't see Lexi and falls right on top of her causing Lexi to scream in pain. The Cachée tribe is really fast on the course. Caleb unties the last knot for the tribe as their gate is released. They now start moving all of their fishtraps out of the cage. The Praslin tribe starts untying when Danielle falls into the cage as the last one for Lazare. Jayson dives down and starts untying the knots. He stays under the water for a really long time as he unties almost all of the knots in one dive-down. It is, of course, pointed out by Probst that Lina and Danielle are not helping their tribe untie the knots. Bri dives down for Praslin and unties the last knot for the tribe at the same time as Amanda unties the last knot for Lazare. The two tribes are now pushing all of their fihstraps out of the cage. The Cachée tribe is already walking to the shore as they have all of their traps. They are all carried by Caleb and Sebastian. The tribe gets to shore as Serenity takes over and starts untying the bags of puzzle pieces for her tribe. Ian can be seen closing his eyes and meditating in hopes of it helping Serenity achieve her goal. The Lazare tribe has now overtaken the Praslin tribe as Jayson and Amanda are doing a great job with swimming the trapes to the shore. Abner comes from under the water with his buff covering his face, giving us a funny look at his confused face. Serenity is trying to find the spot for her first piece. She surveys the whole puzzle but doesn't seem to find a place for that one piece. She takes a different one and tries to find a spot for that one. The Praslin tribe is really struggling as nobody is a great swimmer over there. Dillan dives down and pushes the traps a little bit closer to the shore. Serenity finds the first spot for her piece as her tribe cheers her on after that. The Lazare tribe is now ashore as Lina takes over the puzzle portion of the challenge for her tribe. Serenity places another piece and then another one right after that. Lina tries to find a spot for her puzzle piece as she seems to be struggling a little bit. The Praslin tribe finally gets back to the shore. Bri takes over the puzzle and starts working on it. Serenity places another piece as she has only two left. Lina finds a place for her first piece as she moves on to another one. Bri places her first piece really fast as she is doing a great job on the puzzle. Serenity places her last piece winning immunity and reward for the Cachée tribe. It is now between Lazare and Praslin. Bri places her second piece as she overtakes Lina who starts to panic. She looks over at Bri's puzzle to see how she is supposed to solve it. However, Bri starts to pull ahead as she places two pieces really fast. Lina places her second piece, trying to learn how to put the pieces together from Bri. Bri pulls ahead even more as she has only two pieces left. Lina places her third piece. Jayson starts shaking his head when he sees that the Praslin tribe has overtaken them. Bri places the last piece, winning immunity for the Praslin tribe.

Probst: Cachée and Praslin win immunity and reward, sending Lazare to Tribal Council for the second time in a row!

The camera shows Jerome picking Bri up as he is really proud of her. The camera shows us Lina walking back to her tribe in disdain as Danielle shakes her head. The camera cuts over to the three tribes standing on their mats in front of Probst.

Probst: Cachée, once again, you finish first. There is a the immunity and fihsing gear for you. Praslin, second place gives you a spear with goggles and immunity as well. (turns to Lazare) Lazare, once again you've come up short. You'll head to Tribal Council today where you will vote the second person out of this game. That person will head to Redemption Island where they will battle Terrell and Zeke for a chance to come back to this game. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

The camera shows us all three of the tribes grabbing all of the stuff that they've taken with them to the challenge and they start heading out.

We lost a second challenge in a row and we'll have to head for Tribal tonight again. Lina really performed terrible for the tribe and she'd deserve to go home. However, as the alliances in the tribe stand right now, I think Danielle is the one with her head on the chopping block. Either way, we need to lose some dead weight.


The camera shows us Jayson's close-up full of disappointment. The camera then flies out into the air and slowly fades off to the commercial break.


The camera reopens with a shot of a toucan cracking a coconut opens with its beak. The camera then cuts over to the five members of the Lazare tribe returning back to camp after losing another challenge.

We lost the challenge today and I felt a huge responsibility for the loss. We were ahead of the Praslin tribe until it came time for the puzzle. Seems like the story of our lives in this game. (laughing) I'm making a joke of it now but it never feels good to screw up the challenge for the tribe. And I did and I feel horrible for doing so. So I wanted to let them know that I felt horrible in hopes of them having compassion for me.


The camera shows us the five castaways standing at their fire place close to the water next to a huge rock wall. Lina finally decides to say something.

Lina (looking very sad): I apologize for the loss. I know that it's all my fault.

Abner: You win some, you lose some. It's good if it comes down to me, that's what I wanted to say.

Amanda (nodding her head): Yeah. We win together as a team and we lose together as a team. It's not like the rest of us did anything that could've won us the challenge. It wasn't just the puzzle.

Lina: Well, thank you for saying that.

Amanda (smiling): Besides, we can't just roll over and die because we lost two challenges. There's many more to come where we can prove ourselves.

The castaways all agree with Amanda as the conversation continues. The camera focuses on Amanda's close-up.

Yeah, Lina did not do a good job at today's immunity challenge and she knows that. However, Danielle was the slowest swimmer out there today plus I don't really trust her that much. I have my alliance with Jayson and then I trust Lina and Abner to stick it out with me and Jayson so my choice for tonight would still be Danielle. The woman's been looking for the hidden immunity like nobody's business and she doesn't hide that fact. Good on her, she fights to stay in this game. But I think that tonight's going to be her last straw.


The camera cuts over to Danielle looking through the bushes while the other four castaways have a conversation about the boat back at camp.

Abner: As far as I go, nothin's changed. To me, it ought to be Danielle.

Jayson (nodding his head): I agree with you.

Amanda: Yeah, you just can't trust the woman, she is sneaky. It will be the best scenario for the four of us going forward in this game.

Jayson: So, let's just lock it down. Danielle?

The four put their hands into the middle of their little circle and whisper the name of Danielle's. The camera cuts over to Danielle who is looking for the hidden immunity idol in the bushes.

Danielle (while she's looking): Where the hell is that thing hidden?!?

Danielle can be seen digging at completely random places for the hidden immunity idol. The camera focuses on her close-up as she seems desperate.

I know that my head is on the chopping block once again tonight. I am not stupid, I know that I am still the frail old lady who's looking for the idol. But that idol could be my only saving grace at this point. Nobody's come to talk to me this whole time. But if they were smart, they'd try to get my vote, because I am the free vote right now. If they were smart, they'd use me to get the majority. But these players are rather stupid!


The camera shows us Danielle looking for a little bit more. The camera cuts over to Lina and Abner cooking dinner as Abner is whistling once again. We are taken to a conversation between Jayson and Amanda as they head down the beach.

Jayson: So, are you still thinking Danielle?

Amanda (getting worried): As far as I know. Why?

Jayson: I don't know. I was just asking you, because I'm not really thinking that anymore. I think taking Danielle out would be stupid of us at this point.

Amanda's face turns from a smiling one to a one full of confusion.

Amanda (nodding her head): Okay, and why is that?

Jayson (stopping Amanda so that the two can talk): I know that the woman is sneaky and all that, but just look at what happened today. It wasn't Danielle who cost us the challenge, was it?

Amanda: Well, sort of. She wasn't really helpful and her swimming was off.

Jayson: Okay, but we still caught up even through all of that. But Lina's been costing in every challenge. She does a lot around camp and she is a nice lady, it's not about that. It's just...this is a game.

Amanda nods her head as she looks at the ground to think about the move.

When I think about the game, getting rid of Danielle would benefit me and Amanda short-term. But I think that making a decision that's long-term beneficial would be better for the two of us. And that would be taking out Lina. I like the woman, it's not in that at all. The main reason why I want to take her out is that if me and Amanda stick it out with Abner and Lina, we are heading into a tie situation because the two of them are really close and that's dangerous. If we take Danielle along for the ride, we can split the two of them up and set ourselves up for the upcoming twists and turns that this game has in store. The biggest challenge was convincing Amanda that it's a good idea.


Jayson: I really think that we should take advantage of what we've been given.

Amanda (nodding her head): I agree that if we go with Abner and Lina that we'll be in trouble. I just don't know whether breaking our promises to them this soon is a good idea.

Jayson: Yeah, but they could just as well approach Danielle to take out one of the two of us. If we're late to the punch, we'll be kicking ourselves in the head once we see this on TV.

Amanda nods her head as she thinks about the decision in her head. The camera then cuts over to Amanda approaching Danielle at the water well as the two of them are retrieving water.

Danielle (smiling): Can I ask you something? And, please, don't bullsh*t me.

Amanda (caught off-guard): Yeah, sure.

Danielle: Is it me tonight? If I go home, we can make this a peaceful afternoon. I'll pack my bags and leave you guys up to what you're up to. I just want to know beforehand.

Amanda (nodding her head): Okay, here's the deal. Lina and Abner are going to write your name down. However, me and Jayson think that the two of them are really tight and that we have no shot of breaking them up unless we do it this Tribal Council.

Danielle's face changes from a one full of disdain to a happy one as she nods her head.

Amanda: So, we were thinking that the three of us should all put Lina's name down. She screwed up at the challenge today and she is the oldest one here. It would make sense.

Danielle (nodding her head): No, it definitely makes sense.

Amanda: I mean, I like everybody here. But the three of us should stay strong.

Danielle (nodding her head): Yep, I agree. I'm in.

Amanda (smiling): Great!

The two women then hug as they take the pot with water and start making their way back to camp. The camera focuses on Danielle's face.

When Amanda came up to me with the idea of writing Lina's name down, I almost passed out! Literally! And I was like 'Yeah, girl, I'm in!' But then I thought about the reasoning that Amanda gave me. She said that Abner and Lina have gotten way too close out here. (smiles at the camera evilly) Is this the same girl that was cuddling with Jayson on the beach the other day? It really opened up a new window full of options to me. I just thought to myself 'Why should I limit myself to just following what other people say?' I could really make a power move if I wanted to. And I am going to try to.


The camera shows us the clouds in the sky suddenly becoming larger and larger as there is almost no visible sky anymore. Abner looks up at the sky as raindrops start dropping.

Abner: Looks like it'll be rainin' tonight! Goodness me...

The camera shows us Lina sitting at the fire as she looks over at Amanda and Jayson as they are discussing something, immediately thinking of trouble.

The vote was dead set on Danielle. But then I saw Jayson and Amanda whispering something to each other's ears in a very sneaky fashion and I just smelled trouble right away. There don't have to be any conversation if tha vote's already been agreed upon. But throughout the whole afternoon, the only person that I had supervision of was Abner. The others were somewhere else. And they must've talked.


Lina gets up and walks up to Abner who is looking at the sea.

Lina: I have a feeling something's going on. The two of them having been talking about something the whole afternoon.

Abner: Anythin' new?

Lina giggles at Abner's joke as she looks at the two of the young kids for a little bit more.

Lina (smiling): But I'm being serious. I feel like they've tried to get Danielle to vote with them. I don't know why, but I have this gut feeling.

Abner: Well, you can go to Danielle and ask her about it?

Lina (nodding her head): Right, I was already thinking that anyway. Who should I tell her to vote for?

Abner (shaking his head): I think you should let her tell you what she wants done. I don't think we should pressure her into doin' somethin' she doesn't wanna do.

Lina nods her head as she leaves Abner standing on the beach. The camera cuts over to Danielle and Lina talking at some other beach, further away from camp under huge trees.

Lina: So, how are you feeling?

Danielle (smiling): Well, I've already been told that it's me tonight so I guess I feel okay.

Lina (confused): Told by who?

Danielle: Amanda.

Lina (surprised): She talked to you?

Danielle nods her head as Lina is really getting scared out of her mind. The camera shows us Danielle smiling in a vicious way.

Danielle: Amanda told me that I should vote for you because you sucked at the challenge.

Lina's eyes grow larger and larger with each word.

Danielle: But don't worry, I don't wanna do that. I wanna take out one of those two. The reasoning they gave me was that you two were really close, you and Abner. However, I have a feeling that they are the powercouple, not the two of you.

Lina (nodding her head): I agree with you. I feel like the two of them are lining up their games. However, they are counting their chickens before their hatched.

Danielle (smiling): I know! I really think we should take out Jayson. I have a feeling he wants to lead this tribe and control the game here. Sorry, not gonna happen!

Lina: Yeah. And you also don't wanna spend time here with two kids that don't work around camp.

Danielle: I know! Lazy asses!

Lina smiles at Danielle's feistiness as the camera focuses on Lina's nervous smile.

I knew that something was going on. I am really lucky that I am playing with someone like Danielle. She really wants to take out the power players. She wants to take out Jayson tonight. I am not sure how this move will be any helpful as far as strength for challenges goes, but I don't care. At this point, it's about having numbers on my side. It all hinges on Danielle tonight. She is now holding all the cards and Lord knows where she's going to fall.


The camera cuts over to the castaways packing up for Tribal Council. The camera focuses on Danielle as the castaways start to walk on their beach as they head out for Tribal with torches in hand.

I've suddenly gone from the person who's been the next one to go to the person that now holds the decision in their hands. I love this! (laughing) On one hand, I have the older group who I fit in with more than I do the youngins. They are gunning for Jayson which I think is a great move because he is strong. But that's where it could be a stupid move as well because he is strong! (laughing) And then I have Amanda and Jayson, the powercouple. They are gunning for Lina because she's weak. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I feel like the queen but even the queens get dethroned.


The camera focuses on the moon popping up on the horizon as the castaways walk into the Tribal Council area. They place their torches into their slots and take a seat opposite to Probst.

Probst (smiling): Welcome to Tribal Council...again!

Danielle rolls her eyes as Amanda sadly nods her head.

Probst: Let's talk about today's challenge at first. You guys were the last ones heading into the cage. Danielle, you seemed to have struggled in the water.

Danielle (shaking her head): No, I don't think I was struggling. I do think I was the weakest swimmer there but we were only a few seconds behind the blue tribe there. I don't think I struggled though.

Probst: Then you guys caught up and you were ahead of Praslin for quite some time. Until it came time for the puzzle to be solved. Lina, what happened there?

Lina (smiling): Well, I'd like to say that the puzzle was really hard to solve, but it wasn't. I guess I just froze on the spot. I definitely have my head on the chopping block for tonight.

Amanda nods her head as she looks at Probst.

Probst: Amanda, is it fair to vote someone out just based on the challenges?

Amanda: Well, that's what we have to base it on. We've only really known each other for five days. And there aren't many other things to base the votes on.

Probst: Danielle, last Tribal Council, it seemed as though you were the outsider of the group, so to speak. Has that changed or is that still the role that you have in this tribe?

Danielle (smiling): I refuse to call it a role, Jeff.

The castaways all giggle at Danielle's bluntness as Jeff scoffs a little bit himself.

Danielle: But no, I don't think it's changed. People in this tribe have made it clear to me that I was the next one on the chopping block, so...

Probst: What do you do?

Danielle (smiling): You have to try and find a crack in this tight group of people. But when there's only five people left in the tribe, there aren't many cracks, Jeff. That's why it's been so tough on me. So I had to resolve to old habits and I went looking for the idol.

Probst (with eyes bulging out of his head): Again? After being accussed of being sneaky?

Danielle (nodding her head): Well, yeah. That's the only saving grace that I might have when it comes to this group of people.

Jayson smiles at Danielle's comment as Abner just looks away.

Probst: Jayson, does it put an even bigger bullseye on Danielle's back when she admits to looking for the idol?

Jayson: No, I don't think it does. If anything, it just solidifies that target still being on her. However, I'm pretty sure that this game is not as black and white as everybody's trying to paint it for you.

Probst: In what sense do you mean?

Jayson (smiling): I don't think Danielle hasn't scrambled. I know that there were talks with her.

Probst: Danielle, did you talk to other people?

Danielle (nodding her head): Hell, yeah! I did. I had to. I was on the bottom and I still think I am in that same spot in this game. But people better believe that I had a lot of time to look for the idol. They may get surprised when the votes come.

Jayson smiles at Danielle's comment as he knows she's bluffing.

Probst: Abner, what needs to happen tonight?

Abner: I think we need to regroup and try to make this tribe as strong as possible. Not just challenge-wise, but life at camp wise as well. We just need to have the best combination of people we can get.

Lina nods her head at Abner's comment as Amanda smiles.

Probst: Okay, let's see where things end up. It is time to vote. Amanda, you're up.

Amanda arises from her seat as she makes her way towards the voting confessional booth. The camera focuses on Danielle smirking at Probst. Jayson then goes in to cast his vote.

Lina, I'm sorry. I am only voting for you because we need strength in challenges and I need solidify this game for myself and Amanda. You're a sweetheart, take care.


Jayson puts his vote into the urn as the camera focuses on Lina's close-up. Abner then goes to vote. After him, Lina walks into the booth and casts her vote for Jayson.

I'm pretty sure that you won't see this coming and I am sorry. I'm just trying to stay here three more days.


Lina puts her vote into the urn as the camera focuses on Jayson's close-up. Danielle is the last one to cast the vote. She puts it in and then walks back to sit down.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Probst goes out to retrieve the urn with votes as the camera focuses on Danielle looking at the ceiling of the Tribal Council. Probst comes back with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has found a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so...

The camera focuses on Danielle as she sits and looks without any movement. The other castaways don't move either as nobody plays an idol.

Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Lina (1-0)

Lina nods her head when she sees the vote for herself.

Second vote: Jayson (1-1)

Jayson starts frowning when he sees the vote for himself. Abner looks at the ground as Danielle looks on with a smile.

Third vote: Lina (2-1)

Lina is not surprised but she seems really nervous. Jayson still remains frowning.

Fourth vote: Jayson (2-2)

Jayson shakes his head when he sees the second vote for himself. Amanda looks at the groun with a calm expression on her face.

Last vote:

Probst: Second person voted out of Survivor: Seychelles...

Probst hesitates to reveal the last vote. The camera focuses on Danielle's proud face as Jayson and Lina stare on intensively.

Probst: ...Jayson. I need you to bring me your torch.

Jayson opens his mouth when he sees the last vote for himself as he gives off a surprised giggle. Amanda bites down hard as she looks at the ground with a frown. Lina breaths a sigh of relief.

Lina (whispering to herself): That was close...

Abner nods his head as Jayson walks on over to Probst with his torch only as he hasn't taken his clothes and personal stuff with him.

Probst: Jayson, the tribe has spoken.

Probst snuffs Jayson's torch as Jayson is really shocked at the outcome of the Tribal Council.

Probst: You will have a chance to get back into this game. Grab your torch, head to Redemption Island.

Jayson takes his torch and walks out without even saying anything. The camera focuses on Danielle as she is smiling while the music is really intense.

Probst: Two votes so far, two blindsides. Jayson was definitely one of your strongest members, if not the strongest member. You've definitely lost strength for challenges. Interesting strategy, let's see how it works out. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night.

The four members of the Lazare tribe all arise from their seats, walk towards their torches and start making their way out of the Tribal Council area. The camera focuses on the numb Amanda. The camera shows us the walking torches as it cuts to the break.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Jayson pickett
Jayson (3 votes)
Abner hankinsDanielle karnesLina walker
Abner, Danielle, Lina
Lina walker
Lina (2 votes)
Amanda smytheJayson pickett
Amanda, Jayson
Jayson pickett
Jayson Pickett

Final Words

Wow! That's as much as I can grasp at this point. I don't know what happened at all. But we wanted to do the same thing to Lina and Abner that they did to me so I can't really be angry at them. I am happy that I get to have a chance at returning. But I know one thing for certain, if I do come back, I won't be aligning myself with Abner or Lina. That's for sure. (laughing)

–Jayson Pickett

Still in the Running

Lazare Praslin Cachée None
Abner hankins
Amanda smythe
Danielle karnes
Bri anderson
Dillan ische
Jerome wilde
Caleb gibson
Destiny hollaway
Fawn larios
Miranda loweBW
Jayson pickett
Lina walker
Zeke rekash
Karson fargo
Lexi flanagan
Valli gregg
Ian hewitt
Sebastian blaszak
Serenity reynolds
Terrell lein

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Amanda is on the bottom of her tribe but she hasn't given up the fight just yet. 'I'll work my way around.'
  • Bri goes out on a limb. 'I've been looking at that reward forever wondering whether there is an idol or not.'
  • And Serenity makes a friend in Ian. 'He likes the same things I do and I get along with him very well, just on a one-on-one basis.'

Author's Notes

  • The title of the episode was said by Dillan when he was ranting about Lexi's bad behavior.