"We're On the Verge of Glory"
Charmaine (Jury)Ivan (Jury)Marquis (Jury)Ulrich (Jury)Erick (Jury)Quinlan (Jury)Genette (Jury)Kamryn (Jury)Zak (Jury)
The fate of the Final Two rests in the jury's hands.
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 13/13
Episode Chronology
Previous She's Been Using Him, and He Still Hasn't Realized It
Next Hashtag Shaniqua Wins Survivor Y'all (next season)
We're On the Verge of Glory is is the season finale of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Previously On Survivor...

Thirty-six days ago, we started with sixteen castaways, who began their adventure of a lifetime. On the first day, the sixteen were divided into four tribes based on age. Those who were eighteen to twenty-nine, Erick, Octavia, Ulrich, and Qiana, formed the Mangaia tribe. Those who were thirty to thirty-nine, Kamryn, Astor, Quinlan, and Genette, formed the Suvorov tribe. Those who were forty to forty-nine, Garnet, Willie, Marquis, and Zak, formed the Tema tribe. And those who were fifty and older, Ivan, Shanika, Yorick, and Charmaine, formed the Atiu tribe. Early on, Tema experienced tragedy, as Willie was constantly harassed by Marquis. After the immunity challenge on Day 3, Willie threw a tantrum, punching Marquis in the eye. This disqualified Willie from the game, and got Zak and Garnet quickly against Marquis. Despite their loss, they remained strong. Mangaia would experience going to two consecutive tribal councils, voting off both female members. Atiu and Suvorov would remain four strong.

On Day 10, an absorption occurred. Those who won were safe and experience a reward. The losing two tribes would be dissolved. Atiu and Suvorov came out on top, dissolving the Tema and Mangaia tribes. Ulrich and Zak were adopted by the Atiu tribe, and the same for Garnet and Erick with the Suvorov tribe. Marquis was sent into Exile, and would go onto the tribethat lost the next immunity challenge. Atiu and Suvorov were also forced to switch one member from their tribes. Charmaine and Quinlan swapped tribes. Zak and Garnet later told the story of Marquis harassing Willie, disgusting everyone. When Atiu lost the immunity challenge, Yorick found the perfect opportunity to rid the tribe of the only female, Shanika. After losing another immunity challenge, Yorick told Ivan about his injury, and using that to his advantage, blindsided Yorick with two extra votes. Suvorov would lose the next immunity, and Erick quickly took the role of villain, forcing Genette to vote Charmaine with him, Kamryn, and Astor. His plan succeeded, as the cost of Genette's emotions.

On Day 20, the tribes were given a mutiny. Erick, who's alliance flipped on him because of how he acted at tribal, Quinlan, who wanted to be with original tribe, and Zak, who wanted away from Marquis. This left Suvorov with a six to four advantage, winning easily the next tribal immunity. Ivan was eliminated because Ulrich voted emotionally, rather than strategically. This devastated him, to the point of nearly quitting.

On Day 22, the tribes officially merged, and immediately Erick and Marquis were on the ousts. Ulrich's flame was reignited after Genette told him her experiences with Erick. At the first merged tribal council, Marquis was voted out in a landslide vote. When Erick won immunity, Ulrich sacrificed himself so the Suvorov Six would get Erick out. As luck would have it, Erick lost the next immunity, and he was voted out. The Suvorov Six would be forced to vote against each other. Kamryn, Astor, Garnet, and Genette had a deal to go to the final four, but on a reward challenge, decided to go with Zak instead. However at the next tribal council, Garnet and Genette would vote with Kamryn and Astor, so suspicion wasn't raised, eliminating Quinlan. Afterward, Garnet and Genette officially left their pact with Astor and Kamryn, and went with Zak, saying Kamryn was next. However, Kamryn played her idol, only negating a single vote, tying Genette and Astor. Garnet and Kamryn stuck with their initial votes, but Zak switched his vote to Genette, realizing Kamryn's control over Astor was wavering.

Now only four remain:

  • Astor, the loyal companion. Astor originally didn't sign up for Survivor, but his application for another show came to our doorstep, and we allowed him in. He quickly made allies with Kamryn. However little dis he realize, she was simply using him. The two would stay close together in the game for a long time. Astor has never really pissed anyone off in the game so far. In fact his only accomplishment is winning immunity. However after having some time to himself on Exile Island, Astor has been thinking for himself lately. Will that hinder or help him? Only the last three days can tell.
  • Garnet, the strategist. When she entered the game, she became close with Willie and Zak, and quickly made enemies with Marquis. Garnet has survived because of her social game and her strength. After the absorption she became quick friends with Charmaine and Genette. Even though she became part of the winning Suvorov tribe, she was targeted briefly because of Erick and her friendship with Charmaine. After the mutiny, she formed the Suvorov Six, consisting of herself, Genette, Astor, Kamryn, Zak, and Quinlan. After the merge, and the final six, she was able to get into the majority, securing her in the final four. At the final five revote, one of her closest allies, Genette was voted out. Will this effect her game, or will it not?
  • Kamryn, the flirt of the season. Despite being labelled the flirt, she's only flirted with Astor, but that's all she ever needed, as he would remain loyal to her. She was safe for the entirety of the pre-merge, and secured a spot in the Suvorov Six. She did make a final four pact with Astor, Garnet, and Genette, but it only lasted a week, as Garnet and Genette would officially leave them. The only thing that prevented people voting her off was the idol she had. She used her idol for herself, believing what Garnet had said to her, not realizing that their intention was Astor. Can she prevail to the final two, or will everything crumble before her?
  • Zak, the sneaky provider. He came into the game as a fisher, therefore a provider. Zak would experience his first taste of strategy before Marquis joined the Atiu tribe, telling Atiu the tale of Willie and Marquis. Despite his plea to get Marquis out, Marquis would make the merge because of a blindside, immunity, and emotional voting. He mutinied to the Suvorov tribe on Day 20, which turned beneficial to him. He both reunited with his ally, Garnet, and got a slot in the Suvorov Six. At the final six's reward challenge, he was able to win a reward, taking Garnet and Genette with him. He was able to get the girls on his side, and planned to get Quinlan out first. He later planned the tie between Astor and Genette. He unexpectedly switched his vote to Genette eliminating one of Garnet's closest allies. Was this beneficial to him, or with this get Garnet against him?

These four have to compete in two immunity challenges, two more will go, two will face the jury, and one will be crowned the Sole Survivor.


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Hold Your Own
Kneel on a plank over a pool while holding two small ropes, which are connected to a hook holding weight. Starting with 20% of the your body weight, and adding 10% more every fifteen minutes, hold the weight in the air for as long as possible. When it drops, so do you. Last one dry wins.
Winner: Astor

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Balance of Power
Stand on a tiny pontoon for as long as possible. Every fifteen minutes, move to an adjacent smaller pontoon and get into a standing position within a minute. If the challenge makes it to a fourth platform, there are no more changeovers, and the challenge becomes pure endurance.
Winner: Garnet


Night 36

Returning from tribal council, Garnet excuses herself and Zak to talk.

Quote1Why the hell did you switch your vote to Genette?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1I'm sorry, but she needed to go. What exactly has she done?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Um-Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Exactly nothing, and that's the thing that gets you votes.Quote2- Zak
Quote1You could've at least told me.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1How was I supposed to know that Kamryn and Astor were gonna vote Genette?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Sorry, it's that she was one of my friends out here.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1It's okay, we've all had votes that didn't go according to plan.Quote2- Zak
Quote1That's true.Quote2- Garnet

The two return to camp, ready to sleep for the night.

Day 37

Early the next morning, Kamryn finds Astor looking out towards the sea.

Quote1Something wrong Astor?Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1We need to talk.Quote2- Astor
Quote1About what? Strategy? Remember I'm the brains of this alliance.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1That's what I need to talk about. For my past two Exiles, I got to think deeply, and I think it's best that we split up. I've come to realize I'm your bitch. I've never felt more stupid in my life. Good-bye.Quote2- Astor

Astor leaves Kamryn, heading for the shelter. Kamryn is speechless.

I can't believe it, he left me. He left me! Now he decides to get a brain! That (bleep) is done. I need to win the next two immunities to make the final two. That dick!


Later, the final four were summoned to the challenge area. They arrived and Jeff explained the challenge.

Quote1First off, Zak I'm gonna need the necklace back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Take it.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Once again, immunity is up for grabs. Today you'll kneel on a plank over a pool while holding two small ropes, which are connected to a hook holding weight. Starting with 20% of the your body weight, and adding 10% more every fifteen minutes, hold the weight in the air for as long as possible. When it drops, so do you. Last one dry wins. We'll draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

All four kneel on a platform and given twenty percent of their body weight. The challenge begins.

Elasped Time: 30 Minutes

By the thirty minute mark, all four are holding 40% of their body weight. Astor, Garnet, and Zak are doing well. Kamryn on the other hand is struggling. She lets go of her weight, and plunges into the water. She swims to shore, and watches the others

Elasped Time: 53 Minutes

By the fifty-three minute mark, the castaways are holding half their body weight. Astor is doing well. Garnet's weight is on third of the way from falling. Zak's weight is barely hovering over the water. Zak's weight falls, and so does Zak. He swims to shore and watches with Kamryn.

Elasped Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

By the hour and five minute mark, Garnet and Astor are holding 60 percent of their body weight. Astor is struggling a bit. Garnet can take no more and her weight makes her plunge into the water, giving Astor immunity.

Quote1Astor wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Really?Quote2- Astor
Quote1Really. Astor, you have a one in three chance in winning this game. You have the afternoon to figure out who'll be leaving the game. You can return to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The four leave the challenge area and go back to camp.

At camp, Zak and Garnet talk about the plan tonight.

Quote1So we're going to vote Kamryn out and beat her in a tiebreaker, right?Quote2- Zak
Quote1I really see no option at this point. That's all we can do.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Not true, I'll be voting with yo tonight.Quote2- Astor
Quote1You're not (bleep) us? You're gonna vote against Kamryn?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Excatly.Quote2- Astor
Quote1What happened to the two of you anyway?Quote2- Zak
Quote1I was sick of being her puppet, so I broke the alliance up.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Astor, you're our savior.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1You're welcome.Quote2- Astor

I can't believe Astor and Kamryn are done. From what I've been told, they've been together since Day 4. He really saved our skin.


At sunset, Pamati heads off to tribal council. At tribal council, they put their torches behind them and take a seat. Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, Erick, Quinlan, and Genette walk into the tribal council area. Genette is wearing a pink dress that cuts off at her knees, pink lipstick, and pink headband, and pink high-heeled shoes.

Quote1Introducing the members of the Jury, Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, Erick, Quinlan, and Genette voted out at the last tribal council. So Genette was voted out last night, but from what I heard, Astor should've gone. So what happened?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I switched my vote, Jeff.Quote2- Zak
Quote1So why did you that?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1She was a jury threat, that's why I vote her out.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Garnet, how did you feel about that?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Awful, Jeff. I could see what he voted her out, but I would've loved to have sitting here.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Any other significant events at camp?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I officially broke my alliance up with Kamryn.Quote2- Astor
Quote1What did you decide to leave Kamryn?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I was sick of being her puppet.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Kamryn, let me get some input from you.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I wasn't using him, I simply lead the alliance.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Anyone else agree with that?Quote2- Jeff.
Quote1Nope.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Not true.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Kamryn, Garnet and Zak don't agree with you, and they didn't even start with you.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1This is exactly what she likes to do, lie.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Alright, before we vote, Astor are you gonna gie up immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Alright it is time to vote, Garnet you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Kamryn. Kamryn. Next vote, Zak. Twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Battle of the Ages and the eighth member of the jury..........

.....Kamryn. Kamryn, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Screw you all!Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Kamryn, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1(bleep) you all. None of you deserve the million!Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Well three are left, and I'll send you on your way back to camp, good luck tomorrow.Quote2- Jeff

The final three leaves the tribal council area and returns to camp.

Night 37

Coming from tribal council, the Final 3 are satisfied with the vote.

Kamryn was voted out last night, which is awesome because that bitch doesn't deserve to be here.


With Kamryn gone, I feel some freedom. Now us three, we're on the verge of glory.


Tomorrow it's every man for himself. The final vote is crucial. Alliances may not help you there. I've gotta win the next immunity.


The final three gets some rest for their final challenge.

Day 38

The next day, the final three were told via treemail to a marked location on a map to start the Rites of Passage ceremony.

After a bit of walking, they find the starting point of the Rites of Passage. The first torch is Willie's.

Quote1Willie was the one who as disqualified right?Quote2- Astor
Quote1She was, and I wish it didn't happen, but Marquis.Quote2- Zak
Quote1I would've loved her to make it further, and we could've gotten Marquis out Day 3.Quote2- Garnet

Garnet grabs Willie's torch and they move on.

I was on the show for three days and I wish I'd gone further, but Marquis had to be a dick and harass me to the point I punched him in the eye. He did deserve it, though.


The next torch they come across is Qiana's.

Quote1Qiana, we hardly knew ya.Quote2- Zak
Quote1To be honest, I'm not sure why Mangaia voted her out on Day 6. She was a strong competitor, and only screwed up once.Quote2- Garnet

Astor grabs Qiana torch, and they move on to the next one.

I don't understand why Ulrich and Erick voted me out, I was a stronger competitor than Octavia. But six days out here was fulfilling anyway.


The next torch they come across is Octavia's.

Quote1Octavia, she didn't play with us, but she did look like a loose cannon.Quote2- Astor
Quote1By the way, anyone notice she went the opposite direction to than her tribemates on Day 1?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Yeah, Ulrich told me the story of how Erick got them lost, and they found out Octavia had already made their campsite.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Now that's crazy.Quote2- Astor

Zak grabs Octavia's torch and they move on.

This was great, let's do it again!


The next torch is Shanika's.

Quote1Ah, Shanika. Why did she go home?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1With Marquis coming onto the tribe, Yorick had us vote Shanika out for her safety.Quote2- Zak
Quote1I see.Quote2- Garnet

Garnet grabs Shanika's torch, and move on.

It sucks I was the fourth person gone, I think it had to due with me being the only female of the tribe. But it was fun being out here.


The next torch is Yorick's.

Quote1Yorick, he'd gone too soon.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Why exactly did Yorick go rather than Marquis?Quote2- Astor
Quote1Yorick told some people on Atiu that he injured himself during the immunity challenge. Ivan wrangled up two votes, and Yorick left.Quote2- Zak

Astor grabs Yorick's torch and they make their way to the next torch.

One thing I do if returned to the game? I would be cautious when talking to people. Your words and actions can influence other people's opinions


The next torch is Charmaine's.

Quote1Charmaine, such an amazing woman for her age. I really hated how Erick got her out.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1I'm sorry, Garnet.Quote2- Astor
Quote1It's fine, Astor.Quote2- Garnet

Zak grabs Charmaine's torch. They move on to the next one.

One thing to the older generation of Americans, it doesn't matter how old you are, you are as capable as anyone else.


The next torch is Ivan's.

Quote1Ivan, both tough and strategic. Kind glad he's gone.Quote2- Zak
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Ditto.Quote2- Astor

Garnet grabs his torch, moving on to the next one.

I had a great experience out here. I'd love to play it again.


The next torch the Final Three comes across is Marquis.

Quote1Bully.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Mother(bleep).Quote2- Garnet
Quote1(bleep).Quote2- Astor

Astor grabs Marquis's torch and they move on.

I am the greatest, these people don't realize it, but I'll prove'em all.


The next torch is Ulrich's.

Quote1I feel bad we voted him out.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1But he wanted to leave, so we honored him.Quote2- Zak

Zak takes Ulrich's torch, and the Final 3 move on.

I love this game a lot, but it got the best of me at times. I do hope to come back again, hopefully with less hostile people.


The next torch is Erick's.

Quote1He's so the spawn of the devil.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Maybe not completely, but he was villainous.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1No doubt about it.Quote2- Astor

Garnet grabs Erick's torch, and move on to the next one.

I'm not (bleep) doing this, so get the (bleep) away from me.


The next torch is Quinlan's.

Quote1First Suvorov gone.Quote2- Zak
Quote1I always had a feeling he was going to be the first from our tribe.Quote2- Astor
Quote1He's as bad as Penner and Candice.Quote2- Garnet

Astor grabs Quinlan's torch and they go to the next one.

What can I say, I had a good 33 day run. I regret nothing.


The next torch is Genette's.

Quote1She was a great friend when I moved to Suvorov.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1She was a nice girl, kinda wish I got to know her more.Quote2- Astor

Zak grabs Genette's torch. They go to the last torch.

I absolutely loved this game. I loved everyone in this game, with a few exceptions. I wish the finalists the best of luck in the million dollar decision.


The final torch is Kamryn.

Quote1She was a major bitch.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Nothing but a one-dimensional flirt.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Working with her was probably one of the most life-changing experiences I've had.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Amen to that.Quote2- Garnet

Garnet grabs the final torch, and they move on to the area they are to burn the torches.

I really wish I was in the final three. I got too comfortable in the game because of Suvorov's wins. I really need to realize you're never really safe in this game.


The Final Three get to the area were they're to burn the torches. They lay each one of the torches down, and lighting another torch, set the 13 torches on fire. After they're burnt, they leave to go to their final immunity challenge.

The Final Three arrive to the challenge area. Jeff announces the challenge.

Quote1Welcome to your last immunity challenge. First, Astor I'm gonna need the necklace back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Take it.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Today, you'll stand on a tiny pontoon for as long as possible. Every fifteen minutes, move to an adjacent smaller pontoon and get into a standing position within a minute. If the challenge makes it to a fourth platform, there are no more changeovers, and the challenge becomes pure endurance.Quote2- Jeff

They all stand on a pontoon over the water. Jeff announces the start of the challenge.

Elasped Time: 15 Minutes

Fifteen minutes in, Garnet, Zak, and Astor are told to shift the second pontoon. They all make it to the second platform within a minute. All three still vie for immunity.

Elasped Time: 30 Minutes

Thirty minutes in, Garnet, Zak, and Astor are still safe. All three are instructed to move to the third platform. All three get to the third platform, but Zak is unable to balance on it, falling into the water. He swims back to shore and watches the other two. Garnet looks strong, but Astor seems to struggle.

Elasped Time: 40 Minutes

At the forty minute mark, Astor is no longer able to keep his balance and falls into the water, earning Garnet immunity. Both Garnet and Astor return to shore.

Quote1Garnet wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Sweet!Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Garnet, you have a spot in the Final 2 and tonight you have the sole vote. You have the afternoon to figure out who'll be leaving the game. You can all head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The Pamati tribe returns to camp.

Tonight I have the sole vote. It'll be tough. I really don't have a clue who I'm voting for.


At sunset, Pamati heads off to tribal council. At tribal council, they put their torches behind them and take a seat. Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, Erick, Quinlan, Genette, and Kamryn walk into the tribal council area. Kamryn is wearing a purple shirt, blue denim pants that cuts off at her ankles, scarlet lipstick, a white necklace, white hoop earrings, and purple eyeliner.

Quote1Presenting the members of the Jury, Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, Erick, Quinlan, Genette, and Kamryn, voted out at the last tribal council. Before Garnet votes, Zak and Astor, we'll have you plead your case to her on why she should take you to the finals. Zak, we'll start with you.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Garnet, if you take me you have a better chance of winning. I've gotten rid of Kamryn, Genette, and Quinlan, and turned my back on Ivan by mutinying. Taking me to the finals would prevent any of the dominant Suvorovs from winning. That's all.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Astor.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Taking me to the final would be better, the Jury would more likely respect you than me. Why would anyone vote for the puppet to win. I'm basically a goat. I've been manipulated, lied to, and isolated by many people in the game. Trust me I'm, more of a goat than Abi-Maria.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Alright, Garnet it is time to vote.Quote2- Jeff


Garnet goes and votes. When she returns, Jeff grabs the urn.

Quote1Once the vote is read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. Thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Battle of the Ages and the final member of the jury..........

.....Zak. Zak, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1What the...?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Zak, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1What just...?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Congratulations Astor and Garnet you are our final two. Tomorrow I'll see you and you'll plead your case to the jury why you should win. You can return to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Garnet and Astor leave the tribal council area and return to camp.

Day 39

The next day, Astor and Garnet wake, both amazed they've gotten this far.

To be in the Final Two is amazing. I didn't even mean to apply for Survivor, and I'm in the final two. Maybe I'll watch this show now.


My chances of winning, 50-50. I've realized that Astor and I will at least receive four votes. I have Charmaine, Genette, and Zak's votes. Possibly Ulrich's. Erick and Marquis are going to vote Astor, because they hate me. Kamryn and Quinlan could vote Astor because they were tribemates originally. Ivan's vote is up in the air, neither of us were on a tribe with him and we have no idea what the others told him.


They check treemail, which has items such as eggs, milk, etc. for breakfast. Garnet cooks the two up some pancakes, eggs, and bacon. While the two eat, they enjoy some orange juice.

Later in the day, Astor and Garnet make their way to their last Tribal Council. Arriving at Tribal Council the Final Two takes a seat. Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, Erick, Quinlan, Genette, Kamryn, and Zak walk into the tribal council area. Zak is wearing a red dress shirt, black dress pants, and black shoes.

Quote1Presenting the members of the Jury, Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, Erick, Quinlan, Genette, Kamryn, and Zak, vote out at the last tribal council. First We'll hear from the finalists themselves, then from the Jury. Astor, you'll start us off.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Why should I be the Sole Survivor? Throughout this game, I was loyal and honest. I was manipulated by Kamryn sure, but did I ever go behind your backs? I haven't. Garnet was a social butterfly in this game. She when behind many people's backs to get further in this game. That is all.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Garnet.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Sure I was a social person, but at least I did play this game. Astor's main feat was that he leeched onto Kamryn and they stayed that way until the final four, nearly three days ago. Why vote for someone who simply flew under the radar, and vote for the person who actually took action?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Alright, we'll hear from the Jury, Charmaine you'll start us off.Quote2- Jeff


Quote1First off I'd like to congratulate the two of you. Second, I only have a question for Astor. Why did you not vote with me and Garnet after Erick showed us his evil side?Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I still felt obligated to vote with him. Again I'm a loyal person and I'd like to apologize for not doing so.Quote2- Astor
Quote1That's all fine and dandy, but I can see why they say loyalty is blind.Quote2- Charmaine


Quote1Hey, the name's Ivan, but you guys know that already. I've heard and seen both the good and bad things from the other jurors, but I do want to hear from you. Astor why were you always with Kamryn?Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Now that I look back, she was beautiful and she flirted with me, but later down the road she really had me on a leash. Only until Day 36 did I realize that Kamryn was just using me.Quote2- Astor
Quote1You do realize that many people didn't like the two of you together right?Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Yes, but that really didn't occur to me until when Garnet and Genette left our deal.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Okay. Garnet, you were a huge social player in this game. How in the hell did people not want to vote you out?Quote2- Ivan
Quote1I think people respected me because I'm a social woman. I also lead the Suvorov Six, but Kamryn did knock down my influence when Erick won his second immunity.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Thank you both.Quote2- Ivan


Quote1Listen, I hate the two of you very much.Quote2- Marquis
Quote1Not a surprise.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Shut up you (bleep), I'm talking. Okay, there is one person here I least hate, and he's getting my vote. Bye (bleep)!Quote2- Marquis


Quote1Okay, unlike certain people I'm not really decided on who to vote for. So I'm going to have the two of you state the other's best and worst trait about them. Garnet, start.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Astor's worst and best trait was his loyalty. He is loyal to people he likes, but he can also blindly follow people, such as Kamryn.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Thank you. Astor.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Garnet's best trait is her sociability. She was able to get those she wanted out,out. Her worst trait was the inability to plan ahead, such as when we had to vote you out.Quote2- Astor
Quote1I think I've heard enough. Thank you both.Quote2- Ulrich


Quote1I only have a single question and it's for Garnet. Who the hell do you think you are stealing my allies?!Quote2- Erick
Quote1After Suvorov's tribal council,I heard Genette crying, and I asked her what was wrong. She told me she was afraid of you. I told Kamryn and Astor, and the two were freaked out by your behavior at tribal.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1First, I didn't do anything to Genette, she agreed to vote with me.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Liar.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1You know what (bleep) you. You're nothing but a lying bitch.Quote2- Erick


Quote1All I'd really like to say is that I respect both of you, but I think Garnet, you had too much power and Astor you're a dumb ass.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1I'm not a dumb ass.Quote2- Astor
Quote1I'll disregard that comment. I've already figure out who I'm voting for.Quote2- Quinlan


Quote1I'd like to say my vote is going to the person I've known the best in this game, Garnet. Astor I've never really trusted you.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Why?Quote2- Astor
Quote1Do I need to spell it out for you?Quote2- Genette
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Astor
Quote1It's because of you hooking up with Kamryn, that's why I don't trust you.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Thanks for clearing that up.Quote2- Astor
Quote1*sighs* Astor.Quote2- Genette


Quote1All I want to say is, Astor you're a traitor and Garnet you're a bitch. I harness hatred for the both of you, but there is one person I hate less.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1We feel the same way.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Bitch.Quote2- Kamryn


Quote1I'm gonna congratulate you both on being in the final two. First, Garnet why vote me out?Quote2- Zak
Quote1I felt that I had a better chance of winning against him than you.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Alright. Astor, if you hypothetically won immunity yesterday, who would you vote out?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Ummm, probably Garnet, I don't feel like I have a good chance of winning with her in the final two.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Thank you both. Good luck.Quote2- Zak

Afterwards the Jury votes one by one. When they're done voting, Jeff goes and grabs the urn.

Jeff: I want to thank you all for participation. I'll be seeing you at the reunion.

He leaves the tribal council area.

Jeff then walks back into the tribal council area, but as the camera zooms out, it is revealed to be a mock Tribal Council in Hollywood. It has been months since filming ended. Astor is wearing a navy blue dress shirt, with a black tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Garnet is wearing a turquoise blue dress, blue heels, and some silver jewelry. The jurors are wearing the clothing they wore in the game.

Quote1Welcome to the reunion of Survivor: Battle of the Ages. We have our finalists, and jury. There are nine votes. You want to see your name at least five times. First vote, Garnet. Astor.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wooo!Quote2- Audience
Quote1Astor. Next vote, Astor. Garnet. Garnet.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1*cheers wildly*Quote2- Audience
Quote1Astor. Garnet. We are tied 4-4. With one vote left, the winner of Survivor: Battle of the Ages is.................

........Astor!Quote2- Jeff.

The audience roars as the winner is greeted by the other fifteen castaways who've joined the finalists on stage. Astor is showered by confetti. The host reveals they are to go to commercial, but they'll reveal the Player of the Season.

After a quick commercial break, Jeff hands over the check to Astor.

Quote1Alright, for a while, we've held a poll online, wanting America's opinion on their favorite Survivor. The top three for the $100,000 are KamrynQuote2- Jeff.
Quote1*cheers*Quote2- Audience
Quote1GarnetQuote2- Jeff
Quote1*roars*Quote2- Audience
Quote1And Ulrich.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1*cheers wildly*Quote2- Audience
Quote1The Player of the Season is...........

.......GarnetQuote2- Jeff

The audience once again roars. Everyone congratulates Garnet begin awarded the Player of the Season. Jeff hands her the check for $100,000. Garnet begins to cry.

Jeff: I want everyone to congratulate Astor, the Sole Survivor. He at first didn't know what he was doing, by doing so, he garnered five votes for him being under-the-radar, and not wanting a bakcstabber to win. I also want you to give a hand to the Player of the Season, Garnet. We hope you join us next season for Survivor: Ghost Island. A twist this season could be given an advantage in the game. We'll see you then.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 11:
Kamryn (3 votes)
Astor, Garnet, & Zak
Zak (1 vote)
Kamryn BW
Kamryn Teague

Voting Confesstionals

Kamryn, we've had good times together, but only one can advance.


Bye, bitch. Burn in hell.


My vote goes to Zak, you deserve the million least of all these asswipes.


Hasta la vista, bitch named Kamryn.


Final Words

Well I'm out and there's nothing I can do. My game crumbled in front of me. I guess I got power hungry because of all the wins pre-merge. I'll apologize to everyone, I think it's just the stress of the game, coupled upon other womanly things. I wish Astor the best of luck, he's done the least damage of the Final Three.


Day 38

Tribal Council 12:
Zak (1 vote)
Zak BW
Zak Crewe

Voting Confessional

Astor is correct he's is a goat. I'd rather face him than you. No hard feelings.


Final Words

Well I was a day short from Day 39. I really don't think Garnet should have voted me out, but she did. Garnet good luck winning against Astor.


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Astor (5 votes)
Erick (Jury)Kamryn (Jury)Marquis (Jury)Quinlan (Jury)Ulrich (Jury)
Erick, Kamryn, Marquis, Quinlan, & Ulrich
Garnet (4 votes)
Charmaine (Jury)Genette (Jury)Ivan (Jury)Zak (Jury)
Charmaine, Genette, Ivan, & Zak
Garnet BW
Garnet Jones
Astor Stark

Voting Confessionals

Garnet, you're a strong competitor, and I want you to win.


Garnet, I like you better than Astor. You are a fierce woman. Good job.


Since I hate Garnet, Astor I'm voting for you.


After much thought, I think loyalty is better than being sociable, which is why I'm voting Astor.


Astor, I hate you less than Garnet, so you've gotten my vote.


You and I started on the same tribe, I feel closer to you than Garnet.


Garnet, good luck.


Astor, since you were my only ally.


Garnet, you're a better competitor than Astor, so I bestow my vote to you.


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Genette BW
Kamryn BW
Quinlan BW
Charmaine BW
Ivan BW
Shanika BW
Yorick BW
Mangaia Tema
Erick BW
Octavia BW
Qiana BW
Ulrich BW
Garnet BW
Marquis BW
Willie BW
Zak BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • 18 new castaways start their journey in Fiji, where they'll be split into three tribes. But they don't know that on the first day, a twist could change the game on its head.

Author's Notes

  • Day 37's immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Panama episode, Perilous Scramble.
  • Day 38's immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Panama episode, The Final Showdown.
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