Walter Tago
Luke (14)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 14, 1974
Hometown Bellevue
Occupation Coach

Survivor: The Beginning

Tribes Sarawak
Placement 4/16
Alliances Sarawak alliance

Ryan's Guys Alliance

Challenges Won 10
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 37

Walter Tago was a contestant from Survivor: The Beginning.


Name(Age): Walter Tago(39)

Tribe designation: Sarawak

Current residence: Bellevue, Washington

Occupation: Coach.

Personal claim to fame: Leading the team to win their first game.

Inspiration in life: My team. I enjoy helping them.

Hobbies: Jogging, swimming, exercising.

Pet peeves: Lazy people.

3 words to describe you: Outgoing, strong, amazing.

Survivor contestant you are most like: I'm going to play my own original game.

Why you think you'll survive Survivor: I feel I can do anything I set my mind to.

Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I know how I can be valuable to my tribe.

Survivor: The Beginning

After Walter got to Sarawak, he began working. He found Helga annoying from the moment she spoke. Vanessa saw how strong Walter was, and she asked him to align with her. He turned her down, but she didn't give up. Walter felt he was the smartest on his tribe and the others were "A bunch of idiots." At night, the shelter was too small for everyone to fit in, so Walter and Vanessa decided to sleep outside. The next day, his tribe won Immunity. The next day, Walter made two alliances with everyone except for Helga. His plan was to use both alliances and take control of the game. But he mistakenly put Ryan and Charlie in different alliances. When Sarawak won fishing gear, Walter gave up strategy to provide food. This made him valuable. With Helga's laziness, Jane brought Walter and Benny into an alliance with her, Ryan and Charlie. They managed to eliminate Helga before merging. In the merged tribe, Sarabah, Walter was heavily relied on for providing food. Being a man, Ryan brought him into an alliance with Charlie and Benny. They voted out every alliance outsider before the final four. At the final four, Walter formed a pact with Benny. However, Walter fell into a re-vote with Charlie. Benny switched his vote and Walter was voted out. His jury vote went to Ryan, due to Benny's betrayal.

Voting History

Walter's Voting History
  Episode   Walter's
  Voted Against
1 Sarawak Tribe Immune
2 Sarawak Tribe Immune
3 Sarawak Tribe Immune
4 Helga -
5 Sarawak Tribe Immune
6 Sarawak Tribe Immune
7 Victoria -
8 Bob -
9 Violet Peter
10 Jane -
11 Vanessa Peter, Vanessa
12 Peter Peter
13 Charlie;


Charlie, Ryan;


Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Walter now does Top Ten lists. One of his lists is the top ten Survivor villains. Fellow castaway, Ryan Rick, placed fifth.


  • Walter is the first person in Survivor: The Beginning to win Immunity and not be voted out the next episode.
  • Walter is the first male Sarawak member to be voted out.
  • Walter is the only male in Survivor: The Beginning to be voted out from a re-vote.


Walter voted out.