"Villainy is a Necessity"
Season Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Author Tangle
Episode Number 11/14
Episode Chronology
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty!


Reward Challenge: Slip, Slide and Score
The castaways would face off in 1-on-1 battles, where they would oil themselves up and slide down a slippery surface, collecting rings as they went. Once they got to the end, they must toss the ring onto a hook at the end. Last player left standing would win immunity.
Reward: Roast chicken, vegetables, bread, ice cream and white wine. 
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: Franklin's Tower
The castaways must first climb a ladder and go down a cargo net. Then will then have to traverse a series of obstacles, where they will then untie a bag containing sandbags. Using the sandbags, they must get one into a basket, which will release the first ladder on a tower. One the second level, castaways will then use a ball and rope to pull down a second ladder. On the top of the tower, castaways then have to solve a cog puzzle. The first person to finish the puzzle and hoist their flag wins.
Winner: TBD


Night 27

Vireo Tribe 

(Following Misty's emotional blindside, the castaways return to camp.)

Luca: That felt so awful. Poor Misty. I hope she’s okay.

Phyllis: I’m just so relieved to be safe. When that third vote came up for me I thought I was done. Thank you so much, everyone. It means a lot!

Will: It was obvious that Misty had to go. She was the biggest threat.

Voting Misty out was an easy decision after I analysed everything and I have no regrets. Yes, she was my ally, but she was a huge threat. She was the most dangerous social and strategic player in the game and proved it today. If she didn’t go now, then when? Misty staying would have left her in the game with Adrian, Maria and Oswald, all of whom are threats to win, so I had to cut one of the threats now. I’m not scared of the Gombey Four. If I was, I would have cut Phyllis and not Misty, but they’re never going to work together now. There’s too much tension: either Phyllis flips because she’ll never get to the end with them, or one of them flips because they’re pissed off and can’t trust her. I still have everything completely under control. I have no regrets in getting rid of Misty whatsoever.

Will Donovan

Phyllis: Exactly, she was so dangerous. She fought so hard to stay but that proved why she had to go. I’m so glad we pulled that off!

Luca: Phyllis, can we have a talk about tonight?

(Phyllis and the rest of Gombey walk into the forest. Will smirks.)

Will: Someone’s in trouble.

(The camera then transitions to the Gombey Four as they walk into the forest.)

Phyllis: Guys, thank you so much for saving me. You won’t regret this!

Luca: Phyllis, can you explain why you decided to vote for Misty without telling us?

Phyllis: I was approached and asked to vote for her and I agreed to because she was the biggest threat in the game.

Luca: And you couldn’t have just told us what you were doing? You couldn’t have said “Hey guys, I’m voting for Misty tonight, in case an idol gets played”? Did you know about her idol, too?

Phyllis: Yes, she showed me.

Luca: Okay. It’s fair that you kept that hidden, because you didn’t want to betray Maria’s trust, but the fact you didn’t trust us with the knowledge of who you were voting for is pretty hurtful.

Phyllis: I’m sorry you were hurt, I just-

Luca: Phyllis, I’m sorry that what I’m going to say might come off as a bit aggressive, but you need to listen to me: This is the last time I will ever vouch for you. One ore betrayal and that’s it, we’re done. This game meant everything to Misty and I hated voting her off, so don’t make me regret my decision.

Phyllis: Okay, I understand. Thank you for the chance.

(Phyllis leaves. The camera focuses on Luca as he watches her go.)

Oh my goodness. I’m sorry if I was a little harsh towards Phyllis just then. We were betrayed by her for the second consecutive Tribal tonight and it’s not a nice feeling to show devout loyalty to someone, stick your neck out for them over and over again and have them betray you. Believe me, I don’t like having to become Grouchy Luca and he doesn’t make appearances very often, but I needed to be clear with Phyllis that I wasn’t going to tolerate this behaviour anymore. I had to fight to keep her because Veronica wanted her out. To keep her I had to take out Misty, who was playing for so much more than the million dollars, and that was incredibly difficult for me to do. I’m hoping I can trust Phyllis now and that I won’t live to regret this decision, but maybe me being firm with her instead of enabling will ensure that she doesn’t do anything like this again.

Luca Enmore

(Following this, the camera transitions back to Adrian, Luca and Veronica as the latter begins talking to them.)

Veronica: Can someone tell me why we kept her flipping, traitorous ass here?

Luca: Because I firmly believe we've trapped her into voting with us. She wouldn't flip again. 

Veronica: (rolls eyes) Luca, seriously, she'll keep flipping and we'll end up going home! I wanted her gone but as usual no one listens. 

Adrian: How would we have been able to utilise Misty to place ourselves in an advantageous position? Are you unable to recall that Misty was the individual who assembled a strategic partnership with the intention of eliminating a Gombey? Even with three of us still active, she would remain threatened and thus, the probability of her voting in accordance with our specifications is low. There is a higher probability of utilising Phyllis' vote as she must surely realise that another treacherous action will severely hinder her ability to emerge victorious.

Veronica: Ugh, you guys are placing faith in the same woman who blinsided Constance without telling us, then waltzed back in and got her way with Celia and then sided with Maria without telling us? She's clearly got no interest in working with us. She should have gone home! Misty got betrayed by her only ally, remember? She would have had no choice but to side with anyone who listened to her and she's more trustworthy! We could have used her to take out Maria and then taken her out after if she was such a big threat, but no, we're all just going to side with Phyllis. 

Luca: I understand what you're saying, but I seriously don't think she'll flip again.We'll be fine. 

Veronica: Okay, if you guys say so, but I'm telling you, you'll regret this. She is not to be trusted!

(The three of them walk back to camp. The camera focuses on Veronica,  who is looking annoyed.)

No wonder Luca needs glasses. His faith in Phyllis is making him. It's just so stupid! Phyllis betrays us twice, shows clear disloyalty, and we're still keeping her around because Luca thinks she'll stay loyal to us, even though that's what she said last time. What does Phyllis have to do to show Luca she's not trustworthy? Vote him out? By then it will be too late. I can't believe Adrian's on board with this too. I thought he would have a lot more sense and gone with Misty, who would have no allies and is actually trustworthy, but no, apparently he thinks it's not logical for Phyllis to flip again. Since when has she ever played with logic? I hate Phyllis so much. She just comes back to camp so cocky and arrogant because no matter how bad she burns these people, she still gets her way all the time! Apparently I'm the only one who sees her for what she really is, but as usual I never get listened to. Just wait until I get proven right!

Veronica O'Hara

(Following this, the camera transitions to Oswald and Jacob as they are talking about the vote.)

Oswald: Well, we tried. 

Jacob: It sucks that Will betrayed her like that, but you have to admit, this is kinda getting funny. (giggles) Every time I vote with someone, they end up going home. I'm like a curse or something! Hey, if I vote with Will, do you think he'll go?

Oswald: We can dream. (laughs) You know, voting in the minority really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Us voting with her is the last thing she'll remember. 

Jacob: Yeah, I've been thinking about that. (laughs) Joke's on you, bitches, we get the Jury votes! Okay, but seriously, we're kinda on the outs now, right?

Oswald: Yeah, we're probably not in a very good spot. I've got my idol so I'm gonna be an even bigger target. We should probably stick together now. 

Jacob: Yeah... We got this, though. There's, like, bigger alliances around and if they get rid of us, they'll end up following. 

Oswald: Exactly. (laughs) We just have to lay low and try and make ourselves useful. 

Jacob: Yep! And hopefully my voting curse stops before we vote togehter next Tribal. (giggles)

Oswald: I'll just start packing my bag now!

(Jacob and Oswald laugh and walk off to the shelter togehter. The camera focuses on Jacob as his confessional is heard over the top.)

The more I think about this voting in the minority thing, the more I have to laugh at myself, because this is becoming so funny. (giggles) I literally haven't voted anyone out since day three and the person I vote with always goes home. First Bailey, then Isla, then Constance, Celia and now Misty! It's like a curse. At least I've gained a new buddy in Oswald, so that's pretty cool, but if my curse has anything to say about it, he'd better watch out! You know, I had a bit of a cry about this the other day, but voting in the minority all the time really isn't that bad. I mean, who's getting all the jury votes, huh? Huh? I reckon Isla, Celia and Misty will vote me if I make the end, which is, like, three out of four Jury members so far. So, boom! All you people voting in the majority can take that! I guess this curse is a good thing? Wow, a good curse. Since when is that a thing?

Jacob Chapman

(Following Jacob's confessional, the camera picks up on Phyllis and Maria as they have a quiet conversation.)

Phyllis: I am so thrilled we were able to that! We were able to persuade Will to turn against Misty!

Maria: I know. It's amazing. Misty went fiercely after you, though. You nearly went home with an idol in your pocket.

Phyllis: I was really scared for a minute there, but we pulled it off! Now Misty is gone and we can control the game. We can easily get rid of Jacob or Oswald left since they're not with us, and we could trick Will into doing that. As long as we stick together, we should be able to get through the rest of this game easily.

Maria: Exactly. We're going to get through this all the way to the end. How are things with Gombey? 

Phyllis: Fine. Luca let me back in and I'm on my "last warning", so we can masquerade as actually siding with Gombey for a couple of rounds and then make our move, so no one will suspect anything. The key is convincing them to stick with this plan of Jacob or Oswald instead of you.

Maria: Sounds like a plan! 

Phyllis: Great. Let's get some sleep. I think we've earned it! 

(The two of them head back to the shelter. The camera focuses on Maria, who is smiling.)

Tribal went quite well tonight. I wasn't going to risk it and so I played my idol. I'm glad I did, because Oswald ended up switching and voting Phyllis and I surely would have gone on the re-vote. Other than that, though, things went to plan and Misty went home. Now my next move is to align with Will. I don't have any idols left, so in the event I lose another immunity, I need to have backup to keep me here. If Will knows I'm with him and I'm his key to getting more people, he'll want me around. I can keep this facade up with Phyllis by voting Jacob and Oswald out like she wants and then making a move. She thinks I'm with her and while I will be for a little while longer, but I need to move on for my survival. I know how she works; she'll flip on me eventually if it means putting herself in a better position, so I have to position myself with Will to get the jump on her before that happens. As far as I can tell, she won't suspect a thing. (laughs)

Maria Ortiz

Day 28

Vireo Tribe

The camera opens on the Vireo Tribe on the twenty-eighth day. With breakfast finished and the dishes cleaned, the castaways begin relaxing, Phyllis sweeps the camp, while Jacob is shown climbing back into the shelter and relaxing. Luca walks over to Adrian, who is sitting in one of the chairs, and taps him on the shoulder.

Luca: Could we have a chat, just you and me?

Adrian: Affirmative. (Adrian stands up and picks up his and Luca's canteen.) Attention, individual, who desires for their supply of hydrogen oxide to be replenished?

Veronica: ...what?

Will: Water. He means water. 

Adrian: I am perplexed. Is that not what I stated?

Veronica: Oh.... well, if you guys are going, then I guess I'll have mine filled.

Oswald: Yeah, I'll have mine too.

Luca: Why don't we just take everyone's? (Luca bends down and picks up the rest of the canteens, offloading some to Adrian) Okay, off we go!

(Luca and Adrian exit the camp. The camera picks up again as they are walking towards the well)

Luca: So, I don't know if you guessed this already, but I actually wanted to talk to you about something, not just collect water.

Adrian: Affirmative, I had deduced such an occurrence.

Luca: I'm not the best when it comes to that strategic stuff, so I thought I'd ask someone who knows what they're doing... what do you think we should do about Phyllis? Should we do anything? She says she's with us, and I trust her, but I know she's burned us twice before...

Adrian: I am aware of this difficulty. However I, too, am perplexed as to the solution. The objective should be to retain a certain degree of power in regards to Phyllis, thus necessitating her loyalty to our strategic partnership lest she desires to cause irreparable damage to her game. 

Luca: That seems nasty... but you're right, I suppose. (sigh)

Adrian: What do you propose be our resolution?

Luca: Well... we could tell Veronica about Phyllis' idol?

Adrian: (laughs) Negative! Negative, negative, negative… eradicate that proposal from your brain forthwith. Egregious, Luca!

Luca: Okay, I suppose that wasn't my finest hour. (laughs)

Adrian: Although, that has led me to develop a different concept. Are you aware of a bond? It is a predetermined resolution by one party as, in essence, a compensatory measure if the other voids their agreement. 

Luca: Yeah, I know what that is. What sort of bond could we do out here, though?

Adrian: It is my proposition that we request Phyllis relinquishes possession of her Hidden Immunity Idol to us as an assurance of her loyalty. If she remains in possession of it, she is free to deviate at her will and we are powerless to prevent it. If we hold it, Phyllis is restricted and her influence over the events of this competition, severely limited. She, hence, is required, if she wishes to retain access to her Hidden Immunity Idol, to adhere to our specifications. 

Luca: That... doesn't sound very nice at all.

Adrian: It is not. However, it is a fate Phyllis has forced upon herself by her constant deviation. She must be informed that we are not a commodity that can be utilised only upon the instance she desires, we are individuals who agreed to a strategic partnership with her. We are a partnership, not mindless minions, and thus she may not continuously make strategic advancements without prior consultation. Phyllis is not permanently transferring her idol to us. Tantamount to a bank, she is depositing it with us under trust and she can freely access it at which point she deems necessary. Words are no longer an adequate measurement of loyalty. She must reiterate it with actions. 

Luca: So... we're asking for her idol as a sign of trust, but we're making it clear that we'll give it back to her if she wants it? 

Adrian: Affirmative. In that scenario, Veronica remains oblivious to its existence. 

Luca: Oh, Phyllis will hate that! It's so nasty! I wish there was another way... I don't think I can do this! What if she won't give it to us?

Adrian: Then we are in a precarious position and must monitor Phyllis with extreme caution. I wish there was another, less brutal, resolution, but alas there are none. Do you agree? 

Luca: (sigh) I do... Come on, let's... let's fill these up and get back to camp so we can talk to her, okay?

(Luca and Adrian walk to the water well and begin filling the canteens before they finish and head back to camp. The camera focuses on Adrian.) 

Whilst proposing resolutions to the dilemma of Phyllis' loyalty, I devised the plan for Phyllis to relinquish possession of her Hidden Immunity Idol to Luca and I as a measure to secure the longevity of my participation in this competition. We are not relieving her of it, but rather, taking temporary ownership as a means of reiterating her loyalty. Were she to refuse our proposal, she places herself in a precarious position as the validity of her statements of trust are questioned. Relinquishing it to us, however, puts us in a position of strategic influence and firmly affixes Phyllis' loyalty to our strategic partnership if she wishes to access it. Is it villainous? Affirmative, but on occasions, villainy is a necessity. I must assert Phyllis' loyalty, or I fear I will be the next victim of her ruthlessly aggressive strategic play.

Adrian Redford

(Following this, the camera transitions back to camp, where Adrian and Luca return the canteens to everyone. As they approach Phyllis, Luca is shown shifting awkwardly and looking down, guilty.)

Adrian: Phyllis, may we converse in an area which situates us an appropriate distance from camp to prevent individuals from overhearing? 

Phyllis: Oh? Of course. 

Adrian: Furthermore, if you could carry your... (he motions to her bag. 

Phyllis: (realising what he's talking about) Oh... okay, sure. 

(The three of them walk over to the shelter, with Adrian and Luca shielding Phyllis from view as she takes her Hidden Immunity Idol out of her bag. When she does, the three of them head back into the forest, with the camera focusing on a worried Phyllis.)

I was absolutely stunned when Adrian and Luca came back from water collecting and asked me to bring my idol to the forest with them. Alarm bells started blaring in my head, and I was thinking, "what's going on? What could they possibly want with my idol?" Do I not have the trust with them I thought I did? My heart's racing and my stomach is doing backflips. I've got no idea what to expect.

Phyllis Carmichael

(Following Phyllis’ confessional the camera picks up as the three members of Gombey meet in the forest, with Phyllis still looking alarmed.)

Phyllis: Guys, what’s this about? Why did I have to bring my idol?

Adrian: (sigh) Phyllis, there is no way to precede this, so I shall inform you directly: we must assert your trust with us.

Phyllis: (frowns)  I said I was with you guys and I’m not going to back down now. That would be stupid.

Adrian: Negative. Constantly you have verbally reiterated your loyalty, however precedent dictates that it is not truthful. Thus, we require an action of trust if we are to believe  you  are loyal. We hereby request that you temporarily relinquish your Hidden Immunity Idol to us. 

Phyllis: (shocked) I'm sorry... you want me to.... what? Give my idol to you? 

Adrian: Essentially as a measure of security, affirmative. However, we are not asking for this permanently. We are asking merely to be the keepers of it. Should you require it returned, we will oblige. 

Phyllis: This is crazy... you're asking me to give you my  idol... 

Adrian: Affirmative, but merely as a sign of your devout trust in us. Luca and I both guarantee that we trust you and will not manipulate the situation for our strategic benefit, nor will we withhold your Hidden Immunity Idol. If you hold that same trust, you will consent to this agreement. I am telling you with utmost sincerity that I will never deviate from it. 

Phyllis: ...Luca? You agree to this too?

Luca: (looking down, upset) Yes... I'm really sorry...

Phyllis: (sighs) So let me get this straight: I give you the idol as a sign of trust but when I need to use it, I get it back? No funny business.

Luca: (sighs) No funny business. 

Phyllis: (deep sigh) Oh my Gosh....This is a huge thing. I'd be giving you a lot of power. Is there another way? What if I don't do this?

Adrian: Negative, there is no other solution. Are you going to transfer it to us?

(The camera focuses on Phyllis as she puts her hands in her face and thinks.)

Oh my Goodness... what a bombshell. I never expected that. I can't believe they asked me to give them my idol. What am I supposed to do? Adrian's amazing, you know? He's completely trapped me in a corner. (laughs) This is a huge, huge, risk and if I hand this over, I'm supposedly regaining their trust, but if it's resorted to this, will I really ever have it? I'd be putting my game in their hands, so part of me was screaming, "You complete moron! Don't give away your power!" but then, when I thought about the other side of this, what would it say to Adrian and Luca if I hold onto it? They probably wouldn't trust me. I'd have my idol and Maria, plus I would be in a lot more control. The biggest thing for me was, what was best for my game? There were pros and cons to both...

Phyllis Carmichael

(Phyllis sighs deeply, then...

...She turns around, reaches into her bra and produces the idol.)

Phyllis: (handing it to Adrian) Alright, if it's what it takes to prove I'm loyal, have it. 

...but in the end I had to give it to them. I had absolutely no choice. I need these guys to see that I'm with them, or I'd be isolating myself and becoming a huge target if Maria was to win immunity. You know, this is just a testament to what an amazing strategic player Adrian is. I completely underestimated him and I've paid for it. He trapped me in a corner and now he holds my game in his hands. I'm hoping I've proved that I'm loyal to Gombey now and bought myself a little more security in this alliance. At least they've agreed to give it back to me when I need it, so it's not like I've lost it completely. I'm feeling a little nervous about my spot in the game now, but this should have firmly put Gombey in my corner. With Maria by my side, too, I think I've got enough to keep me going until the end.

Phyllis Carmichael

Adrian: (takes the idol and pockets it) Much appreciated. 

Phyllis: This shows that I trust you. Don't screw me on this. If I feel I need it, I'll ask for it back.

Adrian: Affirmative.

Phyllis: (deep sigh) Okay... let's go back to camp.

(The three of them walk back.)

Luca: (distraught) Phyllis, I am so, so,' so sorry about this...

Phyllis: Don't worry about it.

(The camera focuses on Luca, who looks incredibly upset.)

That was... the worst thing I've ever done. Phyllis is my friend. How could I agree to do this? What right did I have? She shouldn't be blackmailed into giving her trust to us, that's not how it works! I knew we had to resort to drastic measures and this was our only guarantee of her loyalty, but I couldn't even bring myself to look at her during that entire situation. When I saw her reaction, I knew she was hurt and scared... and I did that to her by agreeing to go along with it. There's no doubt now, I have total trust in Phyllis. It's the least I can do for her and it's what she deserves. I just hope she can forgive me for this... but I can barely forgive myself for it.

Luca Enmore

(Following Luca’s confessional, the camera transitions to Oswald and Jacob, who are sitting on the beach and talking.)

Jacob: Well, it looks like we’re the minority, huh?

Oswald: Ain’t nothin’ new. (laughs) You got any regrets?

Jacob: Nope! By the way, sorry I was such a dick about the Celia vote and stuff.

Oswald: If anyone’s been a dick to anyone, it’s me to you. I still question what demon of stupidity possessed me to think it was a good idea to leave you out of the vote for the free agents shtick. That worked brilliantly. 

Jacob: Yeah, your “free agent” was a little too free, huh? (giggles) Okay, let’s just accept we’re both dicks who make dumb moves and call it a day.

Oswald: Sounds good to me. There’s no question you and I have got to stick together now, though.

Jacob: Yeah, no doubt, dude. I’m with you, one hundred percent, until the end. I’ve always thought you were a really cool guy so I’m excited we’re finally working together for reals instead of you just using my vote to push yourself ahead.

Oswald: (jokingly) Oh wait, you actually think we’re seriously aligning? Well, this is awkward… (laughs)

Jacob: (giving him a shove) Shut up, bitch, don’t you do that to me again.

Oswald: I’m kidding, I’m kidding, of course we’re aligned together.

Jacob: You suck, you know that? (giggles)

Oswald: You’re great too, buddy. Okay, so, our next move should be cracking into that six. I have my idol so I’m safe. I don’t know if you have anything, but…

Jacob: I may or may not have found Stovel’s idol on, like, day 8 or something, but shh!

Oswald: (laughs) Oh, you’re sneaky. Did anyone else know?

Jacob: Bailey found it with me, but no, I didn’t even tell Isla or Celia.

Oswald: Okay, so it’s our secret. We’re both safe, but we should try to keep at least one idol as long as possible, so we have to find someone willing to turn on the six and make some sort of commitment with us.

Jacob: Yeah, totally. Adrian and I are good. He’s the one I trust the most out of the six, so he should hopefully be willing to make a move with us, ‘cause there are some big threats about. And by the way, I’m glad things have worked out between us now and there’s no BS. You and I are gonna fight through this and slay like the kings we are! Those guys think they have our numbers, but we’ll show them!

Oswald: Absolutely. You’ve been a great friend so far when I probably don’t deserve it, so I’ll be honoured to go as far as I can with you. We just need to create chances or wait for them to come.

(As the two of them sit on the beach, the camera focuses on Jacob.)

So, my idol secret is finally out of the bag! I wouldn’t trust anyone but Oswald with it. He’s a cool guy and he’s kinda in my boat, being on the bottom and all, so we have to stick together now. I figured if I know about Oswald’s idol, he should know about mine, so now we can make mischief together and mess with the others who probably think we’re just easy votes. (giggles) I’m psyched to be working with Oswald for real now and not just being his bitch who gets used to move allies and himself ahead because, to be honest, I’ve always found Oswald a really nice guy and even though he screwed me around a bit, I know he was doing it for his Somers alliance, so I know he’s really loyal and I need that now. Our key right now is to hold onto these idols for as long as we can so we can blow the game apart with them. I’ve got nothing to lose right now, so I’m gonna go all out. This is gonna be a wild roller coaster, but I can’t wait!

Jacob Chapman

Jacob: Well, we might not be waiting too long! Look.

(Veronica, wearing her bathing suit, is shown walking down the beach and approaching the two of them.)

Veronica: Hey guys.

Oswald: Hey Veronica!

Veronica: You guys must feel like you’re on the bottom now, right?

Jacob: Yeah, we have that feeling.

Veronica: It sucks that Misty went home last night. Just so you know, I didn’t want to get rid of her, I wanted Phyllis to go. I argued and argued for it, but nobody listened to me, as usual. I swear, just because everyone thinks I’m a goat, they think I’m stupid. I wish you guys had told me to vote for Phyllis, because I probably would have done it.

Jacob: Woah… man, I wish we’d told you now, but Misty didn’t want it getting out because she wanted Maria’s idol flushed and she thought we had four.

Oswald: Where’s all this anger against Phyllis coming from?

Veronica: It’s not really anger for Phyllis, it’s just this damn frustration that I can’t seem to get anyone to listen to me when I say how untrustworthy she is. Like, seriously, the woman flipped on us and she was not only welcomed back into the group with open arms, they let her dictate the next vote! She flipped again the vote after that and they’re still with her! They just took off with her in the forest this morning, and for what? Well they didn’t include me, so who knows?

Oswald: Oh, really? Yeah, that sounds pretty frustrating to me.

Veronica: Exactly! Ugh… She just keeps getting chance after chance, I can’t stand it!

Jacob: Well, like, we’re happy to vote anyone you want.

Veronica: I’d probably just get yelled at again because everything in this game is my fault. I think I could still win from here, but if I move for Phyllis, everyone will just say it’s me being emotional. (sigh) I hate this situation, it’s like she’s untouchable!

Oswald: Well, we understand, but we’re two votes here if you want to make a move next Tribal. Just saying! (laughs)

Veronica: Ugh, wouldn’t it be a  dream… I think I need a swim to calm myself down. You coming?

Jacob: Nah, we’re good. You go ahead though.

Veronica: Alright.

(Veronica heads into the water. The camera focuses on her as she relaxes in the water, splashing some of it over her face.)

I’m sorry, but I’m getting so frustrated with this whole Phyllis situation, like how she just turns on us over and over again and people keep trusting her and letting her back in! It’s like talking to brick walls at this point. They’re even going into the forest for secret meetings between the three of them now. I saw them this morning. Gah! I keep repeating myself over and over but to no avail. I know Phyllis is the biggest threat because she’s so untrustworthy. Everyone thinks I’m this dumbass goat anyway, so they’ll all just say I played with emotions. I can still win at this point, I think, but if I make one wrong move, I can kiss whatever chances I have goodbye. This is the most annoying thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Veronica O'Hara

(The camera then transitions to Oswald, who turns to Jacob and smiles widely.)

Oswald: Jackpot!

So Jacob and I aligned together, since we’re on the bottom, and we have both idols so we’re safe. The thing is, we want to make those things last as long as possible. Here we are discussing how to break into the six; Jacob brings up Adrian, which is good, but then Veronica comes to the beach out of nowhere and just goes on this rant about Phyllis! It was like striking gold. All Jacob and I were doing was nodding and saying “Yes, that’s frustrating”, because she just kept going and going and now we know all this information. She’s worried about going against the group or being seen as an emotional player but I’m hopeful we can get through. What do you know? You don’t even have to do anything in these games anymore. Sometimes all you have to do is sit on your ass and these opportunities will come waltzing right in front of you! (laughs)

Oswald Carter

(Following this, there is a transitioning nature shot before the camera focuses on Will as he is in the forest. He is then shown being approached by Maria.)

Maria: Hi, Will.

Will: You want something from me. What?

Maria: Right into it, I see. Okay, I can play like that. I'm assuming I'm the next to go. Would that be correct? 

Will: It's looking likely. 

Maria: I think getting rid of me, for you especially, would be very short sighted. I think I could help you. 

Will: (folds his arms) How could you help me?

Maria: Easily. I could be your key socially. I know a lot of things about the game, Will. Remember that I played free agent for a long time, I've been associated with everyone left in the game: Oswald, Jacob, Phyllis, the other Gombeys... my information could be very beneficial to you. 

Will: Why are you coming to me and not your puppy, Phyllis? Or have you finally put her down?

Maria: (laughs) Will, for some reason, you seem to have pull over everyone. You can just assemble them together because of your no-nonsense attitude. What you lack, though, is the social depth. Misty had it, but she didn't have the authoritative drive you do, and that's why you worked so well together. I can be another Misty for you and give you all the information you need, except I'm different in that I don't sit well with the Jury and I'm a huge threat to put in front of yourself. 

Will: Interesting. 

Maria: I'm also someone who can be a target in front of you, That's what you were to Misty. You need some sort of protection, Will. You've received votes at every merge Tribal we've been to except for the last one. You've been taking the bullets for everyone. Things are shifting, not a lot of people like you, and sooner or later you're not going to have the pull to keep yourself in the game. You think of me as this threat, which I'll acknowledge to a certain extent, but it would be far more beneficial to keep me around. Think about it and you'll realise it's the smart decision. 

Will: Good point. Honestly, I'll think about it, but how <expletive> stupid would I be to keep you around if you lose the next immunity?

Maria: Just think about it. If you side with me, you have all this information at your fingertips. If I do go on another streak, you're safe regardless.

Will: Okay, I'll think about it. 

Maria: Good. 

(Maria turns around and walks away. The camera focuses on her as she smiles.)

I think my talk with Will went pretty well. I think he can see the social and strategic use in keeping me around, even with my threatening status. Will is a pretty good strategic player and can weasel his way out of any given situation, but he stops short in that he thinks that what he think is what everyone else should think. People aren't all going to think like Will and people will eventually break away from and blindside him. That's where I come in. The advantage of being a vote is that I've worked with, or had connections to, everyone and I know where everyone sits. Will can use that to his advantage and stop taking bullets for people. Given his pull with people, I'm hoping he'll be able to protect me so I can still survive even without immunity. This is the perfect move for me. For the longest time, Will was so gung ho about getting rid of me that he never thought about the advantages of us as a duo. Now his social key is gone, he's finally opening his eyes. I think this is the start of my path to glory.

Maria Ortiz

(The camera then changes focus to Will as he watches Maria go, a frown on his face.)

Maria's proposal was very interesting. She came to me claiming to know everything about everyone, which I wouldn't doubt to be true given how many people she's worked with. She could prove a very useful adversary to me, especially now that Misty's gone and I'm probably going to keep getting votes. I don't regret voting off Misty for a second, but her absence does mean there's no one else to share blame. If I work with Maria, I'm not receiving all the votes and I'm safe in case people decide to turn. Working with her could be a game-changing move as it opens me up to a lot more and lessens the huge target I seem to have. I'm very aware that it could also be a million dollar mistake and that's why I'm thinking about it. This is the same woman who has been our target from day one of the merge, has survived two tribals without immunity and could survive more if she works with me. If she gets to the end, I look like an idiot and she gets all the glory despite everything I've done up to now. It's a double edged sword in many respects and I've got to be very careful with how I handle it.

Will Donovan

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The castaways walk in and stand on their mat.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? 

Cataways: Yes!

Jeff: For today's challenge, you'll be competing in rounds. You'll slide down a slippery surface, collecting rings as you go along. When you get to the end, you'll toss the rings on a hook. First to get their ring moves on. In round one, there will be one ring, in the semi finals, two, and in the final, three. We'll randomly draw for match ups each round. The winner of the final round will win reward. Want to know what you're playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: The winner will be taken away to a private island, where they will enjoy a feast of roast chicken, vegetables, bread and wine... and after all that, some ice cream for dessert!

(The castaways get excited.)

Jeff: We'll draw for matchups and then we'll get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: Okay, we have our matchups: It's Maria and Adrian kicking things off... Survivors ready? GO!

Reward Challenge: Slip, Slide 'n' Score
Placment Winner Final Round Second Round First Round
Castaway MariaOrtiz

Challenge Summary:

    • The opening matchup pitted Adrian against Maria. Although both launched well, Maria raced ahead and grabbed her ring. When she arrived, quite well ahead of Adrian, she landed her ring first go. 
    • The second matchup was Jacob against Phyllis. Both got out to fairly slow starts as they didn't launch well. Jacob grabbed his ring first but they both got to the end at roughly the same time. Jacob  missed his shot. Phyllis missed hers too and they each grabbed their rings again. Phyllis missed a second time, but Jacob connected.
    • Oswald was placed against Veronica in the third match, which Veronica joked was going to be horribly one sided. This turned out to be the case as she failed abysmally on her launch, while Oswald was clear. Veronica struggled down the track and hadn't even grabbed her ring when Oswald landed his.
    • The final match was Will against Luca. Like Veronica, he failed with his launch, while Will got down the track. Luca fell over multiple times and laughed about it, but got nowhere close to his ring. Will missed his on the slide and had to go back, but thanks to Luca's horrible performance, he was easily able to advance.


  • Maria faced off against Oswald in what was a very tight contest. Both launched well and grabbed their rings, with Maria getting to the end with a fraction of time to spare before Oswald did. Maria landed her first ring perfectly, as did her opponent. Maria was able to launch her second ring quicker than Oswald and that was all she needed to advance to the final round.
  • Will was against Jacob and immediately got a lead over him with the launch. While Jacob stayed in the contest, Will got his rings first and got to the end. Will launched his first and got it before Jacob got there. Jacob missed his first shot as Will was launching his second, but Will also missed, opening the door. Jacob missed again and Will made no mistake the second time, advancing to the final against Maria.


  • Both were very even in the beginning as they launched well and got their rings at roughly the same time. Maria had a slight lead over Will as she got to the end first, landing her ring first go. Will launches his first and got it, while Maria got her second. Will, in a rush, missed his second shot and Maria seized the opening, making no mistake with her third ring, giving her perfect accuracy and winning her the reward. 

Jeff: Maria wins reward!

(Maria smiles as Will, angry, hurls his ring at the post. It bounces off and falls to the ground. Will goes over to shake Maria's hand and congratulate her. There is then a timeskip and Maria is in front of Jeff.)

Jeff: Maria, congratulations on a great win. You're in for a fantastic feast, but it would be no fun without someone else. Choose one person to join you.

Maria: I'll take Will, please. 

(Shock ripples through the castaways as Will acknowledges with a nod and walks over.)

Jeff: Take one more person with you. 

Maria: Hm... 

(The camera flashes to Phyllis, who is looking at Maria hopefully.)

Maria: Um... I'll take Oswald, thanks.

(Phyllis looks disappointed as Oswald walks walks over, but Maria catches her eye and gives her a smile and nod. Phyllis smiles back.)

Jeff: Maria, Oswald, Will, the three of you are going to enjoy a nice feast. There's a boat behind you, head on out and it will take you to the island. 

(The winners exit.)

Jeff: Adrian, Jacob, Luca, Phyllis, Veronica, I have nothing for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at the next immunity challenge. 

(The defeated castaways leave the challenge area.)


The camera opens up as the boat races along the water with the three winning castaways on board. They arrive on the island and disembark, then widen their eyes as they see the feast in front of them, on a table with three seats. 

Oswald: (beaming) Look at that huge chicken!

Maria: I can't believe there's all this food here! 

Oswald: This is exactly what I was craving. My mouth's watering just thinking about it! 

Maria: Well then, let's eat.

(The three of them sit down and begin piling their plates with chicken, bread and vegetables. The camera focuses on Oswald as he takes a chicken leg and takes a huge bite out of it.)

We got to that island and there was just this huge, juicy chicken waiting for us and let me say now, I was grinning from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas morning! (laughs) Just this morning I was thinking to myself, "If I could just have some chicken out here it would make my damn day", and someone somewhere must have read my thoughts, 'cause that's exactly what's happening! And we got wine on top of that! This is a perfect day.

Oswald Carter

(The camera pans around to show Will cutting a huge slice of bread and placing some of the chicken on it, while Maria is enjoying some chicken and vegetables. Oswald has poured himself a glass of wine to accompany his chicken. After everyone has eaten the savoury food to their satisfaction, Will grabs the cooler from nearby and opens it up to reveal several flavours of ice cream.)

Will: Okay, who's having ice cream?

Oswald: Ooh, me! 

(Will and Oswald grab some vanilla ice cream from the cooler and begin eating.)

Will: This is delicious. Maria, why aren't you  eating any?

Maria: I don't eat ice cream. It's too full of sugar.

Will: It's food. It's better than coconut, rice and beans. You're only out here once, so just have some and stop caring so much about your body. You've already lost weight out here, one scoop of ice cream isn't going to do anything

Maria: (laughs) Fine, fine, but just a little ... I can't believe I'm doing this!

Will: (opens the cooler and spins it around to her) Which one?

Maria: Hm.... I think I'll take... mint. (She reaches in and helps herself to some mint ice cream and takes a spoponful.) If this gets me addicted, I'm blaming you personally.

Will: And are you still alive? 

Maria: Yes, I'm still alive.

Will: See, it doesn't kill you. 

Maria: I'm so glad I had this now. (laughs)

(As they eat, and Oswald pours himself a second glass of wine, the camera focuses on Maria as she smiles.)

Survivor really strips you back. When you get out here, all the luxuries you take for granted, like food, water and beds, are gone and you just learn to appreciate everything more. The food reward I won, I was grateful for every bit of food I put in my mouth... even the ice cream! Isn't that crazy? (laughs) Do I look like I eat ice cream? I took some persuading but I enjoyed it. At the end of the day, it was fuel and it was nice to get an opportunity to have something sweet, and it's not going to make any difference weight wise because it's just dropping anyway. It was more delicious than I care to admit, but don't expect that to be the start of something!

Maria Ortiz

(Following this, the three of them are sitting around the table as Oswald drinks his wine.)

Oswald: So are y'all looking to take out a Gombey this round or is it gonna be me? 

Will: It's difficult to say. Obviously I'm aware there's four of them but you have your idol. 

Oswald: Damn bitch of a thing. (laughs)

Maria: So you'd be willing to write down a Gombey, then? 

Oswald: I'd be willing to write down any name that makes sure I stay in the next round. I've won the last two immunities, so obviously people are gonna look to target me, but I've got no allies and nowhere else to go, so I  can't see much value in turfing me over one of them Gombeys. They're tight, I think, so if you take the easy route of voting me, they've got majority all of a sudden. 

Will: That's true. Have you spoken to Jacob?

Oswald: Yep, kid's in the same boat as me: He'll put down any name that ain't his. 

Will: Good. I guess you're using your idol, unless you win immunity. 

Oswald: Unless I get a good reason not to, probably, but if the Gombeys get suspicious they could fake one of you. If you two, Jacob and I team up, we'd have to play smart with the idols. 

Will: Which would mean you giving up your idol. 

Oswald: I guess it would, as long as you guys are serious about teaming up.

WIll: (raises eyebrows) Really? Hm. Maybe. I'll think about it.

Oswald: A "think about it" is better than a no. I'll take it.  (He takes a huge sip of his wine)

Maria: (smiles) Oswald, would you like some more wine?

Oswald: Hm... (laughs) Ah, I see what's happening here. You're trying to screw my brain up so I can't win the next immunity and have to use my idol! 

Maria: (laughs) Oh, no, WIll. He caught on to our master plan! 

Will: <expletive>. What a disaster. 

Maria: (laughs) Joking, obviously, Oswald. Wine? 

Oswald: Sure, why not. (laughs)

(Maria tops him up.)

Maria: Are you okay if Will and I go for a walk togehter? 

Oswald: You mean, am I gonna get up, drunk off my ass, and break the table in half by falling through it? I'll be fine, don't worry. If you two have somewhere to go, then go.

Maria: Will? 

Will: Okay. 

(Maria and Will walk away.Oswald looks after them, laughs, and takes a big swig of wine.)

I still feel very much on the bottom of this tribe. I brought up the idea of us three teaming up with Jacob to knock off a Gombey and, although they engaged in conversation with me, the conversation still fixated on the damn idol and I could tell there was nothing set in stone. Now they've filled me up with wine and they're off talking about something else. They think they've got me cornered into using my idol or maybe even sending Jacob home, but they know nothing about the conversations I've had these past few days and I reckon our power duo might become a power trio. I'd love to get out of using my idol in any way, if possible. You know, I might try a little harder at the immunity challenge tomorrow, see if I can win me that necklace a third time and throw a huge wrench in their plan. Wouldn't that be fun? That'd send them running back with a more serious offer. (laughs)

Oswald Carter

(The camera picks up as Maria and Will have walked some distance away from Oswald.)

Will: You're going to ask me about your offer, aren't you?

Maria: Yes, I am. Have you given much thought to it? 

Will: I have, but I want to know how valuable you really are. Tell me what you know about Oswald and Jacob. Are they together? 

Maria: Well, we know that the two of them were the ones to vote Misty, so logic says yes. Jacob has something really tight with Adrian, not sure what it is, though. 

Will: Yeah, Misty was saying that Jacob would never vote for Adrian. What about Oswald? 

Maria: I could probably get some information out of Oswald. We still have a fairly strong connection and, aside from Jacob, he has no real allies left. Going with that four Oswald suggested is always an option because they could side with us, but on the downside, that leaves his idol. 

Will: Yeah and that thing has been around since we merged. We need to get rid of it soon. He said he'd use it on us but do you believe it? 

Maria: Maybe but I doubt Oswald would be dumb enough to give away guaranteed security. That reminds me, what happened to the Stovel idol? 

Will: I don't know. It never got used in the Tribal phase and I don't have it. Maybe Misty or Isla went home with it. 

Maria: No, Misty would have used hers after I used mine. Do you  think Jacob has it?

Will: I'm not sure. Maybe. So,  you know that Jacob is close with Adrian, which could be dangerous for us. Oswald has no one. What about Phyllis? I thought you were with her.

Maria: I was, but I can still pretend to be to get information for you. The thing is, I'd be more seriously considering teaming with Oswald if I didn't know the Gombey Four was just some facade. The only one really committed to it is Luca and, to an extent, Adrian. But even still, Adrian has Jacob, Veronica is probably just attached  to Luca and would break away if we got him out. The big one, though, is Phyllis. She told me that she's still in with them, but she's on her last chance. 

Will: That means she's  on the bottom of that group.

Maria: Exactly, and if you get it into her head, she'll flip. So that's why I think we can still safely dispatch of Oswald or Jacob.

Will: Your connection to Phyllis is good because you can get a lot of inside information on Gombey. It also helps that Veronica was the third vote against you when Celia went home. She did it because she hated Phyllis getting her way all the time. 

Maria: Even more reason for them to break.

Will: She doesn't have the best relationship with Adrian, either. Some left wing bull<expletive> about homophobia or something. I had to talk to her four hours convincing her to work with him at the swap. I don't know how well they've mended but I doubt she'd go the long run with him. 

Maria: She might turn on Phyllis... but if she does, that's probably the end of her flipping, especially with Luca still around. 

Will: Yeah. The difficulty is working with Oswald versus flushing his damn idol. But it seems like we have a way out. The combined information we have is very helpful. 

Maria: Exactly. I think it would be best for both of us if we worked together. 

Will: I can see the benefit in that.  

(The two of them continue walking and talking. The camera focuses on Will, who looks ahead.)

Despite the physical threat she poses, I can definitely see the benefit of working with Maria. She's got a lot of information and, if she's going to keep winning immunity, it would be better to have her on my side than against me. For all I know, she could be bull<expleitve> me, but I doubt she's stupid enough to leak that much information if she's not really with me. I could see us being a very powerful duo. Oswald has offered to work with us, which we're considering, but given everything we know, the debate is whether we're safe enough to cut Oswald or Jacob to flush those idols out. Whatever happens, I think working with Maria is my best option for the time being. Given our collective powers in the game, I'd be very scared of us if I were the other six.

Will Donovan

(The camera then focuses on Maria, who is smiling.)

That conversation with Will was very promising. I think we're well on our way to becoming a duo because he seemed very interested in us teaming together, regardless of if we choose to work with or take out Oswald. By combining our information, we know pretty much everything there is to know about the game. He filled in the gaps I had with his information, such as the fractured relationship between Veronica and Phyllis and Adrian, and the whereabouts of the Stovel idol. Because of all this, I still feel we'd be safe in a majority-Gombey tribe because of all the damaged relationships, but there's also the option of working with Oswald and Jacob, if Oswald is serious about using his idol on one of us, just to be safe. I've worked to amass all this power and I don't want to end up falling because I make a stupid move this round. At least I've got Will on my side and Phyllis still thinks we're together. I think I'm in a brilliant position right now. Who would have thought I'd be saying that given how bleak things looked at the final twelve? It just goes to show, you can never, ever give up or be afraid to look out for yourself, because amazing things can happen.

Maria Ortiz


The camera opens up on the Vireo camp as the five people defeated at the Reward Challenge- Adrian, Jacob, Luca, Phyllis and Veronica- return. 

Veronica: I think today just confirmed that, unless there's a challenge or divine intervention, Maria is unstoppable. 

Jacob: She literally didn't miss a single ring. That's crazy!

Luca: It was amazing to watch... not so much if you're competing with her, I guess. (laughs)

Adrian: Regarding Maria, what do you theorise were the motivations behind selecting William to accompany her on the reward?

Veronica: That was really weird, I had no idea those two were close. Do you know anything about it, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I have no idea. I was just as surprised as you when she picked him. 

Veronica: So you know nothing about this?

Phyllis: No. Seriously. 

(The group begin to break apart. The camera focuses on Phyllis.)

I was genuinely shocked when Maria chose to take Will on reward, but then I thought, "okay, she wants to strategise and bring him to our side". Then, she took Oswald, completely leaving me behind. I'm finding peace with the idea that Maria must have left me behind to watch the fort and let her know of anything going down. It's either that or she's planning something and wants to leave me out of it, but she wouldn't be smart to cut me now. I feel as if I've had all this trust and power stripped away from me and my entire game is balancing precariously. If Maria is turning, then everything's going to come crashing down on top of me.

Phyllis Carmichael

(The camera picks up again as Adrian, Luca and Veronica are down on the beach.)

Luca: So, Veronica, how do you feel about working with Phyllis?

Veronica: To be honest, I still hate it. I just don't see why we can't get rid of her. She's lied and flipped constantly and she's obviously working with Maria now. I don't buy that she's clueless about the Maria reward for a second. 

Adrian: I believe she was genuine. Upon the announcement, I observed her body language and expression for signs of a premeditated scheme and her reactions appeared to be involuntary. Reactions like the one she had are hard to believeably fake.

Veronica: Okay, but even if she didn't know about it, do you really think she's going to stay with us?

Adrian: Affirmative. She is well aware that flipping will be detrimental to her game.

Veronica: Why are you confident? Have you made her a final three deal or something? 

Luca: No, we haven't. 

Veronica: Then what did you guys talk about when you went into the forest this morning?

Adrian: We aimed to assert her loyalty with us. 

Veronica: If that's all it was, why wasn't I asked to come? 

Adrian: Due to the current tensions existing between the two of you, we concluded that the desirable outcome would be more probable if we spoke in your absence. 

Veronica: That makes sense, I guess... but are you sure you haven't said anything about deals to her? She keeps promising over and over again, so I doubt that you'd believe her just off words. What did you make her do? Sacrifice a goat? 

Adrian: Negative. We simply reiterated firmly that this was her final chance. If she deviated from our specifications again, she would cause irreparable damage to her own game and thus she should remain loyal. 

Veronica: I still don't understand why we can't cut her now. She's just so dangerous! We're at 4-4. She flipped last time because she cried about being on the bottom. What's to say she won't do it again? 

Adrian: I firmly believe she will retain her loyalty to us for at least this upcoming vote and, likewise, we should do the same. The competition, as you stated, is curently comprised of four Gombey individuals and and four indiviuals of miscellanious tribal lines. Currently, there is paranoia surrounding Oswald's idol from all of us. We could manipulate this, and the fact they may view us as fractured, to our advantage All that is required is ensuring the elimination of Oswald, or one of the other three. William will not deviate, as he requires us for a split vote to be successful. After that point, we will hold majority, and if you are still unsatisfied with Phyllis' loyalty, we will eliminate her. 

Veronica: Fine...  I guess. But I still don't understand how you're so confident she's one hundred percent on board unless she's got a final three. Does that make me the fourth?

Adrian: No endgame deals have been negotiated. Although, regarding that subject, I would like to propose one be formed between us. Would that be satisfactory? 

Veronica: Are you serious? So, Phyllis would be cut at fourth?

Adrian: Affirmative. Luca?

Luca: Well...I guess you guys have been the most loyal and I'd like to take people who deserve it. I just feel bad for Phyllis. 

Veronica: What do we tell her? If she hears about this, she flips for sure.

Adrian: We could inform her that Luca is the fourth. Luca, it could be reasonably probable that you would volunteer for fourth place as a matter of loyalty and friendship, correct? 

Luca: (sigh) More lying.... I guess so? I would never betray you guys. 

Adrian: Then, if anyone inquires, Luca is  being eliminated in fourth place, In actual truth, we will be the final three competitors. 

Luca: Yep, got it. 

Veronica: Sounds good to me. 

(The three of them begin walking off. The camera focuses on Adrian, who is smiling.)

At present I believe my current strategic partnership comprised of Luca and Veronica will be of substantial benefit. I believe we can easily navigate our way to a majority due to the paranoia and desire to rid Oswald of his Hidden Immunity Idol. Due to also being necessities for a split vote if this is to occur, we possess a substantial amount of power in deciding who is a secondary target. Due to my strong interpersonal bond with Jacob, I desire to keep him in the competition, partially due to the fact he is a pleasant individual and partially since I can have confidence that he will adhere to my specifications. Maria would be an automatically assumed second target, but in the event she is victorious in the immunity competition, I desire to, perhaps, eliminate William. Due to his ruthless strategic approach, he could potentially usurp me, or fracture the strategic partnership. Veronica is quite nervous that Phyllis will deviate from our specifications, but as I am currently holding her Hidden Immunity Idol, I am certain she will remain loyal. If we are successful in advancing to the final seven, I believe I have a considerable chance of emerging victorious in this competition.

Adrian Redford

(The camera then changes focus to Veronica, who is looking nervous.)

Okay, don't get me wrong, I don't like nor trust Phyllis and I want her gone ASAP, so I'm glad the guys are on board with that. I'm not sure if it's in my best interests to go the end with Adrian, though. I want to be in the final three with Luca, no question, because he's been my most loyal ally from day one, but Adrian? He'd win almost all the votes because everyone would think he played a good strategic game and his friends would all be on the Jury. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, he's played a good game, but I remember what he said about gay people on the second day and a homophobic person winning Survivor in 2017 would be so wrong. I know I won't be able to beat Adrian. I'd probably be better going with Will or someone. Even though he's a sexist pig sometimes, I think he'd be willing to make moves with me and I think I could beat him. A female taking down the most sexist player out here would be amazing!

Veronica O'Hara

(Following this, there is a timeskip. A transitioning nature shot is shown, before the camera shows Jacob approaching Adrian in the forest.)

Jacob: Yo, Adrian, can I talk to you alone for a bit? 

Adrian: Affirmative.

(The two of them walk deeper into the forest. The camera focuses on Jacob.)

So I'm on the bottom, but I wanna know exactly where I sit in terms of the game and what my fate's going to be, and I figured Adrian was my go to guy. Even though we haven't been on the same side a lot, he's the person who has been the most genuine out here and I trust him a lot. I'm hoping he'll be able to return the loyalty I've been showing him by keeping me saving me at some point, but we haven't even had our immunity challenge yet so I'm pushing this vote to the back of my mind. Right now, I'm just after information. That's all I want. With that, I can head into the vote with as clear an idea as possible.

Jacob Chapman

(The camera picks up again as they have walked out of earshot of other people and sat down.)

Adrian: What did you wish to converse about, Jacob?

Jacob: Well, dude, I just wanna know about my spot in the game. I'm kinda guessing I'm on the bottom now, since I voted for Phyllis. Would that be right?

Adrian: (thinking) Hm... Presumably, affirmative.

Jacob: So... what does that mean for my place in the game?

Adrian: I am unsure. Our interpersonal bond is, in my opinion, substantial and thus I will not advocate for, nor participate in, your elimination. I will never use my assigned vote against you. Others, however- examples being WIlliam, Phyllis and Maria- could campaign for the elimination of yourself and Oswald, due to your isolation from the majority strategic partnership and your personal favour with the Jury. Oswald, due to being in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol and a much more significant physical threat. However, individuals are aware of your likeability and multiple interpersonal bonds with the Jury. I could hypothesise that you would receive the votes of Isla, Celia and Misty. 

Jacob: So, after Oswald, I'm pretty much gone?

Adrian: Allow me to clarify that I will personally not target you. I would desire us to remain a strategic partnership for some time and I believe I could successfully eliminate another individual. I am just warning you that others are threatened by you.

Jacob: Uh-huh, I got you. I'd really like for us to keep working together, too. Are you and the other Gombeys particularly close, though? 

Adrian: Negative. Fractures do exist, but I believe some individuals could be swayed to protect you. 

Jacob: Alright, that sounds cool to me. Thanks for telling me all this, dude. I really appreciate it. 

Adrian: You are welcome. Jacob, furthermore, I would like to express some gratitude of my own in regards to you helping with my homophobia. I cannot find the required words to express my thoughts into an intelligible interpretation of the English language to inform you of  what it means to me.

Jacob: It's okay, Adrian. You don't need to thank me for that because helping you is the right thing to do. We've had bumps along the road but you're getting there.

Adrian: It is frustrating but I feel myself improving. I would like to apologise for my panic attack a few days previous. We were engaging in casual discussion and I must have caused you feelings of guilt. 

Jacob: Dude, you don't need to apologise for having a panic attack. If anyone should apologise, it's me, for not thinking before I opened my big mouth. I felt really bad, but don't worry. You shouldn't apologise for having a reaction to something you're afraid of. We're going to get through this eventually, I promise. 

Adrian: I appreciate it, Jacob. I promise I will do everything within my power to ensure your safety. 

Jacob: Thanks, dude. You know I'm not doing this for that, right? I want to help you because it's just a good thing to do. I  don't want you thinking I'm doing this just to get your vote. 

Adrian: I understand. I am offering you safety of my own free will and am not expecting of any compensation. I am just very appreciative. I am thankful for our interpersonal bond.

Jacob: Me, too, Adrian. 

(As the two of them sit for a while, the camera focuses on Adrian.)

As an individual who has been ostracised by others for the entire duration of my existence, I never anticipated how significant the interpersonal bonds I created would be. It is very touching to finally be a part of a society where I am unequivocally accepted as myself despite my plethora of flaws. In particular, my bond with Jacob is the strongest, despite my homophobia and his homosexuality. I cannot express my gratitude enough that he would assist me in overcoming it, regardless of the difficulty of the task. I feel obligated to ensure his safety, even if he is not expecting anything in return. He has given me what I believe will be a long-lasting interpersonal bond, which will be in effect long after the competition has concluded. For that, and all his help, I am indebted to him. I cannot see him leave this competition next round under any circumstances.

Adrian Redford

Day 29

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The castaways walk in and stand on the mat.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?  (They nod) First thing's first, Oswald, you gotta give it up.

(Jeff takes the necklace off Oswald.)

Oswald: Hope you bring it back to me!

Jeff: You want it, you earn it. Immunity is once again back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will climb a ladder and go down a cargo net and then through a series of obstacles, where you'll untie a bag containing sandbags. You'll then attempt to land the sandbags in a basket, which will drop a ladder. On the second level, you'll use a ball and rope to pull down the second ladder. On the third level, you'll solve a cog puzzle. First to solve their puzzle wins immunity and a one in seven shot at winning the game. We'll draw for spots and then we'll get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For immunity and a one in seven shot at winning this game... Survivors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: Franklin's Tower
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway MariaOrtiz

Challenge Summary:

  • Maria got off to a quick lead, followed closely by Oswald and Will, with Adrian a little further back.The others quickly fall out of the challenge. Maria extended her lead through the obstacles as Will fell behind, but Oswald and Adrian stay in it. Maria is the first to have her bag untied. 
  • Maria extended her lead further as she got her sandbag in the basket first go, as well as mastering the ball and rope pretty quickly to get down her second ladder. This occurred just as Oswald got to the basket, which he missed the first go but got the second time, allowing Maria to extend her lead further.
  • With a very strong lead, Maria began work on her puzzle. She began to get the hang of the puzzle early. Oswald made it to the puzzle station just as Adrian got his sandbag in the basket, having previously struggled. 
  • Maria was halfway through by the time Oswald got there and never relinquished the lead as Oswald struggled to get the hang of it initially. Although he eventually placed a couple of cogs, it was far too late as Maria easily cruised to victory. 

Jeff:  Maria wins her third individual immunity!

Oswald: Dammit! 

(Maria smiles as she walks over to congratulate Oswald, who gives her a hug. The camera pans over to Adrian, who was still back at the ball and rope, putting it down and laughing. There is a timeskip to the castaways being back on the mat.)

Jeff: Maria, come on over!

(Maria walks over and Jeff places the necklace on her.)

Jeff: A truly dominant display hands you your third individual immunity. You now have a one in seven shot at winning this game. As for the rest of you, after 29 days, someone will be the eleventh person voted out and the fifth member of the Jury. You have the afternoon to figure out who that's going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at Tribal. 

(The castaways leave the challenge area.)

Vireo Tribe

(Following Maria's immunity win, the castaways return to camp.)

Phyllis: Congratulations, Maria! That was incredible. 

Jacob: Yeah, congratulations! You made the rest of us look weak. 

Maria: (smiles) Thanks, guys.

Veronica: You were amazing, Maria. It's so great to see a strong woman like yourself dominating the competition!

Maria: Thanks a lot, Veronica. (smiles) I really appreciate that.

(Maria hangs her necklace up outside the shelter. The camera pans over to Oswald, who is laughing.)

Damn it all! Son of a bitch! I lost immunity, wasn't even close. Maria totally blew me out of the water. It's a little frustrating to not have the necklace 'cause I think I'll definitely have to use my idol tonight. I thought, if I had it around me, I could force Will and Maria to come with Jacob and I to make up the four and save ourselves. Now that I'm not safe, I guess the temptation's there to just do an even split on Jacob and I, which would result in both of us using our idols and just taking out whoever we damn well please. I'm not sure which option would be best for us. Obviously we'd like a stable group moving forward, but if we're the target of a split vote, we could be sought after to make the three and take out Phyllis with Veronica, or maybe the brains will move to take out Will. So I dunno. When it comes down to it, I don't care what votes go where tonight as long as Jacob and I make one more round, preferably with our idols still in our pockets!

Oswald Carter

(The camera picks up as Will and Maria are talking with the four members of Gombey.)

Will: Okay, this should be fairly straightforward: three of us vote for Oswald, other three vote for Jacob. Okay?

Phyllis: That sounds pretty good to me. 

Veronica: Who's going to vote for Oswald and who's voting for Jacob? 

Adrian: I will assign my vote to Oswald if it satisfies the individuals in this strategic partnership.

Luca: I don't have a problem with it. 

Maria: Okay, so just to make things easy, why don't we have Adrian vote with Will and I against Oswald and Phyllis, Luca and Veronica can all vote for Jacob. 

Veronica: Alright, that sounds good to me! 

Maria: Okay, then that's what we'll do.  (The group begin to break apart. The camera focuses on Maria, who whispers to Phyllis.)

Maria: Make sure they stay on track, okay? 

(Phyllis nods and leaves. The camera focuses on Maria.)

So, according to the brains, we're going to do a 3-3 split on Jacob and Oswald. I considered setting them up to vote Oswald, but I don't think they'll break from this plan because Jacob's a big Jury threat. I've got immunity, so the only other option left is Will, which Adrian might push for but it would expose him as a bigger threat than he'd want to be, so I don't think he'd want that. Anyone who votes a lesser Jury threat, like Will, over Jacob isn't playing very smart. I hope Gombey think we're comfortable with them enough to stick with this plan, because there's still the option to consider of going with Jacob and Oswald against one of them, although I'm debating whether it's necessary at this point. We'll see how things go.

Maria Ortiz

(The camera then transitions to Luca as he walks away with the rest of Gombey.)

Luca:  Do you guys think this is going to happen or is someone going to come along and change it? (laughs) You never know what to expect with this game.

It's becoming a sort of running joke in this game that I go into Tribal with a plan I think is completely solid and then something completely different happens. (laughs) A lot of people would be brought down by it, but I'm taking it in my stride as part of this fantastic experience. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was another one of those cases. In fact I'd be more surprised if things did stay according to plan, but that's just what happens out here! For all I know, I could go home. I'm so excited for this upcoming Tribal Council. I almost feel like a viewer!

Luca Enmore

(Following this, the camera picks up as Will and Maria are talking in a private area with Oswald and Jacob.)

Oswald: So have y'all given any more thought to working with us against the Gombeys?

Will: Yes. We're going to do it. 

Jacob: Awesome! Do you guys have a preference on who you want to vote for?

Maria: How do you feel about Luca? 

Oswald: Any name that isn't ours is a good one. Why him of all people though?

Will: Because he's so blindly loyal to Gombey he won't ever entertain the thought of working with us. It's pointless to keep him. 

Jacob: Yeah. he's been loyal to Gombey since we merged. He won't flip on them. 

Will: Exactly, so the four of us will vote Luca. 

Oswald: Who are Gombey gonna vote for? 

Will: They agreed to vote for Jacob, to catch you by surprise, but if you play your idol then you've got nothing to worry about. 

Oswald: Okay, sounds good to me. We'll vote Luca with you guys.

(The four of them break apart. The camera focuses on Will, who is smiling.)

Jacob and Oswald think we're voting with them, but in actual fact I haven't made up my mind yet. The main part is that we got them to vote Luca, because if I do go that way, that's who I want to send home. Luca hasn't shown the slightest interest in working with me so he's useless to any long-term gameplans. That's if I decide to go with them, because I know that Oswald and Jacob are both big threats Jury wise, Oswald is a particular strategic threat and Jacob still has a lot of friends in the game. I'm not worried about the Gombey Four because somebody's fourth and I guarantee there's enough fractures in there that someone will turn in the future. Whichever way I go- be it with Gombey or Oswald and Jacob- it will have benefits and drawbacks.

Will Donovan

(The camera transitions back to Oswald and Jacob, who look at each other.)

Oswald: You believe that?

Jacob: I mean, you talked to them on the reward, do you?

Oswald: I think they're thinking about it. we have to use an idol anyway, 'cause they said you're getting the Gombey votes, but how we vote is determined by what you think. 

Jacob: Hm... well, obviously I wanna keep my idol for as long as possible, and surely Will has to realise the benefits of voting out Luca when there's four Gombeys left... I'm not sure. I just don't wanna look like an idiot and waste my idol for no reason.

Oswald: You'd look like an even bigger idiot if you went home with it in your pocket given the position you've been in for the last few days.

Jacob: That's true. I really have to think about this.

So, Will and Maria just came up to us and said they'd vote Luca, and I'm not sure whether I believe in. On one hand, we're on the bottom, we isolated ourselves when we voted Phyllis and everyone and their mom knows Oz and I are a tight duo now. Will's probably not gonna get a lot of Jury votes 'cause he's kind of a jerk and he might wanna get rid of likeable people now. On the other hand, there's four Gombeys left and Luca's the most loyal of them all. Surely Will realises that and he might look past our duo and the idol and go with us to vote him out. Uuuuugh, I don't know. I wanna believe it and I'm really thinking about it. Like, no one apart from Oswald knows that I even have the idol so I've got that to my advantage and I wanna keep it in my possession as long as possible. I'd look pretty stupid if I pulled this out and wasted it when no one knew I had it; that would pretty much crush every ounce of trust and any chance I have and I'd be completely on the bottom. On the other hand, I'd be the world's biggest dumbass if I was on the bottom, had an idol, didn't play it and went home. I'm gonna have to go with my gut and hope it doesn't let me down.

Jacob Chapman

(Following Jacob's confessional there is a transitioning nature shot before picking up on Adrian, Luca and Veronica meet up in the forest.)

Luca: What did you want to talk about, Adrian?

Adrian: Firstly, I would like to reiterate our agreement to remain loyal until the thirty-ninth day of this competition. I trust the feelings are mutual?

Luca: Yep, I haven't changed at all. 

Veronica: Me neither. Is that all?

Adrian: Negative. I would like to discuss the specifications of this vote with you. 

Luca: Shouldn't we be having this conversation with Phyllis around if she's a part of our alliance?

Adrian: Negative. I fear she will relay its contents to Maria, thus endangering our chances of survival. 

Veronica: Yeah, I'm not talking like this with Phyllis around. She'll tell everything. What are we even changing? 

Adrian: I would like to propose, if it is satisfactory for you, that we deviate from William's specifications and assign our votes to him instead.With our trifecta of assigned votes, three would be for William, only two would be Oswald,  Phyllis' vote for  Jacob and the two votes of Oswald and Jacob, thus totaling the votes 3-2-2-1.

Luca: So we wouldn't tell Jacob and Oswald that we're voting with them? 

Adrian: Negative, with the motivation of removing Oswald's Hidden Immunity Idol from the game. 

Luca: Okay, so why Will over Jacob?

Adrian: William is a dangerous strategic individual, who is well aware of fractures within the Gombey strategic partnership and will exploit those at the most microscopic opportunity. Our chances of survival will be endangered whereas, in regards to Jacob, the likelihood of him adhering to our specifications is much more certain. We would be able to simultaneously initiate control of the game whilst accounting for any uncontrolled variables or uncertainties regarding Phyllis' loyalty. 

Luca: Hm... Well, obviously, I want what's best for our group in the long run. If that';s voting for Will, I'll do it; if it's voting for Jacob, I'll do that. I wish we could clue Phyllis in on this. If you'd asked me a round ago, I would have been certain she wouldn't tell Maria, but now I'm not so sure. What do you think, Veronica?

Veronica: I'm not voting for Will.

Adrian: Might I inquire as to your motivations? 

Veronica: Because it's stupid? Why would we get rid of Will, someone who isn't much of a Jury threat, over someone like Jacob who basically has three votes locked down? I don't know what your sudden obsession with Jacob is but why would we keep him, expose ourselves as the three, have Phyllis flip and <expletive> us all over?It makes no sense to get rid of Will. 

Adrian: I am not obsessed with Jacob, but rather I am determining loyalty based on precedent and the probability of Jacob being affiliated with us, or forming a strategic partnership, is significantly higher than William';s. Furthermore, I am basing it upon strategic prowess and gameplay, where William has displayed numerous times he will exhaust every single option available him to achieve his desired outcome. If any scenario raises Phyllis' chances of flipping, it is keeping William. 

Veronica: Sorry but I'm not getting rid of Will. I don't agree with it at all. If you want to keep Jacob so bad and get rid of someone who's a threat to us, make it Phyllis. The drawback to both these scenarios is that Phyllis potentially flips on us. Why not take care of that situation?

Luca: We can't do that! No! We'd be getting rid of our majority and we'd be drop like flies!

Adrian: Veronica, I urge you to realise the benefits of eliminating William-

Veronica: And I urge you to pull your head out of Jacob's ass and realise that he's the much bigger threat here! Seriously, I don't know what's gotten into you but saving Jacob is crazy! It has to be Jacob tonight. I want to vote for him.

Adrian: Luca, what are your thoughts regarding the matter? 

Luca: I definitely see both sides here, and I understand both of your frustrations. This is a lot to think about. We have to think about what's best for us long term and I don't think that's something that can be decided on the spot. I'm going to have to consider it and get back to you. Will you be willing to go with whatever, even if it's not what you want?

Adrian: Affirmative.

Veronica: (sighs) I guess so...

Luca: Then we'll meet up before Tribal and come to a decision, okay?

(They nod before breaking apart. The camera focuses on an irritated Veronica.)

I can't believe Adrian is trying to get his way again! The last two Tribals, we've voted based on what he wants and my opinions have been completely ignored. Well, not this time, when my game is involved! I'm sick and tired of being shoved to the side and everyone else getting their way all the time! No way in Hell am I voting out Will when he's one of the people I have the best chance of beating! If Will goes, I may as well just sign up for third place because that's all I'll get! I can't <expletive> believe this. I want to stay loyal to these guys for now, but I don't want to vote Will and I especially don't want to give all this control to Adrian! I hope Luca grows a brain and puts a stop to this. I don't even know why Adrian's so desperate to save Jacob in the first place.

Veronica O'Hara

(The camera then focuses on Adrian, who is frowning.)

Veronica's acerbic assertions that she vehemently refuses to vote for William have provided a significant obstacle to achieving my desired outcome. My remaining hope is I have convinced Luca that eliminating him is the most ideal scenario for our longevity in the game, as it appears Veronica will begrudgingly agree if Luca does. I will admit that, primarily, my reasons for advocating against Jacob's elimination are personal and emotional. However, one cannot deny the strategic benefits of keeping Jacob and ousting William, as the former would be a useful adversary to our strategic partnership and the latter a dangerous hindrance. I have outlined every strategic argument. I must exhaust all options in regards to saving Jacob and if I cannot rely on my strategic partners, I shall have to employ a different method. If Jacob is eliminated, I fear I will never overcome my homophobia. I cannot continue to live my life this way. He is the only individual who understands my situation and thus it is essential he remains on the island.

Adrian Redford

(Following this, there is a small timeskip. The camera picks up again after a transitioning nature shot. Adrian is shown approaching Jacob.)

Adrian: Greetings, Jacob.

Jacob: Hey, dude. What have you heard about the vote tonight?

Adrian: I am afraid it is not pleasant for you. According to the current specifications, spearheaded by William and Maria, six individuals are to form a strategic partnership and split their assigned votes between you and Oswald. 

Jacob: Ugh... seriously? You're kidding me. 

Adrian: Negative. I wish I were jesting. With Oswald assumably utilising his Hidden Immunity Idol, that places you in a precarious position. I desire for you to remain in the competition but I am unsure what routes to take. I have attempted to sway votes, however the chances of that succeeding are uncertain. If you are in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol, I strongly suggest you join Oswald in playing it.

Jacob: I appreciate you telling me. Dude, if you wanna save me that bad and the votes are being split, why not just join Oz and I in voting for someone? It'll be 3-3-2 still and Oswald will probably have to use his idol anyway. That saves us both and I'd be loyal to you even more than I already am. How about we vote for Will? He's super dangerous dude and he's gonna come after you like crazy if you keep him around because he'll end up thinking you're a threat and get people to take you out, especially since there's still four of y'all Gombey left. 

Adrian: Affirmative... Jacob, I wish to keep you, but I am unsure if I can deviate to such a magnitude. It would have short and long-term repercussions socially and strategically, It would create motivation and justification for my elimination from the competition and could potentially sever my connections. 

Jacob: I get that dude, but you said you wanted to save me. I wanna work with you too. I think the only way is to have you flip to my side. Can you please vote for Will? 

Adrian: I will consider it. I am frustrated and I am sure the feeling is mutual. I am hopeful my attempts to negotiate a different vote are successful,because I am unsure if I would be reasonably able to defect from the agreed specifications and adhere to your own without severely detrimental consequences.

Jacob: (sighs) Yeah, I'm frustrated. I just... you're saying you want to save me and, like, here's an opportunity right in front of you and you're worried about what other people think. If you do nothing I'll just end up going home, dude. 

Adrian: Affirmative... at present, my best promise is I will consider, and I promise I will consider and, if it is the most beneficial, I will join you in voting for William. 

Jacob: Alright. Thanks anyway.

(Adrian walks away. The camera focuses on Jacob, who sighs.)

I'm so frustrated right now. At least we solved one mystery. Adrian told me that Will and Maria are organising a six-person split between Oswald and I, which means they were bull<expletive> because they never mentioned anything about Oswald getting votes, only me. Adrian then says he wants to save me, but when I tell him we can flip against Will and get a big threat out of the game, all while still making Oswald use his idol 'cause it'll still be 3-3-2, he hesitates? He's like, he wants to save me but he doesn't want to make people mad. Make up your damn mind, dude! Do you want me to stick around or not? I understand where he's coming from. The last thing he'd want, or I'd want for him, is to completely screw his game to the point he gets voted out right after. It's just so frustrating that the option to save me is right there, I'd be 100% loyal to him and he's not taking it. He seems a lot more loyal to other people. I'm probably gonna have to end up using my idol this round, which sucks. At least now I know what I have to do and I can focus on flipping people. All I gotta do is get one to flip; I don't care who they want me to write down, I'll do it. If I can change one of the three votes against me or Oswald, I can save my idol and hopefully propel myself a lot further in the game.

Jacob Chapman

(The camera then focuses on a guilty-looking Adrian.)

I am experiencing substantial guilt at present. I wish to save Jacob, I am sincere about that. With the uncertainty behind the direction of my final three's assigned votes, I elected to inform Jacob he was receiving votes in an effort to reiterate my loyalty to him. He then insisted I conform to his strategic partnership with Oswald and eliminate William from the competition. Whilst William's elimination is the desired outcome, to conform to this would necessitate the deviation from not one but two strategic partnerships, prioritising my loyalty to Jacob and resulting in my status in the competition being in imminent danger. I am in a strong position socially at present and would be foolish to jeopardise that, however it could be the only scheme that results in Jacob's safety. I very strongly desire to keep Jacob for personal reasons, however if my scheme with Luca and Veronica fails and I vote alongside Jacob, it would be severely detrimental to my game. I am struggling to counterbalance emotions and strategy and I fear, for the first time, emotions are winning. I am unsure what I will do.

Adrian Redford

(Following this, the camera picks up on Jacob  as he joins Oswald down the beach.)

Jacob: Guess what amazing news I just received? The six are splitting on us, three and three. 

Oswald: Wonderful. Who told you that? 

Jacob: Adrian told me. I tried to get him to flip for Will but at this stage he's a reluctant maybe. He seems real concerned about pissing people off, but he keeps saying he wants to keep me. I'm not sure whether he'll do it. 

Oswald: Well at least we've both got idols, so that's a fallback if all else fails.

Jacob: Yeah, but I wanna at least keep one of them. We've got one more trick up our sleeve: Veronica. Remember how she walked up to us and then, out of nowhere, started bitching about Phyllis?

Oswald: How could I forget? I reckon she'd be up for voting Phyllis out, don't you? 

Jacob: I think it's our best shot. Let's go talk to her!

(The two of them walk up the beach. The camera picks up again as they approach Veronica.)

Jacob: Hey, Veronica!

Veronica: Hey guys! What's up?

Oswald: Well, we wanted to talk to you about the vote tonight. We're pretty sure the votes are being split three and three on us. Would that be right?

Veronica: (rolls eyes) Who told you that? Adrian, I suppose. 

Oswald: So it's true? 

Veronica: Yes. 

Jacob: We'll literally vote for anyone at this point. I remember you saying you were sick of Phyllis getting your way and being worried she'd flip. Would you consider voting for her with us? 

Veronica: Wouldn't that be heaven? I don't know guys, I really want to, but I don't think it would be the best move right now. I've already gotten so much <expletive> in this game and, even though this is a strategic move, people would bitch and complain about me bieng emotional. All the heat would go on me and I don't want that. 

Oswald: With all due respect, Veronica, what have you got to lose? If touchy subjects is anything to go by, people think you're a goat. If you stick it to them and make a move for yourself, you could gain a lot of respect.

Veronica: I guess so. I don't trust Phyllis and I don't  exactly feel like doing whatever Adrian says. 

Jacob: Then vote Phyllis out with us! You keep saying she just does whatever she wants and has flipped twice. How do you know she won't just flip, like, the next round after and screw you or one of your friends? Why not get her before she gets you? That's not an emotional move at all; that's called covering your ass.

Veronica: I guess you're right... ugh. Look, I really don't know, okay? It's really tempting and I feel like she'd flip again but I just don't wanna be seen as emotional and get even more <expletive>.If I'm a goat already, like you say, then I'll just end up making things worse for myself if I piss even more people off by flipping.

Oswald: What if you're the one she flips on? We will hands down vote for Phyllis if you ask us to. Don't worry about pissing poeople off, worry about making a move to cover yourself and get further in the game. You have the opportunity to vote Phyllis out standing right in front of you. If you flip, it's 3-3-2, so I still have to use my idol, so you don't have to worry about that, and you'll be putting the game in your hands. 

Veronica: Uuuugh... it's so tempting, but I don't know, guys... I'll see. I'll think about it, okay?

Oswald: Well, that's better than nothing. Thanks, anyway.

(The two of them walk away. The camera focuses on Veronica, who is looking sad.)

It was so hard to not say yes the second the words "vote Phyllis with us" left Oswald's mouth. There's nothing I want more in this game right now, but I'm aware that I got all the really bad responses in touchy subjects and people see me as an emotional player no matter what I do. Plus I know Luca and Adrian are super against it so they'd be pissed off if I did. On the other hand, I hate Phyllis and she's flipped twice. She'll probably flip again and might even do it against me, so this would be a move to save myself. I'm just scared because I don't want to put myself in an even worse position than I already am and get rid of the slim chances I have left of winning. This sucks.

Veronica O'Hara

(The camera then transitions to Oswald, who is expressionless.)

Things aren't looking too good for Jacob and I. We aren't getting any no's, but we're getting a whole lot of maybe's. People keep going on about how they want to move, but are too scared to break against the six for various reasons. It's like having doors opened to you, but only the tiniest little bit and it's impossible to get your hand through the crack to open it up any more. I'm hoping Adrian or Veronica decide to go with us, but I've got more faith in Veronica. The longer this goes on, the more it's looking like we'll both have to use our idols, which will mean we'll get to decide which one of the six goes home. Obviously we'll change if we get told anything different, but I think it's time to start preparing for the worst case scenario.

Oswald Carter

(Following this, the day goes into the late afternoon. The camera, after a transitioning nature shot, returns to Oswald and Jacob. The two of them have walked deep into the forest and are sitting on the ground.)

Oswald: Okay, Jacob, we're getting a whole lot of maybe's but nothing definite. We have to be prepared to both use our idols and in that case, we'll have the two votes that decide who goes home. Wanna run through them and make up our mind? 

Jacob: That's a good idea.

Oswald: That's true, good idea. What about Adrian? Would you be comfortable voting him? 

Jacob: I mean, I feel he's the closest to me and could be a key, but if he's gonna show more loyalty to the Gombeys then I guess we could vote him out. I'd feel bad though. 

Oswald: I know you guys are close, but he's a huge threat. He's strong physically, so gets in the way of me winning immunity; he's one of the sharpest strategic players out there, so they'd be losing a lot of- pardon the pun- brain power with him gone. He's strong socially too, proven by the fact you'd feel bad about voting him out. He hasn't pissed a single person off and he's got a couple of people on the Jury and in the game who'd vote for him in a heartbeat. By getting him out, we blow the game open.

Jacob: True. What about Veronica?  I mean, she's the closest to a yes we've gotten, but in the event she says no, it's getting a goat out from the competition. With a lesser threat gone, there's more big threats left in. Although it would be harder to, like, win, it would increase our odds of finding a crack and getting to the end. You wanna talk about blowing the game open, that's it right there.

Oswald: We could do Phyllis. She's the middle-woman between both of the alliances. If she's taken out, it cuts off Will and Maria's link to Gombey and leaves three Gombeys who will be tight. Veronica was only considering flipping on Phyllis, so if she's gone, it forces Will and Maria to use us to break that up to get themselves in the game and buys us both a couple of extra rounds. 

Jacob: Yeah, if you think about it logically, if they got rid of one of us after, then it'd be 3-3 at best and why would one of us go to rocks when we have a guaranteed fourth at worst and a firemaking tie at best? Will and Maria wouldn't take us then. 

Oswald: That's true, I see them taing someone like Veronica, which brings us back to voting her out to prevent that. 

Jacob: We could just keep it simple and vote Luca. He'll never work with us in a million years. He's been loyal to Gombey since day one and it's gonna stay that way until he goes home. If we wanna advance ourselves in the game, Luca probably can't stick around.

Oswald: Then we've got the big one, the kingpin, Will. He's leading that six without a doubt, and if Maria's with him, he's gonna get a lot more power.

Jacob: Yeah. At best, Will uses us for a vote or two but  there's no way in Hell he even thinks about taking us to the end. Why keep someone in the game when we won't get to day 39? Plus, the dude's a really sharp strategic player and he stops at nothing to get what he wants. He's very, very persuasive when he wants to be, so he could easily convince people on the bottom that they're not and they don't need us. 

Oswald: It could also tie into getting rid of the lesser threats. I don't know if you've noticed but Will isn't exactly Mr. Popular; he's polarising and he's already pissed a couple of people off. If we take him out, that gets rid of a threat and still leaves big ones in. 

Jacob: Yeah. Looks like we've got a big choice ahead of us! There's reasons to get rid of literally every single one of them. 

Oswald: Obviously we'll change, no questions asked, if Adrian or Veronica agree to Will or Phyllis. Ideally we want to keep one, if not both, of our idols, but this is the worst case scenario. If we do have to use both idols, let's make the move that's going to be the most beneficial for us in the future. 

(The camera fades away as the two of them continue sitting. Oswald's confessional is heard over the top.)

Being in a situation like this is never fun but we always have to be prepared for the worst possible outcome. I mean, these guys know we're a duo, they know I have an idol, so it's likely that they could all lie to us to make us feel comfortable, or stay strong to get our idols out. With that in mind, Jacob and I went deep into the forest, sat down and outlined who it would be best for us to get rid of. It turns out getting rid of any of them would have huge benefits that could see us go far into the game. There's cons to each of them as well, so there's a lot of thinking to do. Obviously this all goes away if either Adrian or Veronica says yes to us, but if we get completely shut down, we have the chance to blow the game wide open tonight. If we misplay this situation, it will haunt us for the rest of our lives, so we have to absolutely be sure that our plan in this scenario is going to carry the most benefit.

Oswald Carter

(Following this, the camera transitions to Maria and Phyllis, who are walking along the beach.)

Maria: Everyone's sticking to the plan, right? 

Phyllis: Yes. I've heard nothing else. Is something wrong? 

Maria: There could be. Listen, keep this to yourself, because I don't want anyone freaking out and changing plans last minute, but I think Jacob might have an idoi. 

Phyllis: What!? Well then, why are we splitting on him? Oh my God...

Maria: Becuase I said might, it's not a definite thing. I'm just thinking, Will told me the Stovel idol hasn't come out yet. Isla may have gone home with it, but I doubt she would have gotten up to look for it. Misty wouldn't have held onto it last Tribal, so I'm thinking it narrows it down to Will or Jacob. Will could be bluffing and might be leading us against Jacob and Oswald so he can have power after, but here's why I'm thinking it's Jacob: if WIll did have it, I think he would have told me the idol got played so I'd think it was out of the game. 

Phyllis: That makes sense... God, what the Hell are we supposed to do? 

Maria: I'm not going home because I've got immunity, so to keep us both safe, you need to have your idol on standby in case there are two idols.

Phyllis: You see, there might be a slight problem with that... I gave Adrian and Luca my idol.

Maria: (stops in her tracks) Are you stupid?

Phyllis: I didn't have a choice! They cornered me, they forced me to give them my idol to prove my loyalty! They said, "if you're really loyal to us, you won't have a problem with it." What was I supposed to do, say no? That would have put a huge target on my back. 

Maria: Negotiate something else? They weren't testing your loyalty, they were taking away your power! 

Phyllis: They said I could have it back if I felt I was in danger and I think they'll hold to that. 

Maria: Come on, you're smarter than that. Why would they? They don't trust you, this isn't going to change that! You've given them their idol, it's theirs now. There's nothing obliging them to give it back to you. They could hold onto it and use it for their gain; they could use it against you if we all survive. You need to go up and corner them.  You have to get the idol back now.

Phyllis: Oh my God, what have I done? I have to go!

(Phyllis takes off, sprinting, up the beach and back towards camp. The camera focuses on her as she runs, breathing rapidly.)

Phyllis: Come on, legs, faster!

I'm freaking the Hell out. That talk with Maria makes me think I'm going home now, because there's a chance Jacob might have the idol from Stovel. If they both play idols, any one of us could go home, and that includes me! I can't believe I was actually stupi enough to give my idol away to the boys. Luca might hold his deal, but why would Adrian? I can't force them to give me my idol back, so they could hold onto it and I could end up going home tonight, or they might use it for their own personal benefit to save themselves if all votes are voided, or use it against me in the future if we all survive. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God... I need to get this back now. This is the equivalent to giving up immunity. If I got home because I got conned into giving up my idol, then brilliant move for Adrian, but I go down as the dumbest person to ever play the game. If this one screw up ends my game, I will have nightmares for the rest of my life. I couldn't forgive myself.

Phyllis Carmichael

(Following this, the music grows intense as Phyllis is shown running back into camp, almost completely breathless. She stops to catch her breath, catching the eye of Adrian and Luca, who look at her with concern. Frantically, she ushers them over.)

Luca: Phyllis, what's going on? 

Phyllis: (breathing heavily) I need my idol back now.

Adrian: What has changed? 

Phyllis: I feel like I'm in danger. You specifically said that I could have it back if I felt I was in danger, so I want it back.

Luca: Why do you need it back? How are you in danger? I'm confused. 

Phyllis: I' m worried that there might be two idols, and what if they target me? What if someone from the six has flipped against me? Guys, come on. I showed my loyalty to you by giving you the idol when you asked, but part of the deal was I got it back when I felt I needed it and I'm saying I need it. Please give it back to me. 

(The camera then focuses on the troubled facial expression of Luca as he ponders the decision.)

When Phyllis asked for her idol back, I was thrown into a huge dilemma. She's my friend, I felt horrible even entering this deal in the first place, and I did agree to give it back to her if she needed. What kind of person would I be if I reneged on that? There's a part of me, as much as I want to believe she's loyal, says that if she gets it back she turns on us and runs. I have a final three with Adrian and Veronica, so the last thing I'd want to do is endanger them. As much as it will hurt, we may have to refuse her offer just to save our own butts. There's the chance she might not even need it if I go with Adrian's plan to vote Will out. That would save our butts big time and prevent two idols from causing mischief, but we'd probably have to let Phyllis in on the plan so she didn't freak out. It's a huge moral versus strategic question and I'm struggling with it, oh yes I am. I'm not sure what the best move is.

Luca Enmore

The day then fades into late afternoon as the castaways.begin to prepare for Tribal. The camera focuses on Will and Maria as they pack their belongings. 

Maria: (whispers) Are we sticking with this or going with Luca?

(The camera focuses on Will as he finishes packing, then glances over at Jacob and Oswald.)

The idea to vote off Luca hasn't left my mind and it's a fairly good one to cover all bases, including idols and <expletive> ups from the other side. Jacob and Oswald are both huge threats, but Luca is too, in his own stupidly loyal way. That being said, there's no way I want to give them any chance of holding onto that idol for another round and <expletive> us further. If we agree to Luca and some <expletive> idiot leaked the full plan to them, they vote Luca and keep the idol and we look like idiots. If I want that path, I have to be ambiguous enough with my answers to create enough to get it played. The thing it comes down to is, will I just <expleitve> myself if I don't get rid of a Gombey tonight? Who's the biggest threat to me, now? I've always made the best move for my game and that isn't going to change.

Will Donovan

(The camera then changes focus to Adrian, Luca and Veronica as they finish packing their things and talk.)

Adrian: Luca, do you accept or decline my revised scheme for tonight's Tribal Council?

(They talk, then nod, and head to get their torches. Veronica lags a little behind as her allies walk ahead. The camera focues on her as she looks in Jacob and Oswald's direction.)

I'm seriously playing with this idea of joining Jacob and Oswald. No matter which way we're gonna go tonight, if it's Will who goes, or Oswald or Jacob, it's gonna screw my game big time. I could screw whatever chances I have left of winning by just falling into place and being goated to the end by Adrian, regardless of whether or not I get rid of the one who is probably the only person left in the game I stand a chance of beating. Maybe it's time I take control of my destiny, make a move and take Phyllis out! It's completely justified strategically, because Phyllis is an untrustworthy flipper, but I could screw myself even further by pissing off Adrian and Luca for going against them and giving up the Gombey majority. It seems like I can't win; either way, I piss someone off, or I'm an idiot. I could be the complete idiot who lets a flipper stay in the game who then votes me or an ally out; I could be the complete idiot who torches the last hope she has of winning, or I could be the complete idiot who gives Jacob and Oswald the assist they need to take us all out and get to the end. I need to figure out the best move tonight and make it, no matter what it is. I need to keep my chances of winning alive.

Veronica O'Hara

The sun sets as Vireo head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

(The Vireo Tribe walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: We'll now bring in the members of our Jury: Isla, Constance, Celia, and Misty, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

(The Jurors walk in and sit down. The camera focuses on Misty, who is smiling.)

Jeff: Let's get things started. Phyllis, last Tribal was yet another crazy one, and you received three votes. Are you worried that you could still be in danger tonight?

Phyllis: Absolutely, Jeff. I was stunned when my name came up. I wasn't even expecting one vote, but then my name came up again, and then again... it was a huge wake up call. People don't write your name down for no reason. I absolutely could still be in danger tonight. It's freaking me out.

Jeff: Jacob, last Tribal's votes were very divided. What was the fallout from that? 

Jacob: The fallout, Jeff, my buddy, is that Oz and I are firmly on the bottom now. So... whoops? I don't regret it one bit, though. 

Jeff: Oswald, Jacob mentioned that the two of you were on the bottom. Is this true, and if it is, how much danger are you in tonight?

Oswald: It's true, Jeff, and it's because we stuck to our alliance and voted for Misty. If that makes us threats or puts us on the bottom, so be it. I know I'm receiving votes tonight, because I've won the last two immunities and everyone knows I have the idol, but am I in danger of going home? That's something to wait and see. There's a lot of reasons to keep us around, like the fact there's four members of Gombey left. People seem so focused on us going that Gombey are just going to waltz to the end. 

Jeff: Will, Oswald brings up a good point. There's four Gombey members left, and if they all survive after this Tribal Council, they're in the majority. Doesn't that concern you?

Will: No. There's no way in Hell they can coexist. They're a fractured group, Jeff. Discourse started in the final eleven and the crack just kept getting wider and wider. A lot of trust has been broken, and they know that there isn't room for all four of them in the Final Three.

Jeff: Adrian, Will touched on something there. It's true that, in an alliance of four, someone has to miss out on the Final Three. Is that creating tension within the members of Gombey and could that lead to something happening tonight?

Adrian: Jeffrey, it is something that I am certain all of us have pondered. Assumptions are being made on the strength of our supposed strategic partnership without certainty it even exists. I have trust with certain individuals and that is what I am relying on. We shall see if they are strong enough, depending on if the execution of our scheme succeeds or fails. 

Jeff:  Luca, It seems, from what I'm hearing, that it's six against two. Has there been any talks of idols tonight? We've seen one come from Maria and we know Oswald has one. How is that impacting the votes?

Luca: As you said, Jeff, we know that Oswald has an idol so that's obviously impacting the votes a little. We have to make sure that none of us are taken out, and we have to cover our bases. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if someone does go off from the plan. We've had so many crazy Tribal Councils. I've walked in thinking something is going to happen and then instead it's something completely different!

Jeff: Maria, how likely do you think it is that someone goes against the plan tonight?

Maria: I think there's a big chance someone could. It all depends on what your definition of "the plan" is, and that could differ from the next person. I know what my plan is and I know I'm sticking to it. I would hope that the people involved in the plan stick to it, but I'm one person and I can't speak for the seven others. I'm very glad to have immunity tonight, I'll say that much.

Jeff: Veronica, what could cause someone to break from the plan? 

Veronica: It depends, Jeff. You have Jacob and Oswald right there who are two free votes, so it's very entertaining. People might not agree with the plan, or might have a person they in particular are threatened by, so might take action with the given opportunity. I think it's tempting people a lot more than they're letting on, so we might see some surprises tonight. 

Jeff: Well, let's see what tonight's Tribal has in store, because it is time to vote. You cannot vote for Maria. Everyone else is fair game., Maria, you're up.

(Maria goes up to vote, followed by Luca. One by one, the remaining castaways vote. Jacob goes up next, followed by Adrian, then Oswald, Will and Phyllis. Last to vote is Veronica, who pauses at the booth and takes a deep breath. As she begins to write, the camera fades away and she is next shown returning to her seat.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. 

(Everyone looks at Oswald.....

...and sure enough, he stands.)

Oswald: I gotta play it, Jeff. (He walks over to Jeff and hands him the idol) Gonna be sad to say goodbye, but I've been holding onto this thing for too long. 

Jeff: The rules of Survivor state that, if a Hidden Immunity Idol is played, all votes cast against that person will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be eliminated. This is a Hidden Immunity Idol. All votes cast for Oswald will not count. 

(The camera flashes to Will, who smiles. The camera then focuses on Jacob as the music grows more intense. He glances down at his bag....

.Jacob: Jeff?

(Everyone turns, startled, as Jacob reaches into his bag, pulls out his idol, and stands up.)

Jacob: Hey, Oz, do you think your idol would like a little buddy? 

Oswald: (laughs) I think it would!

(As Jacob walks up, everyone is turning and looking at each other which shocked faces. Jacob hands the idol to Jeff.)

Jacob: I'm not going anywhere tonight!

(Jacob sits down.)

Luca: (laughing) I knew this would happen!

Jeff: I can confirm that this.... is also a Hidden Immunity Idol. In addition to Oswald, any votes cast for Jacob will now not count. 

(The camera focuses on Phyllis as she looks nervously at Adrian and Luca....)

...and she, too, stands.)

Phyllis: Jeff, after last Tribal, and two idols coming out tonight, I can't take the chance (She pulls her idol out of her pocket, walks over and hands it to Jeff.) I don't care if this doesn't negate any votes. I want to make sure I'm safe. 

(Phyllis sits down. Veronica looks over, furious.)

Veronica: It was you... you had it all along!

Phyllis: Sorry I couldn't tell you sooner. 

(Veronica rolls her eyes and her mouth is blurred. Attention goes back to Jeff.)

Jeff: This... is yet another Hidden Immunity Idol. Phyllis is now immune and all votes cast for her, Jacob, or Oswald, will not count. 

Will: (under his breath) She's good.

Luca: This is insane!

Jeff: I'll now read the votes. 

First vote...

OSWALD. Does not count. (0)

(Oswald laughs.)

OSWALD. Does not count. (0)

JACOB. Does not count. (0)

Jacob: Ayyy! There it is!

JACOB. Does not count. (0)

OSWALD. Does not count. Three votes for Oswald, two votes for Jacob, none of them count. (0)

(The camera focuses on Veronica, then Adrian as the music grows more intense.)

JACOB. Does not count. There are two votes left. (0)

(The camera focuses on Jacob and Oswald as the six other castaways all sit completely still as they await their fate. One by one, the camera focuses on Adrian, Luca, Phyllis, Veronica, and finally, Will.)

PHYLLIS. Does not count. (0)

Phyllis: THANK GOD!

(Jacob and Oswald look at each other and laugh, as everyone looks completely shocked. The camera focuses on Will, who is frowning, and Adrian, who is counting on his fingers. The camera focuses on Jeff, who pulls out the final vote.)

PHYLLIS. Does not count. This vote is null and void. (0)

Luca: Oh my Gosh... 

As the reality of the vote sets in on the castaways, Veronica glances at Phyllis with pure disdain, while Maria is shown frowning, trying to figure out what happens next. Luca is shown completely amazed, laughing, while Adrian is still counting on his fingers, trying to figure everything out. 

Jeff: Okay, so every vote in this round of voting has been negated with idols, so here's what's going to happen. We are going to have a brand new round of voting. Phyllis is immune, Jacob is immune, Oswald is immune, and Maria has the necklace.This means the only four people eligible for voting are Adrian, Luca, Veronica and Will. Everyone will be voting this round. If it ties, we'll have a re-vote. If it ties again, we'll go to rocks, and the two people involved in the new tied vote will join the four people immune,  leaving two people to pick rocks. If you want, you can have some time now to discuss this vote.

Jacob: Well, we're not telling anyone who we're voting for, so good luck!

(Luca gets up and walks over to the other members of Gombey. The camera focuses on them whispering.)

Luca: (whispering) We need to stick together, the four of us. Will is our only option. 

Veronica: But what if it ties? Then Will gets saved from rocks and either Adrian or I go home!

Adrian: (taken aback) W-William and Maria may vote for a different individual than Oswald and Jacob. Thus we could have a potential majority of four. 

Veronica: True. (glares at Phyllis) You're voting with us, though, right? I can't believe you hid the idol from us! You better not flip.

Will: I hope you four aren't under any delusions that you're all sticking together! One of you is being cut before the final three. Now's your chance to flip. 

Maria: It's going to be you, Phyllis. None of these guys trust you. They won't take you to the end, they may even cut you before fourth. You've flipped twice, they'll be thinking you'll flip again. You're on the bottom

Veronica: Don't flip,Phyllis! Not again!

Luca: It's not true. Don't listen to a word they say.

Will: Don't listen to a word they say. They know their asses are on the line. Even though you got saved last Tribal, you  will never get to the final three with them now. They're all about loyalty and will only take each other. The only thing loyalty will get you is fourth place.

Phyllis: I'd burn my game. How could I? 

Will: What good is favour with the Jury if you aren't there to utilise it? Like it or not, you have to move eventually. If you want a shot at getting to the end, flip now. 

Adrian: Phyllis,  you are not at the bottom of this strategic partnership. They are trying to infiltrate your cognitive function and dictate your vote with paranoia. 

Will: Who's really on the bottom, then, smartass?

Luca: It's me, okay? I'm on the bottom. I know I'm going fourth and I don't care, because to me, loyalty is all that matters. 

Veronica: You've got final three with us! Luca has been loyal to you from the beginning. You can trust his word! Don't forget everything he's done for you!

Maria: They're bull<expletive> you, Phyllis. There's no way he's on the bottom. I've been more loyal to you than these guys. Come over here and I'll tell you who we're voting. 

(Phyllis walks over to Maria and listens as she whispers in her ear. She then goes to sit down.)

Luca: So, we're cool on who we're voting, then, guys?

Veronica: I hate this! How am I supposed to win now? 

Luca: Everything will be okay, Veronica. 

Veronica: (turns to Phyllis) Vote with us, okay? 

Maria: Don't listen. If you stay, there's no going back and you're fourth. 

Jeff: Wow... Are you guys ready to vote or do you need more time? 

Will: We're ready.

Luca: We're ready, too.

Jeff: Okay, if no one has any objections, it is time to vote. Maria, if you could grab the urn on your way, you're up.

(Maria goes to cast her vote. One by one, the remaining castaways do the same. When Veronica goes up to vote, her vote is revealed to the public.)

I hate this, but you're literally the only option left and I'm not ruining my game even more. If Phyllis flips, I'm going to go insane.

–Veronica, voting for Will

(Phyllis is the last castaway to vote. She stands at the booth, then begins to write, before the camera fades away and she returns to her seat.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: I'll read the votes. 

WILL. One vote Will.  (1-0)

(Will smirks.)

LUCA. One vote Will, one vote Luca. (1-1)

Luca: My first ever vote!

WILL. (2-1)

LUCA. (2-2)

WILLIAM. Three votes Will, two votes Luca. (3-2)

LUCA. (3-3)

(Veronica's mouth is blurred as Luca laughs. The camera focuses on Jacob and Oswald, who are smiling.)

LUCA. Four votes Luca, three votes Will, one vote left. (4-3)

(Luca continues to laugh and smile as Jeff reaches in for the final vote. Veronica glares at Phyllis, who maintains a complete poker face.)

Eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Bermuda- Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty and the fifth member of our Jury... LUCA. That's five, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch. 

Veronica: (glares at Phyllis) YOU COMPLETE ASSHOLE!

(Phyllis maintains her expressionless gaze as Luca smiles, accepts his fate and stands up.)

Luca: What an exciting way to go out! It's been great, guys. 

(Will smiles and pumps his fist as Jacob and Oswald look at each other and fist bump. Veronica, shaking with anger and crying, stands up as Luca walks past. The two share a tight hug.)

Luca: Please try not to be angry about this. You have to be strong. 

Veronica: (sobbing) This is so unfair! 

Luca: You can do this. Keep fighting. 

(Veronica lets go and sits down, still crying. Luca stops to give Adrian a firm handshake, then over to Phyllis, who he gives a big hug.)

Phyllis: I'm so sorry, I had no choice.

Luca: It's okay, I understand completely. If this is what you had to do, so be it. 

Phyllis: (smiles) Thank you. 

(Luca then makes his way to the back, grabs his torch and makes his way over to Jeff. He places his torch in the holder, with a smile on his face.)

Jeff: Luca, the tribe has spoken. 

(Jeff snuffs Luca's torch.)

Jeff: it's time for you you to go.  

Luca: Thank you, Jeff. (he turns to the group) It's been an absolute honour to meet every single one of you. Thank you so much for being a part of the best experience of my life. Keep fighting!

Jacob: Bye, Luca. 

(Luca gives a cheerful wave to the remaining castaways before he turns and departs the Tribal Council area. The camera focuses back in on Veronica, who is still shaking and crying. Adrian puts his arm around her.)

Jeff: Well, that was an explosive and tense Tribal Council with three idol plays and a result that is sure to shake the game completely. Only time will tell how what impact it has. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

(The seven remaining members of Vireo head back to camp.)

Tribal Council 11:
First Vote (Nullified) Second Vote
(Jacob, Maria, Oswald, Phyllis immune)
Voter Voted
Jacob (3 votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
LucaEnmore PhyllisCarmichael VeronicaO&#039;Hara
Luca, Phyllis, Veronica

(votes not counted)

Luca (5 votes)
JacobChapman MariaOrtiz OswaldCarter

PhyllisCarmichael WillDonovan
Jacob, Maria, Oswald, Phyllis, Will

Oswald (3 votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
AdrianRedford MariaOrtiz WillDonovan
Adrian, Maria, Will
(votes not counted)
Will (3 votes)
AdrianRedford LucaEnmore VeronicaO&#039;Hara
Adrian, Luca, Veronica
Phyllis (2 votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
JacobChapman OswaldCarter
(votes not counted)
Luca Enmore

Voting Confessionals- First Vote

I never would have thought it would come down to this when we made our pact on post-swap Somers, but it has. I truly think I can spare you, because I've got Phyllis by my side, so that leaves you the biggest threat to me. Hopefully Jacob doesn't have an idol too, or I'm not sure what's going to happen.

–Maria, voting for Oswald

I want to keep Gombey as strong as possible, which means we can't vote Will and have to stick to this plan. I think Phyllis will trust us now I've given her idol back. I hope this doesn't bite me in the butt.

–Luca, voting for Jacob

I'm pretty sure we're making the right choice. You're the one riding the middle of both alliances, so taking you out brings a clear divide that we'll be needed to break. Hopefully this buys us a few more rounds!

–Jacob, voting for Phyllis

Regretfully, I could not direct my strategic partnership to agree to William's elimination and it would be too detrimental to deviate without their consent. I am hoping Jacob is in possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol. I exhausted all options in my attempt to save him.

–Adrian, voting for Oswald

None of them would bite. Hopefully this'll blow the game right open and trap those guys into taking us all the way to the end. You've played a strong game,but you're the bridge between both those alliances and we gotta cut you loose to create a divide. It's been fun playing with you.

–Oswald, voting for Phyllis

No way is the Gombey Four a threat. They're broken and will never come together. I can get rid of that stupid idol and Jacob with it.

–Will, voting for Oswald

I'm sticking with the plan. I'm so glad the guys gave my idol back. I have no idea what's about to happen, but if you've got an idol like Maria thinks, I'm protected.

–Phyllis, voting for Jacob

I thought about flipping for the longest time, but I just can't. I don't want to shatter what little chance I have left of winning by flipping and getting even more heat. Sorry.

–Veronica, voting for Jacob

Voting Confessionals- Second Vote

Easiest vote ever. If those pricks know what they're doing, they'll follow. You're useless to everyone outside Gombey, so you have to go.

–Will, voting for Luca

I reckon, based on everything I heard, this'll break the tie and cause a whole lot of hell, which is great for Jacob and I! You were never going to work with us, regardless, so this is a pretty easy vote. Hopefully this works.

–Oswald, voting for Luca

I'm so, so, sorry that it has to be you who gets caught up in all of this. You've been the one who has consistently trusted me and had my back and you even gave my idol back when I asked. You've been amazing, but if I don't flip now, I'll either be stuck in fourth with you guys or forced to take dangerous players to the end. You have no idea how much it hurts to make this vote, and a few people will be very upset with me, but I truly have no choice.

–Phyllis, voting for Luca

Final Words

That was insane. I still can't believe it! Three idols! What an honour to go out that way. Those guys well and truly got me. I hold no ill will towards anyone. They all had their reasons for voting for me, which I respect and understand. I'm just worried about Veronica. I feel awful for her. She's gone through so much this game and I hope she can keep fighting for the both of us. I'm just so grateful for every second of this experience. I'm just an everyday ornithologist from Oregon and I never would have seen and done all these amazing things without this show. I've met so many wonderful things and made so many fantastic memories that I'll have for a lifetime. I'm so excited to be on the Jury. I know whoever comes out on top is going to fully deserve it and I can't wait to see how it all ends! Thank you very much for he opportunity.

Luca Enmore

Still in the Running

Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Somers Stovel Gombey

Polls- During Episode

As we enter the final eight, who are you rooting for to win it all?

The poll was created at 04:03 on December 29, 2017, and so far 21 people voted.
Who do you not want to win under any circumstances?

The poll was created at 04:06 on December 29, 2017, and so far 22 people voted.
Should Will align with Maria?

The poll was created at 06:22 on January 7, 2018, and so far 15 people voted.
Who will be the fifth person to join Bermuda's jury?

The poll was created at 10:02 on January 14, 2018, and so far 7 people voted.

Polls- After Episode

Are you surprised by the vote?

The poll was created at 13:13 on January 18, 2018, and so far 8 people voted.
Did Adrian, Luca and Veronica make the right decision in the first vote?

The poll was created at 13:13 on January 18, 2018, and so far 7 people voted.
Did Jacob and Oswald target the right person?

The poll was created at 13:13 on January 18, 2018, and so far 9 people voted.
Did Phyllis make the right decision?

The poll was created at 13:13 on January 18, 2018, and so far 10 people voted.

Jury Members

Jury Members

Next Time on Survivor...

With her closest ally gone, Veronica finally loses it...

"I <expletive> hate every single <expletive> one of them. They leave me out of EVERYTHING and they clearly all hate me. What's the point in me even being here anymore? I've got no shot at winning."  

Having bought themselves an extra round, Jacob and Oswald plot their next move...

"I think we've put ourselves in a great position. No matter which way we go, there's use for us. I think we'll be talking a lot more with the others in the not too distant future!"Oswald Carter

As one castaway moves in for the kill... 

"I'm in a strong position now. I'm tightly aligned with two players and if I can get them both to the end, I could have the million dollars in my sights."Maria Ortiz

...And another fears their time may be up.. 

"Everywhere I glance, individuals in potential strategic partnerships are situating themselves in safe places for conversations that I am not invited to. I believe I am in imminent danger." Adrian Redford

Author's Notes

  • The episode title was said by Adrian Redford in a confessional justifying his plan to force Phyllis Carmichael to hand over her Hidden Immunity Idol. 
  • The original episode title was You're Trying to Screw My Brain Up, but I changed it to this one as I liked it better. 
  • This marks the first time in Tangle's fanon series that every vote has been negated by idols.
    • This episode has the most idols played in a Tribal Council in the history of Tangle's fanon series, with three.
  • With her immunity win in this episode, Maria ties the record for most individual immunity wins by a female, with three.
  • Oswald and Veronica had the most confessionals this episode, with 6 each.
    • Luca and Phyllis had the least, with 4 each.
  • This episode had an average of 5 confessionals, with half the cast receiving that number.