Vanessa Summers
Vanessa S
Contestant Profile
Birth Date April 23, 1991 (1991-04-23) (age 29)
Hometown New York, NY
Occupation Fashion Designer

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Tribes Anju
► Niiv
Placement 12/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 15

Vanessa Summers was a contestant in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


A hungry fashion designer from NYC, Vanessa is eagerly awaiting her big break. She does admit she wants to gain some fame off of survivor, but she wants to be discovered because of her love for fashion. She's extremely determined and won't quit once she's started something, but she's also extremely sarcastic.

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Vanessa was in a good position in her tribe in the beginning of the game. She was the one who ordered Cherry's elimination instead of JJ's.

Vanessa was relativly safe until the tribe switch on Day 7. Vanessa and Mark both swtiched to Niiv. Upon arriving, Vanessa tried befriending Noctourne Alley, a former Mungo who had switched to Niiv. After Mark cost the immunity challenge for Niiv, Vanessa tried to save herself by aligning with Noctourne. She threw Mark under the bus by voting for him later.

Don't compare me to him, I am much better! I'm just saying, don't throw me under the bus for no reason if we loose again.

–Vanessa, telling Noctourne not to compare her to Mark.

Vanessa bought herself an extra three days when Niiv won the following immunity challenge.

Then Niiv lost another immunity challenge on Day 13. Noctourne overheard Grey and Ilena plan about getting rid of Vanessa and then Tim and Noctourne. So Vanessa, Noctourne and Tim planned to tie at the next tribal council against Sam, Ilena and Grey. Everyone stuck to the plan and Ilena and Vanessa were deadlocked in a 3-3 tie. The tiebreaker was a fire-making challenge. Ilena was the first to light a fire, and Vanessa was eliminated on Day 15.

Voting History

Vanessa's Voting History
Episode Vanessa's
Voted Against
1 Cherry -
2 Anju Tribe Immune
3 Mark -
4 Niiv Tribe Immune
5 Ilena Grey, Ilena, Sam
Voted Off, Day 15


9 months after filming Survivor: Kermadec Falls, Vanessa delivered a baby in New York. The baby had a green complection much like her team-mate Gajlakk Fordee and since the birth, JJ has moved in with Vanessa.


  • She claims to be a unique fashion stylist, but her hairstyle is the same as Noctourne Alley's and her shirt pattern is the same as Sam Daley's.


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