As filming for the night's Tribal Council finishes, a smiling Meagan makes her way down the path to the medical tent. Her smile drops after a moment, and is replaced by a sudden look of regret. Letting out a drawn-out sigh, she admits to a cheerful-looking Dr. Joe,

Meagan: Ugh, it's just now hitting me that I got voted out. I'm pretty f***ing pissed about it too, but hey, at least it was a big move.

Dr. Joe: I completely understand. If you ever need any help or someone to talk to, we have a great team here for you.

Waving her hand dismissively,

Meagan: I know, I know, I'm fine. Just still kinda pissed.

There's a silence before Dr. Joe nods and gestures to the scales,

Dr. Joe: Alright, then go ahead and step on the scales.

A moment of pause, before Meagan's jaw drops.

Meagan: Damn. 18 pounds?

Dr. Joe (Nods): 18 pounds. You don't have a lot of body weight to begin with, so make sure you focus on getting to a healthy weight.

Meagan: Pizza, here I come! Speaking of pizza, I can't wait to get to Ponderosa.

Dr. Joe: Don't worry, I'll have you there in just a smidge.

After another moment, there is a subtle timeskip and Dr. Joe is sending Meagan off. Another timeskip occurs and she is shown getting into the van, and finally she is shown being dropped off at Ponderosa. Turning around and giving the rest of Sazan the middle finger,

Meagan: F*** you for voting me out!

Meagan then snickers and makes her way into the house, where Linda and Irene are waiting in the doorway with polite smiles on their faces. Immediately, Meagan notices Jerome's absence and rolls her eyes.

Meagan: Where's Jerome?

Eating silently at the dinner table, Jerome groans and stands up, begrudgingly giving her a wave. There's another awkward silence between them all before Irene pipes up,


SazanIrene.png (Shouting) WELCOME TO PONDEROSA! ...Or should I not shout? Maybe whisper. (Whispering) PONDEROSA! Like a sneak attack! Yes, I like that. Well, anyway, I have to be on my A-Game here, because Jerome and Linda don't like Meagan, so I have to be the one to welcome her in! (Chuckles) I don't like her either, but I can't just let them all be quiet and boring. (Slouching) It's such a burden...but at least I have alcohol to cheer me up!

Irene then drags Meagan to the mirror, then dashing off and leaving the others staring, confused. After a quick moment, Irene is shown running back with two drinks in hand, handing one to Meagan, who is still staring at her skinny reflection in the mirror in shock.

Irene: Take a drink!

Meagan: ...How am I so skinny?

Irene: Take a drink!

Linda: ...I believe she heard you?

Irene (Ignoring her): TAKE A DRINK!

Startled, Meagan takes the drink and quickly downs it, prompting Irene to cheer, 'that's my kind of girl!' Jerome and Linda shake their heads in disdain, but Irene ignores them as she giggles, taking the glass back from Meagan.

SazanMeagan.png Irene and I never really got along that well, but I'll take her over Jerome and Linda anyday. (Laughs) They're like, apparently against any type of fun and have to always be wearing bitch-faces. (Snorts) But anyway, even though we're on the jury, there's still a lot of game talk to get to.

Meagan is then shown sitting the others down at the dining table as the chefs prepare the pizza. Next to her, Irene downs another drink while Jerome and Linda sit with matching stoic expressions.

Meagan: So, Tribal was some epic s***. What did you guys think?

Jerome: What the hell even happened?

Meagan: We were gonna split between Robyn and Jackson, 3-3-3, and take out Robyn at the revote. But the catch was we only had me and my girls, Jake, and Teresa, and we needed Leah. So we pretty much tried to manipulate the s*** out of Leah and get her to vote for Jackson, and we wouldn't even need her on the revote, we'd just discard her.

Jerome (Smirks): Ruthless.

Meagan: Yep. But Robyn f***ed it up and pulled out those advantages and now I'm sitting here. I don't even know how he found those, but he had three votes, which was f***ing crazy, so we tried to switch to a straight-up 5-5 vote for Robyn since Teresa's stupid-ass wouldn't switch to Jackson. Of course Leah found out we lied to her and so she didn't go to rocks for us, and I got sent home.

There's a silence as they take this in, before Irene cheers,

Irene: So Robyn messed everything up for you guys!

Meagan (Sighs): Yep. It was f***ing amazing gameplay, I didn't expect it to come from him of all people, but he's definitely got my vote at the end.

Jerome: Kid annoys the s*** out of me,

'Hey!' Irene protests.

Jerome: But I have to admit that was some damn good gameplay. How did he find two of those advantages anyway? The kid really came up with that s*** on his own?

Linda (Matter-of-fact): I sincerely doubt it.

Jerome: Oh?

Linda: I didn't know him for very long, but I doubt that was all him. Of course, if it was, then frankly I don't see a reason why he wouldn't have earned votes at the end. But I'm not entirely sure.

Meagan (Shrugs): I don't know, if there was someone helping him then kudos to them. As of now, I'm voting Robyn though.

SazanMeagan.png I underestimated him, and WA-POW! I got voted the f*** off. So now, yeah, I respect him 100%. Linda brought up that it probably was someone else helping him, if that's true, then damn, my true respect goes to them. But right now, I'm assuming it was all Robyn, so he's won my respect...for now.

As the chef sets the pizza in front of Meagan, the camera focuses on Linda, who shakes her head. 'I just don't believe it,' she repeats, which Jerome nods along to.

SazanLinda.png Frankly I don't believe Robyn pulled off that move all by himself. In anyone's eyes that move was clearly a game-changer, and while it seems clear we've underestimated him, I

don't quite believe it. (Shrugs) Who knows though? If it truly was him, I won't be foolish enough to lock my vote on him now, because there is still a lot of time left for others to make big moves.


Following Linda's confessional, Meagan is then shown in her room, checking herself out in the mirror again. After a pause, she then turns and shoos the cameraman out of the room, telling the camera that she is going to go shower.

After a scene transition, the screen fades back in on the day of Tribal. Meagan is in her room, preparing for her first Tribal as a jury member, while Jerome and Linda mill about in the dining room. Irene plays pool with herself, cheering as she knocks the 8-ball into the hole.

Meagan: I would've loved to be Sole Survivor...

The camera cuts to Meagan, who is frowning in the mirror.

Meagan: But this'll have to do. I played well, I made my mark, and I really really hope I'll have another chance to come back for more.

SazanMeagan.png I'm hella excited to see how the end result turns out on the TV screen. But I'm proud of how I played, and even if the show itself doesn't display it for some wack-ass reason, I'll be fine. I mean, I completely dominated while I was still in, I played cutthroat, I was a great player, and I want to come back for redemption sometime. I don't know if I'll ever get the chance, but I want to.

Meagan: I played like a villain in the game,

She admits, putting on one of her earrings.

Meagan: Now it's time to exit game mode,

She puts on her other earring and smiles in the mirror.

Meagan: And be real-life Meagan. Have some fun here. No gaming consoles, no Discord involved. And maybe get in the pool, try swimming, 'cause it's about damn time I learned how to swim.

She smiles confidently at the camera as it takes in her outfit and her expression, before the screen fades to black.

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