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  • I live in In a fantasy land where everyone stans BLACKPINK, (G)I-DLE, EVERGLOW, and Nicki Minaj
  • My occupation is Being the princess of hoes
  • I am Gay
  • Plantsvszombiesfanatic

    Paige: Hey guys! I'm Paige Anderson, and I'm here again with the Survivor Post-Show Interview! Each week I sit down for an interview with the castaway that was voted out. This week, we have a polarizing figure with us today, ya' either love her or hate her. I don't know about you, but I personally love her.

    Alright, let's welcome the seventh member of our jury, Rose Brown!

    Flashing her most attractive smile to the camera, Rose wastes no time in getting the interview started, clearly enjoying the attention.

    Rose (More than slightly over-the-top): Hey y'all! Obviously, you already know who I am, but I'm the one and only Rose from Survivor: Sazan. I'm not at the level of Leah or Robyn, (playfully rolls eyes) but as you all know I've gained quite a …

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  • Plantsvszombiesfanatic

    We follow an immensely frustrated Rose as she trudges her way down the path to the medical tent, clearly unhappy about her recent blindside.

    Rose: I'm f***ing pissed, I really thought I was going for the win. But no, Teresa had to pull out the g**damn idol and take me out.

    Flipping her hair, she shoots a politely smiling Dr. Joe an uninterested look. 'Hmm.' She purses her lips, waiting for him to say something.

    Dr. Joe: Hello, Rose! How are you feeling?

    Rose (Sighs): Pissed. I thought I was gonna win, but y'know, blindsides are gonna be blindsides. I just wish it wasn't me going home because of it.

    Dr. Joe: So I reckon you're not feeling too good about it?

    Rose: I'll be fine, I can get over it soon. I'm just irritated that it all came to an end with…

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  • Plantsvszombiesfanatic

    Paige: Hey guys! It's Paige Anderson, back again for the Survivor Post-Show Interview! Today, our interview guest is the most recently voted out castaway and sixth member of the jury. Hint: I stan her. (Giggles) Crap, not supposed to show bias!

    Anyway...without further ado, let's welcome Joslyn Davis!

    Giving the camera big wave,

    Joslyn: Uh, hey everyone! This is Joslyn from Survivor: Sazan, Robyn and Leah totally robbed me of my win, (laughs) and...uh, yeah, go ahead and ask me questions. If you'd like.

    There is then a pause as the two of them sit in silence, waiting for questions to come in. After another moment, Paige looks back up to face the camera with a bright smile.

    Paige: First question! If you were offered the chance of getting back in the gam…

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  • Plantsvszombiesfanatic

    After the idol play that had resulted in her blindside, Joslyn is shown walking along the path from Tribal Council to the medical tent, talking to the camera as she does so.

    Joslyn: Disappointed? Yeah. Surprised as hell? Yeah. But surprisingly, I'm not that sad. I'm happy with the game I played.

    As she arrives at the medical tent, Dr. Joe gives her a friendly wave,

    Dr. Joe: Sorry to interrupt, but how are you feeling?

    Joslyn (Laughs): You shouldn't have interrupted, I was just saying how I felt. (Grins) But no, I'm feeling fine.

    Dr. Joe: That's great to hear!

    After a few moments, we now see Dr. Joe ushering Joslyn onto the scale, noting that she's lost a total of 12 pounds.

    Joslyn: 12 pounds? Not bad, not bad at all. But now it's time to go and eat and…

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  • Plantsvszombiesfanatic

    Okay, so here's what happening:

    I've had season one finished for months but am still in the process of posting it to the wiki, and having wasted my quarantine doing nothing instead of getting to work on a second season, I have now realized I don't have a cast set. I had a full cast initially but realized that certain characters were just filler.

    The winner of the prediction game will be able to submit a character for the season, so that fills up one of the spots. It's an 18-person cast again, and I have 14 cast members that I think I want to use as of now (maybe less, depending on how things go during planning?). I'm not the most creative person, so I thought I might ask if some of you guys have any characters you might want to submit!

    Also: …

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