Welcome to the Survivor: Legacy Isle prediction game!

Please note that this prediction game will have a unique set of rules. If you wish to read a little bit more concerning the season, please visit the "What is Survivor: Legacy Isle" section of this blog. Otherwise, proceed to the rules.

What is Survivor: Legacy Isle

Survivor: Legacy Isle is my first fanon on this Wikia. It features 18 castaways divided into three tribes: Trikora, Mamberamo, and Loventiz. Additionally, the season revolves around a "new" twist entitled, "Legacy Isle." This twist honors various predecessors by re-using them in a more intense way. Throughout this long and complicated season, the castaways will be sent their in several ways, including one way that will allow voted-out contestants to return to the game.

This season has been planned for a while, and it's heavily advanced in terms of coding. I'm not the best writer as of now, so I'm trying to balance out my average writing skills with coding, which I consider myself good at. Currently I am writing the season, a couple episodes in. However, the full boot order is planned, and if it is changed, no submissions here will affect anything, as I have very little to no bias.

I'm very excited for the season to begin "airing" soon!


As this season is a bit more complicated, and I do have several twists that I do not want to spoil until the episode releases, this prediction game will just have you creating a boot order list. Here's the unique part to this prediction game, you can predict as little or as much of the boot order as you want.

The only rule is that you must choose someone to win and someone to be the first eliminated. You have the option of predicting as many places as you want in between (2nd to 17th). But there is a risk to choosing more people, as you are eligible to receive negative points. When you predict more people, you have a higher chance of receiving extra points, but also a higher chance of receiving more negative points.

With that being said, you can choose as many or as few people from 2nd to 17th as you want. You may choose them all, you may choose none, you may choose any grouping of them you want. (So for example, you can choose 3rd, 8th, and 14th, or any other combination.) As if to make this more complicated, so sorry about this, all eliminations will include Legacy Isle. That means that when you predict the contestant that will take last place (or if you decide to predict any other early boot), you will be predicting who will be (first) eliminated from Legacy Isle.

In terms of the game, there will be no final four fire-making challenge, and there will be a final three. I will not specify the jury count at the moment, but it is less than ten.

The point system works as following:

Place Predicted Places Off Points Gained/Lost
1st 0 +5
1 +3
2 +2
3 +1
4 0
5-9 -1
10+ -3
2nd - 17th 0 +4
1 +2
2 +1
3-5 0
6-9 -2
10+ -4
Last 0 +4
1 +3
2 +2
3 +1
4 0
5-9 -1
10+ -3

Clearly, the player with the highest amount of points by the end of the season will be proclaimed the winner. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on this blog, on my talk page, or on Discord!

Bonus Points

Bonus points will be offered for certain episodes throughout the season. They will not be available for every episode, and they will come without warning (whenever I remember and I feel like it lol).


This prediction game has two tiebreakers.

First ~ Whoever overall has the most placements exactly right.
Second ~ Whoever winner's pick is closer to first, and then whoever's first boot pick is closer to last.

There are other tiebreakers just in case, but I highly doubt we will need them, so I will not place explain them here.


User Current Place Current Amount of Points
EeveeFan25 N/A TBA
Kwanza60 N/A TBA
MightyUke416 N/A TBA
NemoLikesDonuts N/A TBA
Plantsvszombiesfanatic N/A TBA
SevereWizardShark N/A TBA
Swaggyyy N/A TBA


Place Rewards
1st You will create a character for my second season.
You will receive a sneak peak of some of the castaways for my next season.
You will select the tribe colors for me second season between several designated colors.
2nd You will name the merged tribe for my second season or select one of the four cut castaways from Survivor: Legacy Isle to be on my second season.
You will receive a sneak peak of some of the castaways for my next season.
3rd You will receive a sneak peak of some of the castaways for my next season.

2nd place will only be available if there are four or more players, and 3rd place will only be available if there are six or more players.

I hope you enjoy Survivor: Legacy Isle!

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