"Us Versus Borneo"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 4/13
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: The Beginning.

Previously On Survivor...

At the Sabah tribe, Bob made an excuse for Pen for why he voted for him the previous night. The two then agreed to not vote against each other unless needed. Meanwhile, Billy began to fear for his life. Pen then began to use forceful leadership on The Force alliance, making Olive reconsider the alliance. At Sarawak, Ryan and Charlie found out that Walter was playing both sides. They decided to keep it a secret until they rid the game of Helga. Violet and Vanessa, after forming a strong friendship, made a finals deal. They managed to bring Benny into the pact, but secretly plotted against him. In the reward challenge, Sarawak continued their winning streak. Walter then became the food provider for Sarawak. This caused Ryan to keep his secret a secret, in fear that Walter would be voted off. In the Immunity challenge, Sarawak, once again, was victorious. Back at Sabah, Bob attempted to save Billy and blindside Pen. But Peter convinced him otherwise. At Tribal Council, Billy was voted out unanimously. Thirteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: SOS Signal
The tribes must build an SOS signal. A plane will fly above them and determine the superior signal. The superior wins.
Reward: Comforts for camp, including a knife and spices.
Winner: Sarawak

Immunity Challenge: Buried Treasure
In a relay race, the tribes have to run several legs to find a treasure. First tribe to return the treasure wins.
Winner: Sabah


Day 10

At Sabah, only members of The Force are left, so Bob summoned every member except for Pen. He tells them that they need to take out Pen now that all alliance outsiders have been eliminated, as he and Olive agreed to. Shortly afterwards, Pen summons all alliance members except for Bob. Pen tells them that Bob is no longer any use to them, claiming that he never was anyway, and they need to get rid of him. Peter considered going with Bob, not trusting Pen that much.

It is better to go with Bob rather than Pen. Bob is much more reliable.


Victoria and Olive go fishing. Victoria reminds Olive that The Force is now all that is left on Sabah, so they'll need to vote off one of their own if they lose again. Olive tells Victoria that she and Bob had a deal to get rid of Pen once all outsiders were gone, but she has been reconsidering because of Bob's attitude. Victoria then asks Olive if she wants to vote out the remaining men on Sabah. Olive agrees to it.

Up until now, I haven't been doing much in this game. So it's time for me to take charge.


At Sarawak, Helga continues to do nothing at camp. Jane decides that she has had enough. Jane gathers the men of Sarawak, Benny, Ryan, Walter and Charlie, to form an alliance to get rid of Helga. Ryan suggests that they keep this alliance to the end, and they all agree to it.

I needed an alliance, and I refused to align with any other women on Sarawak. So I aligned with all the men. Now it's us versus Borneo.


Violet later met with Benny and Vanessa, not knowing that Benny was in an alliance, and she claimed that Helga was their first target.

The two people I trust most on this island are Violet and Benny. I hope to go as far as I can with them.


Probst then met with Olive from Sabah and Charlie from Sarawak and told them of the reward challenge to build a distress signal. The signals would be judged on day 11. Olive and Charlie then returned to their camps with the news.

Day 11

At Sabah, Victoria created plans for a signal, but Pen didn't like them. Bob approached Peter and pointed out Pen's harsh leadership, hoping that it would bring Peter to vote Pen off.

I have to do everything I can to throw the votes at Pen, so I can stay.


At Sarawak, both Ryan and Helga had ideas for signals, with Helga claiming that her idea was better than Ryan's. Benny decides that they should just combine the ideas, which Ryan and Helga agreed with.

I'm making myself look like a leader, which is not good on this show.


When the plane flew by with Probst in it, Probst and the pilot came to an agreement that Sarawak had the better signal. So Sarawak had a crate dropped from above into the ocean, winning yet another challenge. Walter and Charlie swam out and retrieved the crate and brought it back to camp. Jane and Walter opened the crate and sorted the items inside. Violet then came to the conclusion that Sarawak was unbeatable.

Day 12

The tribes met for the Immunity challenge, where they found out that they would be doing it in legs. Due to Bob's quick digging, Sabah was able to dig up the treasure and return it, winning their first challenge.

At Sarawak, Helga brought the tribe for a meeting before going to their first Tribal Council, and congratulated everyone for staying together this long.

For all I know, I could be going tonight. I have to make the most of whatever time is left.


Violet, Vanessa and Benny met afterwards to discuss voting. Vanessa felt that that Immunity challenge held Helga's fate.

In a predictable Tribal Council, Helga is eliminated in a unanimous 7-1 vote. And the Sarawak tribe finally recieved torches before going back to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:

Luke (10)

Helga (7 votes)

Luke (8)Luke (9)Luke (11)Luke(-1)
Luke (12)Luke (13)Luke (14)

Benny, Charlie, Jane, Ryan, Vanessa, Violet & Walter

Luke (11)
Jane (1 vote)

Luke (10)

Helga Black

Voting Confessionals

I've been waiting twelve days to cast this vote. Bye.


You don't do much of anything at camp and you're not very useful in challenges.


Final Words

It's depressing to be the first one out of your tribe. Especially when it was doing so well. I feel that I had a friendship made with everyone on my tribe. I wish them luck, and I hope they show Sabah who the best tribe is!


Still in the Running

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Luke (8)
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Author's Notes

  • The title is said by Jane after forming the Sarawak alliance.
  • This is the first time Sabah won a challenge.