"Turn The Pendulum to Our Desires"
Season Survivor: Bolivia
Author Tlc479
Episode Number (1/14)
Date Uploaded April 28th, 2014
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Turn The Pendulum to Our Desires is the first episode of Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia

Day 1

Eighteen people walk up a gravel path. Each carrying a bag filled with things they may need for the next thirtynine days. They continue walking up the path until they reach the peak of the mountain and are greeted by the one and only Jeff Probst.

Jeff: Welcome guys to Survivor: Bolivia! I will now go around with a basket where you will each draw out a buff, if you get a red one head to the left mat, if you get blue go to the left.

Everyone one by one picks a buff.

Jeff: Ok, On the blue team we have Vicki, Derek, Ricardo, Destiny, Beatrice, Mason, Susanna, Jerry and Natalia

I’m super excited to enter this game, I’m liking my team so far, I’m just hoping they like me too.


This team isn’t too bad, I think I will thrive in this game once I can find my puppets, then I use them for the votes and from there on it will be a smooth ride.


Jeff: On the red team we have Toby, Jasmine, Gregory, Maria, Pedro, LaTrina, Darnell, Zoey, and Hiroshi

So my strategy entering this game is to be the guy that everyone can like, if I get on their good sides I’m sure I can make it far and possibly win.


I think my team is the superior team, Pedro and Darnell both look like they will be good at challenges, and most of the girls look like they might be strong too. I’m excited to get to the challenges.


Jeff: Blue team, your tribe name is Luchador, and Red Team, your tribe name is Salvaje. Luchador you will take the Northern Path down this mountain towards your camp, Salvaje you will be heading South to your camp, Head on out guys!

After a long hike down the trail each group arrives at their campsite, excruciatingly tired. At Luchador, Jerry and Ricardo immediately start working on the shelter, Beatrice gathers some firewood while Natalia works with Destiny to start a fire.

Derek: Look at all of them work while we just sit here.

Mason: Yea, they will just tire themselves and then become weak during the challenges tomorrow. So who should we try to team up with?

Derek: I think it would be best to team with some of the weaker crowd, Beatrice and Susanna. They will be easier targets once we get farther in the game.

Mason: But shouldn’t we try and keep strong competitors who can win challenges? I mean, later in the game if we have numbers in the merge we can use that to our advantage.

Derek: Let’s just see how the challenge plays out tomorrow.

After they get a fire started, Destiny and Natalia decide to go find the watering hole with Vicki.

Destiny: I don’t like that Mason and Derek are just sitting there doing nothing while we work on the fire.

Vicki: I can see them getting on my nerves later, I think us three should definitely stick together.

Natalia: I can try and talk Ricardo and Jerry into forming an alliance.

Vicki: But maybe they will try and team with Derek and Mason for an “all-guys” kind of thing.

Natalia: I’ll see what they are thinking because they can clearly see who’s doing the work around here.

At Salvaje, Darnell, Hiroshi, LaTrina and Gregory start working on the shelter. Jasmine, Maria, Zoey, and Toby lay down next to the lake.

So as soon as we go to camp, the girls and Toby go and sit on the ground just looking at the water, while I’m here working on the shelter.


LaTrina: I don’t like that they are just doing nothing over there.

Gregory: They could at least get wood or water of something.

LaTrina walks down over to the girls and stand over them for a minute.

LaTrina: Hey, do any of you guys want to go find the watering hole with me?

Maria: I’ll go.

Jasmine: Yea me too.

 Maria and Jasmine stand up while Zoey and Toby continue to lay on the ground.

LaTrina: The guys don’t like that you were just lying on the ground doing nothing.

Jasmine: Well after the hike we were exhausted, whatever. I think we should focus on finding the water.

LaTrina: I hope Zoey and Toby decide to contribute.

Maria: Just give them time, they probably aren’t as physically prepared for this.

LaTrina: I hope that is the case.

Later that night at Luchador camp, the group starts to sleep in their mediocre shelter. Susanna is snoring fairly loud, which bothers Ricardo.

Ricardo: Jesus christ is this woman ever going to stop.

So late in the night, Susanna starts snoring really loud and Ricardo won’t shut up about it.


Natalia: Just try to ignore it.

Ricardo: Ugh, It’s just irritating.

Natalia: I know, I know, Just block it out.

I could easily tell that Natalia was working on Ricardo to get him on her good side, I think she will become a huge threat later and I might want her out first.


At Salvaje, Darnell’s and Hiroshi’s shelter building skills got the tribe a great shelter. Gregory gets out of the shelter and stands by the lake, Pedro follows him out.

Pedro: Can’t sleep?

Gregory: No, it’s cold out here.

Pedro: Yea.

My goal is to form an all guys alliance, and Gregory looks like he’s willing to work with me so I’m trying to persuade him to vote my way.


Pedro: Who are you close too.

Gregory: Well, Darnell and I talked a bit before but I don’t know if he is playing strategy, and Zoey and Toby were talking to me a little while ago and I think they want to work with me.

Pedro: I think I can talk to Darnell and see if he wants to form an alliance with us.

Gregory: Sounds like a plan.

Day 2

The sun rises and both teams head to their first challenge. As they walk up they see an obstacle course with a large wall of keys on the opposite side of the course.

Jeff: Come on in guys! Today’s challenge you will one by one navigate the course and retrieve a key from the other side, once you get a key run back to the start of the course and try and unlock the locks on the chest, there are three locks on each chest and one key corresponding to each lock. Red keys will work for Salvaje and Blue keys work for Luchador. You are playing for Reward, your reward is what is inside the chest. I will give you a minute to strategize and then we will start.

Derek stands at the start of the course for Luchador and Pedro stands at the start for Salvaje. Jeff yells “Go!” and both sprint into the course. The first part is a balance beam that Pedro navigates faster than Derek, however both make it through. The second part is a net wall they have to climb up and over. Derek catches up slightly but Pedro is still in the lead. The final portion of the course is a rope swing, Pedro gets there first and makes it across, he picks out a random key and runs back, Derek attempts and fails, he goes back up to the start of the rope swing and make it across his second time, he picks out a key. Pedro attempts to unlock the locks on the chest and fails, LaTrina enters the course, she makes it past the balance beam quickly and Derek makes it back to open the chest, he fails. Susanna enters the course trying to make up time against LaTrina. LaTrina has some difficulty with the rope swing, but she makes it across before Susanna can catch up. LaTrina grabs a key and runs back. Susanna climbs the net wall very slowly. LaTrina attempts to open a lock and manages to get the first lock off. Salvaje needs two more locks to open now.

Jasmine: Yea LaTrina!

Vicki: Oh my god, why is Susanna taking so god damn long.

Hiroshi enters the course for Salvaje, just as Susanna finishes climbing the net. She slowly maneuvers the rope swing and makes it across, Hiroshi falls off the balance beam and has to restart, he makes it across as Susanna returns with her key, it does not work. Vicki enters the course, Hiroshi it nearly at the top of the rope wall as Vicki approaches, she catches up slightly at the rope swing where they both retrieve a key. They both sprint to the beginning of the course and both of their keys open a lock on their chest. Salvaje needs one more key, Luchador needs two.

Ricardo: Let me go next

LaTrina: C’mon we need one more.

Ricardo and Darnell both enter the course.

Maria: You got this Darnell!

Natalia: You can beat him Ricardo!

Ricardo inches ahead of Darnell, but he manages to pass him at the rope wall. Darnell makes it to the rope swing and stumbles as he gets on, he swings back to recuperate, Ricardo swings across right as Darnell does, they both run back.

Zoey: Oh jesus, please work.

Ricardo tries his key and it works, Darnell’s does not. Each tribe only needs one more key. Mason enters the course for Luchador, Jasmine goes in for Salvaje. Mason gets ahead of Jasmine as the balance beam, Mason quickly climbs the rope wall and now has a decent lead over Jasmine. At the rope swing Mason gets over quick, Jasmine just makes it over the rope wall as Mason gets a key. He runs back. He slips the key into the final lock, it doesn’t work. Jasmine stands at the keywall for a second to choose between the remaining few keys.

Gregory: Go with the one in the bottom left!

Zoey: No the one on the top!

Jasmine picks a random key and runs back. Beatrice now enters the course for Luchador, as she gets half way across the balance beam, Jasmine is back with her key, she slips it in the slot. And it opens!

Jeff: Salvaje wins reward!

Salvaje cheers, Beatrice returns to the start.

Jeff: You get a fishing kit and some bait, you now no longer need to navigate the woods to find fruit.

You know it sucks losing the first challenge but, what are you going to do right?


Each team walks back to their camps. Luchador, all bummed out stack up in their shelter and rest.

Jerry: I think we need to rest so we can win tomorrow’s challenge, because that other tribe is tough competition

Vicki: Someone needs to get water.

Mason: I’ll go

Mason stands up, he signals for Derek, Beatrice, Susanna and Destiny to come along. They walk away from camp to the watering hole.

Mason: Here is the thing guys, I think if we lose the challenge tomorrow we should vote together.

Destiny: Who did you have in mind?

Derek: Definitely Natalia, she isn’t a great challenge competitor and I think she is trying to manipulate people onto her side.

Susanna: Are you sure? She seems nice.

Derek: Trust me we don’t want to keep her in the game for long, just in case we lose tomorrow keep her in mind.

The group approaches the watering hole. Back at the camp Ricardo and Jerry mess around with the fire to keep it going.

Jerry: I hope next reward is flint.

Vicki: I don’t trust Mason and Derek at all with the rest of the girls.

Ricardo: Do you think they’re plotting against us?

Vicki: Of course.

Natalia: Who do you think they’re targeting?

Vicki: I don’t know but I’m talking to the girls later.

At Salvaje the group celebrates because they won the challenge.

The fact that we won the fishing kit is awesome because I was already sick of eating coconuts and papayas that we were finding in the woods. Altogether I think the team is very close knit and that might give us an upper hand against Luchador.


Darnell: A big guy like me, likes his fish.

Hiroshi: Who knows how to use a fishing rod?

Toby: Let me show you.

Toby casts the reel out and pulls back a huge trout.

What they don’t know about me is that I would spend all my summers as a teenager at the lake fishing, It’s a skill I have that I can use to gain my tribes interest in me.


Zoey: Wow that can feed us for a week!

Jasmine: Are you some kind of fishing expert?

Toby: Just a bit skilled, that’s all.

Later that night at Luchador, Vicki and Natalia ask the rest of the girls to meet at the fire once the men are asleep.

Natalia: We just want to know what Derek and Mason have been telling you, because I have a suspicion that they are targeting either myself or Vicki.

So, Natalia and Vicki approach Myself, Beatrice, and Destiny and ask us to tell them what Derek and Mason were saying to us, and Destiny is just spilling the entire story out to them.


Destiny: Well they said that they want to target you Natalia.

Natalia: Did they say why?

Destiny: He said that-

Natalia: Who is he? Derek?

Destiny: Yea, Derek. He said that he sees you as a threat and not a strong challenge competitor

Natalia: I didn’t even get to go up at the challenge at all.

At this point I am a little torn between Natalia and Vicki, and Derek and Mason. I just don’t want to tribe to lose it’s unity because once that is gone, we will start to fight and the tribe won’t win any challenges.


At Salvaje, Maria whispers to Zoey.

Maria: I’m just a bit concerned because, the guys are angry that you weren’t contributing as much to the camp. So, I mean, I don’t know if you want to get on their good side or not but I’m just looking out for you because they will probably target you if we lose.

Zoey: I understand.

Maria and Zoey didn’t realize that I was awake last night, I could hear Maria telling Zoey that the guys might target her, and that seems kind of fishy to me because that makes me feel like her loyalty is not with the guys and might be with Zoey, I just hope we win Immunity because I don’t want to be put on the chopping block.


Day 3

Both tribes walk up to the challenge together.

Jeff: Welcome guys, to your first immunity challenge. For this challenge you will have to row your canoes out to three different buoys, at each buoy there is a bag of puzzle pieces, retrieve the pieces and bring them back to the shore where two members from each team will solve the puzzle. So each team needs two puzzle solvers and seven people to go retrieve puzzle pieces, who will it be?

Jerry: Beatrice and Destiny are solving for Luchador

Jeff: Ok, and for Salvaje?

Darnell: Maria and Zoey will be solving the puzzle for us.

Jeff: Ok, everyone get ready.

Each team enters their boats, Ricardo navigates for Luchador and LaTrina navigates for Salvaje. Jeff yells “Go!” and the teams start rowing. After a rough start by Salvaje, Luchador takes a slight lead, they approach the first buoy and Mason quickly scrambles to undo the knot, Salvaje approaches their first buoy and Hiroshi undoes the knot. Salvaje pulls ahead slightly.

Maria: You got this Salvaje!

Beatrice: C’mon guys, don’t give up, you’re right on their tail.

Both team make it to the second buoy, Gregory has trouble untying the bag, Natalia loosens the knot and drops the bag in the water, she jumps in to retrieve it.

Destiny: Come on Natalia!

Maria: You got this guys, keep going!

Natalia gets the bag, but leaves the team slightly behind. Jasmine unties the final bag for Salvaje and they start bad towards the shore. Luchador approaches the final buoy and Derek quickly jumps to work on the knot, after a minute or so he gets it undone. As the start heading back Salvaje is already throwing the bags to Maria and Zoey.

Destiny: Come on guys! We ain’t got much time!

Pedro: Don’t mess this up.

Maria and Zoey quickly start throwing the pieces into position, they are about half way done with the puzzle as Luchador approaches the beach.

Beatrice: Hurry up!

Zoey: This is wrong.

Maria: Switch these two pieces.

Destiny and Beatrice start on the puzzle, Maria and Zoey are almost done now.

Beatrice: Come on, we can still catch up!

Maria slaps the final piece into the Salvaje puzzle.

Jeff: Salvaje wins immunity!

Destiny: Dammit!

LaTrina: Yea Maria! Killin’ that puzzle, Woo!

Toby: Great job Zoey

Jeff: Come and get your reward.

Hiroshi walks up to Jeff and takes the Idol. Luchador stand with nothing.

Of course I blame Natalia for our loss, she put us at a huge disadvantage when she dropped the bag and now I think that will cost her the game.


Luchador and Salvaje exit back to their camps. At Luchador Derek and Susanna go to get water while the rest of the tribe stays at camp.

Natalia: I’m sorry guys, It really was an accident you know that.

Destiny: I know, I know, I just really didn’t want to lose.

Jerry: I think we shouldn’t point the blame at one person.

Destiny: Agreed.

In the shelter Vicki and Beatrice are whispering to each other.

Vicki: Did Susanna go to get water alone with Derek?

Beatrice: I think so.

I am worried that Susanna will tell Derek everything that is going on, She definitely is not on my good side right now and I want her out as soon as possible.


Natalia enters the shelter.

Natalia: Who are we voting for tonight?

Vicki: I don’t trust Susanna, but she isn’t a threat at all, I don’t know.

Beatrice: Should we see what the guys think?

Vicki: Definitely, I don’t want to make a decision without their consent.

At the camp Ricardo and Mason are sitting at the edge of the lake, Jerry and Destiny walk up.

Mason: So I was thinking tonight that we vote for Natalia, she did cost us the challenge.

Ricardo: That is true.

Destiny: I’m down if you are.

Jerry: Yea that sounds like out best choice.

I definitely feel like I’m calling the shots right now, Ricardo, Jerry, and Destiny, all want to vote with me, and Derek makes at least five, so it is definitely Natalia tonight.


Ricardo and Jerry walk back up to the shelter where they find Vicki, Natalia, and Beatrice.

Vicki: Hey guys.

Ricardo: Hey, so who were you thinking of voting for tonight?

Beatrice: We were thinking either Derek or Mason, they are trying to take control of this game.

Voting tonight is going to be extremely difficult because on one side we have the girls who aren’t doing good in challenges, or the guys who can take control of the tribe, it will be a tough decision.


At the watering hole Derek and Susanna have a discussion about what happened the previous night.

Susanna: Vicki and Natalia approached, Myself, Beatrice, and Destiny about you and Mason. And, Beatrice told them everything.

So now I’m being told by Susanna that Beatrice is siding with Natalia, I know that she is up to no good so I’m going to confront her.


Derek and Susanna walk back to the camp, everyone is sitting around the fire having a normal discussion, Derek sets the water down next to the shelter.

Derek: Beatrice can I talk to you for a minute.

Beatrice: Uh, sure.

Beatrice stands up and follows Derek to the back of the shelter.

Beatrice: What’s going on?

Derek: I heard that you told Natalia and Vicki everything I told you, is this true?

Beatrice: Well, yea, I never made any commitment to you, you just came in and told me that you want to vote Natalia and you just expected me to go with it.

Derek: Fine, I see how it is.

Derek goes back to the camp. He signals for Ricardo and Jerry to follow him into the woods, Beatrice peers out and sits down at the camp.

Vicki: What happened?

Beatrice: He’s angry that I told you guys what was going on, like he just expected me to work with him.

So now I’m hearing that Beatrice and Derek are having a little disagreement, I just hope that this doesn’t affect other people’s votes.


In the woods Derek tells Ricardo and Jerry everything that is going on.

Derek: So you guys are keeping your vote on Natalia, right?

Jerry: Yea, yea, sure, but what’s the deal with Beatrice?

Derek: She’s flipping, probably voting for me, but whatever we have the numbers.

Derek is in a very sticky position right now, I know that Jerry and I can control this game and turn the pendulum to our desires.


Luchador walks to tribal council, each carrying a torch, they dip it in the flame as tradition has it and each of them take a seat.

Jeff: Alright, Now Destiny, You seemed to be the most upset that your team lost the challenge, can you elaborate on how you are feeling right now?

Destiny: Well Jeff, I really thought we could have won and I was not hoping that the tribe would have to go to tribal. But what are you going to do?

Jeff: So with that, do you have a plan on who you are voting tonight?

Destiny: Unfortunately I have to make a choice, and yes Jeff I have made my choice. I just want this team to be as best as it can be.

Jeff: Alright, now Ricardo, Do you think there is a lot of drama at camp, and may that be the root to this teams problem?

Ricardo: Well I know none of us want to be here right now, but yea I can see our lack of unity as being this tribes kryptonite, so to speak.

Jeff: Now Mason, do you see a clear divide in alliances, or is everyone’s loyalty kind of sketchy.

Mason: Well, for the most part I think there is a divide, but there are a few people floating in the middle unsure of where to go, even though it is quite obvious what the right choice is.

Jeff: And what is the “right choice”?

Mason: The right choice is to take out the weakest member of the team, it is quite obvious who that is and I think it should be an easy vote tonight.

Natalia rolls her eyes and nods her head.

Jeff: Natalia, I can see you rolling your eyes at what Mason is saying.

Natalia: Yea cause’ he is so full of s**t, The “weakest member” he is referring to is me, just because I mess up in one challenge. I don’t see myself as the weakest and I think the right decision is to take out the players who are tearing this tribe apart. Drama causes a tribe to become weak, and we will be here every tribal if we let the drama queens stay.

Derek: Oh shut up already.

Natalia: Um, excuse me, I’m not done. Anyway, I think the “obvious choice” should be someone who is trying to take control of the team, because eventually that will come back to bite the rest of us.

Jerry: Wow.

Jeff: Jerry I can see the shock in your facial expression right now, what’s going on?

Jerry: Just wow, Natalia is right that drama like this is going to ruin this team, but Mason does have a point when he says that we should take out the weakest link.

Jeff: Alright, well it sounds like this is going to be an intense tribal council. It is now time to vote, Susanna you are up.

One by one everyone stands up to vote. Susanna starts and quickly returns after a moment standing at the voting table, Mason goes next, followed by Destiny, Natalia follows. Jerry goes next and takes longer than most of the other contestants. It continues down the line until Vicki is the last one to vote. She stands at the booth and returns a moment later after voting.

Jeff: I will go tally the votes.

Jeff goes to the podium and retrieves the box.

Jeff: If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, please do so now.

After a moment of silence no one stands up and Jeff opens the box to reveal the votes. He reads them off one by one.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #1- Luchador
Voted Against Voter
Derek manson

Derek (5 Votes)

Beatrice osbourn Jerry clark Natalia desantiago Ricardo juarez Vicki Pena
Beatrice, Jerry, Natalia, Ricardo, Vicki

Natalia desantiago

Natalia (4 Votes)

Derek manson Destiny redford Mason peters Susanna cambridge
Derek, Destiny, Mason, Susanna

Voting Confessionals

Derek, I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, so goodbye


You lost the challenge for us, and you are a threat strategically, I hope it is you tonight.


Nothing personal, just that you lost the challenge and it seems to be what the majority is doing


This tribe is chaos, and Derek, you're the one causing it.


Natalia, I would be stupid not to vote for you.


Well, it's either you or me, and judging by how people are reacting, I'm sure it's you.


Derek, we need some peace at camp and we can't have that with you and Natalia fighting so much.


If you don't go tonight, I will have no more faith in this tribe.


You are targeting my alliance, so my alliance will target you.