Best Female Character - 2018
This character has been voted by the community to be remembered as the strongest female competitor in any fanon.
Trinity Lewis
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 13, 1991 (1991-09-13) (age 27)
Hometown Chester, Pennsylvannia
Occupation Barista

Survivor: Grenada- Temptations

Tribes Gouyave
Placement 10/20
Alliances Mitra Legends
Stanley and Trinity
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 25

Trinity Lewis is a contestant from Survivor: Grenada- Temptations.

An aggressive and confrontational castaway from the beginning, Trinity was known for her rivalries with Eddiot Brantley and Jensen Price and her willingness to do whatever it took to win, however it was the latter trait that lost trust with her allies. At Levera, she formed a duo with Stanley Moriarty and at the merge, acted as a swing vote. However, her downfall came when she proposed a Final Three with Ashanda-Jane Washington, and after Ashanda's entire alliance pulled out idols at an explosive Tribal Council, she exposed the Final Three and Trinity was voted out for being untrustworthy.


Name(Age): Trinity Lewis (26)

Tribe Designation: TBD

Current Residence: Chester, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Barista

Claim to Fame: Keeping my coffee shop afloat for the last few years even with a Starbucks nearby. No damn Starbucks is gonna shut Trinity out of business! It isn’t even that good.

Inspiration in Life: My twin sister, Jerhonda. We do everything together, including applying for this show. She’s gonna be so salty when she finds out I made it and she didn’t. I love it. Hobbies: Making and drinking coffee, boxing, rapping and listening to rap music.

Pet Peeves: Bitches who cry when things don’t go their way. Like, get over it. Also, overcooked mozzarella sticks, because they’re the most amazing food ever and if you ruin it you should be ruined.

If You Could Have Three Things on an Island What Would They Be and Why: 1) Mozzarella sticks 2) A coffee machine so I can make people some coffee! People might not like me because I’m well aware I’m a bitch, but hopefully coffee will shut them up! 3) My iPod to listen to music so I can block out people who annoy me.

SURVIVOR Contestant You are Most Like: Michaela Bradshaw! We’re both young black girls who’ll stand up and won’t take crap from anyone!

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I’m here for that cash money and to kick ass and rub it in Jerhonda’s face!

Why You Will “Survive” SURVIVOR: People survive by looking out for themselves and only themselves and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

Why You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Hmm, let me think. I’M TRINITY LEWIS, BITCH! I’ve watched so much of this show and people have some weird sense of loyalty. I don’t care who I’m with as long as I win. I’ll happily go from one group to another if I’m not in a good position. I’m gonna be real with these people, no BS, and I’m gonna play the best game.

Survivor: Grenada- Temptations

Voting History

Trinity's Voting History
Episode Trinity's
Voted Against
1 Gouyave Tribe Immune
2 Eddiot -
3 Wylie -
4 Gouyave Tribe Immune
5 Levera Tribe Immune
6 Levera Tribe Immune
7 Levera Tribe Immune
8 Gouyave Tribe Immune
9 Meiling -
10 Ashanda Ashanda, Brooklyn, Eddiot,
Samantha, Topher
Voted Off, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor