Throw My Trust is the fourth episode of Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia

"Throw My Trust"
Season Survivor: Bolivia
Author Tlc479
Episode Number (4/14)
Date Uploaded May 7th, 2014
Episode Chronology
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Next Reign Of The Salvaje Sisters (5/14)

Day 10

After Tribal Council, Gregory feels the need to come clean to his team about what happened.

Gregory: Hey so, I know I voted with Pedro, I had no idea what to do so I just went with him, I am in no way against you Maria I just didn’t know how to vote, so I went with Pedro

Gregory comes up to everyone and just admits to us that he was the other vote for me, what an a** clown, Oh my god you don’t just come out like that, I had no idea it was him until he said so.


Jasmine and LaTrina walk with Zoey into the woods to strategize.

LaTrina: So what do we do next.

Jasmine: Now that the girls are tied with the guys it shouldn’t be too hard to take control as the Salvaje Sisters.

Zoey: Agreed, So who would be our next target, Gregory?

LaTrina: I think it would be better to take out someone stronger like Darnell, Gregory obviously has no idea what he is doing as you saw before.

Zoey: That’s true, alright

You know, LaTrina is a pretty smart girl, and I don’t know if that is the kind of person I want to throw my trust into, I have to consider teaming with the boys


At the shelter Darnell is talking to Toby and Gregory

Darnell: Do you think Pedro could have possibly been telling the truth?

Gregory: I believed him, Maria seems a bit corrupt to me

Toby: I don't know, She seems like a nice character, Maybe Pedro was lying to her.

This is such a confusing tribe, I don’t know who to side with because I don’t know what it actually happening, Hopefully that will change.


At Luchador, the celebration continues because of the immunity win. However Destiny continues to get on Natalia’s nerves.

Natalia: I can’t believe we actually won a challenge guys! Way to go! There, is that peppy enough for you Destiny?

Destiny: What is your deal, I can’t have some spirit

Vicki: Ok, Destiny, why are you always up on her tail like that.

Destiny: Excuse you, but did you just hear her?

Vicki: She has a point you are far too energetic, you need to calm down.

Mason: Vicki, she is doing nothing wrong I don’t see why Natalia and you are doing this.

Vicki: Mason stay out of it ok.

Destiny: Vicki you just got involved now, why don’t you stay out of it?

Destiny is really starting to get on my nerves now, and I really don’t want to be around someone like that. I hope my team makes the smart choice of taking her out.


Natalia: The funny thing is, I don’t care what you have to say to me

Destiny: Oh yeah, then why are you starting with me in the first place

Natalia: Girl why you gotta keep bringing up the same f**king argument each time, “Oh she started with me, I’m so great, she’s such a bitch”. Grow up already.

Destiny: Ok, I don’t even care anymore, this bitch is going down.

Destiny punches Natalia square in the nose and Natalia falls to the ground, Natalia trips Destiny and Destiny falls. Natalia jumps on top of her and smashes her head into the grass. Ricardo and Jerry run over to separate the girls.

Ricardo: What the hell is wrong with you girls!?

This fighting has to stop, It has now gotten physical and that is a problem. I might just consider throwing a challenge to get one of those girls out.


It is now night time at Salvaje, Gregory once again has trouble sleeping, Maria sneaks out of the shelter to consult him.

Maria: So why did you openly admit to voting for me?

Gregory: I felt it would be better to have told you and for you to understand it wasn’t personal

Maria: I still find it odd.

Maria is grilling me about this vote, I understand why. I just want to make it up to her at this point. Because I want her on my good side.


Gregory: How about I vote with you at next tribal council, It will make up for me voting for you right?

Maria: I suppose so

Gregory: Ok, Awesome!

Luchador, before going to bed have a small discussion by the fire. Natalia and Vicki are kept separate.

Beatrice: Can you please just tell me what is going on in your head.

Destiny: She just never stops, every word I say intimidates her for god knows what reason.

Natalia and Destiny had a brawl before, and right now the rest of the team is trying to figure out how we can solve this problem.


Ricardo: Do you think you two can just get along? You are on the same team.

Destiny: I’ve tried to make peace but those girls are too ignorant to listen.

Honestly, I think this tribe is screwed.


Day 11

Salvaje and Luchador enter their reward challenge, they see two large slides and two wooden posts.

Jeff: Welcome Salvaje, Luchador. Luchador getting their first look at the new Salvaje tribe, Pedro voted out at last Tribal. Today you will be going against each other one on one to score for your team. One member from each tribe will race down the slide and try and pick up a ring on the way down, once they have the ring they will stand on the bottom of the slide and try to land it on the post. The player who can land it first gets a point for their team. Salvaje you are sitting a member out who will it be?

Toby: I'd like to sit out Jeff.

Jeff: Alright, let’s get this show on the road.

Salvaje Luchador Winner
Darnell cory Ricardo juarez Darnell cory
Hiroshi oda Mason peters Mason peters
Latrina jackson Destiny redford Destiny redford
Jasmine alexander Natalia desantiago Jasmine alexander
Gregory tunis Jerry clark Gregory tunis
Zoey bolek Beatrice osbourn Beatrice osbourn
Maria ines salvo Vicki Pena Maria ines salvo
Gregory tunis Mason peters Gregory tunis

Jeff: Salvaje wins reward! They will receive steak and chicken at their camp when they return! Head on out guys.

Yes! I have been craving meat!


Salvaje returns to camp and sees a small station set up with Steak, Chicken, Pork, Fish, and a variety of meats, the team practically attacks the table.

Getting fed like that will give us a great edge on Luchador because now we all have so much energy, I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s challenge.


Luchador goes back to their camp, They all sit near their shelter having a discussion about strategy for tomorrow.

Natalia: You aren’t going to give some inspirational speech are you?

Destiny: Can you just stop already, it’s getting on everyone’s f**king nerves, and this is why we’re losing the challenges.

Natalia: Just a question, jeez.

Mason: Can we try to get along just once.

While I do not like being the main focus of everyone, I really don’t like this either, I think Natalia really needs to go asap.


Ricardo: Let’s look at it this way, Natalia, Destiny, if we lose tomorrow one of you is leaving. So you better want to win tomorrow

Vicki: Can we just stop, I think we all need some sleep.

Jerry: But don’t we need to-

Vicki: I said sleep!

I am not losing tomorrow’s challenge, we are already a player behind Salvaje and I don’t want to be back down to two.


At Salvaje, the team relaxes by the lake confident about the immunity challenge tomorrow. Toby is teaching Darnell and Hiroshi his fishing skills.

This camp is living in luxury right now, we got meat, unlimited fish, and the best shelter ever, I am a proud Salvaje Sister.


Toby: No, throw it out like this that way the hook is facing inward.

Darnell: What good does that do.

Toby: Just trust me.

Darnell: Aight.

Day 12

Salvaje and Luchador walk up to their immunity challenge, in the middle of the lake is a circular platform with two large beanbag looking objects.

Jeff: Welcome guys, Luchador I will be taking back the immunity. Today you will again be going against each other in pairs. You will try knocking your opponent off the platform using the shields, the first team to five wins. Salvaje someone is sitting out and it cannot be Zoey, however it must be a female who will it be?

Maria: I’m sitting out Jeff.

Jeff: Alright let’s get started

Salvaje Luchador Winner
Hiroshi oda Ricardo juarez Ricardo juarez
Jasmine alexander Destiny redford Jasmine alexander
Darnell cory Jerry clark Darnell cory
Latrina jackson Natalia desantiago Latrina jackson
Gregory tunis Mason peters Mason peters
Zoey bolek Beatrice osbourn Zoey bolek
Darnell cory Ricardo juarez Darnell cory

Jeff: And with that Salvaje wins immunity again!

We are practically dominating the other team, and I’m loving it.


Luchador goes back to camp, angry. Ricardo crawls into the shelter and lies there sulking. Jerry stand by the fire with his hands on his hips.

Jerry: Well

Beatrice: Well indeed.

I’ve had it up to here with this team, and we need to change things here.


Natalia walks with Vicki and Mason to the water. Destiny sits with Ricardo, Jerry, and Beatrice at the fire.

Destiny: I just think it is insane that she somehow put a target on my back by starting arguments with me

Jerry: It’s a tough choice, you know that.

Destiny: Why does it have to be? She is clearly the one starting these arguments.

Jerry: I know you see it that way, but her side of the story is the opposite.

Destiny: Don’t tell me you’re siding with her.

Jerry: I just don’t know now.

Ricardo: Oh jeez.

At the water, Vicki and Natalia try to talk Mason into a deal.

Vicki: So Mason, We were hoping you’d vote with Natalia and I to take out Destiny.

Mason: And why would I do that?

Natalia: Because this is your chance to bounce back to the top!

Mason: Yea sure.

I really don’t know what to do tonight, I think I will decide in the voting booth.


Luchador makes it to the tribal council, Jeff is there waiting as usual.

Jeff: Welcome again Luchador to Tribal Council. Beatrice, what do you make of all of this chaos going on at camp?

Beatrice: Well Jeff, I think it will end tonight, hopefully. It really is affecting our performances in challenges.

Jeff: Mason, you seemed to be at the bottom before, how does this ring to you now?

Mason: I’m happy that i’m no longer in the hot seat, but I’m not happy that my team is practically tearing at the seams. We have a ton of sorting out to do here.

Jeff: Destiny, how do you feel about the rivalry?

Destiny: I really don’t care anymore, Natalia likes being immature and going after me for whatever reason, I don’t know. I just know it is her tonight so I don’t care.

Natalia: Ha, so naive, Jeff, It is obvious that Destiny needs to go because she is the reason this tribe is losing, she is too high-strung and is bringing back this team.

Destiny: Oh shut your w***e mouth already.

Jeff: I think we should just vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #4- Luchador
Voted Against Voter

Natalia desantiago
Natalia (4 Votes)

Beatrice osbourn Destiny redford Mason peters Ricardo juarez
Beatrice, Destiny, Mason, Ricardo

Destiny redford
Destiny (2 Votes)

Jerry clark Natalia desantiago
Jerry, Natalia

Mason peters
Mason (1 Vote)

Vicki Pena

Voting Confessionals 

I'm done with all of this nonsense, goodbye Natalia


If it is me tonight, this team is going to hell, And I don't want that.


I don't like your constant complaining, You are just as much a problem as her.


I knew you were against me the whole time, so this is a plus.




Ok, seriously. Grow up


You still want to run this game, this vote is just a foreshadow of what is to come. I'm after you