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<fontNode-count limit exceeded>"This Roller Coaster is Starting up Early!"</font>
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Season Seychelles
Author Coolio15
Episode Number 1/14
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This Roller Coaster is Starting up Early! is the first episode of Survivor: Seychelles.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Ladder Daze<brNode-count limit exceeded/> The tribes will race down a ramp and go through an obstacle where they will make their way to a large wooden crate, which contains a ladder. They will then choose to open the crate by using keys to unlock locks or they can untie knots. Both methods will release the ladder. Once they have the ladder free, they will use it to go up, across and down a tall platform and through another series of obstacles. They will then use the ladder to make their biggest decision in this challenge of which puzzle to solve. There are three choices. The first puzzle has only five pieces, but it requires a person to see the big picture. The second puzzle has ten pieces in it and requires a person to see things more visually. The third puzzle has the most pieces at fifty, but it is also the most straight forward. All of these puzzles average the same amount of time to finish. If the right person is put on the right puzzle, they will finish must faster than average. The first two tribes to finish their puzzle win immunity.<brNode-count limit exceeded/> Reward: Fire making kit (1st place); flint (2nd place)<brNode-count limit exceeded/> Winners (in order of finish): Cachée and Praslin.


Day 1

The scene is opened with the camera panning across the beautiful, blue, waters of the Indian Ocean. As the clouds start to disperse, the view reveals a series of lush and exotic islands before the scene transitions. Various shots of monkeys scurrying around in the jungle, a snake slithering along the trunk of a fallen palm tree, and a humpback whale thrashing and crashing into the resounding waves of the ocean before it finally settles on a helicopter flying towards the island. The helicopter is revealed to be carrying Jeff Probst inside, who is clearly ready to start the new season.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I'm currently flying over the Indian Ocean, home to one of the most exotic and unrelenting locations in the world. It is a place that houses beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and dangerous wildlife around every corner. These are the Seychelles islands. For the next 39 days, these islands will be the home and battleground of twenty people who are in for the experience of a lifetime.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jeff Probst</span></cite>


The camera transitions to show four boats speeding across the crystal, clear, water with the twenty castaways riding in them. Focus is put onto a muscular, Indian, man who is smirking and looking around as he sizes up the people he is with.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Looking around, I think I've already got everybody figured out. I mean, I don't want to sound like a complete d**khead right off the bat, but it's true! I've got a read on everyone out here with me, I know who's strong, who's weak, who's smart, who's dumb, I already know all of this! Honestly, I think I'll have everyone wrapped around my little pinky finger within the first twenty minutes, just you watch!(Laughing)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Zeke</span></cite>


The view transitions to an older African-American woman adjusting her thick-rimmed glasses as she looks on at the view from the side of the boat.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I am a paralegal back home, so that means that I do have to have more of a cutthroat, go for the jugular, type of mentality in my everyday working environment. And I think the same thing can be said for playing Survivor. Does this make me a bitch?(Shrugging her shoulders) Maybe, I don't really care. All I know is that my experience in the courtroom has prepared me the best for coming out here and I think that I've basically been playing this game all my life, just not on TV!(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Destiny</span></cite>


The camera switches to the second boat where another older woman is seen laughing and grinning at the view of the islands and the ocean.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I've been a lifelong Survivor fan, so to be able to come out to this beautiful place and play the game at my age is absolutely incredible! I do know that going in I'm gonna have to try and calm it down and work hard because older ladies don't have a good habit of going far on this show. But, at the same time, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I can outwit, outplay, and outlast all these young folks around me!(Giggling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Lina</span></cite>


Another shot is shown of a young, muscular, blonde guy who is subtly taking everything in and looking at everyone else's body language.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I am a male model, and I think that creates this stigma that I'm some brainless pretty boy who couldn't find any other job besides modeling. But that's definitely not me, man!(Shaking his head) Modeling helps pay the bills, but diplomacy is my passion. I think I'm a lot smarter than I look and I sure as hell am gonna use that to my advantage! Let them think I'm another Fabio, and then let them be surprised when I get them voted out!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jayson</span></cite>


Probst is once again seen in the shot as he addresses the audience once again.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>These twenty Americans all come from different walks of life, and although the game has not even started, first impressions are already forming.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jeff Probst</span></cite>


The shot is zoomed in on the third boat where a tan-skinned girl brushes her hair to the side before giving off a confident smile.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>My name is Lexi Flanagan, but back home I'm known as Sexy Lexi because everybody knows I'm the bad girl getting all the boys. They come to me, not the other way around. And the same thing is gonna happen here. All the girls, all the guys, they're all so soft and transparent that I can see right through 'em! No one's getting one past this Jersey girl, no siree!(Smirking)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Lexi</span></cite>


The camera then moves over to a broad-shouldered male wearing a blue jacket as he is seen looking around and grinning.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Honestly, I think that this group that we got is a keeper. Hands down. I'm seein' lots of cool, chill-lookin', guys and lots of cool, cute, girls and then we've also got the older crowd to round out the bunch. There's so many people that are givin' me good vibes that I really don't know who the bad guy is supposed to be at this point!(Laughing)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Caleb</span></cite>


The camera then finally switches it's view to the fourth boat where it focuses on a petite, brunette, who is seen observing the older, long-haired, male sitting next to her.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>The guy next to me was REALLY crazy, to be honest. I mean, I'm an Ecology student so I'm pretty excited to be seeing all the sights that I'm seeing, but this guy was, like, a thousand times more enthusiastic! He's hanging over the side of the railing, trying to feel the air or something, he's laughing and doing these crazy things with his hands. He's definitely into it, man, and if he's as gung-ho about nature as I am then I'm sure we're gonna be fast friends!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Serenity</span></cite>


The view is then switched to the enthusiastic-looking, older guy that was mentioned by Serenity.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I'm an extremely free-spirited and out there type of person, so you better believe when we were riding along the ocean in that boat that I was gonna be enjoying myself! (Laughing) I mean, I am a believer in spirits and I think that this experience is ramping up my spirit to a whole new level. I came here to show myself my fullest potential and I think that this game is the perfect test for that!(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Ian</span></cite>


Jeff Probst is once again seen as the helicopter starts to fly over several of the boats.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>It's the ultimate challenge. A group of strangers forced to work together while battling the elements and each other.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jeff Probst</span></cite>


A shot is shown of the older, African-American, male competing in a challenge.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I started up my own business a while ago, and eighteen years later it is as successfull as ever! When it comes to managing situations and leading people around, I just make it work. And I think that is gonna translate extremely well when it comes to playing this game.(Smiling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Terrell</span></cite>


The scene goes back to Probst as he continues talking.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jeff Probst</span></cite>


The camera then shows a different shot of an older lady carrying a piece of bamboo across the beach.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I know this game like I know the back of my hand. I may be a bit older, but you better not underestimate me. If I want to get you, I'll get you, and I'll get you real good! This is one woman that should NOT be messed with out here!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Danielle</span></cite>


The camera then shows one final shot of Probst in the helicopter as he shouts out one last line before the helicopter turns away for the coast.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>THIRTY NINE DAYS, TWENTY PEOPLE, ONE SURVIVOR!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jeff Probst</span></cite>


Survivor Seychelles

Survivor Seychelles

The scene reopens after the intro to see all twenty castaways exiting their respective boats and making their way towards the shore. However, when they arrive at the appointed location, no one is there to greet them.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I've been a Survivor fan since the first season, and I know for a fact that Jeff is always there to greet and introduce everyone to the game at the beginning. Yet, when all of us got dropped off, no Jeff!(Chuckling) I can already smell a twist in the air and I don't think I'm gonna like it!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Dillan</span></cite>


Jerome(Confused): Yo, where's Jeff?

Lina(Looking around): I don't see him anywhere!

Jerome: Did they, like, drop us off at the wrong place or something?

The entire group chuckles at Jerome's comment as a few of the castaways notice a small table with a box sitting on top of it.

Destiny(Pointing in the direction of the table): I think that whatever's over there may be for us.

The entire group finally notices the box sitting on the table and they all make their way over to see what it is.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>So many questions are reeling through my mind! Where is Jeff? What's with this whole message in a box thing? Why don't we have tribes? This is definitely a different start to the game than I've seen in the past. All I know at this point is that all these unknown factors can only lead to one possible solution: trouble.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Miranda</span></cite>


Jayson ends up being the person to open up the small, native, box and see what is inside for them.

Jayson(Pulling out a small scroll): It looks like we have some kind of message or something.

Serenity(Anxiously): Read it! It may say something about our tribes!

Jayson proceeds to read right from the note.

Jayson(Reading the scroll): "Welcome to the Seychelles Islands! This tropical locale will be your home and battlefield for the next 39 days. As you all know, Survivor is about working with a group of strangers to try and build a new society and survive both the elements and other players. However, Survivor is also about twisting up the game. This season, you will not have any tribes going into the game. Instead, all twenty of you will live together on one beach as individuals until you are notified that you will be split into tribes. A map to your new camp is located in the box. Head on out, you all have a long journey ahead of you. Good luck!"

After Jayson is done reading the note, the air is filled with the sounds of surprised and concerned whispers.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>When Jayson read that note in the box, my jaw completely dropped to the floor. This is definitely not the scenario I was envisioning when being on Survivor. This no tribes twist does not bode well for me, especially if we have to start eliminating people or picking tribes. I'm easily one of the frailest and oldest women here and that's an automatic two strikes against me. And if things go the way that they have in past seasons, it won't be long until I strikeout.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Danielle</span></cite>


Jerome: That's f**king crazy, man.

Caleb: I know, right? So all twenty of us are gonna be livin' on the same beach?

Danielle: According to that note he just read, you'd be correct in saying that.

Abner: The note said that there's a map in the box. Jayson, do ya see anythin' else in there?

Jayson looks into the box again and pulls out another sheet of paper that is most assuredly the map to their campsite.

Jayson(Holding up the map): Got it!

A few tribe members cheer as a few other guys, namely Abner, Zeke, Caleb, and Terrell, all join Jayson in reading the map and seeing in what direction everyone needs to go in.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>When Jayson pulled out that map, I knew immediately that I wanted a look at it. I'm a natural leader and I'm really good at managing situations and issues that are put in front of me with care. And since everyone is so blown away by this twist, I think that I might just be able to help get my fellow group members to recover so we can make our way to camp and start getting some stuff done!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Terrell</span></cite>


Terrell: I think I've got an idea of where we should be going.

Caleb: You do?

Terrell: Yep. If you guys will follow me, I'll have us all there in no time!

Zeke(Smirking): Well, then lead the way, big man!

Terrell smiles as he and the other guys start heading towards the camp as everyone else starts to follow right behind him. However, as he is reading the map, Terrell accidently confuses directions and heads the group down the wrong trail. After realizing that they are lost, Zeke and Caleb are able to get the tribe back on the right track and they eventually arrive at their camp which is designated by a white flag.

Abner: Well, here we are! Home sweet home, I guess.

Majority of the castways scope out the area around the camp and look around for any supplies that they might've been given.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Finding our camp was a lot more of a hassle than it should've been thanks to Terrell's "marvelous" sense of direction. Seriously, the guy steps up to be the leader of a tribe of nineteen other people and he gets us lost literally ten minutes later? I was almost rolling on the floor from how hard I was laughing!(Chuckling) It's just so funny that he steps up out of the blue and he is already making himself a huge target by being a complete idiot. Hey, better for me though so if he wants to keep being stupid, then by all means let him!(Laughing)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Zeke</span></cite>


After a few minutes, Bri, Amanda, and Sebastian find a mat where all their supplies are located.

Sebastian: I think we finally found our suppiles. Guys, over here!

The rest of the tribe joins them as everyone looks to see what they have been given.

Dillan(Surprised): Is that a toolbox?!

The contestants start to gawk at the fact that they got a full toolbox to build their shelter with instead of having to use whatever they find in the forest.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>You know, when I first found out we were gonna be havin' all twenty people in one group, my first thought was how the hell are we gonna be able to make a shelter for all of us?(Chuckling) Thank the Lord that the show people were nice and provided us with a toolbox right off the bat. That's definitely gonna make it easier to get the shelter up than just usin' rocks to pound the bamboo in. Plus I'm a pretty handy guy myself so I knew that buildin' that shelter would be a piece of cake if I was on the job.(Smirking)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Caleb</span></cite>


Terrell(In a very brash tone): Alright, play time is over now. I think that we should try and get a start on setting up camp as soon as possible since it's gonna take a long time to get a twenty-person shelter up, even WITH a toolbox! So is everyone in agreement with that?

No one verbally objects to Terrell's proposal but a few people seem very displeased with his style of leadership.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>So after he got us lost on the trek here, Terrell decided it would be a good idea to try and start micromanaging the tribe. I mean, seriously? You'd think that a normal person would try and step back from the spotlight after they screwed up and got the entire tribe lost for a little bit. But then I have to remind myself that Terrell is definitely NOT a normal person! Ugh, he is really starting to irritate me, but I know that if I start being openly sassy with him, people are gonna go after me too.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Bri</span></cite>


Terrell: So here's what we'll do. Me, Abner, Destiny, Lina, and Danielle will work on clearing the weeds out so we can have a good space to build the structure. Caleb, Zeke, Jayson, Jerome, and Dillan can go start gathering bamboo so we can eventually start building. Ian, Fawn, and Lexi can go look for food and water sources. And the rest of you can work on weaving palm fronds for the roof. Everyone understand?

Once again, no one does anything besides answer with a straight-forward nod of the head.

Terrell: Alright, let's go to work then!

The camera then shows various shots of Caleb and Jayson cutting down wood, Serenity and Valli weaving palm fronds, Fawn and Lexi gathering water from a small pond that they found, and Abner starting to pull up weeds from the potential shelter area. The view ends up settling in on the oldies working on clearing off a patch of jungle that will be used for the shelter. All five of Terrell, Lina, Destiny, Danielle, and Abner work very fast and efficiently as they are starting to get the weeds out of there in no time. However, about halfway through, Terrell stops all of a sudden, causing the other four to look up and see what he is doing.

Terrell(Wiping his forehead): Man, that is some hard work! I think you four are doing a great job. I might just go and see how the water group is doing and if they might need an extra hand or something.

Destiny: Please don't. We're getting really close to finishing.

Terrell: It's alright. You four are doing fine on your own, you'll be just as fast without me here. I'm gonna go see what Ian and his group are doing.

Without another word, Terrell walks off into the jungle to try and find out where Ian, Fawn, and Lexi are. After he leaves, Destiny and Danielle both express their annoyance with the overbearing detective.

Danielle(Annoyed): Ugh, he is really starting to get under my skin.

Destiny: Same! He's a terrible leader. He can't even keep his own decisions straight.

Danielle chuckles a bit before the two women get back to working along with Abner and Lina.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Terrell is really starting to get on my last nerve. I mean, he steps up as leader and then immediately gets us LOST and wastes everyone else's time. Annoying, but forgivable I guess. Except for the fact that he still stayed high up on his pedastal and is now ordering everyone around like he is the king or something, yet he doesn't have the patience to stick with the job that he assigned to himself. I can't deal with him much longer. He's a walking blob of hypocrisy and I am slowly starting to detest him more and more.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Destiny</span></cite>


The view goes back to Terrell who is walking along the trail to find the group that he assigned food and water to.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I think that me stepping up as leader is going pretty good. There was a bit of tension after I got everyone lost, but it was a simple mistake and I think everyone here is mature enough to realize that. Besides, after that I was able to redeem the mishap by stepping up once again and getting everyone on the track of working on building the shelter and finding resources. Honestly, I don't know what these people would do without me!(Chuckling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Terrell</span></cite>


The scene shifts to where Zeke, Jayson, Caleb, and Jerome are chopping down and gathering bamboo for the shelter.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>As annoyin' as Terrell can be, I'm glad he got everyone on board with workin' hard right away. I'd rather be sharin' my life story in a nice, cozy, shelter than doin' it now and then havin' to sleep on the ground later tonight.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Caleb</span></cite>


Zeke can be seen taking several hard chops at another bamboo tree before it comes crashing down.

Jayson(Smiling): Damn, dude! You're like a pro at this!

Zeke(Confidently): Nah, not really. I find it to be pretty fun actually!

Jayson chuckles as the four guys continue to work hard.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I knew coming into this game that I would want to have an alliance of me and three other guys or me and three other girls. Judging by my read on these people, the girls, especially the older women, definitely seem smarter than the men this time around. So I decided that alligning with the dumber and brawnier guys would help me out more since they're gonna do whatever I say as long as I keep that frat boy mentality going.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Zeke</span></cite>


Zeke: So how are you guys feeling about this group we've got?

Jerome(Enthusiastically): Real good, bro! I feel like we've got a nice, well-rounded, group.

Zeke(Smirking): Any of the girls peak your interest?

Jayson and Caleb chuckle as Jerome struggles to find an answer.

Jerome: That Jersey girl is pretty fine. Lexi, was her name?

Zeke: I think so. Nice choice, but her knockers are obviously fake.

Jerome(Chuckling): Hey, whatever works, man!

The guys break out into laughter as they all start to discuss who they think is the best looking girl in the cast. Eventually, Zeke steers it back to strategy.

Zeke: Honestly, I'm getting good vibrations from this group of four. I think if we can stick together, then we can do some damage and make it to the finals.

Caleb(Smiling): Definitely! I like all three of you guys and feel like if we get together as an alliance, there is nothing that could break us apart.

Jerome: Well, let's do it then! Us four to the end! Fist bump on it?

All four guys fist bump each other as a sign of loyalty to their newly founded alliance.

Zeke(Smirking): To the Fantastic Four!

The other guys repeat what Zeke says before getting back to their work while also continuing to comment on some of the women in the game.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I'm feeling hella great right now! I've got my new Fantastic Four alliance with Jayson, Zeke, and Caleb and I'm ecstatic about it. Since the whole tribe thing is really up in the air thanks to this twist, having an early alliance is definitely a good way to try and put myself in a good position. And honestly, I think I'm in a great spot right now! I've got three guys that I really get along with here and we're are all strong and hard-working so I don't think anyone is gonna be coming after us anytime soon!(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jerome</span></cite>


<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Making an alliance with those three was just as easy as I thought it would be. Literally, if you want an alliance on the first day, just get a bunch of dumb dudes together, chant man power, and suddenly they're in the palm of your hand. It's almost not fair about how easy this is! God, I even impress myself sometimes.(Chuckling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Zeke</span></cite>


The four guys happily take the bamboo they gathered and start heading back to camp while talking and laughing enjoyably amongst themselves. However, they are unaware that two pairs of eyes have been watching them for a while from behind the trees. Miranda turns around and makes a worried face towards Amanda, who is also perplexed.

Miranda(Frowning): Well, this could be a problem.

Amanda nods as Miranda starts to rub her forehead out of frustration.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Me and Amanda had gotten done with our share of the palm fronds early on so we decided to see if any of the boys wanted our help. However, we ended up stumbling upon a fricking alliance being made right in front of our eyes! It was amazing that none of them even noticed us eavesdropping on their conversation, but that's beside the point. The fact that those guys already have an alliance is extremely dangerous because the groups of young guys that team up typically last on Survivor, which means we need to do something before those four get any more power.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Miranda</span></cite>


Miranda: Ugh, I was not expecting people to be grouping up this early.

Amanda: Same. But Zeke is really manipulative, so I don't really blame those other guys.

Miranda: Definitely. We need to do something about this. But I don't really know what we can do without hurting our own games.

Amanda: Well, we could talk to some of the other girls about it. Even the guys. It doesn't have to be a gender thing.

Miranda: That's an awesome idea. When we get a chance, we can pull some of the other tribe members together and try and get them against this Fantastic Four BS.

Amanda(Giggling): Totally!

Miranda smiles as she and Amanda make their way back to the camp.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I didn't really want to have to start playing so early, but it has become necesary for my survival in this game. I don't want to be like a Dawn and know that there is an alliance brewing and just do nothing about it. If an empire is forming, I'm gonna build the rebellion till that empire falls to it's knees!(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Miranda</span></cite>


The camera focuses on shots of all four guys and Miranda before cutting out to commercial.

Day 2

The scene reopens as the sun is seen starting to rise up into the sky in the early hours of the morning. The next shot shows a few people working around camp as almost everyone is generally woken up by now except for Lexi. She eventually gets up from her spot and makes a loud groaning noise that attracts the attention of Abner and Dillan, who are both working on the fire.

Abner: Well, good mornin', Lexi! How'd ya sleep?

Lexi(Annoyed): Terribly! It is so hot and humid during the nights that I can't help feel like I'm being cooked in a sauna!

Dillan(As he is setting up the fire pit): Well, that sucks. But I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Lexi(In a whiny tone): I don't WANNA get used to it! Can't the weather just turn down the heat or something? Jesus Christ! This place is f**king awful!

Lexi continues to complain about the hot climate as Abner ignores her while Dillan rolls his eyes at her childishness.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>The sleeping situation we have right now is SO annoying! I mean, I couldn't get more than an hour or two of sleep without the humidity coming and waking me up! UGH! Why does this place have to be so stupid? Everyone back home knows that if I don't get my beauty sleep, then I can turn into a real bitch. And honey, if this is how it's gonna be all 39 days then everyone better be prepared for some cranky Lexi!(Groaning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Lexi</span></cite>


<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I don't think Lexi is mentally prepared for this game. I mean, if she is pinchin' a fit after the first night, then who knows what she'll be like later on. I'm not aimin' to be find out and I don't think she is either. If she quit the game, it would not surprise me in the least.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Abner</span></cite>


Lexi eventually sits down on the edge of the massive shelter that was finished in the late hours of the evening. After she has sat down, she notices Ian sitting on one of the supply mats with his eyes closed, prompting her to see what he's doing.

Lexi(Referring to Ian): What the hell is he doing?

Abner(Looking over): I think he's doin' some type of yoga or something.

Ian(With his eyes closed): I'm meditating.

Ian then opens his eyes and continues to talk to Abner and Lexi about his meditating.

Ian: It's something I always do every morning to lift my spirits up. It helps get my day started and keeps me level-headed when it comes time for me to make decisions later on.

Abner nods with a smile while Lexi simply rolls her eyes and lays on her back.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Meditating has always been apart of my daily routine back home, and I'm still trying to make it a part of my life out here in the Seychelles too. It is something that relaxes my body and puts my mind at ease. It also lifts my spirits and puts me in a more positive mood for the day. It's always been a part of me and I'd love to be able to share it with my fellow tribemates out here.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Ian</span></cite>


The camera focuses on Ian meditating a bit more before switching over to a secluded area where a group consisting of Miranda, Amanda, Sebastian, Karson, Bri, Fawn, Valli, Lina, and Serenity have all gathered.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>So with the reality of this four guy alliance settling in, I decided to bring a group of people together who I thought I could trust the most and who would be against the idea of letting this Fantastic Four control the game. I need to make my plans now so I can make sure all my ducks are in a row when it comes time to try and make a move.(Smiling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Miranda</span></cite>


Karson: So why'd you call us all here, Miranda?

Miranda: I asked you all here because there is a serious issue in which all of us need to discuss.

Serenity(Curious): What is it?

Miranda: Yesterday, while out working, me and Amanda became aware of an early alliance that has already formed amongst four of the men here.

A few people are seen looking surprised and a little bit confused as Sebastian speaks up.

Sebastian: Which dudes are in it?

Amanda: It's Zeke, Caleb, Jayson, and Jerome.

Lina: Oh, dearie me. And they made an alliance you say?

Miranda: Yep. Me and Amanda heard them scheming and laughing in the forest after we got done with our palm fronds.

The air goes silent as no one knows exactly what to do until Bri finally says something.

Bri: So what are we supposed to do about it?

Miranda: That's the reason I called you all here. We need to all team up in order to split that tight four up before they get any more power than they already have.

Sebastian(Almost scoffing): So do you want us to, like, vote them out or something?

Miranda: We could, but I doubt we'll stay as one group for long. There's gotta be something happening with the tribes soon enough, and I guarantee we're gonna be picking our own teams.

Bri: So if we get selected to pick, then just make sure those four go to different tribes.

Miranda: Exactly. And then we can decide what to do about them further when we've got them away from each other. Does that gel with everyone here?

Amanda: I'm on board!

Karson: Same here. It's a pretty smart plan.

Lina: I'll do it.

Bri: I'm good too.

Sebastian: Sure, whatever works.

Serenity: Me too!

Valli: Sounds good to me.

Fawn: Same.

Miranda: Awesome! Then all we have to do is lay low for a while and then wait for the right time to strike.

A few of the girls giggle as the camera focuses on Bri smiling.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>So Miranda got a group of us together this morning and basically held court. She was like, here's four people who are dangerous, they're threats, let's screw up their games. I have to say, It was actually a pretty hilarious strategy. Those four guys are all pretty strong around camp and no one was really looking at them until now. But now we have this group, and the best part about it is that it isn't a gender thing! We have Sebastian and Karson with us too! I mean, as far as I KNOW they're guys, but nothing's concrete.(Giggling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Bri</span></cite>


The camera then focuses on Fawn who looks a bit more unsure about everything than the other people around her.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>When Miranda said she wanted me in this group of people to overthrow the Fantastic Four alliance, I was a little bit skeptical. She's really smart and the way she handled the entire situation makes me think she's very savvy in the way she talks and that she's really good at manipulating. That doesn't sound like the type of person I want to put my trust in. Honestly, I'd rather go with the guys over her at the moment just because I can relate and get along with them better. Plain and simple.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Fawn</span></cite>


The camera focuses on Miranda smiling as her and the rest of the group start to disperse and go about their own business. A little bit later, the view shows Zeke chopping open a coconut and drinking from it as Sebastian walks in and sits down next to him.

Zeke: Hey, how've ya been, man?

Sebastian: Good. Just trying to get used to the craziness that this game brings.

Zeke(Smiling): I hear ya, dude.

Sebastian smiles a bit as Zeke continues to take sips from his coconut.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>The alliance that Miranda proposed is bad news in my opinion. For one, it's mostly women and I know that once we get down to just us, me and Karson will be on the outs. Plus I get along with all the guys from the Fantastic Four really well and I trust all of them WAY more than I do Miranda and her followers. So I decided to let Zeke know what's been going on behind his back for the past day or so and see if he can make this alliance of four an alliance of five.(Smirking)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Sebastian</span></cite>


Sebastian: So, I've gotta be honest with you, man.

Zeke: What is it?

Sebastian: I know about your alliance with Jayson, Caleb, and Jerome.

Zeke stops what he is doing and looks over in Sebastian's direction.

Zeke(Calmly): How?

Sebastian: Miranda got a group of us together earlier today and said that she heard you guys planning or something. She then got everyone in the group on board with splitting you guys up if we pick tribes or vote someone out.

Zeke: Who'd she tell besides you?

Sebastian(Thinking): was me, Karson, Fawn, Amanda, Serenity, Bri, Lina, and Valli.

Zeke nods as Sebastian goes on.

Sebastian: But I want you to know that me telling you this is strictly because I trust you and your guys more. I'd rather join your group over her group and that's why I leaked this info to you.

Zeke(Smiling): Well, thanks for telling me. I'm glad that you have so much trust in me and my alliance. We'll be sure to do something about this little rebellion that seems to be sprouting up.

Sebastian: So does that mean I'm with you guys now? Am I a part of your group?

Zeke: But of course! Fantastic Five sounds even better honestly.

Sebastian smiles and laughs as he is happy that Zeke has accepted him into his alliance.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Ignoring the fact that Sebastian is stupid enough to tell me all of this, I think it is actually kind of funny that Miranda thinks that she can just waltz in here and try and overthrow my alliance or something. Miranda, sweetie, did you really think it would be that easy? As you can see, these idiots like Sebastian will do whatever I say even if I haven't even asked. Oh boy, I can't wait to see the look on Miranda's face when she finds out her so called "ally" is the one to screw her over.(Chuckling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Zeke</span></cite>


Zeke takes one last sip from the coconut before the view is transitioned to a shot of Abner and Lina walking along one of the trails in the jungle.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>The game certainly is moving fast, that's for sure! I've already been informed of this Fantastic Four alliance that is potentially dangerous to everyone else's games and now I'm in a temporary alliance with a whole bunch of people! To be honest though, I don't have faith that any of them have my back. They're all really young and savvy and that is not who I wanted to allign myself coming into this game. The person I've connected most with so far is Abner. We're both two of the older people out here, and we easily have the most in common. So when it comes to trust, he's definitely at the top of my list!(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Lina</span></cite>


Lina: So I've got to inform you on some stuff that's been happening around camp.

Abner: Okay, like what?

Lina: I've apparently been pulled into an alliance with a bunch of young kids.

Abner(Confused): Wait, when did this happen?

Lina: This morning. Miranda gathered everyone up and said that Caleb, Jayson, Jerome, and Zeke are an alliance of four and that we have to get rid of them first.

Abner(Ironically): Where was I when all this was happenin'?!

Lina laughs at Abner's comment as he smiles.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I don't really know what's going on right now. Apparently, people are already groupin' up this early into the game, which doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, chances are you aren't gonna be on a tribe with your entire alliance, so gettin' together when we're still like this seems kind of weird to me. But either way, the roller coaster is startin' up early, and me and Lina are gonna have to try and hang on for the ride!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Abner</span></cite>


Lina: The only person I have trust in at this point is you, though. So don't worry, my true loyalty lies with you.

Abner: Well, I can say the same 'bout you. Whatever you're thinkin', I'm there!

Lina: Good, because since all these people are starting to get together we might have to pair up just so we CAN survive!

Abner nods as he and Lina continue to walk along the trail before the scene is transitioned once more. The view now shows the three of Jerome, Caleb, and Serenity trying their luck with the fire that Abner and Dillan were not able to get earlier in the day.

Serenity: Anything yet?

Caleb(Out of breath): Nah, nothin' yet. I don't no 'bout you Jeremy but I'm out of it after that last try.

Jerome: Same. We'll need to take a break so we don't, like, pass out or something.

Jerome then sets down the bamboo he and Caleb were using as Serenity speaks up.

Serenity(Cheerfully): So what do you do for a living, Jerome?

Jerome: I mainly work in marketing. I'm a buyer for a high-end advertising company.

Serenity: Cool!

Jerome: And you? What's your job?

Serenity: Well, I'm still a college student. I'm actually studying ecology right now. You know, stuff about the environment and global climate issues.

Jerome nods his head in a disinterested fashion as Caleb smiles.

Jerome: And what do you do, Caleb?

Caleb: Well, I'm a boxin' instructor for my main job. But when I have the free time I try and get some huntin' done.

Jerome: You hunt?

Caleb: Yep. I've been huntin' in the forest ever since I could hold a gun!

Jerome and Serenity both chuckle as Serenity asks another question.

Serenity: So are you, like, a super outdoorsy guy who likes being out in the wilderness?

Caleb(Nodding): Yep. There's no other place I'd rather be in my free time than the outdoors.

Serenity(Smiling): Same! I love being outside. It's like my second home. That's why I decided to do this show because it's so location involved.

Caleb nods with a big grin as he and Serenity continue to discuss some of their overlapping interests.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Serenity is definitely the girl who has piqued my interest the most out here. I mean, she is the best lookin' girl out here in my humble opinion. I don't know what's gonna happen in this game, but I would be REALLY happy if she could be on my tribe for a long while!(Chuckling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Caleb</span></cite>


<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Caleb is an interesting character, for sure. We really connected right off the bat because we're both really outdoorsy and like nature and that kind of stuff. And I mean, he is a cute guy and his accent is pretty sexy, but at the same time I'm playing a game, not going on a date. But I'll keep Caleb close because he is part of this big, scary, alliance and you never know what he may tell me.(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Serenity</span></cite>


The camera starts to focus on Jerome drinking out of his canteen while subtly looking at Caleb and Serenity as they continue to chat.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Me and Caleb, we're tight. We've got this four guy alliance going strong with Zeke and Jayson, but I'm looking over at him flirting and talking all nice with Serenity and I'm just like dude! Stop that s**t! We need to stay strong as a four and we can't just go getting distracted when some girl starts giggling and batting her eyes around you. It's just dumb! So Caleb is out here playing with his heart, and that's dangerous.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jerome</span></cite>


Soon enough, Serenity decides to leave and let the guys try and finish up with the fire.

Caleb(To Jerome): Hey, do ya know where Jayson went off to?

Jerome: I think he and Amanda went to check treemail.

The view then immediately switches over to treemail where Amanda and Jayson are seen walking along the path.

Amanda: Ugh, I'm so anxious!

Jayson: Same here! How about we end the suspense, shall we?

Amanda(Giggling): Definitely!

Jayson goes towards treemail to check if they have gotten anything.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>You know, we have this four guy thing going, and that's great and all, but I think that me and Amanda definitely have the closest connection. It's nothing romantic, don't get me wrong! She's got her own guy back in the states. But on a friendship level, I think me and her click really good and I think that having those types of relationships in this game is crucial if you want people to trust you and vote with you.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jayson</span></cite>


Jayson(Smiling): Oh, I think you're gonna like what we've got in here!

Amanda(Shocked): You're kidding!

Jayson(Pulling out a small piece of paper): Nope. I'm dead serious.

Amanda jumps up and cheers out of pure joy as both she and Jayson decide to take a look at what they got.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Jayson is definitely someone I'm trying to build a relationship with. He's very nice, easy to talk to, and a lot smarter than he likes to let on. The only reason I know that is that I'm doing the same thing with trying to lay low and look like the dumb blonde. But we immediately saw through each other and that's how we became close. But, I have to admit, part of me is befriending him for strategic purposes only. He is a part of the alliance I witnessed yesterday and I think that if I get close enough with him, then he might want to start sharing stories about his alliance. And I'll be very eager to listen!(Giggling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Amanda</span></cite>


After reading the scroll, Amanda and Jayson take it back to camp and share the news with the rest of the tribe. The eighteen other castaways realize that their first challenge is coming up and all of them start to gather up some of their things and head out to see what is in store for them.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>These first two days have definitely been an interesting start to our Survivor experience. But now we apprently have our first challenge coming up soon and it's kinda like the ultimatum of our tribal game. Are we gonna start splitting people up into separate tribes? Or are we gonna be rolling like this for a while now? Personally, I have no clue what might happen today but I'm sure as hell am excited to see!(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Terrell</span></cite>


The camera focuses on all twenty castaways walking away from camp before it zooms out and fades to commercial.

The view opens up once again as the camera is seen panning across the waters of the Indian Ocean before rapidly zooming in on an open beach where Probst is standing along with three colored mats. He is seen smiling as all twenty castaways are walking along the shore towards him and lining up with anxious smiles on their faces.

Probst: Well, let me officially welcome all of you to Survivor: Seychelles in person.

Applause and cheers are heard throughout the group as the most of the contestants are happy to see Jeff in person.

Probst: Let's get right to it. I know this has been a very different start to the season than we've done before, but we are finally picking tribes.

Smiles and relief are seen on all the castaways faces as they are happy to finally be put into official tribes.

Probst: As you can see, there are three mats behind me. One for each tribe. There will be six people placed onto each tribe.

A few confused and worried expressions start to pop up among people as they start to realize the math behind the situation.

Probst: And I'm sure you all are starting to figure out what that means. Two people in this group will not be selected to be on a tribe. Two people are not gonna make the journey back to camp with everyone else.

Jaws start to drop as the panic and worry sets in. Danielle's mouth is blurred as the camera starts to focus on her.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>It's like, are you kidding me?! First the no tribe twist and now this?! This game is making me a walking target! Not only am I the old woman who will probably suck in challenges, but I'm also the old woman who knows this game really well. And that's a deadly combination in a tribe picking like this.(Groaning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Danielle</span></cite>


Probst: Alright, I'm gonna need the three youngest castaways to step up for me.

After some whispers and identification, Bri, Jayson, and Serenity all step forward as the three youngest castaways of the group.

Probst: As the youngest people of the group, you guys will be the pickers for each of the three tribes respectively. All three of you can head on over and choose a mat before we begin.

The tribe pickers all decide which mat they'll take and it is shown that Jayson has chosen the red mat, Bri has chosen the blue mat, and Serenity has chosen the yellow mat. A close up of Jayson is shown.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Being immediately picked as the captain of my tribe was pretty cool. I get to theoretically choose who is on my tribe and it gives me automatic safety from getting "voted out" right away. The only hard part is gonna be choosing who goes and who stays because there's gonna be some pissed off people no matter what happens and it ultimately comes down to what's best for my personal game.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Jayson</span></cite>


The camera surveys all three tribe captains before it focuses on Jeff as he starts to speak.

Probst: Alright, we took a random draw for who would pick first and it ended up being Bri who was chosen. The only rules are that women must choose men and men must choose women. Otherwise, Bri, you have your pick of the litter.

Bri turns away from Probst and then stares at the group in order to survey her choices. After thinking on it for a few seconds, she decides.

Bri: Jerome.

Jerome smiles confidently, as if he knew he would be the first picked, before making his way over and giving Bri a hug.

Probst: Jerome joining the blue tribe. Serenity, your turn.

Serenity doesn't hesitate to state her choice.

Serenity(Grinning): I'm choosing Caleb!

Caleb also gives off a grin as he walks over and hugs Serenity out of kindness for picking him.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Picking Caleb was a no-brainer. Not only is he super strong and outdoorsy, but he's the guy I got along best with when we were still in our no tribes format. So I'm very happy that we both get to stay on the same tribe, hopefully, for a good, long, while!(Giggling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Serenity</span></cite>


Probst: Caleb joins the yellow tribe. Jayson is up. Make your first pick.

Jayson hesitates a bit before nodding and speaking up.

Jayson: Amanda.

Amanda(Surprised): Really? Me?

Jayson(Smiling): Yes, you!

Amanda jumps for joy before making her way over to the red mat and high-fiving Jayson. Danielle can be seen rolling her eyes at this exchange before the camera focuses on Miranda.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Bri and Serenity were definitely making smart picks. Not only are they strengthening their respective tribes but they are also doing what we talked about and splitting up the guys in that power four. Now I've just got to hope that I get onto a tribe.(Smiling nervously)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Miranda</span></cite>


Probst: Alright, now Jerome will choose his pick for the blue tribe.

Jerome looks at all the women he has to choose from before his eyes light up and he makes his choice.

Jerome(Grinning): I'm gonna go with my girl, Lexi.

Lexi(Loudly): Yeah, baby!

Lexi runs over and gives both Jerome and Bri big hugs before turning around and giving off a cocky and confident stare to the others who have not been picked.

Caleb: I think I'll be choosin' Fawn.

Fawn smiles and subtly walks over before thanking Caleb for picking her.

Amanda: Zeke! Come on over!

Zeke smirks and makes his way over to the red mat and gives both Amanda and Jayson hugs. Zeke can be seen whispering something to Jayson as Fawn takes note.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>After Zeke got picked, I saw him get to the mat and immediately start whispering in Jayson's ear. I mean, I may not be the expert on Survivor strategy, but aren't you supposed to not do stuff like that? Cuz all I'm thinking is alliance, alliance, alliance!(Giggling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Fawn</span></cite>


Probst: It's back to the blue tribe. Lexi, your turn to choose.

Lexi smiles and looks at her potential choices before brushing her hair to the side and making her pick.

Lexi: Imma gonna go with Karson.

Karson(Shocked): What?! Really?

Lexi: Yeah, dude, get over here!

Karson runs over to the blue tribe with joy in his eyes as he gives all three of his new tribemates bear hugs. Both Bri and Lexi can be seen to be a little bit annoyed with Karson's excitement.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>In school, I was always that nerdy guy who was picked last for athletics and sports. So when Jeff said that the last picked people would be going home early, I thought I was done for. You cannot believe the relief I got when Lexi picked me! I was more ecstatic than a monkey in a banana factory!(Laughing)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Karson</span></cite>


Probst: It's Fawn's turn to choose next.

Fawn makes a quick note of her choices before deciding.

Fawn: Sebastian.

Sebastian wipes his forehead out of relief and gets a few giggles from various people as he makes his way to yellow mat and high-fives all three of his new tribemates.

Probst: Zeke, you're up.

Zeke pushes his hair back and looks at his choices before making the decision.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Me and Jayson are tight, we've got a great bond. And from the tribe that we have currently, I think that we're gonna be really good in challenges. So now's the time to make some more strategical decisions rather than ones based on strength. I knew I would need one or two sacrificial lambs that we could easily pick off if we lost and I thought of just the person to pick.(Smirking)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Zeke</span></cite>


Zeke: I'm gonna go with Lina.

Several surprised faces are seen as Lina herself is even a bit taken aback that she was picked so early. She happily makes her way over to the red mat either way though and gives Zeke a gigantic hug.

Probst(Shocked): I can just say from my perspective that that is a surprising pick.

Zeke shrugs as the camera focuses on Danielle making an annoyed face.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Zeke choosing Lina was the biggest load of bulls**t I've ever seen. I mean, the woman is sixty-five years old! I know I may not be the belle of the ball here but I'm at least twenty years younger and more fitter than her and yet he just goes and chooses the weakest person in the game. Smart move, jackass!(Crossing her arms and groaning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Danielle</span></cite>


Probst: Alright, Karson, you're up.

Karson: I think I'll go with Valli.

Valli smiles and makes her way towards the blue mat as Sebastian makes his pick for the yellow team.

Sebastian: Jeff, I personally think we need a bit more age on this tribe, so I'm gonna go with Destiny.

Destiny lets out a chuckle of relief as both Danielle and Miranda start to become even more nervous that they haven't been picked. As Lina starts to make her pick, she notices Abner nervously twitching.

Lina(Grinning): I see ya sweating bullets ove there, Abner! Come on over!

Abner(Relieved): Oh, thank sweet baby Jesus!

A few of the castaways chuckle as Abner happily makes his way over onto the red mat.

Probst: Alright, Valli, please make the final pick for the blue tribe.

Valli is seen visibly struggling a bit with her decision as the three of Dillan, Ian, and Terrell are all giving her big smiles. She finally takes a deep breath and makes her choice.

Valli: I really like all three of you but I'm gonna have to go with Dillan.

Dillan sighs out of relief as he walks over to the blue mat with a calm smile before hugging Valli.

Probst: Okay, here is where we stand. We have two men left, Terrell and Ian, and two women left, Danielle and Miranda. Two of you will be put onto the yellow and red tribes while the other two will be left with nothing. Destiny, choose the final guy to round out your tribe.

Destiny(Taking a deep breath): This is a really hard decision but I'm gonna have to choose.....

Both Ian and Terrell are seen waiting for Destiny to make her pick with straight faces.


Ian smiles and runs over to the yellow tribe to give everyone hugs and high-fives as Terrell hangs his head in shame and groans at the fact that he has not been picked to be on any tribe. Destiny can be seen smirking at Terrell's disappointment.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>It took absolutely no hesitation in my mind to leave Terrell hanging out to dry. He deserved it for acting like such a control freak. I mean, he got everyone lost and did nothing but act like a dictator for the two days that I've known him. So I was honestly happy to see that jerk put in his place for once!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Destiny</span></cite>


Probst: Alright, Abner, you have the choice between Miranda and Danielle for the last woman. Make your pick.

Abner bites his lip and begins to think on it for a moment before announcing his decision.

Abner: I really hate doin' this to one of y'all, but since I have to choose I've gotta go with.....

Danielle clenches her eyes shut as Miranda breathes in deeply from the anxiety of Abner's decision.


Danielle lets out a cry of relief before she quickly makes her way onto the red mat as Miranda's shoulders loosen and her face falls.

Probst: Miranda, Terrell, you both have not been chosen for a tribe. What are you feeling right now?

Miranda(Holding back her tears): I mean, it sucks, obviously. I've been a fan for so many years and being robbed of my chance to be on a tribe is definitely heartbreaking. But at the same time, it's a part of the game and I can't really fault anyone for it.

Shots of Zeke's, Jerome's, Caleb's, and Sebastian's faces are shown as none of them seem to show any sympathy towards her.

Probst: Terrell?

Terrell(Angry): I think that these people made a bad decision. I think I have a lot of strengths that could have benefitted any one of these tribes and now that I've been "voted out" they're all just putting them to waste.

Both Bri and Destiny are seen rolling their eyes as Zeke smirks at Terrell's statement.

Probst: Well that would be the case IF you two were actually voted out.

Miranda's eyes go wide as some of the other contestants look around confusedly.

Probst(Smiling): Fortunately, you two are NOT voted out. Redemption Island is in play this season.

Everyone on the tribe mats is seen to be in pure shock as Miranda smiles and wipes her forehead out of relief that she is still in the game. Terrell continues to look on with a poker face.

Probst: You two will head to Redemption Island where you will later be joined by the first person voted out of one of these three tribes. After that, all three of you will compete in a duel to survive and keep yourself in the game until one person will win the right to return into the game. You two can head on out. The boat is waiting.

Miranda happily grabs her things as she and Terrell walk along the beach and onto the boat that starts off for Redemption Island. As they start to speed away, majority of the castaways wave a goodbye to the two and while Miranda returns the favor, Terrell flips his former tribemates the bird before the boat goes out of sight.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>I have no good feelings towards any of these people anymore. If they want to try and screw me over, then that's fine. I'll just win every duel and come back to kick all of their asses out one by one. It's me all the way now and I'll crush anyone who gets in my way.</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Terrell</span></cite>


With the boat gone, Probst turns back to the remaining castaways.

Probst: Well, these are our three tribes of Survivor: Seychelles.

Another roar of applause erupts among the castaways as they are all happy to be on tribes now.

Probst: Red tribe, your name is Lazare. Here are your buffs!(Throws buff bag to Jayson) Blue tribe, your name is Praslin. Here are your buffs!(Throws buff bag to Bri) Yellow tribe, your name is Cachée. Here are your buffs!(Throws buff bag to Serenity)

All three tribes are seen happily putting on their buffs as the newfound joy of a tribe has made all the castaways giddy with excitement.

As the tribes start to settle down a bit more, Probst once again speaks up.

Probst: So are you guys ready to get to your first immunity challenge?

Another wave of shock is sent through all the contestants as they were not expecting there to be an immunity challenge so early.

Abner(With his jaw hanging loose): What in the heck?!

Probst smirks as he begins to explain.

Probst: You guys will be competing for immunity right now. If you'll all follow me to the challenge?

The entire stunned group follows Jeff to another part of the beach that is farther away from the water where the castaways' first immunity challenge has been set up. Once everyone is lined up again, Probst goes on to explain the basic rules and functions of the challenge and how it will work before they begin. He also reveals that the first place finishers will get reward in the form of a fire-making kit and the second place finishers will get reward in the form of flint. After Probst is done explaining the reward, he gives the tribes a minute to strategize before starting.

The camera quickly zooms out and then back in as all the tribes are in their starting positions at the top of the platform. On Probst's signal, all three tribes speed down the ramp and land in the hay. All the tribes get out of the hay at about the same time as they start making their way through the jumping obstacle. Cachée goes through the fastest, with only Destiny struggling a bit, while the other two tribes have a bit more trouble. On Praslin, Dillan and Valli have trouble as Valli missteps and trips on one of the holes, causing Dillan to have to stop and help her. On Lazare, both Lina and Danielle have immense trouble keeping their balance, causing them to fall several times. Ultimately, Cachée gets through first with the other two tribes on their tail. Once everyone is at the next portion, it is seen that all three tribes have chosen to unlock rather than untie. However, all three unlockers can be seen struggling with getting the first lock and eventually Caleb calls Fawn back so that he can try his hand at untying. Bri eventually does the same and hands if off to Lexi. Jayson, however, continues to try and get the locks done in vain as the rest of his tribe yells at him to switch out. Jayson finally gives up after seeing Lexi and Caleb start to pull ahead and hands it off to Amanda. The dynamic starts to change as Lexi struggles more with getting her knots undone as both Caleb and Amanda fly through their repsective knots. Amanda eventually passes Lexi and starts to catch up to Caleb. Despite this, Caleb finishes first, allowing the Cachée tribe to grab their ladder and move on. Lazare is right behind them as they grab their ladder and head for the upcoming structure. As both Cachée and Lazare make their way up the first ladder portion, Praslin is still untying knots as Lexi can be seen getting frustrated at the fact that she is losing time for her tribe. She finally gets the last knot undone as the Praslin tribe desperately gets their ladder out to make up time. Meanwhile, both Cachée and Lazare are now making their way across the bridged gap with their ladder. Both tribes are dead even going into the ladder moving section. Meanwhile, the Praslin tribe is starting on bridging the gap between both platforms with their ladder. They quickly make their way across to the other platform as Cachée gets done with their ladder and moving and goes onto choosing their puzzle. They end up choosing the ten-pice puzzle and Destiny and Serenity quickly get to work on it. Lazare is not far behind as they also choose the ten-piece puzzle to complete and Lina and Danielle are quick to get started. Praslin is still a bit father behind as they start to get done with the ladder moving and move onto choosing which puzzle they want to do. Thye choose the five-piece puzzle and Dillan and Valli are selected to do it. Cachée's puzzle solvers are quick and efficient as both Destiny and Serenity get their pieces in quickly. Dillan and Valli are slow and steady, as they talk everything out and make sure they are correct when placing the pieces in their spots. Lina and Danielle, however, struggle a lot with their puzzle. Lina starts off by placing two pieces in their correct spots while Danielle has trouble finding her place in the challenge as she cannot figure out which piece goes where. Zeke and Abner yell at Danielle to try and get her act together but she only starts to panic more as both Destiny and Serenity place their final pieces, leaving only Praslin and Lazare. It soon becomes apparent that Praslin has once again passed Lazare as both Lina and Danielle try desperately to catch up, but their efforts are in vain as Dillan places the final puzzle piece in the correct spot, winning Praslin immunity.

Probst: CACHÉE AND PRASLIN WIN IMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both of the victorious tribes jump for joy and are seen celebrating as Karson congratulates Dillan and Valli for Praslin while Caleb bear hugs Serenity on Cachée. The camera focuses on Danielle's anxitey-ridden face as she and Lina walk back to the rest of their tribe sullenly. Both Jayson and Zeke look to be extremely frustrated that the two older women cost them the challenge and that they now have to go to Tribal Council.

Probst: Cachée, congratulations. Immunity and a fire-making kit for you guys. Praslin, you've won immunity along with reward in the form of flint. Not as great as a fire-making kit, but it gets the job done. Lazare, unfortunately you guys have a date with me tomorrow night at Tribal Council where once of you six will become the first person voted out of Survivor: Seychelles and join Terrell and Miranda on Redemption Island.

Both Lina and Abner are shown to be disappointed and hanging their heads low at this news.

Probst: One more thing, since Cachée won the challenge, they get the right to go back and live at the original camp that you guys built on Day 1. Praslin, you will go to a new location where you will build a new camp but you will have all the supplies that you guys got in the beginning. Lazare, by coming in last, you will go to a new beach and only be given the bare essentials. Here are your guys' maps to your new camps. Head on out.

The camera shows shots of both Cachée and Praslin celebrating their victory while the camera focuses on Lina and Danielle at Lazare before the scene is faded to commercial.


The view reopens at the original camp where the six members of Cachée are now putting away their stuff and celebrating at not only the fact that they won immunity, but that they also get to stay in the same place that they have been for the past two days.

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<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Winnin' the first challenge felt great! We've sorta got this momentum going already and I think everyone here is happy about not havin' to go to Tribal Council. Not only did we win the challenge today, but we're also back in the original camp that everyone came and helped set up, so we don't even have to start over! I think this may be the beginning of an extremely awesome tribe.(Grinning)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Caleb</span></cite>


Serenity(Beaming with excitement): We won!

Another round of cheers is heard throughout the entire tribe as Sebastian and Caleb both speak up.

Caleb: Honestly, I'm extremely happy with this group. I think we all get along pretty well and that if we can stay unified, we can keep this streak goin'!

Sebastian: Definitely. We dominated everyone today and I think that that shows we're all in it to win it big time.

The rest of the tribe agrees with Sebastian before Ian decides to step up.

Ian: I think that since all the shelter stuff has already been done for us we should just spend the rest of the day hanging out and getting to know each other better. Does anyone object?

No one disagrees with Ian's plan as they all seem happy to spend the day relaxing rather than working.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>If I got to choose the tribe I wanted to be with, I would've picked this tribe. Everyone on this team has such positive, beaming, energy and I can sense that this is a pure and fun-loving group. And I'm sure that the fact that we are all so unified already is gonna make us a force to reckoned with physically, socially, and spiritually!</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Ian</span></cite>


The camera shows various shots of Ian meditating, Sebastian making Destiny and Caleb laugh, and Fawn and Serenity going out for a swim as all six seem to be enjoying each other's company.

<divNode-count limit exceeded>​

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>“</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>Honestly, the Cachée tribe is feeling good. We're safe from Tribal Council, we have all the essential stuff you need out here like food, shelter, and water, and we're just an overall great group. There's no bad apple to spoil the bunch and I think that is gonna benefit us long term when it comes to winning these challenges.(Smiling)</span> <spanNode-count limit exceeded>”</span>

<citeNode-count limit exceeded><spanNode-count limit exceeded>–Fawn</span></cite>


Fawn and Serenity are shown laughing and splashing around in the ocean before the scene is shifted to the Praslin camp.


The camera pans across the ocean until we see the six members of Praslin walking in the center of their new camp. There are mixed reactions as Dillan approaches a mat with a toolbox and supplies on it.

Dillan: Well, here's our stuff. Just like on day one.

<spanNode-count limit exceeded>​​</span>

Lexi(Annoyed): So we have to, like, do all this stuff AGAIN?

Karson(Positively): Aw, it shouldn't be that hard, right?

Valli(Nodding her head): Right! I mean, we've already done it before, so this time should be a piece of cake!

Lexi rolls her eyes at Karson and Valli's positivity as Dillan speaks up once again.

Dillan: Well, we might as well get to work then!

The entire group minus Lexi nods at Dillan's statement as the accountant starts to assign tasks to people. The camera then starts to show shots of Dillan and Jerome building the structure of the shelter, Karson gathering bamboo, and it finally settles on the three girls weaving palm fronds. Valli and Bri both work quickly while Lexi is seen having trouble. After trying to get it to work for a few minutes, she groans and then stands up.

Lexi: Ugh, I'm done with this.

Valli and Bri look up at Lexi as she starts to walk away.

Valli(Concerned): Wait! Where are you going?

But Lexi dooesn't answer her as she struts her way back to the main camp.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|praslin|The palm frond weaving or whatever was so f**king stupid in my opinion. It was boring, useless, and to top that all off I had to do it with both of the other girls, which is definitely not MY preference. I'd rather work with the guys. So I decided, screw the weaving, I'll just go find Jerome and force him to let me join in on whatever he's doing! It shouldn't be that hard, after all.(Smirking)|Lexi}}

The scene retransitions back to Dillan and Jerome working on the shelter. Lexi comes out from one of the trails and walks right up to Jerome.

Lexi(Putting her finger on her lip): Hey, so what are you doing right now?

Jerome(Smiling): Oh, hey Lexi! I'm just cutting the bamboo in half like we did on the other shelter before.

Lexi(Scoffing): Hmph, why would you do that?

Jerome: Well, it makes the floor of the the shelter more comfy so that it's easier to sleep on, I guess.

Lexi picks at her nails for a minute before turning back to Jerome.

Lexi(Baby-talking): Can I help?

Jerome: Um, sure. Go right ahead.

Lexi smiles and takes the blade that Jerome was previously using on the bamboo before.

Lexi: Can you, like, show me? I'm not quite sure how I do this stuff.

Jerome: Sure.

Jerome preceeds to show Lexi how to properly and safely cut the bamboo as she looks on with a smile on her face.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|praslin|With Lexi, it's kind of weird. I mean, I like the girl and I think she's a ten, but at the same time she doesn't really seem interested in doing any work around camp. She's the type of girl who'd rather be sitting on the beach and gossiping than trying to weave palm fronds or build a shelter. And I don't know if that is something I should use to take her under my wing or get her out with. She's a hottie for sure, but I didn't come out here to get a girlfriend! I came out here for a million dollars!|Jerome}}

The camera shows Lexi continuing to flirt with Jerome before the scene is switched to the Lazare camp.

Node-count limit exceeded The music starts to turn sour and depressing as the camera zooms in on the new camp that Lazare has been assigned to. They all look on at the supplies that they are given and it is obvious that the majority of them are crestfallen that they have gone from a life of paradise to one of misery and bleakness.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|When we lost the challenge, my heart sank. Not only are we "awarded" with this crappy little space we're supposed to call a camp, but we also have to vote someone out. And that's never fun. Looking at what we've been given, I don't think we're gonna be able to get a shelter done by tonight.(Sighing)|Jayson}}

The six castaways stand around in silence as no one really knows exactly what to say or do. Abner makes a comment on the awkward silence.

Abner: So are we just gonna stand here and get eaten by a toucan or something?

A few people laugh and giggle at Abner's comment and the mood lightens up a bit.

Zeke: He's right, though. We need a game plan for what we're gonna do about shelter, fire, and all that other stuff.

Jayson: It's already starting to get late. I say we mainly focus on getting fire and water tonight. We aren't gonna have time to build a shelter until tomorrow.

Amanda: Us girls can go look for our water and food sources if you guys want.

Lina nods at this as Danielle just continues to stand and stare emotionlessly.

Jayson: And then us guys can try and get a fire started. Everyone good?

Everyone agrees to the plan as the girls and guys respectively disperse to do the jobs that they were all assigned. The camera then shows shots of Abner and Jayson working on digging the firepit as Zeke cuts a bamboo open in order to use it to help start the fire.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|This tribe situation I'm in right now sucks! We lost the first challenge, so that means we get the dodo camp. And worst of all, we aren't gonna be able to build a shelter by the end of the night! Thank God we're going to Tribal tomorrow night so I have the chance to get rid of one of these old ladies. But from what I've seen so far, my entire tribe is completely useless.|Zeke}}

The view switches over to the jungle where the three women are all searching for food. Lina ends up finding a tree that produces extremely ripe coconuts and she calls Amanda over to help her. Using the opportunity of those two being away, Danielle slinks off to start looking for the idol, as she knows that she is not safe.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Right now, I know that my head is clearly on the chopping block. At the challenge, our tribe was ahead until me and Lina started on the puzzle. Then everything just started falling apart and we ended up losing. On top of that, I haven't really connected with anyone on this tribe in our first two days out here so I know that if everyone here had their choice between Lina or me, they'd choose Lina in an instant. So I need to find that idol!|Danielle}}

The camera shows multiple shots of Danielle looking around the bushes, under trees, near the treemail, anywhere where an idol might be housed. Eventually, the scene is put back on Amanda and Lina.

Lina: Hey, do you know where Danielle went?

Amanda(Confused): No. I thought she was over there looking for more food.

Lina: Well, she's not. Maybe she went over there. Let's go take a look.

Amanda and Lina make their way over to another section of forest and as Lina is about to call out for Danielle, Amanda shushes her and the two women look on as they see Danielle frantically searching for the idol. Lina's mouth gapes open at what she is seeing.

Lina(Whispering): What in the heck is she doing?

Amanda bites her lip as both women expect the worst.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|While me and Amanda were gathering a batch of REALLY good coconuts, we noticed that Danielle wasn't anywhere in sight. So when we went to look for her, we found her doing something VERY interesting. I mean, it doesn't take a Cochran or Parvati to figure out what she was looking for over in those bushes, and all I'm thinking of while she's off searching like a crazy woman is that she's digging her own grave!|Lina}}

Lina and Amanda try and sneak back to camp as quietly as possible, but Lina steps on a twig which arouses Danielle's attention. She looks all around for who might be near, but she doesn't see anyone.

Danielle(Under her breath): Goddamnit.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|It didn't occur to me that someone might be watching until I heard some noise from behind me. And Amanda's beach blonde hair is pretty hard to miss so I can only assume that she and Lina saw me searching and now they're going to go tattle on me. Ugh!(Rolling her eyes) Things could not get any worse right now!|Danielle}}

The camera focuses on Danielle rubbing her forehead out of frustration before it transitions back to camp where Amanda and Lina arrive to tell the guys about Danielle's idol searching.

Abner: Hey, you two! Where's Danielle?

Amanda: Um, that's kind of the reason we came back.

Lina: We lost Danielle in the forest for a while and when we found her she was obviously searching for something.

Jayson(Raising an eyebrow): What was she looking for?

Lina: I'll give you one guess.

Zeke rolls his eyes as Jayson looks down and groans. They all realize the importance of the situation now.

Abner: Honestly, I don't know what she's thinkin' half the time.

Lina: Same. She's got her own schedule going or something.

Zeke: Well, I for one don't want to be spending much time in a tribe with her. If you're all in agreement, then I think that we should all just get rid of her.

Jayson: Definitely! She sucked in that challenge anyway.

Abner, Lina, and Amanda all agree to vote Danielle as well.

Jayson: Well, I'm glad that that is settled.

Abner: Yep. We can make it an easy vote for tomorrow night.

Zeke smirks at this as everyone else starts to go back to working.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|I cannot believe how stupid these people are. I mean, I thought that I was gonna have to use my manipulation on some of these guys to get them to vote my way, but here's Danielle, already putting a big, fat, target on her back! She's doing my work for me and it's truly ironic that the one act that she took to save herself is what ultimately sealed her fate.(Chuckling)|Zeke}}

The camera focuses on Danielle coming back to camp with everyone whispering and staring at her from behind her back before the scene cuts out to commercial.

Node-count limit exceeded Node-count limit exceeded The view opens with the camera panning across miles of trees and ocean before zooming in on a small hut that is located on a beautiful, wide-open, beach. Miranda is seen lying down in the hut as Terrell is aggressively chopping up coconuts for him and Miranda to drink and eat from. Miranda notices this and questions him.

Miranda(Raising an eyebrow): What are you doing?

Terrell(Continuing to chop): I'm preparing our food.

Miranda(Smiling): I know that. I mean, why are you chopping those coconuts so furiously and angrily? Do you have some vendetta against them or something?

Terrell lets out a small chuckle before explaining himself.

Terrell: Nah. This here work is just a good way for me to get out my anger.

Miranda(Giggling): About the tribe selection? It was a whole day ago!

Terrell(Smiling): Yep. And I've got a whole lot more anger to get out today!

Terrell continues to chop coconuts as Miranda lays down once again and rolls her eyes.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>||I'm still livid about being sent here to Redemption Island. Doing work like chopping up the coconuts is a good way for me to vent my feelings until that first duel when I can actually prove to these people that they made a mistake by not picking me. Until then, I'll just pretend that the coconuts are their heads.(Chuckling)|Terrell}}

Miranda is seen getting visibly annoyed by Terrell working around camp in a very aggressive manner. She eventually gets up and heads down to the beach to take a swim.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>||Living with Terrell is not exactly on my list of favorite things to do. He's constantly ranting about getting booted early and I've never seen him with any other emotion besides anger. It's pretty annoying to be honest. But, I can ignore him. I've got my eye on something much more important which is getting back into the game. So let him waste all his energy by going around chopping up all the coconuts. It's make it easier for me!(Grinning)|Miranda}}

The camera focuses on Terrell trying to start a fire as Miranda is seen swimming through the crystal clear water before the scene is switched to the Lazare camp.

Node-count limit exceeded Mysterious music starts to play as the view is settled down onto the Lazare camp. Here, we see Danielle sitting on the edge of the shelter sulking and looking worn out as Lina sits next to her and uses a machete to open up a coconut and drink from it.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|At this point, I do feel like a dead man walking. I'm the old lady who failed at the challenge and then went to look for an idol, I mean, who would want to allign with that?(Chuckling pitifully) No one talks to me or asks where I'm at in the game and I think that that is an obvious giveaway that I'm gonna go first. But I'm not gonna stop fighting. It's just not in my blood to quit and I'm gonna scramble my way to Tribal if that is what it takes!|Danielle}}

Danielle: You do know you're next after me, right?

Lina(Taken aback): Excuse me?

Danielle: Well, I mean, look at us! We're the two old broads who failed at the puzzle and got everyone here sent to Tribal. If I go home tonight, you WILL follow right after me.

Lina sits and absorbs the info that Danielle is putting into her head.

Lina: So what are you suggesting here?

Danielle: That you and me stick together and try and get someone else out. Someone disposable, like Abner or Amanda.

Lina(Nodding): Uh-huh.

Danielle: So does that ring a fancy with you or not?

Lina pauses for a few seconds before answering.

Lina: I'll have to think about it.

Danielle(Somewhat disappointed): Oh, okay.

Danielle turns back and frowns as Lina continues to drink out of her coconut.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Danielle never ceases to amaze me. First she goes off and burns the tribe by looking for an idol behind everyone's backs, and now she's trying to pressure me to vote off my closest ally just because we're the two "older ladies". I mean, the woman must have no social cues at all because all of this is just completely mindless and idiotic. In my mind, there's only one person who should be worried tonight and that's Danielle.|Lina}}

The scene transitions to the three of Amanda, Jayson, and Zeke sitting by a small pond that they found in the jungle.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Right now, Danielle is the clear choice to vote since she is just making herself a bigger and bigger liability to the tribe with her antics. With that in mind, I know I'm gonna need some backup to rely on if she goes home tonight. I know Lina and Abner are tight, so I think that going with Jayson and Amanda is my best option. Me and Jayson still have that Fantastic Five thing going strong, and I know that he's gotten in good with Amanda, so I know if I get one, I've got the other.|Zeke}}

Zeke: So here's the deal. I know that everyone's being pretty straightforward about the vote right now, but we've got to think about later down the road too.

Jayson: So what are you thinking, dude?

Zeke: I'm thinking that as the three strongest people on the tribe, us three should stick together and continue to vote as a block for as long as we can.

Jayson: I love that idea!

Amanda(Nodding): Me too. It will also help keep us from losing since we're getting rid of all the weaker players.

Zeke: Exactly. We just need to make sure Danielle goes home tonight and then us three will have the majority no matter what.

Jayson and Amanda agree to Zeke's plan as the three high-five and Zeke heads off.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|From the beginning, I've been the closest with both Zeke and Amanda. So it only makes sense to make have an alliance with both of them since we are all on the same tribe and we're the strongest people on Lazare. So right now, everything seems to be falling in its place and I couldn't be happier.(Smiling)|Jayson}}

With Zeke gone, Jayson continues a conversation with Amanda about this new alliance that they're in.

Jayson: So what do you think about this plan?

Amanda: I mean, I knew coming into this tribe I wanted to work with you. And I know that you and Zeke have been close since the first day.

Jayson nods as Amanda goes on.

Amanda: But yeah, I think that it is the smartest for the three strongest people to allign so we can vote off Danielle.

Jayson(Smiling): Awesome! I'm glad that my two closest buds are on the same page as me!

Jayson hugs Amanda as she giggles a bit before the two head back to camp.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Since day one, I have known about the existence of a four guy alliance that is made up of Jayson, Zeke, Caleb, and Jerome. Since then, I've grown close with Jayson and I think that has also put me in Zeke's good graces too. I definitely am weary around the guy, but I think that I'm in the perfect position right now because he's thinking of me as an ally and not a target.|Amanda}}

The scene shifts to later in the day where Abner and Jayson are using a homemade fishing rod, constructed by Abner, to try and catch some food for the tribe. Meanwhile, everyone else is back at camp. Amanda and Lina are tending to the fire, Zeke is resting in the shelter, and Danielle is sulking in the same spot she was in earlier. She sits there in isolation for a minute before deciding that her staying put is useless and she decides to head out and find a quiet spot somehwere else. Zeke can be seen smirking and rolling his eyes as the legal secretary walks away. A few minutes later, Abner and Jayson arrive back with smiles on their faces.

Jayson(Cheerfully): We come bearing gifts!

Amanda(Confused): Wait, what?

Abner reveals a huge fish that both he and Jayson were able to catch with the homemade rod.

Zeke(Surprised): Holy s**t! That freaking rod actually worked?!

Abner(Holding up the fish): Yep. And here is the evidence!

The rest of the tribe is in awe after Abner holds up the huge fish that he and Jayson were able to snag.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Abner is definitely quite the character. Earlier today, he constructed this fishing rod out of a stick and some rope from our supply mat and said he was gonna try and fish with it. My first thought was "Are you crazy?!"(Chuckling) But he certainly proved me wrong today when he caught that big whopper! He fed the tribe and even I can appreciate something like that.(Grinning)|Zeke}}

Jayson: Well, I think it's about time we eat this thing, don't you guys?

Lina(Grinning): Hey, the honor is all yours since you caught it!

Abner and Jayson both smile as they start to roast the fish over the fire while deboning and guttting it. After it is cooked, Abner passes a large portion out to everyone there.

Abner(Happily): Well, dig in, ladies and gents!

Everyone starts to eat their part of the fish except for Amanda who realizes something.

Amanda(Smiling): Hey, where's Danielle? She'll be ecstatic about this!

Amanda starts to stand up to go find her.

Zeke: I don't really think that's necessary.

Amanda(Confused): Why not?

Zeke: Dude, Danielle completely backstabbed everyone in this tribe by looking for that idol. Plus she doesn't make the effort to talk to anyone in this tribe. So as far as I'm concerned she isn't a part of this tribe so she doesn't get to eat with us.

Amanda's eyebrows go high as she cannot believe what she is hearing.

Zeke: I'm not trying to be a d**k here or anything, but she's been digging her grave for the past day now. There are consequences for every action and she's just gonna have to accept her's.

Amanda bites her lip as Jayson nods while Lina and Abner continue to eat their fish, almost unphased by what Zeke has just said.

Amanda(Timidly): Okay.

Amanda sits back down in her spot and starts picking at her fish as everyone else enjoyably converses with each other.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|I'm just like, what?! I get that Danielle did do some stuff that pissed people off but she is still a part of this tribe as much as anyone else here. What Zeke said was so polarizing and demeaning and just so...yucky. He just seems like an overall disgusting and mean-spirited person. And at this point, I'm just asking myself do I really want to put up with that?|Amanda}}

The scene immediately transitions to a later part of the day where Amanda, Lina, and Abner are all hanging out in the shallow ocean as Amanda details her frustrations with Zeke's behavior.

Amanda: It was just utterly appalling, you know what I mean?

Lina: I do. I thought that that was taking it a bit far.

Amanda: I mean, he is just so cocky and entitled that I can't deal with his behavior. I don't trust the guy. Not one bit.

Abner: Well, what are ya thinkn'?

Amanda: Think about this though, who was the one who formed an alliance on day one? Who was the one to plant the Danielle seed in everyone's head once we saw her looking for the idol? I'm telling you, he's a manipulator that one.

Lina is seen thinking as Amanda continues to explain her stance on Zeke

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|After today's incident, I am not ready to put up with being in an alliance with Zeke. I'm just not. So I'm starting to explore some of my options and see where other people may be on the issue. If there's room to make some kind of move, I'm gonna take it. Zeke is dangerous and annoying and that is one combination I do not want to deal with.|Amanda}}

Lina: I get what you're saying, honey, and I definitely agree with you on some of the stuff that you said, but we can't afford to lose a strong member this early on.

Abner: We need to win challenges or we're gonna get knocked out one by one.

Amanda nods once again as she can be seen looking not happy with what is being said.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Sure, Zeke's behavior today was pretty over the top and rude. But in this game, it comes down to who is gonna get you to that next step. And right now, Zeke is one of our strongest people in challenges while Danielle is easily our weakest. It just does not make any sense to keep someone who is so inept in every aspect of Survivor over someone who can perform and get the job done.|Abner}}

Abner: I still think that Danielle needs to go home first. We guarantee a loss if we keep her around.

Amanda: I definitely hear what you guys are saying. I agree on that I don't want to keep losing these challenges. I just don't know yet, though. Let me talk to Jayson, just so I can get his opinion on it.

Lina: Alright. We can talk some more before Tribal Council.

Amanda(Nodding): Oh, definitely.

Amanda walks off and we are soon greeted to a shot of her and Jayson talking in the jungle.

Jayson: Hey, what's up? You wanted to talk?

Amanda: Yeah, it's about Zeke.

Jayson: What about him?

Amanda: I think that you and me need to really reconsider our alliance with him.

Jayson(Caught off-guard): Wait, what?! Why?!

Amanda: Just hear me out. Right now, I think that all we're gonna do by staying loyal to him is put targets on our backs. You saw what he did today with the whole fish thing. He could do the same to anyone else that he deems not worthy of being in the tribe.

Jayson is seen biting his lip as Amanda goes on.

Amanda: I just really don't want to be in an alliance with someone who is so malicious.

Jayson: Look, Amanda, you know I care about your opinion. But we can't go taking risks like that this early into the game. We have to think about physical strength and right now Danielle is the best option to get rid of, not Zeke.

Amanda: I know. But I just don't want Zeke backstabbing us.

Jayson: He won't! I promise you! He's loyal to us!

Amanda puckers in her lips as she is obviously getting annoyed that Jayson won't listen to her.

Jayson: Here, I'll think about it, alright?

Amanda: Thanks.

The two hug before heading back to camp to get ready for Tribal Council.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|At this point in the game, it is not a good decision to get rid of a strong person like Zeke and keep around someone useless like Danielle. There is just no logic behind it. Besides, Zeke is part of my Fantastic Five alliance which I am loyal to and I don't want to come off as someone who is a flipper or too wishy-washy. I don't know, there's still some time to think it through before Tribal.|Jayson}}

The camera shows shots of all six members of Lazare packing up their stuff and starting to walk along the shore towards Tribal Council. The camera focuses on Amanda as she bites her bottom lip out of nervousness.

{{<spanNode-count limit exceeded>Node-count limit exceeded</span>|lazare|Right now, the safe option is Danielle, who is overall weak in challenges and untrustworthy around camp. But then there's Zeke who is not only extremely mean and devilish, but is also leading a strong, four-person, alliance that I know about. It's a complete toss up and it's gonna really depend on if these people are willing to go my way or not. I'm hoping to God that they will!(Crossing fingers)|Amanda}}

The camera zooms out from the group walking to Tribal Council to a shot of the sun starting to set along the horizon. As darkness starts to fill the sky, the camera zooms in on the Tribal Council area of the season, which is a gigantic hut fashioned with Tribal decor from the Seychelles. Intense tribal music plays as the six members of Lazare make their way into the structure before lining up, side-by-side, facing Jeff.

Probst: Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab a torch and dip it in the flame because in this game fire represents your life. Once your fire is gone, so are you.

After everyone has lit their torch and placed it in the respective holder, they all sit down and await the questioning to begin.

Probst: So, Abner, tell me about how camp life has been for the past day.

Abner: Well, Jeff, camp life has been pretty good so far. We've had some ups and downs but I think overall it is a lot better than expected.

Probst: Jayson. Would you agree? Have there been ups and downs?

Jayson: Yeah, I mean, we've gotten a pretty good shelter going and food and water aren't hard to find.

Probst: What about the downs?

Jayson: Well, when it comes to that, there really is only one thing that's been bugging people and....

Danielle(Cutting him off): It's me, Jeff. He's talking about me.

The rest of the tribe can be seen to be a little surprised that Danielle is being so up front about her being targeted.

Probst: Danielle, why do you believe that people are being bugged by you?

Danielle: I mean, look at me! I'm the old lady who sucked on the puzzle. Plus, I've noticed a lot of people avoiding me over the past day and I can only assume that it's because I'm doing something to make them not like me.

Zeke raises his hand to speak.

Probst: Zeke?

Zeke: What the lady has failed to inform you of is why she is being avoided. Do you want to tell him, sweetie?

Danielle looks over and gives stares at Zeke's smirking face as Amanda rolls her eyes.

Danielle: No, I won't rob you of your little moment.

Zeke: Okay, then. So what basically happened was Lina and Amanda were out looking for food yesterday and they caught Danielle searching for a hidden immunity idol in the jungle.

Probst smirks as Danielle sighs now that the cat is completely out of the bag.

Probst: So, Lina, now you have this person, Danielle, who may have the idol. How big of a factor does that play in the voting for tonight?

Lina: It plays a huge part Jeff because an idol is a powerful tool and I'd think most people would want that kind of power out of the game so that they maybe won't have to worry about it anymore.

Danielle(Interrupting): Just to be clear, if I did have this idol, I don't really think I would be trying this hard to save myself, now would I? I'd be a bit more comfortable than I am right...

Zeke(Cutting her off): Hey, that's not the only reason you're on the chopping block, boo.

Danielle(Sassily): Excuse me! I am still talking! Could you be kind enough to shut up for one more second? Thank you.

Zeke chuckles as Abner and Lina smile at each other because of Danielle's sassy remark.

Danielle: Anyway, what I was saying is that I don't have an idol in my possession. You guys can do a strip search if you want and you still won't be able to find it because I don't have it.

Zeke shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

Probst: Amanda. You've got at least admire the effort that Danielle is making to save herself, right?

Amanda: Definitely. I mean, if I was in her postion, I'd be going to everyone and trying to scramble everything up. I feel for her, but at the same time, it is Survivor and this is one of the layers to the game.

Danielle smiles sadly at Amanda's answer as Jayson nods.

Probst: Jayson, in a perfect world, what happens tonight?

Jayson: Tonight I think we need to get rid of the cancer that is really causing dissent within the tribe so we can be more unified when it comes to beating those other two tribes in challenges.

Danielle sucks in her lips as Abner nods in agreement.

Probst: Well, it's time to vote. Abner, you're up.

One by one, each of the castways walk up and cast their vote into the urn. Both Danielle and Zeke's confessionals are aired to the public as Jayson is the last person to come up and vote. Once he makes his vote, he walks back over and sits down.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes,

The camera focuses on shots of Danielle, Lina, Amanda, and Zeke before Probst comes back with the urn in hand.

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

All focus shifts onto Danielle, but just shrugs her shoulders and smiles without producing any idol, causing Zeke and Jayson to smirk.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Danielle (1-0)

Danielle smiles and breathes in deeply at the reality of getting a vote.

Second vote: Zeke (1-1)

Zeke chuckles at Danielle's vote towards him. As Probst pulls out the next vote, Amanda is seen looking at Jayson for affirmation.

Third vote: Zeke (2-1)

Zeke's eyes widen and his brow furrows as he starts to wonder who flipped their vote. Danielle is just as confused as she did not expect anyone to vote alongside her. Lina looks over to Abner and nods.

Fourth vote: Zeke (3-1)

Danielle's jaw drops completely as Zeke angrily looks to both Jayson and Amanda. But all he sees is an accomplished smile starting to form on Amanda's face as the fifth ballot is pulled out of the urn.

Fifth vote:

Probst: First person voted out of Survivor: Seychelles............Zeke. You need to bring me your torch.

Jayson hides his face from Zeke as he does not want to look at the man he just betrayed. Zeke just shakes his head in denial as he still cannot believe what has just happened. Danielle looks over to both Lina and Abner with an extremely relieved look on her face as all they can do is look on at Zeke placing his torch in the holder.

Probst: Zeke, the tribe has spoken.

Zeke's torch is snuffed as Danielle can be seen smirking at the fact that it is not her torch being snuffed.

Probst: You will have a chance to get back into the game. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island.

Zeke silently nods and walks out as heroic music starts to play in the background of his exit while Amanda looks over and gives a cheery smile towards Jayson, who simply nods at what has just happened.

Probst: First Tribal Council, first blindside. You guys are definitely learning how to play this game. Head on back to camp. Good night.

The five remaining members of Lazare all grab their torches and head out as the intro theme is cued in before the credits start to roll.

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  • <sNode-count limit exceeded>Miranda, Terrell, and Zeke compete in the season's first duel, while the Praslin tribe starts to fall apart. Get ready for Hurricane Lexi! "Get out of my face before I punch you in it!". </s>

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  • <sNode-count limit exceeded>The title of this episode was said by Abner when describing how fast people were starting to group up and form alliances.</s>