"This Could Be the Heist of the Millennium!"
Season Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Author Tangle
Episode Number 14/14
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This is the Season Finale of Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty


Immunity Challenge: (Day 37) Giant Tick
Each person will race through a giant obstacle course. They will each go to six stations over different obstacles and collect six bags of puzzle pieces along the way. They will then use those pieces to solve a puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity.
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: (Day 38) Operation Balance Build
The castaways used a long pole to maneuver a wooden bowl around a metal rod structure; they would then balance the bowl on the top of the structure. The structure is mounted on a spring, so the structure would sway if the castaway touches the structure while maneuvering the bowl, possibly toppling the bowls from the top of the structure. The first to stack thirteen bowls on top won immunity.
Winner: TBD


Night 35

(Following Adrian's elimination, the Final Five make their way back to camp and lean their torches against the tree.)

Phyllis: Well, looks like karma bit me right in the butt tonight! (laughs)

Will: That's right. Does it feel nice? (laughs) That's what happens when you try to pull one over me.

(With a smirk, Will heads for the shelter. His confessional is heard over the top.)

I said that I was going to blindside Adrian tonight and that's exactly what I did. My plan worked perfectly; Jacob and Oswald bought everything I told them and now I'm guaranteed Final Three because no one's going to be stupid enough to let Jacob and Oswald go that far. What's even better is that Adrian bought my bull<expletive> and actually voted for Jacob. Idiot. I always had Veronica's vote on my side so I was getting the numbers no matter what. Now, no one has anything they can pull over me at Tribal, because any time someone got the better of me, I <expletive> burned them. Things are looking brilliantly for me. In a few days, I'm going to be a million dollars richer.

Will Donovan

(Veronica looks over at this exchange and shakes her head.)

Veronica: Of course.

I'm not surprised in the slightest that Will's convinced he pulled this move off, but what nobody knows is that I was the one pulling the strings tonight. I knew who everyone was voting for and I had three different options. In the end I chose to stick with Will and get rid of Adrian. The thing is, yes people might think I just followed Will, but at this stage of the game and with the heat I'm already going to get, it didn't make much sense for me to betray anyone else. Will's also been the one who stuck by me through a lot of stuff, so I felt like I owed him in that sense. I just wish he wasn't being so cocky about it.

Veronica O'Hara

(Following this, the camera transitions to Jacob as the music grows sad. He heaves a deep sigh, leaning his torch against the tree.)

Oswald: You okay, buddy?

Jacob: Yeah... no... kinda? That just sucked.

Oswald: You know we made the right decision, don't you?

Jacob: Yeah, it's just... I mean, I wanted to make that decision and I knew I had to, but it still sucks. (sigh)

Tonight I voted my best friend out of the game. It soothed the pain a little bit knowing that he voted for me as well, but it still really hurt to have to do. Adrian and I bonded so closely on such a deep personal level that voting him out just seemed... wrong, and I struggled so badly, but I had to do it to advance my game. At least he took it well and knew it was a strategic move, because I was so terrified he'd feel I abused his homophobia situation for nothing more than game. There's no doubt in my mind that Adrian and I can be best friends once this game is done but, for now, I have to make sure that I win this thing. I know it's going to be tough from here, but I can't let that Adrian vote be for absolutely nothing. I owe it to him and to me.

Jacob Chapman

Oswald: You know our go plan from here, don't you? We've got one shot at this and it's playing the emotional route to get Veronica on our side.

Jacob: Yep, I know the plan. Don't worry.

Oswald: Good! If we can get through this next vote, we're fine. We just need to focus all our energy on this plan working out. 

(As he and Jacob head back to the shelter, the camera focuses on Oswald, who is smiling.)

Voting out Adrian was the easy choice 'cause the kid's smart and a really dangerous player and even though the target would've been less on our backs, we would've been stomped to high heaven if we took him with us any further. I feel genuinely bad for Jacob, because I saw how badly it hurt him to even think about voting for Adrian and it can't have been easy, but he knew exactly the same thing I did. A big part of the decision for me was that he's the next best in challenges and I want to make those things as easy as possible just for added security in case our plan falls flat. Our next move is playing the emotional card and getting Veronica to take us to the end because she thinks we deserve it more. She's well aware that she's not winning so I think that's giving her a little more freedom to play with her heart over her head. I've genuinely enjoyed talking to and getting to know Veronica and I think she enjoys my company too. As for Jacob? That kid could make anyone like him. Hopefully that counts for something and we can pull ourselves one step closer to the end. We've got one shot left: I want the win just as much as any of these guys, so I'm focusing all my energy into making sure that happens.

Oswald Carter

Day 36

The camera opens on Day 36 with the castaways sitting around the fire as Phyllis dishes out the morning meal. 

Phyllis: Final Five, you guys! Can you believe it?

Jacob: I never thought I'd get this far. It's amazing!

Phyllis: I couldn't agree more. I thought I'd be lucky to just make the merge, but no, I'm sitting here with a one in five shot at winning! Just curious, and you don't have to answer, but what would you all do with the money?

Will: Spend it.

Phyllis: (laughs) I know you'd spend it, but what on? I think I'd like to take the family on one last trip together. Obviously nothing too far, but I'd like for us to have some memories with Patrick before he gets too... Anyway, I'd also like to spruce up the home a little, maybe help out with my children and grandchildren. 

Will: I'd buy myself a fantastic house and get a new car I'd start treating myself a little more than I do, because obviously the salary of a waiter isn't much. I deserve to eat a little fancier. 

Veronica: You'd spend it all on yourself? Not anything with your girlfriend? 

Will: Obviously she's encompassed in all that, but who else would I spend it on? I don't have seven children and an army of grandchildren, I don't have a dying mother or father; my life has been about me for a long time. I've only recently even gotten a girlfriend. Sure, I'd loan my siblings something if they needed it, but it really shouldn't be any surprise to you that I'd want to spend it all on myself.

Veronica: Okay! Well we all know I'm not going to get the money, but in some crazy alternate universe where I came out on top, first I'd put some money away for my daughters to go to college if they wanted to. Then I'd pay the mortgage off the house and just spoil Clarke and I. I'd take us on a lovely, romantic holiday where we could finally have some time to ourselves. (laughs)

Will: Please...  I'm eating.

Veronica: (laughs) Oh, Will. What about you, Jacob?

Jacob: Dude, I'm 26, that's money would be life changing! It'd ease so much stress for me financially. I've got a deposit on a house and I'd be able to pay off the entire thing; I could afford to renovate and change things up. Like Will said, I could eat fancier and I could afford to treat myself a little more. I'd give a bit back to my Mom too. She's really helped me out a lot in life and I couldn't have gotten to this stage without her. 

Phyllis: (smiles) That's really sweet.

Oswald: First thing I'd do is put my kids through college. We never went 'cause we couldn't afford it. I want them to have those opportunities, and one of my boys is particularly wanting to go. I'd spend it on the family, upgrading and everything. It'd ease a lot of pressure off us financially. I mean, there's times we've struggled to make ends meet, and I don't mind y'all knowing that 'cause y'all know about my family already. It'd certainly be very useful, that's for sure. 

Veronica: Awww! That's lovely!

Phyllis: Isn't this a lovely conversation to have over breakfast? From what you've all said., I wish they could declare us joint winners so we'd all have that million to spend!

I know we're playing a game and we're at the Final Five, but... we're at the Final Five! Waking up this morning and realising it put everyone in a great mood. We were able to just sit down and talk about our lives and what we'd do with the money. Usually everyone's rushing through breakfast because we all have to get off and strategise, or we neeed to run over something, but it was almost like a family meal. We ate slowly, we talked, and we listened and we got to know a little more about each person. It was a fantastic way to start the day.

Phyllis Carmichael

(Following Phyllis' confessional, the camera picks up again as the castaways have finished their breakfast. Will approaches Phyllis and taps her on the shoulder.)

Will: I need to talk to you.

Phyllis: Okay, let's go. 

(Will waits for Phyllis to stand up before the two of them walk off together. The camera picks up on them as they walk through the forest.)

Will: Phyllis, I know you're not actually stupid despite some questioning contrasting evidence. You know we have to go to the Final Three together, don't you?

Phyllis: Yes, absolutely. If anyone goes against Oswald or Jacob they're getting decimated. I'm not going to give them a chance.

Will: Good. We bring Veronica and it comes down to the two of us. Nobody's voting for her.

Phyllis: I wouldn't be surprised if Luca did, but that's the only vote I realistically see her getting. The other eight would come down to us. I'm just nervous now that Adrian's gone; he was the only one other than Oswald who had won a challenge, I don't want Oswald to sweep the last two challenges because if he does, he wins just because he's more popular with the Jury. 

Will: I can beat Oswald easily. Don't worry, he's on his way out.

Phyllis: (raises eyebrows) Really?

Will: Don't say "really" like that. Of course I can beat him. I'm strong, I'm good at puzzles. I've got his number, bet on it.

Phyllis: If you say so, just as long as there's no funny business and we're definitely going to the end. You're not still mad at me over Maria, are you?

Will: No, of course not. I got you back for that so I don't care anymore. We're fine, now stop stressing. I've got this under control.

I'm extremely confident in everything. Last night's vote went exactly as I planned and now, Phyllis has fallen into my trap and is forced to take me to the Final Three, where I know I'll beat her. I've got Veronica with me, who isn't turning at all, so there's my Final Three done. Phyllis is carrying on about Oswald winning the last two challenges but I'm not worried at all. I know I can beat him because I want it. He's the only tiny little obstacle that could prevent me from getting to the end. I'll never let that happen so I'll just have to crush him. You would have to shoot me, dissect my body into a million pieces, bury me underground and then fill the hole with cement to stop me from winning immunity tomorrow. Then, I'll go on to win the game because everyone knows I've played better than these other two. Everything is going perfectly.

Will Donovan

(The two of them nod and head back to camp. The camera focuses on Phyllis, who is smiling.)

Will's certainly not selling himself short on his chances of winning immunity tomorrow. If confidence was food he'd have enough to feed a nation for the rest of their lives. Oswald winning the last two challenges is a very legitimate concern because if he does, he's going to shut me out at Final Tribal. If Will manages to pull it out, though, my Final Three is sealed. Will's extremely certain, I think, that he can beat me but I think I've got his number. I've made stronger bonds and I've had more strategic control on the game. Will thinks he got me back but I still have an advantage over him, not that I'll let him know that! (laughs) I'll just keep letting him ride this enormous wave of confidence all the way to the end. When he crashes and burns, I'll be right there to take the title!

Phyllis Carmichael

(Following this, there is a transitioning shot of the waves on the beach, before the camera picks up on Oswald and Jacob, who are sitting on the beach talking.)

Oswald: Can you believe we're at the Final Five? 

Jacob: Nope! I'm so glad we had those two idols at the Final Eight, though. We completely changed the game right there. All we have to do is get Veronica to side with us and we've pretty much made the Final Three. 

Oswald: Damn, imagine that. Final Three! If you'd've told me I'd have even a chance in Hell at getting close to it when I came into the merge, I'd have laughed. But now, we're nearly there! I bet Lorraine's gonna be so proud of me. Gosh, I wish she could have come and seen this camp. We share everything together.

Jacob: Yeah, it sucks that we never got to meet her. You guys seemed like the loveliest couple.

Oswald: We were friends from the day we met and we've been each other's sweethearts almost as long. Now I've been married to her for twenty-three years and each day my love for her just grows stronger and stronger. Every morning, when I wake up next to her, it's a blessing. When I turn on the lights in my butchery and head to work every single morning, she's my motivation. Knowing that we've brought five amazing kids into this world fills me with so much joy. Just thinking about when she's going to see this, I know she'd be proud of me regardless, but that money would mean so much to her. She deserves everything.

Jacob: Aww, that's the sweetest thing ever! She's gonna be so happy you made it this far. I'm kinda nervous about playing the game, to be honest, and I have been since we started. I know my mom was joking about the family legacy when she found out I got cast, but it weighs on my mind a lot. Like. I've finished higher than her now, but I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. (giggles) Half the time I've felt like a complete flop because everything I did seemed to go wrong and other times I feel like I've been doing well;. I think I've played fine overall, but, like, it always lingered in the back of my mind that people would compare me to my mom.

Oswald: You shouldn't worry about that. If anyone's gonna compare you to your mom, they're going to point out the personality quirks and what a great pair of people you are. You shouldn't expect to come out here and emulate your mom's game exactly because you're two different people. 

Jacob: Yeah. I'm a twenty-six year old guy whose only experience with the outdoors is walking around at five in the morning to get coffee, or walking my dogs in the park  I don't have as much life experience as her and I'm definitely not as smart, but what I do know how to do is make friends and stick with them. Hopefully that counts for something, right?

Oswald: It damn well does and I know you've made some fantastic friends out here, myself included. It doesn't matter that votes haven't gone your way or anything, because we're still here and we're still in with a chance. You and I have stuck together since the Final Nine and we've gone through all the ups and downs of the game. As long as we stick to the Final Three bond, everything's going to sit well for us. I just have a feeling. You're a great guy, Jacob. You shouldn't doubt yourself.

Jacob: Thanks, dude. You're a pretty awesome guy yourself. I'm really glad we've become close, because I totally wouldn't have met anyone like you in real life.

Oswald: That's the beauty of this game, my friend. I don't meet a lot of people like you, either, but I'm lucky I did. 

Jacob: Yep! And you bet I'm sticking with you. (laughs) Won't the look on Will's face be amazing if we get that third vote on our side?

Oswald: (laughs) Oh, that'd be worth a million in itself. 

(The two of them continue laughing. The camera focuses on Oswald, who is beaming.)

Jacob's a hell of a guy, he really is. I don't know what it is about him, but he's one of the sweetest people and has this crazy ability to make deep, genuine friendships. I was drawn to him initially only strategically, but as we bonded and became closer, it became less about the strategy and more about the personality. If there's one guy in this game I had to ride or die with, I'm glad it's him. We've been through a lot together and to think we've survived this long is amazing. I want this Final Three with him to work and I know it will, but regardless, I know we're going to be friends after this game ends. Don't get me wrong, I'm still playing the game and I still want to win for my wife, but if I had to lose a million dollars to anyone, it'd be him, no question. You know what'd make me even happier, though? Me winning. I'm sure Jacob will be happy enough with the runner-up prize. (laughs)

Oswald Carter

(The camera then focuses on Jacob, who is also smiling.)

Oz and I are such a great duo because we just get along. He's a lovely guy with an amazing family and a lot of personal reasons for going after the money. The way he talks about his wife is the same kind of relationship I aspire to have one day. It reminds me of the time I spent with Louis and how happy we made each other and... gaah, okay, I'll shut up about that now. (laughs) But seriously, like, Oz is just such a great guy. I make friends really, really easily and I expected to get along with people like Adrian and Misty, but if you told me that one of my best friends out here was gonna be some fifty-one year old dude I would have doubted you. It's great that we've gone so far together after being the two on the bottom. I'd kill to see the pissed off look on Will's face when we beat him at this vote, and I really, really want this Veronica plan to come through for the both of us but... could I beat Oz in the end? I'd like to hope so, but I have been kinda floppy when it comes to the strategic game. I want to go to the end with Oswald, but I also wanted to keep Adrian. I knew I couldn't do that and I didn't. If I can't beat Oz, then sorryyyy, he's probably gonna have to go. I'd be thrilled if he won the money, but I wanna win it too.

Jacob Chapman

Day 37

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The Final Five walk in and stand on the mat.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: Okay, first thing's  first, Oswald I need to take it back.

(Jeff takes the necklace off Oswald and hangs it up on the pole.)

Jeff: Immunity is, once again, back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you'll race through a giant obstacle course, with six different stations, collecting a bag of puzzle pieces at each one. Once you have all six bags, you'll use the pieces to solve a puzzle. First person to solve their puzzle wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in four shot at winning the game. We'll draw for spots and then we'll get started, 

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For a guaranteed spot in the Final Four, Survvors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: Giant Tick

Challenge Summary: 

  • Will and Oswald got out to quick leads as they raced through the course. Phyllis and Jacob weren't far behind, with Veronica making up the rear. Oswald got his first bag quickly, Will not far behind;. As they raced for their second, each taking off in different directions, Phyllis and Jacob grabbed their first.
  • Oswald maintained his lead in grabbing the second bag, but Will was again very close. As the former took off for his third bag, Will followed, so he'd force Oswald to wait for him to pass through at the third station. This worked, cutting Oswald's lead slightly, but he still maintained the slimmest edge. As they ran for their fourth bags, Phyllis picked up her second and made her way for the third, while Jacob picked his second not long after.
  • Oswald managed to extend his lead in grabbing the fourth bag, while Will was slowed down, forced to wait for Phyllis to come through after he grabbed his fourth bag. This allowed her to grab the third bag, staying in the hunt. 
  • Will's running made up the slightest ground on bag number five, but Oswald still maintained the lead as he raced off for his final bag, Will in hot pursuit. Phyllis grabbed her fourth bag and was well on her way to the fifth when Oswald arrived at bag number six, taking it a few moments before Will
  • Oswald beat Will back to the puzzle station, giving him a head start. He got a couple of pieces in before Will arrived, at which point Phyllis grabbed her sixth bag and was on the way back. Will  made some progress as Oswald began to get a little lost. 
  • Will soon overtook Oswald but the latter was still well in the hunt as he figured out the puzzle soon after, closing in on Will quickly. Phyllis arrived back at the station and began working on her puzzle too, sliding in some pieces with ease. She made quick work, but was a little too far behind the two leading men. Oswald continued to make up little bits of time and it came down to an extremely close finish. In the end... 

  • Will was able to maintain the slimmest of leads and got his last piece in a couple of moments before Oswald, giving the former the win. 


Will: (immediately throws his fists in the air) YES! YES! (Will pumps his fist as a huge grin comes on his face, while Oswald places the last piece in and sighs.)

Oswald: So damn close...

(Phyllis smiles and congratulates Will, who still maintains a wide grin, before there is a timeskip and the castaways are back on the mat.)

Jeff: Will, come on over.

(Will continues smiling as he walks over, allowing Jeff to put the necklace on him.)

Jeff: Cannot wipe the smile off your face!

Will: I knew I'd get this one today.

Jeff: Will, you're safe and guaranteed a spot in the Final Four. As for the rest of you, someone's journey for the million dollars is going to fall just two days short as they become the fourteenth person voted out and the eighth member of the Jury. You have the afternoon to figure out who that's going to be. You guys can head back to camp. I'll see you at Tribal. 

(The Final Five depart the challenge area, the camera focusing on Will's grin.)

Vireo Tribe

(Following Will's immunity win, the castaways head back to camp. Will is still smiling.)

Phyllis: Congratulations, Will! I can't believe you pulled that off. 

Will: I can. I knew I was going to.

Veronica: I can't believe how close it was! It really went down to the wire.

Will: Close or not, the important thing is that I won it. 

(Will hangs the necklace up outside the shelter. The camera focuses on him as his confessional is heard.)

What did I say I was going to do today? Win the immunity necklace. What did I do? Exactly that. I told you, when I'm determined to get things my way, I get them done. Now I have the necklace around my neck, but the most important thing is Oswald does not, so Oswald's going home tonight. That's not even me being cocky. I'm stating a logical next step, which should occur unless Veronica starts playing with her heart and gives it to Oswald over Phyllis because he's the "good guy" or something. I don't need to strategise tonight because that's done already. Tonight it's my job to keep watch on Veronica and if I see the others working her, I need to rope her back in and make sure things run smoothly.

Will Donovan

(The camera then focuses on Oswald, who looks on enviously.)

Oswald: So damn close!  

Jacob: Don't worry, we've still got one shot left! We just need to vote Phyllis and hope Veronica comes with us.

Oswald: We gotta go balls to the wall, my friend. 

Son of a damn bitch! (laughs) I was two seconds away! I had the lead but I lost it on that bitch of a puzzle! That necklace don't wanna come anyone's way more than three times, huh? Maria got it thrice, I got it thrice, and the one time I probably need it more than anything is when I don't have it. I know there's about a ninety percent chance of me going home tonight and these guys probably think there's a solid three against me, but I've got one last trick up my sleeve. I'm gonna throw everything I've got at this thing. Will's been smiling ever since that necklace went 'round him but, if I have anything to say about it, that smile's gonna vanish by the end of tonight! I'm not down and out yet, buddy. Not by a long shot. (laughs)

Oswald Carter

(From here, the camera transitions to Will, Phyllis and Veronica as they talk about the vote.)

Will: There's no doubt that Oswald has to go home. 

Phyllis: I could not agree more. If he wins that Final Immunity, we may as well just pack up and go home.

Will: Good. Do you  agree, Veronica?

Veronica: Well, yeah...

Will: We can't afford to waver. If the two of them survive, then it's going to be a tie at the Final Four and they'll probably pick you just so they can beat you and get in to the end. 

Veronica: Would you even consider Jacob? 

Will: No. Jacob's no threat to win the immunity challenge, Oswald is. If we get him out, I can easily win the Final Immunity Challenge and then we're in the Final Three. 

Veronica: Okay, then. I'll vote Oswald with you guys.

Will: Good. This should be the easiest vote in the world.

Phyllis: I'm just so excited you got that necklace today! You really saved our bacon, Will. 

Will: That's what I'm good at. (smiles)

(The three of them begin to go separate ways. The camera focuses on Phyllis, who is excited.)

I can't tell you how elated I am that Will pulled out that win today! If Oswald had gotten it, he'd be in the Final Four and could easily have gone to the end, but now we have the votes lined up to send him home. I have no doubt that I'm getting two votes tonight because they'll try and work Veronica. It does linger in the back of my mind that Veronica is an emotional player and she could decide to go with Oswald and Jacob because she likes them better, but if Veronica goes against us here she might not even make it to the end, and if she does, she's screwed two people out of a million dollars. That's going to be some catastrophic Jury heat for her that I know she won't be able to, nor want, to handle. I'm pretty confident logic will prevail here.

Phyllis Carmichael

(Following this, the camera focuses on Veronica after walking away from the group. She is approached by Oswald and Jacob.)

Jacob: Hey, Veronica!

Veronica: Hey guys!

Oswald: I'm gonna come right out with it. It's pretty safe to assume they're voting me tonight, right?

Veronica: You don't have an idol or anything, do you?

Oswald: If I could pull another idol out of my ass I don't reckon we'd be having this conversation. (laughs) I've got nothing but my mouth and my brain to help  me out tonight.

Veronica: Then, yes, they've asked me to vote for you. They're saying you're too big a challenge threat and you're just going to win the next one.

Jacob: We're voting Phyllis. Is there any chance you'd come over to our side? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? (giggles)

Veronica: (sighs) I really don't know if I can... 

Oswald: You know how much this money would mean to me. We had that conversation yesterday about what we'd do with the money and I said it'd all go to the family. We've struggled to make ends meet, my kids want to go to college and I can't afford it. This is the kind of money we dream of. I told you about my wife, about how long we've been together. She'd be so proud if I made it to the end.

Veronica: I know she would, and yes, I know how much the money means to you. 

Jacob: It would be so life changing for me, too. We're so close to the end, Veronica. We want to win so bad, we've been through so much. Please side with us. 

Veronica: I know you guys want and deserve the money. (sigh) I'm not winning anyway, I know I'm being taken to the end for that reason so I'm not even thinking about money. 

Jacob: If you aren't winning anyway, why not take us? We've played really clean games, we've fought back from the bottom and we've stuck by every alliance we've ever made. We have selfless motivations for the money. Why take Phyllis and Will? They're selfish players who have flipped and backstabbed so many times. Would you really like to sit next to them instead of us?

Veronica: You guys are right. You do deserve the money... I just want to set a good  example for my children. 

Oswald: Then show them that the good guys can win in the end. What better example to set? You have the power in your hands right now to decide whether the good people win, or the evil people. 

Veronica: I know all that... I'm just not sure I want the additional Jury hate that's going to come with it.

Jacob: Stick to your guns and tell the Jury you were aware you weren't winning, knew that sticking to Will and Phyllis wouldn't make any difference, and instead wanted to set a strong moral example to your kids. Would you be happy with yourself at the end of the day, taking Phyllis just to avoid getting heat for it, when she's played the game she has? 

Veronica: You're right... you guys have played heroically and you deserve it way more. I'll think about it, okay? I promise. 

Oswald: Thanks. That's all we could ask for.

(Oswald and Jacob walk away. The camera focuses on Oswald, who looks back a little guiltily.)

Oswald: We did what we had to do. Hopefully it pays off.

We had to play emotional with Veronica. We may've come across as a pair of self-righteous dicks by arguing what we did, but it's the only card we can play. We can't argue any strategic value to keeping us, because there's none. Veronica knows about my wife, my family and my motivations for winning this game, so I had to appeal with her to play with her heart and let the good guys win. She's not like a lot of other people; she's well aware that she's not winning, so there's not much difference for her either way. I can tell we got to her; she feels we deserve the win more than Phyllis, but she's worried that she's gonna get even more flack from the Jury. I sure as Hell don't blame her for thinking like that, 'cause it wouldn't feel good for anybody to be on the receiving end of that much heat. I just hope her emotional side wins out, she thinks this is a good example to set for her children, and there's three cards with Phyllis' name on them tonight.

Oswald Carter

(The camera then focuses on Veronica, who is looking conflicted.)

I'm completely torn on what to do right now. I know the money would mean the world to both Oswald and Jacob, and Oswald's motivation for the money is absolutely touching. I think they absolutely deserve to make it to the end and win. They are the good guys and it would be setting a great example for my children. I feel like I have the choice of good and evil in my hands right now. Does Phyllis really deserve to make it to the end? I'm not sure. She's backstabbed and lied and abused the people who trusted her and that's not a game I respect at all. I respect Oswald's game so much. I just know that if I go that way, I'll probably get even more heat from the Jury. Is that worth it to help good people win? And if I don't help them, can I live with myself if I sit in a final three with Will and Phyllis?

Veronica O'Hara

(The music then grows more ominous as the camera returns to the camp. Will and Phyllis are sitting around the campfire, concerned looks on their faces.)

Phyllis: She's been gone a very long time. 

Will: They're playing the emotional card on her, I know it. 

Phyllis: So we might not have the three votes after all. Do you think she'd turn?

Will: I don't know but we can't leave anything to chance. The problem we have is Veronica actually knows she's not winning, so it doesn't make any difference to her. 

Phyllis: Oh my goodness... what can we do? It's going to come down to who she... likes better?

Will: Probably. They're likely telling her how much the money would mean to them. You need to go and talk to her. If she's turning against anyone, it's you.

Phyllis: Me? I know we've had differences... what do you want me to say?

Will: Give her an emotional reason to take you. Think of something that's going to make her want to take you because you deserve it. Your game is counting on it. You're the one getting the votes, because I'm immune. 

Phyllis: (sigh) Okay, I'll see what I can do. 

(Phyllis gets up and heads out of camp. The camera focuses on her nervous expression.)

It turns out we may not have the votes to send Oswald home after all and that makes me sick to my stomach. If Oswald survives tonight. I'm sitting on the Jury and I've come too far and done too much to let that happen. Unfortunately, I forgot to account for the wildcard that was Veronica. She's well aware she's not winning and I think her vote tonight is going to come down to who she likes or who she thinks deserves it more. I know that Veronica doesn't like me an awful lot, but I have to somehow appeal to her emotional side. I have a story that I can use- my husband's dementia. Veronica's had experiences with it, so I know she can relate and it might make her think I deserve the end. But... (sigh) what kind of monster would I be if I abused it for my strategic gain? I'm sorry to all my family at home watching this... this sort of position is unimaginable. I'm going home tonight if Veronica sways the other way, so I need to pull out all the stops if I want to stay... but can I go to that level? And if I don't, how can I convince Veronica to keep me over the father of five who just wants to give his family the best in life?

Phyllis Carmichael

(The camera next picks up as Phyllis approaches Veronica.on the beach.)

Phyllis: Hi there!

Veronica: Hi. There hasn't been a change, has there? 

Phyllis: No, we still want to eliminate Oswald. Listen, I won't beat around the bush here. I know that you know you aren't winning and I know that you don't like me a lot and are considering voting me out tonight. 

Veronica: Yeah, I've been approached about that. Can you blame me? I haven't exactly agreed with everything you've done. You backstabbed my best friend.

Phyllis: I know that. I know that Oswald's this father figure who just wants to provide for his family and you  think he deserves it a Hell of a lot more than me. You've seen his wife and how in love they are. My husband and I have been married for even longer and he's done incredible things for me. I met him in England when I taught at Oxford. He had an entire life, a steady job, his own family, and when my mother was dying back in Delaware, he didn't even hesitate to pack everything up and move back to the States with me. The only reason you didn't see him is because he has dementia. You know what that's like. Although his mind is fading, that undying love, the same man who did that for me, is still there. 

Veronica: Wow, Phyllis... that's lovely.

Phyllis: Now, listen to me. I'm not going to stand here, grovel at your feet and say "poor me, my husband has dementia, let me get to the end." I love Patrick too much to do that. But you've lived through a loved one with dementia. Just to make it to the end would be a memory for us as a family to be proud of. I know you would have done anything to make your mother happy in those last moments, but if you decide that Oswald deserves it more than me, I can't control that. I'm not going to use my husband's condition to get you to keep me. You know what I'm playing for and why I'm out here.

Veronica: I'm glad you said that. I completely understand where you're coming from, and you're right. I would have done anything to make my mother happy. Thanks for that, Phyllis. 

Phyllis: You're welcome. I hope you vote my way tonight. 

(Phyllis walks away. The camera focuses on her as some tears begin to form.)

I couldn't do it. I knew I could have probably pulled the vote my way for sure if I played up the dementia card with Veronica. She knows what it's like to lose a loved one through that, so I could have played up the "one last memory for my husband card", but... (she takes a shaky breath as tears come) I love my husband far too much to abuse his condition for my strategic gain. I could never forgive myself, or expect my family to. All I could do was remind Veronica that she knows what I've gone through and that the love between my husband and I is just as strong as the one between Oswald and his wife. I told her what Patrick had done for me. If I go tonight because she thinks Oswald deserves it more, or she just plain doesn't like me, then I'm at least doing so knowing that I've kept my dignity intact. I will never stoop to that level to stay alive.

Phyllis Carmichael

(The camera focuses on Veronica, who looks after Phyllis as she walks away, smiling.)

I gained a lot of respect for Phyllis there. I'm glad she's not using her personal story as strategy because if she went that low, I don't think I could have restrained myself from vomiting. I know Phyllis and her husband share a deep love from what she told me. I know what she's going through, losing a loved one with dementia. I would have done anything to make Mom's last days amazing and that's what Phyllis is trying to do. But does that automatically make her deserve it more? I don't respect her game or the things she's done, but I do respect Oswald's and his motivation for winning is amazing. I've still got no clue where I'm going. I've got so much to consider. This decision just got a whole lot harder.

Veronica O'Hara

(As the day fades into the late afternoon, Will approaches Phyllis.)

Will: Is she voting with us? 

Phyllis: I'm not sure.

Will: I'll go talk to her then,

(With a sigh, Will heads off to find Veronica.)

I should have known this from the beginning. When you want something right, you do it yourself. I may not be in danger of going home tonight but my game is <expletive> if Veronica takes Oswald forward. I am not letting her screw me out of a million dollars. I can play to Veronica's emotional side, too. What do you think I've been doing since we swapped? I don't have a sob story but I can guilt her into it. I got her here, I can make her see that and I can make her see that she's costing me a million dollars by taking Oswald, which she won't want to do since I've helped her so much. I don't care what level I have to go to. There will be three votes against Oswald tonight.

Will Donovan

(The camera picks up as Veronica is approached by Will.)

Will: Veronica, are you thinking of voting for Phyllis tonight? 

Veronica: Yes, I'm considering it. 

Will: Don't. Look, if you do this, if you take Oswald any further, you're screwing me out of the game. You are destroying the only chance I have left of winning. 

Veronica: So I should just take him out so you can win?

Will: I helped you get through the hardest parts of this game. You wouldn't even be able to make this decision if I hadn't . I was the one who made you see past your emotions and side with Gombey, a move that won you back so much respect and made people see you as more than an emotional player. Even when we went our separate ways I still came back to you. I came down to you on that beach and talked you out of quitting the morning after you told Phyllis to kill herself. If I'd left you there, you wouldn't be here by now. We're friends, Veronica, and I've done so much to help you. Is this really how you're going to pay me back?

Veronica: I know you've helped me and I probably wouldn't have gotten this far without you. I have a lot to think about: the Jury. my children...

Will: Are you going to tell your children to bite the hand that feeds you? To repay kindness with backstabbing? Come on, you know the right move is to vote for Oswald. 

(Will walks away. The camera focuses on Veronica as she stares into the distance.)

Everything Will just said was completely true: I owe a big part of my place in the game to him and I'd be screwing him out of his only chance at winning if I vote Phyllis out. I've been with him for a long time. Is that really fair on him? Then again, I have to think, does he really care about me, or is he just counting on my number? Will's played a pretty ruthless game, he's done some nasty things and he's backstabbed me and others. Does he deserve to have a shot at winning over Oswald or Jacob? It's something to consider. Whatever I do, I'm taking the Jury and my children into consideration. How will the Jury feel if I take Phyllis out? How will they feel if I take Oswald out? What kind of message would I be sending my children if I backstabbed the person who helped me through this game? What message would I be sending them if I prevented the "good" people from winning? I'm deciding the game tonight. Whichever two I side with are going to be the two who fight it out at the end. That's insane pressure on me. I need to weigh up everything before I make my decision.

Veronica O'Hara

The camera then switches to the castaways packing for Tribal Council. The camera moves in on Oswald and Jacob.

Oswald: Well, Jacob, it all comes down to this. We've done everything we can now. 

Jacob: I just hope it's enough, dude. I want us to make the Final Four. 

Oswald: It's out of our hands. We've just got to hope things fall our way.

I've fought my way through the entire merge with strategy, idols and sticking to my guns. Tonight, though, the strategy is gone. It comes down entirely to Veronica and how her heart wants to go. I've done everything I can to convince her that I'm deserving and she should take me over Phyllis and whether that's enough remains to be seen. I sure hope it is, 'cause no way am I ready to go home. I'm playing this game for my wife and my family. This money would change our lives and dammit, I'm so damn close I can see it, and I want it! There's one vote, and then one more challenge. That's all that stands between me and a million dollars.

Oswald Carter

The sun sets as the Final Five make their way to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council- Day 37

(The Final Five walk into Tribal and sit down.)

Jeff: We'll now bring in the members of our Jury: Isla, Constance, Celia, Misty, Luca, Maria, and Adrian, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

(The Jury walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: Let's get things started. Jacob, it was clearly an emotional Tribal Council last time. What was the mood like for you when you got to camp?

Jacob: Last Tribal sucked, Jeff. It was one of those things I didn't want to do,but had to. That doesn't mean it hurt any less. I was really upset, but I just had to buckle up and get on with it. 

Jeff: Will, you won a cruicial immunity today and you're guaranteed a spot in the Final Four. What's the strategy for you tonight? 

Will: Oh, there is no strategy anymore. I know who needs to go home if I want any shot at winning, but it's all coming down to Veronica and what her emotions tell her to do.

Jeff: Veronica, would you say that's true? 

Veronica: Yes it is, Jeff. 

Jeff: We're at the Final Five. Why are you making emotional decisions and not strategic ones to give you the best chance of winning?

Veronica: Becuase I know my chances of winning are next to nothing. I'm not stupid. I've had all these people coming to me, trying to plead to my emotions. Two people want me to go one way and two people want me to go another. I pretty much have the game in my hands tonight.

Jeff: So, let me get this straight: A million dollar game is going to come down to your emotional decision?

Veronica: (defensive) Well, attacking me isn't going to change anything about that, Jeff, so you can stop that right now!

(Some of the Jury laugh at Veronica's response, even the host himself.)

Jeff: (holding his hands up defensively) I wasn't attacking you, Veronica. I was just making a statement. 

Veronica: Yes, it's coming down to how I feel. I have to think about the Jury and the heat I know I'm going to get; I have to think about what the best example for my children is, because Lord knows I've embarrassed myself out here. I have to think about what's fair and who deserves to be here the most. These guys know that and I hope they realise I have to crush someone's dreams and it's nothing personal.

Jacob: We know, Veronica.

Jeff: Well, then. I'll give everyone one last chance to plead to Veronica. Will, you first.

Will: I hope she realises who helped her through the toughest parts of the game and what she'd look like backstabbing me now.

Jeff: Jacob.

Jacob: Veronica basically has the choice of good versus evil here and she has a chance to show her children that, sometimes, the good guys can win!

Jeff: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Veronica knows why I'm here and what I'm doing. Whether she thinks I deserve it is up to her. 

Jeff: Oswald. 

Oswald: I've got a family of five and I'm doing this for them. You know why I want the money and why I'm still fighting even now. I've got a lot to play for. 

Jeff: Veronica, do you know who you're voting for?

Veronica: (after a short pause) Yes, I do. 

Jeff: Then let's vote. Will, you're up.

(Will goes up to vote.)

So <expletive> help me, God, if this doesn't go my way and all my work with Veronica has been for nothing...

–Will, voting for Oswald

(Jacob is next to vote.)

You're a pretty cool lady. You've done amazing to get this far, buuuut if you don't go then I'm next. I hope Veronica lets the good guys win!

–Jacob, voting for Phyllis

(Phyllis is next to vote.)

I've done everything I can to persuade Veronica to take me over you. If she takes you, congratulations, and I hope you and your family get everything you ever wanted. Good luck.

–Phyllis, voting for Oswald

(When Phyllis is done, Oswald goes up to cast his vote.)

We're both playing for family. I hope you're able to get the personal satisfaction you need out of this experience. I'm praying that Veronica swings my way tonight. My family needs this money and I'm sorry you have to be the one to fall to make that happen.

–Oswald, voting for Phyllis

(Finally, Veronica gets up to vote. She pauses at the booth and heaves a deep sigh, before she begins to write. The camera fades away and she is next shown returning to her seat. She sighs once more as she sits down. Jacob, who is behind her, leans forward and gives her a hug. Veronica leans into it.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: I'll read the votes.

First vote...

OSWALD. (1-0) (Oswald smiles.)

PHYLLIS. (1-1) (Phyllis nods.)

OSWALD. Two votes Oswald. (2-1)

PHYLLIS. We're tied: two votes Oswald, two votes Phyllis, one vote left. (2-2)

(Phyllis takes a deep breath and looks in Veronica's direction. As Jeff reaches for the last vote, Oswald puts his arm around Jacob and drags him in a little closer.)

Oswald: This is it, little buddy!

(Jacob laughs and takes a deep breath. Will is shown frowning and glaring at Veronica. As Jeff pulls out the last vote, the camera cuts to Veronica, who takes a deep breath and puts her face in her hands, then squeezes her eyes shut.)

Fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs. Brawn vs. Beauty and the eighth member of our Jury...

OSWALD. That's three. You need to bring me your torch.

Oswald: (sighs, laughs) Son of a bitch!

(He stands up and grabs his stuff as Will is shown with a satisfied smile and Phyllis breathes a sigh of relief. Veronica looks guilty as Jacob, too, stands up and he and Oswald share a hug.)

Oswald: Good luck, buddy. 

Jacob: Thanks,  dude. You're the best. 

(As Oswald moves to grab his torch, he stops at Veronica, who gives him a teary hug.)

Veronica: I'm so sorry... I know how badly you wanted it. 

Oswald: It's absolutely fine. Don't worry about it. 

(He pats her on the back and grabs his torch.)

Oswald: Good luck, y'all. It's been a damn ride!

(Oswald places his torch in front of Jeff.)

Jeff: Oswald, the tribe has spoken. 

(Jeff snuffs Oswald's torch.)

Jeff: Time for you to go. 

(With a smile and a wave to the Final Four, Oswald departs the Tribal Council area.)

Jeff: Well, you all know which way Veronica went. You all claimed she was deciding the game, but there's still one more Tribal Council between you and the Final Three and in that time, anything can happen. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight. 

(The Final Four depart the Tribal Council area.)

Tribal Council 14:
Oswald (3 votes)
PhyllisCarmichael VeronicaO&#039;Hara WillDonovan
Phyllis, Veronica, Will
Phyllis (2 votes)
JacobChapman OswaldCarter
Jacob, Oswald
Oswald Carter

Voting Confessionals- Day 37

I'm so sorry. I know this means everything to you and your family. I feel bad that I'm letting the good guys finish last again, but I hope you understand so much thought went into this. I do think you and Jacob deserve it, but when it comes down to it, Phyllis deserves it too and it's for a reason so close to my heart. In the end, I had to think of the example to set for my children. Phyllis needs this, and Will, well he's been with me through the toughest parts of the game and I wouldn't feel right backstabbing him this close to the end. I can't bite the hand that fed me. I'n so, so, sorry about this. (sigh) I hope I can live with this decision.

–Veronica, voting for Oswald

Final Words- Day 37

Well, damn! Here I sit, two days short of the end, having gone balls to the wall. If I could have just gotten to that last challenge, I would have been sitting at the Final Tribal Council fighting it out. I left everything on the table to convince Veronica to take me, but she went the other way and I hold absolutely no grudges. To my wife and children, I love you all so damn much and I'm sorry I couldn't pull it out in the end but I hope you're proud of your old man anyhow. (laughs) I had a blast and I'd do it again right this second if you asked. I hope my little buddy Jacob pulls through!

Oswald Carter

Night 37

(Following Oswald's elimination, the four remaining castaways return to camp.)

Veronica: Poor Oswald... I feel horrible for him. 

Will: Don't worry about that. You made the right decision. 

Veronica: Yeah, I think I did. (She turns to Jacob) I'm sorry for not being able to vote with you.

Jacob: That's cool, seriously, don't worry. You made the decision you thought was best.

(The camera focuses on Veronica who, with a look of guilt in Jacob's direction, heads to the shelter and places her bag on the ground.)

Tonight I decided to go with Will and Phyllis and vote Oswald out. While I feel horrible about it, because I know how much it meant to his family, I know I made the right decision. Part of it was Phyllis. I respected her a lot for not resorting to guilting me into doing anything and I also wanted to give her family one last good memory to share together since I know, through my experience, that's really important. Mostly, though, it was because of Will. He's been with me for a long time and always had my back in tough situations. He was right when he said he'd probably lose against Oswald and Jacob and it didn't feel fair for me to personally screw him out of his best chance at winning. I want to show my girls that the right thing to do is repay the people who help you and that's what I did tonight.

Veronica O'Hara

(The camera changes focus to Phyllis, who breathes a sigh of relief.)

Phyllis: I'm so glad that I'm still here! Thank you, Veronica!

Veronica: You're welcome. 

Phyllis: It really does mean a lot. 

I've been caught off guard at Tribal and thought I was going home a couple of times, but you know what's worse? Going in knowing full well you're getting votes and that one vote against you will make the difference. I've never felt that nervous and when Oswald and Jacob started getting in her head, I thought they'd gotten to her, but thankfully the fifth and final parchment didn't have my name on it! (laughs) Oh dear, I swear this is shaving the years off my life like there's no tomorrow. I think opening up to Veronica helped a lot in swaying her towards me and I'm glad I'm still in to make this dream a reality. I'm just praying like anything there isn't a Final Two, because I think I'm locked in for the top three. I'm so close to the end I can taste it. I couldn't imagine how I'd feel about it being taken away now.

Phyllis Carmichael

Will: The right thing was done. Now, Phyllis, you and I are in a good spot to get to the end.

Phyllis: Exactly! I just hope it's not a final two or juror removal,or anything like that.

Will: Obviously there won't be, we wouldn't be on Night 37 if there was. Don't worry, everything's going to be fine.

Phyllis: That's what I like to hear! I'm going to hit the hay. I'm exhausted.

Will: Fine. 

(As Phyllis heads back to the shelter, the camera focuses on Will, who is smiling.)

I am now assured Final Three. Thankfully, Veronica went with the smart decision and sent Oswald home, because if Phyllis had gone I would have been <expletive> pissed off and with no chance of winning. I knew they were getting to her and she was wavering, so I reminded her of everything I'd helped her through and she kept her vote on my side. (laughs) Easy as cake. Now all that stands between me and the million dollars is Jacob and, even though he's an idiot strategically, he has a lot of Jury votes on his side because they either hate Phyllis and I or have their heads up his ass. I'm sure Jacob's used to having things up his ass though, so this should be no different to him. Long story short, Jacob's probably going to win if he makes the end, but everyone should know that already. This is going to be an easy ride to the end for me. I'm sure of it.

Will Donovan

(The camera continues its focus on Will as Jacob stands next to him.)

Jacob: Well, you got the upper hand, dude. Congrats!

Will: I knew I would, but thank you.This isn't you trying to suck up for my vote, is it?

Jacob: No,I'm literally just saying congratulations. (laughs) I thought we had a shot but you got to her again! I know I'm, like, most likely screwed now but I want to let you know that I'm gonna keep fighting like Hell until the bitter end. 

Will: I know that. If you were going to give up whenever things got tough for you, you would have lasted ten days, not thirty-eight.

Jacob: Yep, true! Anyway, good luck for tomorrow. You outplayed me tonight, dude, and I respect that. 

Will: Good luck to you, too, then.

Jacob: I'm gonna hit the hay, I need to be at my best for tomorrow. 'Night, dude.

Will: Goodnight.

(Jacob and Will head back to the shelter. The camera focuses on Jacob.)

Oz went home tonight, which means I'm back in the minority. (laughs) Tonight's vote just sucked. I was really looking forward to getting to the Final Four with him. Oswald was just a great guy. We're so different yet we became really good buddies and I'm gonna miss him heaps. He always had a smile on his face, picked me up whenever I was down, and was just awesome to be around. I know this friendship is gonna transcend the game. Anyway, now that I'm all on my own, it seems that three is pretty solid, but I'm never gonna stop fighting or trying to find cracks until I'm up in front of Jeff getting my torch snuffed. I owe it to literally every one of my allies and friends who've fallen before me to try and make it through this one last vote. I may not be the best player to ever set foot on the island but I know what I'm good at and it's time to kick that gear into overdrive!

Jacob Chapman

Day 38

The camera opens on Day 38 as the four remaining castaways sit around the fire, with Phyllis serving a breakfast of  rice and beans.

Phyllis: Here we are! I can't believe we've made it to Day 38! This will probably be our last rice and beans breakfast ever.

Will: I'm never eating rice and bean again. 

Phyllis: I'm so excited. If we make it to Day 39, they usually give us an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon and orange juice... and I didn't realise how badly I was craving those until I spoke about them just now. 

Will: Shut up about that, you're going to make even more hungry than I already am.

Phyllis: Sorry! 

Jacob: When you think about it, we're all gonna get good breakfasts... just, one of us will be having it from Ponderosa after sleeping in a nice warm bed after having a nice warm shower. (giggles)

Will: It sounds like that's the one you want. 

Jacob: Nope! I'll happily take the Day 39 camp breakfast, thanks! 

Will: (chuckles) We'll see about that.

Jacob: Yes we shall, Mr. William! We shall, indeed!

Will: If you call me William one more time you won't even make it to Ponderosa. You'll be waking up on Day 39 in a hospital. 

(everyone laughs.)

Jacob: Message received! Hey, how embarrassing would it be if it read on someone's tombstone, "cause of death: calling Will Donovan 'William'?" 

Veronica: I can think of more embarrassing stuff, but that'd be right up there!

(The group share another laugh and finish off their breakfast. After a small timeskip, the plates are empty.)

Jacob: (stretching) That was nice! Thanks, Phyllis!

Phyllis: You're more than welcome.

Jacob: Veronica, wanna clean these with me?

Veronica: Sure, let's go.

(Jacob and Veronica leave.)

Will: Might as well have said, "Hey, Veronica, want to come with me while I plead for you to take me to a tiebreaker and only delay the inevitable?'

Phyllis: (laughs) True, can't blame him for trying, though.

Jacob's really gone right to work on flipping votes his way. I don't blame him at all, because if I was in his position, I'd be doing the exact same thing. I wouldn't stop until people got sick of me talking; I'd throw everything at the wall until all that was left was air. He's smart in going after Veronica. I'm not worried if he does manage to flip her, because I could easily win a firemaking challenge and if, in some magical alternative universe, I win the Final Immunity Challenge, then Will's good enough to beat him and I can give Will some tips if he'd listen. (laughs) The only thing I'm worried about is Jacob suddenly being the second coming of Jesus and winning immunity, but I'm fairly confident in saying that won't happen. I'm not going to let his scrambling get to me.

Phyllis Carmichael

(The camera then changes focus to Veronica and Jacob as they walk through the forest.)

Jacob: So, woo! Day 38!

Veronica: Yeah! Hey, I'm really sorry about not voting with you last night.

Jacob: Don't worry about it! You made the decision you thought was best.

Veronica: I'm glad you understand, because Will would have absolutely lost it at me.

Jacob: Yep, that sounds exactly like him. You know, this whole journey has legit been such a rollercoaster for me, I can't believe it's almost coming to an end. It could be over tonight.

Veronica: Rollercoaster for you? (laughs) You're talking to the lady who has threatened to quit so many times and told someone to commit suicide because they voted off my best friend. 

Jacob: Sorry, I didn't realise we were competing in the Emotional Rollercoaster Olympics. (giggles) I've voted in the minority, like, a million and one times and had my rose coloured glasses smashed when I encountered massive homophobia for the first time.

Veronica: With Adrian? 

Jacob: Yeah, when he found out I'm gay he was super uncomfortable with it and it totally screwed with me because I'd literally experienced none of that before then. Everyone was super chill with me coming out, and then there was Adrian who was probably gonna stop talking to me altogether. I helped him through it, though, so it's been good and bad. 

Veronica: I don't know where his homophobia came from, but I'm really glad you helped him through it. God, I still remember our argument on day two when he said he was against it in the first place. It wasn't pretty at all. 

Jacob: Just know he had reasons for it and he's fine now. 

Veronica: Yeah. It just struck a nerve with me because I experienced some homophobia back in the day. When I was in my teens and early 20s I had a really serious relationship with a woman. 

Jacob: Wow, I did not know that. So you're bi?

Veronica: Yep. When I was with Amanda, it was a different time, so when my parents found out, they weren't happy at all. Our bandmates wre cool with it, but that's about all I got in the accepting part. Then when I was with Clarke and went to pride parades, I was attacked there- verbally, not physically- because they "weren't for me" because I was "in a straight relationship.". I never stopped going to parades but it's very difficult to deal with biphobia from within the LGBT community.

Jacob: Oh my God, people who do that suuuuuck. Like, seriously, there's a B in LGBT for a reason and it's not like people stop being attracted to the same sex when they're with someone of the opposite sex. You're bi no matter who you're dating at the time.

Veronica: Yes, exaclty! There should be more people who think like you. 

Jacob: Yeah. So, your husband knows you're bi, right?

Veronica: Oh, yeah. I told him when we started dating and he was fine with it. The only real issue we've had is when I told him that I needed to have sex with a woman sometimes. 

Jacob: Oh, jeez, how did he react to that? 

Veronica: He was scared because he thought I was leaving him for Amanda, but I explained that I love him, but htere were just some things that I needed in sex that I could only get from a woman. I said I'd never leave him or the children, it would just be an occasional thing that I needed to do. He was fine with it after that, and he knows when I go. Like, it's not something I hide from him.

Jacob: Wow, that's really interesting. It's good that he's okay with it, though. 

Veronica: Definitely. I wouldn't do it if he wasn't. So, does everyone know you're gay?

Jacob: Yeah, I'm pretty open about it. Like, I don't just run into a room full of people I've never met and go "HEY I'M JACOB I'M GAY" but if it comes up in conversation I'm cool about it. Being around accepting people helped me a lot, though. Telling my Mom first was a big step and then everyone around me was fine. If I'd had more experience with homophobia I probably would have been way more closeted. 

Veronica: Very true, and hey, I'm glad that you helped Adrian when you encountered homophobia instead of screaming at him and calling him a bigot, which is probably what I would have done. 

Jacob: Celia did that when I told her what had happened, pretty much. But yeah, helping Adrian was really important to me. 

Veronica: And now he's better because of it. You're a great guy, I've really enjoyed this conversation. 

Jacob: Thanks! Me too.

(The two of them then arrive to do the dishes. The camera focuses on Jacob.)

I originally went with Veronica 'cause I was gonna try and work on her, but then we just started talking about LGBT issues and stuff and it was a really great conversation. Veronica is one of the few people I haven't had a personal connection with out here so I really enjoyed getting to know her. Opening up to me about the biphobia she faced really touched me because, like I've said a few times, I haven't had a lot of experience with hate based on my sexuality. I knew people did that to bi people but to know someone who's actually had it happened to them was a real eye opener. I think this has brought us a little closer on a personal level.

Jacob Chapman

(The camera then changes focus to Veronica, who is smiling.)

I never really got to talk with Jacob a lot during the course of the game so it was nice the two of us got some one-on-one time together. I thought he was going to try and work me to send him to a tiebreaker next vote, but we just had the most amazing talk about what it was like to be LGBT and all the things we've gone through. It was so great to have someone to talk to about that stuff who actually understands it. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that I was aligned with Will and Luca, but since they're straight, my sexuality is something that was pretty difficult to talk about. Not with Jacob, though, and it really helped! The way he helped Adrian through his homophobia was great. It's making me reconsider my vote next round. Someone like Jacob is a great guy and deserving of the end and I have the vote to get him there. I don't know if I'd be able to go through with it, but it definitely got me thinking. We'll see what goes down, I guess.

Veronica O'Hara

(Following this, the camera transitions back to Will and Phyllis at camp.)

Will: What do you think they're talking about?

Phyllis: Wouldn't know and I'm not going to let it bother me. You're confident she's staying with us, right? 

Will: Yep.

Phyllis: And if she does tie the votes, we can beat Jacob in a tiebreaker easily. 

Will: I'd destroy him. 

Phyllis: And I've been making fire since about day five, so we're completely taken care of on that front. Hey, Will, I was thinking: I know a lot about peoples' backgrounds and stuff like that, but I know nothing about yours. 

Will: Because I haven't told you and have no desire to.

Phyllis: Really? Surely there must be something interesting.

Will: There might be, but I don't see the point in it. 

Phyllis: You don't want to get to know each other? We've got nothing better to do than sit on our asses for the next little while.

WIll: ​​​​I don't particularly want to, no. I've known you for a month and I don't really see the significance of delving into my background. 

Phyllis: Okay, that's fine. No worries.

(After a short pause, Will lets out a deep sigh.)

Will: Okay, if you really want to know, I'm the middle child in a five person family and I'm particularly close to Cody, the second oldest in my family.

Phyllis: Oh wow, that's nice! What got you so close?

Will: We just had the same interests. When we were younger we liked wrestling, then as we got older it was crime shows like The X-Files, Law and Order and then The Sopranos. <expletive> the ending of The Sopranos pissed Cody off. 

Phyllis: Oh, it infuriated Andrea, too! What else made you guys close?

Will:Just the fact we got along most out of circumstances. My older sister is five years older than me and my two younger siblings are twins so they have that bond. We were the closest in age and both guys so we just spent the most time together. I once knocked someone out cold because they were giving my brother a hard time at school and I happened to see. Needles to say he was never bothered again after that and it was absolutely worth the week's suspension. So yeah, we're pretty close.

Phyllis: That's a pretty strong bond. Are you that protective of your girlfriend, too?

Will: Oh yeah, if someone tried to hurt Penelope I'd have no problem doing the same to them. 

Phyllis: And you don't care of any consequences that could come from that?

Will: No. You lay a hand on my family and you should expect it.

Phyllis: (accepting nod) Fair enough then. How long have you been dating Penelope?

Will: Almost four years. We met waiting in line to get Grand Theft Auto V. We got talking because the line was huge and then she put her number inside my copy. 

Phyllis: (laughs) That's funny. Some people have sweet stories like "we were highschool sweethearts," or "we  didn't see each other for fifteen years then bumped into each other one day" or something like that, and then yours is "We met in line waiting for a video game." It's unique. 

Will: Yep. There, I opened up. Happy now?

Phyllis: See? It wasn't that bad!

Will: I only did it to get you to shut up.

Phyllis: (laughs) I'll take it.

(As the conversation winds up, the camera focuses on Phyllis, who is smiling.)

I can't believe that Will Donovan, of all people, opened up to me! He hasn't been forthcoming with any personal information at all, nor taken an interest in the lives of others, so I felt very privileged. It was a really great conversation and I enjoyed getting to know him like that. I've enjoyed getting to know a lot of people on a personal level, actually. At the end of the day we aren't robots; we're people with lives who come from all walks of life and it was interesting hearing about all their backgrounds. I'm absolutely playing to win but I wanted to know the people I'm playing with too. Hopefully that earns me some extra points on the Jury too!

Phyllis Carmichael

(The camera then focuses on Will as he sits and stares into space.)

I didn't come out here to be best buddies with the people I was playing with, I came to win. So I never really bothered opening up about my personal life because I thought it was pointless, since I was only going to see these guys for a month and then probably never again, and frankly I didn't want to because it's none of their business for the most part. That being said I did actually enjoy the conversation with Phyllis, even if I did only start it so she'd shut up. My mind is still in game mode, though and it got me thinking. Phyllis has personal connections with a lot of people and I don't, and if these people on the Jury are crybabies who vote for the person who kissed their ass the most, I'm in trouble. I know I easily played the better game so hopefully the Jury does their job, but you can never tell. I better not be screwed out of the million because I didn't sit around with a campfire singing kum-ba-<expletive>-ya with them, I'll be pissed off.

Will Donovan

There is a timeskip. The camera picks up again as Jacob and Phyllis return to camp, carrying a note with them. 

Phyllis: You guys, I think this is it! Our Final Immunity Challenge!

Veronica: What does the note say?

Phyllis:  "Congratulations, final four. You have done what fourteen of your fellow castaways could not and made it to day 38. Today you will honour them in a ceremony, where you will find the torches of all your fallen comrades and say some words in their memory. Follow this map and take the boat out to the island. When the ceremony is complete, you will proceed to your final immunity challenge." 

Jacob: It's here!

Veronica: Let's go, then!

(The four of them make their way out of camp and head towards the boat. The camera focuses on Will, who is frowning.)

I don't see why we're doing this stupid rites of passage thing when we could just be getting on with the immunity challenge. What's the <expletive> point of going to a ceremony for people I've either forgotten existed or don't care about? The way I see it is this stupid formality is just delaying the inevitable. Look around at my competition: I know that I'm absolutely going to crush this Final Challenge and then it's only counting down the moments until Jacob goes home. All this <expletive> about over nothing is just unnecessary. Just get things over with so we can get to Final Tribal Council.

Will Donovan

Rites of Passage 

For node count reasons, this will be housed on a subpage. Please actually read it as I promise to make it interesting and a lot of work goes into it!

Final Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The Final Four walk in and stand on the mat.)

Jeff: Are you guys ready to get to your final Immunity Challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: First thing's first, Will, I have to take it back. (He takes the necklace off Will) For the last time, immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you'll be using a long metal rod  to maneuver a small wooden bowl through a structure. The structure is on a spring, so if you touch it while you're maneuvering, you'll topple it and your bowls will fall, making you have to start again. The first person to stack all ten bowls will win immunity and guarantee themselves a spot at Final Tribal Council. We'll draw for spots and then we'll get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For immunity and a guaranteed spot at the Final Tribal Council... Survivors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: Operation Balance Build

Challenge Summary:

  • Will got off to a fast start, getting his first couple of bowls on top easily. but in his haste bumped the structure. Phyllis and Jacob took more methodical approaches and the former grabbed the lead early.  Meanwhile, Veronica kept struggling and bumping the structure. 
  • While Phyllis had the lead, Will managed to make up a lot of time by being more careful but still maintaining some speed. His catching up worried Phyllis, who increased her pace slightly and, consequentially, toppled her structure. With a groan of frustration, she began again.
  • This meant Jacob was in the lead, but Will was closing in fast. As they placed bowl number six and five respectively, Jacob reached for his seventh bowl and began moving it through, but mistimed the run and touched the structure, causing a couple of his bowls to fall and give Will the lead.
  • Phyllis began to catch up again, and Jacob worked fast to regain the lead. Will was on his eighth bowl as Jacob was on his sixth and Phyllis on her fourth.It became clear that they would just be waiting for Will to make a mistake. He placed his ninth bowl perfectly and moved onto his tenth.
  • As Will maneuvered the tenth and final bowl through the structure, he came close to the edge a couple of times, but after slowing himself down, he managed to get it through successfully. He then climbed the steps and placed the bowl on top of the others. After it held for a count of three, he earned the win. 


Will: (jumps off the steps and pumps his fist.) YES! YES!

Jacob: (slumps down to the ground) Uuughh... if only I hadn't knocked that structure.

(There is a timeskip and the castaways are back on the mat.)

Jeff: Will, come on over. 

(With a huge smile, Will walks over to Jeff and has the necklace placed on him.)

Jeff: Will, you're guaranteed a spot in the Final Tribal Council and will live to see Day 39. As for the rest of you, after 38 tough days, someone's million dollar dream is going to fall just short. You have the afternoon to figure out who's not going to Final Tribal. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you tonight.

(The castaways walk out of the challenge area.)

Day 38 Pre-Tribal

(Following Will's immunity win, the Final Four return to camp.)

Jacob: Congrats, Will!

Veronica: Yeah, great job on making it to Final Tribal! 

Will: Thanks. I knew I would.

(Will hangs the necklace up outside the shelter, a smile on his face.)

I've won the Final Immunity Challenge! I'm now guaranteed to make the end and all I have to do is make sure Jacob doesn't get there. I'm sure he'll scramble, but there's no way tonight's Tribal ends with any situation other than Jacob being voted out. Anyone who takes Jacob to the end with them is stupid.

Will Donovan

(As soon as this is over, Will walks over to Phyllis and Veronica.)

Will: Jacob tonight.

Phyllis: No doubt.

Veronica: Yep, I'm with you all the way.

Will: Good. None of you go getting any stupid ideas. 

Phyllis: Well, if that's all said and done, I'm going to go have a lie down. I'm feeling pretty tired. 

(Phyllis retreats into the shelter.)

I'm feeling confident the vote is going to go 3-1 Jacob with me getting the one from him. It makes the most sense from a strategic standpoint for Jacob to try and flip Veronica into making it a tie, and since Will has immunity, I'm the only option left. He might flip her, but I'm not worried about that. Even if it did happen, I would be able to comfortably beat him in a firemaking challenge. I'm confident I've booked my Final Three spot even without immunity, so I'm going to start preparing my speech for tomorrow's Final Tribal.

Phyllis Carmichael

Veronica: I'm gonna go for a walk down the beach!

(Veronica takes off.)

Will: I might go for a walk of my own. 

Phyllis: Okay, bye!

(Will takes off into the forest. Following this, the camera focuses on Jacob, who is standing outside the shelter.)

So, I lost the immunity challenge because of that structure. According to all laws of literally everything ever, I should not be allowed to make the end now. I haven't played well strategically, but the best part, my social game, means I have four and possibly five votes that have a very strong chance of going my way. I'm pretty sure the guys are confident that I'm going three to one, but I have one last trick up my sleeve! There's no question I'm voting Phyllis tonight and I know what I have to do. I've been around Will and Veronica for a while now, so I know all their weak points and I'm gonna try and manipulate those to get them to think they're taking me to a tie, but their individual votes will get me over the line. It's a long-shot, but it's all I have right now. (giggles) If I somehow manage to pull this off, forget the heist of the century; this could be the heist of the millennium!

Jacob Chapman

(Following this, Jacob immediately takes off down the beach.)

Phyllis: Good luck!

Jacob: Thanks!

(The camera picks up as Jacob joins Veronica down the beach.)

Jacob: Hey, Veronica!

Veronica: Hi Jacob!

Jacob: I'm gonna get right into this; I know it might be pretty set that I'm going home, but do you think it's possible you could take me to a tie?

Veronica: I don't know... 

Jacob: I mean, you  know I've played a cleaner game than Phyllis and I'd deserve to go to the end. Phyllis has literally flipped and flopped all game and I've stayed loyal to my allies the whole way. It wouldn't be much for me to go  to the tiebreaker, right?

Veronica: Well, that's true... I know you desevre to win if you get there, but if I do this favour for you, what if you win? 

Jacob: I literally won't. Look, I'm really bad at fire and Phyllis is good. All I'm asking is you give me the chance at a tie. It won't impact anything, it'll just be 2-2 instead of 3-1. By the way, if you did this, it'd be a great move to show the Jury you were independent of WIll. The way people are gonna look at it is you just followed him when he backstabbed you heaps of times. If you did this for me, you could show the Jury that you made a decision without him!

Veronica: You're right. I didn't just follow Will, but what if people think that? Maybe taking you to the tie is the least I could would show the Jury that I was independent of Will, right? And it wouldn't even change anything because you aren't going to win the fire tie anyway.

Jacob: Exactly! It'd be a gain for me because I get to fight for my spot, even if I am gonna lose, and it'd be a gain for you to say in front of the Jury as well! Really, all I want is to go to the tiebreaker. Are you gonna? 

Veronica: I'll think about it! I promise.

Jacob: That's all I ask, thanks!

(Jacob walks away. The camera focuses on him as he smiles.)

I put my argument forward for Veronica. The key to her is playing to emotions and her feminism. I basically said all I wanted to do was go to the tie and it'd be her doing me a favour, but it'd also be making a move independent of Will because the Jury would just see her as his goat. Will is kinda sexist and misogynistic so I don't think Veronica would much like being the goat of him, plus we bonded yesterday and I think she likes me, so maybe she'd do it as a personal favour since I'm not gonna win the tie anyway. It's all I had to give for her, so I hope it pays off!

Jacob Chapman

(The camera then changes focus to Veronica, who is thinking about what Jacob said.)

Jacob asked me to help him get to the tiebreaker and I'm thinking about it. He's right: he's played a cleaner game than Phyllis and probably deserves to go to the end over her/ Even if he won't win, he really wants to just go to the tie. I like Jacob so it would be the least I could do for him. Also, if I did this on my own, I could have something that would be clearly my move on my own and not just following Will. I know that's not how I played, but others might see that. I'm not winning anyway, but it would be nice to at least have something to say to the Jury. I might go with it, but what if the Jury just thinks I'm stupid for giving me a chance? Ugh, even more heat. I don't know if I could deal with that, so maybe I should just stick with voting Jacob out. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but there's pros and cons to both.

Veronica O'Hara

(Following this, the camera picks up next as Jacob makes his way to where Will is in the forest.)

Jacob: Hi, Will!

Will: (without looking up) No.

Jacob: What?

Will: No.

Jacob: But I didn't say anything.

Will: I know what you're going to say, and no.

Jacob: Busted! Look, dude, will you at least hear me out?

Will: Fine, but it doesn't mean I'm doing anything.

Jacob: That's cool, but dude, could you tie the votes for me? 

Will: Why would you want to tie the votes? 

Jacob: Just so I can at least say I died at my own hand. (giggles) In all seriousness, though, let's be real; you don't have the social connections on the Jury that Phyllis does. There could be a lot of people voting her and you need all the Jury votes you're going to get. If you take me to the tiebreaker, I'll vote for you. I promise. Like, it'd be the last thing I'd remember on the Jury and I've always stuck to my word out here.

WIll: Suppose I did it. What if you won?

Jacob: Dude, I'm literally so bad at fire. Phyllis has been doing it for 38 days, she'd cream me. And even if Hell froze over and I did win, would that be a bad thing? I've played terribly, dude. I voted in the minority a bazillion times, almost every move I tried failed and I got back into the game only because of an idol. I literally have nothing to show strategically. You'd have me well and truly beat on that front. Phyllis has played a decent game, she's been in control of the vote most times and she changed the game by working with Maria, but then turned on her at the right time. Her stuff worked, mine didn't.

Will: Fair. You'd vote for me if I took you to the tiebreaker?

Jacob: Yeah, totally. 

Will: I'll think about it but that doesn't mean I'll do it, okay?

Jacob: Okay, dude, that's all I ask! Thanks!

(Jacob walks away. The camera focuses on him.)

I've said all I can say to Will. The dude wants to win and if he thinks he can get any sort of advantage at the end, he's gonna take it. Whether it be taking me to the tie to guarantee my vote, or if he wants to face me at the end over Phyllis because I haven't done a lot strategically, he'll want all the votes he can get. I basically made myself seem weak to him and, unlike Veronica where I proposed it would be of mutual benefit to both of us, I had to make it seem like it benefited him and only him. Will wouldn't care about the benefits to others; he cares about himself and that's it. Hopefully I've done enough to convince Will it would benefit him to tie the votes! Except the votes won't actually be tied if Veronica follows through too! (giggles) Oh man, you know, I've spent so much time working on this plan that I really, really want it to pull off now! How amazing would it be if I walked into Tribal, everyone was confident I was going, and then Phyllis left unanimously? Now that would be a strategic play! The looks on their faces would be priceless!

Jacob Chapman

(The camera then transitions to Will, who is frowning.)

Jacob's clearly scrambling. Let's not get that wrong. But, reluctantly, I do admit there's some truth in what he says. Phyllis has social connections and I don't, so I would need all the free Jury votes I could get. If taking Jacob to a tie meant I got a free Jury vote out of it, no loss, he's going to be crushed in a tiebreaker anyway. Phyllis also has a lot of strategy to present to the Jury, but Jacob's done absolutely nothing except be friends with people. Sure he'd have four Jury votes locked, but there's nine people on the Jury so I could theoretically win the other five by arguing my clearly superior strategic game. The strategic side of the Jury might be divided between Phyllis and I, even though I've played better than her, so the social side might give her the win. Imagine how <expletive> embarrassing that would be. It might be of benefit to take Jacob to a tie for that reason. Although, I don't want to be the <expletive> idiot who gets manipulated into taking the obvious winner to the end. But is he the obvious winner in a situation with me, Veronica and him in the final? That's the question. Whatever I do tonight, it's benefiting me. No one else.

Will Donovan

(The day fades into the late afternoon. The next shot we see is Jacob, trying to practice firemaking.)

Jacob: (striking the flint) Come on, come on.

I'm practicing fire just in case my plan works on one person but not the other. I'm crap at it, I'll be the first to admit, but I've got a few hours left before Tribal, so all I can do is practice. Who knows? Maybe I'll catch Phyllis completely off guard and scramble her brains and this few hours practice will be enough to get me over the line. I mean, Phyllis is great at fire, but all I've got left now is to hope. There is no way in Hell I'm going to give up. If I do go to fire, even though Phyllis is better than me, I'm gonna make it one tough battle for her. If I manage to get through tonight, I'm gonna be so excited. Day 39 is so damn close and I've gone through so much. It would kill to have to fall short now.

Jacob Chapman

The camera fades away with one last shot of Jacob making fire, before there is a timeskip and the sun sets.

Tribal Council- Day 38

(The Final Four walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: We'll now bring in the members of our Jury: Isla, Constance, Celia, Misty, Luca, Maria, Adrian, and Oswald, voted out at the last Tribal Council. 

(The Jury walk in and sit down. Noticing Will has immunity, Isla does a massive eye roll as she takes her seat.)

Jeff: Right, let's get things started. Will, you've won immunity, so you're guaranteed a spot at Final Tribal. What's your strategy for the vote tonight?

Will: Whatever's going to get me the win. I need to put myself in the most advantageous position possible, whatever that is.

Jeff: Veronica, what kind of scrambling has been going on?

Veronica: People want to get to the end, Jeff, so they're arguing however they can to do that. I know I'm not winning anyway, so it doesn't matter who I go up against. 

Jeff: So, if you think you're not winning, what do you do tonight?

Veronica: I know I'm getting blasted by the Jury, so whatever's going to give me less heat from them.

Jeff: So, from basic deduction, it's either Jacob or Phyllis going home tonight. Jacob, tell everyone here why you deserve to stay.

Jacob: Basically, I suck. Like, I've voted in the minority and most of my stuff has gone wrong. Even though I made a couple of friends, I think i'd be easier to beat than Phyllis in front of a Jury.

Jeff: Phyllis, why should you stay?

Phyllis: Because Jacob destroys anyone in front of a Jury. He might not have played the best strategic game, but he has a lot of people who are going to vote for him regardless. I don't have that many locks on the Jury, so it would be easier to beat me than Jacob.

Jeff: Okay, if there's no more issues, let's get to the vote. Will has immunity, you cannot vote for him. Everybody else is fair game. Phyllis, you're up.

(Phyllis walks up to vote. She is shown writing SOCIAL KING JACOB on the parchment before her confessional is revealed.)

I seriously hope no one's buying what you're putting down. Just in case, here's so people know the mistake they made. You're the obvious threat to win and anyone who can't see that hasn't been paying attention.

–Phyllis, voting for Jacob

(Will then goes up to vote. His is not shown. He is then followed by Jacob, whose vote for Phyllis is publicly revealed.)

I really, really hope that worked. I want to make the end so bad.

–Jacob, voting for Phyllis

(Lastly, Veronica goes up to vote and pauses at the booth. The camera fades away as she begins to write, next showing her sitting down in her seat.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Jacob: Awwww, how nice! 

PHYLLIS. One vote Jacob, one vote Phyllis. (1-1)

(As Jeff pulls out the next vote, the camera focuses individually on Will and then Veronica.)

PHYLLIS. Two votes Phyllis, one vote Jacob, one vote left. (2-1)

Phyllis: (shaking her head) Oh my Goodness...

(Will glares at Veronica, maintaining eye contact with her for a few seconds.)

Jacob: One more, baby. One more...

(Jeff pulls out the last vote.)

JACOB. We have a tie. (2-2)

Jacob: Aw, shucks. Thanks, whoever got me to the tie!

Will: (glares at Veronica, shakes head) Idiot.

Jeff: Okay, we have a tie. Here's what's going to happen: Jacob and Phyllis. You'll compete in a fire-making duel. The first castaway to make a fire tall enough to break the rope and raise their flag wins the final spot in Day 39.  You guys can take your stations and we'll get started.

(Jacob and Phyllis take their positions.)

Jeff: For a spot in the Final Tribal Council... begin.

Challenge Summary: 

  • Phyllis got off to a slow start, a little caught off guard, and Jacob was able to get a small fire going. He tinkered with it and got the flame to stay a little while, but it eventually went out. He went back to trying. 
  • Phyllis soon gathered her bearings and began making fire quickly, producing a flame that she protected with coconut husk and other items. Her flame grew a bit, but died down soon after.
  • Jacob tried hard and managed to get small flames, but couldn't get much further each time. Phyllis, on the other hand, managed to get another substantial flame going, which burned and gradually grew bigger. Jacob tried to get a bigger flame going, but once again, struggled. Phyllis' flame grew bigger and bigger until it almost reached the rope. Jacob furiously tried to work something to stay alive, once again creating a small flame... 

  • But in the end, Phyllis' fire managed to burn through the rope and raise her flag.

Jeff: Phyllis wins the duel and lives to see Day 39! Jacob, you will become the fifteenth person voted out and the ninth and final member of the Jury. You need to bring me your torch.

Jacob: Sure thing.

(Phyllis celebrates with a smile as Jacob stands up and gives her a big hug. He then moves to Veronica and gives her a hug too. Finally, he stops at Will. Will gives a small smile and offers his hand out to shake, but Jacob gives him a hug.  Will stands there like a tree and does not reciprocate at all. Jacob, laughing, lets go of the hug and goes back to get his torch, which he puts in front of Jeff.)

Jeff: Jacob...

Jacob: That's me!

Jeff: (smiles) The tribe has spoken.

(Jeff snuffs Jacob's torch.)

Jeff: Time for you to go. 

Jacob: (turns to the group) Bye guys! Good luck!

Veronica: (waves) Bye, Jacob!

(With a final wave, Jacob departs the Tribal Council area, muttering "Almost worked!" under his breath.)

Jeff: Phyllis, Veronica, Will, you are now the Final Three. Congratulations on making it as far as you can possibly go. The power now shifts from you, to the Jury. Nine people, including Jacob, who you either indirectly or directly had a hand in voting out will now decide which one of you becomes the Sole Survivor. I suggest you get some sleep because you're gonna need it. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

(The Final Three leave Tribal Council.)

Tribal Council 15:
Phyllis (2 votes)
JacobChapman VeronicaO&#039;Hara
Jacob, Veronica
Jacob (2 votes)
PhyllisCarmichael WillDonovan
Phyllis, Will
Jacob Chapman

Voting Confessionals- Day 38

I applaud you for trying but do you really think I'm that stupid? You would have proven your strategic game and made a strike against mine. I'm not going to be the idiot manipulated into screwing myself out of a million dollars.

–Will, voting for Jacob

I feel this is the least I could do for Jacob. Plus this shows that I'm not just Will's sheep. Jacob won't win the duel anyway, but if I can give him one last shot, I think that's what he deserves.

–Veronica, voting for Jacob

Final Words- Day 38

Damn! My plan almost worked. Wow, what a crazy way to end the thirty-eight-day emotional rollercoaster that this experience has been. I've had big ups and huge downs too but overall, I had a fantastic time. I finally got to experience what my mom got to do twice and I made some really great friends that I'll treasure for life along the way. I'm a little bummed that I didn't make the end now, because if that plan had worked, I totally would have won. Oh well, this Final Three's gonna be fun and I genuinely have no clue who I'm voting for, so I can't wait to see it all unfold!

Jacob Chapman

Night 38

(Following Jacob's elimination, The Final Three return to camp.)

Phyllis: We made it to the Final Three, guys!

Will: Yes, and with exactly the right people. This is the group the three of us needed. 

We achieved the ultimate goal tonight and Jacob went home, which means I'm now poised with the ideal two opponents. There was a bump in the road though, because Veronica had some sort of aneurysm and decided to let Jacob into the tiebreaker. She must have eaten every bite of the bull<expletive> he fed her. He tried doing the same to me, but I was never going to be the idiot manipulated into giving away a million dollars. Firstly, I knew he'd be talking to Veronica. Secondly, if I did it, even if he's out, I look like the complete idiot Veronica's about to look like in front of the Jury. If he made it, then he has something over me strategically and I lose the strategic votes and then the game. I didn't think about it for longer than a minute.

Will Donovan

Veronica: At least Jacob got to go out fighting, though. 

Will: Yes, because he was given the chance by you. Why did you do it? 

Veronica: Because he deserved to at least be given a shot to fight for it. 

Will: You know if he'd won, you would have absolutely destroyed any chance I had of winning the game, don't you?

Veronica: I knew he wasn't going to win, which is why I did it. 

Phyllis: It doesn't matter what happened. The good thing is that we're all still here.

Veronica: Exactly!

Phyllis: Oh my Goodness, I can't believe we're going to wake up tomorrow on Day 39!

Veronica: I know, right? It's so exciting!

Will can get mad at me all he wants but I did a good thing tonight and it was what was best for me. I knew Jacob was going to lose so there was no harm done. If I knew he would win I wouldn't have done it. I wanted to do something that showed everyone I was independent of Will and able to make my own choices and that provided me the perfect opportunity to do so. I don't even get why Will's so upset about it when he's still in the game anyway. I know I'm going to take a battering from the Jury tomorrow and, for some things, rightly so but if I can own up to some decent parts of my game, it should make the experience much less painful.

Veronica O'Hara

(From Veronica's confessional, the three castaway are next shown bidding each other goodnight and heading into the shelter. The camera then fades away.)

Day 39

The camera opens on Day 39 with jovial, upbeat music as the castaways climb out of the shelter.

Veronica: You guys, it's Day 39! We're here! We woke up and it's the last day!

Phyllis: I am so unbelievably excited! I never imagined I'd get here and I can't wait for tonight! 

To be able to wake up on Day 39 was just... euphoric. I made it. I fought from the bottom on Day One and I'm still here now with a really strong chance to win. I never imagined I would be able to sit here making this confessional, but I am. I feel like, any moment, my eyes are going to flick open and I'll be laying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling and realising that all this incredible experience was just some sort of terrific dream. I've done amazing things, taking myself off the bottom, flipping and taking control of the game and having to fight for my spot in the game so many times, including at the Final Four against Jacob. This show takes away the basic comforts in life for a little while, but in return it leaves you incredible memories that last a lifetime. If you manage to make it all the way to Day 39, it just makes it that much more special.

Phyllis Carmichael

Will: I can't wait to eat

Phyllis: (gasps) Oh my Goodness, we're getting breakfast today! Let's go check treemail!

(The three of them get up and go walking towards treemail. Will is nonchalant but the two women could not be more excited. As they walk to treemail and see the basket of food, they start jumping up and down.)

Veronica: Food! Look!

Phyllis: There's pancake mix, eggs, bacon, cheese, bread, sausage... real food!

Will: Yes. Food. Exciting. Now can we actually cook it?

(The three of them take the basket and walk back to camp. There is then a montage as the eggs, bacon, sausage and pancake mixed are all cooked. The castaways pile their plates high with this, in addition to bread, cheese and fruit. They all then help themselves to mimosas from the orange juice and champagne provided and sit back to eat.)

Veronica: (eating a sausage and some egg) Oh my God, this is amazing!

Finally being able to have a breakfast other than just rice and beans felt incredible! I got to have egg and sausage and pancakes, and I mean, I don't even have those normally, so it was really special! Having the Day 39 breakfast almost made me forget about the game and the things that are coming tonight. I was so grateful for that temporary relief. I know things are going to be very difficult at Final Tribal, so at least I got to spent some part of today happy!

Veronica O'Hara

(There are a few more shots of the castaways eating and drinking, before the camera comes back to real time and Phyllis is having her last bite of pancake.)

Phyllis: That was delicious! (eyeing the orange juice and champagne) Dare I be naughty and have another mimosa?

Will: Do it. If you're drunk then it makes Final Tribal easier for the both of us.

Phyllis: (laughs) You're right, I'd better not get drunk, just to make it harder on you!

Will: Fine, I like a challenge anyway.

Veronica: Do you guys want more alcohol-free orange juice?

Phyllis: Oh, yes please! 

Will: (as Veronica pours them all orange juices) Imagine if they somehow managed to make orange juice itself alcoholic. 

Veronica: The world wouldn't be safe anymore!

(They drink up.)

Veronica: Good luck tonight, you guys. I know it's gonna be between you two. I'll probably get Luca's vote if I get any at all.

Will: I think the Jury's going to hate me. (laughs) 

Phyllis: Yeah, there's going to be some people who have a bone or two to pick with me, I think. 

Veronica: I remember there was a jury removal on some season... if you guys could remove someone from the Jury, who would it be?

Will: (without any hesitation whatsoever) Isla.

Veronica: That was fast.

Will: She's never going to vote for me.

Veronica: Probably not.  I'd probably remove, um... I don't know, Adrian? I mean, no one's going to vote for me anyway, but I  feel like Adrian's going to give me a hard time.

Phyllis: I haven't thought about this much, but if I had to choose, I'd probably take Constance off the Jury. I don't know how she's going to feel about me flipping.

Will: Interesting. The Jury's probably going to be pretty bitter at the both of us for the moves we've made. I know that I did what I had to do but others won't see it that way. I'm well aware of that.

I know that I played the best strategic game out of the three of us, but I'm not going to go in there assuming that all nine of them are going to think that way. That's just stupid. I know there are people who wouldn't vote me if their life depended on it. I know Phyllis has a lot more social connections than me and with the emotional state of some people, she might steal a vote away from me. I know I have what it takes to win though. I've been playing hard and trampling anyone who dares to get in my way since the first day. People are hesitant to take control, but I grabbed it from the very first day and when people tried to take it from me, I took it right back. I did have a social game. I was well aware of things going on around me, even if I wasn't being best friends with everyone. I'm going to approach the Final Tribal Council the same way I have all game: blunt, no nonsense, truthful answers. I don't care what they want to hear, they're getting exactly what happened. The Jury should respect that enough for me to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

Will Donovan

(There is then a timeskip until the late afternoon. The three of them are sitting around camp.)

Phyllis: I can't believe it's almost time to say goodbye to this place.

Veronica: I'm going to miss it...

Will: I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bed again.

Veronica: Oh, aren't we all? 

Phyllis: We've still got some time before Tribal, do you guys want to go for one last walk down the beach? 

Will: Sure.

(The three of them get up and head down the beach, walking side by side.)

Will: If there's one thing I'll miss about Bermuda, it's the beach.

Phyllis: Definitely. I loved being able to wake up and look right out at the water every morning. 

Veronica: It was a place of reflection, too. If you needed to get away from people, you could just come here. The water lapping against the shore was so calming. 

Phyllis: True. Gosh, I can't believe it's almost over. We're not coming back here again, guys. It feels so weird to say that.

Veronica: Then let's enjoy this walk!

(The three of them silently walk down the beach, the camera focusing on Phyllis.)

I can't believe I'm going to be able to fight for a million dollars in just a couple of hours. I never knew, on Day One, that I'd be able to get here when things started the way they did. I've fought so hard for so long to put myself in this position and I know there are people who aren't going to want to vote for me, but I hope I can show the Jury I've had the fight in me and reached my goal of the end with every move I've made. I need to own up to my game and show every move was necessary to get me here. I've got so much motivation to win tonight, not just because of how hard I've worked, but just to give my family that last happy memory we can cherish together. None of this has been about the million dollars for me; it has all been about my husband. He's been at the centre of every decision I've made, and he'll be at the front of my mind when I face the Jury tonight. Everything I do is for him, and if this is the last thing he'll remember me for before his memory starts to deteriorate and he forgets our time together, then I need to make him proud.

Phyllis Carmichael

The castaways then go up to camp and pack their belongings for the last time as sad music accompanies them. As they each finish packing the last of their belongings, they stand back and take one last look at the shelter.

Phyllis: Well... (sighs) This is it.

Veronica: This is the last time we'll see that shelter. So many memories have been made here.

Will: Some of them are fond, others aren't. There's been so much drama here too.

Veronica: Oh, yeah, definitely, there's some things we all want to leave behind in Bermuda.

Phyllis: It's now or never, guys... to Final Tribal we go. 

Veronica: Awww, I'm getting emotional now! Bye, shelter!

Will: It's an inanimate object. It can't hear you or respond, or even be aware you're here.

The castaways turn away and walk down the path to Tribal Council. The camera pans one last, long shot of the forest, then the beach and waves, and finally, the now deserted shelter that housed the castaways for so long, before the camera fades away. 

Final Tribal Council

(The Final Three walk into Tribal Council and sit down.)

Jeff: We'll now bring in our Jury: Isla, Constance, Celia, Misty, Luca, Maria, Adrian, Oswald, and Jacob, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

(The Jury walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: Phyllis, Veronica, Will, welcome to Final Tribal Council. The three of you have gone as far as you can go in this game. Tonight is the night that you will be held accountable for your actions as the power now shifts from you, to the Jury, nine people that played the game with you and were voted out, either indirectly or directly, by you. Tonight, it is your job to convince them that you are the one deserving of the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize. You'll each get a chance to make an opening statement, then the Jury will individually receive the chance to make a statement or ask you questions. The Jury will then cast their million dollar votes. We'll begin with your opening statements. Veronica, you're up first.

Veronica: Thanks, Jeff. (she turns to the Jury) Hi, everyone! Firstly, I want to say that I'm under no delusions that I'm winning tonight, or in with much a chance at any votes at all, but I'm still going to try my hardest and answer any questions you might have for me. I'm an emotional person in real life, and I undoubtedly let my frustrations and emotions get the better of me out here. As a result I said and did some truly terrible things that went far beyond the game and for that I truly apologise. I felt I was never able to shrug the reputation of being emotional and people never listened to me even though I had a lot of great ideas, some of which turned out to be right, which only increased my frustrations and made me more emotional, so I was stuck in this endless loop. While it's true I based a lot of my endgame on emotion, but that was only once I realised my slim chances of winning were gone after the incident with Phyllis on the beach. I did try to play strategically, and that included sticking with the Gombey Five, then to my trio of Luca and Adrian, even when I didn't 100% agree with their decisions. Then, at the Final Six, I had all the power and was able to freely choose who I eliminated and I went with Adrian for strategic reasons. I know it's not much, but it's something. I'm ready for anything you give me because I deserve it.

Jeff: Thank you Veronica. Phyllis, we'll go with you next.

Phyllis: Thanks. (She turns to the Jury) Hi, guys. I want to begin by saying that I think no one in this Final Three has had to fight harder than me to get here. I was on the bottom since day one purely because I was judged to be weak due to my age. This forced me to play with the cards I was given and I think I've done the best possible job with that. I'm a sixty-four year old woman, so my physical game was always going to be virtually non-existent. That meant I had to step up my strategic and social game and I did that. As far as the social game goes, I made an effort to get to know many of you on a personal level as well as alliance members. I can tell you some things about people that a lot of you don't know. For example, Adrian can play the piano in complete darkness. I can also tell you Will has four siblings, he's the middle child, the youngest siblings are a set of twins, and he's closest to his brother Cody. A social game isn't just being friends with people, though, it's about recognising your position and knowing when to make a move. That's why I was able to flip Constance and Adrian on day six and carefully make my flips against Constance and then Maria, so I was positioned perfectly to make it here.

(The camera flashes to Constance, who looks a little confused at this.)

Phyllis: As far as strategy goes, my first move was to go to Constance and Adrian and convince them they were on the bottom, which got them the heat for the move and I skated by, idol in my pocket, with no heat. Then Veronica was looking for the idol and didn't trust me, so I had to make a fake one in case she went looking, but that was found by Luca. I couldn't tell Luca about my idol because of how loyal he was to Gombey. If I told him, I felt he'd tell the group or try and convince me to use it for them, which would tie me down to that alliance and I couldn't have that. The other big highlight for me was working with Maria, who everyone saw as the big threat but I saw as a smart player who I could use to eliminate people. I got Celia out, who would never work with me, and then was able to get rid of Misty, who was the biggest threat to win. I then was able to flip against her at seven, knowing that it wasn't smart to go with her as she'd crush me, and again, it would set me perfectly for the final three as Adrian, Jacob and Oswald were the three big targets. I believe I played at the top of my game strategically and also backed it up well socially, which is why I deserve your votes tonight, for the overall strongest game.

Jeff: Alright, Will, your turn.

Will: (turns to the Jury) I'm aware that a lot of you might not like me or feel you know nothing about me. That's not the game I came out here to play, because the people who try to be everyone's friends and are liked by everyone always end up on the Jury. I played this game cold, headstrong and determined to get what I wanted, which was to end up here playing the most dominant game. I started playing hard from the get-go. I knew who my threats were and I exhausted every possible means to get them out. That's why I went after Kelsie first and didn't just let Isla go. Kelsie was going to take control of the game, so I took advantage of the situation, convinced those around me it was in their best interest to get rid of her, and she was gone. Through my social relationship with Misty I was able to maintain control of Stovel until the swap. When the swap hit, Ryan was the alpha male and wanted me gone, so of course he had to go. I had Constance and Adrian, but I was able to flip Veronica purely by acting like a friend and convincing her that she wasn't working with Constance and Adrian- who she hated- but working with me, and I just so happened to be with them. It worked and I had control of post-swap Stovel. At the merge, my relationship with Veronica resulted in me learning of Isla's plan to get rid of me, so I swung Somers my way by not offering them an alliance, which would make them more useful down the road. It was my idea to flip Phyllis, but I told Misty to talk to her, knowing she was better socially than I was. I went along with saving Maria at ten to put a bigger target in front of me, as I was getting a lot of votes. I was able to get rid of Misty at nine because she'd crush me at the end and there was no other opportunity to get rid of her. I've been in control or in the know for every single vote bar one, and then I retaliated by getting rid of Adrian and leaving Phyllis out, because I knew nobody could come in here with an advantage over me strategically. 

(Misty is shown simply nodding at this, while Constance again looks confused.)

Will: As for my social game? It existed, but not in the Jacob way. I know I'm not a social person, so I made relationships with Misty and then Maria, who acted as my social keys to get extra numbers to pull off the votes I needed. My relationship with Veronica also gave me access to votes and I ensured I was able to use her emotions to my advantage and get myself here. And that is why have played the most dominant game.

Jeff: Okay, we've heard from all the finalists, let's get started on the speeches. I'll give you a moment to take everything in and we'll get things underway.

Isla's Speech

Jeff: Isla, you're up first.

Isla: Ugh, okay.

(Isla stands up and faces the Jury)

Isla: First off, I can't believe we're going to have an ugly winner in my season, like, that's just so embarrassing. Secondly, I'm not doing questions because that's boring and way too much effort. I already know who I'm voting for and none of you can change my mind. Will, I hate you. Veronica, you are the ugliest person I've ever met in my entire life, you're the worst ally ever and you literally ruined my entire game because you're so stupid even a <expletive> could do better than you. I hated you from the moment I met you and I hate you even more than Whitney. I've never hated anyone in my life as much as you. 

(Veronica is stunned by Isla's response to her and a tear rolls down her cheek. The camera pans to Constance, who rolls her eyes, and Luca, who looks like he's about to start crying too.)

Isla: Ugh. Phyllis, you're ugly too and you ruined my life by telling everyone my amazing tribename IBIQ wasn't Bermudan, but I'm voting for you because there's literally no one else. If you don't win, this season's ruined. Okay, bye.

(Phyllis shrugs and nods, while Will smirks, as Isla sits down, acting as if nothing has happened.)

Jeff: Very strong words to start us off. Veronica, do you need a minute?

Veronica: (shaky breath, wiping a tear) No, I'm fine. 

Celia's Speech

Jeff: Celia, you're up next.

Celia: Alright, let's do this.

(Celia gets down off the Jury bench and faces the finalists.)

Celia: Okay, first, I want to get one thing out of the way. We're voting based on the game. If I hear any sympathy grabs or sob story bull<expletive>, unless it's specifically relevant to the question, you're losing my vote. I don't care if you were homeless and had a drug addict mom; I don't care if you had a car accident and had to learn to walk again; I don't care if you're doing this because your intellectually disabled sister has  some rare form of aggressive cancer and the life saving treatment costs half a million dollars  or anything like that. I only care about the game, and my vote is going to go to who played the best one and who gives me the straight up, no bull<expletive> answer. Okay?

(The Final Three nod.)

Celia: Will, you talk and gloat of this amazing strategic game, but you know what I think? You're giving yourself way too much credit because you made some really stupid moves. You said you were only out of the loop once, fine, but in that vote you wanted to vote out Phyllis over Maria? So Maria would be sitting here instead of her?

Will: That was my plan, yes. 

Celia: (raises arms in disbeief) Why!? That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. She would have crushed you, this wouldn't even be a contest. 

Will: My plan with the whole Phyllis vote was to take Maria by surprise and leave her out so I could have something over her here. Maria did play a good game, but if I had that advantage over her, displayed my total strategic control and my social game, I could have proven that I played a better game than her. Maria had to rely on idols and necklaces, I didn't. Most of her moves- for example, voting Isla out and being able to eliminate Misty- were ones she either needed me for, or I instigated instead of her. I felt I could have played that card and beaten her, although it would have been hard.

Celia: Okay, fine. Phyllis, you were clearly obsessed with working with Maria and I get you thought she was a number for you, but why did you go about my elimination so stupidly? You nearly screwed yourself out of an ally. Jacob tried to tell me Maria was voting my way,  but I was too stubborn to listen. If I had and flipped my vote to Maria, she would have gone. But even with Maria flipping her vote, the votes still tied and you  had to convince eight people to go along with it. Why not just tell her to use her idol or flip your vote?

Phyllis: I was hoping someone would bring this up because I wanted to address it. I'm gonna disspell any myth that Maria and I had been in cahoots since the merge; that's not true. I didn't know Maria had an idol at that point. The reason I didn't flip my vote was that I was already under a lot of heat from Luca, Adrian and especially Veronica for flipping my vote the round before. I knew that if I flipped again, not only would I expose Maria and I as a duo, I'd also completely lose the trust of Gombey and I'd be forced into using my idol the very next round, then I wouldn't have lasted much longer. It was a risk to take it to a tie but it was something I had to do or I wouldn't be sitting here. 

Celia: Thanks for that. Veronica... are you a feminist?

Veronica: Yes, I absolutely am. I believe in equality for all women.

Celia: Then why the Hell did you let yourself get dragged through the game by Will and do exactly as he told you? Will did not care about you at all and he only pretended he did to advance himself in the game, but you were so deluded into thinking he was your friend that you bowed to him. It was like watching an abusive relationship. Even when he completely burned you, you went back to him. I heard from people that you bitched about how misogynistic, sexist and awful Will was, yet you did everything with him in mind, not wanting to screw him out of the million dollars because you owed him. You did not do anything to go against Will, ever.

Veronica: That's not true! I wasn't dragged by Will at all. At the Final Six, Will's game was in my hands.  I voted for him one round! I went back to him because he was the only one who even wanted to talk to me when I told Phyllis... you know what! I made moves independent of him, too. At the Final Four, I took Jacob to the firemaing tie. 

Celia: Yeah, and even that was with Will in mind. You told Oswald that you didn't think it was fair to screw WIll out of the million. You took Jacob to the tie because you knew he wasn't going to win. If you thought he would have won, you would have voted him out. Will made you think he was your best friend. You were never independent of him and I can't believe you think you were. 

Veronica: (hurt) That's not fair, Celia!

Celia: (mimicking) That's not fair, Celia! (normal voice) God, shut up. I can't believe you sit here deluding yourself even now into thinking you weren't just WIll's goat. Even if you hadn't told Phyllis to kill herself, none of us would have voted for you regardless. You claim to be a feminist, yet you slaved away to a man who emotionally abused you, didn't even like you, and you openly felt was sexist. You made women look weak. You make me <expletive> embarrassed to be one. 

(Celia sits down. The camera pans to Luca, whose face crumples. More tears flow from Veronica.)

Luca's speech

Jeff: Luca, you're up next. 

Luca: (deep sigh) Okay

(Luca gets up and faces the finalists.)

Luca: Hi, guys... (sigh) I'm sorry, those two speeches were really difficult for me to listen to. I didn't realise people were this angry. My speech isn't going to be like that, okay? I want to give the three of you a fair chance to explain some things.

(The three nod.)

Luca: Okay, I guess I'll start with Will? I didn't get to talk to you a lot. I guess you didn't seem all that interested? I learned a lot about these people personally and so did a lot of others. I want to know what, if any, you know about our personal lives, please.

Will: All I can tell you is that Misty's parents hate her and Isla hates this girl called Callie because she was the homecoming queen and Isla wanted to be. 

Luca: Okay, thank you. Phyllis, I know that you flipped several times, first on Constance and then on me. You then flipped on Maria. I'm not angry at you, because I understand you thought it was best for your game, but I'd like to give you  the opportunity to fully justify each flip. 

Phyllis: Thanks, Luca. Firstly, with Constance, the Gombey Five was made up of two pairs: you and Veronica and Constance and Adrian. The latter two were the much stronger pair who I knew would control immunity at the end game and they were the more strategic pair, too. I felt that, regardless of which way I went at the Final Five, whoever was leftover from the Constance/Adrian duo would win the Final Immunity and cast me out at fourth. I felt if I didn't flip that night, I would have been cornered into going Gombey all the way. Secondly, the flip on you. I felt that Jacob and Oswald were going to go after you, and I thought that if we somehow all made it through, I'd still be on the bottom of Gombey. Then I realised that, if a Brain was going to go regardless, I'd prefer it be you than Veronica or Adrian. Veronica was someone I could beat and Adrian was a bigger target in front of me, so unfortunately that just left you.

Luca: That's okay, I understand. What about Maria? 

Phyllis: Maria was someone I'd worked with most of the merge, but I knew she'd romp me at the end if we got there together. I felt that if I didn't turn and get her out then, she would just win the rest of the immunities and be safe all the way to the end. At Final Tribal, assuming I made it there and wasn't dumped in fourth, I would have been chastised for not getting rid of Maria when I could have. So, like the other two, it was a necessary flip to make sure I got to the end and did so with people I  could win against.

Luca: Thank you very much for that, it was really informative. Veronica, firstly, I want to apologise for the fact you had to sit through those two speeches. You said in your opening speech you deserved whatever you got, but you did not deserve that. Nobody ever deserves that,so I'm sorry it was given to you, and don't think it was justified. 

Veronica: Thank you, Luca. 

Luca: I also feel like you haven't been given a fair opportunity to explain your game, so I'd like to give that to you right now.

Veronica: I felt like I had a lot of great ideas but nobody listened to me because they dismissed me as some emotional lunatic. I said over and over on Gombey that Phyllis couldn't be trusted and Constance did that, and she was taken out by her. Then when that happened, I tried over and over again to tell you guys not to go with her. I wanted Maria out, I wanted Phyllis out over Misty, but you kept pulling me along and I couldn't outvote you. I feel like people are too focused on my emotions and aren't giving me any strategic credit. I stuck with Gombey both times because I wanted to prove that I was past the emotions, but people saw it as an emotional move against Will, which it wasn't. I was the one with the power at Final Six, not Will. I could have tied the votes and eliminated Jacob, I could have gotten Phyllis out, but I chose on my own, with all the information I had, to eliminate Adrian as the biggest threat. My game aside from that was sticking with the people who'd given me loyalty, like you and then Will later on. 

Luca: Thank you and I really hope the Jury paid attention to that. I want to apologise to you for making you feel like you weren't listened to, because that was never my intention and it hurts me that I made you feel that way. You know something, Veronica? I know that you're emotional but the strategies were there. I'm so proud of you for sticking all the way to the end, continuing to fight and soldiering on, even through the harsh Jury speeches, and even though your chances of winning might not be as high. You're setting a great example to your children here. You're doing a great job, keep it up! Don't let anything these guys say get to you personally, okay?

Veronica: It means so much to hear you say that. Thank you.

Luca: You're welcome.

(With a smile on his face, Luca sits down.)

Adrian's Speech

Jeff: Adrian, you’re up.

Adrian: Affirmative.

(Adrian stands up and goes to the finalists.)

Adrian: Greetings, finalists. I would like to precede my statements and queries by informing you that I will be entering tonight’s proceedings wholly void of prejudice. I, tantamount to the other competitors, do hold opinions on the strength of your participation in this competition. However, my endorsement for the finalist I wish to see victorious shall be derived from a combination of prior gameplay and your responses to my queries. I shall begin my obligations as a juror by questioning William.

Will: Do not call me William.

Adrian: Do you wish to hear my query or shall I refrain and therefore rescind your eligibility for my endorsement? (laughs) I am jesting. I only desired to test my boundaries and if I could freely refer to you by your full name.

(Will sighs)

Adrian: I shall now proceed with apologies for the delay. Will, my query to you is this: your strategic game may have had the most stability of the three, but I fail to recall evidence of your ability to socialise. One might argue that you showed an unequivocal disinterest with the social element of the competition, evidenced by your prior response to Luca. You never instigated any conversations that may have resulted in the development of interpersonal bonds and insinuated a frequent lack of desire to participate in any, preferring instead to converse in matters entirely related to strategy. Phyllis’ social game may not have been impeccable, however elements of it are still present. Why should I endorse you my selection for victory when you have not fulfilled one of the basic fundamental requirements of the competition?

Will: Okay, from that mumbo jumbo I got that you don’t think I had a social game. Right?

Adrian: Affirmative.

Will: Then you’re wrong. I didn’t come out here to be buddy buddy with everyone. I’m not the type of person to make friends; I came out here to win and nothing else, focusing only on the people who could help me achieve my goals. I did have a social game, but it was about awareness of the people around me, not being best friends or well liked. The people who did that, like Misty, you, Oswald and Jacob, all ended up with massive targets on their backs and sent to the Jury. My social game was recognising who I could work with and how to get them to do it. I needed Misty and Maria because their friendships and connections would allow me to pull off moves. I pulled in Veronica by being aware enough of her weaknesses to manipulate and exploit them to my advantage, first on Stovel to save your ass, and then later in the game when you all <expletived> up your social game with her, isolating her over the “kill yourself” comment. By being aware of my position in the game and her weaknesses, I reached out to her and pulled her to my side permanently, which got me here over you, Jacob and Oswald in the critical stages. Whether you like me or not, I did have a social game and it did work.

Adrian: You have satisfactorily addressed my concerns, Will. My interaction with you concludes. (he turns to Phyllis) Phyllis, it is undeniable you made more significant and impactful attempts to create interpersonal bonds,however you displayed an erratic strategic performance at times and seemed to remorselessly separate your competitive needs from those bonds, including with Constance, Luca and myself. I understand your justifications, however I must enquire regarding two matters: Firstly, were you not concerned that your deviation from the bonds would have a hindrance on your ability to emerge victorious? And secondly, when you pledged allegiance to our strategic partnership, was it sincere?

Phyllis: Thanks, Adrian. The reason I made more of an effort with friendships is I wanted to get to know you guys and not just come off as some heartless strategy robot. I did consider that it would hurt my chances of winning if I got too close, which is why I tried to always avoid overstepping that line. I did feel guilty about voting off Luca in particular, but I felt he’d understand I was left with no choice. Likewise, although I’d grown close with Constance and Maria, I felt they’d be able to understand as competitors that I couldn’t go further with them. As for your second question, to be completely honest, I only aligned with you out of self-preservation. I’d been on board to get rid of you at seven if you lost immunity but since you won, I joined you in taking out Maria. From that point, I knew we were in it together at six as Will started coming after us guns blazing, so I stuck by you to ensure I didn’t go. Had we been successful in turning the vote on Jacob I would have continued with you until either the Final Five or Final Four. My ideal Final Three was Will and Veronica.

Adrian: I am appreciative.of your honesty. I have concluded my discussion with you. (he turns to Veronica) Veronica, I will not address you with any queries, for you are the only individual ineligible to receive my endorsement. I am sure you are very aware of my motivations for this.

Veronica: (sigh) Yeah, I am.

Adrian: When I explained to you my stance on homosexuality, you reacted with immediate disgust and insinuated such a response was villainous, immediately ostracising me from the tribe. Furthermore, you had the sheer nerve to insinuate that Phyllis should terminate her existence merely because she eliminated Luca, then attempted to goad me into striking you and insinuating that I would dare do such things to a female. I cannot comprehend your inability to venture outside your own state of mind to consider why I would react in such a manner. Now that my homophobia has been largely resolved, I shall disclose to you my motivations for it, so I can prove to you once and for all I was justified in my reactions and not the subpar individual you hinted me to be.

Veronica: Okay.

Adrian: On the twelfth anniversary of my birth, my father discovered my mother was having homosexual relations with a woman and my mother immediately terminated the marriage and vacated the premises with her lover. This devastated my father, to the point where he engaged in frequent consumption of alcohol and became withdrawn and depressed. I witnessed my father’s mental health deteriorate all as a consequence of my mother’s actions. He was unrecognisable. I departed for college and three weeks after its commencement, I was telephoned and informed he had committed suicide.

Veronica: Adrian… I’m so sorry…

Adrian: My father and I, prior to this, had been inseparable. I did not have interpersonal bonds as a child; my father was my interpersonal bond. To watch that man wither away into a void was heartbreaking beyond description. Due to my young age, all I could do was attribute his downward spiral to my mother’s homosexual affair. That is why I was homophobic and why I reacted with intense rage when you demanded Phyllis commit suicide.

Veronica: (crying) Adrian… I… I   don't know what I can possibly say to that. I’m so, so sorry. If I could take it all back, knowing what I know, I would.

Adrian: But you were incapable of knowing. No one did, except for Constance. Even Jacob was only informed after Lucille disclosed the information to him. You will not receive my endorsement tonight, however, I trust that you will gather your experiences and utilise them to understand conflicting viewpoints instead of reacting with hostility. Can you promise that?

Veronica: (wiping a tear away) I promise, Adrian.

Adrian: I appreciate that. This concludes my statements, Jeffrey.

(Adrian sits down.)

Oswald's Speech

Jeff: Oswald, you're up.

Oswald: Y'all really gonna make me follow that, huh? Rightyo!

(Oswald  gets down off the Jury bench and stands to face the finalists.)

Oswald: Hey there, everyone! Didn't think I was gonna be the first to say it, but congratulations on working to get to the Final Three. Will, congratulations on evading the target round after round when we all came for you. Phyllis, congratulations on fighting your way here without immunity and having been on the bottom since day one. Veronica, congratulations for surviving all the tough stuff coming your way tonight.

Veronica: Thank you, Oswald!

Oswald: Not a problem at all! Veronica, my first question is gonna be to you: we spent a lot of time the last few days I was here talking about our families so you knew what I was playing for and what it meant. You made it clear you were voting emotionally and then you voted me out. I'm not mad, but I want to know why.

Veronica: You aren't going to like this answer, but I promise it's the truth. I felt like I owed Will for all he did for me throughout the game. He got me through Gombey, then saved me from quitting that morning after the comment when I was about two seconds away from telling them to pull me out. I didn't think it was fair to turn my back on him after that. Secondly, I felt that Will would give me a much harder time on the Jury than you, and I knew I was getting a lot of heat already, so I wanted to minimise that as much as possible. It's not what you want to hear, but that's it.

Oswald: Thanks for the honesty. Phyllis, I have to go with you next. Knowing you had the idol in your pocket, why could you have never flipped on Gombey unless it was final eleven? I was a bit surprised when you came up to us that night and said you were flipping.

Phyllis: Alright, this is a pretty tough question to answer because it works with a lot of hypotheticals. If we stick with it and Will goes, then that's someone out and I have to find two people I can beat at the end, which I think would have been Luca and Veronica. Assuming you win the next, I'd have to work to get Gombey to switch the vote onto Jacob, because there was no way one of you Somers were going, which leaves the three of you open at the final nine with Misty, but still maybe with idols in your possession, so we have to target one of you and then you idol one of us, maybe Adrian or Constance. With them gone, Maria would end up winning her way to the end. The three of you become threats so we have to get you out, which means there's no way for me to get the remainder of Adrian and Constance out before the finals, unless I used my idol earlier to keep Misty in the game, none of which would be ideal. I would not see a Final Three situation where I win, even if I make it. So there was definitely no option for me but to flip when I did.

Oswald: Alright! Thanks. Will, I have one question for you. The night you eliminated Misty, who by all accounts was your closest ally in the game, you left a young girl absolutely devastated, who was desperate to prove to her parents that she was worth something, crying into my shoulder. It truly was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. I wanna know from you, do you regret the way you handled that? 

Will: Nope. I don't regret a single thing I did in the game and especially not that. I made the right call that night, even if it did make Misty cry. I didn't mean for that to happen, but it had to be done.

Oswald: ​​​​​Okay then! Why not just let her down gently instead of leading her to believe she was going to pull it off?

Will: Because if I told her, she tells you and there was a chance you idol'd her. You changed your vote that night from Misty to Phyllis, so I knew you were committed to her and you were clear you'd play the idol on anyone in your Somers alliance so I assumed the same for this one. Misty had to go that night, and if she'd been idol'd to stay in the game, that's another person out to get me. I couldn't have that happen.

Oswald: Alright, thanks! I'm satisfied, Jeff.

(Oswald sits  down.)

Jacob's Speech

Jeff: Jacob, you're up next!

Jacob: Cool!

(Jacob jumps up and goes to the finalists.)

Jacob: Hey, hey, hey, Final Three! Did you miss me? (giggles) Nah, I'm kidding. Congrats on getting here, y'all. My mom tried twice and couldn't, and I couldn't, so I know how hard it is. So,  you're all open for my vote, and I'm just gonna get right into it! It's no secret I spent most of my game in the minority. (laughs) But I think an important part of the game is using the minority to your advantage. So I wanna know how you used the minority better than your opponents. Phyllis, wanna kick us off? 

Phyllis: Sure, Jacob. I think I used the minority better than Will or Veronica because I was the only one who wanted to work with Maria. Everyone else tossed her away as an easy vote-off but I saw her as someone I respected enough, who was smart enough to work the way I wanted, so I worked on saving her and she helped me get out two people I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Then there was the deal with you guys I made to get Maria out, instead of just sticking with the four majority and you guys sided with us over Will, so that was me using it better than him.

Jacob: Wasn't that Adrian's idea to use us, though? I'm confused. 

Phyllis: Adrian came to you guys before he won immunity, I'm sure. In the end, though, it was my call to use the minority instead of going with Maria's alliance. The vote wouldn't have succeeded if not for me.

Jacob: Alright, cool! Will?

Will: I used the minority much better than Phyllis. I flipped the Somers Trio first vote in at the merge by not offering them an alliance. If they'd stuck with you, they would have been bigger targets instead of free agents and I made them see that. I worked Somers again, ensuring them they'd be big targets in a five versus five situation and they needed to join us in picking one of them off. Final six, I worked with you and Oswald to get rid of Adrian and get myself to the end. 

Jacob: Okay, but was the Adrian vote really you "using the minority" or just being pissed that Adrian got one over you?

Will: Was I pissed? Yes. But I'm not an emotional player. I was faced with the option of getting rid of you or Adrian. He was the biggest threat at the time, and with him gone, I have a clear run to the end. It was a no brainer and a one hundred percent strategic decision. 

Jacob: Cool! Veronica, what about you?

Veronica: I took you to the fire tie. 

Jacob: ...That's it?

Veronica: Well... I also made friends with the people in the minority! Phyllis an Will only used you for game purposes but I actually talked to you and got to know you, so that too. I mostly stuck with  my alliance, though. I didn't want any more heat than I could help.

Jacob: Um... okay, cool! 

Veronica: Do I really have a shot at your vote? Because it seems like a lot of these guys don't like me. 

Jacob: I don't hate you! In fact, you did have a shot at getting my vote, but it's a long one after that answer. I'm done, Jeff!

(Jacob sits down.)

Maria's Jury Speech

Jeff: Maria, you're up. 

(Maria stands up and faces the finalists.)

Maria: Hey, guys. Congratulations on getting here. This is an intense competition and takes a lot of difficulty, so well done. I just want to give a little mention to Phyllis first; thanks for keeping my secret all those days!

Phyllis: (smiles) You're welcome! 

Maria: You should have seen their faces when I told them at Pondersa that I was an Olympian. (laughs) Anyway, just because you kept that doesn't mean you automatically get my vote, okay? This is still a competition and I want my vote to be fought for. Veronica, I want to say that I'm not gong to ask you a question because I just don't think you've played to the level Will and Phyllis have and it just wouldn't be satisfying for me.

Veronica: That's fine. 

Maria: Okay, so I believe the key to this game is being reactive, playing to situations you're given, but also being proactive and creating control. I want to know whether you consider yourself more of a proactive or reactive player and why. Will, you first.

Will: In the start of the game I was absolutely proactive. I took control because otherwise Kelsie would; I took control on post-swap because otherwise Ryan would. I had to get everyone on board against Somers or else you'd go to the Final Three. Then I realised, I was getting votes over and over again. Although I had numbers to back me up I didn't want to be <expletive> if an idol came out, so I started being more reactive. I didn't move against Isla until Veronica told me and I didn't go against Misty until I knew there were votes going that way.

Maria: I definitely agree that you were more reactive, but why do you think that's a good thing? You seemed to just make moves based on moves that others made. 

Will: I had no choice. Why would I be proactive in the later stages? You know what happens to those people? Ask Isla. Ask Constance. Ask Misty. They're all on the Jury. I knew that I'd be <expletive> if someone pulled out an idol if I didn't start letting other people take heat for things. It worked, because who got all the votes late-game? Phyllis. That's why I played a stronger game than her.

Maria: Okay, I like your fight. Phyllis, you next. Same question.

Phyllis: I was absolutely a proactive player. My first move was reactive because I was playing with the situation. When the merge hit and I was completely blindsided by that first vote, I hated that feeling, so I told myself I was going to start taking control. I flipped on Gombey, I sought you out to get you past the Final Ten vote and then I wanted to work with you to get Misty out. Even my reactive moves had proactive parts to them. Aligning with Adrian was reactive, but targeting Jacob was still proactive. I would definitely say I was the more proactive out of the two of us, I had a lot more control overall, and I played the stronger game.

Maria: A fight for my vote, just what I wanted! Thanks guys.

(Maria sits down.)

Misty's Speech

Jeff: Misty, you're up.

Misty: Thanks, Jeff. (smiles)

(Misty gets up and faces the finalists.)

Misty: Hi, guys! It's been very entertaining to watch this Final Tribal and I want to congratulate all three of you for getting here. You all have a shot at my vote, so I want you to answer this the best you can. As you know, my motivations for coming out here were to rebuild my relationship with my parents. They were at the front and centre of my mind all the time. My question to you is, what were your motivations for coming out here? Veronica, we'll start with you.

Veronica: Without question it was to provide a better life for my two girls. I want them to have great opportunities in life and I want to set them a good example. I know I've done terrible things in the game, but I hope the lesson they take from this is that bad experiences change you, face what's coming to you, and never give up, even when things look impossible. 

Misty: Thanks. Phyllis?

Phyllis: My motivation out here was my husband. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with dementia and it... (she blinks tears away) it broke me. His memory has started to go, so I wanted to give him one last thing to be proud of by winning. When I fell to the bottom on day one, I fought so hard to get off the bottom because I couldn't live with myself if I was one of the first to leave. Everything I did, all these moves to get me here, were done with him at the front of my mind. I've been married to him for over thirty years and he was all I thought about the whole time.

(Phyllis wipes a tear away as the camera flashes to a quick eyeroll from Celia on the Jury.)

Misty: That's beautiful. Thank  you. Will?

Will: I came out here for the money. Pure and simple. I actually think it's a pretty stupid question to base a million dollar vote off of.

Misty: (taken aback) Are you saying that I'm not asking a valid question? 

Will: Oh, it's perfectly valid, but if you're voting solely based off our reasons for coming out here, it's a pretty big <expletive> you to the game we spent thirty-nine days playing. I'm sorry that I don't have a husband with dementia, a family of five that I want to send off to college, or parents who hate me that I want to win back the love of. I came out here to win the money and that's that, nothing more, nothing less. If you're going to vote against me based off that, come over here and slap me in the face, because that's what you're doing. This isn't about who has the biggest sob story, it's about who played the best game

Misty: (shocked) Wow, okay... I'm satisfied, Jeff.

(Still reeling from Will's response, Misty looks a little shaken as she takes her seat.)

Constance's Speech

Jeff: Constance, close us out.

Constance: Okay, lucky last. 

(Constance stands up and faces the finalists.)

Constance: Hey guys, congratulations on getting to the end. I'm gonna kick right into it. I'm a bit confused about your games, speeches and responses, so I'd lie some clarification. Veronica, you constantly complained about being on the bottom, that no one listened to you, or that you wanted Phyllis out, yet you had so much opportunity to fix all those and never took them. Why?

Veronica: I stayed with Gombey even though I knew I was on the bottom because I'd get even more hate if I flipped and I wanted to prove I wasn't just some emotional player. That was me trying to fix it. As for no one listening to me, what can I do when I'm being outvoted? Jump up and down and have a tantrum like a two year old? That wasn't going to work. 

Constance: You didn't seem to have a problem doing that when you told Phyllis to kill herself. 

(Over on the Jury, Isla and Celia both start laughing.)

Veronica: Okay, that was a huge low point in my game after everything had come crashing down on top of me-

Constance: What about the day after we voted Gary out and you lied around on the shelter, saying you wouldn't even fill our canteens up? 

Veronica: Okay, I get it. If you want to know why I didn't get Phyllis out despite saying I wanted to, it was because I didn't want to be completely emotional. I didn't want to break away from Gombey and they wanted to keep Phyllis. When it got to the Final Six, I thought it was better for me to take out Adrian than her, and at the Final Five, I didn't want to screw Will out of the million dollars, so I had to go with Phyllis then.

Constance: 'Kay. Will, I have two questions for you. First, do you even want our Jury votes? The way you acted in the game and are responding to people tonight, especially Misty, it seems like you don't. 

Will: Of course I do. I came in here tonight saying I wasn't going to bend to what people wanted to hear and give them brutally honest answers just like I was all game. As for my game, I already explained that I didn't come out here to be buddies with everyone and I targeted people with the sole goal of winning in mind. 

Constance: Okay, my second question: you gloat about this fantastic strategic game, but all I see was a guy who was manipulated into making his situation worse. First with eliminating Celia, then Misty, then at the Final Six when you went after Adrian purely out of revenge. You fell right into so many traps. That's a huge black mark on your game.

Will: Okay, first off, I was never <expletive> manipulated. If anyone did manipulating, it was me when I convinced Veronica I gave half a <expletive> about her when I needed her vote. The Celia vote? She was useless to me. (The camera flashes to Celia looking pissed off)  Misty? I was given the opportunity to take out my biggest threat and did it., As for Adrian? It wasn't some petty revenge mission, it was a calculated strategic attack to put me back on top. He was my biggest threat and I wasn't going to let him or Phyllis come into Final Tribal holding anything over me. So no, I was fully aware of what I was doing the entire time. 

Constance: Alright. Phyllis, You laud this Final Eleven flip and this Maria thing as amazing, proactive strategic moves that got you control, but why would you screw yourself over that much?You nearly got  voted out with an idol in your pocket, you lost the trust of everybody, and then you gave your idol away when you needed it most! I'm so confused. Were you aware of your position? Did you care about the Jury votes you were losing?

Phyllis: Of course I care about Jury votes, but I think the people on this Jury will respect how hard I fought. I'm well aware that I lost the trust of a lot of people, but is that really a problem when I didn't seem in any danger anyway? I was able to go right back to Gombey and still get them to trust me for the next vote and all the ones after. I nearly got voted out. Key word: nearly, because I got Will on my side to get Misty out. I got Maria with me for two votes to advance myself further, and people- whether they trusted me or not- constantly needed me for votes. So I don't think I screwed myself over at all. I may have lost social standing, but I was fine in the game. As for giving my idol away? That was to get some trust back, and I knew that I could get the idol back because Luca was part of the deal and he'd never go against it. So no, even then, I wasn't screwing myself and I was never in danger. 

Constance: (after a pause, nods) Okay, that's me satisfied. Thanks, guys.

Jeff: Thanks, Constance. 

(Constance sits down)

Casting of the Votes

Jeff: Okay, Jury. You've now had a chance to address the finalists, so now it's time to vote. I'll remind you all that you are voting for a winner. For the final time this season, it is time to vote. Isla, you're up. 

(Isla goes up to cast her vote.)

When you win the million dollars, call me so I can get you a good plastic surgeon. Trust me, you'll really benefit from it.

–Isla, voting for Phyllis to win

(Adrian casts his vote. He is then followed by Jacob, Oswald, and Celia. Celia's vote is revealed to the public.)

I was actually going to vote for Phyllis until she started blubbering about her husband, so you can thank her. And by the way, don't ever call me useless again, bitch.

–Celia, voting for Will to win

(Maria goes up to vote next, but hers is not shown. Next is Luca. His vote is revealed to the public.)

No matter how tough things got, no matter how much it seemed like everyone was against you, you always stuck through until the end. I want you to know that, among all the hate and nastiness in the world, when things seem like they can't get any worse, there's always one person out there rooting for you. Even if you don't win, you deserve this vote and I'm honoured to be casting it.

–Luca, voting for Veronica to win

(Misty is next to vote. She sighs at the booth as she begins to write, but her vote is not shown. Last is Constance, who goes up to the booth and stands still for a moment. She then smiles and begins to cast her vote, before the camera fades away and she is next shown returning to the Jury bench.)

Jeff: I'll go get the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: Well, it has been a long, tough, thirty-nine days out here. I know you're dying for me to read these votes now, but you'll have to wait until we get back to the States. See you there.

(Jeff leaves with the votes.)

Reading of the Votes  and Winner Reveal

The camera reopens at the live studio audience in Los Angeles as Jeff reappears with the voting urn, met with a loud applause. The camera pans over to the three finalists, who have all gotten dressed up for Finale Night.


Jeff: (waits for the applause to stop) How's that for a great welcome? We had a great run this season, with what I believe is one of the strongest casts we've ever put together on this show. It was a crazy season week after week but now it is finally about to come to an end. Phyllis, Veronica, Will, one of you is about to win it all and be crowned the Sole Survivor. I have to ask before we get underway, Will, what do you think your chances are of winning?

Will: I think I've got it. (smiles)

Jeff: Confidence! I like it! Phyllis, what about you?

Phyllis: I'd like to be confident that I did enough. I think it will be close between Will and I. 

(Jeff goes to ask Veronica, but she waves him away with a smile.)

Veronica: Skip me! Skip me! We know I'm not winning! (laughs)

(The audience erupts into laughter as Jeff himself smirks.)

Jeff: Alright, at Veronica's insistence, let's read the votes. Remember, guys, you  want to see your name on these parchments. There are nine votes in here. It takes five to win. For the last time, I'll read the votes!

First vote...

VERONICA. That's one vote Veronica! (1-0-0)

(Small applause is heard. Veronica smiles and looks over towards the Jury bench at Luca, making a heart with her hands. The camera focuses on Luca, who smiles.)

PHYLLIS. One for Veronica, one for Phyllis! (1-1-0)

(Phyllis smiles as the applause for her begins.)

WILL. One vote each for Veronica, Phyllis and Will! (1-1-1)

(Will confidently smiles as he is applauded.)

PHYLLIS. (2-1-1)

(Phyllis continues to smile as the applause gets louder.)

WILL. Two votes Phyllis, two votes Will, one vote Veronica. (2-2-1)

(Will loses none of the confident smile.)

PHYLLIS. (3-2-1) 

(Phyllis gasps and says "Ooh!" as the third vote for her comes up and the applause gets louder.)

WILL. We're tied again! Three votes Phyllis, three votes Will, one vote Veronica. There are two votes left. (3-3-1) 

(Excited "ooh"'s and murmurs erupt from the audience as Will nods, not at all surprised that he has received a third vote. As Jeff waits for the audience to simmer down, Phyllis turns to Will, pats him on the back and says "It's coming down to the wire!" Will smiles and gives her a small pat on the shoulder. The camera zooms in closer on Will and Phyllis as Jeff pulls out the next vote.)

WILLIAM. That's now four votes Will, three votes Phyllis, one vote Veronica! (4-3-1)

(Phyllis laughs as the fourth vote for Will comes up. The applause becomes louder as there are some excited yells in the audience, while Will turns and looks at Adrian on the Jury bench.)

Will: I'll let that one slide, Adrian!

(The jurors, finalists and audience all laugh. Jeff, a smirk of his own, waits for the noise to die down.)

Jeff: Here's where we stand! There are four votes Will, Phyllis has three votes, Veronica has one. If this next vote is for Veronica, or Will, we have a winner. Phyllis, if it's for you, we have a tie and will go to our Jury vote tiebreaker. It all comes down to this!  (He pulls out the final vote.)

Jeff: It is not for Veronica. Let's get in real close on Will and Phyllis here.  (The camera focuses on Will and Phyllis.)

The winner of Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs. Brawn vs. Beauty... WILL!!!!!

Will: YES!!!

Will jumps up from his seat, a huge grin on his face and pumps his fist. The crowd, a little shocked at first, is silent before roaring into applause, mixed with several boos. Will, meanwhile, doesn't care as he continues to smile and accepts a brief hug from Phyllis and Veronica before turning., spreading his arms wide in victory, and heading down the steps towards his family. His siblings and girlfriend, Penelope, are all waiting below and huddle around him in celebration as the boos and cheers continue to fill the arena. Will turns around, raising his arms up, lapping it all in and egging the crowd on even more. As this continues, Jeff slips through the commotion to give Will his cheque. 

Jeff: As you can tell, it has well and truly divided opinions, but in a fitting end to this unpredictable season, Will has emerged victorious in a 5-3-1 vote with Phyllis second and Veronica third! He was determined to win from the get-go, with his hard, no nonsense attitude and ferocious gameplay, and he did just that! Coming up on the reunion show, we check in with Adrian and Jacob, we find out if Misty was able to reconnect with her parents, we poll those who voted for Will to find out how he managed to pull it off, and we check in with Veronica regarding that argument and her breakdowns. Stay with us, the reunion show is right around the corner!

Will (5 votes)
AdrianRedfordPonderosa CeliaMostellerPonderosa ConstanceVaughnPonderosa JacobChapmanPonderosa OswaldCarterPonderosa
Adrian, Celia, Constance, Jacob, Oswald
Phyllis (3 votes)
IslaBarrettPonderosa MariaOrtizPonderosa MistyLamoureuxPonderosa
Isla, Maria, Misty
Veronica (1 vote)
  Veronica O'Hara
  Phyllis Carmichael

To discover each Juror's reason for voting and see the reunion show highlights, as well as a teaser for next season, click here!

Jury Members

Jury Members

Still in the Running

Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Somers Stovel Gombey

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Who will be the eighth member of Bermuda's Jury?

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Were you surprised with who Veronica eventually chose?

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Did Veronica make the right choice?

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Who is going to be the final member of the Bermuda Jury?

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Now that the final three have been decided, who do you think is going to be crowned the winner of Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty?

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How do you feel about the final three?

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Best Jury outfit?

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Who had the best Jury speech?

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Who was the most bitter Juror?

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Author's Notes

  • A massive thanks to ItsAjNeale for yet another jury manga. He's really just such an incredible person for doing all of them and if you like it you should totally go check out his second season, Dueling Desert! He totally didn't write this either.
  • The episode title was said by Jacob Chapman, in relation to his plan devised to save him when he was unlikely to make the Final Tribal Council.