"The Turbo Button"
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A struggling alliance fights to regain control.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 12/15
Date Uploaded April 11, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 12 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "The Turbo Button".
This episode chronicles Days 33-34..


Reward Challenge

For todays reward challenge, the players will be greeted by their loved one, and must compete for a day with them. Each castaway must remain situated on a small platform that will shake with the ocean's current. As time goes on, the tides lowers, causing it to be less supported by the water, making it harder and harder each passing minute. The last castaway standing wins reward.

Winner: Jessie [Paul] [Cassie]
Reward: The winners and their respective loved ones will go to central Vieques where they will enjoy a day in a five star hotel off the coast of the beach, where they will enoy food and a nice shower. They will stay the night with the loved ones and return the next morning.

Immunity Challenge

For today's immunity challenge, each castaway must run an obstacle course while your legs are tied together. Along the way, the player must pick up three sets of keys with 2 keys each, totaling 6 keys. At the end of the obstacle course, the contestants must open four boxes using all but two of the six acquired keys. Once all the boxes are opened, the contents will be removed, which contain a bag of puzzle pieces in each box. For the last string of the challenge, each castaway must simply finish the puzzle. First tribe to finish the puzzle wins immunity.

Winner: Cameron

Day Thirty Three

Before the reward challenge, Paul and Jessie talked about the possibility of winning the reward. They decided that if one person was brought, they wouldn't bring each other. They needed to get deeper into the Yaureibo alliance and that would ruin a good chance at getting Cassie alone, who they perceived to be the leader, and able to persuade the others. Since Cameron has basically no strategic presence, they didn't consider him a threat, and just went with his heart and alliance.

We have to win this reward. It is our last shot to have a chance to stay in this game.


The yaureibo alliance, however, was enjoying the feeling of being on top. They had no worries, and this further solidified their chances to make it to final three. However, Cassie was having second thoughts about going to the Final 3 with Cameron.

Cameron is a threat to win, because he is likeable. But, maybe I should consider flipping.


Meanwhile, Mackenzie, who was not partaking in the yaureibo group discussion, was worried about her overall placement of the game. She needed to think strategically, and she knew that siding with the Yaureibo alliance was a good decision. Her best shot was to talk to Jonny, being the least likely to win out of the three. So that's what she did. She asked what he thought of his spot in the alliance, and he confided in her that he knew he was at the bottom. She asked if he considered flipping at the end, to which he considered. Jonny knew very well that Cameron would surely beat him in the end, but wasn't sure about Cassie.

After Paul and Jessie go, what's next? I have to be prepared for the latter stage of the game.


Cassie considered Jonny a goat, because his presence in the game was forgettable and mainly as a coattail rider. She wanted to go up against him at the end, but believed she would bode well against Mackenzie as well. Mackenzie was very wishy-washy, and changed alliances to suit her needs.

My final three is still at this point undecided, but I have conflicting alliances between the Yaureibo alliance, and then Mackenzie and an unknown third. I would rather option B, but we'll have to wait and see.


After the reward, Jonny, Mackenzie, and Cameron returned to camp disheartened and teary with the thought that their loved ones are so close to them, yet so far. They weren't going to be able to see them for another two weeks or so, and they were very jealous of the other three.

What gives them three the right to be able to see their loved ones and not us. This is not fair. This is just the boost in morale I needed, and Jessie picked freakin' Cassie? What the hell. I want her gone.


Cameron asked Jonny whether they should try to get Jessie out. Jonny, aware of Paul's ability to win immunity, urged him that Paul must go the first available opportunity. Cameron calmed down and agreed.

Meanwhile, at the reward, the three winners enjoyed the wonderful boat ride to the resort, where they were immediately greeted with a feast, containing many different meats, salads, burgers, and much more, all coinciding with the obvious cravings that go with being on Survivor. The six were all enjoying their reward, all the while, reconnecting with the three loved ones. Cassie was pleased to hear from her father that everything was going alright. Hearing Cassie's father revealed that she came from an italian background, and it showed in his accent. Paul was reunited with his eldest son, Jason, who was 28. Jason and Paul enjoyed one of the best father and son bonding experiences yet, and Paul was pleased to hear that everything was also going okay back at home. Jessie, who was welcomed by her sister, received fantastic news that their other brother was getting married. The three were having a wonderful time, along with the three loved ones. Their wasn't a bad vibe in the air. As night settled, Paul and Jessie started to talk strategy with Cassie. Cassie, who was still having a good time, was considering offering a deal, but retracted her idea because she didn't want to cause problems. Paul and Jessie got lots of information, however, about her secret alliance with Mackenzie. She told them because she wanted them to know that they shouldn't talk to Mackenzie, because it would be useless. However, Cassie and Jessie planned to bring the newly found information to Mackenzie, to warn her of Cassie's true intentions.

Cassie may have made a mistake today. We'll talk to Mackenzie when we get back.


Day Thirty Four

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.
The tribe returned to camp with Cameron once again winning immunity. This frightened the majority of the group, especially Cassie and Mackenzie. Neither of them wanted Cameron at the island for much longer.

I have to consider betraying Cameron earlier than anticipated. He has won two back to back, and he won a reward challenge. He's definitely a threat.


Cameron is dangerous, and he is safe for now, but he can't keep winning immunity like this. If he does, how will I get to the end? It's a question I don't want to have to answer.


I won immunity again! Darn, I'm gettin' good at this! But, I think I should be more careful, because I don't think I was in any trouble of goin' home before so I may just be paintin' a target on my back!


However, the Yaureibo alliance and Mackenzie got together for a discussion, and decided they would vote for Paul, because he is just as capable of winning immunity. Cassie then approached Paul and Jessie, who were waiting for their opportunity to approach her. She asked them what they were doing, and they said they were going to vote for Jonny because they desere to be here more than him. She agreed, but wasn't convinced that it would help her in any way. After they talked, Mackenzie talked to Paul and Jessie, and they told her about Cassie's plan to oust her just before final tribal. Mackenzie was not surprised, because that is what she said she would have done. She decided she owuld go with it and play dumb until it came down to overthrowing Cassie. She knew she still needed Cassie to advance to the final three.

I think we got Cassie to side with us, which is something new. Normally you just go after the lowest of the alliance, but we went after the head. And hopefully, it'll work out. After that, I'll just be holdin' down the turbo button to the final three.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12: Baurimar


Jonny headshot


Jessie headshotPaul headshot

Jessie, Paul

Paul headshot


Cameron headshotCassie headshotJonny headshotMackenzie headshot

Cameron, Cassie, Jonny, Mackenzie

Voted Off:

Paul headshot


Voting Confessionals

Sorry, but you are too strong to stay in this game.


I like your idea of bringing me to reward, but all it got you was some food in MY belly.


Jonny, I think you deserve to go. You've overstayed your welcome.


This is just another pagonging, isn't it? I'm so glad to be a part of it.


Your efforts to persuade me were futile. Bye- bye.


I really hope it's you tonight, not me...


Final Words

I had a lot of fun out here. I'm glad to be able to eat food now, and I get to go hang out with Andrew and ponderosa outside of the game. Not to mention how much weight I lost! Good luck Jessie, I hope you make it to the end!


Still in the Running

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Next Time on Survivor...

The road to the final four begins to end, as the survivors start to think about endgame.