"The Third Time is the Charm"
Slipslidinaway The Immunity Challenge
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 8/13
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

The teams merged even at 5-5, with a scramble to get one more person on each alliance, a tie vote came up in tribal. Jake flipped on his group and Jeriah was eliminated.


Immunity Challenge: Slip Slidin' Away
The castaways would face off in 3 person battles, where they would oil themselves up and slide down a slippery surface, collecting rings as they went. Once they got to the end, they must toss the ring onto a hook at the end. Last player left standing would win Immunity
Winner: Cassie


Night 21

Back at camp,the old Eiao members felt down.

Jeriah is gone, my closest ally here is gone! All because someone in our alliance flipped!


The situation for us right now is not good. It'c perhaps as awful as a shark attack!


Cassie and Jane discuss who they think flipped, while discussing Jake confesses.

Cassie: "Who the hell did it? Was it Reginald! I bet it was him! Someone tricked his feeble little foreign mind into voting out one of our own!"
Jane: "Shh! Someone is coming!"
Jake:"Guys, I am sorry, I want to confess, it was me who did it. I voted out Jeriah. But please, let me make it clear that I am still with you, I just, I was worried about picking a rock! Any of us could've went because of that!"
Cassie: "...Well Jake, a Hatutu member could've been eliminated by a rock too! And because of your stupid move, we will all surely be eliminated!"
Jake: "I'm sorry."

I can't believe his stupidity! Sorry won't make up for the million simoleons that he just cost me!


I think I made a mistake, but, in this game anything can happen, I hope they just stay positive.


Day 22

The old Hatutu members all go for a rewarding swim.

Robin: "We are in the clear now guys! We can knock them off one by one!"
Alabaster:" Who shall we target next?"
Jacqueline:"Jane, we have to get rid of her, she is a huge threat!"
Amir: "She has an idol too!"
Minerva: "Then she really needs to be the next to go!"

Cassie and Jane discuss gameplay.

Cassie: "Ok, so you have the idol, and Amir knows this so they probably all know that!"
Jane:"I think one of us needs to win the next challenge and the other can play the idol. Then me, you and Reg and maybe Jake can vote for someone there and eliminate them!"
Cassie:"So we are still ok?"
Jane: "As long as one of us wins the next challenge, if not, one of us will be eliminated."

I really hope one of us can pull out this win, for Cassie's sake, because if neither of us win, I am playing the idol. I will survive three more days.


Meanwhile Reginald and Jake bond.

Jake: "You are not still mad at me right Reg?"
Reginald:"No! I cannot stay mad at you Jake, you a good guy!"
Jake:"Thanks man, I like you too, you can't dislike a guy like who has a million great stories!"
Reginald: "Did I ever tell you about the one time I got my shoelace stuck in the escalator? I got sucked right in it!"

It's great to see that I still have an ally here.


Day 23

It's Day 23 and Robin is thinking about his end game.

Not including today, there are 16 days left. I think I feel pretty safe considering the next week or so will involve getting rid of the last Eiao's. But I haven't really thought of the last few days when it's just Hatutu's left. I've considered turning on Minerva before and I think I'll stand by that. If she gets to the end somehow, she is sure to win! Jacqueline is also a very strong woman, stronger than I am, she needs to go. Amir would be the ideal final partner, we all know he is the ruler of this random country, he has told us a billion times, he wont win the money because he doesn't need it. Alabaster is a wild card, oh pun! I'd rather be in the end with him than with the 2 girls though.


Robin goes and converses with the two Hatutu men.

Robin: "What would you guys think if we made a deal? Us three guys in the end!"
Amir:"Sounds like a good deal to me!"
Alabaster:"That deal is magical!"
Robin: "Great, I knew I could count on you guys! We are gonna run this game!"

Robin's offer is great. I am glad he will help us eliminate the girls, but, he will be cut at the final 3, me and Alabaster are already set on the final 2.


Robin doesn't know that he just agreed to third place. Wahaha!


Jacqueline sits alone on the beach.

I think I made a mistake. I voted out Jeriah who, I was kinda close with. Jane won't talk to me now either. She thinks I am a traitor. Despite this being Day 23, I am not close with many Hatutu members, Robin, Amir and Alabaster all seem tight. Minerva is kinda off doing her own thing. Maybe I messed up.


Jacqueline goes and sits with Minerva.

Jacqueline: "Are you having fun Minerva?"
Minerva:"...No, but what's it matter? I could have no fun as long as I win."
Jacqueline:"We haven't really been close but, I think I've decided no matter how threatening you are, I need to stick with you, I have no real close allies. I trust everyone from Hatutu, its just that the guys are sometimes exclusive."
Minerva: "You know? I have noticed the same thing, I am happy you've come and talked to me, I'd be glad to work with you."

The two hug and talk about thier home lives.

I feel a lot better about Jacqueline, I think today I may have found a friend.


Day 24

Immunity Challenge.

The group of 9 is divided into 3 teams of 3. In each round the team will face its own members, one from each group of 3 will move onto the final round. The first group of three is: Robin, Jake and Minerva.

They all take a dive onto the greasy slide and slide to then end. Minerva stands and tries to walk, she continually falls. Jake too cannot make it very far. Robin is the first to start tossing rings to his post. By the time Jake and Minerva make it to the end of the slide, Robin lands his 2nd ring, he must land 1 more to win. Minerva lands her first ring, but then Robin lands his last. He moves on, Minerva and Jake are out.

The next group was Reginald, Alabaster and Cassie.

Cassie took a huge dive onto the slippery slide and was the first to make it to the end with Alabaster right on her tail. Reginald was far behind. He cursed as he slipped. Cassie landed a ring first, but Alabaster landed two in a row, he went to toss his third and Cassie yelled "Miss" as he tossed; he missed. Cassis then landed her second ring and prepared to toss her thrid when Alabaster was about to throw his third. Lucky for Cassie, Reginald slipped and fell on Alabaster, Cassie was able to toss and score. She moved on, Alabaster and Reginald are out.

The last round is Jane, Jacqueline and Amir

The three are an even match, they all make it to the end of the slide together. Jane cannot seem to concentrate and cannot land any rings. Amir gets 2, but Jacqueline is the winner of this round.

The final round is Cassie vs. Robin vs. Jacqueline.

The three square off and are a tight match. They also all make it to the end of the slide at the same time! Cassie and Robin land their rings first, but Jacqueline takes her time and lands two in a row, she misses her last toss. Cassie lands her second ring. Cassie lands her third ring and wins immunity!

Back at camp Cassie and Jane disuss elimination.

Cassie: "We did it! Now's the time to take out Minerva! "
Jane: "I'd love to, but we can't, we have to have JAke with us and Minerva is the one who got him to flip, I don't think he'd vote for her. Besides, I am beginning to think she's a harmless, LUCKY old bag. She was terrible in the challenge today."
Cassie:"Well, if it's not her then who shall we target?"
Jane: "How about the guy we've been trying to get rid of?"

She is making a mistake keeping Minerva around, but what's it matter? She is my friend.


The Hatutu members plan their attack with the idol in question.

Robin: "Ok, if we get the guys to vote Jane and the girls plus Jake to vote for Reginald, then it will be 3-3-0 depending on who plays the idol. Then the 6 of us can vote for whoever isnt immune at the revote and they will be gone! We can still pull this off!"
Jacqueline: "I just think it is risky, we need Jake with us and if Jane catches wind of this plan and Jake isn't with us, she can save her idol."
Minerva:"I think we got him, he worked for us last time and I think he will again, Jane is too big a threat to keep around."
Alabaster: "Go work your magic Minerva!"

Minerva goes and tells Jake the plan.

Minerva: "So Alabaster, Amir and Robin will vote for Jane and you'll vote for Reginald with me and Jacqueline."
Jake: "Why not all just vote for Jane?"
Minerva:"Don't you know? She has the idol!"
Jake: "Whoa this is news to me!"

I'd be up for this plan and everything, but I cannot vote for Reginald. he is a friend. However, I am not going to tell Jane that they are splitting the votes, that way she can waste this idol that I knew nothing about!


Before leaving for tribal, Cassie tells Reginald and Jake their plan, the group heads off.

Tribal Council

At tribal council, Hatutu splits the votes like planned, but Jake doesn't vote for Reginald. Instead he votes with his old alliance. Jane playes her idol like planned, but she doesn't have to, because of the split vote, Amir would've gone with or without her playing the idol. Amir is eliminated. He is the first member of the jury.

Tribal Council 8:
Mala Soal
First Vote
Amir (4 votes)
Cassie, Jake, Jane & Reginald
Jane (Played Hidden Immunity Idol)
Alabaster, Amir & Robin (Votes not counted)
Reginald (2 Votes)
Jacqueline & Minerva

AmirK B&W
Amir Kanaan

Voting Confessionals

You are a big threat, kazaam! Be gone!


You can't mess with me!


The third time is the charm, bitch!


Hopefull all goes well!


Sorry, I will vote out a threat, but I won't vote off a friend.


The time is right.




How many times do I have to vote this guy eh?


Goodbye, Good riddance!


Final Words

Well, they did manage to vote me off this time, but, still they havn't gotten rid of me, cause I am on the jury! Good luck Alabaster! You have my vote!


Still In The Running

JeriahM B&W
MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
AmirK B&W
JamieS B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

Jake has turned his back on both sides, will this come back to haunt him?

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.