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"The Survivor Spork"
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Season Survivor: Mozambique
Author MightyUke416
Episode Number 7/14
Date Uploaded May 28, 2018
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DISCLAIMER: There is a scene on day 17 with a lot of heavy subject matter that may make some feel a bit uneasy, due to the nature of what is being discussed. Discretion is advised.

The Survivor Spork is the 7th episode of Survivor: Mozambique.


Reward Challenge: Caught in the Web
On a web of rope, hang twelve baskets, each containing a food item. One at a time, the Survivors must race up their tribe's ramp, across the netting and up the rope web. They then retrieve one basket and race back to the finish line. Once they cross the line, the next tribe member goes. Each castaway must grab at least one basket, and the whole tribe must take a turn before someone can go again. The first tribe to get all their items back in their basket wins.
Reward: 12 food items (from the baskets in the challenge) that will dramatically improve meals; things like olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, etc.

Immunity Challenge: Mayday
Two players untie and assemble a wooden puzzle stretcher, lock it in place with metal braces, then run to the beach. One swims out to a mast and climbs a rope ladder to free a hostage, then they both swim back holding a life ring. The victim gets on the stretcher and is carried back. Finally, the two remaining tribe members must make a fire large enough to burn through a rope, lowering the tribe flag. The first tribe to do so wins immunity.


Night 16


The program opens on night 16 showing the now five remaining members of Sena returning from Tribal Council in a single file line, torches in hand. Soon, they lean their torches against a solid tree and begin to surround the fire-pit as Marshall works to get their fire up.

Cassy (Appreciative): Thanks for keeping me, guys. Glad I still have the chance to prove myself here.

Allan (Smiling): Don't worry about it, we need you for those challenges anyway.

Cassy (Shrugs; Smirks): You're not wrong.

Tesla can't help but cross her arms and grumble a little bit in response to Cassy's comment as the camera cuts to her confessional.

As much as I understand the reason my allies kept Cassy around, I can't help but hate them a little bit for doing it. Sure, we need to win challenges, but over the past few days, Cassy hasn't treated me with an ounce of respect, and I don't doubt that she's going to look to get rid of me as soon as possible. I know I haven't been all that helpful in challenges or around camp, and unfortunately, that's the main thing Cassy can hold over my head right now. But you know what? I need to prove to myself and everyone else that bullies like Cassy aren't going to keep me down. I'm getting a little stronger every day, and I hope I'm healthy enough to pitch in more around here and shut Cassy up once and for all.


As the camera cuts out of Tesla's confessional, we see that Marshall has successfully gotten the fire back up, allowing the five castaways to all warm themselves.

Allan: Let's just make a vow not to go back there again. Makhuwa is still up in numbers on us, eight to five, so I don't think we can afford to lose any more.

Cassy (Chiming in): I totally agree. I trust those people probably less than you do, especially now that Constantine's girlfriend is gone. We need to break the Sena curse and win the next one.

Marshall: Well, I trust that everything will work out the way God intends it to. Obviously we still gotta put in the effort and do our very best if we wanna win, but I say we should just give our fears and our worries to God.

Irene, an atheist, physically bites down on her tongue (which is still inside her mouth) in order to prevent herself from possibly saying something she may regret, while Cassy and Allan both say "Amen." The camera then focuses on the diesel mechanic before transitioning to her confessional.

Even though I'm easily one of the top two challenge performers on this tribe, and there should've been no reason for me to worry about going home over Sky, the fact that I still got one vote on the re-vote does make me think I'm still firmly on the bottom here, even if that vote was from Tesla. The way she bitched and whined at Tribal, on top of her just absolute laziness and uselessness just proved to me that she's nothing more than the Survivor spork. If you don't know what a "spork" is, it's basically a combination of a spoon and a fork, except for the fact you can't use the contraption to eat anything because the prongs are too small to stab stuff with, and the fact there even are prongs in the first place mean stuff like soup falls right off it! (Shakes head) UGH! I hope my challenge performance is enough to spare me over Tesla if we do go to Tribal again, and Allan did say he wanted her out, but at the same time, she is still here, so I really dunno where I stand and I just need to keep fighting my ass off to stick around.


As the castaways continue to warm themselves and make light conversation, the camera focuses on Irene as she smirks.

Getting rid of Sky last night secured me a huge position of power in this game. I still have a ton of connections over on Makhuwa, and given the fact that Allan, Tesla, and Marshall all trust me completely, I'm pretty set to go pretty damn far in this game at the moment, and that feels amazing! Sky was by far my biggest threat out here due to her incredible social game, as well as her rumoured showmance, which I needed to put an end to. Even if Cassy is this (finger quotes) "dictator" or whatever, that means absolutely f*** all 'cause she's firmly on the bottom with zero power, totally at my mercy if we go back to Tribal. I'm not saying it's a done deal that she's gone next, especially if Tesla continues to be emotional, useless, and straight-up irritating, but at the same time, I know I'm in position right now to make the call to switch up the plan if need be, so I'm not worried one bit. Better yet, if Cassy does somehow have an idol, that would mean that if she saves herself, buh-bye big baby! (Smirks)


The camera now focuses on Irene as she stares into the fire before panning around to show a shot of Tesla, followed by one of Cassy and Allan, then transitioning into this season's intro.

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Day 17

Returning from the intro, we are still with the Sena tribe as the scene opens up on the morning of day 17. Cassy and Marshall are already awake, having wanted to get a head start on the morning chores. They are shown returning to camp carrying the tribe's water jugs. Then unexpectedly, Tesla can be seen heading in their direction, having just woken up.

Tesla (Forcing a smile): Morning.

Marshall (Caught off guard): Oh! Morning, Tesla.

Cassy (Wide-eyed): You're awake?!

Tesla (Giggles): Yeah.

Cassy (Skeptical): How's your head?

Tesla (Shrugs): It still hurts a little bit, but it's starting to get better.

Marshall (Smiling): That's wonderful!

Tesla (Nodding): Yeah, I think it'll take a little while yet before I'm fully feeling myself again, but I do think I wanna start helping out around here more.

Cassy raises an eyebrow, not totally buying Tesla's statement about wanting to help more, as Marshall responds.

Marshall: Well good for you for wanting to push through! I think Cassy and I were able to do most of what needed to be done right this second, but if you see something else that you think needs to be done, don't be afraid to step up and take initiative.

Tesla (Slightly taken aback): Oh... is the fire started already?

Marshall (Nodding): Yes it is. Cassy did that even before I was awake.

Tesla: Do you guys have enough firewood to keep it going? I could gather some of that.

Cassy (A bit snappy): We have plenty of that, if you look towards the pile.

Tesla (Slightly disappointed): Oh...

Cassy: The only thing we haven't really done is prep breakfast, I guess if you wanna help with that, it's up to you. But we were gonna wait until more people are awake.

Tesla: Well... I guess it doesn't hurt to get started (looks at Marshall)... right? It could be a nice surprise for when Allan and Irene wake up!

Marshall: No, it doesn't hurt to get started. As you can see, Cassy and I just brought the water jugs back a couple minutes ago.

Tesla (Smiling): Oooh! I like that! I should be able to boil the water.

Marshall: Awesome! I'll show you where the pot is.

Tesla (Giddy): Thank you so much!

Due to being so sick, I never had much of a chance to help out around camp, and that was something that Leah and Cassy have used against me, and I really want to change that. I want to show the tribe that Cassy's not as indespensible as she thinks she is, and that there's no reason she shouldn't go home next. I've worked too darn hard to stay here, and it would just crush me beyond belief if I went home before someone as downright rude and self-absorbed as her, especially if it came down to camp chores, of all things!


Tesla is now shown unscrewing the lid off of the heavy water jug before clumsily picking it up and attempting to fill the pot with water. However, she doesn't lift the jug quite high enough before tipping it, spilling some water on the side of the pot and on the ground, causing Cassy to freak out and rush over to fix the issue, helping Tesla lift the jug higher as the audio/visual technician apologizes profusely. As Tesla now pours the water into the pot, she asks multiple times if she's poured enough, annoying Cassy a little, although the diesel mechanic says nothing. As soon as the pot is full enough, Tesla lifts it with both hands to put it over the fire. However, she nearly drops the pot in the process, although luckily Cassy and Marshall catch her before the pot dropped and the water spilled.

Tesla (Giggling nervously): Thanks so much.

Marshall (Smiling): Anytime Tesla, thanks for offering to help with this.

Tesla: You're very welcome.

Meanwhile, Cassy is shown walking in the other direction so that Tesla doesn't see the look of contempt on her face as the camera transitions to her confessional.

(Frustrated) Ya' know, karma has a weird way of giving people exactly what they ask for sometimes. My biggest thing against Tesla was that she was as useless as a damn spork because she lays in the damn shelter and doesn't help with camp chores. Well today, she helped with camp chores... and proved that she is indeed more useless than a f***ing spork! Like, she goes to pour water into the pot, and she proceeds to start spilling it everywhere! How the F*** do you screw up pouring water in a pot!? Then she kept asking how much water she needed to pour in there, and to top it all off, the stupid girl nearly dropped the damn pot as she went to put it over the fire! God bless Marshall for keeping himself together and not tearing a strip off that girl because all of a sudden, I'd almost rather her go back to doing f*** all so she can't screw everything up and accidentally burn the camp down!



Upbeat music begins to play as the scene transitions from the tense atmosphere at the Sena camp, to a more lighthearted one at the Makhuwa camp. After the opening shot of the gold tribe flag, the scene switches over to the main camp area, where the members of the Makhuwa tribe are hanging out, except for Ricki. Soon however, Ricki enters the frame, having fashioned her gold buff into a tight fitting mini-skirt that barely covers her butt. Ricki has a smirk on her face as she struts back into camp as most of the tribe have their eyes fixated on her.

Leah (Rolls eyes): Really Ricki?

Ricki (Playfully): What? Can't a girl get away with being a little... frisky every once in a while? (Giggles)

Jimmy (Wide-eyed): Yes! Absolutely you can!

Leah (Confused): Don't you have a fiancé?

Ricki (Dismissively): Yeah, but it's like a bajillion degrees out, and it's not like I don't have my panties on. Nobody can see anything that they're not supposed to see, and besides, who's really looking anyway?

Jimmy and Constantine both raise their hands high in the air.

Ricki (Blushes): Oh please!

Kane: Screw it, I'll admit I looked as well. (Chuckles) Just because I'm gay though doesn't mean I can't appreciate a nice, round bottom when I see one, no matter who it belongs to.

Ricki can't help but laugh as she stuffs her shorts into her bag.

Ricki (Sassy tone): Well then, I guess I'll give you what you're asking for.

Ricki now walks over to where Kane is sitting and proceeds to start twerking in front of his face (albeit badly). This causes all of the younger castaways on the tribe (including Ricki) to start laughing, especially Kane and Jimmy.

Constantine (Bewildered): What was that, exactly?

Ricki (Shrugs): A lame-ass attempt at twerking.

Jimmy: Where is this even coming from, Ricki? Not only do you have a fiancé, but I never pegged you of all people as a flirt.

Ricki (Giggles): Hey look, if the tribe's only hot girl ain't gonna flirt with you, and if I'm feeling a bit frisky, why should I hold back? As I said, nobody's seen what they're not supposed to see, and Liam knows I'm perfectly happy to come back to him after this thing is over. So I don't see the harm.

Considering that I've had issues with my body image and self-esteem for a good chunk of my life, it felt really good for me to step in front of the tribe, let loose, and have a bit of fun. More than ever before, I'm comfortable with my body and confident in who I am, and I want to take the time to embrace that whenever I get the chance. I don't see myself ever really playing the flirt card out here, not outright anyway, especially knowing that my fiancé is at home watching. But at the same time, I see no problems with showing a little bit of skin just to have fun and get some laughs.


In contrast to the joking around, and general silliness, that Ricki's behaviour seemed to spark within the Makhuwa tribe, there is one castaway situated deep in the shelter that does not share in the jovial mentality, that being Penelope. After a few moments, she lets out a heavy sigh, which nobody appears to notice. Seeing as though the happy, up-beat mood of the tribe does not suit her current mindset, she crawls out of the shelter, steps in front of the tribe, and lets out another heavy sigh before heading towards the beach, causing most of the tribe to take notice of her. Once Penelope's back is turned, Tori in particular can't help but voice her disgust at what just transpired.

Tori (Snarls): Talk about "buzzkill."

Constantine: You're telling me! Like, just 'cause you're not having fun doesn't mean the rest of the tribe's not allowed to have fun.

Ricki (Sighs): I wonder if this has anything to do with Francine's evacuation yesterday. She seemed quite broken up about that.

Jimmy (Shrugs): Wouldn't surprise me. She was damn-near inconsolable as it was going down. To be honest, I can't believe she was able to pull herself together before the immunity challenge.

Ricki (Standing up): Well, I'm gonna go check on her and see how things are going.

Tori (Half Sarcastically): Good luck.

As Ricki follows Penelope to the beach, the camera pans over to show Brendyn, who can't help but roll his eyes as the camera transitions to his confessional.

I've never really been Ricki's biggest fan, but before the swap, even though she was obviously close with Jimmy, she seemed fairly reserved, so it didn't bother me that much. But since the swap, she's been so much more outgoing, and positive, and she just goes so far out of her way to get people on her good side, and to me, it just comes off as very phony. Like, before the swap, Ricki and Penelope didn't seem to interact all that much, but when Penelope's all upset this morning, Ricki suddenly wants to play the role of therapist?! With now emotionally unstable Penelope seems to be, I fear that despite Ricki not seeming to care that much about her before the swap, that she can still be swayed by someone like Ricki, who along with Jimmy, I would like to knock out of power as soon as possible.


Following Brendyn's confessional, the camera follows Ricki as she is shown approaching Penelope on the beach, who has her knees close to her chest and is hanging her head.

Ricki (Concerned): You okay, Penelope?

Penelope (Heavy sigh): Please leave me alone, Ricki. I'm not in the mood.

Ricki: You sure?

Penelope: Yes, I'd rather just be left alone right now.

Ricki: Alright then. If you want to talk about it with me, I'll be back at camp.

Penelope: Good to know.

As Ricki turns around and starts walking back to camp, the camera zooms in on the sad expression on Penelope's face.

Seeing all of my emotional supports leave the game absolutely broke my heart, especially with Francine leaving the way she did. Don't get me wrong, I was thankful that Jimmy and Ricki consoled me as Francine was being evacuated, but before that, Ricki and I especially barely talked at all, and now she suddenly wants to be my friend? (Shrugs) I dunno, maybe she's being genuine, but it just seemed weird. Also like, even if she was being genuine, given all the crap that's happened to me out here and the fact my emotional supports keep leaving me for one reason or another, if I let Ricki in, then she'd probably just end up blindsided or evacuated anyway, so I don't see the point in putting either of us through that. (Heavy sigh) Just like in life, it's looking more and more like I'm gonna have to get through this thing alone, and I really dunno how much longer I can put up with this.


We now see a Ricki returning to camp, appearing slightly defeated as she was unable to comfort Penelope as she intended to. Since she told the rest of the tribe she wanted to check on Penelope, most of them are surprised to see her returning to camp so soon, especially Brendyn, who we see raising an eyebrow.

Jimmy: Everything okay?

Ricki (Shrugs): She didn't want to talk about it. She seems to be feeling pretty down, but if she doesn't want to talk, I'm not about to force anything.

Leah (Shakes head): It's always something with that woman. I dunno what it is this time, but if it's still about Francine not being here, then she's gonna have to pull herself together and face reality 'cause that girl ain't coming back!

Ricki (Nods slowly): Yeah... (sighs) whatever it is, it just seems like a sad situation all around. I don't envy her one bit.

I always knew Penelope was a pretty emotional person, especially after witnessing her big fight with Emil a few days ago. But seeing how she broke down when Francine got evacuated, it really opened my eyes as to just how much Penelope needs some form of emotional support if she's going to get through this game. So yeah, my concern for her was absolutely genuine. But if she doesn't want to talk about it, there's not much I can do other than make sure she knows that I'm here if she wants to talk. It's sad, but until she opens up and asks someone for help, there's not much that anyone can really do about how she's feeling.


The camera switches from Ricki's confessional to a transitional shot of a lion chasing an antelope, which is followed by a conversation in the woods between Brendyn and the remaining original Sena members.

Brendyn: I just want to know if you guys would like it if I ran something by you super fast. This isn't the most moral idea I've ever had, but if it works, it'll get you guys out of the minority, and we can make our way to the end.

Constantine: If it gets us out of the minority, I don't see why not.

Tori (Shrugs): Yeah, let's hear it, Brendyn.

Brendyn: So, uhh... you know how all emotional and stuff Penelope is, right?

Hearing this, Constantine stiffens up a bit as he sees where this is going, and doesn't appear to like it. Tori and Kane on the other hand, nod and say "Yeah," encouraging Brendyn to keep going.

Brendyn: Well, the way I see things here, Ricki and Jimmy are by far the biggest threats in this game, and as I was telling Kane, they were running things before the swap, and were on a bit of a power trip, if I do say so myself.

The camera now shows us a brief shot of Ricki and Jimmy relaxing in the shelter before switching back to the current conversation.

Brendyn: Basically, I'm thinking we tell Penelope that Ricki, Jimmy, and Leah all hate her guts, and have been mocking her behind her back.

Hearing this, Constantine face-palms and mutters "Oh God, no." to himself. Brendyn sees that Constantine is less than receptive to his idea, so he begins to try and sell it to the trio.

Brendyn: It's pretty obvious that Leah and Penelope don't get along as it is, and I think that if Penelope were to vote with Leah, it would basically be a matter of her not thinking she has any other choice. As for the other two, while Jimmy occasionally interacted with Penelope on the original Makhuwa and they seemed to get along, Penelope barely spoke to Ricki much, if at all. They seemed civil enough with each other before the swap, but since then, Ricki has really turned up the volume, and her whole act to me comes off as phony. If we can get Penelope to see that Jimmy and Ricki are not who they say they are, and that Leah truly despises her, she'll be as good as ours.

Constantine is now crossing his arms, and doing his best to not appear totally against the idea, which both Tori and Kane seem receptive to.

Kane (Skeptical): I like the idea, and I want this to work, but do you really think she'll buy it? Like, Ricki doesn't come off to me as phony at all, and if she got along with Jimmy before the swap, I don't see how she'd suddenly believe he hates her.

Brendyn (Matter-of-Factly): Well, I personally see Ricki as being phony, especially compared to how she seemed on the pre-swap tribe. Besides, since I truly believe it, I feel like she'd buy it if I seemed confident enough in my pitch.

Tori: What about Jimmy?

Brendyn: Ricki and Jimmy seem to be best friends, so I don't think it would seem too outlandish to believe that they'd share the same opinion about her.

Tori (Skeptical): Okay then, what was your relationship like with Penelope before the swap?

Brendyn (Pauses): Uh... well... we didn't really talk all that much, but I never had anything really against her, and I don't see why she'd have anything against me, or why she'd suspect me of being untrustworthy.

Tori (Rolls eyes): So basically, you had even less of a relationship with her than Ricki did. (Sarcastic) Boy, I wonder who Penelope will believe, especially if she has a decent bond with Jimmy!

Brendyn: Okay then, do any of you think you'd do a better job of convincing her?

Constantine (Adamant; Agitated): No! Absolutely f***ing not! This plan is sick and twisted to begin with, but also, we haven't even known Penelope for three days! If we did it, there'd be such a huge chance that it'll backfire and make us look like major f***ing ass****s.

Kane (Stepping in): For the record, I have no problems with this whatsoever. In fact, it's a good thought. But Brendyn, you absolutely have to be the one talking to Penelope, because Constantine's point is valid. Even though you didn't know her all that well pre-swap, we didn't know her at all, and being part of the minority, we might just come off as terribly desperate.

Brendyn: Okay, that's fair enough. I don't have any problems talking to Penelope. As I said, I feel like if I spoke with enough confidence, she might believe me, and if she questions why Jimmy would be in on this, we can just say he's tighter with Ricki and Leah than he is with her.

Tori (Shrugs): Well, as long as you know what you might be getting yourself into, I'm down for this. I just don't wanna go out of the game because this plan of yours flops.

Kane: Same with me. If this works, it will not only get us out of the minority, but we'd totally be able to turn the game on its head!

Brendyn: Constantine?

Constantine (Sighs): Well, as long as I don't have to do any of the talking, I guess I can let you do your thing. I mean, this does benefit my game too, after all.

Brendyn (Smiling): For sure. I promise that you three don't have to say a word, except to back me up if Penelope happens to question you about what I'm saying. (Both Tori and Kane begin to nod) Besides, I've been looking to overthrow Jimmy and Ricki for a while now, so now I finally have an excuse to vent my frustrations.

Kane (Smiling): Sounds great. Hopefully you can pull this off. Good luck to you.

Brendyn: Thanks, Kane. It might take a little while for me to figure out exactly how to tell her about this, but I'll do my best to speak to her sometime today.

Maybe I'm a terrible person for wanting to manipulate Penelope's emotions to turn her against Ricki and Jimmy, but I don't think I have much of a choice now. Francine's evacuation threw a major wrench into my plans because all of a sudden, I can't just flip to Sena by myself because that would force a rock draw, and I don't want to put myself in any danger of going home pre-merge. I also feel like I've come too far to back out of this plan to flip on Makhuwa now, especially because Kane has the power to spill the fact I have the Steal a Jury Vote advantage to my former tribe if he wants to. I ain't gonna lie and pretend I'm not nervous about the chance of this backfiring, but I do feel like this is a solid plan that could lead Penelope to make a somewhat dumb move, while putting myself in a position to run this tribe and make my way towards the end.


After Brendyn's confessional, we see that Constantine and Tori are now alone in the ocean talking about Brendyn's plan, to which Constantine is still concerned about.

Constantine: You don't think that, if Brendyn follows through with this, that he's taking things a bit far? I mean, the guy is talking about actually manipulating Penelope's emotions, and you see how sensitive and fragile she is to begin with.

Tori (Shrugs): People lie in this game to get ahead all the damn time, and I somehow doubt that Brendyn came up with this plan because he thought it was all fun and exciting to manipulate Penelope. Obviously he ain't a nice person, and I don't trust him all that much. But at the same time, I do believe he wants to flip, and if you think about it, he may be the only option we have.

Constantine (Sighs): Yeah, I see what you're saying. I'm not gonna go out of my way to stop him or anything, but just the nature of what he's doing does make me a bit uncomfortable.

Tori: Yeah, I get that. I personally don't see the big deal 'cause Brendyn's the one putting his own ass on the line to pull this stunt, and even if it backfires on him, we'll still benefit.

Constantine: That does make sense, but I do worry about how much we can trust him going forward if he's willing to lie to this extent to get ahead.

Tori (Nodding): Oh for sure, and remember how Craig was talking before he left about how much of a snake Brendyn was?

Constantine: Oh yeah! He did say that after Jeff snuffed his torch too.

Tori: So yeah, between you and me, I don't wanna go anywhere near the end with Brendyn. But I'm willing to keep my mouth shut right now and just let him do his thing 'cause it's only going to get us ahead one way or another.

Brendyn's plan to manipulate Penelope's emotions is... bold, I'll give him that, especially since he doesn't seem to have all that great of a relationship with her to begin with. But honestly, this is exactly the kind of opening I was hoping for, either an original Makhuwa to tank their own game, or at the very least, to simply flip and give us original Senas a free ticket past the next vote. Constantine may not be totally fond of the idea because of what Brendyn's exactly doing, but as long as he doesn't f*** this up for us, which I highly doubt he will, then as far as I'm concerned, all is good in the world.


Tori is now shown dunking her head under water and coming right back up, before the camera hones in on Constantine and the concerned look on his face.

Kane and Tori may be fine wit Brendyn's plan to manipulate Penelope the way he is, but to me, all this is doing is showcasing Brendyn's true colours, as well as the lengths he's willing to go to keep himself here, and I don't like that one bit. I'm going to keep my mouth shut and let this thing play out the way that it's going to play out, because it's not going to hurt my game in any way, in fact, it will only help my game if anything. But, with that being said, don't take this as me feeling good about being in any kind of alliance with Brendyn. If Brendyn's willing to lie and manipulate Penelope, he'll be willing to do that to anyone, so once this move has run its course, the sooner a snake like that gets out of the game, the better I'll feel.


We now see a brief shot of Brendyn sitting by the fire and staring into it as the camera fades out.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

We then see the Makhuwa tribe entering the challenge arena first with Jimmy carrying the tribe's flag. As Makhuwa assembles on the gold mat, the camera transitions to show the Sena tribe entering the challenge arena as Cassy carries the tribe flag.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, get your first look at the new Sena tribe... Sky voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Nobody on the Makhuwa tribe is surprised to see that the Disney World ride operator has been voted out, although Constantine can't help but appear disappointed not to see her. The camera then pans over to show Kane grinning from ear-to-ear, which Constantine happens to notice out of the corner of his eye, leading him to roll his eyes and snarl. The camera then transitions into a confessional from Kane.

I probably shouldn't be so happy that Sky is gone since that was yet another original Sena going home, but I can't help it. Sky was the person that was distracting Constantine the most, so as far as I'm concerned, I can finally have that boy all to myself! With Brendyn appeared poised to flip on his old tribe and officially enter a final three with me and Constantine, things are really looking up for me, and I couldn't be happier.


Jeff Probst: Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: YES!

Jeff then goes on to explain the reward challenge, which is dubbed Caught in the Web, and that the winning tribe would receive the 12 food items from the baskets in the challenge, which excites a number of castaways as their meals would finally be able to have some actual flavour.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, you guys now have three extra members, so you will have to sit three people out. Keep in mind, since people can't sit out in back-to-back challenges, whoever sits out tonight must compete in the next immunity challenge.

The Makhuwa tribe enter a short huddle as they deliberate which three to sit out of the challenge.

Brendyn: It's going to be me, Tori, and Kane sitting out of this one.

Jeff Probst: So Tori, Brendyn, and Kane, take your spots on the sit-out bench. As for the rest of you, take your positions, then we'll get started.

After a time-skip, we see the two tribes at their respective stations ready to begin the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Alright, here we go, for reward, survivors ready... go!

Reward Challenge: Bountiful Chest
Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Makhuwa Constantine VasylenkoJimmy TalbotLeah DerryPenelope OswaldRicki Fife
Constantine, Jimmy, Leah, Penelope, Ricki
Brendyn GarciaKane O'NeillTori Axelson
Brendyn, Kane, Tori
Sena Allan FloresCassy LeightonIrene XingMarshall DesjardinsTesla Van Mol
Allan, Cassy, Irene, Marshall, Tesla
  • Both tribes look to start the challenge with their weakest members, being Penelope and Tesla respectively.
    • As such, the challenge starts off quite slowly as both women have trouble scaling the rope to retrieve their first basket.
    • Sena does start off with a slight lead however, as Tesla manages to untie the first bag somewhat faster than Penelope, allowing her to return to her tribe's mat first, and tag in Marshall.
  • Once Penelope finally returns however, Makhuwa begin to clean house as Ricki quickly catches up to Marshall, who is just beginning to untie his basket when she arrives.
  • After Ricki returns with Makhuwa's 2nd basket, Leah runs out and begins to scale the rope, just as Marshall makes his way down. Leah manages to rapidly retrieve her basket, and returns to her tribe mat around the same time as Marshall.
  • Makhuwa does not lose the lead for the remainder of the challenge, and while Allan and Cassy manage to keep pace for Sena, it ultimately doesn't matter as Makhuwa easily grabs all 12 of their baskets first winning reward.


The Makhuwa tribe are now shown celebrating the return of their winning ways as the disappointed Sena tribe can't help but shake their heads. After a short time-skip, Jeff is shown standing in front of the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Congratulations Makhuwa on your rather dominant victory. You guys certainly earned those baskets from the challenge as they will really enhance your food and make your taste buds happy. Come grab your reward, get your stuff, head back to camp, enjoy the rest of your day!

As Makhuwa thank Jeff, each of the eight castaways come grab one or more baskets before picking up their bags and heading back to camp. Once Makhuwa is gone, Jeff addresses the Sena tribe.

Jeff Probst: Sena, I've got nothing for you. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you at the immunity challenge.

As the Sena tribe head back, the camera focuses on Cassy, the one who appears most disappointed with the reward loss.

As sick as I am of losing, this challenge proved that Tesla's not the only useless person on this tribe. Irene, and especially Marshall were absolutely horrible at climbing the rope, and it just proves to me that if this tribe is going to win anything, it will be on the backs of Allan and I, and that just frustrates me so much! The only possible silver lining that can come from this though is if it shows that keeping me around is necessary if they don't want to keep coming back to Tribal, and if it leands the original Makhuwas to send home one of their own before me.


We now see one last shot of the look of frustration on Cassy's face as the camera fades out.


As the program re-opens, we see the Sena tribe returning from camp, each of them dejected at the loss. After a few brief moments, Allan essentially chucks his bag into the shelter and begins to head down to the ocean.

Allan: I'm heading for a swim, guys. I'll see you in a little while.

Cassy: You want me to come with you?

Allan (Heavy sigh): I'd rather go alone actually, if you guys don't mind. I just need to, uh... clear my head, if that's okay.

Cassy (Taken aback): Yeah... that's not a problem at all, Allan.

Allan: Thanks. I'll be back in a little bit.

Once Allan leaves the main group, Tesla turns to Cassy.

Tesla: Uhh... Cassy... would you mind if you and I just talked... alone?

Cassy (Shrugs): If you want.

Tesla: Thanks.

Cassy and Tesla now head off in their own direction, leaving Irene and Marshall at the main camp area.

Irene (Rolls eyes): How much you wanna bet she's going to bitch to Cassy about how mean she's been since the switch?

Marshall (Shrugs): Wouldn't surprise me. Though I can't lie, if Tesla hadn't specifically asked to talk to Cassy alone, I'd be tempted to listen in on that talk between 'em. Both those girls are so stubborn, it's unreal!

Irene (Nodding): Mmm hmm. You got that right.

Marshall: By the way, what do you think about Cassy's argument about needing her for challenges after that loss we suffered today? I mean, besides her and Allan, the rest of us sucked today.

Irene: Yeah, for sure. Honestly, I don't think it really matters 'cause we probably got a merge coming up, so we should focus on people who are going to be loyal more than people who can help us in challenges. I think that if we lose immunity and Cassy wants to stay, she's gotta come up with a better excuse than just that!

Marshall (Nodding): Yeah, I completely agree. Truth be told, I want Cassy out next, but I'm just not about to tell her that to her face 'cause we don't know for sure what kind of idols or tricks she may have up her sleeve, or even how smart it would be down the road to keep Tesla with us.

Irene: Yeah, for sure. Tesla is quite emotional, and I'd like to go far in this game with people that know how to think logically, like you.

Marshall: Well... (chuckles) if everything works out, I would love to go to the final three with you and Tesla.

Irene (Caught off guard): Really?!

Marshall (Laughs): What? Did you think I was gonna choose my allies based on how religious they are or something? (Shakes head) Nah, I know this is at least partly a strategic game, I trust you a lot, and I know we'll both more than likely beat her in the finals.

Irene (Smiles; Nods): Yeah, totally. I think you're the most trustworthy person here, and I know I'll never be able to beat Allan in the end. So really, you and Tesla at the Final Tribal Council with me would be ideal, I just don't know how much longer we can afford to keep her around.

Marshall suggesting a final three to me with the two of us and Tesla was absolute music to my ears, let me tell you! I mean, let's face it, going to the end with those two would basically mean I'm a guaranteed millionaire 'cause one is a sheep and the other's a goat. Marshall's a nice guy and everything, but he doesn't seem like the best strategist in the world, more of a follower, and the jury seems to respect those that take control of their own destiny, like myself. Tesla on the other hand, well, if how she's been for these first 17 days is any indicator of how she'll be for the last 20-whatever days, then no self-respecting jury would give her a damn jury vote. If this works out, the win and the money are as good as mine! (Grins from ear to ear)


Cassy and Tesla are now shown meeting up in a secluded area of the camp where they have their conversation.

Cassy: So, what did you bring me all the way over here to tell me?

Tesla (Anxious): Please don't get mad Cassy, but I just want to know what your problem is with me. Like, you're always just so short with me, and you never seem to give me a chance with anything, or to explain myself.

Cassy (Raises an eyebrow): What do you mean I don't give you a chance? Before today, whenever I asked you to do something, you always had some excuse not to do it like (mocking tone) "Oh, I have a headache!"

Tesla (Annoyed): I did have a headache Cassy! You knew full well I was sick at the start of the game!! Besides, what about today when I tried to help at camp and you got all pissed off?!

Cassy (Shrugs): I'm glad you tried to help, but you were spilling the water, and I got frustrated. Nothing more than that.

Tesla: But I was trying my best! Don't you see that?! What more do you want from me?!

Cassy (Blunt): Not to keep f***ing up and not to always have an excuse for every little thing you screw up.

Tesla (Deeply offended): I said I was trying my best!

Cassy (Rolls eyes): Oh please, don't give me water works! This ain't a Monopoly board where I have to pay fake money as rent, and it's only costing you your dignity.

Tesla: Stop being so mean! I was sick for the beginning of the game, and now I'm trying my very best to step out of my comfort zone and help out around here, but I get nothing but crap from you!

Cassy (Not having it): Well maybe stop trying to get me and the rest of the damn world to feel sorry for you, and own up to your mistakes every once in a while. Then I might be a little more compassionate.

Tesla: I'm not saying I want the whole world to feel sorry for me. Where are you even getting that from?!

Cassy: Your constant bitching, crying, and excuses.

Tesla: I was being honest about how I was feeling! Are you just looking for reasons to hate me now?

Cassy: I don't have to look when you make it so damn easy. I didn't come out here to starve myself and babysit someone two years older than me! I came out here to win a million dollars.

Tesla (Scoffs): You know this is a social game, right? Insulting people and being short with them won't win you jury votes.

Cassy (Shrugs): No, but crying and excuses won't win you jury votes either.

So after the challenge, Tesla chooses to confront me about how I'm so (finger quotes) "mean" to her and everything. I told her straight-up that I'm sick of her BS. She doesn't seem to like it, but boo-f***ing-hoo! It's obvious she's writing my name down if we go back to Tribal and that nothing I'm saying is getting through to her, so I'm not about to continue wasting my time talking to her because before you know it, I will be the one around here with a giant-ass headache... I just won't bitch and complain about it day-in and day-out.


Following Cassy's confessional, it is clear that Cassy went back to camp, leaving Tesla alone. The audio/visual technician is sitting on the ground now and letting out a huge sigh as the camera transitions to her confessional.

I can't believe that I can't get Cassy to understand where I'm coming from at all and why I haven't been able to contribute around here like she has. She just had to keep spewing her vitriol at me, and accusing me of just making up excuses and wanting the world to feel sorry for me. Like, I'm sorry that I was sick, and I'm sorry I have no real experience outdoors, but that doesn't mean that I'm not trying my hardest out here! It's not excuses when I'm trying to explain exactly how I feel, and it just hurts so much to have everything you say completely dismissed and shoved right back in your face. I don't deserve to be treated the way Cassy treats me, and I just hope she doesn't have an idol 'cause I can't wait to vote her out if we go back to Tribal!


After Tesla's confessional, the camera cuts to her slowly shuffling her way back towards camp where everybody except Allan can be seen. Soon, Marshall sees her coming, smiles, and immediately takes the time to pull her aside.

Marshall (Cheerful): Hey, how you feeling?

Tesla (Sighs): Could be better. I just got an earful from Cassy, and well... yeah, that was hard to sit through.

Marshall: Well, I think I have just the news that may cheer you right up.

Tesla: Yeah?

Marshall: Mmm hmm! While you were gone, I was talking to Irene, and we agreed that we'd love to go to the final three with you.

Tesla (Pleasantly surprised): Me?!

Marshall (Chuckles): Of course! Cassy's obviously not going to be loyal to us, Allan would be a gigantic threat towards the end, and you seem like you're a very loyal and trustworthy young woman.

Tesla (Flattered): Well thank you so much, I don't even know what to say!

Marshall (Smiling): Don't even mention it, we just think this would be what's best for all of us.

Tesla: Well, I totally agree, and I for one am so stoked about this!

Wow! Marshall really knows how to brighten someone's day, doesn't he? After all the mean and spiteful stuff that Cassy said to me, he comes out and offers me a final three deal with Irene! I really couldn't be happier because not only does this confirm that Cassy would be going out next, but it shows that despite all I've been through in this game that I have been making strong social connections and playing this game well enough that people trust me going forward as we head to the merge, where I should be able to maneuver myself into a strong position to get towards the end. (Smiling)


Tesla is now shown hugging Marshall and squealing with excitement, which impresses the priest, who can't stop smiling himself as the camera transitions to his confessional.

Tesla's reaction to the final three deal I proposed to include her and Irene was better than I ever could have imagined! As much of a handful as Tesla is, I knew I needed to promise her something solid in order to keep her on my side for the foreseeable future, and quite frankly, it doesn't hurt that I feel like my chances of winning against her are pretty good. As for Irene, I'm not sure she'd be the most loyal person in the world deep in the game, but I do feel like she trusts me at least, so this deal should secure my spot for the next little while. Besides, it is clear that Cassy won't stay loyal to this tribe after the merge, and Allan seems like the most loyal person on the tribe anyway, so I feel like this deal really solidifies my spot in the game, and it makes me excited for what the future may hold because all of a sudden, I'm not stressing out so much about whether or not I may be on the chopping block!


Marshall, Cassy, Irene, and Tesla are now all shown hanging out in the main camp area, with Cassy and Marshall chatting by the fire, and Irene and Tesla laying down in the shelter. Allan is still not back, which his tribe mates are beginning to take notice of.

Irene: Is Allan still out swimming? He's been gone a long-ass time.

Cassy (Dismissive): I noticed. But he's a grown man, he knows what he's doing.

Marshall (Skeptical): Irene's right though, he has been gone a while, so this isn't normal.

Cassy (Shrugs): Normal or not, he'll come back when he wants to come back, he knows where we are.

Tesla: You don't think he's looking for an idol, do you?

Marshall: I doubt it 'cause he's never been off by himself like this for this long before. I'm gonna go find him, wish me luck, ladies.

Tesla wishes Marshall good luck as he now stands up and begins to make his way towards the beach to look for Allan, the scene transitions into his confessional.

Both on the original Makhuwa, as well as this tribe, Allan has been a real pillar of strength for us, in more ways than one. He's just a really kind-hearted, respectful, approachable, reliable person. He also seemed to really thrive in a group setting because that's where his true, likable personality came out the most, even if he doesn't always say a whole lot. So to see him go off by himself for a long time, probably a couple of hours was a real red flag to me because that just came out of nowhere. Obviously it was possible that I could be overreacting. But God was telling me that I had to go check on him and just make sure everything was okay, just because of how sudden and unusual this behaviour is from Allan.


Allan can now be seen leaning against a tree, staring out into the ocean. His arms are crossed, he has a sad expression on his face, and as the camera zooms in on Allan's face, we see that he had previously been crying. After a couple brief moments pass, Marshall comes into the frame as he is searching the beach for Allan, who sees Marshall, but says nothing. Marshall then makes a left-hand turn and begins to walk down the beach. As Marshall walks, he turns his head in Allan's direction. Initially it doesn't appear as though Marshall notices Allan as he turns his head forward again and keeps walking. A few seconds later though, Marshall turns his head back around, and this time, it clicks that Allan is there. Relieved that he found Allan, Marshall puts on a cheery smile and makes his way over to him. Allan sees this, panics a little, and quickly wipes his face of any tears in order to mask the fact he was crying. As soon as Marshall gets close enough, he calls out to Allan.

Marshall (Cheerful): Hey Allan! You doing alright, man? We're missing you back at camp.

Allan (Forcing a smile): Really? Didn't think I was gone that long. (Forces a chuckle)

Marshall: Yeah, it's been a couple hours at least.

Allan (Surprised): Oh wow! I'm so sorry, I must've spaced out for a long time. I'll head back there now.

Marshall: No, that's perfectly okay. Actually... (sighs, tone turns serious) I wanna talk to you.

Allan: Yeah? What about?

Marshall: If you don't mind, we should sit down.

Allan: Sure.

The two men now sit at the base of the tree.

Marshall (Concerned): This isn't like you, man. You've never gone away from camp like this for hours before, and just by looking at you, I can tell that something's weighing you down.

Allan (Shakes head): It's nothing anyone needs to worry about. I'm alright, seriously.

Marshall: No, I don't think you are. I saw you wiping your face as I was coming over here, and you seemed like you were pretty upset about something. Man, if you don't wanna talk about it, I can't force you, but I can tell something was seriously bothering you, and I wanna help if I can.

Allan (Conceding): Yeah... you're right. I was really trying to keep myself together around here and clear my head 'cause I do have a lot on my mind right now. Also like, I don't want the girls especially to see me like this because I want to be strong for the tribe, ya' know?

Marshall (Sympathetic): I totally do, man, and that's quite alright for you to be feeling like this. If you don't mind me asking, what is exactly on your mind?

Allan: It's my father (sighs) About six years ago now, he passed away... lung cancer took his life.

Marshall (Nodding slowly; Comforting): I'm really sorry for your loss, I feel your pain.

Allan: Thanks... but yeah, I was really close with my dad. He was a firefighter too, and I chose to do this in order to follow in his footsteps and honour his memory. I was really, really close with him, and his death just absolutely crushed me.

Marshall: So what do you think is bringing all this on now?

Allan: Well, I was talking to Sky and Tesla the other day about how I'm here for my family, and I mentioned my father. I shouldn't have done that 'cause now I'm just thinking about him more and more. I feel so stupid 'cause this was six years ago now that he passed away and I dunno why I just can't seem to move on.

Marshall: Well, if you can, I encourage you to pray to the Lord that He give you the strength and courage to push forward and continue your journey here. Hearing what you're telling me, I truly believe that God has seen you struggling with this for the past six years, and he put you out here for the purpose of helping you to be at peace with yourself and what has happened, and to move forward.

Allan (Awkwardly): To be honest Marshall, I know you're trying to help, but... (heavy sigh) I don't know if I can do that.

Marshall: Why not?

Allan: Ya' see... I grew up in a very Christian household, going to church every Sunday, praying before meals, the works. But over the past few years, I've really began to doubt that He even... exists.

Marshall: Did something happen prior to the death of your father?

Allan: Unfortunately... yeah. Dad struggled with cancer for about 8 years, while I was in primary school and middle school, but then it went into remission after that, and we thought all was well. The year before he died though...

Allan pauses and puts a hand over his mouth, tears begin to trickle down his cheeks again.

Allan: A year before he died, my girlfriend of two years, Maria, who I was head-over-heels in love with, was killed by a drunk driver as she was walking home from work.

Allan has to pause again in order to regain his composure. Marshall's head is bowed as he listens to Allan recall these events.

Allan: But yeah, I was planning on proposing to her on the anniversary of when we met, which was about a week/week and a half before it happened. I had purchased the ring and everything. But just like that, she was ripped from this earth by an event that was entirely preventable. After Maria passed, it took me a good 3-4 years before I could even bring myself to start dating again because I felt like she was my one true love. (Pauses) Then... almost exactly a year later, my father's cancer returned more viciously than ever, and in a matter of months, he was gone as well.

Allan pauses again in order to try and get himself together, Marshall's head is still bowed.

Allan: So... ever since then, I've completely lost faith that there even is a God. Like, especially with how I was brought up, I want to believe that something is out there watching over us, but I can't possibly imagine how a good, loving God would rip such good people from this earth and cause so much suffering.

Marshall: So you consider yourself agnostic, I presume.

Allan (Nodding): Yeah... I do.

Marshall: Well, one thing I can tell you is that God does not cause suffering, that would be Satan.

Allan: But if God's all-powerful and all loving... wouldn't he be able to override Satan? Like, according to what I've heard... He banished the Devil to Hell, didn't he?

Marshall: He did, but the Book of Job (pronounced "Joab") states that it was Satan who administered the attacks on Job, as well as his family and possessions, but Satan had to ask the Lord permission to do so.

Allan (Confused): So if God is all-loving and everything, why would He say "yes"?

Marshall: Job 2:6 states "Very well then, [Job] is in your hands; but you must spare his life." Much like with the rest of us, God allowed Satan to administer this suffering because He wanted to bring Job closer to Him and illustrate that we need to rely on God in this life.

Allan (More confused): How does that make Him "all-loving" though?

Marshall: Two reasons, because we are all sinners, and God sent his only son down to die for us on the cross and redeem our sins, the greatest gift that God can give us is the gift of Himself, so that we can experience His eternal love and mercy. Second, pain can be a real perspective changer, and it can help you transform into the person that God wants you to be. Let me ask you, what changed with you after your girlfriend died?

Allan: Well, it made me realize just how horrible drunk driving truly is, and that it does take innocent people. I've been a huge advocate against it.

Marshall: There you go, and in addition to that, without that tragic event happening, you wouldn't be able to speak against the dangers of drunk driving from your personal point of view as well, now would you?

Allan (Sighs): I guess you're right about that.

Marshall: You've also told me that your started firefighting to follow in your father's footsteps. All of these events have changed who you are, and helped you morph you into God's image.

Allan (Shakes head): I just don't understand though, if God is all-powerful, couldn't he do that without causing all this pain?

Marshall: There are some things that we need to learn on this earth, and as I said, pain does have a purpose sometimes. Romans 8:28 does state "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." I'm not asking you to convert back to Christianity right here, right now, but I do hope that this helps put things into perspective for you, and gives you something to think about.

Allan (Flashes a small smile): Thanks Marshall.

Marshall: You are a wonderful young man, and your father and girlfriend sound like amazing people, that I'm sure you were glad that God put into your life for the time that they were present. All of this has helped make you into the person that you are today, and I know that you will come out stronger at the end of all this because of that.

Allan: Thanks again, and I know that you're just trying to help, but this is really a lot for me to take in and consider. I don't know if this is going to change anything, but I'm happy that you took the time to talk to me and give your input.

Marshall: If you don't mind, I'd like to say a prayer over you, and have God bless you and give you the strength to keep pushing forward.

Allan (Smiling): That sounds like something I can handle, thanks.

Allan now bows his head, allowing Marshall to put a hand on it. Marshall now begins to pray quietly as the camera transitions to Allan's confessional.

I'm really happy that Marshall took the time to look for me and comfort me after I had completely broken down. I do feel like everything he said did make a lot of sense, and I do feel more comfortable than I was before. That being said, it is a lot for me to take in and think about, but more than anything, I feel like it shows what a good person Marshall truly is, especially because at no point did he judge or condemn me when I said that I turned away from God. After this experience, I really feel a true bond with Marshall, which I am really grateful for. So... of all people in this game, if there's one person that I'd never, ever turn on, Marshall would be that person, just because of how thankful I am to have had that conversation, and at least be... more at peace with what has happened with my father and girlfriend than I was before.


As Allan's confessional ends, we see Marshall remove his hand from Allan's head and trace a cross in the air, in front of Allan's face.

Marshall: There, you are all set, my man.

Allan (Appreciative): Thanks again, Marshall. After all this, I promise from the bottom of my heart to never betray you in this game, because that's how much this means to me. I want to go to the Final Tribal Council with you, whether I have a chance of winning next to you or not.

Marshall (Caught off Guard): You serious?

Allan: Completely serious.

Marshall: Wow! (Pauses) Well, in that case, I promise never to betray you either. You have a deal, man.

Allan (Smiling): Thanks so much, I'm so happy to hear that. All I ask is that you don't speak a word of this to the girls. I'm just (sighs) afraid they'll see me as weak and stuff, and I just don't want to recall these events again.

Marshall: I promise that this will stay between me, you, and God.

Allan: I really appreciate that, thanks.

Marshall: You're very welcome.

As grateful as I am to have heard Allan's story, and as happy as I was to have had the opportunity to comfort him and pray over him, I didn't expect a proposal from him to take me to the end. I accepted it as a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, because you never turn down alliances out here. But I really hope I don't get to the final four with him, Tesla, and Irene now because I still have that final three deal with the girls. (Chuckles ironically) It would hurt me to betray Allan as well after all this, so I just pray that the Lord guide me and my decisions out here, and that things work out according to His will.


Allan and Marshall are then shown sharing a big bro-hug before heading back to camp as the camera fades to black.


Upon returning from the program, we see a brief shot of the gold Makhuwa tribe flag before the camera focuses on a shot of most of the tribe just lazing around camp, most of them in a good mood after finally having the chance to spice up their meals with the basket items they won in the reward. The camera then zooms in closer to focus on one of the few people that do not appear to be in a good mood however, Constantine, who has a look displaying sheer annoyance on his face as he stares into the fire. After a couple of moments, he mutters to himself "Might as well get this over with." Constantine then stands up and makes his way over to Kane, who is on the other side of the fire pit, and kicks the personal trainer gently.

Kane (Confused): What was that for?

Constantine (Blunt; Fairly quiet): You and me. Snails. Now.

Kane (Shrugs): Ooooo-kay then.

We now see a transitional shot of a hawk flying overhead before the camera focuses on Kane and Constantine gathering snails as the latter explains what's on his mind.

Constantine (Spiteful): You make me sick some days, you know that?

Kane appears quite off guard by this, but doesn't have a chance to get a word in as Constantine keeps going.

Constantine: I caught that s***-eating grin of yours at the challenge today as soon as you noticed that Sky was gone. How many times do I need to f***ing explain to you that she would've been a number for us?! I need to know right this damn second if you're truly serious about our alliance, and about that apology you gave to me the other day, or if you're not, because as far as I'm concerned, if you're really f***ing serious about our alliance, then you wouldn't have been praying that a guaranteed number for this alliance goes home!

Kane (Combative): What? I can't be relieved that someone who I personally did not trust is out of the game? I agreed to keep my feelings to myself for your sake and the sake of our alliance, but I didn't trust the girl, and I feared that she was going to drag you over...

Constantine (Interrupting): This is what I mean. You obviously don't trust me enough to stay loyal to you because I had a close bond with someone else. What's going to happen if I happen to get closer with Tori or Ricki? Will you react the same way?

Kane (Scoffs): Well, Tori's in our alliance, so obviously not. As for Ricki, just 'cause she's been the nicest of the original Makhuwas doesn't mean she's trustworthy out here or a good person to align with in general, especially since the one person that actually seems intent on flipping on Makhuwa wants her out of the damn game! You'd be out of your mind to align yourself with Ricki right now.

Constantine (Taken aback): Wow Kane, just... wow! I brought up a f***ing hypothetical scenario, and you jumped right down my damn throat! You see what's wrong with that picture? 'Cause that kind of reaction is why we're having this conversation to begin with!

Kane (Refocusing on the snails): I didn't say you were aligned with Ricki, or even thinking about it. I just said if you were tempted to align with her, that would be a bad move.

Constantine (Rolls eyes): Seemed to get you all paranoid though.

Kane (Dismissive): All I want is the best for our alliance right now, that's it. I still want to work closely with you, but I don't need to put up with you implying that I'm in fact not trustworthy just because I don't agree with you.

Constantine (Firing back): And I don't need you questioning my judgment every step of the damn way. I have no plans to turn on you because I'm not a moron, but the way you talk to me, and the way you seem to think I'm so easily manipulated by women, makes me think that you see me as one.

Kane (Not having it): Oh please, I don't think you're a moron, I'm just a little bit paranoid. No need to start a fight with me over it, especially because the only thing that triggered this (finger quotes) "conversation" was the fact that I f***ing smiled!

I've been working my tail off to get back into Constantine's good graces, but now, I'm starting to realize just how exhausting it makes me feel! I smiled at the reward challenge because I'm happy someone I didn't trust is gone, but Constantine's using that as evidence that I don't trust him? You'd think that after apologizing to him countless times for my apparent lack of trust, and for all the effort that I've gone through to keep our friendship and our alliance strong that this guy wouldn't threaten to jeopardize our alliance over a damn smile! (Shakes head) It's just... pathetic, that's all I can say.


The footage now focuses on the two young men collecting snails again, but now there's an akward silence between them as the camera transitions to Constantine's confessional.

Let me tell you right now, there's little doubt in my mind that if Kane didn't need my ass as a number for him I'd be on the damn chopping block. I've explained to him over and over that Sky trusted me and that she was a number for us, but at the reward challenge, as soon as he saw Sky was out, he couldn't take that stupid grin of his off his face, and it made me want to punch him in the mouth, to be honest. Even talking about it at camp, I mention the hypothetical scenario that I get close with Ricki and he goes on this damn diatribe or whatever about how stupid I'd be to align with her! Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you want to stay aligned with someone, aren't you supposed to at least pretend you don't think they're a complete f***ing idiot?! I'm not looking at making a move against Kane right now, because that would be dumb, but I'm just saying that I am absolutely fed up with his BS.


Following Constantine's confessional, the view returns to the main camp area. It doesn't take long for the camera to pan over towards the woods, where we see Brendyn entering camp with firewood he gathered. Brendyn then places the firewood on the pile before taking a deep breath and approaching Penelope, who is laying in the shelter. When he gets close enough to her, he attempts to speak quietly, but also with a tone suggesting both concern and a sense of urgency.

Brendyn (Whispering): Hey, uhhh... Penelope, there's something I think we should talk about... in private... like, now.

Penelope (Anxious): You serious? W-what's wrong?

Brendyn (Adamant; still whispering): We really should talk in private.

Penelope (Sighs): Alright then.

The two of them then begin to walk to a secluded area of the camp as the camera hones in on Brendyn before transitioning to his confessional.

The more time passes, the more anxious I am feeling about my plan to expose Jimmy, Ricki, and Leah for (finger quotes) "who they really are" to Penelope, because quite frankly, for this to work, she needs to 100 - 150% buy what I'm saying, and I'm not sure she will. After we got back from the reward challenge, I was briefly considering just calling this whole thing off in my head, but especially after talking it through with the original Senas beforehand, I feel like I'm in too deep with this plan now to abandon it. (Crosses fingers on both hands) Here's hoping everything goes as planned, all that's going through my mind now is that if it doesn't, I'll officially be signing my own death warrant, I'm sure of it.


As the camera cuts away from Brendyn's confessional, we see him taking a deep breath as he proceeds to put his plan into action.

Brendyn (Nervously): This is not easy for me to tell you, Penelope... but, um... there is something that you really should know about some people here.

Penelope: What is it?

Brendyn (Sighs): Jimmy and Ricki... well, they may not really be who they say they are, in terms of how they act around you. Fairly often, after your back is turned, Leah and Ricki both start talking s*** about you.

Penelope (Gasps; Mortified): I... I can't believe this... how, er... why would they... what have they said?

Brendyn: Well, uh... earlier today after Ricki danced around with her buff around her butt and whatever, and you went to the beach, Ricki proceeded to call you a "no good buzzkill," and Leah can't shut up about how you always defended and consoled, her words, the useless Tesla, among other thing. I think one of them, likely Ricki, also said at one point something like (mocking tone) "Les-bi-honest, it'll be soooo nice when Penny's finally sent back to that trailer she crawled out from so we don't have to listen to those wild banshee-like screeches of her's whenever she gets triggered."

As Brendyn says this, Penelope is left completely speechless as she is deeply hurt and offended by what he said. For a couple brief moments, there is an awkward silence as Brendyn anxiously awaits Penelope's response. Soon, tears start to slowly trickle down Penelope's cheeks as she finally manages to get a response out.

Penelope: A-are you sure that's what you heard... and that it was Ricki and Leah saying these things?

Brendyn (Sighs): Yes. I really didn't want to have to be the one to tell you this, but I feel like I need to because I just couldn't stand by and keep listening to those two say these mean and horrible things about you anymore. I wanted to believe that they'd stop as soon as they realized they needed you for numbers... but they've gotten worse if anything. I know you and me haven't talked much out here, but as I said, I just couldn't stand by any longer and watch them trash you behind your back, yet for especially Ricki to act all nice to your face. It's just not right, and you deserve to know what's happening.

Penelope now starts full-on crying as she hears what Brendyn is saying.

Penelope (Sniffling): Did you say Jimmy was there? (Brendyn slowly nods) H-how has he responded to this? Has he said any of this stuff?

Brendyn: Jimmy's never actually said anything horrible about you himself, but whenever Ricki and Leah go off about you, he just sits there and listens to them, occasionally laughing himself. But the most disgusting thing about that is, he hangs out with Ricki all the damn time, but he never says anything to her! Even if he has talked to her in private, she still keeps going with this, and he doesn't seem to care enough to stop her!

Penelope: Have you spoken up when you witness this behaviour?

Brendyn (Heavy sigh): No, but in hindsight, I really regret not saying anything. I guess my fear always was that they'd call me a traitor or whatever, and have numbers turned against me since Jimmy and Ricki especially seem to hold all the power. But I'm telling you now this stuff because I feel like garbage for not saying anything to them, and you deserve to know what they're really all about.

Penelope (Wiping her eyes): Y-yeah... I guess you're right... thanks for at least telling me. I just can't believe all this, I've been nothing but nice to those girls, and I've never done a damn thing to Ricki!

Brendyn (Nodding): I know! Ricki's behaviour disgusts me the most, honestly. Like, at least it's obvious Leah's a bitch, but ever since the swap, Ricki's walked around pretending to be all nice and friendly with everyone, before just trashing people behind their backs for no reason, and it seems like she's saved the worst for you. She in particular is way too comfortable here, and I'd love nothing more than to give her a rude-awakening!

Penelope (Takes a deep breath): Yeah, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

Brendyn: Yeah, and it's a good thing that the Sena people are probably looking for numbers, 'cause if you and I join up with them, we can flip the script, and give Ricki a vicious dose of karma when we blindside her!

Penelope: I guess if she's acting the way you describe, it would be nice to get rid of her next, wouldn't it?

Brendyn: Definitely. Just be sure to let me know what you want to do, but just know that I have your back, and if you want to flip, I'll be right there with you to do just that.

Penelope (Flashes a small smile): Thanks Brendyn, I really appreciate that.

Brendyn (Smiling): Don't worry about it, Penelope. I'm always happy to take down a bully.

Brendyn now pulls Penelope in for a brief hug, which she accepts, as the camera transitions to the former's confessional.

The longer my conversation with Penelope went on, the more confident I was getting in how I was making my delivery. At first, I was going to lump Jimmy right in with Ricki and Leah as saying this horrible stuff too, because he is my biggest threat out here. But, if Penelope's got a good relationship with Jimmy, it may not be as believable as just saying Ricki and Leah are doing all this, so I decided against it. Even if Ricki does go home at the end of all this though, Jimmy's game will be severely weakened, and I will be in a position of power. Penelope crying was a sign to me that I accomplished my goal of turning her against Ricki, Leah, and hopefully Jimmy by association, and as long as she's still upset enough with them when the vote comes around, I'll be right back on top! (Smiles devilishly)


Brendyn: The only thing that I'm going to warn you of though is to try your best not to speak any of this to Jimmy, Ricki, or Leah. All they will do is deny the truth, and at the end of it, one or both of us may end up in trouble. I may not be totally smart in telling you all this, but I'm doing it because I feel like it's the right thing to do, and the best move for us will be to hit them with a blindside.

Penelope (Heavy sigh): Yeah... you're probably right. Thanks for telling me what's really going on. It hurts, and I had no idea... but I'm glad I finally have an idea of who they, especially Ricki, really are.

Brendyn (Smiling): You're very welcome, Penelope. As far as I'm concerned, it was just the right thing to do.

Penelope: Yeah, for sure.

(Crying) So according to Brendyn, all this time, Ricki and Leah have been trash talking me behind my back, calling me things like "buzzkill" and "wild banshee" and saying that they can't wait for me to go back to the trailer I came from! (Pauses as she cries some more) I feel like I've been mocked and alienated my entire life, and I really hoped that it wasn't going to happen here, especially from someone like Ricki who acts so nice to my face, even though her and I have never really talked one on one. Even Jimmy, if this is all true, for him to just sit there, and let his ally get crapped on day in and day out, is just disgusting to me! I knew Leah's a terrible person, so I'm not surprised that this crap could come from her, but I expected so much better out of Jimmy and Ricki. (Wipes her face then takes a deep breath) Then again... Brendyn's barely spoken to me before this, and he seemed really excited to vote out Ricki, so maybe he's trying to throw them under the bus for some reason? (Sighs) I dunno, I'm thinking about asking Jimmy if this is true, but Brendyn said Jimmy would lie about it, and... yeah, he probably would, and if Brendyn is telling the truth, I really wouldn't want to get him in trouble out here. (Puts her face in her hands) This game is just becoming so much harder for me by the day, and the longer it goes on, the more everything just seems to turn against me. I... really don't know how much longer I can keep going on like this and putting myself through such mental torture.


Brendyn is now shown returning to camp alone (Penelope requested that she be left alone tho think things over). As he enters the main camp area, where most of the tribe still remain, he announces that he's going to gather more firewood before silently motioning to Tori to follow him, which she does. After a transitional shot of a shark swimming in the ocean, the camera then takes us to the conversation Brendyn and Tori are having in the woods.

Brendyn: It's done.

Tori (Puzzled): What's done?

Brendyn: The plan... to flip Penelope, it's done. I just told her Ricki and Leah were mocking her behind her back, talking s*** about her, and whatnot, and that Jimmy sat idly by watching them, not a care in the world.

Tori (Taken aback): Oh! Awesome, good to know. Did it seem like she bought it?

Brendyn (Shrugs): Well, she did start crying, so... I guess she did.

Tori: Mmm hmm, yeah, that's a pretty good sign.

Brendyn: So yeah, if we go to Tribal, it looks like we're going to be writing Ricki's name down.

The camera briefly shows Ricki and Jimmy laughing together by the fire before refocusing on Tori and Brendyn.

Tori: Not Jimmy?

Brendyn (Shakes head): As much as I'd like to, since she does seem to have a decent relationship with him, I really doubted that she'd buy what I was saying if I included Jimmy as someone doing the mocking and s***-talking, so I just pinned it on Ricki and Leah, and said that Jimmy allowed it to happen, and occasionally laughed. But, since Ricki's obviously Jimmy's closest ally, she's the next best target.

Tori: So, I assume she said she'd be on board with voting Ricki?

Brendyn (Nodding): Yes, she said that if Ricki was indeed saying this stuff, that she'd want to take her down.

Tori: What exactly did you accuse Ricki and Leah of saying, if you don't mind me asking?

Brendyn: I said that Leah would continuously go off on her for supporting Tesla on the old tribe, that Ricki called her a (finger quotes) "no good buzzkill"...

Tori (Giggles): Even though that last one was pretty close to what I called her before the challenge today.

Brendyn (Smirks): Yeah, and I also said that Ricki was saying something along the lines of her hoping Penelope would soon go back to the trailer she crawled out from so we didn't have to put up with her wild banshee-like screeches.

Tori: So I see you really went for it. That explains why she started crying, for sure.

Brendyn (Nodding): Yeah, I do sort of feel bad for it, but then again, this is a game about numbers, we need her as a number, and Ricki is part of that power duo that we need to take down.

Tori: Yeah, fair enough. At least it's done and over with now, and I'm glad I now know what exactly I'll be confirming in the unlikely event Penelope approaches me about this situation.

Ya' know, I gotta admit, part of me really wasn't sure that Brendyn would actually follow through with his whole plan to emotionally manipulate Penelope, but it seems like he actually did. If anything, this does confirm to me just how much of a snake Brendyn is and just how far he's willing to go to attain power in this game, so I'd be wary to trust him for any extended length of time. Then again, obviously he feels like he's on the bottom of the original Makhuwa, so he's going to these extreme lengths in order to ensure he has the numbers to take out one of them, specifically Jimmy or Ricki, so at least he is showing that he obviously intends to work with me right now. As far as I'm concerned, I'm only benefiting from this whole scenario, so I'm totally willing to say whatever and vote whoever at this moment in time to get myself in the majority, but don't think for a second that I'm going to let this power hungry sociopath hold my fate in his hands any longer than I need to.


Penelope is now shown returning to camp, and although she is no longer crying, it is obvious that she is still upset by the stuff that Brendyn had told her earlier. This time, the entire tribe is present and sees how distraught Penelope is, with Constantine shooting Brendyn a glare that indicates his disapproval, which Brendyn shrugs off. The camera then pans over to show a huge tree near the shelter, where Ricki and Jimmy were chatting. They too see Penelope enter the main camp area. Wondering what may be upsetting her, Ricki calls out to Penelope.

Ricki (Concerned): Something wrong, Penelope?

Just before Penelope responds, the camera catches Brendyn rolling his eyes and grumbling quietly to himself.

Penelope (Dismissive): Not now, Ricki. I don't want to talk about it.

Ricki (Further concerned): Are you sure, it seems like you've been feeling down all day, and you're even more upset now. I promise I'm...

Penelope (Interrupting; Annoyed): I said I don't want to talk about it, Ricki! Leave me alone!

Ricki (Taken aback): I-I'm sorry. It just bothers me to see anyone this upset, so if you want to talk, I'm here.

Penelope (Irritated; Raising voice): I said I don't want to talk to you! Besides, you weren't there for me before the swap anyway!

Ricki (Surprised; Confused): You never were this upset before the swap, save for the time when Emil made the offensive remark, but even then, everyone stood up for you and was there for you!

Penelope (Scoffs): Well, if you want me to go back to the (finger quotes) "trailer" I came from so badly, then I don't need comfort from you.

Ricki, Jimmy, and Leah are all floored upon hearing this accusation from Penelope, with Ricki's jaw instinctively falling open as she places a hand over her heart. The three original Sena's are surprised to hear that wording coming from Penelope's mouth, but know that it's something Brendyn must have said to her, so they aren't overly surprised. Brendyn on the other hand, is acting shocked to save face. After a couple of brief moments, Ricki responds.

Ricki (Hurt): Where did you even get that from? I never said anything like that!

Penelope (Rolls eyes): Sure you didn't, even still, I don't need or want your comfort now?

Ricki is now left speechless at Penelope's remarks as Leah steps in and begins firing back.

Leah (Angry): What on Earth's the matter with you?! Leave Ricki the hell out of this, Penelope, that girl's done nothing to you whatsoever!

Brendyn is now shown looking right at Penelope and mouthing the words "Of course she'll stand up for her."

Penelope: Oh don't start with me, Leah! You've shown nothing but bitterness and contempt towards anyone not in your core group, and I don't need to put up with it!

Leah: I don't care what you say about me, but don't go snapping at people like Ricki for absolutely no reason!

Penelope (Putting her hands up): Whatever, I don't need to put up with you yelling at me either, I'm out of here!

Penelope now begins to storm out of the main camp area, with Jimmy following her soon after. Brendyn is now shown looking towards Kane and Constantine, and he can't help but smirk, though Constantine appears to be feeling guilty for having approved of Brendyn's plan to manipulate the nail technician. The camera then pans over and shows Ricki, her mouth still wide-open as she is completely dumbfounded at the situation.

For Penelope to yell and scream at me the way she did after I offered to comfort her when I saw her come back to camp all upset, it was probably one of the most shocking and hurtful things that I've heard... dare I say in my life? I don't mean to sound overly dramatic or anything, but for her seemingly make out that I've never cared about her until now, and especially her claim that I said she should "go back to the trailer she came from", that was pretty hurtful considering that it's just straight-up not true. Yeah, we didn't have that close of a bond pre-swap, but I always treated her with respect and decency, and I also just can't imagine a scenario in which I'd be poking fun at anybody because I can't stand bullies in general. I don't know where my relationship with Penelope goes from here, in all honesty, but I do hope that she comes to her senses soon and realize that I am just not that type of person she's accusing me of being.


After Ricki's confessional, the footage shows a distraught Penelope storming down towards the beach, with tears streaming down her beet-red face and burning anger in her eyes. We then hear the faint sound of Jimmy calling Penelope's name as he chases after her, though she doesn't acknowledge him. Soon, Jimmy's voice begins to get louder and louder, until finally he catches up to her and steps right in front of her path.

Jimmy (Flabbergasted): What the hell is going on?! Where did all that, back at camp, even come from?!

Penelope simply shakes her head and tries to push herself past Jimmy, but the law student stops her.

Jimmy: I'm serious, Penelope. You're honestly really starting to scare me right now!

Penelope (Annoyed): All I'll say is that I heard some things about you and your friends that were quite eye-opening.

Jimmy (Stunned; Speechless): Wh-wha... from who?!

Penelope (Irritated): I said I'm not talking about it, now move out of my way!

Jimmy: I just want to know what's going on, Penelope! We could set the record straight, maybe something got misinterpreted.

Penelope now crosses her arms and begins shooting daggers towards Jimmy.

Penelope: There's no misinterpreting what I heard! I will tell you one more time, move out of my way, I'm not talking about this! You know, keeping me from going anywhere without a lawful reason is False Imprisonment right?!

Penelope now pushes past Jimmy one more time, and this time he lets her go. As she storms away, he looks towards her in disbelief before muttering to himself.

Jimmy: Actually, it would be called Felonious Restraint.

I don't know who got to Penelope, but whoever did really knew what buttons to push, and obviously they told some horrible lies in regards to Ricki and myself at the very least. Like, maybe I was a little overly judgmental of Penelope early on, but the more I've gotten to know her, I've realized that she's a very good person deep down that has more than likely experienced stuff that has shaken her to her core and still affects her to this day. I would not be surprised if she was struggling emotionally when the game started and that the stresses of being out here have exasperated those feelings. Right now... (sighs) I really feel pity for Penelope more than anything else, coupled with fierce anger, bordering on hatred towards this person that told these lies about Ricki and I, whatever they were. There's not a question in my mind that if I find out who this person is before this next Tribal Council, I will do anything and everything in my power to get rid of them. For me, the reason for that would be to get rid of a vicious snake, as well as to exact revenge on whoever is obviously stooping to these extreme lows to target Ricki and myself.


Once the camera fades out of Jimmy's confessional, we see Penelope sitting in a sheltered and private area by herself. Her face is in her hands, and she is once again crying as the camera transitions to her confessional.

When I first started going off on Ricki in camp, I was feeling a bit bad because I still wasn't sure if these accusations from Brendyn were true. But as soon as Leah started yelling at me, that only made me feel like Brendyn is telling the truth after all, especially because all she did was stand up for Ricki, not caring at all about why I was upset! So of course I don't want to talk to Jimmy about any of this, especially if all he did was sit by and let those girls made all those hurtful comments about me! (Puts her head in her hands, tries to control her breathing) UGH! The more I think about it, maybe I should just QUIT! Like, the Survivor Gods obviously hate me because first they take my emotional supports away, and now I find out that I'm being attacked by these people behind my back! (Shakes head) I dunno though... part of me wants to stay and prove the haters wrong. But the longer the game goes on, the more I find myself asking just how much longer I can keep going on like this. Every day is just getting harder and harder, and I feel like I'm at my breaking point. (Hangs her head)


Following a transitional shot of an African Elephant standing in the water and using its trunk to spray water on itself, we are taken to a conversation between Jimmy, Ricki, and Leah by the water well as they discuss what happened back at camp while filling their canteens, all three still unable to fathom what Penelope was talking about when she went off on them at camp.

Ricki: I still can't believe the kind of stuff Penelope's accusing me of saying. You guys know me better than that... right?

Leah (Shrugs): Honey, that's why I stood up for you back there. Penelope had absolutely no right to start screaming at you like that, especially 'cause whatever happened, she was clearly fed a crap-load of lies, and you'd think she'd have known better.

Ricki: I mean... yeah, but obviously whatever she was told was more than just the trailer comment 'cause she's clearly deeply offended and betrayed by whatever we were accused of saying or doing.

Jimmy (Nodding): For sure. Penelope wouldn't talk to me much either, but I did manage to get out of her that she heard some (finger quotes) "eye-opening" things about me and (finger quotes) "my friends." So whatever was said about you Ricki, I got lumped in there too, and since she said "friends," that probably includes you, Leah, and maybe even Brendyn for all I know.

Ricki now goes from feeling angry at Penelope to feeling pity for the nail technician as she now understands what likely happened, while the look on Leah's face indicates that the firefighter is still furious about the situation.

Ricki: So... you think one of those original Sena people lied about us like that to try and get her to flip?

We see a brief shot now of Tori and Constantine relaxing on the beach, followed by one of Kane tending to the fire, before the camera returns to the current conversation.

Jimmy (Sighs): I hate to admit it... but yeah, I can't think of anything else.

The more I talked this Penelope situation out with Ricki and Leah, the more it occurred to me that there's likely no other possible reason for Penelope's outbursts at Ricki and I than an original Sena member planting these lies in her head in order to manipulate her enough that she flips her vote against us. (Shakes head) Quite frankly, if that is the case, it's just an incredibly sociopathic move, even for a game like Survivor, as cutthroat as it is. It's just a step that I couldn't personally even dream of taking, but unfortunately, it looks like we have to deal with one of those people that don't care about stooping to immeasurable lows in order to get ahead out here.


Ricki: Between the three of them, I feel like we can rule Constantine out right away. I dunno, to me, he seems like another person that wears his heart on his sleeve, and I just can't see him even attempting to pull off something that callous.

Jimmy (Nodding): Yeah, you're probably right... (sighs) which would leave Tori and Kane as the possible culprits, if this is indeed what's happening, and if it was an original Sena doing it.

Leah (Blunt): It wouldn't be Tori, there's no way! Penelope can barely stand to look at the girl, so there'd be no universe in which she'd believe any of this stuff coming from Tori's mouth!

Jimmy (Sighs): Which means...

Ricki (Finishing his thought): It would have to be Kane, assuming an original Sena did feed Penelope these lies to manipulate her.

Another quick shot of Kane comes onto the screen, though this time, he is placing a log on the fire as the camera transitions back to the trio currently talking.

Jimmy: I never would've assumed Kane would try this stunt at first glance. But then again, between the three from Sena on our tribe, he does seem like the most likely by process of elimination.

Leah (Nodding): Mmm hmm, and if I find out that he is the one responsible for this, I will squish that boy like a damn bug!

Ricki: Well, regardless, we need to keep this suspicion to ourselves, because all calling him out would do is put an even bigger target on our backs and chase Penelope away.

Leah (Sighs): Yeah... you're probably right 'bout that.

Jimmy: True, and even still, it's also just a suspicion, so until we have concrete evidence that this even happened, we'd be stupid to be calling anybody out.

Ricki: So... unfortunately, it seems like we can't really do anything about this besides keep an eye on Penelope and the original Sena people, especially Kane. Hopefully his body language soon gives him away, or better yet, he, Penelope, or one of Kane's close allies let something slip that gives us the power to make this move backfire.

Jimmy and Leah are both shown nodding in agreement with Ricki as the camera zooms in on the young C.E.O.'s face.

In order to try and figure out what happened with Penelope that drove her to yell at me the way she did and accuse me of saying things that I'd never say to a person, the only logical thing that Jimmy, Leah, and I can seem to come up with is that someone who felt like they were on the bottom, most likely an original Sena, made these false claims against us to Penelope so that she'd be angry enough to flip her vote against us, which would be one of the most downright heartless moves you can make out here, in my opinion. But from there, by process of elimination, the only name we can seem to agree on as a likely culprit is Kane, but that's more to do with the fact that none of us can see Constantine doing it, as well as how unlikely Penelope would believe this stuff from Tori. A huge part of me wants us to be dead wrong about this simply due to the fact that this is the kind of thing you don't want to imagine anybody is really capable of. But at the same time... just based on how Penelope seems to have bought into this, I guess it would be kinda nice if we were able to soon come to the conclusion that Kane was in fact spreading these lies, because that would give us the opportunity to turn things back around on him. (Shrugs) Either way, it's a really uncomfortable situation all around, and I just hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later.


We now see one last shot of Penelope sitting alone at the base of a tree, hanging her head, as the camera fades out.

Day 18

Returning from commercial break, we are taken back to the Makhuwa camp during the morning of day 18. After an opening shot of the gold tribe flag, the footage shows us the main camp area as the eight tribe members eat breakfast. While most of the tribe eats together however, Penelope took it upon herself to eat as far away from the group as possible, while remaining in the area, still feeling visibly hurt by the accusations that Brendyn had made against Jimmy, Ricki, and Leah the day before. We now see Constantine looking over at Penelope, with a look of guilt on his face.

If I could go back in time, I'd go back to yesterday morning and kaibosh Brendyn's plan to manipulate Penelope. I mean... (sighs) yeah, I am really benefiting from this, but at the same time, the fact that after nearly an entire day, Penelope's still clearly broken up over whatever Brendyn told her, it makes me think that he might've touched on something really personal and re-opened some wounds she has, and to me, that's just not okay. I really don't know what to do right now though because if I tell Penelope the truth, that could ruin not just my game, but Tori's and Kane's too because it would blow up this whole plan to get us off the bottom. But at the same time, you know... maybe it would be the right thing to do.


Following Constantine's confessional, we see him chatting in the ocean with Tori and Kane.

Constantine: I just wanna know... am I the only one feeling super guilty for allowing Brendyn to tell all that stuff to Penelope?

Kane (Shrugs): Maybe, I dunno. Like, I sort of feel bad, but it's part of the game, we're only going ahead in this thing because of it, and the fact Brendyn followed through shows he's serious about working with us.

Constantine: I get all that, but just look at Penelope! She seems even more upset than before, and she's barely moved from the shelter all day, except for breakfast when she moved away from the rest of us!

A quick shot of Penelope laying down in the shelter with a sad expression on her face comes onto the screen before switching back to the current conversation.

Tori: There's a lot of things I don't like about Penelope, but at the same time, I can see what you're saying Constantine. Part of me feels bad as well, so I'm just glad that all we have to do here is keep our mouths shut and just nod along... at least until after our first Tribal.

Constantine (Sighs): Yeah... you're right, I guess.

Kane (Taken aback): You're not thinking of blowing this plan up, are you?

Constantine (Defensive): No, of course not! I know for a fact that it would blow up our games, just as much as Brendyn's, so exposing the truth wouldn't be a good idea at all. (Shrugs) But still like... how far is too far, ya' know?

Kane: At least Brendyn is stuck with us right now, probably long term too because he knows that we can easily take him down.

Tori is a bit taken aback by Kane's suggestion to work with Brendyn long term, but says nothing at the moment. Constantine however, wastes no time responding.

Constantine (Surprised): You actually want to work with Brendyn of all people after seeing him pull this kind of stunt to advance his game?

Kane: I highly doubt he'll try to pull that on anyone again, and as I said, if he becomes a liability for us, we have the power to expose him.

Constantine: Why take that risk though?

Tori: Constantine's right though. Obviously we don't pull this move on Brendyn anytime soon, but it's a card we can pull later because quite frankly, if this whole thing shows Brendyn in any kind of light, it's that he can't be trusted and that he doesn't care who he has to step on or whose feelings he has to hurt.

Kane (Shrugs): I dunno, I don't get the sense that Brendyn wanted to do this, I really don't. But regardless, we just need to keep in mind that he's a loyal number for us for the foreseeable future, and that's that.

I find it kind of surprising that Tori and Constantine are talking about Brendyn not being trustworthy for the next little while. I mean, yeah, he stuck his neck out to make an underhanded move that could've easily backfired. But the thing is, I'm sure Brendyn's smart enough to realize that one wrong step, and Constantine, Tori, and I can absolutely ruin his game, and that will scare him into being loyal. I don't know if he had that foresight or not when he made his choice, but it's still a choice he made, and now, Tori, Constantine, and myself hold his fate in our hands, and that's the end of it.


As the three of them continue to chat, the camera focuses on Tori's serious expression.

Both of the guys I came to this tribe from Sena are starting to worry me, to be honest. Constantine is feeling really guilty for the move to manipulate Penelope, even though he himself didn't have to do anything, and it's making me wonder if he's going to do the moronic thing and spill the beans to someone. I doubt he will because I don't think he's that stupid, but you never know with certain people's emotions. With Kane though, it's the opposite. He's going so far out of his way to defend Brendyn, and it's making me really wonder where his true loyalty lies. There's no way Brendyn will stay loyal to us long term, no matter how (finger quotes) "logical" it would be, and the way Kane's just ignoring that and trying to get us to stick with Brendyn long term makes me wonder if those two have some sort of finals deal in place, which would be terrifying, and it makes me think that sooner or later, I'm going to need to do something about them.


Brendyn is now shown taking a big sip out of his water canteen as he sits by the fire before the camera fades out.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

We then see the Sena entering the challenge arena first with Allan carrying the tribe flag, followed by a shot of the Makhuwa tribe entering the challenge arena with Leah carrying the tribe flag. Penelope is the last person from Makhuwa shown entering the challenge arena. Although Penelope is trying to put on a brave face, her eyes tell a different story as she looks directly at Irene, pleadingly, almost as if to be directly asking Irene if she can mutiny to Sena right now. Irene sees this, and offers Penelope a small smile and a nod, but that's as far as it goes before the camera turns over to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?

Castaways: YES!

Jeff Probst: Alright, first thing's first, Constantine. I need to take back immunity.

Jeff walks over to Constantine, who hands him the immunity statue. Jeff then places the statue on its perch and faces the tribes.

Jeff then goes on to explain the rules of the immunity challenge, which is dubbed Mayday and reminds the tribes that the losing tribe will head to Tribal Council where someone would be voted out of Survivor: Mozambique.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, you guys have three extra members, so you need to sit two people out. Keep in mind though, since you can't sit people out in back to back challenges, Brendyn, Kane, and Tori must compete.

Penelope instantly raises her hand.

Jeff Probst: Alright, looks like Penelope is sitting this one out, Makhuwa, I need two more.

Ricki: I guess it will be me and Leah.

Jeff Probst: Alright, so Ricki, Leah, and Penelope, take your spots on the sit-out bench. As for the rest of you, I'll give you a minute to strategize, then we'll get started.

After a quick time skip, we see the two tribes in position, ready to begin the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Here we go, for immunity... Survivors ready... GO!!

Immunity Challenge: Mayday
Tribe Rescuers Hostage Puzzle Solvers Sit-Outs
Makhuwa Constantine VasylenkoJimmy Talbot
Constantine, Jimmy
Tori Axelson
Brendyn GarciaKane O'Neill
Brendyn, Kane
Leah DerryPenelope OswaldRicki Fife
Leah, Penelope, Ricki
Sena Allan FloresCassy Leighton
Allan, Cassy
Irene Xing
Marshall DesjardinsTesla Van Mol
Marshall, Tesla
  • Both tribes wasted no time with putting their wooden stretcher together, though Jimmy is moving particularly fast as he seems to guide Constantine through it.
    • As a result, Makhuwa manages to get their metal braces on the stretcher first and begin running to the beach with a bit of a lead on Sena.
  • Jimmy is the one swimming out to the mast for Makhuwa in order to rescue Tori.
  • About a minute later, Cassy begins swimming for Sena in order to rescue Irene.
  • Although Cassy does make up a bit of time for Sena, Jimmy and Tori still grab onto their gold life ring first, and begin swimming back, still with a very slight lead for Makhuwa.
  • Not being as strong of a swimmer, Irene struggles somewhat in the water to keep up with Cassy, frustrating the diesel mechanic as they begin to fall a little more behind.
  • Having gained some of their original lead back, Jimmy and Tori make it back to shore first, as Tori climbs on the stretcher for the two guys to carry her back to the finish line.
  • When Makhuwa is about half-way back with their stretcher, Cassy and Irene make it back to shore, where Irene climbs on the stretcher so Cassy and Allan can carry her back.
  • Even though Makhuwa had a slight head start at making their fire, Kane and Brendyn, especially the latter, seemed to really struggle with it, making very little progress by the time Sena return with Irene on the stretcher.
  • Marshall, having made fire plenty of times, was able to quickly guide Tesla through the process of making fire.
    • As such, Marshall was soon able to get their fire high enough to burn their rope and lower their flag, winning Sena only their second immunity challenge of the season.

Jeff Probst: Sena, wins immunity!

The Sena tribe, especially Cassy, really begin to celebrate upon hearing Jeff's announcement, with Cassy unable to stop herself from jumping up and down like a bunny before hugging Allan and Marshall, having feared she was going home. Most of Makhuwa on the other hand, especially Leah on the sit-out bench, appear to be quite frustrated with the loss. In contrast though, Penelope simply nods on the sit-out bench, smirking slightly. After a brief time skip, Jeff is shown addressing the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Sena, I know this hasn't happened too often out here, but immunity is yours tonight.

The Sena tribe clap as Jeff walks the immunity statue over, passing it to Marshall.

Jeff Probst: Nobody going home from Sena tonight. You guys can grab your stuff and head back to camp, enjoy the night off.

As Sena pick up their bags and begin to walk back to camp, Jeff turns to Makhuwa.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, unfortunately I can't say the same for you. Tribal Council tonight, where after 18 long days, one of you will be the 7th person voted out of this game. You all have the afternoon to figure out who it's going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, I'll see you at Tribal.

As Makhuwa begins to head back to camp, the camera first focuses on Ricki, followed by Penelope, Brendyn, Jimmy, and finally Kane as the camera transitions to his confessional.

I am beyond nervous going into this vote, to be honest. I mean, today is day 18, the same day that Vicktor was voted out in Tasmania. Coming out here, I vowed to do better than Vicktor, so knowing that I could very well be voted out on day 18 as well is causing my near-empty stomach to really start curdling. Everything seems to be going to plan right now, and the way it looks, I will be in the majority tonight, but you never really know out here, so I just need to do whatever I can to make sure my alliance's plan stays on track.


As the camera fades out of Kane's confessional, we see one more shot of the nervous look on his face before it switches to show the serious expression on Penelope's face. After another brief moment, the camera fades to black.


Ominous music begins to play as a transitional shot of three vultures flying in a circle shows up on the screen, followed by a shot of the gold Makhuwa flag. The defeated Makhuwa tribe is then shown entering their camp in silence, many of them unhappy to be attending Tribal Council. However, the camera soon zooms in on Penelope who, oddly enough, seems relatively content with the situation her tribe finds itself in. After placing her bag in the shelter, Penelope takes a couple deep breaths before stepping out in front of the tribe in order to make an announcement.

Penelope (Authoritative): People! I want your attention, please!

All seven of Penelope's tribe-mates instantly stop what they're doing to look at the nail technician, each of them visibly shocked by Penelope's tone and behaviour.

Penelope: I'm sure all of you know just how much I need the million dollars because that was my sole reason for coming out here. (Pauses, sighs) But... a lot has happened in the past couple have days. I have heard a lot of troubling things, and all of the people that I felt closest to, who I could go to and confide in... have been ripped away from me in one way or another. (The camera shows Ricki, who appears visibly saddened upon hearing this) Because of all that, this game has become extremely hard for me emotionally, and I am not sure if I can mentally withstand another day out here. So, if you guys want to actually do something to help me, I just ask... (heavy sigh) that you please vote me out tonight.

A gong is heard as the mouths of many of Penelope's tribe-mates drop open. Ricki looks like she is about to start crying, while Constantine turns his head and begins cursing under his breath. The other five castaways are left speechless hearing this as the camera turns back to Penelope, cutting to her confessional.

I've been thinking for the past few days about leaving the game, especially after Brendyn told me about all of the hateful things people have been saying about me. I want to stay and fight so bad, but mentally, I just can't handle it anymore. I'm breaking down constantly, most of my tribe seems to hate me, my emotional supports keep disappearing... and it's all just become too much. (Heavy sigh) This is not an easy decision at all because the million would've changed my life. But if all these people hate me anyway, I have no chance of winning, so what's the point with continuing to torture myself mentally? I need to get out of this environment, try and heal, and move on with my life.


Penelope: Because of just how much I need the money, this was not an easy decision for me. (Shakes head, shrugs) But after everything that's happened, and after the stuff I've heard the past couple of days. I just want to go home, try to recover, and forget this ever happened. Thanks for your time, I'm sorry that I've wasted mine and all of yours... just vote me out tonight, that's all I ask.

Penelope now tries to walk towards the beach, indicating that she is finished her speech. It is at this time though that Ricki rushes up to Penelope and attempts to give her a hug, leading Penelope to push her away.

Penelope (Seething): I don't want a hug from you. You were never there for me pre-swap, so I dunno where all of this is coming from, but I don't like it! If you want to actually do something for me, Erica, I suggest you write my name down tonight, then you have the added bonus of never having to deal with me again!

Ricki (Baffled; Frustrated): Where is all this even coming from, Penelope?

Penelope (Snaps): ERICA! ENOUGH! All I asked you to do was to vote me out, you're getting your way, leave it at that! I don't want to talk to you, and I don't want hugs from you either!

Having had enough, Ricki decides to give up trying to reconcile with Penelope. Ricki lifts both of her hands up, and waves them downward quickly in front of her, to illustrate that she's done, which Penelope takes offense to.

Penelope: What was that for, Ricki?! You don't need to make a big scene and make this all about you. We all know just how much you hate me, so just let me be!

Ricki (Snaps): I'm just done, Penelope!

Penelope: I am too! You wi-

Ricki (Interrupting): WE GET IT! You want out because somebody planted this seed in you that I hated you for some reason! All I want to say is that it's absolutely not the case! I've never hated you, Penelope! I don't know who told you those lies about me, but I'm done being screamed at by you over just that, lies!

Penelope (Scoffs): You say that now because you've been called out! Listen to me carefully, Erica, I don't want your fake hugs, I don't want your fake sympathy. All I want is for you to vote me out! You're getting your way anyway with me leaving, so consider this a win-win!

At this point, Ricki can only stand where she is, with her jaw hanging open, totally speechless. Leah has now had enough, and steps in to defend Ricki.

Leah (Angry): Ricki's done nothing to you, Penelope! Go after the psycho that told you these lies, not someone that's been nothing but nice to you!

Penelope: I don't want orders from you either, Leah! All of you, before you vote me out, all I ask is to have this evening in peace! Thank you!

The camera now pans over to show Jimmy, who is sitting on the edge of the shelter shaking his head, clearly fed up with the whole situation.

Jimmy (Assertive): That's it! Penelope, we're going to talk about this, right now. Whether you want to or not, after the relationship that we've had, you owe me an explanation at the very least! I don't care about these other people. But you and me need to chat, privately.

This announcement from Jimmy frightens Brendyn, who feels as though he might've had a heart attack. Brendyn's eyes are widened, and a nervous expression takes over his face as Penelope responds to Jimmy.

Penelope (Scoffs): Fine! But after this, you need to leave me to have my last night here in peace!

Jimmy: Deal.

We now see Jimmy and Penelope leaving the area together as they begin to walk towards a secluded area of the camp. As soon as they do this, the rest of the tribe begin to disperse, although Brendyn can't help but follow Jimmy and Penelope, fearful of what might be said. The camera then pans over to show Constantine laying down in the shelter with his hands over his face as the camera transitions to his confessional.

Penelope announcing that she wants out of this game absolutely crushed me because my unwillingness to hold my ground and veto this plan to manipulate her is has helped lead her to this point. I still don't know the full details of exactly what Brendyn said, but I'm starting to feel like what little respect I had for him is officially gone. (Shakes head) UGH! I really don't know how... or even if this situation can or should be corrected either! Like, I can't possibly tell Penelope the truth without ruining the games of me and three other people, on top of the fact that it might not change anything anyway. I guess the least I can do is ensure that Penelope's wish is granted, and I just hope that she gets in touch with a good therapist when she gets home so she can work through these emotional issues she has.


The camera now cuts away from Constantine's confessional to show Ricki sitting on the ground not far from the shelter, with tears trickling down her cheeks.

(Holding back tears) The hardest part of this whole situation for me is the fact that I still don't know what was said to have Penelope direct all of this anger my way. If I knew what was said, ya' know... I'd at least be able to defend myself! As much as I want to be mad at Penelope, I can't because there's no way that this came from out of nowhere, and the fact that she wants to quit over this now is truly, truly heartbreaking. But... what sucks too is the fact that I have no idea who I can even be mad at! (Sighs) At least I know in my heart that I did nothing wrong... I just wish the rest of the tribe, especially Penelope, knew that as well.


Following Ricki's confessional, a transitional shot of a giraffe eating leaves out of a tree is shown before the camera takes us to the conversation between Penelope and Jimmy, in what they think is a private area outside of the main camp. Unbeknownst to them however, Brendyn has sneaked up behind them and is listening in on their conversation as he crouches in the bushes.

Jimmy (Firm but sympathetic): I hope you don't resent me for pushing you to talk like this, but I hope you understand where I'm coming from in pushing for an explanation from you. You and I were never (finger quotes) "best friends" out here, but I feel like we got along well enough, we had a mutual respect for each other, and even our little alliance going. (This line catches Brendyn way off guard) What changed with you? What's made you so sad and resentful?

There is a short pause as Penelope wipes her eyes while considering how to respond to Jimmy.

Penelope: I know we had all that, James... I do. But... I just heard some things from someone about you and your friends that I found really troubling, and just so hurtful and offensive.

Jimmy (Persistent): What kind of things, Penelope? Who said this stuff to you?

Penelope goes silent, unsure how to answer Jimmy, or if she even wants to.

Jimmy (Frustrated): Penelope, how can I respond to these claims if you won't give me the chance? I don't recall doing anything to upset you, and if I did, it was completely unintentional. So like, I need to know what you're mad at so we can sort this out.

Penelope simply sighs, still not responding to Jimmy.

Jimmy (Comforting): Hearing you announce that you want us to vote you out of the game really upset me, especially hearing you insinuate that I did something to drive you to this point. I can honestly say that if I did something out here that hurt someone so badly that they wanted to quit this game and give up maybe their only chance at a million dollars, a truly life-altering amount of money, I'd probably never forgive myself.

Penelope remains silent as Jimmy lets out a sigh.

Jimmy: I don't know what was said to you to make you feel like this. But... I can tell you that I think I know exactly how you feel.

Penelope (Rolls eyes; Snarls): You can't possibly know how I'm feeling.

Jimmy: I don't know that for sure, but I think I might. If you just look at me from the outside, if you have a very general picture of who I am, you might think I'm some (finger quotes) "Golden Boy" or whatever. But especially starting in high school, I've rarely, if ever, seen myself that way. I'll spare the details because I don't feel comfortable hashing all this out, especially since this is not about me right now, it's about you and your desire to leave the game. But, I will say that I've experienced some things that have made me feel totally depressed and worthless, and feeling like I had nobody I could truly confide in because people would see me, expect me to be strong, and think (Mocking tone) "What kind of stress could you possibly be under?" (Normal voice) Even my parents at the time just did not understand because, my mom especially, seemed to think she could drop a couple compliments, and that everything would be good, but it just made me feel more alone and isolated than I already was. Seeing you lash out like this and go through all this trouble to just get away from everyone makes me think that you're not just angry and vengeful because of stuff someone told you that someone else had said or done. Whatever this person told you has also made you feel alone and isolated. You think that nobody cares about you, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Now, don't take that as me making light of what you're feeling, because those feelings are real to you, and they're making you wish you were no longer in this kind of environment. Knowing that, although my situation was probably nowhere near what yours is like, we've still felt those same kinds of feelings. So... because of all that... I hope you can understand why it would crush me to see you leave the game like this, especially if I did play a part in the reason you want to leave. So... I guess what I'm trying to say, is that above all else, I want to set the record straight and get to the bottom of what you're feeling. Whether you still want to leave the game at the end of it is not up to me, only you can make that decision. But... yeah, that's why I feel like this talk between us is important, because it will help both of us to understand the truth of what's going on here. (Sighs) Am I making sense?

Penelope (Sighs): Yeah... I mean, that is what I'm feeling. But... I just don't see how you'd possibly understand.

Jimmy (Challenging her): Try me! If you tell me what was said, maybe I'll surprise you. Even still, in the event I don't understand what you're feeling, then I want to understand it, especially if I played a part in you feeling this way.

Penelope (Groans): Fine, I'll tell you. (Sighs) Yesterday, after the reward challenge, someone came up and told me that... (pauses, sighs again) that... (tears start trickling down her cheeks) Ricki and Leah were mocking me and insulting me behind my back, and that you sat back, let it happen, said nothing to them, and occasionally laughed.

Jimmy is stunned hearing these allegations, although it is similar to what he was expecting. His jaw hangs open a little as he has a hand over his mouth. Penelope's heart is racing as she awaits his response.

Jimmy: Well, first thing's first, if that is what you were told, I now understand why you felt alone, isolated, and possibly wanting to leave the game, and this does explain you snapping at Ricki perfectly.

Penelope: So... is it true? Were you laughing as Ricki and Leah mocked and insulted me?

Jimmy: All I can say right now is that, to the best of my knowledge, that accusation is a lie because I don't recall any of that going down. Who told you these things, and what did they claim Ricki and Leah to have said?

Penelope (Blunt): I'm not going to tell you who told me, especially if this turns out to be true! (Tone softens) But, I guess I'll tell you what they said.

Brendyn is shown breathing a sigh of relief that he himself probably won't be exposed, but is still nervous about what Penelope will say.

Penelope: After Ricki did her little, inappropriate routine with her buff around her butt like that, and I walked down to the beach, she supposedly called me a "no good buzzkill." Leah supposedly kept going off about how useless and stupid I am. But the worst of it all, came from Ricki when I was told that she said: (Mocking tone) "Les-bi-honest, it'll be sooooooo nice when Penny's sent back to that trailer she crawled out from so we don't have to listen to those wild banshee screeches of her's when she's triggered!"

Penelope begins crying again as Jimmy's jaw drops wide open, unable to believe the allegations that were made against Leah, and especially Ricki.

Penelope (Impatient): Well, are they true?

Jimmy (Speechless; Shakes head): No... none of that is true! Absolutely none of it! But now I can understand your feelings and reactions fully. I'd be feeling the same way if someone said that stuff about me, and knowing that I've felt those feelings of loneliness and isolation in the past, I don't know how I'd respond if I was in your shoes.

Penelope (Skeptical): How do I know you're not defending your friends for the sake of defending your friends? If you stood back and watched all this happen, doing nothing to begin with, then what's to say you wouldn't be lying now?

Jimmy: Because there's no way in hell that I'd be complicit to that behaviour, especially that last comment that Ricki was accused of saying. I also know that Ricki is just not that kind of person at all! Ricki is genuinely one of the sweetest and kindest people on this tribe! I think the only real evidence you need of that side of Ricki is the way she comforted you after Francine was evacuated.

Penelope (Rolls eyes): Just because she has a sweet side to her doesn't mean that she doesn't say mean, hateful, and spiteful things behind people's backs!

Jimmy: Well, from where I stand, I never would've stood by and let that last comment go unnoticed! It has horrible homophobic undertones to it, and in and of itself, it's just a really derogatory thing to say. Obvious jokes I may let slide, but that comment would've just crossed the line to such an extent that I'd never condone it under any circumstances. Also, knowing Ricki as well as I do, I just can't see any universe in which she would even consider uttering a comment like that!

Penelope: Or so you say.

Jimmy (Slightly Frustrated): You want to know how else I know those allegations were lies? That "buzzkill" comment after Ricki's dance, that came from Tori, not Ricki!

This time, it's Penelope who is stunned.

Penelope: Tori made the buzzkill comment?

Jimmy (Sighs): Yes... yes she did. It was not a nice thing for her to say, obviously, but she said it.

Penelope (Scoffs): Figures! Just another example of how rude and ignorant that girl is.

Jimmy: You see, though? If the person that made these allegations lied about Ricki saying the buzzkill comment. What's to say they didn't lie about everything else? Then that last accusation at the end being something truly offensive to drive their point home.

Penelope (Skeptical): Well, maybe they misheard something.

Jimmy (Shakes head): There's no way that was them simply mishearing anything. Penelope, we're playing a game for a million dollars, and the person that made these accusations knew exactly what they were going to say, and who they were going to say it about. For whatever reason, they felt desperate enough that they would make these accusations as part of a tasteless attempt to manipulate your vote and get you on their side!

Penelope (Sighs; Hangs head): I dunno... maybe you're right. Honestly, I never saw either you or Ricki as the homophobic type before this, so these comments that I was told Ricki said and that you allowed to happen really blew me away.

Jimmy (Adamant): That's exactly what I'm saying. Ricki never said those things because that's just not who she is.

Penelope: But you're absolutely certain that Tori is the one who called me a "no good buzzkill"?

Jimmy: I don't recall that first part coming out, but I did hear her say the word "buzzkill."

Penelope: Okay, I just wanted to be sure.

Hearing what James had to say in defence of himself and Ricki... it all seems to make sense, but I'm still really hurt and confused over this whole situation. (Shrugs) On one hand, I never would've imagined either him or Ricki to be homophobic, and what he says about the sweet side of Ricki does seem to be true, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Ricki to be the one that said those things. But on the other hand, why would Brendyn of all people, lie to me, and accuse Ricki of saying something like the "buzzkill" comment that supposedly Tori actually said? Brendyn's not aligned with Tori, and as immature and ignorant as the girl is, and as much as I can see that comment coming from her, it just doesn't make sense to me that Brendyn would accuse Ricki of saying them when they're not true, especially since he's not even in danger of going home! (Heavy sigh) I really dunno. I still kinda do want to just go home and get out of this environment, but if what James says turns out to be true, and if I'm not hated like I thought I was... maybe I should stay and keep trying to fight.


Jimmy: So... (sighs) where's your head at right now, after all this has been said? Are you... still wanting to leave the game and escape this potentially toxic environment?

Penelope (Shrugs): I dunno anymore, James. Like, I kinda do still just because I really don't think my chances of winning are all that good anyway, and it seems like I'm just breaking down day after day after day. Maybe getting voted out is what's best for me and my psyche after all. But at the same time... I really don't think Tori deserves to be here.

As Penelope continues, a brief shot of Tori washing her platinum blonde hair in the ocean is shown before returning to the current conversation.

Penelope: Tori herself just seems like such a stuck-up, immature, ignorant, bratty, little girl. I've been feeling like that was the case sense I met her pretty much, but especially after she swapped onto this tribe with me, and if it's true what you say about her calling me a "buzzkill," then I do want her to go home, and I guess it would be a small victory if I did at least manage to last longer than her.

Brendyn falls backwards and lands on his backside, completely shocked at Penelope's sudden suggestion of Tori going home. Penelope and Jimmy are both startled and quickly turn their heads around upon hearing him fall, but Brendyn is silent after this, and still out of sight, meaning that they don't know where the sound came from.

Penelope (Shaken): What was that?

Jimmy (Eyes-widened): I heard that too, but I have no idea what happened there. Hopefully just some kind of animal.

Penelope (Anxiously): Y-yeah... let's hope.

Jimmy and Penelope now turn back around as they resume their conversation as Brendyn breathes a sigh of relief that he wasn't caught. Satisfied that he has enough information however, and not wanting to risk getting caught again, Brendyn sneaks out of the vicinity.

Jimmy: Anyway... you were saying?

Penelope: I mean, I wouldn't be offended if you voted me out. I do want to go home and heal, and I don't think this game is the place for that. But yeah, I would consider it a small victory if I could at least last longer than Tori, and if that does happen, who knows what the next day would bring?

Jimmy (Nodding): Yeah, that's a very fair statement for sure. I'll tell you what I'm going to do though. I want to do what's best for you, so I'm going to talk this over with people that I trust, and we can go from there. I'll definitely consider voting Tori, especially because on the face of it, it would be beneficial for our games. But I also wouldn't want to keep you in this environment for those selfish reasons if you still being here will continue to negatively affect your mental state, and if your desire to just go home and heal is so strong.

Penelope (Sighs): Fair enough. My vote's gonna be for Tori anyway, so... just let me know before Tribal so I'm not shocked by what you're doing.

Jimmy (Smiling): That I can handle. (Sighs) Thanks for taking the time to talk this out with me, Penelope. I'm really sorry that you're going through all this, but I'm glad that I can finally understand your point of view.

Penelope: Yeah, well... I guess it was nice to at least get this off my chest.

Jimmy: For sure, and sometimes you do need to just vent your frustrations.

Penelope (Wiping her eyes): Yeah... that's true. Thanks for at least listening.

Jimmy: You're very welcome.

Jimmy and Penelope now share a hug as the camera zooms in on the law student before cutting to his confessional.

Hearing for the first time what was actually said to Penelope... I am more outraged than before, especially after hearing that last accusation and the whole "Les-bi-honest" statement that also compared her to a quote "wild banshee." (Shrugs) I think Penelope was starting to understand that there's just no way Ricki would ever say stuff like that, but I really don't think she completely believes that because after that whole thing, I still don't have the name of the person that told her! The fact that the accuser took a statement that Tori made about Penelope being a "buzzkill" and accused Ricki of saying it still leads me to believe that it was Kane since Tori is his ally, but there's still no way for me to know for sure, and I'm frustrated as hell over this! Penelope's suggestion to get rid of Tori because it would be a quote (finger quotes) "small victory" for her to last longer than her because of Penelope's dislike for her and Tori's attitude towards her, it is an interesting one. Getting rid of Tori for me would be an objectively good move, Penelope's vote for her is already secure, and it would inevitably weaken the game of the person who made these accusations. But on the other hand, Penelope's head is nowhere near in this game, Tori wants to be here, and it probably would be good for Penelope's mental health if she did leave because the sooner she leaves, the sooner she can get professional help. My head and my heart are telling me two completely different things right now, and I have no idea what I'm going to do at tonight's vote.


Once the camera cuts away from Jimmy's confessional, Brendyn is then shown talking with the original Sena members in the woods, prepared to share the information he gathered while listening in on Penelope's and Jimmy's conversation.

Brendyn (Dead Serious): Guys, we may have an issue here in pulling off this Ricki blindside after all.

Constantine (Blunt): You're right, the fact that I'm now refusing to write Ricki's name down.

Brendyn and Kane are both shocked to hear Constantine's statement, standing still, speechless, with their jaws hanging open. Tori on the other hand, merely rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, not at all surprised to hear this statement from the bartender.

Brendyn (Flabbergasted): Excuse me?!

Constantine: You heard me! I'm not voting for Ricki tonight. Penelope wants to go home, and I want to make sure that her wish is granted because I think it's the least we can do!

Brendyn (Offended): After we've worked so hard to get these votes turned on Ricki and get us off the bottom, you want to vote out the one person that might help us?!

Hearing this, Constantine crosses his arms and gives Brendyn a death-stare.

Constantine (Seething): We pushed Penelope right to the breaking point. She wants out of this game because of lies you told and the rest of us allowed you to tell. Penelope is desperate to go home and recover, and I think we owe her that much!

Brendyn (Puzzled): We don't owe her anything, we don't owe anybody anything, Constantine. This is a game for a million dollars, we're doing what we need to do to get ahead (Constantine now appears offended), and the only good news I can report is the fact there's still a chance she may vote Ricki!

Constantine (Blunt): You have absolutely zero remorse about this, don't you? Quite frankly, the more you go on and on about this being a (finger quotes) "game move," the more respect I lose for you as a human. F***ing. Being!

Brendyn is quite taken aback by Constantine's anger, leading Kane to step in to try and diffuse the situation.

Kane: I see where you're coming from Constantine, but Brendyn's right, it is a game move, and Ricki and Jimmy are an obvious power couple that it would be wise for us to split them up.

Tori (Interjecting): Ya' know, before this s*** gets too out of hand, maybe we should let Brendyn explain why he said there'd be an issue with getting Ricki out in the first place.

Brendyn (Smirking): Thanks Tori. Anyway, I was listening in on that conversation between Jimmy and Penelope, and he was able to get her to tell him everything I said. Luckily, we weren't exposed because I don't think she completely believes Jimmy and his defence of Ricki. But, it did seem like he may have talked her out of wanting to quit the game.

Constantine (Skeptical): Really now?

Brendyn (Nods): Yes. Jimmy pointed the finger at you, Tori, as being the one to call her a "buzzkill" yesterday, and it seemed to remind her of what she thinks of you.

Tori (Rolls eyes): Oh please!

Brendyn: She told him that she (finger quotes) "wouldn't be offended" if Jimmy still voted her out, but she added that it would be a (finger quotes) "small victory" if she lasted longer than you.

Constantine (Adamant): So let's just vote her out then! Penelope's obviously still hurting from those lies you told, Brendyn, and she's also clearly not interested in actually playing this game anymore!

Tori: That is true, and Penelope going home would give us the majority because there would be seven people on this tribe and (counting each person) one, two, three, four of us in an alliance.

Brendyn: Yeah, but with Penelope, there's four of them, and if they all write your name down, we're in a tie vote situation.

Tori (Rolls eyes): As if Leah would draw rocks to save Penelope!

Kane: Crazier s*** has happened in this game though.

Tori (Snarky): Yes, because it's only everyday that a complete, utter bitch is so loyal that she risks her own game to save someone she hates, who by the way, actually wants out to begin with. (Slow clap) Superb logic you guys are using right now, am I right, Constantine?

Constantine (Shrugs): You're not wrong. But again, I feel like voting Penelope is the only humane move we can make here.

I'm really starting to question as to whether or not Brendyn and Kane have any sense of human decency whatsoever. As an alliance, we contributed to Penelope having a complete meltdown that's leading her to want out of this game, and they're shrugging it off as just another game move! I get their whole argument of Jimmy and Ricki being a power couple, or whatever the f***, but Tori is the one that they're supposedly targeting, and even she is in agreement with the fact we should vote Penelope because she understands that Leah won't draw rocks, making this a win-win thing for both Penelope and our alliance! But, there go Brendyn and Kane, going on and on about how threatening Ricki and Jimmy are, meaning that we need to keep focusing on flipping Penelope. I'm also starting to feel like if they don't give a s*** about someone's feelings after driving them to the breaking point, would they even think twice about blindsiding me if they got the sense that it might be beneficial for them? Probably not, and that makes me not only furious at this whole situation, but also scared for what the future of the game holds.


Brendyn: Let's also not forget just how threatening Ricki and Jimmy are as a couple, and the fact that Penelope doesn't totally seem to buy Jimmy's argument that Ricki didn't say that stuff about her. Penelope still seems to be anti-Ricki, and based on that conversation, she's not as adamant about wanting to leave the game as she was a little while ago.

Constantine: Then you convince Penelope to vote Ricki, because I'm not playing any part in that whatsoever. I still think not granting her wish would be a heartless decision, and I will only go along with it if you can guarantee me that she writes Ricki's name down.

Brendyn: You have yourself a deal man, but I really think you're overreacting to this whole situation.

Tori: It is a valid concern though, especially if we take this whole strategic perspective you want to shove down our throats so damn badly. If the other alliance is trying to get her to write my name down as you say, then I'd rather that guarantee that she's writing Ricki's name as well. I don't think there's a remote chance that Leah draws rocks for Penelope. But I do think that there may be a slight chance that they draw rocks for Ricki if they plant enough doubt in her head that Ricki said that stuff.

Brendyn: Okay, you guys have a deal. If Penelope can't give me a definite "yes" as to whether or not she'll vote Ricki, then we'll send her home.

Tori (Matter-of-Factly): Glad you see this my way now.

I'm finding it so interesting how this whole Penelope situation has made both Brendyn and Kane so blind as to what's actually going on and how we should approach the vote. You have Constantine taking the purely emotional approach, wanting Penelope out as she wishes because it's morally right. You also have me taking the strategic approach of wanting to vote Penelope because with her vote now wavering, it's the most likely way all four of us survive. But no, Kane and Brendyn have it stuck in their little pea-brains that Ricki is this massive threat that they need to try and keep working Penelope's emotions to take Ricki out of the game, no matter the cost apparently. I dunno what's going to happen tonight, but there's no way that I'm going to let Kane's and Brendyn's ignorance send me home, especially if Brendyn is being truthful when he says the original Makhuwas are writing my name down right now!


Following Tori's confessional, we see that the four castaways have split up, with Kane and Brendyn walking through the woods together.

Kane (Sighs): I defended you as much as I could back there, man. But you know they have a point, right?

Brendyn (Nodding slowly): I do... I'm just so disappointed because this was such a golden opportunity to split up Jimmy and Ricki.

Kane: I understand, and I hope you realize that I have your back completely. But if you think there's even a chance that Penelope won't vote Ricki, then we need to cut our losses and vote her out.

Brendyn: For sure. Also, if I can be serious for a bit, it does kind of hurt that Constantine's suggesting that I'm some heartless bastard for wanting to follow through with our original plan. Like, I didn't want to do this by any means, but I didn't see any other option.

Kane: Constantine's a very emotional person, and one thing I noticed is that he does seem to overreact a lot. I get that it would be a concern later in the game, but on the plus side, he's loyal to us right now, and we need to focus on that.

Brendyn: I totally agree with that sentiment, and trust me, my goal right now is to get Penelope back on track with voting Ricki. At the end of the day, how the vote turns out tonight will be totally up to her.

If Constantine thinks that my goal in coming out here was to constantly lie and manipulate people's emotions like some sort of psychopath, then he's sadly mistaken. We had a plan to eliminate Ricki, and it was working perfectly until Jimmy got in Penelope's ear, and we need to do some damage control. The fact that Jimmy was even able to get to Penelope like this just goes to show how dangerous of a player he can be as an individual, never mind when he's linked up with someone like Ricki! If I have to vote Penelope to save my skin and avoid rocks, then I will. (Shakes head) But I'm not about to stop fighting to split up the two most dangerous players in this game, there's no way.


Brendyn and Kane are now shown returning to camp, where they see Penelope moping in front of the fire. Brendyn then gives Kane a nod and indicates that he'd like to talk to Penelope alone. Kane then makes his way towards the shelter as Brendyn approaches Penelope.

Brendyn (Awkwardly): Uhh... hey... Penelope. You want to talk?

Penelope (Sighs): Yeah... I guess we should.

As Penelope and Brendyn begin to walk off to a secluded area of the camp, the camera zooms in on the nervous expression of the nail technician before transitioning to her confessional.

After hearing everything James had to say about Ricki and how she couldn't possibly have said the stuff Brendyn accused her of saying, I've really begun to doubt that I can trust Brendyn to begin with, even though I have no idea why he'd lie to me. If I find out that he's been lying about all this just to manipulate my vote or something as James suggests, I don't think I'll ever forgive him.


Just as Penelope and Brendyn sit down, Brendyn goes to start speaking, but Penelope cuts him off.

Penelope (Upfront): Before we go on with this, I need to know one thing for certain. When you told me about all that horrible stuff Ricki and Leah were doing, were you telling me the truth?

Brendyn is caught way off guard by this question immediately coming from Penelope, leaning backwards and his mouth falling open.

Brendyn (Awkwardly): Of course I was, Penelope! W-what reason would I even have to lie?

Penelope (Sighs): I have no idea, Brendyn, I really don't. I just had a talk with James, and he kinda made me question things.

Brendyn (Matter-of-Factly): I told you that all Jimmy would do is defend Ricki.

Penelope: Yeah, I'm aware of that, but he was right when he said that this didn't seem to be in Ricki's nature at all. That's why I'm so confused about all this!

Brendyn: Well, some people do a very good job of covering up their true feelings in front of people, and Ricki seems like that person to me. First, you have those comments she was making, and that's on top of the fact that she was so over the top with how nice she was to the original Senas when they got here.

Penelope (Heavy Sigh): I dunno, Brendyn... it just seems like something that's hard to believe all of a sudden. Like, I believe that you may have thought you heard Ricki saying this stuff, but I'm starting to get paranoid that maybe we got it wrong.

Brendyn (Persistent): Well, I will say that I am absolutely positive that I didn't get it wrong. I know what I heard, I know what I saw, and I'm tired of being a bystander to it all. Ricki deserves to go home, and even though I know you said you wanted out of here, I think it would be quite something if you could say that you managed to outlast the person that put you down more than any other.

Penelope (Nods slowly): That's true... I... I guess. (Sighs) I dunno, this has just touched on some really personal stuff, and I'm just at the point where I feel like I'm done. My mind is no longer here, and I need professional help, so I should just get out. But then again, if I could last longer than the people making his experience hard for me to get through, that would be sorta nice, I guess. I just really need to think this over.

Brendyn (Sympathetic): That's perfectly okay, I totally understand. Just try to let me know your final decision before Tribal, okay?

Penelope (Nods): I will.

So of course, just as I was starting to accept the fact that maybe Jimmy was telling the truth about Ricki, here comes Brendyn to try and convince me some more that Ricki's this mean, evil person that keeps insulting me behind my back. I'm even more confused now as to who to believe, because part of me is starting to think that maybe Brendyn was more interested in making sure I voted Ricki than my well-being. But at the same time, he's sticking to his guns so well, and it all just sounds so convincing! (Puts her head in her hands) I really don't know what I'm going to do come Tribal Council. Should I vote Ricki in case these things are true? Should I vote Tori, someone I know for a fact is a terrible, ignorant person? Or should I just focus on my own mental health and keep trying to convince these people to vote me out? (Wipes tears from her eyes) It's just such a hard decision, especially knowing just how badly I want and need the million dollars. (Sniffles)


As the afternoon wears on, the camera takes us to a quick shot of a herd of zebras grazing before we are shown a conversation between Jimmy, Ricki, Leah, and Brendyn by the water well.

Ricki (Sighs): So, uh... is it a done deal, guys? Are we giving Penelope what she wants and voting her out?

Brendyn: I think that's for the best, for sure. She's obviously not in a good spot mentally, and if she's this hostile towards you, that won't be good for any of our games.

Jimmy: That being said, I think we can all agree that something had to have happened to get Penelope this mad at Ricki, and it makes me feel really uncomfortable. I was talking to her though, and she did suggest that she might be up for voting Tori.

Brendyn (Feigning shock): Really?! I thought she wanted to quit.

Jimmy: I did too, but from what she's saying, she believes that Tori is such an ignorant and rude person that she'd consider it a small victory if she lasted longer than her. Penelope's words, not mine. But if she is still on our side, it would be nice to cut a former Sena and secure the majority, in my opinion.

Leah: Penelope needs to make a decision, as far as I'm concerned. If she wants Tori gone, then I'll vote Tori out, but I really don't wanna have to keep putting up with this crap from her the whole time.

Ricki: Penelope was obviously told some things that really struck close to home, things that were intended to turn her against me, for whatever reason. All I want to do right now is what Penelope wants because it hurts me that she seems to think that I'm this fake, hateful bitch that has it out for her.

Brendyn: Well in that case, we're better off going with the devil we know and keeping Tori in the game in favour of Penelope. Tori's attitude is relatively consistent, whereas Penelope's can change with the direction of the wind. Besides, I can't stress enough that Penelope doesn't even really want to be here, at least not nearly as much as the rest of us.

Jimmy is shown to be caught off guard by Brendyn's insisting that Penelope go home.

Jimmy: Penelope did tell me though that she wouldn't mind staying in the game, and as I said, she said she'd consider it a small victory if she lasted longer than Tori. If she can make it through this vote, what's to say she won't make it through the others? Besides, there's no doubt in my mind that Tori's a hardcore strategist that will take control of the game at the earliest opportunity.

Jimmy looks directly at Brendyn upon finishing his statement. The bylaw enforcement officer sees this and offers a shrug and slight nod.

Brendyn: Yeah, I can agree with that, and I really wouldn't mind getting rid of Tori at the next vote. But if we're looking at what's best for us, and what's best for Penelope, getting rid of her should be top priority.

With Penelope's mind apparently not entirely made up, I need to do what I can to keep my original tribe-mates on track with Penelope's announcement that she wants to go home after the challenge. If the four of them, including Penelope, do vote Tori, there's that potential for a rock draw, which I'm not comfortable with, and I really don't see myself wanting that tie vote to even occur because my flip would be out in the open, and I may not have any effective protection depending how the re-vote goes. So unfortunately, I may have to vote Tori just to prevent that tie-vote. At least if they vote Penelope, I can mask my flip if the Senas do as well, or if Penelope does vote Ricki, then I can show Kane, Constantine, and Tori that I follow through on my promises and that I intend to be loyal to them. I'm in such a precarious spot right now, and I'm nervous as heck because this vote will either propel me to the end of the game, or to the loser's lounge in the near future.


As Brendyn's confessional finishes up, we see the four castaways beginning to split up with Leah and Brendyn each going their own separate direction. Jimmy then goes to head back to camp, but Ricki grabs his arm, wanting him to stay put. As Jimmy turns around, so does the camera, and we can see that Ricki appears to be feeling terrified.

Ricki (Shaking her head): I don't trust Brendyn. Not one, little bit.

Jimmy (Nods slowly): Yeah... I don't either. But what's your reasoning?

Ricki (Annoyed): Since when has he actually given a s*** about Penelope!? The woman calls me fake, but the dude has never seemed to want to hang out with people in general except to talk strategy. So it seems incredibly sketchy that he all of a sudden cares about what's (finger quotes) "best" for her.

Jimmy (Nodding vigourously): I totally agree with you there, oh my gosh!

Jimmy now gasps, instigating an awkward silence.

Ricki (Concerned): What's wrong?

Jimmy (Awkwardly): You don't think... that Brendyn spread these lies to Penelope... do you?

Ricki (Snarls): I sure as heck hope not! But like, the one problem with that I see is the fact that I struggle to find a reason for him to flip and cause all this madness. For all he knew, Penelope and Leah were supposed to be on the bottom, not him. But then again... if he spread this stuff to Penelope, wanting to get her to flip with him, that would be a 5-3 majority.

Jimmy (Nodding): That 5-3 majority would allow him to safely flip while avoiding rocks.

Ricki: But then again, he wasn't on the bottom, and it's the Sena people in the desperate situation. (Groans)

Jimmy: So what are you saying?

Ricki: I'm saying that I do still think that Kane's the most likely person to have caused all this s***. But (sighs) I'm suddenly really scared that I could go home in a 5-3 vote. So... (sighs) if I do go home in a vote like that, I'm telling you Brendyn is the culprit, and do whatever the f*** you can to get him out of here as soon as possible.

Jimmy (Nervous): Right.

Ricki (Shrugs): If I do stay in this game after tonight, then it could've be Kane for all we know. I'm just saying, between how incredibly shady Brendyn was being back there, I'd say a 5-3 vote against me would be the hard evidence you'd need against him to lay down the accusation.

Jimmy (Heavy sigh): Yeah, that's true I guess. (Shakes head) I just pray Brendyn's telling us the truth right now because without you here, the only person I can remotely trust is Leah, who has all the social game of a f***ing bulldozer!

Hearing this, Ricki can't help but start giggling uncontrollably, something Jimmy is unimpressed with.

Jimmy (Crosses arms): I'm not laughing.

Ricki (Smirking): Sorry, it's just the way you said that. (Giggles)

Jimmy: But yeah... (sighs) either way, I guess we can only hope that you're still here tomorrow and that the people we're supposedly aligned with are telling us the truth.

The more time I spend with Brendyn out here, the less I find myself trusting him. I mean, you have this guy here that seems to care about nothing besides strategy all of a sudden talking about voting Penelope because it's "what's best for her." That would've been all well and good had I not told him about Penelope's own suggestion to vote Tori! The Brendyn I thought I knew would've been all over that, so to see him keep on about Penelope's feelings and stuff caught me way off guard! (Sighs) Then... I find out that Ricki was thinking the exact same thing, and we came to the conclusion that it could be possible that Brendyn is the one spreading these lies to Penelope because he wants to flip, and he needs her to vote with him to avoid a rock draw. Now that I think about it too, if everyone votes Penelope, that would put Brendyn right in the swing vote position if this is true. But what's even scarier is the fact Ricki's terrified she can be going home tonight, and based on what she's saying, it is unfortunately a possibility. If Ricki went home, it would just be a total nightmare for me because it would confirm my worst fears about Brendyn, and I'd be all alone. (Heavy sigh) I dunno, maybe I'm overreacting. This vote's supposed to be so easy, but I guess it just goes to show how bad the paranoia can get out here. I hate to admit it, but I'm suddenly extremely nervous about this vote myself.


The scene now transitions from Jimmy's confessional to the main camp area as the sun begins to set over the Makhuwa camp. The camera then focuses on Ricki as she packs her bag, attempting to control her breathing.

Ever since Penelope first yelled and screamed at me yesterday, I can't lie and say that I wasn't worried about the possible ramifications it may have on my game, and today it finally hit me. Brendyn acting like he suddenly cared for Penelope after not giving a s*** about her for 17 days made zero sense, especially since this is leading him to refuse to get rid of a more threatening player like Tori, who is not aligned with us, by the way. Brendyn pushing for all of our votes to pile on Penelope could mask his true intentions if we all vote the same person. But then there's the other possibility that Brendyn lied to Penelope all this time because he wanted to flip and he needed someone to flip with him to avoid rocks. (Shrugs) Who knows, maybe I'm all scared about this now because I've been yelled and screamed at twice in two days over stuff that I'm sure I've never even done, so my emotions could be running really high, and I could be overreacting. I hope I'm overreacting because I don't want to go home (shrugs), but I guess I won't know for sure until the votes are read out.


The eight members of the Makhuwa tribe are now shown retrieving their torches and making their way to Tribal Council in a single file line, with Constantine leading the way.

Tribal Council

The eight members of the Makhuwa tribe are now shown retrieving their torches and making their way to Tribal Council in a single file line, with Constantine leading the way.

The eight castaways can now be seen entering the Tribal Council area carrying their torches as Jeff Probst awaits them. They then each put their torches in their holders and take a seat on one of the stools. Jeff Probst then sits down himself.

Jeff Probst: So Makhuwa, I must say, this seems to be a very interesting turn of events, doesn't it? This has been only the second time in 18 days that this tribe has lost an immunity challenge, it's your first challenge loss as a new tribe overall, and for more than half of you, this is only the second Tribal Council you've attended. Jimmy, as one of the original Makhuwa members, what was that feeling like for you after losing the challenge and returning to camp?

Jimmy: I'm not going to lie to you, Jeff, the challenge loss itself was disappointing for me because, for the most part, this is the last place that you want to be at in the tribal phase of the game. As for the atmosphere when we got back to camp (takes a deep breath), you could cut the tension with a knife.

Jeff Probst (Probing): Do you think that's because of the challenge loss, and just general butterflies knowing that you're going back to Tribal?

Jimmy (Shakes head): Absolutely not. (Choosing his words carefully) I think it was mostly because... there were certain comments that were made to a specific person referring to a few people on this tribe that got emotions running high. So when we got back to camp, everything just boiled right over.

Jeff Probst: Do you know what kind of comments were made and what they were about?

Jimmy: Yes, I do. But at the same time, it's not my place to divulge that information. Tensions reached their boiling point in front of the entire tribe, so it's not like it's a secret that comments were made, but I'm not about to get into specifics.

Penelope starts nodding with a sad expression on her face, knowing what Jimmy is referring to.

Jeff Probst: Penelope, what was the atmosphere like for you when you returned to camp? Were you affected in some way by those comments that Jimmy referred to?

Penelope (Sniffles): Yeah... I was. Somebody told me about some insulting comments that were made behind my back, and I just started breaking down. So today after the challenge, I announced to the tribe that I wanted them to vote me out of the game.

Jeff's eyes go wide upon hearing Penelope say these words.

Jeff Probst (Shakes head): I gotta say... Penelope... it sounds like those comments must've truly hurt you for them to essentially make you want to quit the game.

Penelope (Wiping her eyes): Y-yeah.

Jeff Probst: Do you feel comfortable talking about those comments in any way?

Penelope (Awkwardly): N-no... not really. I mean... they were just that hurtful, and one in particular, dare I say, came across to me as homophobic.

The camera shows Ricki fidgeting in her seat with a hand over her mouth, both heartbroken for Penelope, and also annoyed at the situation.

Jeff Probst: Ricki, what are your thoughts regarding this whole situation with Penelope?

Ricki (Passionately): My heart breaks for Penelope, it really does! (Penelope rolls her eyes) The worst part about this whole thing for me though is that, because of these comments that were made, Penelope's lashed out at me twice in the past couple of days, but I haven't had a chance to respond to these allegations because I don't even know what comments she's referring to!

Penelope: Ugh, here we go again!

Jeff Probst: So Penelope, is it true that you believe Ricki to be one of the people to have made these insulting comments?

Penelope: Yes, yes I do! There's also the fact that Leah's been taking pot shots at me all game, but that's nothing new. But it's Ricki that has made some of the most hurtful remarks.

Ricki (Pleading): What remark are you referring to?! Can you please tell me so I can be on the same page?!

Penelope (Scoffs): Why should I have to repeat it if it was that hurtful?

Ricki: Because I don't recall saying anything homophobic to or about you! I'm not a homophobic person, and I never have been, so if something I said got interpreted that way, I'd at least want to know so I can correct the error of my ways!

Penelope: How can you not recall saying: "Les-bi-honest, it'll be soooo nice when Penny goes back to that trailer she crawled out from so we don't have to hear her wild banshee screeches when she's triggered!"?

Ricki gasps upon finally learning of the comment Penelope was most angered by. The camera then pans over to show Constantine glaring at Brendyn, although Jeff keeps his focus on Penelope and Ricki.

Jeff Probst: So Ricki, hearing Penelope repeat one of those insulting comments, does that change anything for you?

Ricki (Looking directly at Penelope): I. DID. NOT. MAKE. THAT. COMMENT. I don't know who did, but if that person wants to reveal themselves right now, I would gladly stick up for you, Penelope because I finally understand your response!

Brendyn has an annoyed look on his face as he restrains himself from rolling his eyes.

Penelope (Annoyed): So if you didn't make that comment, then who did?!

Ricki (Speechless): I... I have no idea. All I know is that I didn't make that comment.

Penelope (Scoffs): Likely story.

Ricki: But it's true!

Ricki now begins to tear up as Jimmy starts rubbing her back in an attempt to comfort her. The camera then pans over to show Constantine, who once again appears to be feeling very guilty.

Jeff Probst: So Constantine, on another note with all this emotion surrounding members of the original Makhuwa, this has to be good for you, Kane, and Tori, who are the obvious minority.

Constantine (Sighs): Yeah, I guess you could say that, Jeff. I mean, when someone has heard insulting comments that someone else made about them, it's never a good situation, and I feel really bad for Penelope right now that she has to go through this. But game-wise... yeah, you could say that it's good for me.

Jeff Probst: Brendyn, based on your perspective of what's happening tonight, does it look like with Penelope announcing that she wants out that tonight's vote is easy?

Brendyn: You could say that, I guess. I mean, on the face of it, it would be easy to simply grant Penelope's wish and be done with it. But after talking with her, I'm not entirely sure how much she really wants out right now because she has hinted that she perhaps wants to go after the person that may have made these comments (Ricki puts her head in her hands). So as far as I'm concerned, it's all up to her and what she wants to do.

Jeff Probst: So Ricki, based on that statement by Brendyn, it sounds like you might be in the hot seat tonight.

Ricki (Nods): I was afraid that someone might say that. Jeff, it just hurts me so much because I know I didn't say those things that people have accused me of saying. I know in my heart that I'm not that kind of person. But I guess it all depends what these people believe, and to Brendyn's point, if Penelope even wants to still be in the game much longer.

Jeff Probst: So Penelope, we're now back with you. Where is your head at right now in terms of your will to stay in this game? Are you wanting out? Or do you want to stay and see how long you can keep fighting?

Penelope (Heavy sigh): Honestly Jeff, it's up to my tribe mates what happens tonight. I've told them that I wouldn't be offended if I were to be voted off, because it would be nice to go home and try and heal.

Jeff Probst: So, in saying that, what is stopping you right now from coming up here and asking me to snuff your torch right now?

Penelope: I guess on one hand, if I could last longer than the person that made these comments, or someone that I feel doesn't deserve the money, I would consider that a small victory. But also, if I do leave the game, I want it to be the right way... through a vote. At least then I could say that I was voted out. I don't think I could handle being seen as a quitter.

Tears start trickling down Penelope's cheeks again.

Jeff Probst: So Penelope, let's just say that you do survive the vote tonight and go back to camp. What do you see happening from there?

Penelope (Heavy sigh): I dunno... I guess it'll be up to my tribe what happens, and depending on who does go home, maybe things would be different come the next vote.

The camera now shows Tori rolling her eyes at Penelope's response, which Jeff notices.

Jeff Probst: So Tori, what's going through your mind when you hear this stuff from Penelope?

Tori: For the record, I feel so bad for Penelope and what she's going through right now. But to me, it sounds like she's completely checked out of the game. I know I want to be here, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think everyone else, besides Penelope, wants to be here too. It would drive me nuts if I left this game over someone that's openly saying she wants out.

We then see Kane nodding along with Tori's statement as Jeff directs his attention back to the nail technician.

Jeff Probst: So Penelope, I just want to make things clear for myself. Are you wanting to leave this game right now? Or should we get to the vote?

Penelope: I want to stay for the vote, Jeff. My head may not be totally in the game right now, but I really don't think I can handle being seen as a quitter.

Jeff Probst: Okay, this has been a pretty emotional Tribal Council, but it is time to get down to it. It is time to vote, Kane, you're up.

Kane nods in Jeff's direction before standing up, and walking over to the podium to cast his vote. As he takes the cap off the pen, the camera fades out. Once Kane has voted, the next castaways to vote (in order) are: Jimmy, Tori, Brendyn, Constantine, Leah, and Ricki. Once Ricki wrote down her vote we see close-ups of Tori then Penelope as part of her voting confessional is played, although her vote is not shown.

I really don't know who the person that said those offensive comments was, but it wasn't me. I'm sorry that we couldn't nail down who the actual culprit was for certain, because I'd love for this to be their name tonight...


Penelope is the last person to cast a vote this evening. We see her letting out a heavy sigh before taking the cap off the pen. The camera then fades out and back in, and we then see Penelope placing her folded up vote in the urn, and then replacing the urn's lid before returning to her seat. Once Penelope sits back down, the camera turns over to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff leaves to fetch the urn. Once he returns, he addresses the castaways.

Jeff Probst: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The camera then shows close ups of Jimmy, Ricki, Tori, and finally Penelope. Seeing that nobody would like to play an idol tonight, Jeff then continues.

Jeff Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff opens up the urn and takes out the first vote.

Jeff Probst: First vote... Penelope

Penelope simply nods.


TORRIE That's 2 votes Penelope, 1 vote Tori.

Tori scowls upon seeing her name, though she doesn't appear overly worried.


Penelope begins to nod again.

PENNELOPIE We're now at 4 votes Penelope, 1 vote Tori...

Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Mozambique...

Aunt Penny

Jeff Probst: That's five Penelope, and that is enough. You need to bring me your torch.

Penelope smiles, welcoming her fate. She stands up, puts her bag over her shoulder, and immediately walks over to Jimmy, giving him a hug and wishing him good luck, which Jimmy repeats back to her, along with the words "Take care." Ricki then stands up and asks to hug Penelope, but she outright refuses one, simply choosing to grab her torch and take it over to Jeff. Penelope is then shown placing her torch in the holder in front of Probst, then standing up to face him.

Jeff Probst: Penelope, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff then places the snuffer on top of Penelope's torch, putting out the flame. As he removes it, we see a puff of smoke rising from her torch.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Penelope (Flashing a small smile): Thank you very much, Jeff.

After letting out a sigh, Penelope exits the Tribal Council area and heads off into the night.

Jeff Probst: Well, I think that if there's anything you can take away from this Tribal Council, I think that would be the true impact that words can have on a person. From my observation, it seemed as though a few simple comments completely erased Penelope's desire to play the game, and I don't care who you are, I feel like that should be a real eye-opener for you. Certain words can stay with certain people for an immeasurable length of time, and they have the potential to greatly alter your fate, not just in this game, but possibly real life as well. That's just something for you all to consider. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night.

The outro music plays as the remaining 7 members of the Makhuwa tribe grab their bags and their torches, then make their way back to camp.

Tribal Council 7:
Penelope Oswald
Penelope (7 votes)
Brendyn GarciaConstantine VasylenkoJimmy TalbotKane O'Neill
Leah DerryRicki FifeTori Axelson
Brendyn, Constantine, Jimmy, Kane, Leah, Ricki, Tori
Tori Axelson
Tori (1 vote)
Penelope Oswald
Penelope OswaldBW
Penelope Oswald

Final Words

I gave it absolutely everything I had, but at the end of the day, it was all just too much. I need the money so bad, but I just can't keep putting myself through this and keep breaking down day after day. I don't know who made those comments, but I hope that whoever did is the next one gone, and if Brendyn did lie to me like James suggested, I don't think I could ever forgive him. (Sighs) I'm rooting for Irene, Tesla, and James all the way, and I hope they kick some major butt. As for right now, I'm just glad I'm out of that place because it's time for me to try and heal.

–Penelope Oswald

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Penelope, it sucks you had to go through all this, but that's the nature of the game sometimes. I would've voted to keep you, but since there's no guarantee you're voting Ricki, I'm not about to risk rocks. Hopefully things work out for the best for you.


(Heavy sigh) I never imagined that writing your name down would be this hard. Penelope, I'm heartbroken over the fact that all this has happened to you out here, and I really hope that you get the professional help you desperately need. As much as keeping you here would strategically help me, you're not in this game anymore mentally, and the longer you stay, the worse off you'd likely get, so voting you out is potentially the best thing we could do for you right now. Good luck and take care of yourself, Aunt Penny.


As much as I don't like you, and as much as I know that feeling is mutual on your end, I didn't enjoy seeing you in as much pain as you were in. What you need right now is a therapist, and what I need right now is to not draw rocks. Sorry.


Penelope, I'm so, so sorry that these lies went as far as they did. I never once imagined that they'd drive you to the point of quitting the game, and as much as you may not believe me when the episode plays back, that is the truth. This is not what I wanted for either of us, and I hope you see how hard I fought to keep you here over Ricki when you started to consider wanting to stay. (Sighs) I know you're not going to like me very much when the episode plays back, and I want to apologize for everything. Hopefully you can forgive me one day.


For the record Penelope, Ricki is completely, 100& innocent in all of this. I sincerely apologize for letting Brendyn tell you all those lies that drove you to wanting out of this game, and I hope you see that if I can go back and veto the plan, then I would. Going home is truly what's best for you right now, and I hope you get the help you need. Stay strong, and take care of yourself.


If you seriously think that Ricki had any part in saying that stuff you were told she said, then your IQ must be a zero. You truly, truly need professional help.


I really don't know who the person that said those offensive comments was, but it wasn't me. I'm sorry that we couldn't nail down who the actual culprit was for certain, because I'd love for this to be their name tonight. (Sighs) But unfortunately Penelope, I'm settling for writing your name down, and as much as you screamed at me the past couple of days, I feel sorry for you more than anything else. Going home is what you want, and quite frankly, I think it's what you need as well. I wish you all the best.


Since I'm really not sure who said all of that horrible stuff, I'm voting for you Tori, especially since there is a slim chance that with this vote, I may last longer than you, which would be nice. Ever since I've met you, you've been the one of the most rude and ignorant people I've ever met. (Shrugs) Even if you don't go home tonight, Tori, I'm just glad I got the chance to write your name down before I do.


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Who was the worst player this episode?

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Author's Notes

The episode title is said by Cassy Leighton as she rants about Tesla Van Mol in a confessional after the Tribal Council on night 16.

Just in case some of you aren't entirely familiar with the Monopoly board game, Cassy Leighton's comment to Tesla Van Mol saying "Oh please, don't give me water works! This ain't a Monopoly board where I have to pay fake money as rent..." was in reference to "Water Works" being a utility that can be bought when playing the game Monopoly.