"The Survivor Gods Must Hate Me"
Santa Carolina Island
Season Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned
Author User:Gavin316
Episode Number 1/13
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This is the first episode of Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Draggin' the Dragon
The tribes have to pull a cart across man-made and natural obstacles. They are carrying boxes of puzzle pieces in the form of a dragon. At three different spots, one player climbs up a ladder, using a bamboo pole, to reach out and release a key. The players must take that key, unlock a chest and put it in the cart. Once they have all the chests together, they must dismantle their cart and take all the chests out to stuff them through a barricade in the course. They must then climb up over the wall, reassemble the cart on the other side, and then make it through a bunch of natural obstacles to make it to the end. Using the pieces of the boxes, they must then solve a puzzle. The first two tribes to finish their puzzles win immunity.
Reward: Fire-making kit for the first-place tribe and a flint for the second tribe.
Winners (In order of how they finished): Nampula & Zambezia


Day 1

Day one beings with Jeff Probst standing on a beach, he gives us a spiel about Santa Carolina and the other islands that make up the Bazaruto Archipelago where this season is taking place. He then talks about how this is a season where players from previous seasons get another chance at playing the game.

We now see two boats speeding towards the beach. The first person we see is Lauren from Survivor: Terra Nova. She is sitting next to Hector on the boat. Lauren gives the first vice over confessional of the season as water splashes in her face.

LaurenReturned After having been voted out of Terra Nova so early, I doubted I would ever get another shot at playing this game. But here I am and I plan on playing a completely different game this time around. No more playing in the forefront, this time around I will play in the background and let others stick their necks out.

Craig from Survivor: Free Agents is also on the same boat as Lauren and Hector. Craig holds out his right hand in order to feel the water against it.

CraigReturned The last time I played the game I was one Immunity Challenge win away from the finals. I thought I played the best game that I possibly could have played.

This time I am going to have to do some tweaking and see if I can actually make it to the finals.

We see Enrico from Survivor: Free Agents on the second boat looking at the other castaways that are on the boat with him.

EnricoReturned The last time I played this game I was the first jury member. It was so horrible sitting on that jury and going to all of those Tribal Councils and not being able to play the actual game. This time I plan on not being on that jury, this time I plan on walking away with a million dollars.

Sitting next to Enrico is Wild Bill from Survivor: Dominican Republic. Wild Bill has his trademark sunglasses on as he looks up at the sky.

WildBillReturned During my time on Dominican Republic I was thought of as the villain. At the time I relished being the villain. But this time I am going to change my ways…I am going to be a nicer more sociable Bill…nah I’m just playing with y’all. I’m Wild freakin Bill of course I’m going to be a jerk again.
Wild Bill

The two boats arrive near the beach where Jeff Probst is standing. The twelve castaways get off their respective boats and head over to their tribe’s mats. Once everyone is settled on their respective tribal mat Jeff Probst welcomes them. Jeff asks Simon from Survivor: Free Agents how Simon feels getting a chance to play the game again.

Simon: Well Jeff as you know I am a huge fan of the show, so I am beyond thrilled to get another chance to play this game.

Jeff asks Vanessa from Survivor: Free Agents if there is one thing that stands out to her right now.

Vanessa: Um…yeah…right now I only see twelve people so unless we are going to be playing a super short game I have to think there is going to be at least one more tribe.

Jeff Probst tells the castaways that Vanessa is right and that is another tribe joining them. Jeff then calls out for the other tribe to join them. Most of the other castaways are shocked upon seeing the third tribe because the third tribe is made up of the first female and male voted out during the last three seasons.

Martha from Survivor: Dominican Republic seems to be more pissed off than she is shocked upon seeing John and Carly.

MarthaReturned When that tribe filled with losers showed up on the beach…and make no mistake about it that is exactly what they are a bunch of losers…I was pissed. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see the two of them again and yet there they were…man I’m pissed.

Jeff talks about how the theme of this season is redemption and it is a second chance for the castaways to play the game. He then says that the people who were voted out first and second on their seasons are the very definition of people who deserve second chances. After tossing buffs out to the castaways Jeff then tells them what the names of their tribes are. He then gives them maps to where their camps are and wishes them good luck.

The Zambezia Tribe which consists of John and Carly from Survivor: Dominican Republic, Hank and Jillian from Survivor: Terra Nova, and Aaron and Vera from Survivor: Free Agents arrive at their beach. We see the members of the Zambezia Tribe shaking hands and introducing themselves to their teammates.

AaronReturned The Survivor gods must hate me. This is a terrible tribe. First off this tribe consists of people who were voted out early and so that means there is probably a fatal flaw in all of our games and yes I am saying I played a flawed game the last time around as well.

Then we have not one, not two, but three geriatric players; I mean damn not only are we losers but half of the team belongs in an old age home. How in the hell are we supposed to win challenges with this tribe?

Hank, John, Carly and Aaron discuss where the shelter should be put. Hank points out an area where they could put a shelter near a bunch of trees and the other three agree.

HankReturned When I played the game the last time I got voted out early because I refused to kiss butt. This time around I have to go out of my way to make myself a valuable player on this team because I don’t want another early exit from the game.

But I still ain’t going to kiss no but because that simply ain’t in old Hank baby.

We now see John and Carly head off into the woods to “look” for supplies for the shelter.

Carly tells John that she is so glad to see him and the two share a brief hug. John asks Carly if she saw the way Martha looked at the two of them when they showed up on the beach. Carly laughed and said she did and even if she did not, she would still know exactly how Martha looked at her.

They both laugh before Carly says they should get back to camp because she would not want the others to think they are planning something.

JohnReturned I was happy to see Carly on my tribe. She and I were on the same tribe during the Dominican Republic season and I liked her. I truly hope she is someone who can have my back out here because it is always great to have someone.

CarlyReturned It was great to see John. Not so great to see Martha but great to see John.

John and I might not agree with each other on a lot of topics but John is a good dude and I know he is very loyal. So I do look forward to playing the game with him again and maybe this time we can last a little longer.

We now head over to the Tete Tribe camp whose members consist of Martha and Wild Bill from Survivor: Dominican Republic, Billie-Jean and Simon from Survivor: Terra Nova, and Enrico and Vanessa from Survivor: Free Agents. As soon as the Tete Tribe hit their beach they all make brief introductions to each other. Once that is over talks of where to put the shelter begin.

Enrico asks Wild Bill if Bill will help build the shelter this time around because during his initial season Wild Bill outright refused to help build the shelter. Wild Bill says that he will because with so few people on the tribe everyone needs to pull their own weight. Enrico pats Wild Bill on the shoulder and tells Bill that he likes the new and improved Wild Bill. Martha stands behind the two men with her hands on her hips shaking her head.

MarthaReturned Bill didn’t turn over no damn new leaf. He’s still the scumbag that he was when he played during the Dominican Republic. Granted I never played directly with him, but his shenanigans are well known. I ain’t going to trust Wild Bill as far as I can throw him and the other folks on this tribe should feel the same way.

WildBillReturned I am forced to be a team player this time around because this team sort of stinks. I mean we have a puzzle nerd, a crazy lesbian, an old chick, a gay dude, and Vanessa on this tribe and me…well as much as I hate to admit it I ain’t no spring chicken. This team does not exactly scream powerhouse so I am going to have to help make this team as strong as it can be. If I don’t then our asses will be heading to tribal council over and over again.
Wild Bill

The members of the Nampula Tribe arrive at their camp site. This tribe consists of Hector from Survivor: Dominican Republic, Lauren, Jocelyn, and George from Survivor: Terra Nova, and Jody and Craig from Survivor: Free Agents. Lauren gives us her take on tribal dynamics during a confessional.

LaurenReturned You would think having three people from one season on a tribe would mean we are all working together. Well that is simply not true.

I personally don’t know George all that well and despite the fact that Jocelyn and I were on the same tribe during our season…we never really clicked. I mean we were cordial but she wasn’t one of my girls and I frankly do not trust her because I saw how she played the game the last time.

So right now I am a free agent and I plan on working with whoever will get me the furthest in this game.

All the members of the Nampula Tribe are moving around their beach gathering supplies to build their shelter. Craig gives us the following confessional…

CraigReturned When I found out that Jody was going to be on my tribe I nearly pooped my pants. I mean I was the driving force behind getting her out of the game during our first season so I knew I had to try and smooth things out with her the first chance that I got.

Craig approaches Jody, who is collecting some palm fronds for the shelter.

Craig: Can we talk for a minute?

Jody: Sure what would you like to talk about?

Craig: Well I am going to keep it real with you. When I saw that you and I were on the same tribe I got a little nervous. Basically what I would like to know is if you and I can be cool and maybe work together out here.

I know you don’t really have any reason to trust me but I just wanted to say for me the past is the past and this is a new day for me.

Jody: Well it is easy for you to say you want the past to be the past because you ended up getting me out of the game the last time. How can I trust you when you outright refused to even work with me the last time?

Craig: I know… but as the old saying goes you’re better off trusting the devil you know. Look as I said I am all about moving forward with you in this game. I think the two of us could cause serious damage out here and the best part of it is that folks will probably not think you and I could ever work together.

I am truly sincere about working together and I just hope you can see that.

Jody: I do not know…the best thing I can say is that I shall think about it.

Craig: Cool. That is all I can really ask for.

JodyReturned I love the thought of Craig going out of his way to try and kiss my butt. It feels good to see him being the one who is begging to work with me this time around. The funny thing is right now he is my best option for an alliance out here but I would rather he not know that because I want him under my thumb for a bit.

While Craig tries to patch up his differences with his former adversary Jody, two former allies (Simon and Billie-Jean) reunite at the Tete camp.

Simon: I can’t believe that we are on the same tribe again. This is so awesome.

Billie-Jean: Yes when I saw that we were going to on the same tribe again I nearly jumped for joy. Also, how awesome is it that George is out here as well?

Simon: Yeah and I am not trying to think too far ahead but imagine of the three of us end up working together again?

Billie-Jean: That would be cool. Though I wonder if people are going to target us because we are…know associates for lack of a better term.

Simon: Oh there is no doubt that is the case but we are already a two person alliance. As far as I can tell nobody else on this team even really knows each other all that well so while we might have a target, we also are a very strong duo.

BillieJeanReturned Being on a tribe with my buddy Simon is just perfect. I could not be happier but I am afraid of the other members of our tribe viewing us as an unbreakable duo. I guess Simon and I will have to play the hand we were dealt.

Vanessa and Wild Bill watch Billie-Jean and Simon’s powwow from a distance.

Vanessa: I don’t like that at all.

Wild Bill: What?

Vanessa: The two of them being on this tribe. They were super close during their season and by the looks of it they are still super close. Seeing that makes me nervous.

Wild Bill: Who cares, it is day one and the last thing you need to be worrying about is that crap. There is no need to be paranoid. If they are a pre-made alliance we’ll crush them when we get the chance to do so. Until that point comes we just chill out.

VanessaReturned I hate the fact that I am on a tribe with both Simon and Billie-Jean. The sooner the two of them are broken up the better. Bill told me not to get all paranoid over it but I can’t help it. I need to have some power in this game because the last time I played I had no power and I was voted out simply because I cuddled with a dude.

This time around I want to make the decisions.

Day 2

Day two begins at the Zambezia Tribe where Jillian and Aaron are “fetching” water from the tribe’s well.

Aaron gives us the following confessional…

AaronReturned My tribe is garbage; there is just no way around that. I feel like the only person on my tribe that is worth a damn is Jillian so I am going to go out of my way to build a bond with her in the hopes that it will help me last longer in this game.

Aaron: It looks like we drew the short end of the stick when it came to tribes…

Jillian: I know right…

Aaron: I am not trying to be a Debbie downer but it would not shock me if we lost every Immunity Challenge with this tribe. I mean you and I are the only two athletes on this tribe. Yeah Hank is in great shape and he is strong but the dude is in his mid-sixties so really how much can he do without needing a nap or something.

Then you have Carly who is young and should theoretically be decent at challenges but you and I both know that she is a tad chubby and will probably get winded. Don’t even get me started with John and Vera…

Jillian: Well we just have to make due with who we have on our tribe. Trust me as someone who was voted out first during my season I do not relish going to Tribal Council right out of the gate again but if we do I think you and I are probably going to stick around.

Aaron: That was what I thought my first season. I thought I was going to take the game by its balls and make it to the end and that turned out not to be the case.

Jillian: Yeah but this time around both you and I are too valuable to this tribe to go out early. If they get rid of one of us then it will be game over for them.

Aaron: I sure hope so. I will say this one thing that does not bode well for me is the fact that three of the people who voted me out the last time are in this game and one of them, Vera, is on our tribe.

Jillian: That sucks but it is what it is. We both have to move on to what happened to us before and focus on being the focal points of this tribe. I think if the two of us join forces and maybe pull in Hank…we will be a force to be reckoned with.

AaronReturned I like Jillian. She has such a positive attitude and she’s cute to boot. My conversation with her really made me think differently about this game and how I am approaching it.

Yes I am on a sucky tribe filled with a bunch of flawed players. Yes there are people in this game who dislike me and helped to vote me out before. But at the end of the day there is not much I can do about any of that stuff. I just have to put my best foot forward and do everything I can to stay in this game.

Over at the Tete Tribe Enrico and Martha are sitting in the shelter as the rest of the tribe is busy doing work around camp.

EnricoReturned I want so desperately to play this game with Martha because we are both part of the LBGT community and that means we have an automatic bond. So while others were doing work around camp I made sure to take time to talk to her to see where her head was at in this game.

Enrico: You know girl, you and I have to stick together.

Martha: You won’t be getting no arguments from me about that.

Enrico: Think about the amount of damage we could do going forward in this game. We could be the first LBGT alliance in this game…we could be the Rainbow Alliance.

Martha: I like the sound of that but it can’t just be the two of us out here. We need numbers and looking at this tribe I ain’t sure I want to work with any of these people besides you.

Enrico: Well I mean there are options out here…uh just a theoretical thingy here but if we were to lose an Immunity Challenge who do you see going first?

Martha: Bill…I don’t trust that fool and he ain’t a team player.

Enrico: You see I think Bill is the easy answer, but I am not sure if Bill is the right answer. Look, Bill is going to make enemies galore out here if he chooses to play the game like he did the last time. So wouldn’t you want to play the game with someone like that?

Someone who you know will always be the biggest target.

Martha: No because I’m all about integrity sweetie. If I play with Bill I won’t have no integrity.

Enrico: Screw integrity…I want to win and I think Bill is the perfect person to help me accomplish that. What would you rather have integrity or a million dollars?

Martha: Why can’t I have both?

Enrico: Because in this game you might have to do some crappy things in order to advance. If it means working with someone despicable like Bill then so be it.

Martha: I don’t know about that…

EnricoReturned Ugh…Martha is so frustrating. She does not want to work with Wild Bill because she thinks it will compromise her integrity. This is the same woman who made herself look like a raving mad woman when she played the game the first time.

I felt like saying to her, “Girl you don’t have any integrity.” I like Martha and I really want to work with her because I think the proposed Rainbow Alliance could go far in this game. But I have to question what type of game she wants to play out here.

George, Craig, and Hector are busy shoring up the shelter over at the Nampula Tribe while Lauren, Jocelyn, and Jody are sitting on the beach talking game. Jody watches the guys intently as she begins talking to the other women.

Jody: Craig approached me the yesterday about working with him. I think that he is scared to have me on this tribe because he knows that I know exactly how he plays.

Lauren: You can’t blame the guy for trying…

Jody: No…you’re right. I cannot fault him for wanting to mend fences with me but he did go out of his way to knock me out of the game during Free Agents and so I am not sure if I entirely trust his motives are pure this time around.

Jocelyn: If you want to make him the first boot, I am cool with that. He seems very extra anyway.

Jody: I am not sure how I want to do this. What I do know is that I think it would be cool if the three of us stuck together because I am sick of seeing the women getting picked off one by one every season.

Jocelyn: I am down.

Lauren: Yeah it sounds like a plan…

Jody: To women power then!

JocelynReturned I am going to be super open to anyone that wants to work with me this time around. If it means working with the girls to pick off the boys then that is what I will do. I learned the hard way the last time around that you truly do need people watching your back and so that is how I plan on playing this time around.

LaurenReturned The last thing I want is to be part of an all-girls alliance. I can’t believe I just got roped into that.

Jody seems like a nice enough woman and all but there is no way on God’s green earth that I am going to work with Jocelyn. That chick is flat out shady. Plus it is a proven fact that women simply cannot work together over the long haul…as a woman I hate to say that but it is true.

Plus the fact of the matter is we are going to need these dudes around for challenges...that is just a fact. So yeah I am not feeling an all-girls alliance.

Back at the Zambezia Tribe Vera asks Aaron if he can spare a moment to talk to her. Aaron obliges and the two of them walk out of hearing range from the rest of their tribe.

Vera: I just want you to know that I have no bad feelings towards you and if you need someone to work with you out here, you can count on me.

Aaron: Cool…I’ll admit I was a tad bit nervous when I saw that we were going to be on a tribe together again.

Vera: I was just a cog in the machine the last time and I felt like you and your alliance might end up coming after me. Therefore, I did what I thought I had to do…

Aaron: I can’t fault you for that…and if I am being honest I probably would have gone after you…so yeah no harm no foul. This game is going to be different because all of us have something to prove…so I am going to turn over a new leaf with you and I am glad you took the time to talk to me. It means a lot to me.

VeraReturned I am not so sure how genuine my conversation was with Aaron. For my part it was one hundred percent genuine because I have a feeling that he might be the kingmaker on this tribe and I need to show him that I am worth keeping around.

AaronReturned I see Vera approaching me and telling me that she wants to work with me as a good sign. It sort of eases some uncertainty about where I will stand in this game.

That being said I am not sure if I will take her up on her offer because she is only good for a vote and nothing more. She is horrible at challenges and she has ties to Jody and possibly Craig and I have a feeling that this game is going to end up being about who you are friendly with. The more ties you have to other Tribes and the more friends you have in this game the bigger target you will have on your back.

Day 3

We begin day three with Wild Bill walking out in the woods early in the morning.

WildBillReturned I was having a rough night sleeping so I decided to get up and take a leak in the jungle. While I was out there I figured I would be on the lookout for an Idol. I know there is always a chance that there could be a hidden Immunity Idol somewhere out here. Yeah I know some seasons don’t have them but I decided to take a quick look while everyone was sleeping back at camp.
Wild Bill

Wild Bill looks at every odd tree that he can. He then comes across a very odd looking tree with a hole in one of its branches. Wild Bill sticks his hand in the hole and moments later he pulls out a package. He unties the package to reveal that he has indeed found a hidden Immunity Idol.

Bill pumps his arm with joy before tucking the Idol into his pants.

WildBillReturned Well look what I just found. Yeah it is kind of dark out here so I could not read the paper but I have to believe that this is an Idol. When it gets lighter out here I’m going to look this over and see if it really is one.
Wild Bill

Bill returns to camp to find Billie-Jean sitting up in the shelter. She immediately asks him where he has been and he says that he went for a walk. She nods her head but she seems very suspicious.

BillieJeanReturned Going for a walk my ass. That guy was Idol hunting…I know it.

WildBillReturned When Billie-Jean asked me where I had gone, I wanted to flip out and tell her to go…well you know. But I decided not to because I am not going to cause any waves this early in the game. But her questioning me did put her on my radar and that is not something anyone wants to do.
Wild Bill

Over at Nampula Hector and George are busy trying to get a fire started.

HectorReturned We’ve been out here for three days and we have yet to get a fire started. It’s not for lack of trying but for some reason we just can’t get one started. What stinks is we can’t really do much without fire so it is a huge necessity.

We see shots of George and Hector doing everything they can to start a fire but nothing seems to work.

GeorgeReturned You would think that because all of us have been out here before we would know how to make a fire. Sadly that does not seem to be the case. None of us can get this done…it is very frustrating.

I wonder if any of the other tribes are having this much trouble making fire…

It would appear that they are indeed having that much trouble as the members of the Tete Tribe are trying desperately to get a fire started.

SimonReturned It sucks not having fire because without fire we cannot boil water and without water we cannot cook or have drinking water. I am not sure what is up with us not being able to make fire but it is something we have to do before we all become dehydrated.

Immunity/Reward Challenge:

The three tribes arrive at the first Reward/Immunity challenge of the season. Jeff Probst waits for all the teams to get settled on their respective mats before greeting them and then explaining the rules of the challenge.

Jeff then reveals what the Reward is; all three tribes ooh and aah over the reward which is a fire-making kit for the first place team and flint for the second place team. Jeff asks the castaways how their fire situation is and members from the Tete and Nampula Tribe’s both admit to not having fire. This causes Jeff to admonish them due to the fact that they are all returning players and therefore should know how to make fire. Aaron, who is feeling particularly cocky, says that his tribe has had fire since day one.

Jeff then reminds the three tribes that the losing tribe will have a date with him at Tribal Council where one member of the losing tribe will become the first contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina.

Immunity Challenge: Draggin' the Dragon
Team Dragging Only Key Retrievers Puzzle Solvers

George, Hector, Lauren
Craig, Jody

Wild Bill, Billie-Jean, Enrico
Martha, Simon

Aaron, Carly, Hank
John, Vera

Right out of the gate it looks like the Zambezia Tribe is going to struggle as Carly seems to be the weakest link. She is out of breath before they even make it to where the first key is. The Tete Tribe is the first tribe to retrieve their first key and Billie-Jean, Enrico, and Wild Bill seem to be working very well together. The Nampula Tribe is right behind the Zambezia Tribe in retrieving their first key.

The Zambezia Tribe finally gets to their first key and Jillian struggles while using the bamboo pole to retrieve the key. Aaron and Hank try to encourage her to work faster but this only flusters Jillian even more. She finally gets her tribe’s first key as the other two tribes have already gotten their second keys.

As the Zambezia Tribe drags their cart to the get their second key, an optimistic Hank encourages his team to keep digging baby because it ain’t over till it is over. Despite Hank’s inspirational words, thing began to look even more bleak for his tribe as the other two tribes widen their lead as both tribes arrived at the portion of the challenge where they had to dismantle their carts.

The Nampula Tribe seemed to have no trouble with this part of the challenge as they made quick work of it but the members of the Tete Tribe, Billie-Jean in particular, seemed to struggle. This allowed the Zambezia Tribe the chance to make up some ground on the now second place Tete Tribe.

While the other two tribes battled for second place, the first place Nampula Tribe arrived at the puzzle solving portion of the challenge. Craig and Jody began working on their puzzle and the two adversaries seemed to work well together as they made quick work out of their puzzle which allowed the Nampula Tribe to finish first in the challenge.

The other two tribes arrived at the puzzle station of the challenge as the Nampula Tribe celebrated a hard fought victory. Simon and Martha quickly worked through their puzzle but they over looked something and Martha began to panic. Martha then began yelling at Simon after Jeff Probst commented that both tribes were now neck-and-neck at the challenge.

John and Vera soon finished their puzzle which meant that the Zambezia Tribe finished in second place and made one spectacular comeback in the challenge. Jillian ran over and gave both Vera and John a hug and thanked them as the rest of the Zambezia Tribe celebrated a great come from behind victory.

After the two winning tribes are done celebrating their victories, Jeff hands one Immunity Idol over to Vera and the other Immunity Idol over to Hector. He then informs the dejected looking members of the Tete Tribe that they will be heading to Tribal Council tonight where one of their members will become the first person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

After the challenge is done we check on the Zambezia Tribe where Jillian is once again thanking her tribe for pulling out their amazing come from behind victory.

JillianReturned The last time I played this game I pretty much got voted out because of a poor performance at a challenge. So when I struggled at getting the first key for my tribe during this challenge I was afraid that history was going to repeat itself.

Thankfully, my team stepped up for me…especially John and Vera. I am so glad I was not the goat for this challenge.

While the mood is cheerful at the Zambezia Tribe the same cannot be said over at the Tete Tribe. Martha in particular is very moody over the loss. She and Enrico are sitting in the shelter complaining about how Simon and Billie-Jean cost them the challenge. Martha then says that she cannot believe that they lost a challenge to the loser tribe. Billie-Jean, who was within ear shot, came over and confronted Martha. The two women began to argue with each other over whose fault it was that they lost the challenge.

Billie-Jean correctly points out that both Martha and Simon deserve an equal amount of blame for not being able to finish the puzzle quick enough. That infuriates Martha, mostly because she is never willing to take the blame for anything. Martha says that the fault lies solely at the hands of Simon because he was a self-professed puzzle master. Simon enters the argument by saying that while he did let the tribe down; Martha’s constant yelling frazzled him and caused him to lose his concentration. Martha rebutted by saying if he could not handle pressure he should have chosen to do a different task.

Both Billie-Jean and Simon realize that this is a no win argument and because of that fact they both decide to walk away from the situation. Martha yells at them for being weak because they walked away from an argument.

MarthaReturned Simon and Billie-Jean are just two punk asses. They’re both weak people and this game ain’t no place for weak people. My argument with them proved that one of them should be the first to leave this game and I am going to make sure that happens.

SimonReturned Wow…I cannot argue with Martha. That woman is clearly certifiable…there is just no arguing with a stupid, insane woman and Martha is clearly both of those things.

With Billie-Jean and Simon out of camp Vanessa approaches Enrico and Martha about the vote.

Vanessa: After witnessing the blowout between Billie-Jean and Martha, I knew I had the ammunition to knock Billie-Jean out of this game. So I approached Enrico and Martha and laid my cards on the table.

Vanessa: Wow you guys, what was that about?

Martha: Nothing…it was just me putting some punk asses in their place. That’s all.

Vanessa: Well about that…since we have gotten out here I have been thinking that Billie-Jean really should be the first person out of this game. I mean she has this unbreakable bond with Simon and she is very friendly with George…so I think it would be in our best interests if we just voted her out first and called it a day.

Enrico: Whoa Vanessa…look at you getting all ruthless. What happened to that sweet little yoga girl that I used to know?

Vanessa: She’s still here…but that sweet little yoga girl didn’t even make the merge the last time. So the sweet little yoga girl is going to disappear for the remainder of the game.

Enrico: I like this new and improved version darling…and I love the way you’re thinking. I was already all for getting rid of Simon or Billie-Jean but…uh…yeah because of the point you just brought up I think Billie-Jean might be the best bet to go.

Martha: You know I’m down with whatever. But we’ve still got to deal with Bill. I want his ass either voting with us or not voting with them. I don’t want him forcing a tie just to screw with us. Like that dude is prone to do.

Vanessa: Don’t worry about Bill. I’ll have a talk to him about what’s up and I think he will be good. Honestly, I think he will just be relieved that he is not the target.

EnricoReturned I must say I did not see this new version of Vanessa coming. But I love Vanessa two point o. She is a fierce, take no prisoners chick and she is someone who is worthy of riding with me and Martha.

VanessaReturned I played a very passive game the last time. I let others dictate how I was going to vote and because of that I finished in thirteenth place.

That simply cannot happen this time around. I was given a second chance for a reason and this time I am in this game to win this game even if it means I have to play a more shrewd game.

Elsewhere out in the woods Simon and Billie-Jean talk about their plan of attack.

Billie-Jean: What do you think Martha?

Simon: Yeah…I mean she is just a very irrational woman and she is not someone who should be allowed to stay in this game moving forward.

Billie-Jean: The thing is we are going to need more than two votes in order to make that happen…

Simon: Well we can rule out Enrico’s vote because he and Martha are as thick as thieves. I am not sure where Wild Bill or Vanessa stand because I have not really had a chance to talk to them.

Billie-Jean: To be honest with you I am not sure that we could get Vanessa either. I have tried to talk to her over the past three days and she always seems very standoffish. I am not sure why that is so and perhaps I am misreading the situation but I truly feel like she is not a big fan of mine.

Simon: I get what you are saying. She has been cordial towards me but we have not had any real conversations of substance yet.

I guess we have no other choice but to focus on getting Wild Bill to help us. I think there is a chance it will work because potentially forcing a tie in the vote is right up his alley. He lives for screwing with people so if given the chance to do just that he probably would take us up on the offer.

Billie-Jean: Well we should not get our hopes up though. I mean I want to remain as optimistic as possible but if it does not work out for me and I am voted out then it will be just like last time for you. Only this time I am not sure if you will be able to stick around.

While Billie-Jean and Simon are fretting over what they should do, Vanessa is busy talking to Wild Bill about the vote.

Vanessa: What are your plans tonight?

Wild Bill: Uh…I plan on going to Tribal Council, grabbing a torch, dipping that torch into a pit of fire, sitting down to talk about my feelings and then voting for someone. Why do you have other plans?

Vanessa: No not at all but I do have to say that I am concerned about the voting for someone part of your plans.

Wild Bill: Well you shouldn’t be, because you’re not the person who is going to be getting my vote.

Vanessa: Well that is a relief…but…

Wild Bill: Do I make you nervous?

Vanessa: What? No…ah…not at all. Why would you think that?

Well uh…maybe just a little bit. I mean you are Wild Bill one of the most unpredictable people in this game so I feel like I have to be somewhat cautious around you.

Wild Bill: Unpredictable…yeah I can see why you think that. Look when it comes to voting as long as it is not me going I don’t care who goes.

You want someone gone I am down with whoever you want gone so long as it is not me.

Vanessa: Really? Cool…I was thinking Billie-Jean…

Wild Bill: Done.

Vanessa: It’s as simple as that? I mean you don’t even need a reason for why we want to get rid of her?

Wild Bill: Yup it really is as simple as that for me. The only reason I need to vote for someone is that it ain’t me going home tonight. You want her gone…I am sure you have a good enough reason to do it so let’s get rid of her.

VanessaReturned I was shocked when Wild Bill agreed to get rid of Billie-Jean. I mean this is the same guy that absolutely terrorized his teammates during his time in the Dominican Republic. For him to be so passive about the vote was simply shocking to me.

Later on in the day Billie-Jean and Simon decide to make their pitch to Wild Bill while Enrico, Vanessa, and Martha watch from the shelter. Martha wants to break-up the meeting but Vanessa cautions her not to do so because who knows what will happen if she does try to intervene in Billie-Jean’s pitch to save herself.

Billie-Jean: Look Wild Bill, I am a straight shooter and I know you are one as well. I want to stay in this game more than anything else and I think you could be the key to me staying.

Wild Bill: Well Billie-Jean I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not sure I can help you tonight.

It’s nothing against you but I’m not sure I willing to risk forcing a tie tonight.

Billie-Jean: But that is your M.O. Bill. You love taking risks and didn’t you once plead to Rodney to force a tie to save you?

That’s all I want…I need a just a chance to try and stay in this game and you are my only hope.

Wild Bill: This is a different game though. I’m not sure that Wild Bill is going to be around this time.

BillieJeanReturned I am not going to lie; things are looking bleak for me going into Tribal Council. Especially when the fate of my game lies in the hands of the ever unpredictable Wild Bill…who knows what is going to happen tonight…

WildBillReturned Me helping Billie-Jean just ain't going to happen. I think she knows I went Idol hunting and for that reason and that reason alone I don't want anything to do with her. I just hope she doesn't run her mouth about me possibly having an idol.
Wild Bill

Tribal Council:

Jeff Probst welcomes the castaways to Tribal Council. Jeff then gives his usual spiel about the torches and fire and is life and all that jazz. Jeff then waits for the castaways to light their torches and get settled into their seats before he asks the first question.

Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Vanessa what it is like to play the game again. Vanessa says it is awesome because this time around she has a chance to change the way she played. She says the last time she was just a cog in the machine but this time she plans on doing things differently.

Jeff asks Enrico if he has been surprised by the gameplay of any of his teammates. Enrico says that Wild Bill has shocked him the most because he (Enrico) went into the game thinking he was going to despise Wild Bill. However, he is found himself to be fond of Bill. Wild Bill, who is sitting to the right of Enrico, pats Enrico on his knee and says, “Give me time kid. I’m sure by day seven you’ll want to kill me.” The rest of the tribe laughs at Wild Bill’s comment.

Jeff asks Martha what she plans on doing differently this time around. Martha stares at Jeff incredulously for a moment before saying that she is not going to do a damn thing differently. Jeff reminds Martha that she was eliminated early on during her first season. Martha says that while that is true she will not change a thing because she is who she is and if people don’t like her for who she is then they can vote her ass out.

Jeff asks Billie-Jean if Martha’s approach is a good approach. Billie-Jean says that Martha’s approach to the game is not what she herself would do but if it works for Martha then she thinks Martha should keep on doing what she’s doing.

This non-answer sets Martha off and she begins calling out Billie-Jean for being disrespectful. Billie-Jean dismissively laughs at Martha and tells Martha that she is not going to argue with Martha over a trivial comment.

Jeff asks Simon how ties to the other tribes will factor into this season. Simon seems reluctant to answer this question but he finally says that he does think they could be a pretty big factor in this game even if the ties are not as strong as people think they are. He (Simon) then says that this is a game where perception is reality.

Billie-Jean nods her head in agreement and so Jeff asks Billie-Jean if she agrees with Simon’s assessment. Billie-Jean says that she is a target tonight because of her perceived ties to George. Billie-Jean says that it upsets her because while her and George are indeed friends in real life, that is not so in the game. She (Billie-Jean) says that she is loyal to her Tete tribemates and them alone and if they keep her around she will prove it. Billie-Jean says that she does not want to get voted out of the game due to her perceived ties to others because that is the exact reason as to why she was voted out the last time. She then says that if her tribemates were voting for her for that reason then they might as well vote for Enrico because he has ties to both Aaron and Jody.

Enrico looks very angry over this and he says that his loyalty should not be in question here. He says that he has no special loyalty to Aaron or Jody and they were just people he worked with in the past. Billie-Jean laughs at Enrico’s response before countering it by saying if pervious ties are a good enough reason to get rid of her then they should be a good enough reason to get rid of him.

Enrico has no real answer to give as a rebuttal and so he just shakes his head in disgust.

It is now time to vote. The Survivors then begin to vote and when the last person finishes voting, which was Simon; Jeff goes off to retrieve the votes. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes.

Once all of the votes were read it ended up being Billie-Jean that received the majority of the votes. This means that Billie-Jean is the first person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

Billie-Jean gives Simon a hug and whispers in his ear, “Good luck kid.” Billie-Jean then grabs her torch and takes the walk of shame out of the Tribal Council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Billie-Jean (4 votes)

Martha, Enrico,
Vanessa, Wild Bill

Martha (2 votes)
Billie-Jean, Simon

Voting Confessionals

BillieJeanReturned I really hope I am not the first one gone...

MarthaReturned Bye Felicia...

SimonReturned Martha, this might be a moot vote but I cast this voted with pride. I hope people wise up and vote you out sooner rather than later.

VanessaReturned You have a lot of deep ties in this game and it is very risky keeping you in this game.

EnricoReturned I have to say it was very crafty bringing up the fact that I have ties to the other tribes. My family would be proud of you because you made me speechless. It's too bad it didn't work for you.

WildBillReturned I thought about forcing a tie but at the end of the day I just don't feel like it.
Wild Bill

Final Words

BillieJeanReturned Well I cannot say that I am surprised by this. Yes it stinks being the first person out, but what stinks even more is I got voted out tonight for the exact same reason I was voted out of Terra Nova. I am living proof that history does indeed repeat itself.

Still in the Running

Wild Bill

Author's Notes

  • Sorry for the long day three. Writing that day did not seem to end for me because there was so much stuff I wanted to fit into that day. I shall post the voting charts and update the rest of the fanon tomorrow.