"The Quest For All"
With each tribe with even numbers, stakes are high to regain numbers.
Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 4/15
Date Uploaded February 15, 2012
Episode Chronology
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 4 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "A Quest For All"
This episode chronicles Days 10-12.


Reward Challenge

The reward challenge took place on Day 10. For this reward challenge, each castaway will be competing for cooking supplies. In order to win, each contestant will represent their tribe in an individual challenge involving pure concentration. Each castaway will be standing on a very thin poll, customized based on their weight. Perched over the water, these polls will be approximately 10 feet above the water. They will also be given a small cube eith six sides labeled A, B, C, D, True, & False. Each castaway must answer questions about the first ten days while maintaining balance. If you fall off, you are out of the challenge. First tribe to collectively reach 30 points wins reward.

Winner: Yaureibo

Immunity Challenge

For this immunity challenge, each tribe must take turns catapulting coconuts at targets over 50 meters away. Each tribe goes one at a time, switching off between each contestant. First tribe to hit all six targets wins immunity.

Winners: Cacimar & Yaureibo
Notes: Cacmiar hit all six targets first because Jason hardly missed. He hit three in a row before any other team hit a single one. Then, once Cacimar won, it was a close battle between Yaureibo and Bieque, but Yaureibo won because of the good aiming skills of their leader, Cameron. HOWEVER, THE LOSER OF THE CHALLENGE WAS GIVEN A BOTTLE THAT WAS NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL TRIBAL COUNCIL. BIEQUE RECEIVED THE BOTTLE...

Day Ten


Cacimar once again lost the reward challenge, losing to Yaureibo. It seems as if Yaureibo has gained back their momentum after only losing it for one challenge. The five members were upset and intensely worn out over the storm that just recently subsided over the night. They were not ready for a challenge, and they were surprised to see the message in tree mail. It usually fell the day before immunity challenges, but this time it fell right after. The members of Cacimar were all discussing their standing with the rest of the contestants, and they felt unified despite low success at challenges. Paul was conversing with Jessie over the possibilities of a future switch and they agreed that they should try to stick together if possible. Although the Cacimar three were close, it was Andrew and Paul who were closest. But, Jessie knew about Andrew's idol, so he felt a good connection to both of them. The three were comfortable, but were nervous about getting split up in the future.

Today sucked. We lost the challenge, and I'm sick of losing.


Colleen was trying to keep up her spirits, though, as her and Jason talked for a while, about their future in the game. They both were aware that the other three were close, but they kept their spirits up, because they know they can win challenges.


Yaureibo won again, and cooked up some nice fish and had lots of spices and clean pots to do it. They enjoyed a nice feast, celebrating the success of their tribe.

Our tribe just straight up kicks ass. Nobody can beat us... Well uhh.. except yesterday haha!


Yaureibo wasn't sure what would happen in the future, but they got together to discuss the tribal council from yesterday. Malik assured Jonny and Autumn that he didn't blame them, because he knew they would anyway. He just needed Suzie gone because she was a loose cannon.

I got some votes last night. It was scary seeing my name come up, even though I knew they would, and I knew who was voting for me. I hope that doesn't happen for a while ha.



The three men of Bieque stayed strong from the loss, but the girls showed signs of weakness. Eugene assured them not to worry, because they must stay positive if they want to win at the immunity challenge. They all knew some sort of twist was inevitable, and they were nervous for what it could be.

I bet one tribe will merge into the other two. That's what happened in All-Stars, when they had three tribes. Ahhh, it's so crazy.


Bieque ended the night early because they weren't sure what to expect the next day.

Day Eleven


On Day 11 at the Cacimar camp, Jessie wanted to secure her allegiances with Paul. She wasn't sure how to do it, until she had an idea. She knew that the most valuable information she knew was that Andrew had the idol, so she told Paul. Paul, who was upset at the fact that Andrew had not told him, approached him privately. He asked why he never told him, to which Andrew replied that it wasn't his intention to tell Jessie either, but she was there when he found it. He also stated that he would have most definitely used it to help Paul if need be. Paul, not convinced, stormed off.

Why would Jessie tell him? What leverage could she possibly gain over somebody who already trusts her? It makes no sense. Aghhhh I need to get Paul back in my circle.


He approached Paul later and apologized once again, and promised that he would use it on him if he were in trouble. Paul, who was calmed down at this point, accepted the apology, and they moved on. Andrew, however, still had to contemplate why Jessie would do that.


Cynthia awoke to seeing the three guys talking down the beach, without her. Since she considered herself a part of the alliance, she grew worried. She approached them, and was relieved to find that they were just talking about football and what foods they craved. Cynthia joined the conversation, and Mackenzie felt all alone.

I am all alone out here. Well, except for this little baby! (Points to the hidden immunity idol) I am playing this if we go to tribal. I know I'll be first sent home otherwise.



Jonny and Autumn talked strategy for the majority of the day. They agreed that they needed to bring in whoever they could in the event of a tribe dissolving into another tribe. They had to stick together and team up.

We're on the outs, but, if some twists go down in the near future, me and Autumn have prepared mentally for it. We're going to every challenge expecting something to happen. If it doesn't soon, I'll be surprised.


Cameron finished building a bench for the tribe to sit on and eat their food. It was fantastic, and it was made purely out of logs, and the seats were cushioned with plenty of weaved fronds. It was amazing. The tribe basked in it's awesomeness for a while, then sat on it and enjoyed a nice meal.

Day Twelve

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.


Yaureibo wins immunity, along with Cacimar, and is delighted. They come back to camp with smiles on their faces, and are glad that they don't have to go back to tribal. They celebrate by eating a part of the large fish that Cameron caught, and rest easy.

This was a good win. It was a barn burner type o' challenge, and I'm glad we came up on top of Bieque. Whew, I am freakin' relieved.

– Malik


The five members of Cacimar arrive at camp to see several chickens flying about. Jason immediately throws himself on top of one and catches it with ease. Also, Colleen and Jessie trap one in their shelter before both grabbing it. They end up with two chickens, and Paul and Andrew cook them up and enjoy a nice feast for the night. For the first time, the tribe has more members than another tribe. They are so relieved.

After tonight, there are four people gone, and 14 people left. Something is happening soon. Something...



Bieque lost the challenge, and are to be heading to tribal. They return to camp frustrated with the loss. But the guys and Cynthia, who at this point have almost entirely shunned Mackenzie, group together and discuss. They are all in solid agreement that Mackenzie is to be the next one gone. Nobody even considers the fact that she may have the idol, as they all almost entirely forgot that another one is in play. Mackenzie is certain that they are voting her off, but just to be sure, she approached the most honest of the four. She approaches Cynthia and asked her in such a way that seems like she admits defeat, if she is going home. To which Cynthia replied, sorry, but yes. Mackenzie was thrilled. Not only was she surely going to play the idol she was contemplating as to who she would send home. She knew that Eugene targeted her last time, but also knew that Connor was a jerk or making everybody shun her. She went to tribal unsure of who she was to send home.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4: Bieque


Eugene headshot


Mackenzie headshot


Mackenzie headshot


(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)

Connor headshotCynthia headshotDevan headshotEugene headshot

Connor, Cynthia, Devan, Eugene

(Votes Did Not Count)

Voted Off:

Eugene headshot


Message In The Bottle

This game is known for twists and turns, and tomorrow is nothing new. You must succeed at the next challenge when three tribes turn into two. If you want to stay intact, you're tribe must come through, for the losing tribe will cease to exist and will be split in two.

–Message in Bottle

Shocked, Jeff explains that the tribe that loses the next challenge will be absorbed into the other two tribes. The advantage is that only Bieque knows, while the other two tribes are to be surprised at the next challenge.

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Mackenz, but you aren't in our alliance. You're a nice girl and I wish you luck.


I can't believe I'm going to be the last girl in Bieque, but you must go for the sake of our strength.


Sorry Kenzie...


I wanted you out before, and now I'm getting my wish!


I'm sorry this has to happen, but it's going to go down as the biggest blindside in history. Eugene, I have spoken. Snuff the torch Jeffy!


Final Words

I can't believe that ***** had the idol. We should have known. She is so lucky. I got screwed over and I hope she goes home next. I was on a good tribe with some bad eggs. Nothing I can do about it. I had fun.


Still in the Running

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A huge surprise at the reward challenge makes for a crazy episode, and one tribe is split in half.