"The Iron Woman"
Rollerballs The Immunity Challenge
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 7/13
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

Eiao falied to kidnap Jane back, but it was all part of a plan to eliminate Amir, Albaster saw this coming and sacrificed his idol to protect his friend and his chance at winning. Amir blindsided all on Eiao, Grayson was eliminated. 10 are left, what will happen next?


Immunity Challenge: Rollerballs
The castaways must stand on a small log while balancing a ball on a wooden disc. At regular intervals, one more ball will be added onto the plate until there are three balls, which will increase difficulty. If at any time a ball falls off the disc or a castaway loses their footing on the log, they will be eliminated. The last castaway standing will win Immunity.
Winner: Minerva


Night 18

Eiao camp: The Eiao team trudges into camp. Most are still in shock about the outcome of tribal council.

Oh the horror! Poor Grayson didn't see it coming, none of us did! Amir will pay for this!


I have to give Amir credit, that was a great move. However, I was a bit worried he was gonna vote for me, that could've been the end of my journey right there!


Haha, those suckers were scared shitless, I am so happy Alabaster gave me that idol. How will I ever repay him?


Day 19

At Hatutu, some are in poor spirits thinking Amir was eliminated.

Robin: "We are screwed now, its 6 against 4. Eiao will eliminate us all!"
Minerva: "It is unsettling but we have to stay positive, maybe there is a scrack in their alliance."
Alabaster: "Really Robin, you should stay positive."
Jacqueline: "GUYS! Treemail says we need to pack our stuff, we are merging!"
Minerva: "Sweet!"

The team packs their things and makes their way to a new camp site, upon arrival they see Eiao. Minerva, Robin and Alabaster cheer when they see Amir.

Robin: "Amir, you are still here! How'd you survive?"
Amir: "I played an idol and blindsided the surfer! Aren't you guys proud?"
Alabaster: "I am thrilled!"
Minerva: "This is awesome!"

Just hours ago we thought we were all finished and Amir is still in the game! It's not over yet!


The new team of ten enjoys a large meal, they toss their old buffs and put on new, clean, brown buffs. They also remove a large brown tarp with some paint. They suggest names but ultimatly go with Robin's suggestion "Mala Soal" which according to him meant "hello" in another language.

Everyone was in good spirits and seemed to be bonding, when nightfall came, a clear division was noticed, all former Eiao members and old former Hatutu members split up and went to talk.

Night 19

Jane: "So what the hell happened? We lost Grayson!"
Cassie: "Amir played an idol, we didn't see it coming, Grayson is gone."
Jeriah: "I mean, its not bad it is still 5-5."
Jane: "This is true, we might even be able to get Jacqueline to split and vote with us, we just have to make her feel comfortable."
Jeriah: "And no one can break from our alliance or its over for everyone else, we HAVE TO vote together, right guys?"
Reginald: "Right. No one es splitting here."
Cassie: "Alright were good."

This is nothing but a minor bump in the road, we are going to stick together and eliminate them all.


Day 20

Because both tribes had chickens, they decided they could spare killing one, so they had eggs and chicken for breakfast, they still had a total of 5 chickens afterwords. Jane cooked a hearty breakfast for all, but made sure to give a little extra to Jacqueline, it wasn't unnoticed.

I saw Jane give Jacqueline some extra food, that sly girl! She wants to steal Jacqueline from us! It's not happening.


Robin and the ex-Hatutu members discuss Jane's tease.

Robin: "Listen Jacqueline, we are all open with you, with us, you'll come to the top 5 and then it's a battle of the best, we have been together for 20 days!"
Jacqueline: "Come on guys, you think I would leave you because I was offered a little more food? I trust you guys, we are together!"
Minerva: "I think we should be worrying more about Jane, she is trying to steal one of our own and that is dangerous! She needs to go!"
Amir: "Agreed, and you know she has the idol! I saw her find it, she has power."
Alabaster: "She is also especially good in challenges, I think she is a great first target if she doesn't get immunity."
Robin: "Grand! I was wondering if we could sucker any of them into sideing with us?"
Minerva: "Leave that to me!"

I think I can plead a good case to Jake.


Minerva goes and has a one on one with Jake Garvin.

Minerva: "Well, we did it, we made the merge! I am shocked to still be here, I thought I would be the first boot!"
Jake: "Haha, that's funny, I thought so too! Who would've thought we would still be here on Day 20! WE are more than halfway there!"
Minerva: "Before coming out here I thought the first few days would be the hardest part, I worried I'd be eliminated because of my age. Well I still worry that. Now they might fear us too because we can use our age as a sympathy vote in the end. We have certainly proved ourselves, I think they still see us as threats. And I have a proposal."
Jake: "I'm all ears."
Minerva: "I think the only way one of us can win is if we stick together, they all want us out. Really, we are still threats, but if we go to the end together, well, it would not only be Survivor history, but one of us would win!"
Jake: "You make a good point and it is something I will consider."
Minerva: "I will always be here."

Minerva does make a good point, but still I think I feel safer sticking to my original alliance.


As the day continues, so does the swindling, Jeriah and Jane try to sway Jacqueline.

Jane: "How far are you promised to get with them? 5?"
Jacqueline: "Yes, fifth place."
Jane: "Well, hear out our plan. If you join our alliance, we will knock off old Hatutu, at final six, we vote off Jake, then Reginald and finally Cassie and it's us three in the final three! If it's a final two, then all you have to do is win that last challenge. We want a minority to win, so far, the first 4 Survivor winners were white. It's not a race thing, but we just want a minority winner."
Jacqueline: "Aren't you white?"
Jane: "My dad is half black. "
Jeriah: "I know it's just words, but we are bein 100 percent genuine wit you."
Jacqueline: "I have a lot on my mind."

I feel like a chew toy between two dogs, each group is pulling me, they both want me. I don't know who to side with.


All we can do with Jacqueline is try. I hope she will side with us.


Day 21

The team of ten arrive at the challenge scene. The rules are explained and the challenge beings.

Everyone can balance one ball easily, when the second one is added some trouble begins. Cassie is the first to lose a ball, she is out of the challenge. Everyone else passes the second stage and a third ball is added. Reginald gets shaky, he loses his ball and is out. Jeriah drops a ball also, he is out. Ten minutes pass and Jake starts to shake, the rest appear to be statues, finally, Jake loses a ball and is eliminated. The four eliminated are all Eiao members, they cheer for Jane. The wind starts to pick up, Alabaster is the first person from old Hatutu to lose a ball, he is out. Robin and Amir also look a little shaky. The elapsed time is fourty five minutes and Robin and Amir are really shaky now, Robin loses his ball and is out, Amir seconds later, follows. Just Jacqueline, Minerva and Jane are left fighting for immunity, at the hour mark, Jacqueline loses a ball and is out. Beads of sweat are dripping from Jane's face, Minerva is very concentrated. A fly lands on Jane's nose, she tries to not let it bother her, but she twitches and loses a ball, Minerva wins immunity. She dances and recieves her immunity necklace, the rest are told that she cannot be eliminated in the upcoming tribal council, everyone else however is vulnerable. The group returns to camp.

I just can't understand how that little, old woman wins these challenges, she is like The Iron Woman or something out here!


Back at camp the old Hatutu's congradulate Minerva for winning the first immunity, then they seperate themselves from the rest of the team.

Jacqueline: "Great job Minerva!"
Minerva: "Thanks! I knew not having arthritis would pay off!"
Amir: "What's the plan? "
Alabaster: "I think it would be best to vote for Jane, she is a strong challenge competetor, and she will beat us if we don't get rid of her."
Robin: "I am up for that, she is sneaky too."
Amir: "But she has the idol, and we can't split vote, why not play it safe and just vote for one of her freinds. I think she is too selfish to give up the idol."

After talking longer, my alliance decided to vote for Jeriah. I guess it's a good plan, so at the wave of a wand, er, a pen, he will be gone tonight!


The ex Eiao members are also strategizing.

Cassie: "Let's vote out Amir, it's his time, he should've been eliminated last time!"
Jane: "Girl, I am with you, he got lucky, and it's time we end him."
Jeriah: "Think we can swing Jacqueline?"
Jane: "You try to get her."

Jeriah goes to talk alone with Jacqueline.

Jeriah: "It's not too late to join us, we are voting for Amir."
Jacqueline: "..."
Jeriah: "Please Jacqueline, don't forget that this is a million dollar game."
Jacqueline: "You think I forgot that?"

This decision will probably determine the outcome of the game, I really need to think about it.


I really hope she is with us, but I am not sure she is.


Meanwhile, Minerva had a similar chat with Jake, but Minerva did not tell Jake who they were voting for.

Minerva didn't tell me who she was voting for. She is too smart for that. But her plan is fresh in my mind, it's something I have to consider.


The group get's ready for tribal council.

I am a little worried about tonight. Whether or not I play my idol will depend on my gut feelings at tribal. I don't want to go home with it in my pocket.


I think everyone is in the same boat. We are worried beacuse its 5-5, and no one really knows who the other team is going to vote for, the only safe person tonight is Minerva, and I am a little worried that my blindside might come back to haunt me tonight. I just hope that everyone sticks to the plan and no one flips.


Tribal Council

At tribal council, it appears that the game is still Eiao vs. Hatutu, tribe lines are still strong. The vote comes and it is a 5-5 tie. Amir and Jeriah are not allowed to vote a second time, the rest are told that if the vote ties again, everyone will draw rocks, except Minerva, and the one who draws the purple rock will be eliminated.

The 8 revote, someone flips and Jeriah is eliminated.

Tribal Council 7:
Mala Soal
First Vote (Tie)
Revote (Amir & Jeriah
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Jeriah (5 votes)
Alabaster, Amir, Jacqueline, Minerva & Robin
Jeriah (5 votes)
Alabaster, Jacqueline, Jake, Minerva & Robin
Amir (5 votes)
Cassie, Jake, Jane, Jeriah & Reginald
Amir (3 votes)
Cassie, Jane & Reginald

JeriahM B&W
Jeriah Marcello

Voting Confessionals

I'll make you disappear! Avadra Kadavra!


Good luck!


This is for Grayson!


Sorry, this is my decision, if it means I get 5th, so be it. I trust my team more.


Hopefully the second time is the charm!


Minerva, your next!


You voted out my boy Grayson, now it's time for you to go!


You underestimate me, I've been waiting to eliminate you for a while now! Goodbye.


Hope you aren't too upset.


It's about time you go!


Voting Confessionals (revote)

As expected, it's a tie, I trust my team won't flip.


Fingers crossed!


Not today, I am sticking to Hatutu.


.... I have to do this, I will not be eliminated by a rock.


Moment of truth!


I am immune, no one better mess up!


What on God's blueberry covered Earth??


Ooh, bring on the rocks!


Final Words

F***! Someone is a traitor! Now I am gone and the whole team is gonna fall! Damn it! That traitor better count their days!


Still In The Running

JeriahM B&W
MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
JamieS B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

Now Hatutu has a one person edge, will the systematic elimination of Eiao begin? Will Jake be in trouble for flipping? Will Jane use her idol? Will the 70 year old win immunity again?

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.