"The Final Four Frontier Pt. 2"
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Four remain, and things get ugly when they come to a realization that the game is't over just yet.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Author User:Donosaurus rex
Episode Number 14/15
Date Uploaded April 25, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 14 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "The Final Four Frontier Pt. 2".
This episode chronicles Days 37-38.


Immunity Challenge

For todays immunity challenge, each castaway must traverse a very long and grueling obstacle course, which involves many things. First, they must climb a wall with a rope. Once over the wall, a very flimsy board stretches across a small pool of water, and they must not fall in. Once over that, they will have to unhitch a ladder's steps and put them together to spell out a word, which reads "ALMOST." Once completed, they will put the finished puzzle into a holder which will release a key that they will use to unlock a box. The box contains a latch, which they will bring up to the top of a tower, about 30 feet up, and use it to put together a mechanism for a zipline. The mechanism is in two parts, and is fastened by the latch they received in the box. It is easy to put together, and the parts are scatter along the tower, which they must collect on the way up. Once collected and put together, the castaway will put the mechanism onto the zipline and zip into the ocean which will lead them to a platform in the water where they will grab a key, and bring it to shore. Once at the shore, they will open one final box which releases a flag, granting the first person to raise their flag immunity.

Winner: Jessie

'''Note: After a long battle between the four, Jessie once again, came up on top. Jeff, however, made no mention of it being the final immunity challenge. He did not reveal anything, but he only said the usual, see you tonight at tribal. Only Cassie and Mackenzie noticed this, and were now convinced.

Day Thirty Seven

With the tribe returning with one less member, the four of them were excited to be in the final four, and that the game was almost over. The believed that tomorrow would be the final immunity challenge, and then it would be practically over. However, they did not realize yet that they would continue to be on the island for five more days. Regardless, they celebrated their victory of being the final four, and relished in the glory.

This is so cool! Never would I thought that I'd be in this... this... this FINAL FOUR FRONTIER kinda thing! It's so darn crazy! My kids oughta be so proud!


Cassie was still worried, however, that Jessie could win immunity again. She wanted to make sure she had a good chance of winning, so she rested for the day, only strategizing to herself possible scenarios. Mackenzie was doing the same, not sure of whether she should plot to get rid of Cassie.

Going up against Jessie or Cassie are both suicide. Cassie has played a really good game and Jessie has friends on the jury. I just have to figure out which is better for me. Cameron is likeable too. Man, it looks fairly grim for me. Who knows. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Cameron, who was collecting food, began to think about how he could possibly win. He was sure that he was well liked, and he was the only guy left, in a jury with ONLY guys so far. He was not sure as to how he could lose, but still thought it over.

Cassie, still thinking in the tent, came to a realization. If it was a final three, there would only be six jury members. She knew that this had never happened before and it seemed very unlikely that they would have an even amount of jury members. She started thinking of how it would even out. That's when she realized that it must be a final two, and there was not a single iota in her mind that wasn't completely shocked. She kept going over how they could possibly vote out two more people in just one day. She believed that it would probably be a double elimination tonight.

I can't believe this! I mean, it could be better for me but I was so shocked when I realized this. Unless I'm completely overthinking this scenario, which I'm pretty certain I'm not, this is about to get crazy when Jeff tells us.


Cassie was thiking of how she could use this to her advantage. She was sure nobody else was aware. tried to think of a way that she could tell Mackenzie, who she would try to go to then end with. She decided to let Mackenzie know, and to synchronize a final two secret alliance with her. Mackenzie, who had not even thought of it as a possibility, was unconvinced. Cassie asked that is she was right, that they go to the end together. Mackenzie considered it her only option, as Cameron would want to go to the end with Cassie, and Jessie will most likely be eliminated, and she was lots of friends on the jury.

Cassie may be right, but I don't want her to be. I wish it would just end. I'm so sick of this, but I have to admit, it would be hilarious if she were right.


Day Thirty Eight

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info. With Jessie clinching another few days in the game, Cassie was worried that she would be targeted once again. Jessie indeed planned on voting for Cassie. Cassie, however, had Mackenzie in her pocket. All they needed to do was vote out Cameron, but not tell Cameron they are voting him out. They needed to try to convince Cameron to essentially vot himself out, by voting for Mackenzie. But, they had to do this while not letting Jessie know.

Jessie continues to surprise me, and thankfully it's a final two, because we would be screwed otherwise. Me and Mackenzie have to vote for Cameron, but I have to tell Cameron to vote for Mackenzie, and Jessie will vote for me, hopefully.


Cassie talked to Cameron, and, while lying straight to his face, agreed that Mackenzie has to go, with Cameron claiming that she has worn out her welcome. Cassie played Cameron, who was completely blind. Jessie knew that this would happen, though, and tried to convince Cameron to force a tie by voting for Cassie. He didn't budge, and they went to tribal.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14: Baurimar


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Cassie, Mackenzie

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Voted Off:

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Voting Confessionals

Sorry Kenzie, you have been great, and I really like ya. But ya gotta go.


Thank you for being a final two. WOW.


I can't believe it. I made it to the finals! I'm so excited!!! I don't even care who goes home. I'm wearing the necklace!!!


Bye bye cowboy Cameron.


Final Words

I got played by the Cameron's Angels tonight. They blindsided me, but I sure did have a blast. Cassie lied to me, but I think I can forgive her. It may take a little while though. Actually, although I would like to teach my children a lesson in forgiveness, it's important to be honest, no matter what. Deceit and lies can have punishments.


Still in the Running

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