"The Final Four Frontier Pt. 1"

The final five all emerge as threats, and nobody wants to face anybody in the end.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 13/15
Date Uploaded April 18, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 13 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "The Final Four Frontier Pt. 1"
This episode chronicles Days 35-36.


Immunity Challenge

For today's immunity challenge, each castaway must hold on to a small grip on a horizontal board, with their backs down and belly up. The board slowly will rotate upwards, which will increase the pressure and difficulty to hold on. Last member standing wins immunity.

Winner: Jessie

Note: Jessie and Jonny were the last two standing, and for an hour and forty five minutes, they battled, until Jonny finally had to let go.

Day Thirty Five

After Paul's elimination, Jessie was alone. She was so concerned with her standing in the game, and she searched desperately for any holes in the yaureibo alliance, but she could not find any. She was not sure as to whether or not she had even a single option.

It's me against four. I'm the underdog here, so I have to see what happens. I want to try to break up the yaureibo core three. That's my goal, but who knows how that will play out. I have to see if Mackenzie can do anything to help me out that will also benefit her.


The other members were all relaxing by the beach, relaxing and not worrying about the game. Cassie was, however, thinking to herself about the possibility of Jessie winning immunity. That would not be good, because she was not ready to get rid of any alliance member yet.

Jessie poses a serious threat right now. I don't think she knows it, but if she were to win immunity, I'd be forced to go with her plan. If I don't go with her, she could target me. I need to sway her decision away from me should she win immunity. But, I have two very strong men next to me who can stop this all. If we win immunity, and when I say we, I mean anybody from the yaureibo alliance, then Jessie goes home. If not, well let's not think about that anymore.


Cameron worked very hard on catching some fish, and with luck, he caught a few fish for his alliance for their strength for the immunity challenge. Jessie was not given any fish, and this got her very upset. She started to yell at the other members, because they are supposed to be one tribe, and Jessie wasn't included.

Jessie needs to realize that we're gunning for her. She's on the chopping block here, not us. We're obviously not going to give her any food. Is she crazy?


Jessie was now well aware that she was all alone. Without a shadow of a doubt, she knew only one way to stay safe, and that was to win immunity.

Day Thirty Six

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.

Before the challenge, Jessie was alone, concentrating on staying in the game. She knew she had to win in order to stay.

I didn't think coming into this game that I would be so alone. I am definitely on my last hurrah, and I want to light some firecrackers...


As she walked off to the immunity challenge, she prayed and prayed, hoping that she could push herself further than ever before. And that is what she did.

She managed to pull it off. She was able to outlast everybody else in the challenge, and she was going to be in the final four. The others were shocked.

As much as I hate to say it, I think Cameron's time is up on this island. He is too nice to go to the end with. We need him gone.


Ugh, I can't believe Jessie won. This could cost me a jury vote, as it can potentially be pinned on me as to who goes home. I planned on sending Cameron home, but he doesn't understand the game like anyone else. He will go purely on emotions, and the longer I carry him, the more likely he'll vote for me in the end. I'm taking a risk, but I think we'll have to vote out Jonny. I definitely wouldn't want to go to the end with him, because the jury is mostly guys, who may or may not be inclined to vote for a man. But then again, he didn't play much of a strategic game. But neither did Mackenzie. Unless she did stuff on Bieque that I don't know, she pretty much just followed the majority. I don't know, I've got a lot to think about.


Jessie was going to go after Cassie. She told Jonny and Cameron that she was a powerhouse and she needed to go. She was clearly to smart to go up against in the end, to which they merely shrugged her off as delusional.

Cassie is running this show, and I have a chance to get rid of her. How can the four of them all think they're being taken to the end with her? I don't know if these people know how stupid they really are. But I have to convince them that it has to be Cassie.


Jessie continued to urge them to throw voted at Cassie, because a blindside would suit her exit best.

Cassie needs to not see this coming. She can't know that we're gunning for her. If she does, whew, I'll be in trouble.


Cassie talked to Cameron and they both agreed that Jonny or Mackenzie would be best. Cassie urged for Mackenzie, but Cameron wanted Jonny gone. He argued that he didn't deserve to be at the end. Cassie had to agree, for the sake of their trust. Cassie then told Cameron to tell Mackenzie the plan. Mackenzie was hesitant, but agreed. She didn't want to talk about it because she didn't really care, as long as it wasn't her.

This is definitely getting crazy. I don't know what is going on, and I just want tribal to be over and done with.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13: Baurimar


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Cassie, Cameron, Mackenzie

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Voted Off:

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Voting Confessionals

I'm sorry Jonny. This is the way it has to be.


For Cameron's sake, it's got to be you tonight.


I hope somebody listens to what I had to say. Cassie, you are a serious threat, and you will have my vote if you go to the end and I don't, which is why I've got try to get rid of you.


Sorry buddy, you were a good friend out here.


Jonny, riding three coattails doesn't get you quite as far as you'd like.


Final Words

How did this happen? I was promised final three? This is outrageous! I can't believe that Cassie would do something like this. Mark my words, she won't win...


Still in the Running

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