"The Bro Alliance"
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 3/13
Episode Chronology
Previous She's Got a Gun to My Head On the Dance Floor
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The Bro Alliance is the third episode of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Previously On Survivor...

After Willie's abrupt elimination, Garnet broke down, and Zak tried to console her and the two created a deal to get Marquis out. Marquis was quite happy instead, stating he doesn't care how he gets people out, as long as he's got the million dollars at the end. Over at Mangaia, Erick and Ulrich created and alliance between the two of them, but Octavia was spying on them and weaseled her way into the alliance. At the reward challenge, Suvorov, Atiu, and Mangaia each found all three amulets in the skull field, leaving Tema without one challenge win, and sending Marquis to Exile Island.

At Atiu, Yorick created and alliance between himself and Charmaine, hoping to get Shanika out. Kamryn, at Suvorov, was able to seduce Astor into being loyal 100% to her, easily solifying an alliance between the two. At the immunity challenge, all four tribes were on even footing, but Qiana began to slow down, allowing Tema to swing in and claim third place, forcing Mangaia to the first tribal council of the season. At tribal it was clear that the vote was between Qiana and Octavia. The boys of Mangaia decided to stay loyal to their ally, Octavia, voting Qiana off. Fourteen remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Bog Roll
The rival tribes must wrestle each other for a boulder-sized rattan ball and must bring it to their tribe's goal. First three tribes to score once wins the challenge. Once you score, you're done. No compromises for the reward. Tribes are allowed to help other tribes score.
Reward: Blankets, Pillows, Tarp, a Hammock, & Lounge Chairs (First Place); Blankets, Pillows, Tarp, & a Hammock (Second Place); Blankets, Pillows, & Tarp (Third Place)
Winners (in order of finish): Tema, Suvorov, & Mangaia

Immunity Challenge: Dear Liza
Tribes must fill water to a large bucket using leaky barrels. If the bucket is heavy enough, a flag will raise, declaring a winner. First three tribes are safe.
Winners (in order of finish): Tema, Suvorov, & Atiu


Night 6

Mangaia returns from tribal council, unhappy of what had happened.

Honestly, last night wasn't as easy as it seemed. I wanted Qiana in, but my heart voted against her, because she did extremely bad in the immunity challenge. I hope that decision doesn't bit me in the ass.


The three Mangaia members decided to get some rest for the next day.

Day 7

Erick and Ulrich awoke, finding Octavia was not in the shelter. Worried that Octavia was spying on the two, they agree to meet at the beach. They move silently as possible into the water, where the two proceed to talk softly.

Quote1You think we made the right decision last night?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1I really wish that we voted for Octavia instead. She was funny at first, but now, it's really disturbing.Quote2- Erick
Quote1She's next right, but only if it comes to that?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Oh, yeah. Oww!Quote2- Erick
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Something bit me.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Hey guys!Quote2- Octavia

Erick and Ulrich are surprised by Octavia emerging from the water.

Quote1Octavia, again, you nearly gave us a heart attack!Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Sorry, I was out fishing, see?Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Okay, but why did you bite me?Quote2- Erick
Quote1Sorry, I guess I was just hungry and hallucinated.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Okay, so we're going back to the shelter, okay?Quote2- Erick
Quote1Alright, see you in a few minutes!Quote2- Octavia

The guys leave the beach and head back to camp. Octavia returns with fish in Mangaia's net.

Octavia's our next target because living with her is like nuts, she always spying on people, so you really don't know, if you are alone or not. If I don't survive Octavia, I want to let my family know I love them.


I know I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. I have an IQ of 190, meaning I'm a certified genius, and I'm an asset to the tribe.


The four tribe recieve treemail, instructing them to go to the challenge area.

Welcomed by Jeff, Atiu, Suvorov and Tema arrive first, followed by Mangaia.

Quote1Atiu, Tema, and Suvorov, getting a new look at the new Mangaia tribe, Qiana voted out at the last tribal council. Now are you prepared for today's reward challenge?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah!Quote2- Castaways
Quote1Three people from each tribe will try and push a large rattan ball into their designated goal. Once a tribe has scored just once, they are done and can sit out. First place will receive blankets, pillows, tarp, a hammock, and lounge chairs. Second will get blankets, pillows, tarp, and a hammock. Third place wil only get pillows, blankets, and tarp. There will be no compromises for reward. You can however, help other tribes. Now Suvorov and Atiu, you both have one extra member, choose someone to sit out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Ivan.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I will.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Kamryn and Ivan take a seat on the bench. Atiu, Mangaia, Suvorov, and Tema, I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

The four tribes are set up opposite to their goal. Everyone pushes on the rattan ball, but it barely budges. Yorick, Shanika and Charmaine leave their side to help Tema. The six push and worried, Astor leaves Suvorov's side and goes to tackle Shanika. The ball budges toward Tema's goal. Genette and Quinlan continue to push back. Octavia, Erick, Ulrich decide to help Atiu and Tema. As Shanika and Astor get up, the ball is halfway to Tema's goal. Genette and Quinlan have began throwing mud at the others. This causes Erick and Yorick to tackle them into the mud and then restrain them. Shanika returns to help push the rattan ball, which is easy, because of no opposing force. Astor tackles Marquis into the mud. Astor's act does nothing, as the ball is into Tema's net, earning them first.

Jeff: "Tema is done, they will get the first place reward."

Tema steps aside, as the ball is reset. Suvorov has no opposing force, and race as hard as they can in the mud. Ulrich tackles Astor. Octavia pulls Genette into the mud by her leg. Erick pushes Quinlan into the mud. Using this as an advantage, Atiu pushes the ball toward their net. Suvorov quickly realize this, and force it back toward their net. The Mangaia tribe decide to help Suvorov, and they get the older Atiu out of Suvorov's way. Quinlan, Genette, and Astor score for Suvorov

Jeff: "Suvorov is done, they will get second place. This leaves the older tribe versus the younger tribe."

The ball is reset, and Mangaia and Atiu get into position. The two tribes push, but the ball won't budge. Erick has Octavia go over to Atiu to get Yorick down. She does so by tackling him into the mud. Erick and Ulrich push, and Shanika and Charmaine resist to budge. While having Yorick pinned, Octavia throws mud at Shanika. The mud hits her face, and she is forced to wipe the mud off her eyes. Because of a lack of balance, Erick and Ulrich have more power, and begin to push the ball to their net. Charmaine leaves her side to tackle Ulrich, but Erick keeps on pushing. With the ball halfway to the Mangaia net, Charmaine runs toward Erick to tackle him, but as he struggles to get up, she keeps him pinned. Ulrich recovers and runs to the ball. He pushes on it as hard as he can, and it gets into the Mangaia net.

Quote1With that Mangaia, Tema, and Suvorov win reward. Tema, as the winner of the challenge, you get to choose one person from Atiu to send to Exile.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We choose Ivan.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Ivan, the boat to Exile Island will be here soon. Mangaia, Tema, and Suvorov, your rewards will be back at camp. Atiu, I'm sorry, but there's nothing for you. You can head on out.Quote2- Jeff

Tema, Mangaia, Atiu, and Suvorov leave for camp, and Ivan rides the boat to Exile Island.

At Exile Island, Ivan arrives to the fork in the path. He opens the jar on the pedestal, and after reading it he chooses the left path. When he arrives, he starts a fire, and gets water from a nearby creek. He puts the clue for the idol into his pocket.

At Tema, Zak and Garnet have set up their new luxuries in their camp. Marquis, meanwhile, is lying in the hammock.

This reward was a big morale booster for myself and Zak, I could care less about Marquis, as we haven't won a reward challenge at all.


Day 8

At Suvorov, Genette and Quinlan are in the shelter, talking, while Astor and Kamryn are on the beach.

Quote1Have you noticed how close Astor and Kam are?Quote2- Genette
Quote1Now that you mention it, yeah.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1You think they're..?Quote2- Genette
Quote1Possibly, but because of Astor's intelligence, I think Kam is more likely seducing him.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1I think we should keep a close eye on them.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Agreed.Quote2- Quinlan

I don't trust Kamryn, I think she's some type of succubus, just using Astor, until she no longer needs him.


I see where Genette is coming from, couples in this game are dangerous, but if us four need to align together, then we should


Day 9

The next day, the four tribe were summoned to the challenge area for an immunity challenge. All four tribes arrive and Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1You must fill water into a large bucket using leaky barrels. When the bucket is heavy enough, a flag will raise, declaring a winner. First three tribes are safe from tribal council. Atiu and Suvorov, you must sit someone out, but it cannot be Ivan or Kamryn.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yorick.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Quinlan.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Alright, Quinlan and Yorick, take a seat on the bench, everyone else, I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

Jeff signaled the start of the challenge, and everyone grabs their barrel and runs to the water pump. All four tribes pull the handle down, and collect water. Everyone tries to cover the holes to prevent water from escaping. Each tribe makes it to the bucket and dumps. The pattern repeats for a while, until Tema's flag raises first. The other three then begin to race so they don't become last place. Suvorov begins to pull ahead of the the other two tribes, until their flag rises, leaving the oldest and youngest tribes in a struggle for third and last. Both have the same amount of water in their buckets. Though Atiu is behind Mangaia, they have barely any water leaking out. Mangaia is racing, with a few holes partially uncovered. After a few more trips, Atiu's slow and careful pace beats the Mangaia's raced and forgetfulness pace.

Quote1That was a quick challenge, but Tema, Suvorov, and Atiu have immunity this week. Unfortunately, Mangaia I'll be seeing you at tribal council again.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Great.Quote2- Erick
Quote1You can head back to camp now.Quote2- Jeff

The four tribes head back to camp.

Atiu arrives back from the challenge, looking disappointed. They gather around the fire, and talk.

Quote1I know our track record isn't great, I'm not going to deny that, but we need to stick together when the tribes are absorbed.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1I agree, us and Suvorov are currently the only tribes that haven't lost anyone, so I'm in.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I'm definitely in.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1I'm in this as well, but what if we're one of the absorbed tribe or if one of us ends up on a different tribe?Quote2- Shanika
Quote1Easy, we make alliances with others we can trust to get that majority. That answer your question.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Pretty much.Quote2- Shanika

Mangaia walks back to camp, and Erick tells Octavia to go on ahead. When she is out of sight, and possibly earshot, Erick grabs Ulrich's shirt and lifts him up.

Quote1Yes.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Good. Let's get back to camp then.Quote2- Erick

I hate (bleep) losing, but tonight the bro alliance will get Octavia out.


The two men continue back to camp, both go to separate locations. Erick heads to the beach, and Ulrich goes to the shelter. While at the shelter, Octavia appears to Ulrich.

Quote1Hey, Ulrich. How's it going?Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Horrible. I can't decide on who to vote for.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1I know I heard what Erick said.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1How?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1His yelling was so loud, I think the entire island heard him. You've gotta take him out, now he'll just bully you the entire game. That is if you stand up to him.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1But still, it's tough.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Don't worry, I'll support your decision.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Even if I vote you?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Yeah, I don't really have interest in the million, I came out for the adventure. I'd better go before Erick comes back. Bye.Quote2- Octavia

Once again, I'm the swing vote, and I hate it. Octavia's a loose cannon, but Erick is a bully. It's like having to choose a one child over the other.


Later, Mangaia goes to tribal council. The three put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Quote1Mangaia, two consecutive tribals, that must be hard for you, right?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1For me it is Jeff, because, I hate to lose, especially when something is on the line.Quote2- Erick
Quote1It's also for me as well, as I'm the swing vote tonight.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Ulrich you sound as that is a bad spot. Why is that.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, the vote is between Erick and Octavia, and I'm between a rock and a hard place. Both are allies of mine, and I'm scared of their reaction if I vote the wrong person.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Octavia, I hear your name again. Are you concerned that you could go tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Because of the closeness of the vote, you might see my torch snuffed tonight.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Erick, same question.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No, because, I'm better than Octavia at challenges and at camp.Quote2- Erick

Quote1I disagree completely.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Why do you disagree with that, Octavia?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Because, he just stated reasons why he should go.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Octavia, you realize that it's still early, you need strength at this point.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I know, but-Quote2- Octavia
Quote1You need me and you know it!Quote2- Erick
Quote1No we don't!Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Before we have a fistfight, let's get to the vote, Octavia, you're first.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Octavia. Erick. We're tied one to one. One vote left. Second person voted out of Survivor: Battle of the Ages is.......

Octavia. Octavia, please bring up your torch. Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Oh, well we've all gotta go sometime.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Octavia, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Peace out!Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Mangaia, you're down to two, hopefully two will not become one, you can head on out now.Quote2- Jeff

Mangaia leaves the tribal council area and heads back to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Octavia (2 votes)
Erick & Ulrich
Erick (1 vote)
Octavia BW
Octavia Vacca

Voting Confessionals

Bye, insane bitch!


Listen, bullying doesn't make you a winner, it makes you the loser.


After a long and hard decision, I voted for Octavia. Sorry, but you stated that you didn't want the million, and that put you slightly over in my decision on who to vote.


Final Words

Well, Ulrich voted me out. It's okay, I really didn't want the million, I simply wanted the adventure. I could've left the game day 1 or day 38, and I could still not want the million. Nine days wasn't bad, and being out here was fun. Now where's a vine?


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Mangaia Tema
Octavia BW
Qiana BW
Willie BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • All four tribes race to prevent their tribe from disbanding.
  • One of the Atiu's break their allegiance from the others.
  • Zak and Garnet try to warn their tribemates about Marquis.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Philippines episode, Down and Dirty.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: One World episode, A Bunch of Idiots.
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