"The Best Plan in the History of Ever"
Season Survivor: Grenada- Temptations
Author Tangle
Episode Number 13/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations!


Reward Challenge: Poolin' Around
The castaways would begin by swimming through a pool to retrieve two bags of puzzle pieces. Their loved ones would then use the pieces to solve a tree puzzle. The first loved one to solve the puzzle would win.
Reward: The Temptation, plus a day at a resort with a swimming pool and spa, followed by a feast of cheese fondue, with pieces of bread and meat.
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: Destroy and Conquer
The castaways will swim out to a platform where they will smash their colour-coded tile to retrieve a key. The key will be used to unlock a chest, which contains a machete the castaways must use to chop through three sets of ropes, which will release a bag containing a ball. The ball will then be used to smash three tiles. Once the tiles have been smashed, the castaway will look inside the broken tiles to find a small flag. The castaway must take this flag and race with it across a balance beam. At the end of the balance beam is the slot for their flag.The first castaway to place their flag in the slot wins immunity.
Winner: TBD


Night 31

(Following Ashanda's blindside, the castaways return to camp. Much like the previous vote, the group are silent. This is quickly broken, however, with another scream from Kendra.)i

Kendra: (jumping up in the air) WOOOOHOOOOO!

Jamie: (laughs) You're a lot happier than last time.

Kendra: Why wouldn't I be? Ashanda is gone and this camp is so much better because of it! Thank you, Jamie! Thank you, Brooklyn! Thank you, Eddiot! And, what the Hell, thank you Stanley!

Stanley: That's, like, the nicest thing you've said to me all merge. (laughs)

Kendra: You voted out Ashanda! Everyone who does that deserves nice things! I hate that stupid pot-stirring, drama causing, lying bitch! Oh my God I'm in such a good mood! (walking around camp, dancing and singing) "Ding, dong, the bitch is dead! The stupid bitch is dead!" WOOOOOOO! I am going to sleep like a baby tonight!

(putting her hand to her ear) Do you guys hear that? The sweet sound of nothing! There's no drama anymore, because that stupid pot-stirring, lying bitch, Ashanda, is gone! I am so happy! This was a great choice for me, not just personally- because I can't stand her and I'm thrilled that she finally got exposed and now I can finish higher than her- but strategically as well. If Ashanda stayed, she was just going to play the middle again and lie to me to get the idol out, like she's done with our alliance a billion times before. Ugh. I would much rather rely on Stanley or Brooklyn, like, come on. I'm just so happy I had a reason to finally write her name down and get her out of here! I can't believe she went a month existing without me voting for her.

Kendra Valentine

(Jamie laughs at this, before placing his torch against the tree and turning to Brooklyn.)

Jamie: Hey, thanks for throwing me that lifeline tonight.

Brooklyn: Thanks for saving my butt. I was terrified I'd have to walk out of here having turned down the Temptation.

Jamie: No worries. Ashanda was a mess to deal with, anyway.

Brooklyn: That's an understatement!

(Brooklyn walks off. The camera focuses on Jamie, who is looking satisfied.)

The decision to get rid of Ashanda was fairly easy tonight. Not that it would have mattered anyway, because the vote went 6-1, but for us it was all about who would be more trustworthy going forward into the Final Six. Had Ashanda stayed, she would have done nothing but obnoxiously ride the middle again and there is no way in Hell I would have trusted her next vote. Brooklyn, on the other hand, formed a little bond with me and is really grateful that we voted Ashanda out instead of her. I'm anticipating that the next vote is going to be a split between Kendra and I and I'm hoping that I can rely on Brooklyn to flip it and send someone from her side home. I'm hoping Brooklyn will make a move because she and Samantha are unquestionably the top players on their side and there's two people with small chances of winning alongside them, so she's not going to want to go to Final Five with that still in place, hopefully. I know it's my ass on the line if it doesn't work out, so I'm going to be doing all I can to flip her over the next few days.

Jamie Forrester

(The camera transitions to Eddiot's Angels, as they celebrate the vote.)

Brooklyn: Thank you so much, you guys. Oh my God, I was so nervous!

Samantha: No problem. Who the Hell would have voted Ashanda anyway? The real hero here should be Eddiot, he's the one who got Stanley on our side.

Eddiot: Yeah! Stanley's a legend. He was gonna go do Ashanda's thing that she wanted him to do, and he was like to me, "I don't wanna do Ashanda's stuff anymore" so I was like "dude, literally don't." And I saw him coming towards us, and I was like, "just come vote with us, fam" and he did, so yay! Why would Ashanda throw her idol in the fire, though?

Brooklyn: Probably because it wasn't a real idol? There's no way she'd throw a real one away.

Samantha: Yeah, you can thank me for that. (laughs)

Eddiot: Wait, you made the fake? Where'd you get the note from?

Samantha: Swiped it from Jamie's bag. He still had it from the idol he played before.

Eddiot: Ohhh, man, that's so cool! (laughs) It's kinda dope that I got Stanley on our side, though, right?

Samantha: Yeah, it is! We had to work really hard to get the "majority" onto Ashanda. With my fake idol, Brooklyn talking to Jamie, and you flipping Stanley, we all did our part.

Brooklyn: Seriously, thank you for doing that, guys.

Samantha: No problem. I trust you so much more than I trust Ashanda. It's not even a contest.

Eddiot: Yeah, and you're so fun to have around! (laughs) Hey, did you guys hear what Ashanda said to me before she left? She was like "you voted with your dick, Eddiot." How is that even possible? A dick doesn't have arms. I can't pick up a pen with my dick and write "Ashanda." What does that even mean when someone says that? What kind of dick has arms?

Brooklyn: (cackles) Eddiot, for <expletive> sake...

Eddiot: (laughs) What'd I say? Dicks don't have arms, right?

(The camera focuses on Eddiot's happy expression as he walks towards the shelter.)

Yo, camera people, I did a strategy thing! I totally just, like, got Stanley on our side for good. He was gonna ask us to do what Ashanda wanted and I was like "Just vote with us, dude" because he didn't want to do Ashanda's stuff anymore. I took him to us and he voted our way! That would mean... wait, let me count. (counts on his fingers) Me, Samantha, Brooklyn, Stanley... yeah! That would mean four no matter what the others did, and it was mostly 'cause of me! We were kinda thinking about doing Brooklyn but Samantha said she trusted her more. That's great, 'cause Brooklyn is my closest friend out here, and I don't think I could've voted her out anyway, so I didn't wanna make Samantha mad. I mean, the whole point of this show is to, like, not leave, right? Brooklyn said she wasn't gonna vote me and Ashanda totally has before and probably would again, I dunno. And I don't even like Ashanda, she just lies and stuff, so... yeah, didn't want her around. Anyway, we're all dope right now 'cause we have a four now and the other people only have two! These next votes are gonna be super easy.

Eddiot Brantley

(The camera then transitions to Brooklyn as she goes over to Samantha.)

Brooklyn: Seriously, thank you for working so hard to save my ass.

Samantha: You're so welcome. This makes us even, right? (laughs)

Brooklyn: Yeah, I guess it does.

(The camera focuses on Brooklyn as her smile fades slightly, before cutting to her confessional.)

I'm so relieved to still be here. It feels surreal that Samantha and Eddiot went to so much effort to save me and we got Jamie and Kendra to vote Ashanda out too. Turning down fifty thousand dollars guaranteed was the hardest decision I've ever made, but I did it for quite a few reasons: firstly I was really proud of the game I was playing, so I didn't want it to end on that note. Secondly, I wanted to see this out to the end, send a message to Chase and show Sascha and my family that their sacrifices aren't for nothing. Finally, I didn't actually think I was being voted out tonight after everything that went down, and Ashanda's antics at Tribal made me even more sure. I'm mostly happy with my position right now. I have a stable majority and a connection with Jamie on the other side, but Samantha's comment about "making us even" worries me that she'll pull something. I doubt she'd do anything immediate because Jamie's still in, but we've known since the start there's no way both of us are making the end. It seems like she's getting ready to make the pounce. Maybe I'm over-reacting, because she went so far to save me... I don't know, but that comment is gonna linger in the back of my mind.

Brooklyn Ventura

Day 32


The camera opens on day thirty-two for the Mitra Tribe as the six remaining members are casually relaxing around camp. Eddiot is chilling in the hammock, while Jamie is relaxing in one of the chairs and Stanley is seen lying in the shelter. Brooklyn and Samantha are sitting near the fire, while Kendra is seen heading down to the beach in her bikini. After a couple more moments, Samantha stands up.

Samantha: Hey Brooklyn, do you wanna come get some papayas with me, babe?

Brooklyn: What, I'm "babe" now? (laughs)

Samantha: I'm not allowed to give affectionate terms to my BFF? (pouts) Come on, let's go.

Brooklyn: Alright.

(As the two of them smile and walk off together, the camera focuses on Samantha as the camera cuts to her confessional.)

Last night I saved Brooklyn over Ashanda. It was a pretty easy decision in the end because Ashanda is an insane person who would've just rode the middle all the way to the finals. Brooklyn has had my back since day one, but right now I'm worried about her emotional state and whether she'll make a jump on me some time soon. I just wanted to pull her aside and make sure we were both on good terms still. I mean, obviously we can't both make the end because she's my biggest competition, but there's still an idol and a massive threat in play. I'd like to think we could coexist for another round at least.

Samantha Langrick

(The camera picks up on the two of them as they reach the papaya tree and begin inspecting the fruit.)

Brooklyn: Ah, there's a couple of really good ones a little high up. Let's see if we can shake them down.

(Brooklyn and Samantha shake the tree a little, but the fruits do not fall.)

Samantha: Oh, dammit, one of us is gonna have to climb.

Brooklyn: You're, like, way taller than me.

Samantha: So you're gonna make me do it? (sigh) Fine. But you're gonna have to catch them.

(Samantha climbs the tree without too much difficulty and reaches the fruit quickly. She knocks a few down, which Brooklyn is able to catch, then slides down.)

Samantha: There! No papayas are gonna escape me.

Brooklyn: (smirks) Let's eat one right now between the two of us.

Samantha: (laughs) Oh my God yes. Yes. So much yes.

(The two set down the papayas, choose the ripest looking one and cut it open. Samantha gives one half to Brooklyn, keeps one half for herself, and the two begin eating.)

Brooklyn: Nothing tastes better than food that belongs to someone else or you aren't allowed to have, right?

Samantha: Oh, definitely. (has a mouthful of papaya, swallows, then continues) So, we're still all good, right?

Brooklyn: Yeah, of course! You saved me, I saved you, I'm pretty sure we're about as tight as can be. I've had your back since day one and that won't change.

Samantha: Good, it better not, or else, grrr! (giggles) No, in all seriousness, I think we're in a fantastic spot right now. We can easily ride to four with Eddiot and Stanley and take out Kendra's idol and Jamie at the same time.

Brooklyn: Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. We're in the sweetest position. I don't think anything can usurp us at this point.

Samantha: Touch some wood right now! Don't jinx us!

Brooklyn: Okay, okay. (giggles, then touches wood) Knock on wood. Happy?

Samantha: Yes! Hey, just for peace of mind, you're not gonna have any reservations about voting Jamie out this round, right?

Brooklyn: Nah, of course not. I'm not blind to the fact he sweeps the jury.

Samantha: Exactly. He's been in the minority since the start and he's still hanging around, and he's made some really flashy moves.

Brooklyn: Let's go and wrap this four up with the boys... but only after we finish our secret papayas. (laughs)

Samantha: Oh, definitely.

(The two of them finish eating their papayas, with the camera focusing on Brooklyn before cutting to her confessional.)

So, Samantha's down for an idea of a Final Four between me, Eddiot and Stanley, but I'm well aware it'd be a showdown between the two of us for first and fourth. The problem is who's in the minority, and whether it'd be a good idea for me to try and work something. Jamie, although we all like him, is easily the biggest threat to win and could sweep the jury against anyone, and Kendra still has an idol. Those two are arguably the tightest pair in the game, and I might be giving up something good by jumping the gun too early. I'm pretty confident I have Eddiot's vote, but whether I could swing things my way is another story. I'm going to keep my options open at this stage. I don't want to blow my game, but I know Samantha's going to make a move sooner or later.

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera then changes focus to Samantha, who has a thoughtful look on her face.)

I'm in a pretty good spot at this point, but I think both Brooklyn and I are aware that we're each others biggest competition, so we're circling each other a bit like sharks to see who makes the first move. I've got a Final Four with her, Stanley and Eddiot but it's no secret I'd take Stanley and Eddiot to the finals with me. I mean, I'd probably lose a vote from someone who hates one of the other two enough that they want them to receive less prize money, but that's an easy win for me right there. I'm nervous that Brooklyn would try and make a jump on me, but Jamie is the biggest threat left in the game, so the appeal of taking him out is what I'm hoping keeps her on my side one more round. My only concern is she holds more sway over the boys than I do, but if she tries anything then I have an idol in my pocket that can put a stop to it.

Samantha Langrick

(Following Samantha's confessional, there is a transitioning nature shot, before the camera picks up on Samantha and Brooklyn as they talk to Eddiot and Stanley.)

Eddiot: Yo, guys, voting Ashanda last night was super dope! Stanley, you total legend, coming with us!

Stanley: (laughs) No problem, man, I was over Ashanda anyway.

Eddiot: So what now? We just vote out Jamie and Kendra?

Samantha: Pretty much, yeah.

Eddiot: Doesn't Kendra have one of those idol necklaces?

Brooklyn: Yeah, but we'd just split the vote.

Eddiot: Do what now?

Brooklyn: Split the vote. Half of us vote for Jamie, half of us vote for Kendra.

Eddiot: Ohhh, but what if one of them wins the challenge necklace?

Samantha: Then we are completely screwed and basically one of the four of us goes home.

Eddiot: Yikes, that is not allowed to happen!

Brooklyn: Nope, it's not!

Samantha: So basically, the four of us are just going to ride to the FInal Four. It should be the easiest couple of votes in history.

Stanley: Yeah, I'm down with that.

Eddiot: Me too! This is gonna be the most awesome Final Four ever! I literally can't believe I'm gonna be one of the last four people left, that's just weird. I pretty much don't know how to play this game and I beat, like, heaps of people who did.

Brooklyn: Yeah, exactly! I'm surprised things are this easy, to be honest.

Stanley: I guess that's just a bonus of getting Ashanda out, right? No drama, no wondering who's gonna vote who? We can finally settle down.

Samantha: Yeah, I have no idea how you put up with her since day one because she was really getting under our skin. (laughs)

Eddiot: I mean, she nearly got me killed one time, so I'm glad she's gone. I love this group!

Samantha: Same. As long as we stick together, this group won't fracture, and we can take Jamie and Kendra out.

Eddiot: Sounds awesome!

(As the four of them confirm this plan, the camera focuses on Eddiot, who is wearing a wide grin.)

Okay, camera people, the coolest thing just happened! Basically I'm in an alliance with Samantha, Brooklyn and Stanley and we just agreed to be the last four people left. That is so cool. I didn't even know how to play this game when I signed up for it and now I'm gonna be one of the last four! That means I beat all these people who did know how to play. (laughs) Sticking with Samantha and Brooklyn has been really cool, and now I have a chance at winning the million dollars! If I win, I'm gonna throw the sickest, most awesome party ever. It's gonna, like, shut down the whole street and there'll be a pool, music, all these drinks and some of the best food, all in my own house! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I'm probably gonna buy a house if I win. I mean, I dunno how much they cost, but I'm rooming with my sister right now so... Like, my sister is awesome, but also my sister and I don't wanna live with her forever. So a house would be cool! The best house party, literally ever? I want this to happen so bad! Yo, camera people, I'll even invite you guys if I win! (laughs) You should totally make me win now.

Eddiot Brantley

(Following Eddiot's confessional, the camera focuses on Stanley, who is thinking about the conversation.)

Turning on Ashanda last night and joining Eddiot's alliance was the best move I could make. I was sick of following Ashanda and getting no say in anything. Now I have a final four deal and I'm in a good position. I actually have the freedom to think and make my own moves, instead of Ashanda running around and causing trouble for both of us. This four can be good as long as I make sure Jamie goes home next. Everyone knows that he, Samantha and Brooklyn are the three big threats to win this thing. I'm pretty sure any chance I have of winning is almost completely shot, but I have Eddiot on my side and I don't think he'll vote me out. The only person on the Jury who really doesn't like me is Kendra, so if I took her and Eddiot to the finals it'd be the best situation for the three of us. It'd be pretty tight but better than being blown to smithereens by one of the other three. (huge sigh of relief) I am so freaking glad Ashanda's gone.

Stanley Moriarty

(Following Stanley's confessional, there is a transitioning nature shot before the camera picks up on Kendra as she floats in the ocean, a content look on her face and her eyes closed. The camera pans out to show Samantha approaching. It focuses on her determined look before cutting to her confessional.)

I feel a lot of tension in the air between Brooklyn and I and I think she could flip at any moment. I was thinking, earlier, about how she has a little more sway on Eddiot, and therefore, Stanley, than I do. So if Brooklyn does flip I don't think it would be good news for me, which made me want to branch out to a member of the minority. Like a safety net, get out of jail free card, whatever you want to call it, just so I'm not up <expletive> creek without a paddle if anything goes wrong. I decided I'd go talk to Kendra. Aside from the fact that Jamie is an enormous threat and I'm not giving him any kind of opening to get to the end, Kendra is someone who works for me both strategically and socially. Strategically, she's burned a lot of jury votes so would be someone I could beat comfortably at the end, which would maybe tempt someone into flipping. Socially, I witnessed her complete breakdown at the reward and I know she's got a lot of issues and insecurities and cares very deeply about the connections she makes. I feel like I could bond with her on some level and she'd have some comfort in me, which I could use to my advantage later on. This is a massive shot in the dark, but I cannot rely upon my idol alone to get me out of a tight spot if I want to win this thing.

Samantha Langrick

(Samantha slides into the water. Kendra, with her eyes still closed, moves her head in that direction.)

Kendra: If that's you coming to splash me, Eddiot, I swear to God, you need to get out. You already squished my flower and you are not ruining my relaxation time!

Samantha: Relax, it's just Samantha.

Kendra: (opens her eyes, sits up a little) Oh?

Samantha: I just came to check on how you are, you know, after all that stuff you said while drunk. I know it was a couple of days ago, but we were all busy trying not to get voted out and then throwing Ashanda out of the game. I just wanted to see how you are now, though.

Kendra: I'm fine. It happens a lot if I drink. I'm a massive emotional drinker. It's just, this game has been getting to me, and because of my so-called "friends" being assholes, I care a lot about the friendships I make. Stanley betraying me basically proved them all right and it was doing my head in.

Samantha: But you're okay now, right?

Kendra: Yeah, I guess. You're like my mom, honestly.

Samantha: I'm just trying to be nice.

Kendra: No, that's a good thing. My mom has been my only support system, really. She's always checking up on me, we're really close, If I get drunk, she's there when I have a hangover; if I have a breakdown, she's there. She's my confidant and really means a lot to me. That's also why I want to do well,  not just because my friends would give me so much crap if I didn't, but because I know my mom will be watching. And yeah, she'll give me the whole "I'll be proud of you no matter where you finish" but... I won't be, and then she won't be, and then it'll just be taxing on her. I know I've put her through so much but I love her, and I really, really want to do well just to show her everything wasn't a waste. She actually tried to talk me out when I said I was applying, just in case things went wrong, but I told her I really wanted to do it so she was there by my side.

Samantha: It sounds like you two have an amazing relationship.

Kendra: We really do. We do a lot of stuff together, like shopping and movie nights and such. Actually, how old are you, forty?

Samantha: Thirty-nine, excuse you. (laughs)

Kendra: Another ten years and you'd be her age. I'm an only child, too, so I guess that made us even closer.

Samantha: I'm gonna tell you pretty much exactly what I told Brooklyn on day one: Good parents? Can't relate.

Kendra: Oh my God, they weren't alcoholics?

Samantha: I'm gonna give you what my students call a "TL:DR version": Autistic younger sibling, parents didn't know how to handle it, so everything Ethan wanted, he got. It didn't matter if it was something as trivial as McDonald's or Burger King or altering rules of games for him, it was always what he wanted. Then it stretched to things that I couldn't do in case it upset Ethan, which included moving interstate for college. I love Ethan to death and I'd take a bullet for him, don't get me wrong, but my parents? Couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Kendra: I know my mom would never do that. If I had to live with your parents, I probably would've killed myself.

Samantha: I never really figured it out, do you say that in the heat of the moment or do you actually get suicidal?

Kendra: Um... a bit of both? Sometimes when I'm having meltdowns, like the one you saw after Shivani got voted out, that was just me being dramatic, I think. When I meltdown, I lose it, but I'm fine a few minutes later. The other one I'm sure you heard about, when I said that I'd kill myself if I got voted out on, like, day eight? That was real. Like, I probably would have at least tried. I don't even know why I'm telling you this.

Samantha: Oh, wow...

Kendra: Yeah, my friends would have just been proven right and teased me constantly, and just the humiliation of watching it back... at least I'm at the Final Six now, though. I don't want to go home, and I'm not going with the idol in my pocket, but I wanted to make it to at least the merge, and I don't want to screw my own game. Those are the goals I set for myself. Like, if I have to go out, I want it to be out of my control, not because I screwed myself.

Samantha: Jesus Christ.

Kendra: I know, it's a lot for people to deal with when I talk about it. especially since you and I haven't really talked one on one. That's why I talk to my mom about it so much. Some days I feel like if I just had my mom here I could pull myself out of these stupid meltdowns and actually think clearly, but it's hard when everyone doubts you over everything and you just get so insecure.

Samantha: Yeah, I can't even imagine. Well, I know we're on opposite sides and all, but I'm glad you told me about all this. And hey, the loved ones reward is coming up soon, surely. If I win, I'll pick you for it.

Kendra: Really? Thank you so much! I'll pick you too. Like, if there's only one I can pick then I have to pick Jamie, but if I can take two, I'll take you as well!

Samantha: Thanks, I really appreciate that. I can't believe it's taken us, what, thirty-something days to finally sit down and talk one on one.

Kendra: Yeah! I really enjoyed it, thanks a lot.

(The two of them sit back and relax in the ocean.)

Samantha: God, this is amazing.

Kendra: It really is!

(As they relax in the water, the camera focuses on Kendra, whose content expression remains.)

I don't even know why Samantha came up to me, but we had a really great conversation. She checked up on me and it reminded me of my mom at home. I was glad to hear some side of Samantha's personal life and it was nice to have someone else, other than Jamie, to talk to this about. As much as I love Jamie and he's my closest friend out here, I don't want him to just become my personal dollar-store therapist, because that's a burden on him and it's not fair. It actually amazes me that Samantha has gone through so much and come out so headstrong, because if I went through what she had, I'd be even worse than I am right now. I'm lucky to have a supportive parent like my mom. She understands me better than anyone else, I love her, and I can't wait to see her if I make the loved ones visit. I think she'd be what I need to get my head back on straight and finish this thing. If I saw her, and then didn't get to spend time with her, I'd be so upset. I'm glad Samantha agreed to pick me. I hope she wins.

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then transitions to Samantha, who is sitting back with a smile on her face.)

Initially I was just looking to strike up a bond with Kendra but I got a lot more than that. I genuinely cared for her when I saw her drunken rant the other night, and hearing about her life story really touched me. Yes, I want to win this game but I'm not heartless. She cares a lot about the game, she's been through a lot in life, and that's a way the two of us connect on a personal level. She's definitely emotionally fragile, but it comes from a place of vulnerability that very easily could have been me if things had taken a different route. Although I'm still thinking on my feet game-wise and I know this could prove useful to me, there are times where I can step out of the game, and giving the reward to Kendra if I win it will be one of them. Her mother clearly means a lot to her, and if I can help her out, I will.

Samantha Langrick

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The six castaways walk in and stand on the mat.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: Today we're gonna do something a little different. We're gonna show you what you're playing for before we reveal the challenge. For thirty-two days you've been out here, fighting the elements and each other, and I'm sure you're missing everyone back home. Today, you're playing for love. So let's bring them out! Brooklyn, here's your best friend, Sascha.

(As Sascha walks out, Brooklyn puts her face to her hands and begins to cry. She runs towards him, he runs towards her, and they share a tight and long hug.)

Brooklyn: How's Chase? How's everyone?

Sascha: Everyone's fine, we're all so proud of you.

Brooklyn: Thank you for everything.

Sascha: I'd do it a hundred times.

Jeff: Brooklyn, you guys seem incredibly close, even for best friends. What's that about?

Brooklyn: Sascha has been the closest thing to a father my son has had. He helped me get and stay sober, he's been helping look after Chase while I'm gone... we have a bond that no one can break.

Jeff: Alright, one last hug and then Sascha has to go over to the bench.

(They hug one last time and Brooklyn returns to the mat.)

Jeff: Jamie, let's bring out your brother, Owen!

Jamie: Yes!

(As Owen walks out, a smile comes to Jamie's face as he jogs towards his brother. The two of them bro-hug upon meeting and are all smiles.)

Owen: Man, you smell gross.

Jamie: (laughs) Thanks a lot. Your hair looks like trash.

Owen: (laughs) Screw you.

Jeff: Jamie, even right now I'm seeing the brotherly banter. How close are you two?

Jamie: Pretty close, Jeff. Owen's someone I enjoy being around and have a lot in common with. We get along really well and there's no one I'd rather have out here.

Jeff: Alright, Owen, time to go to the bench.

(The two have one last bro-hug before Owen heads to bench and Jamie goes back to the mat.)

Jeff: Stanley, here's your brother, Max!

(As Max walks out, a smile immediately comes to Stanley's face as he runs towards him.)

Stanley: Yeeeeeeeeeeeessss! Max, my bro!

(The two arrive at each other and bro-hug.)

Stanley: Dude, I had a party for your birthday out here and it was the best thing ever! I didn't miss it!

Max: Man, you missed the best party, but you should be glad you didn't forget my birthday. (laughs)

Jeff: Stanley, how close are you and your brother?

Stanley: Oh, dude, we're really close. We're a musical family, so we record together; we hang out together, and everything. Birthdays are a pretty big thing in our family, so it sucks I missed Max's, but throwing my own party out here was with him in mind.

Jeff: Alright, time to get back to the mat.

(The two have a strong handshake, then go their separate ways.)

Jeff: Okay, Samantha, let's bring out your brother, Ethan!

(Ethan walks out and begins jogging towards Samantha, smiling as he sees her. Samantha grins widely, walking to him and going to hug, but he ducks under it and puts his hand out to shake instead. Rolling her eyes, Samantha shakes his hand.)

Samantha: I know you hate hugs, but not even one for your big sister who you haven't seen in a month?

Ethan: Sorry, I hate hugs. And you smell really bad.

Samantha: (laughs) Thanks a lot.

Jeff: Samantha, I've never seen a brother-sister relationship like this before. What's your bond with Ethan like?

Samantha: Ethan hates physical contact, so we express affection in other ways, but in every other way our relationship is like a normal big sister and little brother. We're very close, even though it doesn't seem like that. He really means a lot to me.

Ethan: Yeah, she means a lot to me too.

Jeff: Alright, Samantha, time to head back to the mat.

Ethan: Don't even think about hugging me!

Samantha: I'm not going to. (laughs) Love you, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, I love you, too.

(Samantha heads back to the mat and Ethan goes over to the bench.)

Jeff: Alright, let's get a woman out here! Eddiot, here's your sister, Natalie.

(As Natalie comes out, Eddiot breaks into a full-on sprint.)


(Eddiot ambushes her with a hug, which takes her by surprise but she soon breaks into a laugh.)

Natalie: I missed you, you goof. It's been nice having a clean house, though. (laughs)

Eddiot: Yeah, but you love me still!

Natalie: I do. (laughs)

Jeff: Eddiot, what's the relationship like between you and your sister?

Natalie: Still go by that even out here, huh?

Eddiot: Yeah! Jeff, my sister is awesome! She's the brains and I'm the brawn and beauty. (laughs)

Natalie: Hey!

Eddiot: It's true! And she's just so cool to be around. She's waaaay smarter than me, and sometimes she has to stop me from accidentally killing myself, but at heart she's just as fun and silly as me.

Natalie: Someone has to keep things in order!

Eddiot: Yeah, yeah!

Jeff: Alright, one last hug.

Natalie: (hugging Eddiot) Love you!

Eddiot: I love you too!

(Eddiot goes back to the mat.)

Jeff: Alright, Kendra, time for you to get some love!

Kendra: (tearing up) Is my mom coming out?

Jeff: You wouldn't want anyone else, would you?

Kendra: Nope! Not in a million years!

Jeff: Come on out, Lisa!

(As Lisa walks out, Kendra screams and jumps up and down, and the tears keep coming.)

Kendra: (jumping up and down) Oh my God, oh my God!

(Kendra runs towards her mom and the two of them are crying as they hug.)

Kendra: Mommy! I miss you so much, I love you!

Lisa: I love you, my baby girl. You're so amazing for making it this far.

Kendra: I need you here. I need you.

Lisa: You're doing amazing without me, I'm sure of it.

Kendra: I miss you, though!

Lisa: I miss you too!

Jeff: Kendra, obviously you and your mom are incredibly close.

Kendra: There's no one in the world who means more to me than my mom. She's my support system, my everything, and I love her so much.

Jeff: Lisa, it has to be touching to see your daughter openly love you so much.

Lisa: It is. She's my only daughter, so we've always had a very close relationship. I know doing this show is her dream and I'm thrilled that she's made it to the last six people left. I know she's doing amazingly well.

Jeff: Alright, Kendra, one last hug and you have to go back to the mat.

(Kendra and Lisa share another tight hug before Kendra goes back to the mat.)

Loved Ones
(Samantha's brother)
(Kendra's mother)
(Stanley's brother)
(Eddiot's sister)
(Jamie's brother)
(Brooklyn's best friend)

Jeff: Alright, now you know what you're playing for, it's time to get to today's challenge. Loved ones, don't get too comfortable because you'll be playing too! Castaways, you'll be swimming through a pool to collect two bags of puzzle pieces, which you'll then return to your loved ones. Loved ones, you'll be using the pieces inside the bag to solve a tree puzzle. The first person to solve the puzzle wins reward for them and their loved one. In addition to the Temptation, you'll be taken away to a swimming pool and spa, and having a nice, hot, cheese fondue. I'm sure this is definitely worth playing for. We'll draw for spots and then get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Reward Challenge: Poolin' Around

Challenge Summary:

  • At the beginning of the challenge, it is neck-and-neck for everyone except Stanley, who lags behind the pack a little. Jamie and Kendra have a slight lead on everyone, but they are all well within range. Jamie gets his bag untied first but everyone is hot on his heel. As the group heads back, Stanley gets to the bag and unties it.
  • Jamie maintains his lead going for the second bag, but it is still as close as ever. Eddiot overtakes Kendra to get to his next bag before her, with Samantha and Brooklyn right behind. Stanley has made up some time but is still behind the pack as they all get back with their second bags and start on the puzzle.
  • As the puzzle begins, Owen and Sashca quickly fall out of it as they slow down trying to get the first couple of pieces in. Meanwhile, Ethan has made some progress, but it is Natalie and Lisa who have taken the lead and are neck-and-neck with each other. By now, Stanley has come back with the pieces and Max begins to work on the puzzle, but he doesn't get far.
  • As the puzzle progresses, Ethan has begun to grow frustrated as his progress stalls, bitterly complaining about the puzzle being "impossibly hard" and slamming some pieces in frustration when they're wrong. Samantha gently reminds him to calm down, but his frustrations mean he only gets further and further out of the race. He eventually stops completely when he sees Natalie and Lisa are getting closer to the end.
  • It comes down to Natalie and Lisa, who have been close the entire challenge. As they move down to their last few pieces, Eddiot and Kendra get excited, and the race continues. Both women are down to their last two pieces, place them in, and get ready for the last one. In the end...

  • Natalie places her piece in a second or two before Lisa, giving her and Eddiot the win.


(Kendra kicks the ground in frustration as Natalie and Eddiot celebrate. Ethan is shown thumping the table as Samantha walks over to him and puts her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. There is then a timeskip and the castaways are shown back on the mat.)

Jeff: Eddiot and Natalie, come on over.

(Eddiot and Natalie are applauded as they make their way over to Jeff.)

Jeff: (handing the Temptation envelope to Eddiot) Eddiot, I'll give this to you. As with the others, you have until the immunity challenge to decide. You guys have won a nice spa day and some fondue. Now, as always, Eddiot, you'll get to take someone on reward. But here's the catch: this time, you can only take one person.

Eddiot: (immediately) STANLEEEEEEEYYY!

Stanley: Oh, sweet, yes!

(As Stanley and Max walk over, Kendra's mouth is blurred as she swears and tears start coming.)

Jeff: Kendra, what's the emotion right now?

Kendra: It's just bull<expletive>, Jeff. That alliance gets everything and then me and Jamie just get nothing. And it's just.. Stanley is playing the worst game and he keeps getting saved and rewarded every time, like, it doesn't seem fair. My mother means everything to me and instead of letting me spend time with her, Eddiot picks Stanley and his brother. No one has the bond that my mom and I have.

Stanley: I mean, to just say I don't deserve to win the reward because I'm playing the worst game is pretty bull<expletive> too, Kendra.

Eddiot: Yeah, and you wouldn't have picked me if you won, so why are you complaining?

Kendra: I swear to God-

Lisa: (putting an arm on her shoulder) Kendra, don't. It's okay, you'll see me in a few days anyway.

Kendra: (sighs) It just sucks that everyone else gets everything all the time.

Lisa: I know, but you'll see me soon.

Jeff: Alright, Eddiot and Stanley, you and your loved ones can head out. There's a boat waiting for you.

(Eddiot, Stanley and their loved ones head out.)

Jeff: Brooklyn, Jamie, Kendra, Samantha, I have nothing for you. Time to say goodbye to your loved ones and head back to camp.

(The four other castaways share an emotional goodbye with their loved ones before heading back to camp.)


The camera picks up as the boat carrying Eddiot, Natalie, Stanley and Max docks at the spa and swimming pool resort. The four of them get off and look inside, immediately amazed by the scene in front of them.

Eddiot: That swimming pool looks so dope!

Natalie: I can't wait to get in that spa, oh my God...

Max: Screw the spa, I want that cheese fondue. By the way, Stanley and Eddiot, what was that girl Kendra's problem?

Eddiot: I dunno, man, guess she wanted to see her mom? She wouldn't have picked me, though, so...

Max: But she ripped Stanley a new one!

Stanley: Yeah, she's really mad at me for reasons that are too long to explain when there's a pool and spa in front of us. I feel really bad for her, and I sympathise with her, but that comment pissed me off. Like, she's not entitled to the reward, right?

Eddiot: Yeah, exactly! No one's, like, forced to pick her just because she loves her mom.

Stanley: Totally! For her to be like, "Stanley's playing a terrible game, why does he get the reward?" was her acting entitled as Hell.

Don't get me wrong, I feel guilty for what I did to Kendra over the course of the game, but I'm still pissed off by how much of an entitled baby she acted like when Eddiot picked me for the reward and not her. She made it seem like A) I didn't deserve the reward and B) Eddiot was obligated to pick her, which is just not the case either way. I have a loved one at home that I miss too, and whether that's my brother, mother, sister, whatever, it shouldn't matter. It's my loved one and I have every right to be taken on the reward. And it's Eddiot's choice because he won! He and I are close, so obviously he was gonna take me. He shouldn't be forced to take Kendra. There are three other people who didn't get to see their loved ones either, but apparently the reward should have been hers? Sorry, that comment at the reward challenge is getting to me.

Stanley Moriarty

Natalie: So, Eddiot, what's this Temptation thing that you have? I've never heard of it before.

Eddiot: Oh, it's, like, a power thing that you can choose to take or not, but if you take it then something bad happens. Some people took it, but last time I won one of these it was like "give someone a penalty vote but then you get it" and I was just like "NOPE."

Natalie: So what is it this time?

Eddiot: Oh, yeah, I should totally read that. I call the comfy chair, by the way, like, that is my chair, and I will push anyone in the pool who takes it! Grrrr, (giggles)

(The four of them head over to the chairs, with Eddiot climbing into his "comfy" chair and Natalie sitting beside him.)

Eddiot: Alright, let's get the boring thinking part out of the way so I can enjoy this pool and spa!

(Eddiot tears open the envelope and reads his Temptation.)




Note: This does not mean the winner of the challenge will have immunity taken from them. Two people will be immune in this instance.

Eddiot: Umm....

Stanley: Dude, basically it's saying that you can sit someone out and then I'm guessing they'll have a secret vote on who they think the winner is. If they get that right, they get immunity as well as the person who won it.

Eddiot: Ohhh...

Natalie: What are you thinking about doing with it?

Eddiot: I dunno, probably whatever I feel like when I get to the challenge? I don't wanna think about this, I just wanna go in the pool!

(Eddiot puts down the Temptation, whips off his shirt and dives into the pool.)

Eddiot: WOOOOOO! Come in here, guys!

Natalie: (laughs) Eddiot, I see you haven't changed in your time out here.

Eddiot: Why would I think when I can have fun in a pool and spa? Boring.

So, I won the Temptation, camera people, and I read it, but... there's a pool and a spa, so... I'm not gonna think about it. I guess I'll just do whatever I feel like when Jeff asks me. The thing said that I could sit someone out but if they chose the winner right, then they both get immunity, so... I could sit Jamie out but if he picks Kendra and she wins then we're screwed, but if Jamie or Kendra win we're screwed anyway, so... I dunno. I'm like, so happy I brought Stanley because Samantha and Brooklyn would just make me think, and that's boring. (laughs) I'm just gonna chill out in this pool and spa and have my cheese thing and enjoy today!

Eddiot Brantley

There is then a montage of the four of them having fun in the pool, splashing each other and swimming about. Max and Natalie are shown to be getting along well, and Stanley and Eddiot are chilling out in the pool watching it happen, looking at each other with a smirk. As they are chilling out, and Natalie is shown laughing at one of Max's jokes, one of the staff members comes out with the huge bowl of cheese fondue, with a plate of bread and meat beside it.

Eddiot: Oh yay, the cheese thing!

(The four of them get out of the pool and sit down to the cheese fondue, meat and bread, and begin eating.)

Eddiot: Hey, this cheese thing is dope!

Max: I loooove cheese fondue so much.

Natalie: The meat is perfect, oh my God.

Stanley: I could just drink an entire bowl of this.

(As the rest of them continue eating, Eddiot starts laughing as he picks up a piece of bread.)

Natalie: Eddiot, what are you doing?

Eddiot: (taking the piece of bread and walking a few paces away) I bet I can throw this and it'll land in the cheese pot. Watch.

(Eddiot throws the piece of bread, and it lands right in the pot and sinks to the bottom.)


Max: That's gonna be smothered in fondue. I call that piece of bread!

(Max uses a fork to locate the bread and eats it.)

Max: That... was the most delicious bit of bread and fondue I've ever eaten.

Eddiot: (laughs) You're welcome, dude!

(There is a montage as they keep eating. Soon, they have finished eating and go over to the spa.)


Stanley: I did not know how much someone could love a spa until right now.

Max: Stanley, you liar, we have a spa back at home!

Stanley: Yeah, but I haven't been in a spa for over a month and it feels incredible!

Natalie: You guys have a spa at your home? Excuse me while I die of jealousy.

Max: Or you could just move in and use the spa. (laughs)

Natalie: That counts as a verbal contract! I'm taking you up on that.

Max: Wait, what?

Natalie: (laughs) I'm kidding, but I'm definitely gonna have to check out this spa.

(Natalie and Max keep laughing, then Max begins telling another joke and some stories, causing Natalie to smile and laugh some more. Eddiot looks at them, smirking, then suddenly, an idea comes to him. He wears  knowing smile as the camera cuts to his confessional.)

Okay, camera people, I just had the best idea! I noticed Max and Natalie totally flirting and hitting it off the whole reward trip, and then it hit me... if I set them up, and they get married, that literally makes Stanley my bro! I am so doing this, Stanley is so dope and we could have all these fun parties and just chill all the time without having to make excuses. No homo by the way. You thought you could catch me out on that, didn't you, camera people? (laughs) But I am so gonna have Natalie and Max set up and date. I just have to work my magic! This is the best plan in the history of ever!

Eddiot Brantley

(After everyone has gotten out of the spa, the camera picks up as Eddiot approaches Stanley, who is lying down on one of the chairs.)

Eddiot: Dude, I have the most dope idea!

Stanley: What?

Eddiot: Is Max single?

Stanley: ...What?

Eddiot: Dude, Natalie's single too! Don't you notice how they've been, like, totally flirting with each other? If we set them up, they could start dating, then we could really be bros!

Stanley: (laughs) Oh my God, that would be sick.

Eddiot: You in?

Stanley: Hell yeah, dude, let's do it!

(Stanley goes up to Max, while Eddiot goes up to Natalie. The camera first couses on Eddiot.)

Eddiot: Yo, sis, how are you enjoying the reward?

Natalie: It's amazing! That fondue was to die for, the spa is soooo hot, and the pool is so refreshing. It's perfect,

Eddiot: What do you think about Max, huh?

Natalie: Stanley's brother? Yeah, he's really funny and we get along well. Why?

Eddiot: Oh, I just noticed you guys were talking, and I was like, "sweet!" So you think he's good?

Natalie: Like,a  good person? Yeah, I enjoy being around him. Or do you mean good looking?

Eddiot: Well, both, I guess?

Natalie: Um... well, I guess he's good looking? And he has a hot tub, so that's a bonus. (laughs) Why?

Eddiot: No reason, I just saw you guys were talking a lot! Yeah, I mean, if you saw him again would you wanna chill?

Natalie: Yeah, sure, I'd hang out with him again. You and Stanley get along, right?

Eddiot: Yeah! But no homo.

Natalie: (laughs) You're the example feminists use when they talk about fragile masculinity. Everyone knows you guys have a bromance. But why all the questions about Max?

Eddiot: Nothing! I just think it's cool that you guys are friends, and he's single, so-

Natalie: Wait, how do you know he's single?

Eddiot: Oh, I was talking to Stanley about girls once, and he mentioned his brother was single and... yeah!

Natalie: I'm confused...

Eddiot: Don't be confused! I was just asking you about Max because I think it's cool you guys are friends, and yeah, he's really funny, right?

Natalie: Yeah, he is! And great to talk to.

Eddiot: That's awesome!

Natalie: Okay then...

Eddiot: Seriously, it's cool we're both friends with a Moriarty brother! It'd be really cool to see Max again!

Natalie: Yeah, I guess it would!

Eddiot: We could all hang out together, and you and Max could chill, and Stanley and I could chill! You think that'd be cool, right?

Natalie: Yeah, it definitely would... are you trying to say something?

Eddiot: Nope! I'm just curious!

Natalie: Alright then...

(The camera then transitions to Stanley as he talks to Max.)

Stanley: So, you and Natalie have been getting along well, huh?

Max: Yeah, she's a really cool girl. She laughs at my jokes, so, can't get any better than that!

Stanley: She's pretty cute, too, right?

Max: Yeah, she's cute! Why, have you got your eye on her?

Stanley: Nah, man, I was thinking you did.

Max: Me? Why?

Stanley: Well, you said, she's cute and you guys get along well together. Do you ever see it happening?

Max: I mean, if I saw her again, I'd be down for hanging out, so...

Stanley: Hanging out in the hot tub, huh? (laughs, nudges)

Max: (laughs, a little confused) Yeah, I guess?

Stanley: I mean, she pracitcally begged to go in our hot tub, man, and she's been laughing and lowkey flirting with you all day.

Max: She has?

Stanley: Dude, she's so into you! You should so go chat her up.

Max: Well, I guess she's pretty cute...

Stanley: Dude, she is into you. Trust me.

Max: Alright, I guess I'll go talk to her!

Stanley: (laughs) Awesome.

(Max then goes over to Natalie.)

Max: Hey, Natalie!

Natalie: Hey!

Max: Enjoying this reward?

Natalie: Yeah! But I just had the weirdest conversation with Eddiot...

Max: Huh? Like, about the Temptation?

Natalie: No... He was asking me all about you, like, how well we got along and if I'd like to hang out with you again. It was just so strange and out of the blue. And then he mentioned you're single, and I'm like... what?

Max: (laughs) Oh my God...

Natalie: What?

Max: I had the exact same conversation with Stanley! He asked if I thought you were cute, kept saying you were into me, and I should talk to you because we get along well...

Natalie: Those guys are trying to set us up?

Max: They so are!

Natalie: Well, let's beat them at their own game!

Max: What are you thinking?

(The camera picks up as Natalie and Max walk in front of Eddiot and Stanley, holding hands and smirking.)

Eddiot: Oh my God!

Max: You were right, Stanley, she is in to me!

Natalie: Yeah, he's so cute and goofy... (laughs) Wanna go in the pool together... babe? (giggles)

Max: Sure... babe. (laughs)

(The two of them, still holding hands, get in the pool. Excited, Stanley and Eddiot go over to the edge of the pool. Smirking, Natalie and Max lean in, acting as if they are about to kiss. Eddiot and Stanley lean forward in excitement then, swiftly, Max and Natalie move and drag the two of them in to the pool, cackling with laughter.)

Eddiot: (laughing as he resurfaces) You guys totally trolled us!

Natalie: Eddiot, that was the most transparent trick I've ever seen, even from you!

Stanley: God dammit, our plan ruined.

Eddiot: Okay, this is officially the best reward ever! I'm so getting you back when I get home, Natalie. Watch out!

Natalie: (smirks) I am so scared.

Eddiot: You better be! (turns to Stanley) Stanley, I'm so glad I got to pick you and meet your bro! This has been so fun.

Stanley: Hell yeah! Screw strategy!

Eddiot: Yeah, screw strategy!

Camera people, this officially the most fun reward ever! I had such a dope time hanging out with Stanley, his brother, and Natalie in that resort! Stanley and I hatched this genius plan to get Natalie and Max hooked up so we could be legit IRL bros but then they trolled us! (laughs) This is the best day I've had out here and there's been no strategy! Screw strategy, it's boring. I just wanted to hang out with Stanley and that's what I did. I'd be super sad if Stanley got voted out. Like, I don't think it's gonna happen because of our Final Four thing, but if it did I'd just be super sad. And after the Final Four thing I don't want him to go either, so... I dunno what I'll do, but all I know is Stanley is awesome, this resort is awesome, this day is awesome, and I'm having so much fun!

Eddiot Brantley


The camera picks up on the Mitra camp as the four castaways who lost the reward return.

Kendra: I can't believe it...

Jamie: It's okay, Kendra, you'll see your mother in a few days.

Kendra: But we were so close... I feel like crap. I might just go down to the beach for a while.

Jamie: Alright. (He goes up to her and whispers) You cool with me talking to Brooklyn?

Kendra: Yeah. I'll do whatever you say. I just need to be alone right now.

(Kendra walks down to the beach, wiping away some tears.)

Today was just so hard for me, seeing my mom, being so close to winning and then having Eddiot pick Stanley for the reward... it really hurt. I know that if I'd just been a couple of seconds faster in the swimming part I would have won. I needed my mom to be here, I know she would have gotten me through to the end. Everyone knew how my mom was important to me, and now I have to come back to camp without her, knowing that the same people are getting everything all the time. It hurts. I just broke down as soon as I got back to camp. What stings the most is how close I was. If I'd been blown out, I wouldn't have minded, but the fact that I was a couple of seconds away from it, so close yet so far, it seems like that's the story of my life. Whenever it happens, I get so down, and it's not helping my situation, I know it's not, but I'm just not in the headspace to do some strategising right now.

Kendra Valentine

Brooklyn: Oh my Goodness, poor Kendra...

Samantha: She wanted to see her mom so badly... I can't imagine what she's feeling right now.

Jamie: I think I need some water. Brooklyn, do you wanna come fill the canteens up with me?

Brooklyn: Oh, sure.

Samantha: I might go check on Kendra.

(As Samantha heads towards the beach, the camera cuts to her confessional.)

It really did sting for a lot of us, not seeing our loved ones today. Seeing Ethan lose his cool on the puzzle really hurt me on a personal level, too, because there was really nothing I could do to help him other than telling him to calm down. When Ethan gets upset about something, he ends up losing focus and doing worse at it, which just gets him more upset, and rinse and repeat. Towards the end I thought he was going to flip the table and as soon as the challenge was over, I rushed over and put a hand on him. I could feel the anger coming out of him and it really hurt me too. Eddiot picked Stanley for the reward, which bugged me a little on a personal sense but I know they've been getting closer lately. It also bugged me from a strategy point, because I know Brooklyn's going to be the swing now, and right on cue Jamie takes her away to "collect water." My mind is already turning on how I can get myself out of this, because we need to split, and I need to make sure I can trust Brooklyn or have backup in case I can't.

Samantha Langrick

(Following Samantha's confessional, the camera focuses on Brooklyn and Jamie as they walk through the forest.)

Jamie: It must have been hard for you to not be taken on the reward with Sascha. I heard you say that he was the closest thing to a father that Chase has.

Brooklyn: (sighs) Yeah, it would have been great to see him, just to check in on Chase and my mom. We are very close friends and he's been there for me constantly, like you know already. When Eddiot won I thought I might be picked but I'm not surprised he picked Stanley and I'm definitely not going to hold it against him. It must have sucked for you not to see Owen.

Jamie: Yeah, it was hard. We have a good relationship, but I'd already made peace with the fact I likely wasn't gonna get to see him unless either Kendra or I won the challenge. It hurts to see Kendra so upset by it, though.

Brooklyn: Yeah, she and her mother were so close, I knew Kendra would take it hard.

Jamie: And she's basically had one thing after another go against her this entire game, so this compounded on top of everything, I'm not surprised she's so upset.

Brooklyn: Yeah...

Jamie: I hate to just swerve the subject like this, but I wanted to talk to you about this upcoming vote while I've got you alone. It's pretty obvious to me that there's going to be a split, and I was wondering if you'd consider taking advantage of that and taking out a member of your alliance.

Brooklyn: (laughs) I knew you'd ask me that.

Jamie: It's something you really need to think about. If you just keep taking out our side, you're going to end up fourth. I know that and you know it too. You've been with Samantha since day one and you know she's not going to take you to the end, it'll be Eddiot and Stanley.

Brooklyn: Yeah, I know Samantha's played the game really hard, and she really wants to win. She'll cut anyone she needs to so she can get to the end.

Jamie: And you have to know that she's sizing you up for another cut right now.

Brooklyn: I've been aware of that for a while.

Jamie: I know everyone thinks Kendra and I are threats, but if you just take us out there's going to be nowhere for you to go. You need to move this round. Even waiting one round might not work, because what reason does Stanley have to go over to your side and piss off even more jurors? At best, you could hope that Eddiot joined you and Kendra to boot Samantha, and that's if Samantha didn't win immunity.

Brooklyn: It's a pretty sticky situation, that's for sure. I know Samantha's more than capable of winning immunity, because she already has twice.

Jamie: Which is why you need to move now. Samantha could easily win immunity at five or four and Eddiot has been getting closer to Stanley. Faced with the choice of voting out either Kendra or Stanley, he'd pick Kendra every single time and you know that.

Brooklyn: I've been noticing them get closer and closer. It was he who flipped Stanley to our side, I'm sure of it.

Jamie: Which just proves my point even further. You can't hold off on this for another round.You know you're living on borrowed time.

Brooklyn: It's just scary for me because if I make this move I could be throwing things away. I don't know how everyone's going to react to this and I don't want to be trapped into going to the end with you. I mean, no offence, but you sweep the jury against anyone and you know that.

Jamie: I understand flipping is a hard decision but it's either that or fourth, and you gave up that Temptation for a reason.

Brooklyn: Yeah. Kendra's down for whatever I want, right?

Jamie: Right.

Brooklyn: It'd have to be Samantha or Stanley. I couldn't vote out Eddiot just now.

Jamie: Done. Just let us know later on.

Brooklyn: Yep, for sure.

(The two of them then get to the well and fill up the canteens. The camera focuses on Jamie as he fills a canteen, before cutting to his confessional.)

Eddiot picking Stanley for the reward was the best thing he could have done, because it gave me the chance to go one on one with Brooklyn and get her to flip. Having two people left with an idol is a pretty fortunate situation to be in, because they either have to go all in and hope the idol gets played on one person, or split the vote. A split seems safe and logical, so all it takes is for someone to flip and we can get one of Samantha's alliance out. The only person it makes sense to flip is Brooklyn, because it's clear that it's her against Samantha. Samantha's going to take Stanley and Eddiot to the end and she has the power to win immunity to get Brooklyn out at four. Brooklyn knows all this, so I pushed to her that this was her last chance to flip and get the upper hand. I really think I can get through to her. She's a smart player, and she gave up the Temptation, so I doubt she'd want to leave things up to an immunity challenge. I've got a good feeling about this.

Jamie Forrester

(The camera then transitions to Brooklyn, who is deep in thought.)

I wasn't surprised at all to see Jamie pushing me to flip. It makes the most sense, because Samantha's in a strong position and there's no reason for Stanley or Eddiot to flip because they're comfortable. As for me, I've been with Samantha since day one. I know how cutthroat she is and how badly she wants to win. Everything she does is calculated and deliberate. I know she's saved me twice but there was a definite reason for it. She and I have had each other marked for the last few rounds because we know we're not both getting to the end. From a simple short-sighted point it does make sense to flip because I'm fourth in the group. I'm just nervous about the repercussions. If I boot Samantha, what happens? If I boot Stanley, what happens? Do I trap myself into going to the finals with Jamie? I don't want that. I could risk Eddiot turning against me if I boot Stanley, and I don't even know what Stanley's agenda is. If I take out Samantha, am I leaving myself wide open? But if I don't move now, I could be dooming myself to fourth. I don't know what I'm going to do, but one thing's for certain, whatever it is will make or break my game.

Brooklyn Ventura

(From Brooklyn's confessional, there is a transitional nature shot. The camera focuses on Kendra as she sits on the beach, looking out on to the ocean, sniffing softly. Samantha sees her and walks towards her.)

Samantha: Hey,.

Kendra: (sighs) Hey.

Samantha: I know you said you wanted to be alone, but sometimes it's good to talk to people when you're feeling like this. Trust me,I know from experience.

Kendra: I don't get it, why are you being so nice to me over the last couple of days?

Samantha: Because I'm not a heartless gamebot who only cares about strategising and nothing else. I know what it's like to have a <expletive> life, and to get upset over people being jerks to you. I know how important it was for you to see your mom, and I promise you I was holding to my word if I won that challenge. But as soon as Ethan got to the puzzle he fell apart.

Kendra: I know... what hurts the most is that mom was literally one piece away from winning it. If I'd just been two seconds faster on that swimming leg, I would have won!

Samantha: You can't beat yourself up over that. I mean, who would have guessed Eddiot had a smart sister?

Kendra: (giving a small smile) I guess

Samantha: (laughs) There's that smile. Let me tell you something, it sucks that I can't see Ethan either, but I'm even more glad that my mom wasn't there watching with him. If she was there, she would have chewed Jeff out about giving Ethan an easier puzzle, or how I should have been allowed to switch with Ethan and "oh, could Ethan please do the swimming part?" and then when that wouldn't have worked, it would have been my fault for taking too long swimming.

Kendra: Oh my God. See, my mom is nothing like that, but my friends are. If it was them watching, I probably would have had an anxiety attack and screwed up the puzzle and then they would have laughed at me too. And yes, I know, I need new friends. But I never really had any apart from them, so I'd always confide in my mom, and I've been having such trouble in this game. I mean, we're on the bottom, and I have one last shot at trying to get back into the game. (sigh) It just sucks that one thing after another has gone against me and I'm just so freaked out. I want this to work, I want people to like me, I want to have a shot at the end, you know?

Samantha: I know. At least you've got guaranteed fifth with that idol, but I know you want more than that. Everyone does. Is that why Brooklyn went into the forest with Jamie?

Kendra: Pretty much. You know what else pisses me off? How Stanley and Eddiot were so rude to me in the reward, like, Eddiot going "you wouldn't have picked me blah blah blah" and Stanley being all "that's bull<expletive> Kendra." Like, Stanley is playing the worst game, don't you agree?

Samantha: Oh, yeah.

Kendra: So it's not fair that he keeps getting all the rewards and stuff while I just sit here, and why was Eddiot being rude to me? I didn't even do anything to him.

Samantha: Seems like a lot of people think they have the right to just be rude to you. It's like they forget there are people playing this game.

Kendra: Exactly! Again, you're the only person who talked to me about the last couple of days, and Jamie has been so supportive throughout the whole game.

Samantha: That's funny. It doesn't take much in a game to be a nice human being. Even Jamie is putting the game over you. I mean, here you are basically crying on the beach, crushed, and Jamie goes off to strategise without even checking if you're okay.

Kendra: (startled) B-but, he's doing it for both of us! He checked with me before he left!

Samantha: Hm. Seems pretty impersonal.

Kendra: (sigh) Are you right? I dunno, it's important that we both stay. Someone has to talk to Brooklyn before Eddiot and Stanley get back otherwise it's not going to happen. We want to get further than just fifth but if I go and talk to Brooklyn I'm going to be a huge mess because of these emotions.

Samantha: Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, I'll leave you alone for now, but you know that I'm here for you regardless of anything. Game or not.

Kendra: Thank you. I really appreciate all this. Oh <expletive> me, I shouldn't have told you all that, should I?

Samantha: It's not like I didn't already know it was happening. Relax, you're fine. I know what people want to do if they want to have a shot beyond one vote. It's the logical move.

Kendra: Alright, but you know that it's all strategic, right? Not emotional?

Samantha: Of course I know that. Bye, Kendra.

Kendra: Bye. Thank you again. I really owe you.

Samantha: No need. (smiles)

(As Samantha walks away, the camera focuses on Kendra, who is watching her leave.)

I have no idea why Samantha has been so nice to me the last couple of days but I'm really grateful for it. It's great to have someone to talk to when I'm feeling like this. I know Jamie's really trying to get us out of this situation, and God knows I'd be hopeless at it right now, but it does seem a bit strange that he didn't talk to me and check I was okay first. I never really thought about it until Samantha said it, but it doesn't change our friendship at all. I accidentally told Samantha our plan before I'd even realised it, but it shouldn't do too much damage because she knew it was happening anyway. It's definitely for my strategic benefit, not emotional, like people will probably jump up and down complaining about. I feel like we need to take out Eddiot or Stanley so we can get further than fifth. It's the only move we can make at this stage. I just hope I haven't blown everything up.

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then changes focus to Samantha, who smiles.)

I've been working on my connection with Kendra the last couple of days, just as a backup. Thanks to that conversation, I now have all the information I could need about the vote coming up. I did genuinely care about her, I wanted to talk about how she was feeling. I opened up to her about my family, and she told me about her situation. I could tell she was getting pretty emotional just talking about it, and then the idea came to me: I should try and see if I can get something out of her. I pointed out that I was the one who came and talked to her, not Jamie, then that got the ball rolling and I know she definitely wants Stanley or Eddiot gone, because she wants further than fifth. Brooklyn's never going to vote for Eddiot, so I could say with about ninety percent certainty now that Stanley is going to be the target. That gives me a lot more options, a few ways to cover my bases, and lets me think pretty far in the future while everyone's caught up in this round's strategising. My plan is obviously still to take Eddiot and Stanley to the end, but with Kendra as a backup in case things go awry. I feel set now. I've got my sights on the finish line and I'll trample anyone who gets in my way.

Samantha Langrick

Day 33

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The castaways walk in and stand on the mat.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to your next challenge? Samantha, I have to take it back.

Samantha: I'll get it back sooner or later. (smiles)

Jeff: Today's challenge is going to test how well you can do physically after thirty-three days. You'll start by swimming out to a platform and smashing your colour coded tile to retrieve a key. You'll swim to land, where you'll use the key to open a chest containing a machete. You'll use the machete to chop through three ropes, which will release a bag containing some balls. Use the balls to smash three tiles. Inside one of the tiles will be a small flag. Take the flag and race across a balance beam. At the end of the beam is a slot, where you'll place the flag. First person to place the flag in the slot wins immunity. Before we get to that, though: Eddiot, you won the Temptation. What are you going to do with it?

Eddiot: Yeah, I'll take it, Jeff, why not? Let's have some fun! You only live once!

(Samantha and Brooklyn look at each other nervously.)

Jeff: Okay, your Temptation is in play. For the first part, who are you sitting out of the challenge?

Eddiot: Jamie!

(Jamie sighs.)

Jeff: Jamie, you won't participate in this challenge, but your shot at immunity is not over. (He holds up a piece of paper) You'll take this paper somewhere private and write down the name of the person you think will win immunity, put it in an envelope and give it to me. If you're right, you win immunity, as well as the winner of the challenge, so two people would be safe at Tribal Council.

(Samantha and Brooklyn look horrified.)

Jeff: Are you ready to make your choice?

Jamie: I am.

Jeff: Then go make it. Everyone else, we'll draw for spots and get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For immunity, and a one in five shot at winning this game, survivors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: Destroy and Conquer

Challenge Summary:

  • The swimming leg sees Stanley fall behind quickly, while Kendra and Eddiot get out to a quick lead, Samantha and Brooklyn not far behind. They are fairly neck-and-neck by the time they grab their keys, and Kendra is the first to the land, with Eddiot right behind.
  • The four of them get their chests unlocked quickly and take out the machete. Eddiot is in the lead at this point, but fumbles a bit untying the bag, which gives the lead back to Kendra. Samantha and Brooklyn are chopping their last ropes by the time the other two move onto the tile smashing.
  • Eddiot shouts "Yeet!" after each throw, which ends up a little distracting to Kendra, frustrating her. He smashes his first tile before her, and his second falls quickly too. Kendra smashes her first as the other two women get onto the smashing and smash their tiles. Kendra gets her second, as Eddiot gets his third and begins looking for the flag. Eddiot finds his flag as Kendra smashes her last tile and the other women smash their second.
  • Eddiot slips off the balance beam the first go, giving Kendra time to find her flag and catch up a little. They are on the balance beam neck-and-neck as Samantha and Brooklyn smash their tiles and look for their flags. As all this is happening, Stanley is shown untying his bag and getting his ball to smash tiles.
  • Kendra tries to hurry to the end, but slips and falls, giving Eddiot back the lead. By now, Samantha and Brooklyn have found their flags and get on the balance beam. They make progress, but Kendra hurries and keeps her balance, catching up to Eddiot as the two go neck-and-neck, with the latter having a slight lead. Kendra starts to close in on him and there is very little separating them. As they both reach the end and head for their slots...

  • Eddiot is slightly faster. He puts his flag in the slot, giving him the win.


Eddiot: (throwing his hands up in the air) YEAAAAAAAAAAH!

(Kendra screams in frustration, as Samantha and Brooklyn smile, but don't look to excited as Jamie walks over to them. After a short timeskip, they are back on the mat.)

Jeff: Eddiot, come on over!

(Eddiot comes over to Jeff, who puts the necklace around him.)

Jeff: You are safe, but this is not over yet. We still have Jamie's guess.

(He pulls out the envelope)

Jeff: Jamie, if you guessed Eddiot, you'll also have immunity. Jamie has guessed...

(He opens the envelope, and the camera pans on the rest of the castaways as they look nervous,.)

Jeff: ...Kendra. Kendra did  not win, so no immunity for Jamie! Eddiot, you're the only one safe tonight. The rest of you, someone is going to be the fifteenth person voted out and the sixth member of the Jury. You'll have the afternoon to figure out who that's going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at Tribal.

(Kendra and Jamie look disappointed, while Eddiot's alliance is smiling. The castaways head back to camp.)


(Following Eddiot's immunity win, the castaways return to camp.)

Eddiot: Woooo! I'm immune again! That challenge was so fun, and that Temptation? Awesome!

Samantha: Eddiot, that was way too close a call.

Eddiot: I meaaaan, I won still, so all good! Now I'm definitely in the top five for sure!

(Eddiot is shown hanging his necklace on the shelter before the camera cuts to his confessional.)

Great news, camera people! I'm in the final five! Well, I was gonna be anyway because Kendra or Jamie is leaving tonight, but now I'm definitely, for sure, in there! Wooo! That challenge was so dope and it was such an adrenaline rush! I loved that challenge with Kendra and I was so determined to beat her, and I did! I used that Temptation and totally would've screwed everything up if Jamie picked me, but it just made everything so much more fun! Honestly I didn't even think about it, I was just like "Yeah I'm gonna use this just for the hell of it" and then I sat Jamie out so he wouldn't win immunity, 'cause he would've kicked my ass today. But other than that, no thought! And it turned out fine! I'm so excited. Now there's nothing stopping us doing that split vote thing, so the last few days could not have gone better for Eddiot!

Eddiot Brantley

Samantha: Alright, let's get this over with.

(Samantha, Brooklyn, Stanley and Eddiot all leave and go into the forest.)

Jamie: Well, that sucks.

Kendra: (sigh) I just wish I'd been a couple of seconds faster, then we'd both be safe tonight.

Jamie: Never mind, it just means we have to try harder to flip Brooklyn tonight. They're splitting the votes, most likely, so it should be easier.

Kendra: Yeah, I really hope we can get the votes. I don't want it to tie, because... (she starts crying) because I have to use the idol on myself tonight. I'm sorry, Jamie, but I have to protect myself. I don't want to go home with it in my pocket. I know it means you most likely go home, but I have to be safe.

Jamie: You don't need to get upset, anyone would play the idol in your situation. It just makes it even more important to flip that third vote our way.

Kendra: I'm sorry... I feel like I'm just leaving you for dead, but if I got voted out with the idol I'd never forgive myself.

Jamie: It's okay, you have nothing to be sorry for. Let's wait around for Brooklyn and go all guns blazing.

(Kendra sits down and takes a sip out of her canteen, taking a shaky breath.)

I hate this. If I'd been two seconds faster in the immunity challenge, both Jamie and I would be immune and we wouldn't be in this situation. But now, because I failed again, we're both vulnerable. Obviously the four is going to split the votes 2-2 on us because everyone knows I have an idol, which means I'm forced to play it and I'm basically leaving Jamie for dead. I know Jamie is understanding and says anyone would do it, but to me it feels like such a humongous <expletive> you after everything we've been through together. Like, "Thanks for being my best friend, but sorry, I have to save myself now! Bye!" Ugh. I wish I could still have it for the final five, but if I don't play it I'm getting voted out, and if I play it on Jamie I get voted out, and if I went home in this situation I could never forgive myself. So... I have to play the idol for myself tonight. I don't have a choice. I just feel awful about it.

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then transitions to Jamie, who leans against the shelter and sighs.)

So I was sat out of the immunity challenge thanks to the Temptation, but I had one shot at getting immunity and it didn't work out, so now I'm in a really bad position. Kendra's playing her idol, and I don't blame her at all because I'd do it in this situation, as would nine out of ten other people, but it means that I'm definitely going home unless I flip that third vote. Getting the vote changed to Stanley or Samantha is critical. Tonight I have no idol to save myself, no Temptation to screw with peoples' heads, and no obnoxious middle-riding person to throw to the wolves. Tonight it's just me and my persuasive skills. My survival depends entirely on how well I can convince Brooklyn to flip tonight. (sighs) God help me.

Jamie Forrester

(Following Jamie's confessional, the camera transitions to the forest, where the four members of Samantha's alliance are discussing the vote.)

Eddiot: Right, so we're doing this split vote thing?

Samantha: Yeah, that's the plan!

Eddiot: This isn't a fake one, right?

Samantha: What?

Eddiot: Like, on Carriacou that one time I was there, Shivani and Meiling were all like "Let's do a split vote on Jamie and Ashanda." I voted for Ashanda, Lulu and Jamie voted for me and then everyone else voted for Lulu.

Samantha: (laughs) No, not like that. This should work out for real, because Kendra and Jamie are both threats.

Stanley: So, how do we wanna do this?

Samantha: How about Eddiot and I vote Kendra and you and Brooklyn vote Jamie?

Stanley: Sounds perfectly fine to me.

Eddiot: So I'm voting Kendra?

Samantha: Yep! All you have to remember is to write Kendra and you'll be fine.

Eddiot: All good!

Brooklyn: I'm fine with voting for Jamie.

Samantha: Awesome! Then we're good.

There's a method to my madness. I'm not entirely trusting that Brooklyn will remain in the split, so I'm having her vote Jamie. I'm hoping that putting her in charge of voting for the bigger threat will remind her exactly who she's keeping in the game if she flips. It's a difficult situation because the natural solution would be to just have everyone stack their votes onto Jamie and be done with it, but because Kendra is so emotional I can't trust that she won't have a breakdown and play the idol on Jamie. I'm nervous for tonight but I've pretty much covered my bases as well as I can. It's just up to everyone to follow through.

Samantha Langrick

Brooklyn: What should we do if Kendra doesn't play her idol, though?

Eddiot: Well, we vote Kendra, right? She has the idol necklace.

Brooklyn: Seems fine to me.

Stanley: Kendra's such a lesser threat, though. I'd rather we take Jamie out because he could just win all the immunities and he's a massive jury threat. At least Kendra isn't as big a jury threat.

Brooklyn: I mean... Kendra has come close to winning, too.

Eddiot: Yeah, and she has the idol necklace, so, like...

Stanley: I'm just saying, Jamie could have won that if he wasn't sat out, he keeps running second in the challenges, he's made heaps of moves... and Kendra kinda hasn't?

Brooklyn: Yeah, but what happens at the final five? Kendra plays her idol.

Samantha: We can talk about who goes home later, but for now, just remember who you're voting for: Eddiot and I vote Kendra and Brooklyn and Stanley vote Jamie. Okay?

(The four of them nod in agreement, then go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Stanley, who is looking frustrated.)

We're in a split vote, which is fine, but I need to make sure Jamie goes home at any cost, even if Kendra doesn't play her idol. Kendra is the only person, apart from Eddiot, that I have even a small chance against at Final Tribal, so if I let her go then I'm doomed to be a third-place finalist, basically. The problem is I can't seem to convince people to vote Jamie out, even if Kendra doesn't play her idol, and I'm voting Jamie so I can't switch my vote to make a 3-2-1. (sighs) I just have to put it down to hoping Kendra plays her idol and doesn't do anything crazy like giving it to Jamie. Whatever happens, Kendra cannot go home tonight.

Stanley Moriarty

(The camera then changes focus to Brooklyn, who is looking nervous.)

The conversation we just had was pretty unsettling because Stanley pushed hard for Kendra despite her having an idol. As little as I trusted Stanley before, that makes me even more nervous. It makes it seem like he's up to something. I don't know what I want to do at this point, because I'm meant to vote for Jamie and he's an enormous threat. Anyone would be an idiot to give him any shot at making the end and I don't want that idiot to be me, but on the other hand, this could be my only chance to make the end. If Stanley's up to something, and God knows Samantha doesn't want me at the end, tonight could be my only chance to make a move.

Brooklyn Ventura

(There is then a transitioning nature shot and a short timeskip. The camera picks up as Brooklyn, Jamie and Kendra are walking in the forest.)

Jamie: So, Brooklyn, have you given any more thought to voting with us this round?

Brooklyn: I have, actually. Do you guys have a preference?

Kendra: I mean, I'd prefer Stanley, because he's just such a weasel. But it's really up to you because you're the one deciding things for us.

Brooklyn: Well that's good, then. Our interests line up.

Kendra: You want to get rid of Stanley?

Brooklyn: I do. I don't trust him very much. He's been bouncing from alliance to alliance and playing kinda recklessly.

Kendra: Yes! Yes! So much yes! He can't be trusted, he'll turn on anyone. And he's a goat! As much as I'd like to tear Stanley a new one at Final Tribal I'd prefer to get there, especially if it's by voting him out. (laughs) Seriously, though, goats take up one spot in the finals, so it's actually better for all of us to get him out.

Jamie: And you know Samantha's way too cutthroat a player to take you to the Final Three. She's taking Stanley and Eddiot.

Brooklyn: I've thought a lot about that, too. Obviously I want to get to the end, and I know Samantha's a huge player but I also have to think about the consequences of keeping the both of you.

Kendra: What about the consequences of keeping Stanley? Someone you can't trust? Someone who has wormed his way into the alliance and has no ties to you and very little, if any, shot at winning? Someone who is obviously going to be Samantha's choice to take to the end?

Brooklyn: I get all that, and that's why I want him gone, so are you gonna vote for him?

Jamie: That's the only name we've got.

Kendra: I know you think we're massive threats and you're worried about us going further, but you've said you want Stanley gone and don't trust him. Take him out when you have the numbers to do it!

Jamie: We'll vote for Stanley, we just need your vote to boot him.

Brooklyn: Got it.

Jamie: Thanks for this, Brooklyn. I appreciate it.

Brooklyn: Thanks for being so easy to agree with. (laughs)

(The three of them go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Jamie first, as he breathes a sigh of relief.)

So I have a hope of surviving tonight and it rests on Brooklyn voting Stanley. The bright side is she actually threw Stanley out to us instead of the other way around and she's pretty aware of her situation, so she seems invested in doing it. The downside is she's also a very socially aware player and knows that Kendra and I have been fighting on the bottom since the first post-merge Tribal Council. That makes us pretty tight, so she's obviously concerned about taking both of us to the Final Five. She doesn't trust Stanley, though. I don't, Kendra doesn't, and yet he seems to be in a good position, so maybe that will give her the nudge to take him out while the opportunity is presented.

Jamie Forrester

(The camera then focuses on Brooklyn, who sighs deeply.)

I gave Stanley's name to Kendra and Jamie for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if I decide to stick with that group, it shuts Stanley down in the tiebreaker so he's powerless to make any moves. That way, I have more control over the tie and can boot who I want. Secondly, if I go with Jamie and Kendra, Stanley is the one I want gone. Obviously I have a strong connection with Eddiot, and Samantha is a big threat that I need to keep around to give myself the best chance of making the end, even though I don't want to go with her. My concern about going with Jamie and Kendra, though, is that it might damage the relationship with Eddiot. Yes, we're good friends, but he's good friends with Stanley too. If I have sway over Eddiot, I might do over Stanley. Also, I might be giving Jamie the opening he needs to sneak to the end and then it's game over. But I do know Samantha won't take both of us to the end, so this could be the chance to get the jump on her. Question is, am I too early and risking too much?

Brooklyn Ventura

(The day then fades to the late afternoon as the castaways are shown packing their stuff. The camera focuses on Kendra and Jamie as they pack. Brooklyn, having finished packing, walks over to them.)

Jamie: Are you good for voting Stanley still?

Brooklyn: Yep.

(As she walks away, the camera focuses on Kendra, who nervously feels for the idol in her bag.)

At the start of the afternoon I was definitely going to play the idol but now I'm not so sure. I know I could definitely use it for the final five. Now that Brooklyn has said she's voting Stanley, I might not need to play it tonight. It's a difficult choice, because I don't want to waste it when I know I'll most likely need it next round, but I don't want to go the way of Shivani and leave with it in my pocket. If I got voted out with it in my pocket when I knew I was getting votes I would die of embarrassment and I'd never be able to show my face again. But if I didn't need to play it, then played it and ended up voted out at the final five I'd die of embarrassment too. Ugh, I'm so nervous and I'm second-guessing myself like crazy now. I have no idea whether I should play it or not.

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then transitions to Samantha and Stanley as they pack, Eddiot standing beside them. Brooklyn walks up to them.)

Samantha: Everything still good?

Brooklyn: Yep.

(As Brooklyn walks away, Samantha packs the last of her stuff in her bag and feels her own idol, before looking briefly at Stanley, as the camera cuts to her confessional.)

We have our split vote plan all in place, but I'm nervous. Brooklyn's down to vote Jamie, but we both know that we're the two dominant players here and there's only room for one of us, so I'm afraid she might manipulate the split vote to take out someone on our side. Based on the info I got from Kendra, I'm ninety percent sure the target is Stanley, which is something I've been thinking about over the course of the day. I do have my own idol, and sometimes, the best moves are made when they're played for someone else. I have been thinking about possibly playing the idol for Stanley. To do that, I'd have to go to Stanley, get him to change his vote to Brooklyn, and then he and I would vote her out. The downside to that is leaving Eddiot out. My big drawback to idoling Stanley is whether I'd be blowing the game too far open, making myself too big a target and basically getting myself out fifth or fourth. I could also just be overanalysing this and Brooklyn could be sticking to the plan and it would all be for nothing, which would screw me so hard. That being said, if I can figure a way out, this might be my game-winning move. The only question left to ask myself is, can I?

Samantha Langrick

The sun sets as the six Mitra members go to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

(The members of Mitra walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: We'll now bring in the members of our Jury: Meiling, Trinity, Topher, Shivani and Ashanda, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

(The Jurors walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: Welcome to Tribal Council. Stanley, last round was unanimous. What has been the fallout of that?

Stanley: Jeff, I think Ashanda was pretty much a compromise by both alliances and things have gone back to normal for now. It's four on two, and everyone knows who stands where.

Jeff: Jamie, you were sat out of the challenge today thanks to the Temptation. Does that send a pretty clear message that you're next?

Jamie: Crystal clear, Jeff. In fact, since Kendra has an idol still, I'm pretty sure you couldn't make it any more obvious that I'm a target tonight.

Jeff: Kendra, on the subject of your idol. People have known you had an idol for a long time now. It seems apparent that it's four on two, so is it finally time for the idol to come out?

Kendra: Jeff, are you trying to talk me into playing my idol?

Jeff: No, I'm just trying to get an insight into your thinking.

Kendra: Fine. Well, obviously it would be good to use this at the final five and not tonight, but I actually want to make the final five. On the other hand, them knowing that I have an idol is an advantage now because it forces them to split their votes, which means there's a lot more options open for us. It's the final six, so people need to start thinking about the end game.

Jeff: Samantha, Kendra brings up a good point. People have to be thinking of the end game right now and there are two votes. Do you think people might be tempted to make a move?

Samantha: Of course the temptation is there, Jeff. But people need to remember, one flashy move alters the course of the game completely, and you might suddenly go from a really good spot to a terrible one because you overthought everything. On the other hand, if you play too safe, you could wind up out when you could have made a move. The key is to think about whether you have a way out or not.

Jeff: Brooklyn, are peoples' end game plans becoming obvious at this stage?

Brooklyn: For some people they are, Jeff. It's obvious who the power players are and who are the goats, and some people have made no secret of who they're close to or who they're taking. It's the realisation that you might be out of the inner circle that makes you tempted to try and shake things up a bit, but you have to be careful that you don't just fall into the minority's trap, because if you give them too much of an opening they'll end up being the majority.

Jeff: Eddiot, do you really think anyone's going to be surprised tonight?

Eddiot: Probably me? (laughs) People are saying some crazy stuff tonight. I guess Kendra and Jamie have a plan, so if it doesn't work out they'll be surprised, but I have a plan too and if that doesn't work out, I'll be surprised. So... someone's gonna be surprised, yeah!

Jeff: Alright, it's time to get to the vote.Eddiot, you have the necklace. You can keep it or give it to someone else.

Eddiot: Y'know, there's been some weird things said here, so I'm gonna keep it just in case.

Jeff: Okay. Eddiot is the only person you cannot vote for. Everybody else is fair game. Eddiot, you're up.

(Eddiot goes up to vote. He is shown writing "KENJRA" on the parchment, and his voting confessional is shown.)

These split things never seem to work out. I hope this one does, but people are confusing.

–Eddiot, voting for Kendra

(Stanley goes up to vote. his vote is not shown. Kendra is next, and her vote for Stanley is revealed to the public.)

If I get to vote you out tonight, after everything you put me through, it's going to be better than every Christmas morning combined.

–Kendra, voting for Stanley

(Next to vote is Jamie, whose vote is not shown. He is followed by Brooklyn, and finally, Samantha. As Samantha casts her vote, the camera fades away, and she is next shown returning to her seat.)

Jeff: I'll go get the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

(All eyes turn to Kendra as the music grows intense. Kendra stares at her bag, the camera zooming in on her expression. She looks downward...

...and stands up.)

Kendra: I can't risk it, Jeff.

(Kendra digs into her bag and pulls out the idol. She walks to Jeff.)

Kendra: I know I'm getting votes tonight, and I'd rather play this than go home with it in my pocket.

(She hands the idol to Jeff and sits down, wiping away a tear as she turns to Jamie.)

Kendra: I'm really sorry, I had to do it.

Jamie: (smiles) It's fine, Kendra, really.

Jeff: The rules of Survivor state that, if a Hidden Immunity Idol is played, all votes cast against that person will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be eliminated. This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, all votes cast for Kendra will not count.

(The camera then transitions to Samantha, the music becoming intense, as she contemplates her next move. In the end...

...She does not stand.)

Jeff: I'll read the votes.

First vote...

KENJRA. Does not count, (0)

(Kendra sighs with relief.)

KENDRA. Does not count. (0)

Kendra: Thank God...

STANLEY. One vote Stanley. (1-0)

(Seeing his name come up, Stanley gets a little nervous and takes a deep breath.)

JAMIE. One vote Stanley, one vote Jamie. (1-1)

(Jamie does not react.)

STANLEY. That's two votes Stanley, one vote Jamie, one vote left. (2-1)

(As Kendra and Jamie look around nervously, Stanley is taking some deep breaths. The camera focuses on Brooklyn, who is looking ahead with confidence, as Jeff pulls out the final ballot.)

Fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations and the sixth member of the Jury... STANLEY. That's three, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

(Kendra cheers with relief, while a smile comes to Jamie's face. He leans over to Brooklyn and thanks her, while Samantha shakes her head. Stanley and Eddiot both look completely stunned.)

Stanley: Oh... my... God.

Eddiot: Whaaaat? Dude... I did not do that.

(Stanley stands up, along with Eddiot, and the two bro hug.)

Stanley: No homo, man.

Eddiot: ...No homo.

(Eddiot sits down as Stanley goes to get his torch.)

Eddiot: I'm... so... confused.

Stanley: (as he takes his torch to Jeff) It was Brooklyn, dude, there was only one Jamie vote.

(Eddiot looks at Brooklyn, hurt and confused.)

Brooklyn:  (sighs) I'll explain everything later.

(Stanley places his torch in front of Jeff, shaking his head.)

Jeff: Stanley, the tribe has spoken.

(Jeff snuffs Stanley's torch.)

Jeff: Time for you to go.

Stanley: (turning to the group) Brooklyn, there better have been a good reason for that. Good luck, guys.

(Kendra is smirking as Eddiot waves a crestfallen goodbye to his friend, before Stanley departs the Tribal Council area.)

Jeff: Well, there was all this talk about preparing for the end game and making moves, and it looks like both of those just happened. Alliances obviously weren't as set as people thought. I can't wait to see what happens next. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

(The five remaining members of Mitra leave the Tribal Council area.)

Tribal Council 15:
Stanley (3 votes)
BrooklynVentura JamieForresterKendraValentine
Brooklyn, Jamie, Kendra
Jamie (1 vote)
Kendra (2 votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
EddiotBrantley SamanthaLangrick
Eddiot, Samantha
(votes not counted)

Voting Confessionals

I really need you to go home, so I hope people stick to this and Kendra plays her idol.

–Stanley, voting for Jamie

This is the only shot I have of staying tonight. Brooklyn doesn't seem to trust you, so I really hope this works.

–Jamie, voting for Stanley

I don't trust you at all. With the way you pushed for Kendra, it made it clear that something was going on. With Samantha gunning for me eventually, too, I'm making the move before you guys can get the jump on me.

–Brooklyn, voting for Stanley

I'm not prepared to blow the game apart and idol Stanley because that would leave myself wide open. I feel like the target is coming my way soon so I'm holding onto this idol and hoping that Brooklyn sticks to her side of the plan. If not, well, it's gonna be war.

–Samantha, voting for Kendra

Final Words

I... uh... I didn't expect that at all. I think it's pretty stupid, honestly. Why would Brooklyn let Jamie stay in the game when he's the biggest threat? I don't see this working out for her. Is she just expecting to flip back just casually, or ride to the end with Jamie? It's confusing. I'm pretty sure Kendra targeted me emotionally, regardless of what she says. I'm disappointed with how I played. I wanted to do so much better, and with a different cast I think I could have. I hope I get a second chance some day. I'm rooting for Eddiot or Samantha to win, screw everyone else.

Stanley Moriarty

Still in the Running

Carriacou Tribe
Gouyave Tribe

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Should Eddiot take the Temptation to sit someone out of the challenge?

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Who is going to be the sixth member of Grenada's jury?

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Did Brooklyn make the right decision?

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Did Samantha make the right decision?

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Jury Members

Jury Members

Next Time on Survivor...

After watching Brooklyn make a move against her, Samantha unleashes hell...

"No morals, no boundaries, just total destruction. Nobody here will have a clue what hti them."

...and Jamie and Kendra take full advantage.

"You are not safe there anymore. Like it or not, you need to vote Samatha out."

And, after losing his best friend at the hands of his closest ally, Eddiot feels lost.

"You literally betrayed me for, like, no reason.. I don't know what the hell I'm meant to do anymore."

Author's Notes

  • The jury manga was once again made by Aidan. Go check out his fanon Survivor: Luxembourg because it's great, and you need to stan Iris. <3
  • The episode title was said by Eddiot Brantley, about his plan to set his sister and Stanley's brother up so they could marry and he and Stanley would become brothers-in-law.
  • Samantha had the most confessionals this episode, with eight.
    • Stanley had the least, with three.