"That Jeff Probst Is One Cruel Man"
Season Survivor: Terra Nova
Author User:Gavin316
Episode Number 1/13
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This is the first episode of Survivor: Terra Nova


Reward Challenge: Skull Crush
One person from each tribe will race into the woods, once in the woods they will head to a clearing, where they will find a pile of skulls. They will break one skull open at a time, looking for an amulet inside.
Reward: The winning tribe will decide at what camp they and the other two tribes get to live.
Winner: Cabot

Immunity Challenge: Share the Wealth
Tethered together, two tribe members must run inside the woods to retrieve a chest containing paddles, which would be used at the second part of the challenge. Once retrieved, two other tribe members must ride a boat and use the paddles to reach a buoy with a crate below. The paddlers must unclip the crate and bring it close enough to shore, where all six tribe members would then take the crate to a station where the final two tribe members must open the crate, revealing puzzle pieces. First two pairs to solve the puzzle (The solved puzzle is a picture of the Survivor: Terra Nova logo.) win immunity for their tribes.
Winners (In the order of how they finished.): Beothuk, Cabot


Day 1

Three open flatbed trucks drive down a dirt road. Sitting in these flatbed trucks are the newest castaways. All eighteen members look nervous as they ride down the road. Jeff Probst then begins his voice over, talking about how the castaways are about to embark on a thirty-nine day journey in the Canadian wilderness. The eighteen castaways will be divided into three teams of six. The three tribes are the Mi'kmaq Tribe which will be an all-female tribe, the Cabot Tribe which will be an all-male tribe, and the Beothuk Tribe which will be a mixed-gender tribe. Who will have what it takes to survive thirty-nine days in the Canadian wilderness and become the winner of Survivor: Terra Nova?

After the opening credits are done, we see the eighteen castaways standing on mats in front of Jeff. Jeff welcomes the castaways to Terra Nova National Park and informs the castaways that the Tribes have not been pre-selected but they have just been chosen by the castaways.

Most of the castaways look confused over this, Jeff tells the castaways that they have chosen what tribe they will be on by which mat they chose to stand on. He then tells the castaways to flip over the mats to see which team they are on. Here is how the teams ended up:

The Beothuk Tribe will have Billie Jean, George, Marlon, Paul, Violet, and Zelda on it.

The Mi'kmaq Tribe will have Jillian, Jocelyn, Lauren, Molly, Octavia, and Pearl on it.

The Cabot Tribe will have Andy, Angelo, Hank, Kyle, Simon, and Urban on it.

I was not too happy when I found out that I was going to be on a team full of guys. I mean look at me I’m the geekiest of geeks, of course I will be the first person voted off my team if we lose.


After the tribes are selected, Jeff informs the castaways that the first challenge is about to begin. It is a reward challenge. The teams are playing for the right to be able to select which camp they will be living in. There are three camps the first one has a pre-built shelter and has various amenities. The second camp has all the wood and tools to build an adequate shelter. The third camp has nothing and the team must build the shelter themselves with whatever meager supplies are given to them by Jeff. The winning team for this Reward Challenge will get to decide which camp the other two teams get.

That Jeff Probst is one cruel man, I’ll tell you what. I mean we ain’t been out here for more than fifteen minutes and he is already making us do a challenge and if we win the challenge we’re going to piss off at least one tribe. This plain old sucks!


Reward Challange:

Jeff explains the rules for the challenge; he then asks if there are any questions. With that the challenge begins.

Marlon, Andy, and Jillian are the runners selected for their teams. Andy takes an early lead and he reaches the jungle quicker than either Marlon or Jillian. Andy soon finds the clearing where the skulls are and he goes to work on busting them open. Moments later both Jillian and Marlon arrive at the clearing and they also go to work on busting open the skulls.

We get a time lapsed view of them busting open skulls and not finding anything inside them. Finally Jillian finds an amulet inside one of the skulls that she busted open. Jillian squeaks in delight and coyly says to Marlon and Andy…

So long boys.


Jillian then heads back into the woods. Moments after Jillian takes off Andy finds an amulet in one of his skulls. He then takes off after Jillian. Andy manages to catch up with and pass Jillian right as they leave the woods. Andy then manages to cross the finish line and wins the challenge for his tribe.

When I heard Andy coming up from behind me in the challenge I was like noooooooo! After all I felt like I let my team down and it is only day one. Such a sucky feeling…


Jeff congratulates Andy on a hard fought victory. He then tells the Cabot Tribe that he will give them a few moments to decide which team will end up at which camp.

Hank is adamant that the Mi'kmaq Tribe be given the luxury camp because they are an all-woman tribe and therefore they might not be strong enough to build their own shelter. Kyle quickly shoots that idea down saying that if they did that they would look sexist. He says that they should take the luxury camp because they earned it and let the women have the decent camp. Both Andy and Angelo agree with that sentiment and so Andy tells Jeff that his tribe will take the luxury camp. The Mi'kmaq Tribe will have the decent camp and the Beothuk Tribe will get the bad camp. Jeff says all right and hands each tribe a map to their respective camps.

The Beothuk Tribe arrives at their camp and Violet does not seem at all happy about her surroundings. Violet starts crying during her confessional…

You know when I applied to be on this show I thought I would end up in a nice warm tropical location. I wasn’t expecting to be stuck up here in the freaking tundra. It is so cold up here and it’s the middle of the damn summer.

And then to top it all off, the guys stick us in camp suck. We have to build our own shelter and we have hardly any materials to build the damn thing. I have a feeling that this game is going to suck for me.


The various members of the Beothuk Tribe begin building their shelter. Violet helps out but she is not working as hard as the rest of her tribe. This is a fact that is not lost on Paul. Paul goes over to where Violet is and asks her what is wrong. Violet tells him (Paul) about how much it sucks that they ended up at the bad camp. Paul pats her on her shoulder and says that while it does suck, they have to make the best of it and he feels that they will only become stronger as a tribe because they have not been handed anything.

I am glad that we did not end up in either of the other two camps. I mean shoot I came out here to play Survivor. I did not come out here expecting to have a pre-made shelter ready for me.

I do feel a little bad for Violet because it is clear that she is not used to being in an environment like this. That was why I tried to give her a little pep talk. After all there is no reason to sit around and mope if you can’t change your circumstances then you just have to live with them and make the best out of them.


Meanwhile the Mi'kmaq Tribe has just arrived at their camp. Jillian asks her teammates for a moment of their time before they begin to try and build their shelter. She (Jillian) apologizes to her teammates for losing the Reward Challenge. Pearl says that she thinks that she speaks for the tribe and then proceeds to tell Jillian not to worry about the challenge and that they are all bound to make mistakes in the game.

When Miss Pearl told Jillian that she spoke for our team and then told Jillian not to worry about costing us the challenge. I felt like saying oh hell no you don’t speak for me. I mean, I was pissed about losing the challenge because now I have to get all sorts of sweaty while helping to build this damn shelter.


I think most of my tribe was accepting of me even after I cost them the Reward Challenge. Well everyone except Octavia, she was kind of cold to me and really would not talk to me much once we got to camp and started to build our shelter.


The Cabot Tribe arrives at their camp and the men are ecstatic at just how nice their camp is.

When we arrived at camp I was shocked at just how nice our shelter is. We have a pre-built shelter, inside the shelter there are three mattresses which can fit two people on each mattress, and there are blankets and pillows to go along with those mattresses. Jeff Probst wasn’t joking when he said this was the luxury camp.

Heck I think I am just going to start calling this Club Med because it is so nice.


Kyle pulls Hank aside asking him if they can talk about what went down after the challenge.

Quote1Hey man, I just wanted to ask if there are going to be any hard feeling moving forward between the two of us.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1We’re all good baby. There ain’t nothing to be mad about on my part. I voiced my opinion and nobody else agreed with me. It’s all good; I just thought it would be nice of us to give the women the luxury camp that is all.Quote2- Hank

Quote1I hear what you’re saying man and normally I would agree with you. But with this being a game, I don’t want them getting any sort of advantage over us if I can help it.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Cool man, like I said what’s done is done and I respect your reasoning behind why you suggested what you suggested. There ain’t no hard feelings on my part baby.Quote2- Hank

Hank and Kyle shake hands.

You know I can respect the fact that Hank wanted to be chivalrous at the Reward Challenge and give the women the luxury camp. But there is a time for chivalry and that just was not one of those times.

I mean let’s be real here, this is a team game for the first few weeks and the object of the game is to beat the other teams. There is no way in hell I would be willing to give the women any type of advantage in this game, especially if it came at my expense.

The other two tribes can think of me as a jerk, but to be honest I really don’t care if that is what they think about me. Because at the end of the day I am going to be living in the nice shelter and sleeping on an actual bed while they are struggling to build their shelters. Right now life is good for me.


I going to be blunt, I don’t like Kyle already. To me he comes across as a cocky little turd.

The guy had a chance to earn some good will with the other tribes and instead he decided that we should not do that. Now if I am one of the other two tribes, I am going to work extra hard just so that I can beat the team that deprived me of better living conditions. I mean I hope that ain’t the case but it is probably what will end up happening.


Back at the Mi'kmaq Tribe’s camp, the women are not doing a good job at building a shelter. Lauren and Molly start talking about just how much of a problem they are having building the shelter.

Quote1We suck, there is just no way this is going to turn out to be a good shelter. I really hate living up to a cliché that women can’t build stuff without having men around to help them. But we really can’t build a shelter without men around to help us. We just suck.Quote2- Lauren

Quote1I know right and it is cold right now. Just imagine what it is going to be like tonight?Quote2- Molly

Quote1Well I guess we will have to freeze our asses off, hell we might all end up sleeping on the ground tonight.Quote2- Lauren

Quote1Ahh! Why does it have to be so cold!Quote2- Molly

There are a bunch of young ladies on this tribe who seem to think work is a foreign word. They are just standing around shooting the breeze, complaining about how cold it is out here.

Well maybe if they lifted a finger to help the rest of us out, they might start feeling warmer.


At the Cabot Tribe the men talk about if they should try to start a fire or not. Hank and Simon try to make a fire but after a few minutes of nothing happening they give up. Kyle, who is sitting on a wooden bench in front of their shelter, begins laughing at them because they gave up so quickly.

Hank says that if he finds it so funny maybe he should try to make fire and see just how hard it is to do it. Kyle tells Hank that they do not need fire yet and they should just relax and enjoy their surroundings. He says they will get fire when they need to get fire.

Hank is such an intense dude, that old guy needs to mellow out. Right now fire is not a priority out here, if we have it we have it. But I really don’t care about it right now.


Kyle is a trifling young fool who is working my last nerve. He says we don’t need no fire out here right now.

I guess he don’t want to drink or eat anything. Look we have this great pre-built shelter but we need fire in order to survive out here and I am a little surprised that nobody seems to care about it but me and Simon.


With the shelter building going along pretty well, Paul and George decide to try and build a fire for the Beothuk Tribe.

The shelter was coming along rather nicely, we got some real workhorses on the team and just about everyone with the exception of Violet was working hard on making the shelter. It was at that point that Paul and I decided to try and make a fire.

We struggled for a bit but we were soon able to accomplish the task of making fire. It was such a great moment for our team. I guess being an Eagle Scout did pay off for me!


We do not see the footage of George and Paul making the fire. As soon as the fire is going, Paul jumps up and does an awkward dance much to the delight of his tribe.

Man you know how there is that stereotype out there about how white people can’t dance? Well Paul lived up to that stereotype today as he flat out made a fool out of himself when he danced.

But I’ve got to say, anyone who has the balls to make themselves look the fool in front of five strangers, is good people in my book.


Back at the Mi'kmaq Tribe, Molly, Octavia, and Lauren are standing in the woods talking about the first challenge.

Quote1I’ve got to ask, what was up with Jillian during that challenge today?

Didn’t she say she ran track in high school? Yet she still managed to lose.Quote2
- Lauren

Quote1You know that didn’t bother me as much as when she made her apology to us and Miss Pearl said that we as a team had forgiven her. I was thinking to myself, “Oh hell no Miss Pearl, you do not speak for me.”

I mean that dumb chick cost us the luxury shelter. I’m not mad at the guys for not giving us that shelter because they earned it by picking someone athletic enough to win the race.Quote2
- Octavia

Quote1Well at least we got the materials to build a decent shelter. The other team is totally screwed…Quote2- Molly

Quote1Yeah well even with our supplies I am not sure how good our shelter is going to end up turning out. I mean I really do not have much confidence in the building abilities of Pearl and Jillian.

Speaking of Pearl, what is up with her? She has been given me dirty looks and saying stuff under her breath every time she passes me.Quote2
- Lauren

Quote1She’s probably not happy that we’re standing around talking. But who cares?

I helped on that damn shelter and I feel like I am entitled to a little bit of a rest.Quote2
- Octavia

Quote1Not to get off topic or anything but a thought just crossed my mind. The three of us should form an alliance; I mean so far you are the only two chill chicks on this tribe. Pearl seems like she is going to be a dictator, Jocelyn hasn’t said one word to me yet, and Jillian just plain sucks.Quote2- Molly

Quote1I like the way you think mama.Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Hell yeah!Quote2- Lauren

Well it’s day one and I am already in an alliance! This could end up being a very crazy move for me to make this early on in the game. I just can’t believe how fast that happened, but I must say that I have already instantly bonded with Octavia and Molly so I know the three of us are the best suited people to control this tribe.


It is now nighttime at the Beothuk camp and all of the members of the tribe are sitting around the fire telling their teammates about themselves. Billie-Jean is hesitant to tell her tribe what it is she does for a living but after some good natured prodding from Marlon, who asked her jokingly if she was a stripper, Billie-Jean admitted to being a Lawyer.

She (Billie-Jean) told the members of her tribe that she did not want to admit to being a Lawyer because she was afraid that they would think she wanted to play a cutthroat game. She (Billie-Jean) assured them that, that was not the game she wanted to play and that she is a loyal person who will stick by the people that are loyal to her.

When it came time for Paul to tell his teammates what it is that he does for a living, he had none of the hang-ups that Billie Jean had. That is because he told them that he was a Contractor, instead of telling them that he is a Homicide Detective.

I feel for Billie-Jean…I really do. Being a lawyer in a game like this puts a huge target on your back. Likewise being a Homicide Detective would also put a huge target on your back, which is why I told them that I was a Contractor.

I don’t want the members of my tribe to be in a constant state of nervousness around me because they think I can easily read them. Nah, I would rather they think I am just an average Joe.


Violet does not share much about herself saying that she is currently unemployed and an only child. She then gazes into the fire as everyone else talks around her.

I feel out of place on my tribe. I mean I just can’t relate to any of these people because I am so young. George and Marlon are the closest to me in age but they are both much older than me, so when it came time to talk I just said a little bit and shut-up.


The campfire talk was enlightening. I felt like it was a tremendous bonding experience for our tribe.

The one thing that I did notice was that Violet mainly kept to herself while everyone else was engaged in the conversation. I am not sure if she is just a little shy or what, but this is a social game and if you cannot be…well social…you are not going to last very long in this game.


Day 2

Day two begins in the woods near the Beothuk camp. Violet and Billie-Jean are going to get water for their Tribe.

Quote1I am very happy that you and I have this chance to speak because I noticed last night you seemed a little quiet when we were talking about ourselves at the fire…Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Yeah…I don’t know. I mean last night I felt sort of out of place because I was the youngest person there and I really haven’t got the life experience that everyone else on our tribe has. I am not saying that I feel like an outcast or anything…I just feel sort of alone.Quote2- Violet

Quote1Well you are not alone out here Violet. It hurts me to even think you feel that way. I would never want someone to feel as if they are an outsider. The thing is Violet, yes there is an age gap between you and the rest of the tribe but that is not something that should stand in your way.

You seem like a very nice young lady and I am sure everyone in the tribe would love to get to know you better. So do me a favor and please don’t isolate yourself from the rest of us because I know you have a lot to offer our tribe and it would be a shame if you did not get the chance to share what you have to offer with us.Quote2
- Billie-Jean

Billie-Jean is such a nice person, I mean she gave me a little pep talk today it did help my outlook in the game. I have a tendency to not warm up to people right away but I think Billie-Jean and I are going to get along pretty well, or at least I hope that is the case.

I think she is absolutely right, there is no reason for me to be moping around out here, I should just be me and enjoy myself out here and that is what Billie-Jean basically said to me. It is great that she took the time to go out of her way to give me that little pep talk because she really didn’t have to do that but she did and I am very grateful for that.


Over at the Mi'kmaq Tribe Lauren is completely miserable over her first night.

Wow last night was rough; I’m not going to lie. The shelter that we built just plain old sucked, my back hurts so much from sleeping in that damn thing. Plus it was freezing out here. I probably would have been better off if I had just slept on the ground. It probably would have been more comfortable…


The entire Mi’kmaq Tribe is now awake and sitting in the shelter. Octavia, Molly, and Lauren are complaining about how difficult it was to sleep in the shelter. Pearl says that they have to do more work on the shelter in order to make it more comfortable and she would love to have Octavia, Molly, and Lauren help her and the others make the shelter better.

Octavia rolls her eyes and says that she has better things to do than to help out building the shelter. Pearl reminds her that the priority right now should be finishing the shelter. Octavia laughs and says she agrees but she has no intention on helping with that and she would rather go look for food.

Pearl, realizing that there is no use in arguing with Octavia, tells Octavia that she (Pearl) is fine with her (Octavia) going to look for food but when she (Octavia) is done looking Pearl would appreciate her (Octavia) help with the shelter.

Our tribe is already starting to split into factions. Right now we got the group I call the Princesses. That would be Molly, Octavia, and Lauren. If there’s work to be done you simply ain’t gonna find them cause the three of them are very entitled.

I just hope that they learn very quickly that you can’t be that way in a game like this. Because if you are, it is going to get you out of this game very quickly.


I’m not sure if Miss Pearl is trying to assert herself as our leader but she is not going to tell me what to do. I mean I respect her because I was brought up to respect my elders and she is ancient. But I am not going to allow her to tell me what to do.

Things are not going to work out that way because on this tribe me, Lauren, and Molly are going to run the show and the other three are just extras on our show.


Angelo, Andy, and Kyle are having a powwow out in the woods near the Cabot camp.

Right from the start I noticed that Angelo, Kyle, and I really bonded. I mean I can really connect with the two of them and that is not something I can say about the nerd or the two old dudes. So of course I was hoping that Angelo and Kyle would be open to working with me.

So while Urban, Simon, and Hank were trying to make a fire, the three of us decided to head out into the woods to talk a little game and it was the perfect time for me to bring up the fact that I wanted to work with them.


Quote1Guys what do you think about the three of us working together?

I mean look at us, we’ve got the most talent on this team and a nerd and two old dudes are just not going to help us rock this game.Quote2
- Andy

Quote1Well I am down with it but I do think that if we are going to go through with this we do need a fourth member. Just for the simple fact of having the majority on the team. After all the last thing we need is a tie vote happening, trust me we don’t need that crap to happen.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1So which one out of the three of them should we approach?Quote2- Andy

Quote1I would say Hank. After all he might older than dirt but the guy has guns and we could use his strength in challenges.Quote2- Angelo

Quote1I don’t know about that man. I have a very strong feeling that Hank doesn’t want anything to do with me. Especially after I mocked him yesterday for trying and failing to make a fire, I just couldn’t help myself because it was such an epic fail.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1What about the other two?Quote2- Andy

Quote1Nah fellows I’m telling you, it has to be Hank because he is the best out of the three. Do you really want to work with a nerd or a redneck?

Just trust me; the best option is old man Hank.Quote2
- Angelo
Quote1What if he doesn’t want to work with us?Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Then we’ll make it known to him that if he isn’t with us…then he is against us. And if he’s against us then his life in this game ain’t going to be very long.Quote2- Angelo

Quote1I like the way you think bro…Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well they don’t call me the Don for nothing dude.Quote2- Angelo

Angelo, Kyle, and Andy return to the Cabot campsite to see that the other three men were successful in making fire. Hank tells Andy, Kyle, and Angelo that it was Urban that made the fire. After everyone congratulates Urban, Angelo asks Hank if he could take a walk with him because there is something that he would like to talk to him about. Hank agrees to go with Angelo and the two of them head off into the woods.

Quote1Hank I wanted to talk to you alone because I did not want Simon and Urban to listen in on our conversation. You see me, Kyle, and Andy have just formed an alliance and we were thinking about adding you into the mix as well.

Think about how strong that alliance would be dude. You’ve got the four alpha males on this tribe in one super alliance. We would not only run this tribe, but we would run this game.Quote2
- Angelo

Quote1I don’t know man. I’m not sure if I’m down for working with Kyle. That kid is one shady guy…I not sure if he will be trustworthy.Quote2- Hank

Quote1I hear you bro, but in this game numbers is power. If you ain’t got the numbers, then you ain’t got the power.

You don’t have to trust Kyle; you just have to be able to work with him. If he does something to screw us over further down the line…well then we whack him. Plain in simple, I don’t have no problems getting rid of him if he tries to screw us.Quote2
- Angelo

Quote1Look man, I appreciate the offer. I really do, but right now we are still in the feeling out process of the game. So right now I’m going to pass on your offer but I might be open to it further down the line. Let’s keep our lines of communications open.Quote2- Hank

Quote1Okay will do, I appreciate you being so open about why you don’t want to work with Kyle, Andy, and me. Just know this, if you ain’t with us, you’re against us and that is a place you don’t want to be in.Quote2- Angelo

Quote1I’ll keep that in mind.Quote2- Hank

Hank might not be as smart as I thought he was. I offered the dude a golden ticket and he looked me right in the face and said thanks but no thanks. I don’t get why he isn’t willing to put his differences aside with Kyle and work with us, but I ain’t no mind reader.

Bottom line is he’s now screwed in the game because I made him an offer he should not have refused. He did refuse it and now he is going to have to learn what it is like to disrespect me.


Angelo approached me and asked me to join an alliance with him, Andy, and Kyle. I told him flat out no because I’m not about to work with a cocky fool like Kyle and a wanna be mob guy like Angelo.

Angelo can make all of the veil threats he wants toward me, but I am not going to pay him or his friends no mind.


Day 3

Day three begins at the Beothuk camp. It is early in the morning on day three and the only two people awake at the Beothuk camp are Paul and Zelda.

I am a morning person…yeah I am one of those people that can wake up and be ready to tackle the day right away. Out here it has been no different, for the past two days it has been just Paul and I up at the crack of dawn.

This morning Paul and I were busy making small talk when I decided that I was going to start cooking some rice for us to eat. Anyway, I open up the container of rice and I see a very strange symbol on the bottom of the lid.

Being the naturally curious person that I am I examine the lid and quickly realize that it had a false bottom. I pried open the false bottom and lo and behold I found this baby.


Zelda holds up her tribe’s Hidden Immunity Idol.

I wasn’t even looking for it. It just fell into my hands. This is both a blessing and a curse though. It is a blessing because it gives me some safety in the game but it is a curse because well if people find out that I have it I will become a target.

Which brings me to Paul, who was watching me when I found it, we sort of exchanged a look and he just nodded his head. Well I am a bit paranoid so I had to talk to him about my discovery.


Quote1You saw it right?Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Yeah…I saw what you found.Quote2- Paul

Quote1So where does this leave us?Quote2- Zelda

Quote1We’re good. Look, this game is partly about trust and alliances and I want you to know that you can trust me and I wouldn’t mind if you and I worked together. Either way your Idol secret is safe with me.Quote2- Paul

Quote1Hey I’m cool with working with you. Actually you’re the first person that has even broached the subject of working with me. So cool, well I guess it is back to making the rice…Quote2- Zelda

I was so happy to be there when Zelda found the Idol. She seems like a nice kid, but more importantly I was able to use what I saw to my benefit.

It is always good to have some sort of leverage on someone. Yes it could backfire on me because I basically forced Zelda into an alliance with me. But she and I have already bonded a bit because we are always the first two awake in the morning, so I don’t think she will be that mad over what I did.


Being aligned with Paul is what it is. I will be honest; I didn’t really want to form an alliance with anyone so quickly out of the gate. I wanted to see how my teammates were before making any kind of decisions as to who I would align with.

Paul seems like a nice enough guy so I really can’t complain too much about him finding out about my Hidden Immunity Idol.


Over at the Cabot Tribe Angelo and Kyle are talking over what to do now that Hank has rejected them in regards to forming an alliance. Kyle says that perhaps they should try and get Urban to join them. Kyle thinks that Urban would be a good asset to have on their side due to the fact that Urban is an outdoors guy and therefore he is bound to be just as strong as Hank in challenges.

Angelo is not sold on working with Urban saying that there is something he just does not like about him. Kyle says that they should talk to Andy and get his opinion on Urban. Angelo reluctantly agrees and says if Andy is cool with working with the redneck then he will be cool to.

I’m not sure why Angelo is so resistant over working with Urban. Every time I bring up Urban’s name, Angelo immediately seems to shut himself off without listening to what I have to say.


Urban seems like a rat to me. That’s just the impression I get from him. In my neighborhood we don’t work with no rats and that is why I ain’t happy about the possibility of working with Urban.


Immunity Challenge:

The three teams enter the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the challenge to the castaways. The first two teams to complete the challenge will not only have Immunity from Tribal Council but they will also get flint. The team to finish the challenge last will get nothing and one of their members will be the first person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

The teams get a minute to figure out who is going to do what during the challenge. Jillian says that she would like to do the running portion of the challenge in order to make up for her performance during the Reward Challenge. Octavia quickly shuts her down and tells Jillian that she is not needed during the running portion of the challenge. Octavia says that Jillian will do the puzzle with Pearl. Jillian objects, saying that she is not good at puzzles but Octavia is having none of it and tells Jillian once again that she is going to make the puzzle. A defeated Jillian acquiesces to Octavia’s demands. Here is how the three tribes decided to breakdown their tasks:

The runners for the Cabot Tribe are: Andy and Kyle
The runners for the Mi’kmaq Tribe are: Molly and Octavia
The runners for the Beothuk Tribe are: Violet and Billie-Jean

The paddlers for the Cabot Tribe are: Hank and Urban
The paddlers for the Mi’kmaq Tribe are: Jocelyn and Lauren
The paddlers for the Beothuk Tribe are: George and Marlon

The puzzle solvers for the Cabot Tribe are: Simon and Angelo
The puzzle solvers for the Mi’kmaq Tribe are: Jillian and Pearl
The puzzle solvers for the Beothuk Tribe are: Zelda and Paul

The challenge begins and Kyle and Andy are in the lead right away, though Molly and Octavia are not that far behind, Billie-Jean and Violet are in the back of the pack. The guys are the first to retrieve their tribe’s paddles and they quickly head back in order to hand their paddles off to the paddlers. Billie-Jean and Violet actually pass the winded Octavia and Molly and they are the next to get their paddles.

The three pairs race back to where the paddlers are and the men get to their destination first. Both Billie-Jean/Violet and Octavia/Molly arrived at their destination at the same time. The Cabot Tribe had a pretty sizable advantage at this point in the challenge, but George and Marlon of the Beothuk Tribe were able to gain considerable ground (or water as it were) during the second part of the challenge. The Mi’kmaq Tribe was all but out of it by this point in the challenge.

The Cabot Tribe remained in first place coming into the final stanza of the challenge. However, the Beothuk Tribe managed to make up a lot of ground and their puzzle makers began working on their puzzle shortly after the puzzle makers on the Cabot Tribe started working on their puzzle.

Angelo did not even attempt to help Simon with the puzzle, he instead just watched Simon as Simon attempted to put their puzzle together. Paul and Zelda began working on their puzzle and they immediately started to work well with each other.

While the Cabot and Beothuk puzzle solvers were busy battling it out for first place, Pearl and Jillian of the Mi’kmaq Tribe are just starting their puzzle. Jillian stands and watches Pearl as Pearl tries to assemble the puzzle. Both Octavia and Lauren yell at Jillian for not helping out Pearl, but it does not matter as Jillian is not even bothering to make an effort to help Pearl out and therefore she just ignores what they (Lauren and Octavia) are saying to her.

Zelda and Paul are the first team to ask Jeff to check their puzzle. Jeff looks it over and says that the puzzle is correct and thus Beothuk is the first team to win Immunity. Simon seems to be struggling with the puzzle and after Jeff awards the Beothuk Tribe Immunity, Angelo frantically yells at Simon…

Hurry up kid they're gaining on us!


Simon just shakes his head at Angelo and within seconds after Angelo’s warning, Simon completes the puzzle meaning that the Cabot Tribe is the second tribe to gain immunity.

As the two winning tribes celebrate their victory, Octavia shoots Jillian the look of death. Jeff then hands one-half of the Immunity Idol and flint over to Zelda and the other half of the Immunity Idol and flint over to Hank. He then informs the members of the Mi’kmaq Tribe that he has nothing for them and that they will be seeing him that night at Tribal Council where one of them will be the first person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

The Mi’kmaq Tribe returns from the Immunity Challenge and Octavia immediately starts flipping out on Jillian.

Quote1Why didn’t you help Miss Pearl out during the challenge?Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Because I told you I am no good at puzzles and even with that information out there you still insisted that I be one of the puzzle solvers. I am a runner…an athlete…I am certainly not a puzzle solver.Quote2- Jillian

Quote1Well you are obviously not a runner either, because if you were you would have done better at the Reward Challenge.Quote2- Lauren

Quote1Exactly…that’s why I insisted that you have no part in trying to solve the puzzle. Cuz there ain’t one person on this team that wanted to see your busted ass fail us at running once again. But the thing is you still managed to fail us at the puzzle.

So I’ve got to ask you, is there anything you can do to help this team out?Quote2
- Octavia

Quote1Oh…don’t blame me for costing us the challenge. The challenge was already lost by the time Pearl and I began the puzzle. So don’t be trying to pin the blame on me.

We didn’t lose because of me…we lost as a team. I am not going to be the goat of this challenge.Quote2
- Jillian

I saw this coming a mile away. I knew that Octavia was going to try and pin the blame on me for losing the challenge. She put me in a position to fail and I did just that…I failed. Octavia and her little friend Lauren have not been nice to me since day one because they both blame me for our loss in the Reward Challenge.

This just really sucks because I have a strong feeling that I am going to be the one going home tonight and I am just not ready to go home. But it looks like I already have to dead certain votes against me. In a small tribe like this I might as well be dead woman walking with two votes against me.


Jillian storms off as the rest of the team stays in camp. A few moments later Pearl decides to go and check on Jillian. Pearl finds Jillian sitting on a large rock in the woods. Pearl asks Jillian if she is okay, Jillian says she does not want to talk about anything at the moment and she would be happy if Pearl just left her alone. Pearl nods her head and walks away.

Back at camp Octavia, Molly, Lauren, and Jocelyn are talking about the vote. Octavia says that Jillian’s outburst and refusal to help Pearl out during the challenge is further proof that she is not mentally tough and therefore she should be the one voted out.

Jocelyn says she agrees with that point of view but she wonders if keeping Pearl on the team is worth it. Jocelyn says that while it is true that Jillian did help them lose two challenges, she is still a better athlete than Pearl and because of this Jillian is the better option to keep.

Lauren chimes in and says that the reason why they are going to Tribal Council tonight is not because of Pearl but because of Jillian’s unwillingness to help Pearl out during the challenge. Lauren says that she knows Pearl will be a liability going forward in the game but right now she does not deserve to be going home. After this brief conversation is over with the women go about doing various tasks around camp. Jocelyn goes and looks for Jillian and the two of them begin to discuss the possibility of getting rid of Pearl or at the very least forcing a tie in the vote.

Jocelyn tells Jillian that she probably will not be able to get Octavia or Lauren to help them with the vote because both seem to be dead set on trying to get Jillian out. However, the two of them could possibly talk Molly into voting with them, if they can manage to get face time with her.

Jillian manages to get that face time with Molly and she pitches her idea to vote out the perceivably weaker Pearl. Molly listens to Jillian’s pitch but is very non-committal in her response about voting Pearl out.

In a confessional Molly goes on to discuss why she was non-committal in her response to Jillian…

Jillian is absolutely right, Pearl does need to go. Pearl is going to end up being a huge liability for us the longer she stays in this game. I mean I’m not going to sugarcoat it Pearl is old and because of that who knows how long her body is going to be able to hold up. I do think keeping Jillian and getting rid of Pearl is the smart move to make at this point in the game.

However, I made a pact to vote with Lauren and Octavia and I would look very shady and paint a huge target on my back if I were to break that pact. Right now I am not sure where my vote is going to go. I will say this though, wherever my vote does end up going will have to benefit me in the long run. If I think keeping Jillian will help me then I will vote to keep her, if I think keeping my word to Lauren and Octavia will help me…well then I will keep Pearl around.


Tribal Council:

Jeff Probst welcomes the Mi’kmaq Tribe to Tribal Council. Jeff then gives his usual spiel about the torches and fire and is life and all that jazz. Jeff then waits for the women to light their torches and get settled into their seats before he asks the first question.

Jeff asks Jillian why she did not bother to even help Pearl with the puzzle during the Immunity Challenge. Jillian tells Jeff about how she informed her teammates about not being good at puzzles and they did not listen to her and instead they forced her to be a puzzle solver.

Octavia interrupts her and says that the reason why she was forced into the puzzle solver position was because she sucked at everything else. Jillian laughs at this notion and says that she is a very good athlete who happened to be beaten by a man during the first Reward Challenge. She says that there in losing to a man in a foot race as an in-shape man will always run faster than an in-shape woman.

Jillian then says that because of that one race, Lauren and Octavia have treated her like a pariah. Lauren rolls her eyes and says that she has not treated anyone like a pariah. She just does not have any reason to talk with someone who has nothing in common with her.

As soon as Lauren says that Pearl shakes her head. Jeff notices this and asks why Pearl is shaking her head over Lauren’s comment. Pearl tells Jeff that Survivor is a social game and with it being that way one cannot afford to alienate others just because they have nothing in common.

Octavia jumps in and says that if Pearl is so concerned about the social part of the game, then why was she (Pearl) barking orders at everyone. Pearl explains her reason for barking orders was because there were people on the team that did not seem to want to lift a finger to help build their shelter, the chief among them was Octavia, and as a result they ended up with a very poorly built shelter.

Octavia mumbles something under her breath that audio does not pick up. Jeff asks Molly what she plans on basing her vote on. Molly says that the vote is going to be tough because she has only known these people for three days but she plans on basing her vote on keeping the team a cohesive unit, while also benefiting her game.

With that last comment it is now time to vote.

The members of the Mi’kmaq Tribe vote and when the last person to vote, which was Pearl, is done voting; Jeff goes to retrieve the vote. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes and in the end Jillian becomes the first contestant voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Jillian Mitchell
Jillian (3 votes)

Octavia WilsonMolly SheaLauren Kuechly
Octavia, Molly, Lauren

Pearl Jones
Pearl (2 votes)
Jillian MitchellJocelyn Rivera
Jillian, Jocelyn
Octavia Wilson
Octavia (1 vote)
Pearl Jones
Jillian Mitchell eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I have to vote for someone and you are a huge liability for our team. So there you go, that is why I am voting for you.


I can’t believe you suck at everything you do…


I am really out of the loop and I could very well be the person going home tonight. If I am I want my sole vote to be cast against you.


Sorry Jill, but this is the move that is going to help my game the most right now.


I like you…I really do but our team is weaker with you on it.


Lauren says nothing; she just rolls her eyes and smirks as she holds up her parchment.

Final Words

This was not unexpected. I keep on thinking about what I could have or should have done differently but in all honesty I am not sure if there was much I could have done differently.

People are either going to like you or they are not going to like you. This was simply a case of people not liking me and because of that I am the first person gone.


Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly
Octavia Wilson
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice
BillieJean Carlisle
Kyle Girton
Simon Patel
Angelo Castellucci
Hank Black
Andy Im
Urban Day

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Pearl has problems with the other members of her tribe, leading to a vicious argument.
  • Kyle approaches Urban and offers him a spot in the majority alliance on the Cabot Tribe.
  • George has an unwanted suitor in Violet who he cannot seem to get away from.

Author's Notes

  • I know that I said I would put up the first episode after I had written all of the bios. I will get to the other three bios soon, I just wanted to get some of this episode out there.
  • I swear I do not have anything against people who have the letter J as the first letter in their first name. It just worked out that Jillian was the first person voted out in this fanon, much like how John was the first person to be voted out of my previous fanon. It is just a coincidence that they both have a J as the first letter in their name. Heck I did not even realize it until I posted day three just a few minutes ago.