"Temptation Island"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 2/15
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

Twenty castaways were marooned off the coast of eastern Philippines for an adventure of a lifetime. For the first time, the survivors are in teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship. There are twins, friends, dating and married. They divided into two tribes, Bulan and Tala, named after Tagalog myth goddesses. At the first Reward Challenge, Burgundy struggled, leading to Tala's win.

At Bulan, Martin and Leo, who entered the game as rivals agreed to work with each other, but both still have ulterior motives. At Tala, the mood was comedic, due to Simone and Ebony and Josh and Tyler. But Simone shared a pugnacious side by verbally attacked Talia at the Immunity Challenge, allowing Bulan to make a comeback. In the end, despite pleading her case that she is strong in challenges, Simone's volatility sent her packing. Now with her partner gone, will Ebony be next, or become the a swing vote? Nineteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Playing Dress-up
One at a time, six tribe members must go to a sand pit to retrieve twelve bags containing clothing items for a mannequin resembling a datu—the highest chief of the pre-Hispanic Philippines. The next three members must then place these items to their appropriate spot. There is a cheat sheet for the answer, but they have to dig for it if they wish to cheat. First tribe to correctly dress their datu mannequin fully wins reward.
Reward: Fishing spear, snorkel, hooks with twine and bait.
Winner: Tala
Temptation Reward: A clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol—a rarity because clues won't be provided to their whereabouts in the future
Consequence: They must omit any two of the four reward items they won before returning to their camp.

Immunity Challenge: Brook Shields
Five members from both tribes will lob water balloons over a 4-ft. high wall using weapons (similar to the fireball-throwing Reward Challenge in the Survivor: Fiji episode, An Evil Thought) to knock down six targets. Four others (in pairs) will carry two large shields to intercept the other tribe's attacks and protect their tribe's targets. First tribe to take down all six targets wins immunity. The shooters are not allowed to throw water balloons beyond the black line, while the shield bearers may move around the field to protect theur targets
Winner: Bulan


Night 3

Tala returns to camp after voting out Simone at Tribal Council. While most of the tribe prepare to sleep, Ebony, Simone's sister and partner goes to the beach where she becomes emotional about her sister's departure. Team "Double Deckers" (Josh and Tyler) and Talia (who received a verbal lash-out from Simone at Tribal Council) come to her rescue, telling her that they will try to keep her because she is fun to be around. Ebony then apologizes in behalf of her sister.

Ebony's light-years different to her sister. She's fun, she's calm. Her sister's just a warfreak. We can't have someone like that.


Meanwhile, acting like they are asleep, Kevin whispers to his wife that it is in their best interest to vote Ebony out. Kevin explains to his wife the dangers of voting off one member from another pair, because his or her partner will likely team up with Ebony, potentially forming a more dangerous couple.

I just fear that if Ebony makes a move with another person who has no partner like her, they might make an upset. To add up, she is also a terribly nice person and she makes people warm up to her very easily. A defining difference between her and Simone.


Day 4

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes assemble for their next Reward Challenge. Jeff reveals that the winning tribe will have a crate containing fishing gear, but he withholds the full details of their prize and saves it for later, because he announced that winning Reward Challenges this season will have an additional twist—which is written in a sealed note. Bulan
Diggers: Burgundy, Declan, Andy, Devon, Salina
Dressers: Martin, Leo, Paula, Jacki
Sit-out: Melissa

Diggers: Josh, Tyler, Kevin, Talia, Ricky
Dressers:Camille, Ebony, Kasia, Toby

Tala leads immediately, thanks to Josh and Tyler's quick digging, while Burgundy is unable to retrieve her first bag after digging four holes. Declan shouts at Jeff if they can switch, but Jeff says they cannot, to Bulan's chagrin. Tala extends their lead when Kevin returns with his tribe's third bag. Burgundy finally gets her bag, allowing Declan to catch up for the lost time. Declan returns quickly with Bulan's second bag, as Talia follows shortly with Tala's fourth bag. Tala continues to lead until the puzzle building segment, and wins the challenge. A dismayed Bulan tribe heads back to camp after a blow-out loss because they were unable to complete all twelve bags when Tala finished their mannequin.

Burgundy tears us apart everytime she do a challenge. I don't really care about today's challenge, as long as we keep winning immunity. And if we lose, Burgundy's going.


After winning the challenge, Jeff sends Bulan back to camp, but let Tala stay for the twist. The host instructs the yellow tribe to produce two representatives for the special event, telling them that the two representatives will take the fishing supplies back to camp. After much deliberation, Tala chooses Talia and Ebony to receive the sealed note. Jeff then instructs the rest of the tribe to wait for their two members back at camp. With no other people in sight, Talia and Ebony start to scan the note Jeff gave them.

Talia: "Congratulations, your tribe just won reward; and as the chosen two to take this note, you are given the chance to change your fate in this game. Inside this crate are the four items you won: fishing spear, snorkel, hooks with twine and bait. But, also inside this crate is a clue to the whereabouts of a Hidden Immunity Idol concealed somewhere at your camp. If you choose to take the clue, you must leave two items from your reward. If you choose not to take the clue, you must leave the clue for the idol on the ground and you may take all four items back to your tribe. Keep in mind your decision may pay heavy in the future, so you must choose wisely. Furthermore, this will be the only time your tribe gets this chance to get a clue for the idol."
Ebony: "Now what?"
Talia: "I'd say I'll keep all four. We can find the idol without the clue anyway."
Ebony: "I'm taking all the shots right now, because I don't have a partner to play with. I'm taking the clue."
Talia: "Though I understand you, let's play rock-paper-scissors then. If you win take the clue, but it's me, we're taking it all."
Ebony: "Fine."
[Talia wins the rock-paper-scissors]
Ebony (in a comedic tone): "I hate you."
Talia: "I truly understand your place right now. But I promise you, it won't be you tonight."
Ebony: "I guess I don't have a choice. Should we tell them all these?"
Talia: "I guess so. Because if we win another reward, we might send other people here. They will find out about this, and if we lose immunity, we're screwed if we lied."
Ebony: "I kinda agree. But promise me, don't screw me over. I know you're pissed off at my sister, but please, don't take it out on me. I'm not my sister. She's gone anyway."

Since when Survivor became Temptation Island?


Ebony and Talia return to Tala beach, where the tribe waits anxiously for them. Ebony and Talia reveal the Temptation Reward to their tribemates, and come clean that they did not take the clue with them, and all four of their items are still intact. To prove their honesty, Ebony shows them the note that was given to them.

I found Ebony and Talia's acts quite noble. For one, Ebony is sure in line for elimination because she has no allegiances with anybody. And for her not to take the clue is courageous on her part.


Good girl. Like, if she did choose to take the clue wth her, I'll be beyond pissed, and there is definitely no reason to keep her. There is no idol to search for, because the idol's with me!


Late night at Bulan, while the others are already sleeping, including Martin, Leo approaches the still-awake Andy and Devon and talks to them about the idea of blindsiding his partner. While the tribe knows they entered the game as friends, Leo confesses he and Martin had a long-standing rivalry and entered the game as such, even telling them the situations where they clashed. Given that the two entered in an alliance the best friends, along with Melissa and Paula, Leo proposes to vote Martin out in the future, and it will be them three guys all the way.

Leo: "Guys, do you want to make the biggest upset in Survivor history?"
Andy: "Huh?"
Leo: "What if we blindside either Paula or Mel, we'll throw Martin off-guard."
Devon: "I'm not getting any of this."
Leo: "You see, I'm not actually friends with Martin. We're actually rivals, since childhood. Like, we actually signed up for this because we want to settle our rivalry once and for all."
Andy: "I think we should just keep this plan on low for the meantime, and just talk this through when we go Tribal."
Leo: "Good for me. But I promise you, it's only them we're screwing. It's us three in the end, okay?"
Andy: "Sure."
Devon: "Okay, whatever makes you happy."

Martin's stupid, like, we talked about forming an alliance. While he's not making a move yet, I'm making mine now. He's stupid for aligning with me. While I can't convince Andy and Devon to vote him out now, I want to make sure Martin gets a slow and painful death.


I thought Martin and Leo's an effed up pair. Who comes to Survivor with a rival, on a Couples’ format?! I'll just step out of their way and play with their rivalry, until to cut both of their throats.


Leo's crazy. He doesn't know how powerful partnerships are in this game. And just giving up your partner.. ooh. We're never gonna tell Leo if we have the idol. That move of his made me believe I can't trust him! Thank goodness he's not my partner. He's Martin's problem.


Day 5

Early morning at Bulan, Andy and Devon are the first two to wake up, and take a morning piss break in the woods. Andy tells his best friend to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, since the tribe is still asleep. After urinating, the two start to look around for something that is "out of place." Long and behold, both Andy and Devon look upwards at the massive tree they pissed at, where Devon finds a rock on one of the tree's thick branch. Andy climbs it and sees an object wrapped in burlap. The duo giggles in excitement.

Mother Nature gave us an Immunity Idol, and in return, we peed on her.


After hiding the idol in a secret place, Andy suggests to Devon if he could use his tribal necklace, his luxury item, to pose as a fake idol. Delighted by the idea, Devon rushes back to the shelter and collects his bag. Due to the elaborate design of the necklace, Devon feels that the necklace could be a believable-looking fake idol, and decides to plant it. After placing the fake idol at the same hiding place of the real one, the two return to the camp and perform camp chores to avoid suspicion.

This is what we do back at home. We laugh a lot, joked a lot, made pranks on each other, and made some mundane stuff since we were 10. Like, we used to eat paste together!


While Andy and Devon do camp chores, Melissa wakes up, and notices that Devon is "acting funny." She secretly wakes up her friend Paula to let her see what she saw. Agreeing on the fact that Devon does not wake up this early in the morning, the two speculate that he at least looked out for the idol.

I'm not quite sure if Devon did look for the idol, or if he already had it, but Devon usually does not wake up this early; and he seem to be ridiculously vigorous in doing chores. Peculiar.


Evening at Tala, Kasia and Toby and Kevin and Camille discuss strategy at the beach. Kevin thinks that Ebony is a possible swing vote, he proposed that they vote her out. Camille explains that Ebony might team up with any other pair, making them more dangerous than the usual one-on-one pair. Kasia then tells then her alternative: turn the twins, Talia and Ricky against Ebony. Kasia adds that the twins and Ricky are too strong in challenges to be disposed of this early. Toby agrees to the idea, but was unsure of Talia, because he tells them he does not trust her.

Ricky I trust, but Talia? No. She's young and immature. Like, I don't blame Simone for yelling at her, but her playfulness makes her unpredictable for me. She's either fickle-minded, or just playing dumb. But I like keeping her because she's a good pawn to play with. But yet again, I don't trust her. But if we take Ricky, we're taking Talia. It's a buy-one-take-one deal. It's just that the "take-one" you don't like.


Day 6

The tribes convene for their next Immunity Challenge. If Bulan wins, they are still complete at ten, but if Tala wins, the game gets even by the end of the day, 9-9. Jeff explains that the tribe must delegate five shooters and four shield bearers.

Shooters (L-R): Andy, Devon, Melissa, Jacki, Burgundy
Shield Carriers (a pair carries one wall): Salina and Martin, Leo and Declan
Sit-out: Paula

Shooters (L-R): Kasia, Josh, Tyler, Camille, Ebony
Shield Carriers: Ricky and Kevin, Toby and Talia

Before the challenge starts, Bulan drafts a "fountain strategy"—which requires the shooters to rotate similar to volleyball and throw all at once, catching Tala off-guard. Tala makes the first move, with Kasia throwing one water balloon over Bulan's field. The projectile almost hits a target until Salina and Martin deflect it. Bulan returns fire by firing multiple water balloons in different directions, causing Toby and Talia to stumble and Ricky and Kevin unable to shield one target. Tala fires back as Ebony launches her water balloon straight to Bulan's middlemost target. Bulan continues their firing rampage, causing Tala's shield bearers to struggle. Toby vents his disappointment at Talia for moving slowly with the shield. Tyler and Josh successfully land projectiles at Bulan's two other targets, leaving Bulan with their last three targets, while Tala with two. Burgundy throws a target, but it his the center wall. Andy and Melissa finally end the challenge by hitting Tala's two remaining targets, earning them immunity once again, thus sending Tala back to Tribal Council.

Talia's slow, we can't have someone like her in challenges. A rotten tomato in a pile of good ones makes you think they're all rotten too.


Back at camp, dejected by the fact they lost yet again another Immunity Challenge, Camille cheers her tribemates, saying that since Bulan has yet to win a Reward Challenge, they must be groggier than them, and therefore, they will lose soon.

Since Bulan has no fishing gear and making fire over there is quite a chore, they will be more stressed when it comes down to it. They're gonna lose sooner or later. They can't survive with just winning immunity.


Kevin approaches his wife, asking her if she is still on board of voting Ebony out. Camille replies that she is interested to the plan. Meanwhile, Toby approaches the twins, asking if they will vote out Talia to make her pay at her dismal performance at the Immunity Challenge. Kevin overhears the conversation, and asked Toby if he could change his mind and vote for Ebony instead, stating that picking off another pair might just form a new, more rebellious couple out of Ebony and Ricky. Camille chimes in, stating that they cannot afford to get Ricky's bad side. Camille calls Ricky in the conversation, telling him that in the advent of the Temptation Reward, they cannot let Ebony get hold of such power once again.

It makes perfect sense to vote Talia out for her weakness, but when Kevin and Cam made me realize we cannot piss off Ricky, since he's our biggest and strongest member, we have to take Talia as our collateral.

–Toby, on voting against Talia

To respect their friendship with Ebony, the twins tell Ebony about the whole conversation, prompting her to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, not knowing that Kevin already found it. She looks at the woods in hopes of finding the idol, oblivious of the fact that she is searching in vain. Kasia catches her, and asked if she had found the idol, Ebony replies that she "looked enough."

Since I'm still a target, and I still can't find the idol, my only hope is to scare them from voting for me tonight.


At Tribal Council, Toby blames Talia for Tala's loss at the challenge, but Kevin convinces him to calm down, stating that the tribe was not cohesive enough at the challenge. Kasia adds that the tribe is capable of promise, because they had proven they can win against Bulan at Reward Challenges. Jeff then brings up the topic of the Hidden Immunity Idol, Ebony tells Jeff about everything that went down at the temptation reward. She explains that she chose to take the complete set of fishing items because she wanted to use it as a bargaining chip to gain the tribe's trust and keep her despite not having a partner, though she admits she searched for the idol hours before Tribal Council, saying she spent enough time to look for it. In the end, the Tala tribe deems Ebony to be too much of a threat, and was voted out in an unanimous 8-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Ebony (8 votes)
Camille, Josh, Kasia, Kevin, Ricky, Talia, Toby, & Tyler
Talia (1 vote)
Ebony Howard

Voting Confessionals

Sorry girl, I can't trade. But I do respect our friendship, and I hope we can still be good friends outside this game.


This hurts, my friendly chocolate girl. But I can't convince the tribe. Can't beat 'em, join them. Apologies.


You're potentially a strong social player, even without your sister. I will miss you terribly, but you gotta go.


If I were you, I hope I found the idol before I came in here.


This should have been Talia. But she's an extra package we need to let stay to keep Ricky's good graces.


You're like the appendix, for some reason it is in your body, but it doesn't have a function at all. Time for it to be removed.


I already forgave your sister. Now, hope you forgive me.


We will terribly miss you. But you posed as a threat without even trying. Bye.


You are sweet as sugar, but your subtlety in playing the social game makes me scared. Sorry, but you have to leave.


Final Words

To be voted out this early sucks, because I wanted to win immunity, even just once. But to be voted out because I was a social threat is a compliment. It's just that being nice is engrained in my personality, and it became my downfall. I'm gonna say sorry for my sister because I didn't bring it home, but I'm excited to see her. Tala, win this for me, and good luck you guys!

–Ebony Howard

Next Time on Survivor

  • At Bulan, Leo makes his move against Martin.
  • One Tala member goes ballistic at his partner.
  • One person from Bulan will find Devon's fake idol.

Author's Notes

  • Datus are considered the highest rank of nobles until Ferdinand Magellan reached our shores. Their modern-day descendants are still considered royalty in their hometowns.
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