This page is a list of instructions and tips on writing fan fiction in this wiki.

Users who are inexperienced with wiki-code are expected to abide to the quality of writing upheld by the wiki and must follow all rules stated in this policy. While those who have wiki-code experience may propose a different way of showing their fanon to the community by altering the Manual of Style (MoS), but they may only do so after receiving an approval from an admin.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in a message being left by an admin asking you to change these infractions.. This policy is to keep appearance uniformity and quality of all fan fictions written in this wiki. Despite this, inexperienced new users should ask administrators on how to upkeep their fanons. For other policies, kindly refer to Survivor Wiki's policy page.

Tips for a Successful Fan Fiction

  • Decide your season's outcome beforehand. Twists, storyline, order of elimination, personalities; these are important things to have mapped out prior to writing. Continue to make revisions until you're satisfied. It is more efficient than winging a storyline as it can cause inconsistencies in your storyline. Create your complete voting history chart, with all the vote breakdowns and think about how this boot list came to be. Recommended tools for this are Google Spreadsheets and Google Drawings.
  • Be sure to develop characters how you feel fit for their storyline. Whatever details you want to see be present in a character make sure you lay hints or clues in their personality so major reveals don't catch viewers off guard.
  • Whereas the canon series has the tendency to neglect certain contestants over the season noisemakers in terms of air time, authors are encouraged to introduce every single contestant, this allows the readers get an idea on who your contestants really are. Have an idea on their personality, both inside and outside of the game.
  • When depicting scenes, describe the scenario as vivid as possible. 
  • When using contestants from the canon series, give them justice by getting a feel on how the contestant would act and think.
  • Make your stories as realistic as possible. Giving your readers an illusion that they are actually reading the real deal is important. After all, this site is an emporium of fan-made stories from a reality television program.
  • Proofread your work and check for red underlines under words, proper capitalization, and proper sentence structure. Recommended tools for this are Gramarly (free version) or various other grammar checking websites.
  • When stumped due to wiki-coding issues, remember you may submit queries to the admin team. They are here to help you progress your season. Though admins are willing to help whenever they can, you are encouraged to study basic wiki-code so you can do it yourself. A useful article to use is:

Policy Proper/Manual of Style

User Qualifications

In order to be qualified as a fanon writer, a user must be a registered Wikia user. Anonymous users (users that have no username and are only identified by an IP address) may only make edits where they seem fit; grammar fixes or blatant errors. This is to easily monitor current fanon entries and to properly document them with categories.

  • It is highly recommended that if a user has updated a page within the past 6 hours to not edit their page. They may be writing a current update and your edit will overwrite all of their progress.

Naming your Fanon

Similar to the real show, users may name their season after a location or a major twist that will be employed in that season. Naming a season after a real TV season is not allowed, for it may be grounds for copyright infringement. We do not want CBS or SEG becoming litigious at us, so please bear with this limitation. Furthermore, users may only use viable locations (i.e. desolate, dangerous and exotic locations). If a user wants to reuse a former location (canon or otherwise) they may be creative in making a new title.

If there is already a fanon on here that shares the same location as the one you wish to use, you are not allowed to use that same title. If you don't wish to change the location of your fanon, add a major twist as a subtitle. For example, since Survivor: Honduras was taken, you can call your fanon Survivor: Honduras - Exile Island.

For a list of fanon names and locations that have been taken, please check out our List of Fanons.

Setting Your Tribe Names and Tribe Colors

Register your tribe names in Template:Tribename, then send your tribe colors (in hex code, but without the "#" sign) to Template:Tribecolor and follow the existing format. These are to help you when you use the confessional templates and to help you recall your colors if in case you forgot them.

Season Page

At the Survivor Fanon Wiki page, type in Survivor: (name of your season). Click the "add fan fiction" button to your right and edit away. An example:

Survivor: Antarctica

Similar to pages dedicated for canon seasons seen in the Survivor Wiki, this page will be dedicated to introduce your season, where it was "filmed," challenge wins and voting history chart. To make a season page, copy the format template from this link.

As the Fanon Wiki adheres to a high quality style of writing, the author is also expected to have a realistic-looking fan fiction, worthy of acclaim.

Contestant Articles

After making your season pages, you may now put up your contestant pages. The format template can be copied from this link.

All fanons must have contestant profiles added prior to the season starting. The backstory must be, at minimum, a 50-word paragraph talking about the castaway. An additional format of contestant pages is sub-pages for every tribe. Failing to follow this policy could result in your fanon's deletion.

It is recommended you create unique characters, not caricatures of canon contestants. Every fanon must have a minimum of 16 contestants, the maximum being 24 contestants.

Character Adoption

If you are having trouble figuring out characters for your season, there may be some characters available for you to use at the Misfit Character Adoptions forum. If you see a character you want to use, simply message the original creator asking for permission. If the original creator approves, you can use the character in your season as long as you give the creator credit for the character on your season page or their character page.

Episode Page

At the Survivor Fanon Wiki, please observe proper capitalization of words, correct grammar and parallelism.

The Dreams of the Storm

In writing your episodes, the format template can be copied from this link.


If your season features a fan-made or unique game-changing twist not featured in the main U.S. series of Survivor, then a separate page may be dedicated for that twist.

But before you create that page, it has to be run through one of the Wiki's admins, who will decide whether or not that twist deserves its own page. Once you get their approval, you may then create the page. The format template can be copied from this link.


Avatars is a must for every contestant. They may not be used by any other user except the uploader itself. The prescribed avatar creator is Other avatar creators are also allowed, but their usage must follow US Fair Use Laws. If using canon contestants, creating an avatar for them is encouraged, though utilizing their images from the Survivor Wiki is also allowed.

Each upload must have a distinct file name to avoid being overwritten.

If you try uploading a photo and notice that there is another photo of the same name, you must rename your file. DO NOT override it because it will mess up the pages the original was on.


Logos are not a requirement for having a fanon. Making logos can be done by yourself or by requesting of other users. Using logos from the canon survivor season is prohibited. It is advised to not search logos online (despite crediting) as you do not have direct permission to use this season. This wiki is full of users with a creative aptitude to create logos, if it is not your forté you can direct yourself to Uke or Yyaku's logo making blogs and follow the rules provided by them for their logos.

Failing to credit another user for their logo is a form of plagiarism (the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.) As such, if you post the logo made by another user on your season and do not credit them within one week, then the user that made the logo would then be allowed to request an admin to remove the logo from your page and delete the logo's image file.

Collaborative Fan fictions

A fan fiction may be co-created by two+ users, but only with the approval of an admin.


All pages on this wiki must be properly categorized. At the end of each season, contestant, tribe, or episode page. Please kindly refer to this page for the prescribed list of categories.

In order to add categories to your pages, there is a blue button at the bottom of each page labelled "Add Category". After you click that button, type in the name of the category you wish to add, and press "Enter".

Fan Fiction Standards

Similar to how canon articles in the Survivor Wiki should be made, fan fiction must be written in high standards, with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar and correct use of templates. Failure to abide will result to you entry being deleted and will only be returned as a full-fledged article page once the policy is met.

Severely Low Quality Writing

As it can be assumed, articles of this standard are not at all acceptable on this wiki. Entries deemed of low quality contain terrible grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and also are difficult to read and understand fully. An administrator will warn the author to fix all possible mistakes or it may cause deletion. Furthermore, users with entries of such quality will receive little to no help from administrators (assistance for templates and format) after multiple warnings.

Severely low quality example - jeff called d survivors & tells them to drop their bufs becuz they will be merging as 1 tribe. tori shouting: "YAY!!!!!!!"

Low Quality

Articles of this quality will either contain lesser bad grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

Low quality example - Jeff called the survivors and tells them to drop their buffs because they will be merging as one tribe. Tori shouted: "YAY!!!!!!!"

Acceptable Quality

Articles which are deemed of High Quality adheres to this policy in all of its aspects, from the format and composition, putting up the correct templates and categories. Deviations from the policy is acceptable, but only when if it still seem fit.

Acceptable quality example - Jeff calls in the survivors and tells them to drop their buffs. He informs the players that they have reached the merge, the contestants begin dropping their buffs. Tori shouts the loudest, screaming "Yay!" in a high pitched tone."

Inactive Fanons

Unless finished, a fanon must have one edit made to it every thirty days to show that it is not abandoned. If a fanon violates the thirty-day rule, the author in question will be warned and given a period of around 48 hours to either make an edit to show that they're working on it, or ask that it be placed on hiatus. If this does not happen, the entire season will be deleted. Authors can ask admins afterwards, if they wish to restart their season, to retrieve the deleted fanon and we will try to the best of our ability. 

If a fanon season will be left on hiatus, or the author cannot attend their writing obligations due to personal life commitments, but is still willing to finish the season, the author must inform admins that they wish to place the fanon on hiatus. Please, if you can, provide a rough estimate of how long it will be on hiatus for. Once the hiatus period ends, the 30-day rule will apply as normal. 

Repeated Cancellation of Fanons

While users are encouraged to inform an admin if they intend on cancelling a fanon, the cancellation still necessitates the deletion of multiple pages, much like an abandoned fanon. While we understand that people might like to try different ideas and their current ideas might not always work out, planning a fanon takes time and users should have a general idea of their fanon before publishing. To prevent excessive cancellation of fanons, limits will be posed on the amount of cancellations allowed, and punishments introduced.

A user may only cancel two (2) fanons within a six (6) month period.  After the second cancellation within that time period, they will be banned from creating fanons on the Wiki for a period of two (2) months for the first offence. During this period, the user will not be banned from other areas of the Wiki and can still comment on articles, use the chat feature, etc. just not create new fanon-related content. Attempts to create new fanons during this ban period will be automatically deleted and the ban extended. Repeated ignorance of rule will result in a Wiki-wide ban. 

Users may appeal this ban if they are able to show considerable progress in planning their next fanon series, as well as a demonstrated commitment to updating. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

This rule only applies to instances that occur after the date of implementation (14th August 2019). Users who have begun a third attempt at a fanon before this date will not have that fanon impacted/deleted by the rule change. However, if they cancel that fanon, they will be subjected to the penalties mentioned above. 


If the user is caught in any way violating the "Assuming Good Faith" policy (a policy that all wikis adhere to), their fanon will be deleted and the writer may be blocked depending on the gravity of offense.

Non-Admins may only write 1 solo fanon and 1 collab fanon at a time, and may only have 1 season listed as "upcoming" at a time. Any additional fanons will be deleted.

If the user is currently writing a collab fanon and a solo fanon at the same time, both fanons are required to abide by the 30-Day Rule (as described under the "Inactive Fanons" section of this page.)

Future Fan Fiction

Users do not have the right to have more than one future season present up at a time. An exemption to this policy is Administrators and Bureaucrats.

Anti-Spoiler Policies

Please keep in mind that not everybody sees the show as soon as it airs. We ask that you please refrain from publicly posting episode events or results within 24-hours of the episode itself airing.

1. ALL discussions of the episode, for the first 24 hour period on the wiki since its airing, must be kept to PRIVATE MESSAGES in the live chat provided that it has been confirmed that both parties have seen the episode and will not be spoiled. In the event that the entire chat has seen the episode it is open to free discussion, however if another user joins it is requested to immediately stop and warn the user to not read the prior discussion.

2. Any and all blogs or public comments containing spoilers that were posted within the 24-hour period will be deleted, no exceptions. Any person posting a blog or public comment containing spoilers will be referred to the penalties listed below.

3. Any person caught posting spoilers in the MAIN CHAT can be immediately kicked from the chat by an admin or chat moderator.


1st offense: Deletion of post and issued a warning (or) Kicked from chat and issued a warning.

2nd offense: Deletion of post and issued a one day site ban (or) Banned from chat for 24 hours.

3rd offense: Deletion of post and issued a three day site ban (or) Banned from chat for 72 hours.

4th offense: Deletion of post and issued a seven day site ban (or) Banned from chat for 168 hours.

5th+ offenses: Deletion of post issued a year long site ban (or) Banned from chat for 1 year.


Sockpuppetry is defined as: An online identity used for purposes of deception.

On the Survivor Fanon Wiki, sockpuppetry specifically refers to users that either create and use multiple accounts on the wiki at the same time, or create an account to evade a ban against an existing account.

Sockpuppetry of any kind is strictly forbidden on the Survivor Fanon Wiki. Any users caught sockpuppeting will be banned on a case by case basis.

Other Wikis/Platforms and Drama 

We are our own wiki. If there's a situation from another site that needs to be brought to our attention, please do so. Please also do so in a manner that does not belittle or attack the communities/people involved. If you create too much drama or escalate stuff, you will be banned from the wiki and Discord server. 

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