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Survivor: The Cursed Idol
Author IAmNothing712
Filming Location Caramoan Islands, Philippines
Season Run December 17, 2012-May 4, 2012
Episodes 13
Survivors 16
Days 39
Tribes Cebu
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Survivor: The Cursed Idol is the first season of Ian's Survivor fan fiction series and is also the first fan fiction in the Survivor Fanon Wiki.


  • The Cursed Idol: After a castaway gets voted out, he/she has a last move before permanently leaving the game. The Cursed Idol. Before getting his torch snuffed, this player will have a chance to still somehow change the game, even after his demise. The eliminated player will be given this object, and delivers it to one of the remaining players. The recipient of this idol will receive an additional one vote the next time this person goes to Tribal Council. Even when his tribe wins an Immunity Challenge, the Cursed Idol is still in play and will st`ill count against the player who receives it the next time he goes to Tribal Council. The only way to defuse the power of the Cursed Idol, is if the recipient uses a Hidden Immunity Idol, or win an individual Immunity Challenge (after the merge). The Cursed Idol is still valid up until Day 37. The producers created this dreaded item to further remove the possibility of a tie vote, and also to give an opportunity to the eliminated contestant to screw the remaining players up, as an act of revenge for their removal. There will be two Cursed Idols, one for each tribe.When the tribes merge, only one Cursed Idol will be in play.
  • Hidden Immunity Idols: A clue will be provided when a tribe wins a Reward Challenge. This clue will be hidden at camp as well, similar to Survivor: South Pacific.The clues provided if a tribe wins a Reward Challenge. So if a tribe switch occurs, and a swapped player with a clue looks after the idol, his/her clue is also usable at that camp.
  • Tribe Switch



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Adrianna Maristela Ford is a 24 year old intern at a publishing company from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been an athlete since her junior high days. During the pre-show interviews, Jeff Probst has stated that Adrianna might be "Parvati and Russell's lovechild." It was revealed that Adrianna and Alanna competed against each other in a collegiate volleyball tournament, where Adrianna's school lost against Alanna. Upon seeing Alanna, Adrianna swore to get even, since she lost in her final college volleyball game before graduation.
CursedIdol Adrianna
April May Lee is a 30 year old mathematics teacher from St. Petersburg, Florida. Jeff described her as a "control freak." She also owns a wig-making business. Jeff stated that while April is weak at physical challenges, she was exceptionally good at puzzle challenges.
CursedIdol April
Brandon Richard "Brock" Williams is a 24 year old gym instructor from Salt Lake City, Utah. He and his family evacuated their homestead in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. They moved to Utah when Brock had a job opportunity as a gym instructor. Not only to help his family financially, he also wanted to win the game to secretly give his girlfriend (whom he met at the gym where she frequents) a decent wedding. Jeff Probst described him as a "gentle giant."
CursedIdol Brock
Carson Blake White is a 21 year old unemployed from Ann Harbor, Michigan. He was known to his peers as headstrong, which led him to several troubles, making him a frequent visitor in the principal's office and was given numerous detentions because of it. With his growing disinterest in studying, he worked as a janitor and a hotel doorman. When he ws laid off due the closure of the hotel, he became unemployed for almost a year. He currently resides at a trailer park. He currently survives by meticulously budgeting his small inheritance from his parents, who both died in a car accident.
CursedIdol Carson
Alanna Spelling is a 22-year old nerdy graduating Interior Design student from Springfield, Missouri. She wanted to join Survivor to pay off her graduate studies and renovate their house, which was caught in a fire. Jeff stated that she is competitive and blunt. It was revealed that Alanna and Adrianna once competed in a collegiate volleyball tournament (where Alanna's school won), which would form a friendly, yet "heated" rivalry between her and Adrianna.
CursedIdol Alanna
Belinda Redford is a 39 year old successful businesswoman from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Her talents were puzzle-building, camping and dancing. She rejected her parents' inheritance because she wanted to show that she earned everything she has now. With this, the family business was entrusted wholly to her twin brother. She idolizes her great grandparents (the founder of their family business), who had a rags to riches story. She wanted to compete in Survivor to experience a life of hardship.
CursedIdol Belinda
Carlotta Monicia "Carly" Ramford is a 25 year old Walgreens clerk from Buffalo, New York. She is white, but she was adopted by an African-American couple who were unable to conceive a child because Mrs. Ramford was infertile. With this, she is a Caucasian with a "ghetto soul." While she already met her real parents, she did not want to acknowledge them (and still currently carries a grudge against them), and still wants to live with her adoptive parents. She wanted to win to pay off their house, which is at the brink of getting taken away from them. Jeff described her as "a more likable NaOnka," who would bring her "716" swag into the game.
CursedIdol Carly
Curt Thomas "Curtis" Cage is a 36 year old bank teller from Anchorage, Alaska. Never been outside his home state his whole life, he was already struggling to the Philippines' hotter climate "the minute he stepped off the plane." Curtis wants to join Survivor to broaden his horizons, and to have some self-reflection after leaving his wife who was cheating on him.
CursedIdol Curtis
Cyrus Anthony Mclinton is a 50 year old engineer from Spokane, Washington. Jeff Probst stated he had the makings of a good leader due to his engineering background. To finish his education, he took odd jobs like garbage collecting and "beer testing." It was revealed that his IQ is 135. He is happily married with 21 year-old twins, a boy and a girl.
CursedIdol Cyrus
Delia Angelene Rumsfeld is a 45 year old homemaker from Shrevport, Louisiana. Despite her full-figured physique, she has proven she is capable in physical activities. She stated that she wanted to change the game by not strategizing, stating that it was "the root of evil" in Survivor. Jeff Probst has stated, though her decision not to do strategy will work horribly against her favor, and Jeff added that he will not be surprised if Delia gets voted out first.
CursedIdol Delia
Ferdinand "Freddy" Alberts is a 34 year old landscaper from Hampton, Virginia. He had a rough childhood, having abandoned by his mother, he was raised by his father to be a tough, no-nonsense guy. Jeff stated that his confrontational personality will definitely rub other people the wrong way, even calling him an "egomaniac."
CursedIdol Freddy
Serena Garland (born Stephen John Garland) is a 25 year old aspiring fashion designer from Glendale, Arizona. When she was 22, she underwent a gender reassignment surgery, making her now an anatomical female. Her struggles because of her condition pulled her down when she was younger, and her condition has hampered her from getting a job. She wanted to join Survivor not only to battle her demons, but also to pay off their house. She is currently in a relationship.
CursedIdol Serena
Eddie Lockhart is a 43 year old father of three from Elgin, Illinois. We was once a figure skater during his younger days, but currently works as a restauranteur. His other talents are beatboxing, photography and voice impersonating. After making his audition tape, Eddie started to go to the gym and lost 14 lbs. and wanted to continue his quest to be fit, regardless if he made it as a castaway or not. Eddie wants to win Survivor not only because he wanted to lose weight, but also to impress his wife, who is a rabid fan of the show.
CursedIdol Eddie
Hallie Jeannette Morrison is a 23 year old fashion model from Newark, New Jersey. She is adventurous, wild and sometimes conceited. She has posed for French and Italian Vogue, and she made an ad for Express. Jeff is skeptical of Hallie's longevity in the wild.
CursedIdol Hallie
Seth Ronald Leithold is a 37 year old construction worker from Aurora, Colorado. He was once a rancher who took custody of his parents' farm, but decided to leave the ranch to seek greener grasses in the city. Unlike most cowboys, Seth does not have a southern accent.
CursedIdol Seth
Wesley "Wes" Dreyfus is a 24-year old former surfer (currently works as a bartender) from Los Angeles, California. He quit surfing because of an unfortunate encounter with a great white shark, which left him fearing deep water. He claimed that he had 14 girlfriends since he was 12. He joined Survivor to rekindle his love for the outdoors and get over his fear of deep water. Jeff described him as a person "who acts more dashing than he actually is."
CursedIdol Wes

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"Beware of the Curse" · "Can't Cut the Mustard" · "Placebo Effect" · "Buy a Lemon" · "Dropping Like Flies" · "Go to Your Momma" · "She's Joshing Me!" · "Reality Check" · "Queer the Pitch" · "Stuff It in Your Face" · "Feeding Frenzy" · "I'm Dumb, but Not That Much" · "I Don't Forgive, I Get Even"

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  • This season's theme is inspired by Philippine mysticism and the Spanish occupation of the Philippines from 1521-1898. The Anting-anting(or agimat) is a small talisman, usually made of metal, and with Latin engravings, which is used to either protect the wearer (usually a warrior) from exorcism and other forms of sorcery (this would be the Hidden Immunity Idol of the season). The Cursed Idol is the libreto, a type of talisman, usually a triangular shaped charm, with an eye engraving (similar to the Millennium Items from the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh!) from that is intended to set forth a curse to whoever is attacking the wearer. Agimats are either worn (with the risk of being vulnerable when the amulet is taken out of the body); or ingested, to keep the amulet's powers until the wearer's death. Revolutionaries are said to wear these amulets for protection.
  • The Tribal Council set is inspired by the oldest district of Manila, Intramuros (Spanish for "within the walls"). This "walled city" was the seat of government of the Spanish government during its 333 year reign in the country. Most of the walls were obliterated by the Japanese during World War II. In 1979, then-Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos spearheaded the restoration of the walls. Today, Intramuros is a historical park and a must-see tourist destination. Other than housing most of Manila's most important government officials during the Spanish era, the walled city is also home to some of the country's oldest universities.

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