Survivor: Kermadec Falls
Author User:Ckarimalis
Filming Location Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
Season Run February 5th 2011 - August 19th 2011
Episodes 14
Survivors 18
Days 39
Winner Gray Winters (5-2-1)
Runner(s)-up Sarah Linnv
Noctourne Alley
Tribes      Anju
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season Survivor: Black Islands
Next Season Survivor: Madagascar

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Some say that "3 is the magic number." Well, the number 3 will prove to be a lucky number to the winner of the third season of Ckarimalis's Sim Survivor. This season will feature 3 tribes, each with 3 men and 3 women. It will also include a final 3 instead of a final 2. Who will rise as the winner?


  • Hidden Immunity Idols One Immunity + Reward Challenge winner will win a night stay at a mysterious location where there's a map to the hidden immunity idol.
  • Tribe Dissolve: On Day 7, Mungo, down two members was split and 2 members from Anju and Niiv had to switch to opposite teams.


Survivor: Kermadec Falls
Contestants Original Tribe Absorbed Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes

Cherry B. B&W

Cherry Blossom

20, Flight Attendant

Anju 1st Voted Out

Day 3


Kael J B&W

Kael Jackson

27, Model

Mungo 2nd Voted Out

Day 3


Esme R B&W

Esme Ram

22, Singer

Niiv 3rd Voted Out

Day 6


Olivia W B&W

Olivia Whitfield

19, Day Care Employee

Mungo 4th Voted Out

Day 6


Mark O B&W

Mark Owen

39, Professional Singer

Anju Niiv 5th Voted Out

Day 9


Gajlakk F B&W

Gajlakk Fordee

21, Delivery Boy

Anju Anju 6th Voted Out

Day 12


Vanessa S B&W

Vanessa Summers

20, Fashion Designer

Anju Niiv 7th Voted Out

Day 15


Adam W B&W

Adam White

27, Farmer

Mungo Anju 8th Voted Out

Day 18


Sam D B&W

Sam Daley

24, Mechanic

Niiv Niiv Mungo 9th Voted Out

Day 21


Ilena S B&W

Ilena Swan

20, Coffee Shop Server

Niiv Niiv Mungo 10th Voted Out

Day 24


Sienna H B&W

Sienna Hart

21, Aspiring Actress

Mungo Anju Mungo 11th Voted Out

Day 27


Flora G B&W

Flora Gardenia

24, Unemployed

Niiv Anju Mungo 12th Voted Out

Day 30


Owen B B&W

Owen Brookes

22, Business Major

Anju Anju Mungo 13th Voted Out

Day 33


Tim M B&W

Tim Matthews

50, Retired

Mungo Niiv Mungo 14th Voted Out

Day 36


Blake R B&W

Blake Rockwell

36, Director

Niiv Anju Mungo 15th Voted Out

Day 38


Noctourne A B&W

Noctourne Alley

24, Little League Soccer Coach

Mungo Niiv Mungo Second Runner Up

Day 39


Sarah L B&W

Sarah Linn

21, Student

Anju Anju Mungo First Runner Up

Day 39


Grey W

Grey Winters

26, Interior Designer

Niiv Niiv Mungo Sole Survivor

Day 39


Season Summary

3 tribes began on a mission to win 1 million simoleons. Mungo lost 2 members in consecutive tribal councils and was temporarilty dissolved. The members of Niiv dominated the early game, all but 1 made it to the merge and the teams merged with 5 original Niivs vs. 2 original Anjus and 3 original Mungos. However, the ex Anju and Mungo players united to take apart Niiv. Slowly, the Niiv alliance dwindled down to just Grey Winters. Grey was able to stay alive by winning immunity, playing his idol and throwing his old teammates Flora and Blake under the bus. He survived to the end along with Noctourne Alley and Sarah Linn. Grey was crowned the winner for his aggressive strategic gameplay.

The Game

  • All reward and immunity challenges were combined.
  • Grey won immunity in episode 8 which excused him from that tribal council.
  • Episodes will not have individual write-ups. Click links to read full episode.

Voting History

Author's Notes

  • This season has already been created. I am making this portal page to get used to this new wiki. Information will be filled in soon, and I will get back to Survivor: Madagascar, after I finish creating this portal page.
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