Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Filming Location Caramoan Islands, Philippines
Episodes 15
Survivors 20 (10 pairs of 2)
Days 39
Winner Kevin Rosenthal (4-3-2)
Runner(s)-up Martin Hymann
Andy Aseltine
Tribes Bulan
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season Cursed Idol
Next Season Burma

Survivor: Couples Showdown is the second season of Ian's fan fiction series.


  • Couples Format: In a drastic format change, the twenty castaways are made up of ten teams of two, each with a preexisting relationship. Despite this, it is still an individual game, and it is not compulsory for players to stick with their partner, as they can always turn on them if they see fit.
    Survivor Philippines 4 Celebrity Doubles Showdown (Opening Credits)

    Survivor Philippines 4 Celebrity Doubles Showdown (Opening Credits)

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  • Hidden Immunity Idols will return, and no clues will be provided.
  • Temptation Reward: The winning tribe in a Reward Challenge would choose one or two of their own (not necessarily a castaway and his/her partner he/she started the game with) to be the only one/s partaking in the Temptation Reward. After being shown the reward, the chosen one/s were then also presented with the consequence that comes upon accepting the Temptation Reward. Declining from the Temptation Reward is also an option, if those chosen would deem accepting it be too harmful for their strategy. Each episode features a different temptation offer. If players do not chose to take the temptation, it will never be encountered again.
  • The Cursed Idol returns this season, but only appears at post-merge.
  • Tribe switch
  • One World: Starting from the tribe switch, both tribes will live together until they merge.



Bulan Buff Tala Buff Apolaki Buff

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Tala Font
Josh & Tyler
20 year olds Josh and Tyler Deckers (a.k.a. "Double Deckers") are twin brothers that originally grew up in New Zealand, they moved to Houston, Texas at the age of 14. They came from a well-to-do family, but their dream ever since the age of 10 had been to play the game of Survivor. Both are skinny, tall and are fit. They are cross country runners, and good at puzzles. Josh is non-assertive and quiet while Tyler is blunt and sometimes arrogant.
CS Josh and Tyler
Ricky & Talia
Talia Kent (22) and Ricky Mitchell (36) are friends from Dover, Delaware. Talia currently works as a coffee shop barista while Ricky is a motorcycle mechanic. When Talia was 17, she accidentally fell asleep while driving, terribly crashing her car to a tree. Ricky saw the accident and immediately went to help her. Ricky saved her life and five years later they are the best of friends. Both never considered going into a romantic relationship with each other.
CS Ricky and Talia
Kasia & Toby
Kasia Inns (22) and Toby Speck (23) are a young couple both hailing from Long Beach, California. They've been dating for two years. What makes them such a good team is that Kasia has the smarts but inept as an outdoorsman, for she never camped in her life. Toby's the tenacious and physical, but dimwitted one, having no control over his mouth and tends to blab things out, maybe revealing things he shouldn't have. But from the two, Toby had camping experience, a fact he would most likely to brag.
CS Kasia and Toby
Simone & Ebony
Hailing from the hood in Queens, New York natives Simone (30) and Ebony (24) Howard joined Survivor to rid themselves of poverty. Despite their lack of wealth, the sisters are frequent comedians, bringing joy to their neighborhood, despite its high crime rate. On serious times, Ebony is the silent type, being keen and observant, whereas Simone is fiery and pugnacious. These differences usually put them in trouble, but still care for each other deeply.
CS Simone and Ebony
Kevin & Camille
Kevin Rosenthal (46) and Camille Ferguson (44) are a separated couple from Coolidge, Arizona. Kevin and Camille were best of friends since they were teenagers, and their relationship eventually evolved into a romantic relationship. A year later, the two got separated when Camille's family moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Five years later, fate intervened when Kevin met up with Camille at an airport, where Kevin worked as a ticketing agent, while Camille worked as a stewardess. The two found their way back to love after a month; and after a year's worth of dating, the two got married, and were blessed with three boys: John (22), Third (20) and Andrew (18). All was well during their marriage, until Kevin's started to skip work and wasted his time in bars getting drunk and womanizing. This caused Camille to leave their house along with their three children. Camille still loved Kevin anyway, for she had not filed a divorce, despite her parents' efforts to make her do so. After going to rehab, Kevin swore to change his ways and try to win his wife back. Not only they want to win Survivor to save their marriage, they will use the money to send John to Harvard Law School.
CS Kevin and Camille
Bulan Font
Andy & Devon
Best friends Andy Aseltine and Devon French are both 18 year old students from West Springfield, Massachusetts. Andrew is intelligent, and a long time fan of the game. Very strategic and level-headed, yet comical. His biggest problem is being away from his family, but he stated he would not quit. He said if Devon gets in trouble, he would try his best to save him, unless if his own gameplay is compromised. Devon on the other hand is the stubborn and hot-headed one of the duo. This car-loving teen said he would lie to make it to the end with his partner.
CS Andy and Devon
Burgundy & Declan
Burgundy Miller (20) and Declan Morrow (22) a dating couple from Portland, Oregon. Though both are deeply in love with each other, marriage is still not an option. Both loved the arts, with Burgundy being passionate in painting, while Declan is an audiophile and plays in a band who have extensively traveled across the state. Burgundy, a psychology major, knows how to read people's minds and be analytical of people's ulterior motives. Declan is agile, both on land and on water. Both Burgundy and Declan have participated in several marathons and charity works. While they dislike reality television, they decided to join Survivor to win the money and hopefully have a grand wedding and for Declan to use his newfound fame to boost his music career, with Burgundy as his manager.
CS Burgundy and Declan
Salina & Jacki
Started out as friends since high school, Salina Ewers (34) and Jacki Lewis (35) entered a romantic relationship after discovering a mutual affection for each other, and are currently life partners. Their purpose of joining Survivor is to get married and adopt a child. They live in Seattle, Washington.
CS Salina and Jacki
Paula & Melissa
Melissa Earhart (31) and Paula Sina (30) are best friends/workmates from Valparaiso, Indiana. Melissa has Asperger's syndrome and Paula has always stuck up for her and been there for her when people have bullied her. They joined Survivor to not only combat Melissa's social awkwardness, but also to raise awareness about Asperger's Syndrome.
CS Paula and Melissa
Martin & Leo
Both 28 and living in San Francisco, California. Since childhood, Martin Hymann and Leo Harrelson have been rivals on almost everything. From childhood petty fights, high school basketball, college scholarships and even girls, these two grew a friendly competition with each other. When they learned Survivor will be a doubles format, they decided to apply, but not to compete as allies, but to finally settle their rivalry.
CS Martin and Leo

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Survivor: Couples Showdown episodes

"You and Me Against the World" · "Temptation Island" · "We're Not Cavemen!" · "Rolling with the Punches" · "Burn the Witch!" · "You Can't Undo Brothers" · "Reverse One World" · "My New Partner" · "Time to Raise Hell" · "Couple's Retreat" · "Eighty Six" · "Chew the Fat" · "Fool's Gold" · "Go for Broke (Part 1)" · "Go for Broke (Part 2)"

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  • This season is inspired by the Philippine version's fourth season, Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown. The tribe names, Bulan, Tala and Apolaki are lifted from that season.
  • This fanon was written in April–May 2012, exactly a year before Survivor: Blood vs. Water was filmed.

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