"Stuff It in Your Face"
Season Survivor: The Cursed Idol
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 10/13
Episode Chronology
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: The Cursed Idol.

Previously on Survivor

After viciously blindsided Belinda, Adrianna acquired her Hidden Immunity Idol and gained a new ally in Serena; but Serena was unsure of her standing in the alliance. As a solution, Adrianna gave Belinda's idol to Serena to cement her trust in their alliance. After losing the Immunity Challenge for the first time, Serena decided to shake things up by secretly making a pact with April, Alanna and Curtis to thwart the other alliance. At Tribal Council, the alliance voted for Curtis, who was visibly sick, while the outsiders voted for Carly for her loud personality. But to everyone's surprise, Serena gave the idol to Curtis and let him use it. Adrianna then gave her second idol to Carly after catching Serena murmuring Carly's name to April, Alanna and Curtis, causing a stalemate. In the end, Serena was blindsided by the whole tribe because she was a threat, even to the people she wanted to help.

Seven are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Survivor Auction: Each castaway will be given P30,000 (roughly $700) to outbid each other for items, either for food, comforts, or game-changing advantage. Players may not pool money and share the sold item. Auction will end without notice. Players may only bid on $50 increments.

Immunity Challenge: Monkey Business
Each player must traverse a network of hanging ropes. Once through, they would then climb up a net wall and retrieve five bags of puzzle pieces and race back to the starting line. If player falls from the ropes, they must go back to try again. Once all five bags are retrieved, they must solve their puzzle. First person to solve their puzzle (a map of the Philippines) wins immunity.
Winner: Adrianna


Day 28

The day after a vicious Tribal Council, where Serena was blindsided, the Salamat tribe contemplated their decision of voting Serena out. The fearsome foursome alliance were regretting their decision to cut her loose.

After Serena got voted out, we must get rid of Alanna, April and Curtis, because with any of them sitting in the finals three, the jury would note vote any of us because we crossed her.


Later, April noticed Wes was the only person who has yet to do camp chores. When asked to tend the fire while April was gone collecting pineapples, Wes slept the whole time, not knowing their fire ran out. Seeing their fire dissipated, April yelled at Wes, telling him to reignite their fire. Wes on the other hand was being defensive and went away, telling her that he would collect food instead.

Wes is a lazy jerk. His laziness is so apparent, he just a morale sucker, though I would choose to bring Wes at the end, because I felt that he doesn't make his own moves. The way I see it, he did not bring the alliance this far, it's the alliance that got him this far in the game.


Day 29

The tribes met Jeff Probst for what they thought was a Reward Challenge. Jeff then said they would be doing a Survivor Auction instead. The survivors won:

  • Adrianna: Footlong hotdog sandwhich and soda ($200); An advantage for the next Immunity Challenge ($500)
  • Alanna: Sealed item (A serving of Halo-halo, $350) -- Alanna was given a choice between the first sealed item (the one she bought for $350) and a second sealed item. Jeff revealed that the second sealed item was a tinted bottle; and it is up to Adrianna if she would like to reveal its contents to the other players or not. Alanna still chose the item she bid for. Jeff cracked the bottle open, revealing a Hidden Immunity Idol, much to Alanna's chagrin.
  • April: A large slice of chocolate cake ($600)
  • Brock: Sealed item (A Philly cheese steak sandwich, with potato slices and a large mug of iced tea, $450); 1/4 pound cheeseburger with fries and soda ($250)
  • Carly: Chicken with rice and side dish of macaroni and cheese ($500)
  • Curtis: A family-sized pizza ($500); sealed item (a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol; $200)
  • Wes: Sealed item (balut, and a glass of water boiled from camp; $700)
Oh man, I hate this auction!


Back at camp, Alanna was visibly upset for not picking the bottle which would have contained the idol, though Curtis comforted her, saying she did not know the bottle contained the idol before she bid. Curtis then told Alanna he would look for the idol using the clue he obtained, in hopes of usurping the majority alliance.

I am so pissed off at myself. The halo-halo might be a million dollar dessert.


I may be sick, but I still have my game face on. I will just have to look for the idol, and it will be going south for Adrianna's alliance.


At night, while Brock, Adrianna and Carly were sleeping, Wes was approached by Alanna and April, asking him if there would be any possibility of pulling him as the swing vote. Curtis told him Adrianna is a threat because she has played a mighty game from the start. With Wes visibly uncertain, Curtis boldly asked him what moves he made apart from joining the majority alliance. Wes weakly answered he would still weight his options and immediately went to sleep.

Wes is our only hope in case Curtis doesn't find the idol. Wes is a dream to bring at Final Tribal. Like, he's lazy, he gives up on challenges, and he overly relies on the alliance that carried him to this point.


Wes is a needy jerk. He's pompous, but he does not have substance. Like, dude, seriously, man up. I've seen gay guys who can act more manly than him.


I was caught offguard by Curtis, Alanna and April. Like yeah, I have not done moves big moves like Carly, Brock and Adrianna did, so I have to do something within the alliance, or else, they'll just treat me as a person who only rode the alliance's coattails.


Day 30

After receiving Tree Mail, the seven Salamat tribe members met Jeff Probst for their Immunity Challenge. After telling the instructions, Jeff told Adrianna to open the advantage she obtained from the auction, where it stated that while the castaways will have to go through the challenge using the hanging ropes with knots for foot support, there will be a lane exclusive for Adrianna where instead of five hanging ropes, three swings will be given at her disposal.

At the challenge, Adrianna put her advantage into good use, with Alanna seconds behind her. Wes on the other hand, cannot get through the hanging ropes. Curtis, who was already on his way to his third bag castigated Wes for not working hard enough at the challenge (Wes was still going for his first bag). It came down to Adrianna and Alanna, who were closely contested at the puzzle building part. In the end, Adrianna won two seconds ahead of Alanna, winning herself immunity.

Wes acts more dashing than he actually is. What a poser. I am actually liking throwing Wes off-guard, use his weaknesses and stuff it in his face. With that, he will know that the people he sent to the jury will not vote for him because he didn't live up to the caliber of his alliance partners.


Hats off to Adrianna. It might be me tonight. The challenge indeed settled our rivalry.


Back at camp, Curtis furthered his plans of taunting Wes, telling him that it would be the right time to overthrow the Fearsome Foursome alliance. Wes again replied that he was still unsure.

I know what Curtis is doing. He bullies me until I get compelled to vote with him instead of against him. If I blindside my current alliance, they wouldn't vote for me. If I continue my pact with them, the jury will just say I just rode coattails, and still not vote for me. I'm between a rock and a hard place at this point. Curtis is now for me a bonafide threat. But I can't vote him out because he knows my weakness, and he might use it as a conversation piece in the end, which will not be a good situation for me. Yet, he's a threat if I do not vote him off. What to do, what do do...


Later, Wes approached his alliance to vote Curtis out, but Adrianna, sensing that Curtis' actions at the challenge might have put a strain on Wes, she agreed, saying that the alliance must stay strong.

I think Curtis was right on target about Wes.Now, it made perfect sense that we should keep Wes because the jury will not respect his neediness.


I have to vote Curtis out tonight to "redeeem" myself so I can tell him, "look, I was responsible for your removal." And that I hope the jury will give me points for that. The guy was so sickly yet still competitive.


While the alliance was conversing, Curtis was looking for the idol. The Alaskan bank teller eventually found the idol, who was hidden under a rock just behind the bush where Brock, Carly, Adrianna and Wes were talking. Curtis was immediately caught by Carly, with the former telling her he would use the idol at the next Tribal Council. This forced them to choose between April and Alanna instead, to Wes' chagrin.

Minutes before Tribal Council, Alanna, April and Curtis talked at the beach, with Curtis telling them he had the idol, but was unsure who will the majority alliance vote for. Curtis then told them he already said to the fearsome foursome he would use the idol, but in truth, he would give to one of them. Knowing that April played a good under-the-radar gameplay, she would receive the idol.

At Tribal Council, Curtis and Wes bickered over the latter's lack of committment to the game, but Wes rebutted that his game is differently played than him and it was Curtis' first time to make a move because he was on the outs. Curtis told the tribe he had the idol and he said he will use it to save himself, prompting the alliance to vote for someone else.

After the vote, Curtis used the idol, but not to himself, and instead gave it to April. But to his dismay, the vote swung to Alanna's direction instead. In retaliation for his indecision, she gave the Cursed Idol to Wes, saying that she was not expecting Wes to be voted out, though she wanted to give him a wake-up call.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
CursedIdol Alanna
Alanna (4 votes)
CursedIdol AdriannaCursedIdol BrockCursedIdol CarlyCursedIdol Wes
Adrianna, Brock, Carly, & Wes
CursedIdol Brock
Brock (3 votes)
CursedIdol AlannaCursedIdol AprilCursedIdol Curtis
Alanna, April, & Curtis
CursedIdol Adrianna
(has individual immunity)
(via Cursed Idol; vote not counted)
CursedIdol April
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
CursedIdol Wes
Alanna Spelling

Voting Confessionals

We're voting for because we want to make you sulk further for not choosing the idol over some dessert.


Hoping our rivalry ends tonight.


Alanna, dumb move. Hope you have more of that halo-halo at Ponderosa


Wes, please, just one more.


Brock, you're a physical threat, you should know that by now.


I hope to God this works.


Remember, sweets cause tooth decay. So, brush your teeth at Ponderosa, okay?


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Curtis makes another big move, while the fearsome foursome alliance crumbles.
Don't you dare talk to me like that!


They're having some sort of feeding frenzy over there.


Author's Notes

  • Halo-halo (meaning "mixed together" (adjective) or "to mix" (verb) in Filipino) is a dessert made from caramelized bananas/plantains, chickpeas, sugar palm fruit, purple yam, gelatin, leche flan and tapioca pearl under shaved ice poured with evaporated milk and topped with ice cream. This dessert is a staple during the Philippines' hot summer days (from March to early June).
  • It should be noted that the Hidden Immunity Idol Alanna would have obtained during the auction is not the same idol hidden at camp, thus two idols would have been in play again.
  • In Filipino slang, a person who does things similar to Wes' actions this week is called ampaw (read as "ampao"). Literally meaning rice crispies, an ampaw is a person who is a weakling, clumsy and has no substance. Similar to rice crispies, an ampaw has a crispy exterior, but only has air on the inside.
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