"Stress Level Ten"

One castaway must make a decision that may determine the course of the game.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 9/15
Date Uploaded March 21, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 9 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "Stress Level Ten".
This episode chronicles Days 24-26.


Reward Challenge

For this reward challenge, each castaway will compete in the traditional Survivor Auction, with each castaway bidding on items, sometimes hidden, that can either nourish them or help them in the game.

1st Item: Hidden
Bidding: Jonny wins bid at 200 dollars. (Jonny now has 300 dollars)
Reward: One plate of fries at a cold beer.
Notes: Jonny eats the food with delight, and contently listens to Jeff.

2nd Item: Hidden
Bidding: Cameron wins bid at 120 dollars. (Cameron now has 380 dollars)
Reward: An Advantage at the Next Immunity Challenge
Notes: Jeff reveals that at the next immunity challenge, Cameron will have an advantage.

3rd Item: Cheeseburger and Chips
Bidding: Devan wins bid at 400 dollars. (Devan now has 100 dollars)
Reward: A hot and juicy cheeseburger with chips.
Notes: Devan was craving a burger, and bid so fast nobody even contended.

4th Item: Hidden
Bidding: Mackenzie wins bid at 200 dollars (Mackenzie now has 300 dollars)
Reward: Plate of Spaghetti
Notes: Mackenzies, favorite dish. She scarfs it down happily.

5th Item: Hidden
Bidding: Cassie wins bid at 280 dollars. (Cassie now has 220 dollars)
Reward: Bottled Sea Water
Notes: Cassie was disgusted and let Jeff keep it. She was laughing, but upset.

6th Item: Letter From Home
Bidding: Jessie wins bid at 500 dollars. (Jessie now has 0 dollars)
Reward: A letter from home containing notes from all the loved ones who miss them.
Notes: Jeff offers Jessie the option to forfeit her letter for everybody elses. She reluctantly accepts.

7th Item: Hidden
Bidding: Mackenzie wins bid at 100 dollars. (Mackenzie now has 200 dollars)
Reward: Take Anybody's Remaining Money and Send Them Back To Camp
Notes: Mackenzie takes Andrews money and sends him back to camp. (Mackenzie now has 700 dollars)

8th Item: Hidden
Bidding: Paul wins bid at 340 dollars. (Paul now has 160 dollars)
Reward: Leave Immediately and Spend the Night on a Different Island
Notes: Paul gave his 160 dollars to Jessie before leaving.

9th Item: Secret Note
Bidding: Malik wins bid at 500 dollars. (Malik now has 0 dollars)
Reward: Secret Note To Be Opened in Private
Notes: Malik is told to open the note back at camp and in private. It is said to be able to help his position.

Immunity Challenge

Todays immunity challenge involves each player trying to advance through several stages of competition. The first stage involves each player having to traverse through an obstacle course. At the end of the course is a container full of small metal balls. They must grab a ball (only one) and bring it back. Once back, they must put it into a slingshot and try to take out glass plates set several yards away. First three players to knock out both of their plates advances to the final round. For the final round, each player must solve a puzzle which, when completed, will form a perfect cube, with the season logo being represented on all sides. First player to do so wins immunity.

Winner: Paul (Paul, Malik, Mackenzie each advancing to the final round)

Day Twenty-Four

As each castaway returns to camp, they greet Andrew, who had been sent back to camp at the auction. He said his hellos before asking about Paul.

Paul is gone for tonight? Oh man this is the time for strategy talk. This could be bad. And Malik has some secret note? What is this? Oh man I have to find out what that note says.


Meanwhile, at the different island, Paul is struggling to remain calm. He is having trouble with his patience and is getting frustrated about the auction.

This was such a bad bid! I can't believe I'm gonna be stuck here for a whole day by myself. I got to get a fire started or else it's gonna be a long night.


With a lot of time and some supplies, Paul manages to get a fire going before night sets in and gets ready for a rough night.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Malik opens the note.

This note gives you a choice during an immunity challenge. You may chose any player to sit out at an immunity challenge of your choice. When you wish to use this note, please present it to Jeff at the challenge and tell him which opponent you will have sit out.

–Secret Note

Malik was surprised by the sudden opportunity he was presented with. He was just dealt a great hand, and he kew he just had to play it right. He wasn't planning on using it just yet, because there are so many alternatives in case somebody he wants out wins immunity. He told Cassie about it, who was ecstatic about it.

Malik and I have a great opportunity at our hands. If we play this right, it can improve our odds astronomically. I hope I didn't just jinx us.


Andrew was curious as to what it said, and since he knew of Malik and Cassie's alliance, he attempted to get closer to Cassie. He used what was a previous spark in their friendship to try to get some information. Although Cassie didn't realize what Andrew was doing, she didn't budge. She knew how important it was to keep it a secret.

I saw Andrew getting close to Cassie today. I'm nervous. Andrew can't be wishy washy now. We need him now.


On a different note, Mackenzie was off in the woods by herself, letting her emotions get the best of her. She wanted so badly to get those letters, but she gave it up for the tribe. Although everybody was appreciative, there was no way they could feel the way she does. Cassie noticed her and approached her with as much kindness as possible. She wasn't sure what to do, but she tried her best to comfort her.

I'm really surprised by Cassie. What she did took a lot of guts. I gained a helluva lot of respect for her.


Day Twenty-Five

Paul returned to camp early in the morning, and discussed everything that happened in his absense with Andrew and Jessie. Paul left before Malik got the note, so he was just as surprised to hear it as Andrew was. Paul was so curious to know, he confronted Malik upfront and asked, to which Malik refused to tell him. He told him that it was a secret note for a reason and only he and a select few knew about it.

Man, this is killing me. I want to know. It could be anything. A clue to a hidden idol, maybe something else. I don't know.


Cameron had seemingly made up his mind, as he was what seemed to be plotting with Yaureibo. Andrew noticed this, and counted number scenarios. The tribe was in a clear divide at this point, with Mackenzie right in the middle. Andrew, Paul, Jessie, and Devan were in an alliance, while the Yaureibo four were in an alliance. All the while, Mackenzie had made promises to both of the foursomes. She wasn't sure who to side with, and who to target. But she knows that she can get leverage of who she wants to vote out, so it's up to her.

On one hand, I'm glad to be in this position, because I managed to get myself in a spot where I basically choose who to vote out. I guess we'll see.


Andrew was aware of the fact that Mackenzie had not made up her mind, and told Paul that if she sides with Yaureibo they must initiate what he called Plan Voodoo part two. It was obviously a reference to Cao boi's plan back in Cook Islands, but was very different. They managed to keep it to whispers, so nobody heard what they were planning.

If this goes down the way I hope it doesn't go down, I think we can flip it around again. Of course, we have to make sure I stay after this tribal.


Day Twenty-Six

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.

As the Baurimar tribe returns to camp, they prepare for what is sure to be an intense tribal council, with Mackenzie ultimately determining who goes home. Devan wanted to make sure that Kenzie was with the Cacimar alliance, so he asked Mackenzie who she is voting for. She said she wasn't sure, and Devan suggested voting out Jonny.

Well, it was my hope that approaching Mackenzie and tempting her with certain safety would definitely help sway her vote to our side.


However, Devan came across as rude, because she seemed undecided. So Mackenzie told him that she would vote for Jonny.

Devan just got himself voted out. He needed to let me make a decision on my own terms. On top of that, he reminded me that siding with them would be a mistake. Devan has targeted me before, and once they had the numbers advantage, they would get rid of me. I have to go talk to Malik.


Mackenzie talked to Malik and told him that she would join them if they get rid of Devan first. Malik agreed, and was also told that Jonny would be targeted tonight.

I hope Kenzie is not playing me. We need her vote or else the remaining yaureibo members are toast.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10: Baurimar


Devan headshot


Cameron headshotCassie headshotJonny headshotMackenzie headshotMalik headshot

Cameron, Cassie, Jonny, Mackenzie, Malik

Jonny headshot


Andrew headshotDevan headshotJessie headshotPaul headshot

Andrew, Devan, Jessie, Paul

Voted Off:

Devan headshot


Voting Confessionals

Jonny, you have played a quiet game. Don't you know that doesn't get you anywhere but the jury?


Sorry Devan. I think you are a great kid with a great work ethic, but I have to do what Mackenzie wants.


The only thing we had in common was our age. You barely even made an effort to talk to me.


Jonny, Mackenzie should be helping us send you off this island tonight.


Sorry surfer bro.


Have fun on the jury.


Devan, I'm voting for you because you made a strategical mistake today. It has repercussions.


Man I hope this goes the way I think it's gonna go.


I'm not sure how this is going to end, but at least I'm safe.


Final Words

Mackenzie lied to me. I can't believe it. Well, I know it's part of the game. I just don't know why they targeted me. Well, it's okay because I made it the jury. So we'll see who is laughing when I get to help decide who wins this.


Still in the Running

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Next Time on Survivor...

Andrew and Paul's secret may or may not come into fruition, but will they be able to keep the secret? One thing is for sure, this is a bold move.