"Spiders, Slides and Splits"
GoldenOrbSpider The spider that scares Kamila.
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 3/13
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This is the 3rd episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Sammie and Sherbert were getting on the nerves of their respective tribes, they were the first two eliminated. Now that the irritants are gone, will the next votes be as swift?


Reward Challenge: 7 UP
One at a time, teams member will go down a huge water slide, where they will go out into the water and retrieve a crate. The number of team members retrieving crates increases each turn. Once a team has all of their crates, they will then assemble a puzzle. First team to assemble their puzzle wins reward.
Reward: Trip to a "7UP Oasis" for the afternoon where they will have burgers, steaks, hot dogs, pies, and all the 7UP they can drink.
Winner: Baobab

Immunity Challenge:By The Numbers
Seven castaways from each tribe would stand on a narrow beam over water. One at a time, the castaways would move down the beam, squeezing past their fellow tribe members. The castaway moving down the beam would not be allowed to touch more than one tribe member at a time. Any castaway to fall off would have to start over. The first tribe to get all seven members to the finish platform would win.
Winner: Baobab


Day 7

Baobab returns to their camp after their first tribal council. Without difficulty, the tribe falls asleep.

Last night's sleep was the best I've had on this island so far. I'm so happy Sherbert is gone, I had a great sleep!


Fossa rose early and had water and fruit. Elsa starting singing, and she was pretty good. The tribe continued their morning like usual. Kamila left to use the bathroom and it wasn't long until her tribe heard her shriek. Her teammates ran to her scream.

Nicholas: "What's wrong Kamila"
Kamila: "I just saw a huge spider! It was so big! It scared the Hell out of me!"
Nicholas: "Where is it?"
Kamila: "It's over that way..."
Bella: "Oh, It's just a Gold Orb spider, they usually aren't even this big, but relax, they're harmless."
Kamila: "Thanks for saving me Nicholas!"

I am mortified of spiders! That one was like half a foot long! It's aweful, I'm not going to be able to sleep anymore knowing that monster is out here, and it probably has a family.


I'm not upset with Kamila for being afraid of spiders, however I am upset with her for making a big deal about them, and going as far to think Nick when I helped her.


The two tribes then left for the reward challenge. Upon arriving, 2 great slides were placed in front of a huge pond. Elsa said this challenge looked fun.

Nicholas slide down first for Fossa and Drew for Baobab. They both ran into the pond and unlocked their first crates. Drew kept pace with Nicholas and they both brought their crates on shore at equal times. Bobby then slid for Baobab and Julian for Fossa, they kept even pace as well as the next pair Corey and Hanson. Carly was the first female to slide for Baobab and Elsa for Fossa. Elsa took a lead over Carly. But Baobab made up their lost time when Jasmain slid for Baobab and Kamila for Fossa. The tribe were even once again. Rikku then went for Baobab and Antonia for Fossa, Rikku lost a lot of time trying to unlock her crate and the men on her team had to help her get it back to shore. Fossa made a good lead. Finally, Jessica was the last to slide for Baobab and Bella for Fossa. Bella lost Fossa's lead by trudging through the water. She was trying her best, but Jessica caught up and Baobab was once again tied with Fossa. The tribes then started to assemble their puzzles. Fossa was frantic, and Baobab used thier good communication skills to solve their puzzle first. Baobab won reward.

Fossa groaned back at camp after losing another reward challenge.

I'ts so upsetting, when are we going to win a reward? I want a steak too!


Bella leaves to get some Baobab fruit to try and cheer up the tribe.

Kamila: "We would've won if Bella didn't ruin our lead."
Hanson: "It's not just her fault, we are just not the best puzzle solvers."
Nicholas: "If we kept our lead it wouldn't have mattered."
Hanson: "We could've helped her bring the crate back quicker!"
Nicholas: "Why are you sticking up for her anyway?"
Hanson: "Because she is a member of our team and it wasn't just her fault we lost."

I had to walk away from the conversation. I promised I'd look out for Bella, and I did. She is a strong woman just for coming out here and trying to win! I respect her so much and Nick and Kamila are very disrespectful.


I don't understand his problem. Maybe he just feels threatened by me. He's an old fool to try and stick up for her, he'll go next!


Almost everyone of Baobab was enjoying the reward at the 7 UP oasis. Unfortunately, Rikku was upset.

There were steaks, burgers and dogs! I'm a vegetarian. There was also pies and soda, but I hate processed foods, I try to eat organic. Is it bad that I talk crap about 7 UP and they are the sponsors?


While Rikku moped, the rest of the team enjoyed their feast. But over-observant Bobby noticed a small piece of parchment in the hot dog rolls.

As discreetly as I could I nabbed that paper. I knew it was a clue! I shoved it into my boxer-briefs for safety! Ha! Doubt someone will try to get it from me when it's there!


Baobab enjoyed their feast, and then returned to their camp for the night.

By nightfall at Fossa, Hanson told Bella about Nick and Kamila.

Hanson: "She was just like Bella cost us the reward!."
Bella: "It's fine really, it was my fault."
Hanson: "No it wasn't! It was all of ours!"
Bella: "Really, I could've done better, its just my ankles. I don't care that they talk behind my back either, their young and foolish! I wouldn't be surprised if Nick was trying to hook up with Kamila. She's very attractive."
Hanson: "Ha, she is pretty, but she's Vegas trash. "
Bella: "Hahah, oh Hanson, you make this game enjoyable."

Day 8

At Baobab, Bobby woke at sunrise and read his clue. There are 2 talismans, 1 is green and one is red, if you want to win the million, you must look where you hide the dead.

So, I wasn't the best at deciphering the clue. Obviously, I figured out that there was a Fossa idol and a Baobab idol. But other than that I had no leads. So I waited for either Corey or Jasmain to wake up.


Bobby waits as all the other members of his tribe except Jasmain and Corey wake up. Finally, Jasmain wakes up. Bobby and Jasmain go on a walk.

Bobby: "So Jasmain, I found the clue to the hidden immunity idol!".
Jasmain: "WHAT! That's great! Can I read it?"
Bobby: "Sure! Actually I wanted your help."
Jasmain: "Ok, so it says here Look where you hide the dead.So its buried!"
Bobby: "Oh duh! How could I not see that! Wanna tell Corey? "
Jasmain: "Actually...Let's just try to look for it today. If we... find it... then maybe we will tell him later. And If we don't find it today then... well we will keep looking. But if we have a hard time finding it then we will tell him..."

I may be young, but I trust my first judgments. That can be a flaw of mine, but I think that Corey is... power-hungry. I'm so glad I am in his alliance, but I think if he found the idol, he would only use it to save himself. So I want a chance to look for it before he does, because well, I want it. It's a good thing I woke up first!


At Fossa, Kamila and Nicholas were missing.

Hanson: "Personally, I don't mind their absence. "
Elsa: "Haha! This is becoming a normal occurance, I wonder where they keep going?"
Bella: "C'mon, Elsa, don't be naive. They're off making out! Hell, they could be doing more!"
Julian: "You really think so? I think that'd be a little too grody. We haven't bathed in over a week now. "
Nicholas and Kamila arrive, clothing and hair disheveled
Elsa: "Oh hey guys, where you been? You look a little, messy? "
Kamila: "We were just uh... I saw a monkey! And it... attacked me and Nicholas saved me! That's what happened!"

Me and him! What? No way! Ew! How could you think that! We are so gross! I was really attacked by a snake! And ... I meant monkey! And Nicholas saved me!


You know we did. And we have been for the past 3 days.


At Baobab, Drew was talking to Corey.

Drew: "Don't you think that's weird? "
Corey: "What?"
Drew: "Bobby and Jasmain. They've been locked together all day today. Stuck like glue. And... they have been looking, down at the ground. All day, you haven't noticed?"
Corey: "I can't say I have"

Yes, I think Bobby has a clue and is looking for the idol. I jsut thought it was fishy that he didn't tell Corey. And yes, I figured it's buried. Those two have been staring at the ground all day.


I can't believe those two! My own allies! Looking for the idol and they haven't even told me! My only question is where have they kept the clue hidden. Neither of them have pockets!


Jasmain goes to talk with the girls, so Corey takes the opportunity to confront Bobby.

Corey: "Hey Bobby, your neck hurting?"
Bobby: "What? No, why would you ask that?"
Corey: "Because you've been staring at the ground all day. Is there something I should know?"
Bobby: "No, there isn't."
Corey: "Where's the clue?"
Bobby: "... What do you mean?"
Corey: "I'm not a dummy! You don't have pockets! Where is the idol clue?"
Bobby: "I don't know what your--" *Corey sticks his hand into Bobby's pants**Bobby blushes*
Corey, *pulls out the clue*: "Ha! I knew it! I would be mad at you for not telling me, but I've just forgiven you."
Bobby: "What does that mean?"
Corey: "It doesn't matter."

Corey has no bounds! He stuck his hungry hand into my underwear! What a loon! What if I didn't have the clue! I'd punch him out!


All my anger at Bobby went away as I reached into his pants. 2 good things came from that. 1, I got the idol clue and 2, well, I cannot say because this is a PG program.


Day 9

The two competing tribes met once again at the pond where the last challenge took place. This time they are competing for a bigger prize than just a reward, immunity.

Fossa Lineup:

  • Hanson
  • Antonia
  • Julian
  • Bella
  • Kamila
  • Elsa
  • Nicholas

Baobab Lineup:

  • Jasmain
  • Carly
  • Bobby
  • Drew
  • Jessica
  • Rikku
  • Corey

The challenge begins, Jasmain easily navigates past her teammates and makes it safely to the other side. Hanson moves much slower, making it past everyone until her gets to Nicholas. He tries to weave around him, Nicholas loses his balance but leans forward to catch it, but pushes Hanson into the water. Hanson goes back to the start. Carly moves with ease as well. Hanson tries again, but this time Kamila grabs Elsa as Hanson tries to go around her, Hanson has to jump in and start again. Bobby moves much slower than the last two girls, but still finishes before Hanson, who is moving around Julian. Drew starts, he makes it past Jessica and Rikku, but falls as he tries to go around Corey. Hanson gets to Nicholas again, this time he moves around Nick and crosses. Antonia starts for Fossa, she finishes before Drew does. Julian passes Bella and Kamila, but as he starts to pass Elsa, Drew finishes. Julian and Jessica finish at the same time. Bella starts to work around Kamila slowly, but she allows Baobab to finish. They win immunity.

A lively Baobab goes back to their shelter.

We won and there wasn't even a puzzle! You know we are kicking ass now!


Corey continues to look for the idol, but has no luck digging at random.

This buried idol sucks, It'll take me forever to find!


At Fossa, the spirits aren't so high. Kamila, Nicholas and Antonia are planning.

Nicholas: "So, I was upset with Hanson at the challenge, but it should be Bella tonight, right?"
Antonia: "It really should be, Hanson's mistake is a one-time thing, and it was balance, whereas Bella continuously shows weakness."
Nicholas: "What do you think Kamila?"
Kamila: "I am always with you, but I think Antonia is right, Bella is the weakest, and it should be her."
Nicholas: "Alright then, Ill go spread the word."

My game-plan so far is working great. I am making the decisions and Nicholas is doing the dirty work by trying to convince everyone else. I wouldn't mind keeping this up, I think I am in a great position.


Nicholas goes and talks to Julian and Elsa who seem on board. Then he goes back to Kamila and Antonia. While those 3 are gone, Hanson and Bella talk with Julian and Elsa.

Hanson: "We should spare Bella, she may be weak at challenges, but she is great at camp. Remember the bats?"
Julian: "I don't disagree with you, but our main goal as a team is to win challenges, and we cannot win with weak players. Can't you see that?"
Hanson: "That's crystal clear. Whose weak? Kamila is. We have to vote her out. Keeping her here is a mistake, she is weak and bad at camp."
Julian: "I have to think about this Hanson, I can't make any promises"
Hanson: "Just think about it when you vote tonight."

I made a promise to Bella, and I am trying my hardest to save her, that should count as something.


In this game you have to think about what is best for you. So my decision tonight will be whatever I think will work best for me. I talked to Elsa about what to do, because I think we have to make the same decision, try and keep the team unified. Elsa, as of now, is not voting the way I am, that may change tonight, I don't know. But I will be making the choice to benefit myself.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Bella (4 Votes)
Antonia, Julian, Kamila & Nicholas
Kamila (3 vote)
Bella, Elsa & Hanson
Bella B&W
Bella Juggensell

Voting Confessionals

You are the weakest in challenges, so you have to go.


You are not the outdoorsy type are you? I think you should go.


I am hoping this vote isn't wasted. You are weak. And a flirt. I don't want to play with someone like you, sorry.


I made a promise and I hope it pays off tonight.


This vote is in my best interest, I hope everything works out.


Bye, bye.


We have to keep the team at its strongest.


Final Words

This was an experience! I never thought I'd be to Africa! I wish I could've played longer. Best of luck to Fossa.


Still In The Running

Bella B&W






Sammie B&W
Carly B


Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Things get hairy as survivors look for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

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