Sherri Goulet
Sherri Goulet
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 10/28/1984 (28)
Hometown Concord, New Hampshire
Occupation Waitress

Survivor: Dominican Republic

Tribes Payabo
Placement 14/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 9

Sherri Goulet is a contestant from Survivor: Dominican Republic.


Name: Sherri Goulet

Sherri was born and raised in Concord, New Hampshire. Sherri is not very athletic, in fact she has said that she hates going to the gym more than anything else. She proudly admits to being very lazy and she will only do things when they have to be done.

Sherri loves to gossip about other people behind their backs and she is very two-faced. She will talk bad about you behind your back and be very nice to your face.

Sherri currently resides in Concord, New Hampshire. She is a single mother who has one daughter Emma. Sherri is currently single.

Sherri’s reason for wanting to be on Survivor is:

So that I can quit my waitressing job and possibly move into a bigger apartment…maybe even a house. I am just sick of dealing with stupid people at my job so the sooner I can improve my life and get a better job the better off my life and my daughter’s life will be.


Survivor: Dominican Republic

Voting History

Sherri's Voting History
Episode Sherri's
Voted Against
1 Payabo Tribe Immune
2 Payabo Tribe Immune


Sully, Denise
Thom, Kendra
Voted Off, Day 9



  • Sherri was the first member of the Payabo Tribe to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.