"She Thinks She's the Head Bitch In Charge"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 1/14
Episode Chronology
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She Thinks She's the Head Bitch In Charge is the first episode of Survivor: The Sahara.


Individual Immunity Challenge: One For All
The first two people from the group of twenty to get to the top of a steep sand dune nearby wins individual Immunity from the tribe’s first Tribal Council; the two will determine who's on their tribe.
Winners: Jo and Aleskan

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Chariots of Mire
Two players ride a chariot as the other eight pull them along a 400-metre course, stopping to untie three hanging bags. At the end, someone grabs a tribe flag, and everyone comes back to the start, where four players open the bags and use the pieces inside to assemble three puzzles, revealing a combination for a spinning wheel with compartments containing bundles of fabric. Follow the combination correctly to find a knife, and chop a rope to raise a flag.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Scorpio


Day 1

20 oridinary Americans from different walks of are currently traveling by camel to my location in the Sahara Desert. These twenty will forced to work in extreme temperatures, avoid deadly creatures, endure harsh sandstorms, and compete in crazy challenges, eliminating each other until one remains. 20 people, 39 days, 1 SURVIVOR!

–Jeff Probst

Trekking through the Sahara Desert, camels with the twenty castaways with their guides, are making their way to Jeff's location. Nobody knows what to expect, except they're playing for the title of Sole Survivor and the million that comes with it. One by one they dismount the camels and stand on a wooden platform. Jeff is on a platform ready to begin the show.

Jeff Probst: "Welcome to Survivor: The Sahara. This is were you will be staying for 39 days, battling it out for the grand prize. Out of the twenty of you, only one will win this game. But first, about the tribes. This season the first two to get the immunity necklaces up on that dune will have immunity for their first tribal council, as well as choosing who their tribemates. The challenge!"

The twenty castaways begin to run to the dune. Aleskan, Jo, Kurt, VJ, Devin, and Katniss quickly begin to lead the pack. Bianca, Dawn, Judas, Giselle, Hibiki, Gwendolyn, Ira, and Roberta make up the middle of the pack. Montana, Felicity, Drayden, Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, and Grimsley are bringing up the rear. Aleskan, Jo, and Kurt quickly start climbing the dune. Katniss catches up to them. Those in the rear stopped running, but those in the middle picked up their pace. The four-way race between Aleskan, Jo, Katniss, and Kurt ended when Jo and Aleskan got the immunity necklaces.

Jeff: "Well, congrats Jo and Aleskan for winning. You two will decide who your tribe is. I'll give you ten minutes to finalize your decisions"

Ten minutes later Jo and Aleskan return with their lists. They hand the lists to Jeff.

Jeff: "Alright those who are on Jo's tribe are as follows; Devin, Drayden, Felicity, Giselle, Ira, Kurt, Lilly-Bo, Roberta and VJ. You ten are the Kufra tribe. The remaining nine; Bianca, Dawn, Grimsley, Gwendolyn, Hibiki, Jeremy, Judas, Katniss, and Montana, are with Aleskan as the Scorpio tribe. Here are your maps, you may head out."

The opposing tribes head out to their respective camps.

I choose my tribe with a mix of brains and brawn, and those who could mesh together.


My tribe is mostly muscle, so we should win fairly easily, and if we lose, we have a few expendables.


Scorpio made it to the camp under Aleskan's leadership. The camp is situated near a small oasis. There are mutliple crates at their campsite. Aleskan found a message on one of the crates. The message stated because of the lack of natural resources the castaways were given lumber, tools, a small supply of rice, fruits, and fish, a machete, a pot, tarp and firewood. Quickly the group decided to elect a leader, everyone chose Aleskan as their leader. Aleskan had Katniss, Judas, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, and Hibiki to build a shelter. He had Montana and Grimsley build a fire pit. Aleskan, Dawn, and Bianca decided to see how much food they had and ration it.

I was suprised how well our tribe meshed, we unanimously voted Aleskan as our leader, and he had us do tasks that we wouldn't be overwhelmed by. I love this tribe already.


Over on Kufra it was another story.

Jo: "Since I have immunity, I qualify for leader!"

Kurt: "No, if anyone deserves to be leader, it should be me! I'm both smart and strong."

Ira: "Really, are you the one with military training? I think not I qualify as leader of this unit."

Drayden: "Do you deal with nearly 200 kids in your career, no? This tribe needs discipline, so I'm the leader."

Jo, than woman irks me. She thinks she's the head bitch in charge, just because she has immunity. That's bull.


Giselle and Felicity were over by the oasis bonding and relaxing. VJ began to eat the rations the tribe was given. Devin, Roberta, and Lilly-Bo began to work on a shelter for the tribe, but were halted by Jo, Kurt, Ira, and Drayden because no one was the tribe's official leader.

*Sighs* Our tribe is really going down the toilet, we have four major groups, The Fearsome Four (Jo, Kurt, Ira, Drayden), Blonde and Blonder (Giselle and Felicity), VJ, and the outsiders (myself, Devin, and Roberta). We have accomplished nothing. Our shelter is half-built, VJ is eating our rations, we have no leader, it's nothing but chaos.


Back on Scorpio, everyone finished everything. Aleskan congratulated his teammates and they ate some of the fruit they had. At the day's end they retreated to their shelter, which is elevated and utilizes the tarp as a door.

At Kufra, the day's end didn't end well. Many of them went hungry as VJ ate a quarter of their fruit supply. The shelter was left unifinished and Kufra was freezing all night.

Day 2

The next day at Kufra, Jo, Kurt, Ira, and Drayden continued to fight over the status of tribe leader. Devin, Lilly-Bo, and Roberta decided to get away from the others and went over to the oasis.

Lilly-Bo: "Honestly, are you two so sick of the fighting over tribe leader, it's ridiculous. They should ask us to voted for a leader, not fight over it."

Roberta: "I know, I wish we had the power to vote them out."

Devin: "But who will be our leader then?"

Lilly-Bo: "Probably Drayden, people are less pissed off at him than the others."

Devin: "I agree. Jo, she's just trying to lead just because she's got immunity."

Roberta: "So which one do we vote out first?"

Devin: "The way I look at it there are seven that would be on the chopping block, Jo, Drayden, Kurt, and Ira for their fighting, Giselle and Felicity, they do absolutely nothing around camp, and VJ, for his rudeness. though I think Giselle should go first."

Lilly-Bo: "I think Ira, should go first."

Roberta: "I agree."

Devin: "Fine, I'll vote Ira first."

We have seven people on the chopping block, it's ridiculous, and unheard of, but our tribe is so deep into chaos, we might be ulonged if we don't put it together.


The three then decide to head for their campsite, so no one realizes they're missing. Felicity and Giselle are by the water still bonding and discussing who they'll vote out first, if they lose. VJ is still on his tirade around camp.

At Scorpio, the day went smoothly, everyone did their tasks they were assigned by Aleskan. No one went off on their own or really discussed strategy for the future.

Scorpio gets along well, I'm not sure why, but even I, who usually wants to be alone, wants to be part of the group. Maybe it's Aleskan's charms.


Day 3

When the sun rose on the third day both tribes did what they did normally. Then around midday both tribes received treemail to go to the challenge area. Both tribes arrived to the challenge area. Jeff then explained the challenge.

Jeff: Welcome to your first tribal challenge. On my signal Two players ride a chariot as the other eight pull them along a 400-metre course, stopping to untie three hanging bags. At the end, someone grabs a tribe flag, and everyone comes back to the start, where four players open the bags and use the pieces inside to assemble three puzzles, revealing a combination for a spinning wheel with compartments containing bundles of fabric. Follow the combination correctly to find a knife, and chop a rope to raise a flag. Ready? Go!"

Jeremy and Gwendolyn were in the chariot for Scorpio and Giselle and Felicity were in the chariot for Kufra. Both tribes began strong and got to the first bag. Felicity quickly got the first bag untied and Kufra raced to the second flag. Jeremy got the first bag untied and Scorpio left. Kufra got to the second bag, with Giselle quickly untying it. Kufra left for the third bag. By that time Scorpio got the second bag. Gwendolyn quickly got the second bag, Scorpio racing to catch up to Kufra. By the time Scorpio got to the final bag, Kufra got their flag and was returning to the start. Scorpio collected its flag and was returning to the start. Jo, Drayden, Kurt, and Ira began the puzzles, but mistakenly dumped all the pieces on one puzzle. As they were working on the puzzle, Scorpio returned, with Gwendolyn, Jeremy, Aleskan, and Dawn began the three puzzles. Jeremy began on one puzzle, Gwendolyn, the second, and Aleskan and Dawn on the final. Jeremy got his done quickly, and began to help Gwendolyn. Kufra was still fighting over the pieces, getting nowhere with the puzzle. Dawn and Aleskan finished their puzzle and Gwendolyn finishing hers. Kufra was still struggling at the puzzle, almost having one done. Jeremy went up to the wheel putting the combination in and correctly getting the knife. He cut the rope raising his tribe's flag, winning immunity for his tribe. Jeff then gave Scorpio the immunity idol, and telling Kufra, he'll be seeing them at tribal council.

Our tribe won immunity, and I'm the one who won the challenge for my tribe!


At Kufra, Jo went on about how they lost the challenge and it was Giselle and Felicity's fault. Everyone was shocked, but knew it was one of the Fearsome Four, as Felicity and Giselle were in the chariot the entire time. Everyone went off to try to sway votes to certain people, but some were confused on who to vote out as it was the Fearsome Four, as they screwed up the puzzle, Giselle or Felicity, as they do nothing, or VJ, as his rudeness affects everyone at camp.

Kufra then heads off to tribal council. Jeff instructs them to dip their torches into the fire.

Jeff: "So Devin, how has the last three days been?"

Devin: "I'm not going to lie, Jeff, it's been miserable, our shelter is still unfinished, half of our fruit supply is gone, and we have no leadership yet."

Jeff: "Lilly-Bo, what has this tribe been doing the last three days?"

Lilly-Bo: "As crazy as it sounds we have seven people on the chopping block, Jo, Kurt, Ira, and Drayden can't settle on who'll be the leader, Felicity and Giselle do nothing at all, and VJ is just plain rude."

Jeff: "Jo, you looked shocked that you hear your name, even though you're safe, you still looked shocked."

Jo: "If anyone deserves to go home it's Ira, he screwed us at the challenge."

Ira: "Why, you (bleep) up at the challenge, too, along with me, Drayden, and Kurt. Also earlier you were stating that Giselle and Felicity should go home!"

Felicity: "Why the (bleep) are you throwing me under the (bleep) bus! Me and Giselle have no idea what to do because we have no leadership! Plus we should all vote who are leader should be, because Jo you (bleep) go 'I won the first challenge so I should be leader'. That is major bull if you ask me!"

Jo: "Why don't you shut the (bleep) up!"

Giselle: "Don't tell my girl to shut the (bleep) up! Go (bleep) yourself."

Jeff: "Roberta is this what your camp is like."

Roberta: "Jeff, it is. And I'm sick of it, I wish I could vote them all off."

Jeff: "Alright, before you guys have another fight, it's time to vote. Drayden you're up."
The castaways vote. After everyone's voted Jeff gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, VJ. Giselle. Giselle again, she leads 2-1. Ira. Fifth vote, Ira. VJ, we have a three-way tie. Giselle. Eighth vote, VJ. Ira. One vote left. The first person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara is Ira. Please bring me your torch. Ira, the tribe has spoken."
Ira then leaves the tribal council area. Waving good-bye to everyone.

Jeff: "That was a crazy tribal council. This may show how divided you are. You may leave."
Kufra leaves the tribal council are back to their campsite.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Ira (4 votes)
Giselle, Jo, Lilly-Bo, & Roberta
Giselle (3 votes)
Devin, Kurt & VJ
VJ (3 votes)
Drayden, Felicity, & Ira
Ira BW
Ira Heir

Voting Confessionals

Giselle, you and Felicity do nothing, sorry but one of you needs to go.


You, young man need a paddling, like when I was your age.


Since Jo's immune, your the next logical choice to go home.


One of you four definitely needs to go and Ira I don't care if you have military training, because I do too.


VJ, you are nothing but a rude bastard that deserves to go.


Voting you off gets me one step closer to my leadership goal.


Giselle, you are one of the laziest people here, good riddance.


If Jo wasn't immune you might stay another three days.


Bye, Fearsome Four.


(bleep) you.


Final Words

I honestly can't believe I was the first voted out but what happens happens. I wish Roberta, Devin, and Lilly for the best of luck surviving Jo. Just don't be voted out in the next week.


Still In the Running

Ira BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Kufra has trouble unifying.
  • Exile Island returns.
  • Another grand blindside.
  • One castaway is alienated.

Author's Notes

  • The oasises the two campsites are at are fairly large, they'd be about the size of a small lake.
  • The individual immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Gabon episode, Want To See The Elephant Dung? (Part 1).
  • The combination reward/immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, Something Cruel Is About To Happen...Real Soon.
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