"She Can't Blame It On The Alcohol"
After an intimate kiss, Heather's the only thing Aaron can think of.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 5/14
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She Can't Blame It On The Alcohol is the fifth episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

In successfully eliminating rival alliance leader Hazel, Heather and Aaron came back to camp with high spirits. Things then became intimate as Aaron managed to land a kiss on Heather, with the latter offering him a spot under the covers. The next day, however, Heather seemed to dismiss the events of the night before, stating that she'd rather focus on the game. On the other side of the camp, Yessica, Rachel, and Gerardo found themselves in the minority, and in an attempt to regain control, tried to get Agatha and Martin to reveal the reason behind their votes, but to no avail.

Over at Alazani, tensions rose when both alliances targeted eachother and tribe leader Sebastian was caught in the crossfire. The alliance of Daniel, Derek, Amy, and Mary-Jean continued in their efforts to recruit Sebastian, but time after time again, the answer remained unclear. After the tribe lost immunity, Daniel targetted Lauren for her lazyness around camp, while Mary-Jean was targetted by Van for her weakness in challenges. After a tough decision, Sebastian eventually joined Van and his alliance in voting out his close friend Mary-Jean. With a man down, will the threesome of Daniel, Derek, and Amy be able to survive the double elimination? Find out next on Survivor: Caucasus!


Individual Immunity/Tribal Reward Challenge: Kitty Litter
This episode's challenge was divided into two parts:

  • First Part (for Individual Immunity): The tribes will perform the challenge in different heats. Wearing baskets behind their backs, the survivors must dig a small rope ring buried in sand. Then they must toss the ring to their basket. First person to collect all of their rings would win individual immunity.

Winners: Daniel (from Alazani) and Yessica (from Rioni)

  • Second Part (for Tribal Reward): The winners from both tribes will then compete for tribal reward. Using the hoops they had collected during the first part, they must shoot them to a shield with five hoops. First person to complete the task would win reward for his/her tribe.

Reward: A feast of chicken and beef kabobs to be eaten while listening to the other tribe's Tribal Council.
Winner: Yessica (for Rioni)


Night of Day 12

As the eight Alazani members return back to camp, Daniel, Derek, and Amy seem to still be shocked from the results of the vote. Daniel and Derek tend the fire and then notice that their ally and friend is silently sobbing in the shadows. Van and his alliance don't seem to care as they go lay in the shelter, but the sound of her cries makes Sebastian tear up a little.

Things couldn't get any worse right now. Amy's crying, we're a person down, all we'll be gone too if we don't do something quickly. This sucks!


I really feel like I messed up. Lauren should have gone instead of Mary-Jean. I hope those three will be able to forgive me.


Day 13

While Daniel, Derek, and a still visibly upset Amy go to fetch water the next day, Sebastian decides to tag along with them.

Sebastian: "Guys, I'm really sorry for what happened last night. I thought I was doing the right thing as leader, but now I see that I made a big mistake. Can you please forgive me?"
Amy: "Of course I will."

As Amy accepts his apology, she goes up to hug him, which is then followed by an emotional Derek.

Derek: "I forgive you too!"
Sebastian: "Daniel, what do you say?"
Daniel: "You did cost us dearly, but everyone deserves a second chance."
Sebastian: "That's really good to hear and I thank you all for accepting my apology. But I also have one more thing to say. While being a leader these past two weeks, I've kept myself away from any strategizing in order to keep my position from being compensated. But not anymore. It's time I start playing the same, so I'd like to join your alliance."

I'm still a little mad at Sebastian for voting out Mary-Jean last night, but it's great that he wanted to join our alliance. This doesn't keep us out of danger as it seems like there will be a 4-4 tie which will likely lead to a purple rock tiebreaker, but it's an improvement of how we were yesterday.


It might be a little late in the game for me to start thinking about strategy, but I joined a game, and it's time I start playing it.


Over at Rioni, Aaron and Heather go off in search of the Hidden Immunity Idol. While scouring through the bushes and the trees, Aaron brings up the topic of the kiss the two shared on days before.

Heather: "Look Aaron, it was late at night, I was tired, and drunk off the excitement of booting Hazel. That was a mistake and it won't happen again."
Aaron: "But.."
Heather: "No buts! Let's just concentrate on finding that stupid idol. It's been driving me crazy that we haven't been able to find it yet!"

She says she was drunk off the excitement, but she can't blame it on the alcohol. She knowingly invited me to bed that night and I know we both felt a connection. Heather's as stubborn as an mule, and that's what I like about her!


Yes we kissed and yes we slept together, but Aaron needs to get it out of his head that anything special happened. Like I said, it was a mistake.


As Gerardo returns from getting the treemail, he spots Heather and Aaron rustling through the bushes and searching inside of holes in the trees. Without being spotted, he immediately goes to his alliance and tells them what he saw.

Rachel: "You don't think they were looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol?"
Gerardo: "Yes I do, it makes sense."
Yessica: "Then this is perfect! We might have a shot in this game yet."
Rachel: "How so?"
Yessica: "Well, if they're indeed looking for the idol, it means they don't have it. Which means that we can fool them into thinking that we have it."
Gerardo: "That's a nice idea and all, but how will that benefit us?"
Yessica: "Don't you see?! Thinking that one of us will play the idol, they'll split the vote in order to flush it out."
Gerardo: "But I don't see how they'll be able to do it as they have 5 people. To them, it wouldn't make sense for them to split the votes."
Yessica: "Not unless they think that one of us will join them. Then they'll think that they'll be able to do a 3-3 split against our 2. Once we get them to believe it, we'll try to sway Agatha or Martin to our side and hope for the best. It's our only shot."
Rachel: "So which one of us will do it?"
Yessica: "I don't know. Let's think more about it after the Reward Challenge."

Yessica's plan is really confusing, but what I was able to understand was that we pretend we have the idol, one of us flips to their side, they split the votes at Tribal Council thinking one of the other two will play it, we try to get either Martin or Agatha to vote with us, and then one of them goes.


Later, both tribes met once again at the challenge location where Jeff stood.

Jeff: "Come on in guys! Rioni getting a look at the new Alazani tribe. Mary-Jean was voted out last night. Well guys, it's been thirteen days out here in the Caucasus Mountains and I think you guys know what to expect. Well, this challenge will be for indiviual immunity as both tribes will be going to Tribal Council!"

Everyone seems astonished upon learning that both tribes will be attending Tribal. Jeff then proceeds to explain the mechanics of the challenge. In winning a coin toss, Rioni decides to let Alazani go first. As the eight Alazani members line up for the challenge, Jeff yells his famous line, "Survivors ready! Go!" and the first heat commences. Van becomes the first person to find a ring and throw it in his basket, but is followed by Daniel and Sebastian. Van, Daniel, and Sebastian managed to find their second rings as everyone else tries to get their first ones in their basket. Van takes the lead by landing his second ring in his basket. As Van tries to dig up his third ring, Daniel manages to get his second ring, closing up the gap between him and Van. Daniel quickly finds his third ring and immediately takes the lead. Meanwhile, Samantha manages to get her first ring in her basket. As Van and Sebastian try to get their third ring, Daniel finds his fourth and quickly tosses it in his basket, further extending his lead. Everyone else picks up their pace, but it proves effortless as Daniel ends up getting his fifth ring in his basket winning the immunity on Alazani.

Rioni then line up to take their turn at the challenge. Everyone except Agatha and Martin manage to find their first ring quickly, but have trouble trying to land it on their basket. After a careful toss, Yessica becomes the first to get their ring, but is soon followed by Heather and Gerardo. All three are able to find their second ring, but only Heather gets her ring to land on the basket on the first try, giving her the lead. As Heather digs for her third ring, Gerardo lands his second on his basket, and Agatha and Martin are finally able to find their first rings. Heather lands her third ring on her basket, while Yessica is able to get her second ring. As Heather and Gerardo try to get their fourth and third ring respectfully, Yessica quickly gets her third ring. Everyone else seems to be stuck on their first or second ring, leaving Heather, Gerardo, and Yessica in the lead. Heather becomes unable to land her fourth ring on her basket and is soon passed by both Yessica and Gerardo. In the end, Yessica is able to come from behind and land her fifth ring on her basket, winning immunity for herself.

Daniel and Yessica then face off to win the reward for their tribe. Daniel quickly tosses all five of his rings, hoping to get at least one in, but misses all five shots. Yessica takes a cautious approach, tossing her rings cafefully and with precision. She is able to land her first two rings, but misses the rest. Learning from Yessica, Daniel takes is more slowly and is able to land his first and second rings, but Yessica would then land her third and fourth. She would then land her fifth and final ring, winning the reward for her tribe.

Even though I wasn't able to win the reward for my tribe, I'm really glad I was able to win immunity. This means that if a deadlock tie occurs at Tribal Council, I'll still be safe from a possible purple rock tiebreaker.


I really wasn't expecting for both tribes to go to Tribal Council, but this individual immunity couldn't have come at a better time!


After coming back from the challenge, Samantha, Phoebe, and Lauren head off to go do their laundry. They begin talking about female issues and when Van comes to join them, Phoebe tells Van that their conversation is "girls only". This irritates Van who then leaves the group.

Lauren: "What wrong with him?"
Phoebe: "He's probably on his period!"

The three females share a quick laugh before returning to work. At the other end of the camp, Daniel and his alliance talk about the vote.

Daniel: "Out of the four of them, who do you think is the most likely to flip?"
Amy: "How about Samantha? She seems like the most level headed out of the four, so she probably won't want a tie-breaker situation to happen."
Sebastian: "I don't know about her. Those three girls seemed to have gotten really chummy lately. I was thinking of Van. He may be the leader of his alliance, but I get this feeling from him that he'll sell them out in an instant."
Derek: "Do you guys think that if we tell him that those three girl will most likely stick with eachother than with him, will he believe it?"
Sebastian: "I think he will. He gets really paranoid about that kind of stuff. Plus, I doubt he'll want to take a chance with a purple rock. But I say we talk to him tomorrow."

Meanwhile at Rioni, Yessica refurbishes the plan she made earlier.

Yessica: "I think that since I have immunity, it would make more sense if I go over to talk to Heather about the split vote. And while I'm with her and her alliance, I want both of you to try to get Martin or Agatha to vote with you guys. And also, act like you found the Hidden Immunity Idol."
Gerardo & Rachel: "Got it!"

I really hope this plan works. But I guess we'll see tomorrow.


Day 14

In the early hours of the morning, Yessica sneaks away from her alliance's shelter and carefully goes over to the other alliance's shelter where she quietly wakes up Heather and tells her to meet her at the watering hole.

Heather: "Is there any reason you woke me up this early?"
Yessica: "I'm really sorry, but I've thought about it and I've realized that I'm on a sinking ship."
Heather: "Oh really?"
Yessica: "Yeah, and I was thinking that we could make a deal."
Heather: "What kind of deal."
Yessica: "Vote out those other two before me, and you'll have my complete cooperation."
Heather: "But you've been in an alliance with them since Day 1. Why sell them out this quickly?"
Yessica: "This individual immunity has made me realize that this is an individual game."
Heather: "It's a little too early for this, so I'll think it over and get back to you later."

While Yessica goes back to her shelter, Heather goes over to hers and immediately wakes up Aaron and Winston, leaving Martin and Agatha sound asleep in the shelter. Heather then tell's them everything Yessica told her.

I don't completely trust Yessica, but if I was in her situation, I would have done the same thing too.


Over at Alazani, Sebastian waits for Van gets up and when he goes, he goes over to talk to him.

Sebastian: "Hey Van! There's something I needed to talk to you about."
Van: "Yeah?"
Sebastian: "I joined Daniel, Derek, and Amy's alliance."
Van: "What?! I thought you were with us!"
Sebastian: "I'm sorry, but I needed to tell you that. And I want you to vote with us as well."
Van: "I'm not betraying my alliance!"
Sebastian: "But are they really in your alliance? Or are you in their alliance? Face it, those three girls are closer with eachother than you are to any of them. And listen, if you vote with them anyways, it will just create a tie and I doubt you want a purple rock tiebreaker to happen..."

I could care less if we go over to the purple rock. And what Sebastian said is wrong, those girls will listen to me no matter what.


I really hope that Van listens to my voice of reason and votes with us.


As everyone begins to awaken at the Rioni camp, Gerardo set's his alliance's plan in motion. First, he goes and finds an idol-sized rock and puts it his in pocket then he walks around camp, in front of Heather and her alliance, subliminally flaunting his idol. Heather and Aaron immediately take notice that something is in his pocket.

Aaron: "Hey Heather. Do you see that thing bulging on Gerardo's pocket?"
Heather: "Yeah."
Aaron: "You don't think it's the idol!? If they have it, it would explain why we're having such a hard time finding it!"
Heather: "It could be one of the fake ones. There's a whole bunch of those hidden around here."
Aaron: "But I don't want to risk if it is real. You say that Yessica offered her vote to us right? If so, let's split the vote between Rachel and Gerardo."
Heather: "But I don't fully trust Yessica. And if we do split the votes, Agatha will get suspicious because she thinks she has the real idol."
Aaron: "Then let's not tell her and Martin about splitting the vote. We'll just tell them to vote for one of them. It's that easy!"

With Yessica voting with us, we'll have enough votes to be able to split it 3-3 between Rachel and Gerardo. If one of them plays the idol, and it happens to be real, then the other one goes. If the idol turns out to be fake, then we just vote again and one of them goes. Simple as that!


Gerardo then goes over to Martin and Agatha and tells them that his alliance will be voting for Winston, as his alliance believes that he is the least affiliated with them. He tells them to think it over and then heads off.

It's sweet that Gerardo filled us in on their vote, but I have to stay loyal to my alliance. I feel like I can trust them more.


At Alazani, Van goes over to his alliance to reaffirm their vote for Tribal Council.

Van: "Hey ladies. I just wanted remind you all that we'll be voting for Amy at Tribal Council. I have a feeling that I'll be able to guilt Sebastian into voting for her as she's clearly the weakest on this tribe."
Phoebe: "Well actually, we've talked about it, and we all decided that we want Derek out. We've all agreed that his relaxed personality and calm attitude creeps us out."
Van: "Oh, well I'll see what I can do about Sebastian."

Later that night, Rioni shows up first to their Tribal Council. Jeff starts it off by asking everyone how safe they feel. Winston responds that he feels pretty secure in his place while Rachel and Gerardo feel as if their next. Jeff then talks to Yessica about winning the individual immunity the day before. Yessica responds that she was really happy about winning immunity and that it gave her the chance to save herself in more than one way, turning to Heather as she talked. Jeff turns to Aaron and asks him how important this vote is to which he responds that the vote will show who can be trusted and who can not. Jeff then states that it's time to vote and everyone goes to vote. Jeff tallies the votes and then comes back with the urn, and asks for any Hidden Immunity Idols. Heather and Aaron turn to Gerardo, but he does not stand up, which makes them smile. Jeff then reads the votes:

Jeff: "1st vote... Gerardo, Rachel, Gerardo. That's two votes Gerardo, one vote Rachel. 4th vote... Rachel, Gerardo. That's three votes Gerardo, two votes Rachel. 6th vote... Winston, Winston. That's three votes Gerardo, two votes Rachel, two votes Winston. One vote left.... Winston. We have a tie."

Everyone becomes shocked at the results of the votes. As Jeff tells the tribe that everyone except Gerardo and Winston will go vote again, Agatha gives a nod to Martin. Everyone then votes again.

Jeff: "I'll read the votes. 1st vote... Gerardo, Winston, Gerardo, Winston. That's two votes each."

Jeff proceeds to read the last two votes and everyone gasps as the last two votes end up being for Winston, eliminating him from the game. As Winston goes to pick up his torch, he gets a hug from Heather and Aaron before getting his torch snuffed. While he leaves, Heather gives Agatha and Martin a mean look for switching their votes. But that is soon forgotten as the tribe moves over to the Jury side to feast on their reward.

Alazani then comes in for their Tribal Council. To start it off, Jeff comments that on their last two Tribal Councils, they voted out people who were perceived as weak and if that will be the case at this Tribal. Derek states that it will. Jeff then asks who he considers weak whereas Derek turns to Phoebe and Lauren. Surprised by his statement, Phoebe lashes out at Derek stating that he doesn't who anything at camp. Daniel then barges in and tells everyone that it's the girls that don't do anything at camp as they spend the whole sunbathing. Lauren adds in that they also do laundry, to which Daniel rebuts saying that they do their laundry. Jeff then cuts in saying that it's time to vote, dismissing the Rioni tribe, but telling them not to leave the Tribal Council area yet. Everyone goes and votes and Jeff later retrieves them and beings to read them. Both Derek and Phoebe receive three vote each and as the seventh vote is read, Phoebe receives another one. As Jeff reads the final vote, Phoebe, along with Lauren and Samantha become shocked as it is revealed that the vote read Phoebe's name. A suprised and rather angry Phoebe gets her torch and has it snuffed as Van gives her a cold smile to send her off.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 5:
First Vote (Tie)
Revote (Winston & Gerardo
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Winston Grant
Winston (3 votes)
Gerardo GuzmanRachel HudsonYessica Chang
Gerardo, Rachel & Yessica
Winston Grant
Winston (4 votes)
Rachel HudsonYessica ChangAgatha ChristensonMartin Bowell
Rachel, Yessica, Agatha & Martin
Gerardo Guzman
Gerardo (3 votes)
Heather VillegasAaron McCarthyWinston Grant
Heather, Aaron & Winston
Gerardo Guzman
Gerardo (2 votes)
Heather VillegasAaron McCarthy
Heather & Aaron
Rachel Hudson
Rachel (2 votes)
Agatha ChristensonMartin Bowell
Agatha & Martin
Winston Grant BW
Winston Grant

Voting Confessionals (first vote)

I'm so sorry for this.


You're a great competitor, but your time in this game is over.


Just following the lead.


Nice try there.


This is not against you, but against your alliance.


I'd play that idol if I were you.


You're a great person, but I was told to vote for you.


I have nothing against you Winston, but I need to keep myself and my alliance in this game longer.


Voting Confessionals (revote)

Just hoping there's two more of these.


I don't tolerate being lied to.


You pulled off getting a tie, but you forget that we have more numbers than you.


You played a good game, but not good enough.


Winston, you used me and that is something I can't forgive you for.


My plan is coming into fruition.


Final Words

Wow! I didn't expect this to happen. But I got played by some real players and that's what this game is about. I hope for the best to my team, well, except to Agatha and Martin.

–Winston Grant


Tribal Council 6:
Phoebe Noyola
Phoebe (5 votes)
Sebastian HibbardAmy CorazonDaniel MarvinDerek PhuVan Stevenson
Sebastian, Amy, Daniel, Derek & Van
Derek Phu
Derek (3 votes)
Lauren FaasSamantha MarinoPhoebe Noyola
Lauren, Samantha & Phoebe
Phoebe Noyola BW
Phoebe Noyola

Voting Confessionals

Can't wait to see you leave.


After you're gone, maybe we'll actually get stuff done at camp.


I made mistake the last time I voted. I won't make one this time.


I like you as a person, but not as a player.


Please go home!




I've gone as far as I could with you.


I'm sorry for this vote.


Final Words

I'm really mad right now, but in the days in spent in the game, I've learned that you can't treat everything like it's a party. This was a fun experience, but the ball finally dropped for me.

–Phoebe Noyola

Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu
Lauren Faas
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino
Sebastian Hibbard
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Jeff tells the remaining fourteen castways to "drop their buffs", but they all become shocked as to how it ends up.

Author's Notes

  • This episode's combined Reward and Immunity Challenge was the same one used in Worst Case Scenario from Survivor: Nicaragua.
    • Coincidentally, that episode also had a double tribal council in which one of the votes ended in a 3-3-2 tie.
  • This episode's title was said by Aaron.
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