"She's Got a Gun to My Head On the Dance Floor"
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 2/13
Episode Chronology
Previous A Battle of the Ages
Next The Bro Alliance
She's Got a Gun to My Head On the Dance Floor is the second episode of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Previously on Survivor...

Sixteen new castaways began an adventure of a lifetime. Pre-divided into four groups of four, believing these were their tribes for the remainder of the game. After the revelation of the tribes would be divided by age groups, the four tribes left the beach they landed on for their campsite. The Atiu, Suvorov, and Tema tribes found their camps easily. Erick lead his tribe the opposite way of their campsite, causing himself, Qiana, and Ulrich to walk to their camp for the entire night. Luckily, Octavia memorized the map correctly, solely making her way to the Mangaia camp, where she built a shelter and fire pit.

At Tema, Marquis quickly began to harass Willie, to the point of treating here if she was property. She quickly confided in Garnet and Zak about the harassment. At the immunity challenge, Suvorov, Mangaia, and Atiu all came out on top. Tema was scheduled to go to tribal council that night. However, Marquis's continuous harassment of Willie caused her to snap in a rage, punching Marquis in the eye. Security was called out, and Willie was restrained and ejected from the game. Fifteen remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Skull Crush
Three people from each tribe will race into a large field, where they will find a pile of skulls. They will break one skull open at a time, looking for an amulet inside. The first three tribes back with three amulets win. The last place tribe will have someone sent to Exile Island.
Reward: Snorkeling Gear, Canoe, Paddles, Fishing Rods, & Nets (First Place); Canoe, Paddles, Fishing Rods, & Nets (Second Place); Fishing Rods & Nets (Third Place)
Winners (in order of finish): Atiu, Mangaia, & Suvorov

Immunity Challenge: Slip, Slide, and Score
In rounds, race down a slippery track to retrieve a particular color-coded ball, then throw it into a basket at the end of the track to score a point. First tribe to six wins.
Winners (in order of finish): Suvorov, Atiu, & Tema


Day 4

At Tema, Garnet and Zak, grieve that Willie was pulled from the game. Garnet is sobbing. The sky is cryign with her.

Quote1I can't believe Willie is gone.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1I know, but she violated the rules.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Even so, she still didn't need to leave like that.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1We'll get Marquis don't worry.Quote2- Zak

Marquis is instead celebrating Willie's elimination.

I don't care how I get people out, as long as I have the damn million on Day 39, they're just pawns to me.


Inside the Magaia shelter, Erick and Ulrich are talking, while Octavia is somewhere unknown, and Qiana is off walking in the jungle.

Over the past few days, myself and Ulrich have been hanging out a lot, and I think we're on good terms. I feel comfortable enough with Ulrich to pitch the idea of an alliance between us for the remainder of the game.


Quote1Ulrich, so how about an alliance, between the two of us, to get to the Final Two?Quote2- Erick
Quote1Why should I?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Because we're the two strong young guys that can do just about anything in this game.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Really, that's you're best to persuade me?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Relax, of course I'll align myself with you, we're friends.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Thanks, dude.Quote2- Erick
Quote1She's got a gun to my head on the dance floor!Quote2- Octavia (hanging upside down on the shelter)

The boys jump back, surprised of Octavia's presence.

Quote1You nearly gave me a heart attack!Quote2- Erick
Quote1So how much did you hear?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Everything and I want in.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Why what could you offer?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1You guys notice how some of the fruit's been disappearing?Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Know that you mention it, yes.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Well I was stalking Qiana, don't ask, and she's been stealing some of the food and leaves it in the jungle, probably for some animals.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Really?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Yeah, I saw it while combing a monkey for bugs.Quote2- Octavia

The guys creep back a little, looking grossed out.

Later, the four tribes were summoned to the challenge area for their first reward challenge. Mangaia, Atiu, and Suvorov arrive first. Tema arrives afterwards.

Quote1"Mangaia, Atiu, and Suvorov, get a good look at the Tema tribe. Willie was ejected for starting a fight with Marquis, resulting in a balck eye. I will make this clear, if anyone starts a fight, outside of challenges, you'll be disqualified. Anything legal will be handed by the parties involved. Alright ready for the first reward challenge?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Castaways
Quote1On my mark, three castaways will run out into a large field of skulls, were they will smash them until they find an amulet. The first three tribes to find all three, win reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah!Quote2- Castaways
Quote1First place receives snorkeling gear, a canoe, paddles, fishing rods, nets, and the right to exile a player on the losing tribe. Second place receives a canoe, paddles, fishing rods, and nets. Third place receives fishing rods and nets. Last place receives nothing. Tema, you should have gotten this yesterday, but you automatically receive flint, regardless of placing. Atiu, Mangaia, and Suvorov, you all have one extra member, one person will sit out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Astor.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Qiana.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Ivan.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Ivan, Astor, Qiana, take a seat on the bench. This challenge starts now!Quote2- Jeff

Charmaine, Erick, Garnet, Genette, Kamryn, Marquis, Octavia, Quinlan, Shanika, Ulrich, Yorick, and Zak make their way into the field of skulls. Shanika and Marquis are the first to grab a skull. Both smash theirs on the ground. Marquis didn't get an amulet. Shanika, luckily recieves an amulet and returns back to the Atiu mat. Octavia begins to stomp on the skulls, with no luck finding an amulet. Everyone is smashing away. Octavia and Garnet find an amulet returning to their respective mats. Quinlan finds an amulet and returns to the Suvorov mat. Everyone else is still smashing skulls. Yorick, Charmaine, and Kamryn find an amulet and return to their respective mats. Erick and Ulrich adopted Octavia's strategy of stomping on the skulls. Marquis, Zak, and Genette are still smashing skulls on the ground or rocks. Zak finds an amulet, returning to the Tema mat. Erick and Ulrich also find an amulet returning to the Magaia mat. Genette and Marquis have still yet to find one. Both smash a skull, and Genette gets an amulet, but Marquis doesn't. Marquis is still smashing. Genette gets to the Suvorov mat.

Quote1Atiu, Mangaia, and Suvorov win reward! Tema, you still receive flint, despite coming in last. For the winning tribes, your rewards will be waiting for you at your camps. Atiu, you must chose one Tema to go to Exile Island.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We choose Marquis.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Marquis, stay here, the boat to Exile will be here shortly. Everyone else, you can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The four tribes return to their respective camps. Marquis takes the boat to Exile Island.

Atiu returns to camp, with their fishing gear already there. Charmaine, Ivan, and Yorick decide to take the canoe out and fish. Shanika opts to stay behind and tend to camp. After her tribemates leave, she puts a net in a shallow part of the water. Shanika goes the shelter, to begin a fire.

Out at sea, Ivan, Charmaine, and Yorick have decided upon a spot to fish.

Quote1So which one of you two ladies can hold their breath for a long time to spear some fish?Quote2- Yorick
Quote1I can hold my breath for a long time.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Good, take the snorkel and the spears and get some fish.Quote2- Yorick

Basically my tribe has three women, Charmaine, Shanika, and the very feminine Ivan. If we go to tribal council they could band together and get me out, so I need to align with at least one to prevent that.


Quote1Charmaine, have you really talked to anyone lately?Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Yeah, I've being talking to you guys recently.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I meant, like strategy.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1No, but I'm assuming you're trying to do so.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I want us to align, as an alliance.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1It depends on who's first.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Shanika, she's doesn't talk a lot, and she's not really an athlete like you or me.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1I'm in, then.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1You'll be surprised on what I got.Quote2- Ivan

Ivan dumps in the canoe a small shark, impressing Yorick and Charmaine. He also puts some fish he got into the canoe.

At Exile Island, Marquis arrives to a fark in the path. A jar sitting on a pedistal had a note in it:

You've come to a fork on the road. To the left is a shelter similar to the one back your camp, and clues to the hidden immunity idol. To the right is a hut, filled with fruits, a hammock, pillows, etc. Be warned! Whichever path you take is the side you stay on for the remainder of your visit here.

–Exile Island Note

Marquis takes the path on the right to the luxury hut.

I'm a king, I deserve the treatment of one. I don't need no damn idol.


Day 5

At Suvorov, Genette and Quinlan left to do some fishing, leaving Astor and Kamryn at camp.

I need Astor to be my ally 100%. With Genette and Quinlan gone, I can finally get that done. Getting him loyal to me will be easy, guys fall for any hot piece of ass.


Kamryn folds the neck of her shirt back, showing her cleavage. She then begins to chop some firewood, but acts like she doen't know what she's doing. Astor walks into camp.

Quote1Astor, could you give me a hand with the wood? I'm having trouble chopping it.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Yeah, sure.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Astor, do you think the other two are close?Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Maybe, why?Quote2- Astor
Quote1I was thinking, we could be an alliance, but we both have to promise to be 100 percent loyal to each other.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1That sounds fine. I'm pretty sure I can trust a lovely woman, such as yourself.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Please, stop.Quote2- Kamryn

See, like I said, men can't resist a hot piece of ass.


Day 6

The next day, the four tribes are summoned to the the challenge. Marquis returns to his tribe from Exile Island.

Quote1Welcome to your second immunity challenge. For this challenge, you must race down a slippery track to retrieve a particular color-coded ball, then throw it into a basket at the end of the track to score a point. First tribe to six wins. Atiu, Mangaia, and Suvorov, you have one extra member, you have to sit someone out, and it cannot be the same person from the reward challenge.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I will!Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Shanika.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Genette.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Genette, Shanika, and Octavia take a seat on the bench. For everyone else, this challenge starts, now!Quote2- Jeff

The first out are Astor, Charmaine, Marquis, and Erick. They slide on the slippery track. Astor is the first off the track and runs to grab an indigo ball. Marquis and Charmaine are the next off the track and run to grab a light blue and orange ball respectively. Erick is the last off the track, and runs off to grab a yellow ball. At the same time, Astor grabs the correct ball and and successfully throws it into the basket. Charmaine and Marquis arrive as Astor runs back. Erick arrives shortly behind. All three have successful shots, and return to the tribe mats. Astor returns, and Kamryn goes. Erick and Marquis return, Erick goes back out, and Marquis switches for Garnet. Charmaine returns, with Kamryn already off the track and Erick and Garnet transversing it. Yorick sprints to the track, and rapidly slides down to the end before Erick and Garnet finish. Kamryn makes her first basket, and runs back to the mat. Yorick quickly scores, and sprints back. Garnet and Erick score, tying all four tribes with 2. Both return to the mats. Kamryn returns first, and Quinlan sprints out. Yorick returns and tags in Ivan. He bolts for the track. As Quinlan and Ivan cross the track, Erick and Garnet tag in Qiana and Zak respectively. The two slide down the track. Ivan and Quinlan easily score, returning to their respective mats. Zak and Qiana get off the track, and grab one of the balls. Zak shoots and gets the ball in, but Qiana's misses, returning it back to her. She shoots again, and gets the ball in. Ivan and Quinlan return to the Atiu and Suvorov mats, and tag in Charmaine and Astor. The two run out and slide down the track. Zak returns, and Marquis goes out. He slides down the track, shortly behind Charmaine and Astor. Qiana returns to the Mangaia mat and goes back out. As she slides down, Astor has made it back to the end again. Charmaine gets to the end again. Marquis is third off the track, and does so while Astor scores. Charmaine misses, but recovers quickly and scores another point for Atiu. Marquis scores for his last time, as Qiana grabs another ball. She shoots and misses again. Qiana does so multiple times. She finally gets a basket, rushing to get to the mat to make up for lost time. While doing so, Kamryn, Yorick, and Garnet get a basket, and return to their mats. Qiana returns first, and Ulrich goes out for his first time. Kamryn, Yorick, and Garnet are in a three-way tie to get back to their mats. Yorick then grabs Garnet's bra, and throws her back, also unintentionally unhooking it. Quinlan and Ivan go out once more, and sprint to the track. Zak then goes out as Garnet returns. Ulrich is off the track first, but the other three men arrive at nearly the same time. Everyone grabs a colored ball, and shoots. Quinlan is the first in, meaning Suvorov will be safe tonight. Ivan's ball gets in shortly afterward, meaning Atiu is also safe. Zak and Ulrich's balls get in the basket, but because Mangaia is behind one point, Tema is safe tonight.

Quote1Suvorov, Atiu, and Tema are safe tonight. Mangaia, I'll be seeing you at tribal council tonight.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Great.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1You made head on out.Quote2- Jeff

Mangaia returns to camp disappointed on their loss, execpt Qiana.

Honestly, I'm not that kind of person that sulks when I lose, I simply move on.


In the shelter, Octavia, Erick, and Ulrich are talking to one another.

Quote1So the two of you are set on Qiana tonight?Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Yes, we are.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Good, I'll see you at tribal council, I've got a date with a monkey.Quote2- Octavia

Octavia leaves the two guys and climbs a tree, out of sight. Qiana walks up to the two men.

Quote1So have the two of you decided on who's going?Quote2- Qiana
Quote1No, not yet.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Well, I'm thinking Octavia, because A) she's insane and B) she's a loose cannon, she can easily flip from us to someone else.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1We'll think about it.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Good.Quote2- Qiana

Qiana leave the guys, and heads for the beach.

Quote1Alright, which should go?Quote2- Erick
Quote1Man, this is tough.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1I know, both girls are right.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Octavia saw Qiana give some of our food to some wildlife, which means we could run out of fuel easily.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Plus, she completely tanked us in the challenge today.Quote2- Erick
Quote1True, but Qiana does point out that Octavia could easily flip from alliance to alliance, which cold mean the end of us.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1How the hell are we going to choose?Quote2- Erick

The four tribe members of Mangaia head out to their first tribal council.

Hopefully Erick and I didn't make the incorrect decision.


Arriving at tribal council, Jeff instructs them to take a torch and dip into the fire pit to get fire. After doing so the small tribe sits down.

Quote1Welcome Mangaia, to your first tribal council. First thing first how has this tribe been the last 6 days?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well it's been interesting, myself, Qiana, and Erick all go lost because Erick had the map up-side down, meaning we didn't get to our camp until Day 2.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Where was Octavia in all of this?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1You see before Erick took the map out of my hands, I memorized it, and got to camp where I worked my ass off to make an impressive shelter.Quote2- Octavia.
Quote1Qiana, what's a typical day at the Magaia camp?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Basically, it's me tending the fire or shelter, Octavia doing something weird, usually with a monkey or swinging on a vine, and Ulrich and Erick's little bromance over there.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1So Erick and Ulrich, by Qiana's tone of voice, I'm assuming that the two of you are close.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1She's right, but it's only a friendship, not a romance.Quote2- Erick
Quote1So the vote, who's it between?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Qiana and Octavia are on the chopping block.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Wait, why?!Quote2- Qiana
Quote1I also demand and explanation.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Ugh, Qiana, Octavia saw you put some of our fruit in the rainforest, for some wildlife.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Also, you really tanked us in the immunity challenge.Quote2- Erick
Quote1I only put two or three pieces of fruit in the forest, not like the entire fruit supply, once!Quote2- Qiana
Quote1Before you continue, Octavia, you're on the chopping block, because you're a loose cannon.Quote2- Erick
Quote1How am I a loose cannon?Quote2- Qiana
Quote1Because, well you're mentally insane.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1And before the two of you fly off the handle, you told the two of us to vote for the other.Quote2- Erick
Quote1First, off I'm not going to flip for any alliance, I stick to my men, and I will be loyal to you two.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1I screwed up one challenge, but it's only one, and we've had only three, please give me another chance.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1We might, so wait until the vote.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Alright, I think I've heard enough, so it's time to vote. Erick, you're up.Quote2- Jeff

Erick gets up and goes to vote. The others do so as well. After the four votes have been cast, Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Qiana. Octavia. Qiana, she leads two to one. One vote left. First person voted out of Survivor Battle of the Ages....

...Qiana. Qiana, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1You guys are insane to keep her, you know.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1Qiana, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Bye, guys.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1Well, by Qiana'a shock, it's apparent that she did not know where loyalties lied, but hopefully the rest of you do. You may head on out.Quote2- Jeff.

Mangaia leaves the tribal council area and heads back to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Qiana (3 votes)
Erick, Octavia, & Ulrich
Octavia (1 vote)
Qiana BW
Qiana Afolayan

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, I want strong people, she has a better record than you.


Qiana, I have no ill feelings towards, you but stealing food to give to some wildlife creatures, that's untrustworthy. Also, it was not once it was five times you went out there with food you stole. Learn that the trees have eyes, Qiana, the next time you play.


Octavia, please don't take this the wrong way, but being insane usually equals a loose cannon, a very loose cannon in this game.


Erick and I chose you because we have no loyalties to you, but we do to Octavia, so this decision was easier.


Final Words

Well six days out here may not seem like a long time, but it was very fulfilling. I've learned that alliance are useful, especially with a small amount of people. I was hoping to go longer, but apparently, they decided on Octavia, and there's nothing I can do. Good luck Mangaia.


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Mangaia Tema
Qiana BW
Willie BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Atiu pledges to be loyal to one another, once the tribes are dissolved.
  • A tribe of three is shrunk down to two.
  • Genette sees Astor and Kamryn's relationship as a serious threat.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Panama episode, The First Exile.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, This Is Not Survival...It's A Thrival, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode, Tonight We Make Our Move.
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