Sarah Linn
Sarah L
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 22, 1989 (1989-12-22) (age 29)
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Student

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Tribes Anju
Placement Runner Up (2/18)
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 39

Sarah Linn was a contestant in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


Sarah grew up in California always tanning on the beaches. She is ambitious and takes control of the situation. She is stronger than most guys she dates. But guys can make her weak too. She has a way of getting what she wants, be it from her parents or her boyfriends. If she won she'd spend half on whatever she wants the other half for charity. She’s got another year of college before she becomes a teacher. If she could take one thing to an island she'd bring Iced Tea.

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

I am tougher than most guys I know.


Sarah knew how to manipulate men from the start of the game. Unfortunately for Sarah, she was put on a weak tribe, by Day 16, only Owen Brookes and herself were the last 2 original Anju's left in the game. With another 23 days left, Sarah had to switch up the game.

Sarah changed the game by interfeing with Blake Rockwell and Sienna Hart's relationship. She flirted with Blake and got him on her side. Sienna lost it, and after they lost she wasted her vote on Blake. Therefore, Sarah was saved at the vote and Adam White was eliminated.

Come the merge, Sarah was still in a tough position, the old Niiv members wanted her out. She aligned with Tim Matthews and Noctourne Alley, she knew Sienna wouldn't vote with her, but she knew of someone else who would be on her side, Blake. She kissed him again and, as planned, she was saved again.

Overtime, Sarah began to love Blake, originally it was a fake romance, but she grew to really feel for him, even after the heartbreak on Day 30 when Blake ended the romance.

Things got even worse for Sarah when her closest ally Owen was eliminated via Grey Winters' idol.

Without Owen, Sarah needed to assure her place in the game, she turned on Noctourne and eliminated Tim.

At the finale, Sarah pleaded that she had the best social game, she won the votes of Blake and Owen.

Voting History

Sarah's Voting History
Episode Sarah's
Voted Against
1 Cherry -
2 Anju Tribe Immune
3 Anju Tribe Immune
4 Sienna -
5 Anju Tribe Immune
6 Adam Adam & Flora
7 Sam Flora, Grey, Ilena & Sam
8 Ilena -
9 Sienna -
10 Flora -
11 Grey -
12 Tim -
13 Grey Blake
Jury Votes
for Sarah
Blake & Owen
Runner-up, Day 39


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