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Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Namesake Sabah and Sarawak
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 20
Lowest Placing Member Victoria Samson(10/16)
Highest Placing Member Ryan Rick(Winner)
Sarabah is the merged tribe in Survivor: The Beginning.

Tribe History

Victoria, from Sabah, and Walter, from Sarawak, checked out each other's camps. They then met on an island and formed the tribe Sarabah. Victoria returned to Sabah to bring Bob and Peter to Sarawak. At Sarabah, Victoria bonded with Ryan, while Peter bonded with Benny. It was clear to the three Sabah members that Violet was the enemy. However, Ryan convinced his alliance with Jane, Charlie, Walter and Benny that Victoria was a strategic threat. Due to this, Victoria was voted out. With Bob and Peter as the last standing Sabah members, Jane, Violet and Vanessa thought it best to vote them out next. Bob was next to go. Afterwards, Jane went on a reward trip with Violet, for strategy purposes. A guy's alliance was formed by Ryan and Charlie, with Walter and Benny joining in. They eliminated Violet, leaving Jane feeling betrayed. Peter and Vanessa formed a pact, being the two outcasts. Jane was then voted out, leaving Vanessa as the last woman standing. Vanessa was then voted out, leaving Peter as the only alliance outsider. After Peter was voted out, the guy's alliance dominated the game. Walter and Benny tried to vote out Charlie, but Benny betrayed Walter and eliminated him. In the final three, Benny won the final Immunity challenge and voted out Charlie, bringing Ryan to the final two. While facing a bitter jury, Ryan received the majority vote and became the Sole SURVIVOR.


  • All male Sarawak members were the last remaining on this tribe.
  • Bob was the only male to be voted out before the final five.