"Rolling with the Punches"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 4/15
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This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Couples Showdown

Previously on Survivor

In the beginning, an alliance of six was formed at Bulan: Martin, Leo, Andy, Devon, Melissa and Paula. But the moment it started, fractures emerged. When Melissa revealed she had Aspergers Syndrome, the others became unsure if aligning with her was a good thing. Meanwhile Leo makes a move against his partner and apparent rival Martin, by asking Andy and Devon to blindside him. Later, Melissa and Paula found the fake idol that Devon planted after finding the real one.

At Tala, the tribe speculated that they will win soon, given Bulan has yet to win a Reward Challenge. Tala's assumptions were right, as they won a very physical Immunity Challenge.

Before Tribal Council, Andy and Devon reconsidered Leo's plan after thinking they can temporarily use him and Melissa. Playing with Leo's long-term goal of eliminating Martin, the best buddies plotted with Burgundy, Declan, Salina and Jacki to vote Paula out, thinking that Melissa would be easier to control along the way. At Tribal Council, Melissa used the fake idol, but she did not have any votes, but her partner Paula took the fall, leaving Melissa and Martin in serious trouble. 17 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Walk The Ox
Using an ox-drawn plow, pairs of survivors must till a mud pit to catch four pairs of rope rings beneath the ground. Once collecting all rope rings, each member must shoot one ring to a wall-plastered bull's horn. First tribe to shoot all eight rope rings wins immunity. Each member must shoot a rope ring before tagging the next member.
Reward: An herb garden, spices and a light breakfast of croissants, donuts and hot coffee.
Winner: Bulan
Temptation Reward: Their reward will be upgraded with a week's worth of canned goods (corned beef, tuna, beans and Spam)
Consequence: The pair of castaways must stay at the rival tribe's camp until sundown of the next day, before the losing tribe heads to Tribal Council.


Night 9

Bulan returns from Tribal Council, where Paula Sina was blindsided by her alliance, Martin demands Leo an explanation of why he did such move.

Martin: "Leo, dud what's that for?"
Leo: "You should have known better."
Martin: "What the hell?!"
Leo: "Come on, Martin, we came here as rivals. You let your guard down, it's your fault. We're rivals remember?"
Martin: "You're friggin' serious?! Trust me, with me gone, you're next."
Leo: "Whatever."

Martin flips out at me for blindsiding Paula. "Operation Martin" Out is in place.


Leo's too preoccupied by the fact that we are rivals. His judgement was too clouded by thoughts of me beating him. Like dude, get a hold of yourself. It's just Day friggin' nine!


As Leo goes to sleep, Andy approaches Martin, telling him not to worry, and tells him everything, from Leo plotting against him, to blindsiding Paula as a front to knock him off-guard since the tribe is not yet open to vote out a strong member.

Andy: "Sorry we didn't had the chance to talk to you. Everything happened very fast. We didn't had the chance to relay a message to you because Leo's constantly bugging me and Devon. Leo was plotting against you the minute we stepped in this island. Did you both really entered this game as rivals?"
Martin: "Actually yes. But I didn't really expect him to take me down this early. That's how he is. He's that aggressive sometimes."
Andy: "I see. I promise you, we'll take care of you and Melissa."
Martin: "Don't worry about me, I worry about you. You basically sided with this lunatic I call a partner."

If Leo wants war, I'll give it to him!


Day 10

After a rainy night, the Tala tribe wakes up early in the morning and does camp chores. Then suddenly, Tyler and Josh cracks jokes, but this does not sit well with Kevin and Camille, who was busy tending the severely weakened bonfire.

I know the twins are bundles of energy, but they have to learn life is not always butterflies and cakes. They need to tone it down. We have too much to do.


The twins continue their barrage of jokes and pranks, until Kevin loses his cool and scolds the brothers.

Kevin: "Why don't you guys quit it! We have work to do and you're making fun of our situation. Life is not not always fun and games."
Tyler: "Sorry. I guess we'll leave you alone... whatever makes you happy."

These kids will have a rude awakening here in Survivor. Though I understand because they're young, but you can't always have fun, especially in our state right now. Bulan is still a member ahead of us, and our living conditions are just plain unbearable. This is not the time to joke.


It's just great to see Kevin change over these past few days. I have never seen him this unraveled before, but he changed a lot since I left rehab. His new-found maturity continues to impress me.


Kevin's a grumpy old man. He's such a kill-joy. Can't he see we're just trying to alleviate their misery out here?


At Bulan, Melissa approaches Devon, who was busy reigniting their fire. Melissa asks where she stand in the alliance after her partner's removal. Devon reveals Leo's schemes against Martin, and assures her she is still in the alliance.

Leo's plotting against Martin, his partner? Well, I kinda don't bother as long as it ain't me. My only concern is he did that at Paula's expense. I don't get it how my best friend got into this. While trying to avenge my friend, I think I have to start rolling with the punches first, because these fratboys think I'm a pawn.


Day 11

At Tala, Kasia and Toby squabble over the latter's burnt rice. With the rice sack near empty, Kasia fumes of her boyfriend's negligence. While Kasia gives Toby a chance to apologize, Toby goes for the jugular and lashes out at his girlfriend. Seeing Kasia getting emotionally battered, Kevin goes to her rescue, and reprimands Toby for his offensive actions. Toby rebuts that Kasia is his girlfriend and tells Kevin not to meddle with their conflict, even as going far as bringing up Kevin's past as a womanizer. This throws Kevin over the edge, and blasts on Toby.

Back at home, Toby's a terrible cook. So when I told him we're going to Survivor, I told him, "stay away from any pots and pans when we get on the island!" These past few days, Toby's gets frustrated easily, which is peculiar. Now, I don't know Toby anymore. He's not the same guy I dated months ago.

–Kasia, on seeing a new Toby

I can't believe Toby just said that. She's talking to a lady like that?! So not gentleman-like! If this continues, Kasia needs to break up with him.


The whole tribe sees the whole drama and scolds Toby. Angered by Toby's rashness, Camille tells Toby to go away for a while. While toby was away, Kasia makes a proposition, that if Toby verbally attacks her once again, she would throw the Immunity Challenge just to vote him off.

I am sick and tired of playing a martyr for love. If he gets at me again, sorry, but once he get voted out, I won't see him ever again. Good riddance.


At Bulan, Martin is busy boiling the tribe's soiled clothes, until Leo comes up and takes away the pot, and hangs his wet socks on top of the fire.

Martin: "What's your problem dude?"
Leo: "Go away."
Martin: "You're acting like a jerk as usual."
Leo: "Why are you still talking to me? I'm going to vote your ass out. Go away!"
Martin: "Better vote me out before merge, because I'm not voting for you."
Leo: "Sike."
Martin: "Don't you think I don't know?"
Leo: "Know what? I told Andy and Devon to vote Paula out because I can't convince them to vote for you? You don't say!"
Martin: No. I know your secret...[turns left and right]...YOU'RE GAY!"
Leo: "No I'm not!"
Martin: "Of course you are. Your friend Alastair told me!"
Leo: "Better shut your mouth."
Martin: "Or what?! Vote me out? Sue me? Oh I'm so scared. Rrrrrrrr."
[Leo leaves bonfire]

I never saw myself coming out national TV. Now the world knows my secret, I am more driven to cut Martin's head off before he tells Andy and Devon.


Coming in here, I already knew Leo's dirty little secret that he's gay. I bet his parents started burning him alive after watching this!


After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes assemble at a makeshift farm field for their next challenge, which is again for reward and immunity. The tribes are surprised to see Filipino farmers and a pair of oxen traipsing around the area. The survivors will be utilizing the art of "pag-araro" (or "plowing" in Filipino) for their challenge. While the tribes strategize, the tribe decides to sit Melissa out, but tired of being a benchwarmer, Melissa volunteers herself, though her tribemates are skeptical, stipulated she has to deal with an ox that can run her over. With this last-minute change, Burgundy sits out for Bulan. Over at Tala, still feeling uncomfortable with Toby, Kasia pairs with Camille instead.

I did not came here to have a picnic, I came here to compete. I don't care if the ox steps on me, but I told myself I won't be sitting out this time.


Bulan's pairings: Martin/Leo, Andy/Devon, Melissa/Declan, Salina/Jacki
Tala's pairings: Kasia/Camille, Josh/Tyler, Talia/Ricky, Kevin/Toby

Bulan takes the lead as Martin and Leo controlled the ox with relative ease. Tala struggles out of the gate, when Kasia and Camille struggle to maneuver theirs. Frustrated, Toby explodes at Kasia, making her cry once again. When Kasia and Camille return, Kasia pushes Toby aside and avoids him. Bulan extends their lead when Andy and Devon realize they stepped on a rope ring. The Deckers twins stumble through the mud but closes the gap between the tribes. Melissa realizes the rope rings must be buried deep, so she insists to Declan if he pushes the plowing device deeper. Melissa's hunch proves right and retrieves their third rope ring. Talia struggles to control a very rambunctious ox, while Ricky steps on their rope ring. Kevin and Toby struggle to maneuver when their ox decides to defecate, slowing Tala further. Salina and Jacki successfully takes Bulan's fourth ring, abling them to move to the second half of the challenge. Toby lashes out for the procrastinating ox, while Bulan starts throwing their rope rings. Ultimately, Melissa shoots down Bulan's final rope ring, winning themselves immunity, thus sending Tala back to Tribal Council.

Before the tribes part ways, Jeff asks the Bulan tribe to produce two members who will take the Temptation Reward. The blue tribe chooses best buddies Andy and Devon. Jeff presents them a basket of canned food and a can opener, telling the pair they can get a week's worth of canned goods, but only if they stay at Tala until tomorrow's sundown, before Tala heads to Tribal Council. For the welfare of their tribe, Andy and Devon agree to move to Tala overnight so their tribe can eat. The buddies are welcomed by the Tala tribe with open arms.

It's a no-brainer, we have to get this reward. Not only we feed our tribe, we can also have the chance to get to know the other tribe. Like, we can either infiltrate or flip to them.


It is already nightfall when Tala returns to camp, Camille tours Andy and Devon around their camp, while Kasia and Toby are still not talking to each other. Kevin consoles Kasia after Toby's freak-out. Noticing Kasia in despair, Andy goes to them, asking what happened. Kasia covers up the tribe's current problem and replies she was emotional because Tala had lost three of four Immunity Challenges. Andy is suspicious there is some hidden agenda within the tribe.

I know Kasia's hiding something. I have to learn what it is. But for now, we're calling a night. That challenge is somethin'


Day 12

The next morning, Andy and Devon invite Tala to join them at the beach to get to know the other tribe. Before going with them, Kevin warns Kasia to not divulge too much, in which Kasia agrees. Kasia asks Kevin is he and Camille are open to vote Toby at Tribal Council. Kevin replies they only waited for her approval.

Toby's so gonna pay for this. I might forgive him, but it's the game.


While interacting with the Tala tribe, Andy brings up Kasia's emotional breakdown at the challenge and at camp yesterday. Camille replies that Kasia is an emotional person, and she breaks down because Tala's numbers are dwindling. Not wanting to push the topic, Tyler and Josh initiated their comedy show, sending the others in stitches. Despite this, Kasia and Toby still do not talk to each other. Before they leave, Andy approaches Kevin if they are any alliances formed in the tribe. Kevin only replies: "The tribe is the alliance." Unable to break in Tala, Andy and Devon return to their Bulan tribe empty-handed.

At Tribal Council, Kasia fires back at Toby for his mistreatment of her. Toby rebuts that she is obtrusive, leading to an epic verbal showdown. Kasia culminates that she does not love Toby anymore, to his devastation. In the end, Toby's misogynistic acts send him packing in a 5-2-1 vote. Before leaving, Toby attempts to kiss Kasia, only to be rejected.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Toby (5 votes)
Camille, Kasia, Kevin, Ricky, & Talia
Kevin (2 votes)
Josh & Tyler
Talia (1 vote)
Toby Speck

Voting Confessionals

This is my "Dear John Letter" to you. Good thing you brought this side of you before we get married. Good riddance.


Your attitude towards Kasia is so not acceptable.


Your row with Kaisa was so not expected from a boyfriend.


Kasia's so gonna break you up after this.


I feel horrified seeing you act the way you did to Kasia. You remind me of the things I did to Camille in the past. That out-of-body experience has to stop.


Kevin's a bitter old bear. He needs to go.


Daddy Kev, sorry but you're too grumpy, and I can't stand that.


It might be me, but I hope this sends a message that we need to get rid of you to keep the team strong.


Final Words

Gosh I acted like a jerk to Kasia. I was mortified. I shouldn't have done that. I can't show my face to her parents after they watch this.

–Toby Speck

Next Time on Survivor

  • At Bulan, Martin fights back at Leo.
  • At Tala, the twins are on hot water.

Author's Notes

  • The challenge was derived from a famous (or infamous) challenge from the Amazing Race 5 (the fan-favorite My Ox Is Broken episode), where the teams had to unearth their next clue with an ox-driven plow. The leg was ran in the Philippines.
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