"Reverse One World"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 7/15
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This is the seventh episode of Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

Declan was furious after his girlfriend Burgundy was blindsided, but Leo tells him it was not his fault. Declan learns that Leo was just a front. The true masterminds behind the strategies behind Bulan were best friends Andy and Devon. The next day, the survivors were stunned to learn that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. Leo and Tyler won from their tribes, but Leo finished the task earlier, making him eligible for the Temptation Reward. He was given an chance to give Bulan a feast of cheeseburgers, fries and iced tea while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council, but he must undergo a brutal, top-to-bottom Brazilian wax treatment. The process was painful, but knowing this gesture of goodwill might make his tribe change their perception of him, Leo prevailed. At Tala, the twins are on hot water, after they accidentally brought up Talia's anorexic past. But since Tyler was immune, Josh was in danger of getting voted out. But in a surprise turn of events, Tyler gave up his Immunity Necklace and handed it to his brother, because he felt his brother wanted it more, but he paid the price by getting voted out. 12 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Coco Connection
A trio of survivors must assemble a wheelbarrow and push it to a series of obstacles leading to a station full of coconuts. The next three survivors will then convert the wheelbarrow into a large slingshot, where they must knock an entire row, column or diagonal of tiles on a 6x6 grid. first tribe to so wins the challenge.
Reward: Tribal Immunity and an overnight yacht ride
Winner: Bulan
Temptation Reward: The representative can give self and his/her tribe letters from home.
Consequence: The representative skip the yacht ride entirely—he/she may not participate at the reward.


Night 16

Bulan returns from Tribal Council after they vote out Declan Morrow. Leo, who did a sacrifice by having a Brazilian wax in exchange for a tribe feast, was confronted by Martin, telling him he does not buy his "gesture of goodwill." Leo taunts him he cannot do anything because his desire of eliminating him "just got intensified."

I know what game Leo's playing. He became this God-send angel who gave our tribe a feast out of nowhere. I'm not buying it. Yes, he filled up my belly tonight, but once I get that opportunity, I'll have his fake wings clipped, because he screwed me ten times over.

–Martin, on Leo accepting the Temptation Reward

At Tala, the tribe consoles Josh, after his twin brother Tyler got voted out at their Tribal Council after he gave up his immunity to save his brother. Josh reveals that since their father's death prior to moving to the States, he and Tyler had to keep the Deckers household afloat. Moved by Josh's revelation, Talia hugs him, telling him she forgives him after their misunderstanding yesterday.

Tyler has been my rock in this game and in life. Our comedic demeanor actually comes from a very vulnerable place. We prevailed through hard times since our dad passed away. Now my brother's gone, they're gonna pay for this. Apology or no apology, if they want to stick together until the merge, better vote me off next, because from now on, I'm taking no prisoners and purple is now my color!

–Josh, on Tala voting his twin brother off

Day 17

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes convene at an area where they notice Jeff Probst is not around, only to see baskets of food peacefully propped in the middle of the beach.

The two tribes will finally live as one from here on out. Before you enjoy your meal, decide on which camp do you want to start your new world. There, your new buffs await. All the items the other tribe left at their camp will be relocated to their new beach. Once you reach your chosen camp, a picnic table also awaits there.

–The note nestled on one of the food baskets (as read by Camille).

The excited castaways decide that Tala's camp was better since they had the majority of the essential reward such as fishing gear and tarp. Upon arriving at Tala beach, they see a color-coded picnic table which has demarcated sides—Six purple plates with the purple moon (Bulan's tribe symbol) drawn on it, and six plates with the yellow sun (Tala's tribe symbol) on it—implying that the tribes will sit separately.

Before they start their meal, the Bulans are surprised to see the rival camp being so organized, whereas their camp was cluttered with ash from their bonfire. While the tribes enjoy their feast, Melissa was inquisitive enough to leave the table, and look for the jar of buffs that the note was talking about. Melissa reaches Tala's Tree Mail area, where she sees a large clay jar of buffs. Melissa seeks help from Ricky to carry the jar for her. To the survivors' horror, Melissa pulls a familiar purple buff, and when Camille and Jacki inspect the jar further, they also see yellow buffs and another note. The survivors realize it is a tribe switch, but unlike no other tribe switches in the history of Survivor. Kevin is pissed to see Camille wearing a purple buff, as Leo is infuriated to see himself and Martin wear yellow buffs. Josh is elated to wear purple, saying that it could not have come at a better time.

Proceed to your seat and look under your plate. If you find the Tala sun symbol, you are now a member of the Tala tribe. If you find the Bulan moon symbol, you are now a member of the Bulan tribe.

–The note along with the jar of buffs (as read by Melissa)

I can't believe this is happening! I thought we're gonna merge as one tribe, but apparently, they tricked us! It's a tribe switch, but not just any tribe switch, we are switched tribes living on one beach!


The good news, we still have our tribemates at camp. bad news, they now work for the other tribe. Interesting.


Now as a Bulan member, I can now exact revenge on my Tyler. I'm gonna spill Tala's secrets to them and hopefully they full adopt me as a Bulan member. I'll help the moon tear the stars down.

–Josh, on being a Bulan member

I am disappointed to see my plate having the Bulan symbol, but hey you gotta work with what you have. This is the only card given to you, and it's up to you how you play it.

–Camille, on the idea of having his husband as an opponent.

This is the worst day of my life. Not only getting separated from the Bulan tribe, I have Martin on the new Tala. He knows me deep down, my secrets, my gameplay, and whatever I did on Bulan. It's my job to keep him on my side, even if I don't want to, or else, I'm dead! Good thing there is Andy there though.


This Reverse Survivor: One World thingie is interesting. While all tribes are here, they now have different allegiances. For one, I bet Josh is very excited to flip to the Bulan side, while I am still Tala on the inside.


Despite the shocking twist, the tribes decide to work together to expand their shelter. Meanwhile, while collecting firewood, Leo approaches Martin (now both Tala members), and asks him if they can put aside their rivalry and finally work as one of the four remaining pairs with both members intact. Martin reveals his skepticism outright, saying he is not going to make any promises to him, stipulated Leo's numerous attempts to get him out of the game.

Leo: "Martin, I know you're mad at me for constantly targeting you, but I think it's time for us to really work together."
Martin: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You targeted me the whole time, placed a knife on my back and turned it. Now you want me to align with you? What the hell? Seriously? I'm not going to make promises dude."
Leo: "Listen, if we can work this out, I'll screw Andy and Devon for your sake."
Martin: "Not just for me. Hey, let me think this over."
Leo: "If you screw me up, you screwed too."

Leo's one pathological ass. He wanted me out since the beginning now he's talking to me strategy like nothing's happened? Come on, I was not born yesterday.

–Martin, on Leo's sudden change of heart.

At night, while the tribes prepare to sleep, Martin pulls Kevin aside, telling him that Andy, Devon and Leo were running the show on the original Bulan tribe, and reveals that his own partner, Leo was constantly trying to vote him out at every opportunity.

Martin: "Listen, I don't know who you guys are voting for, but here's the deal. I've been on the outs with my tribe since Paula got voted out. Andy, Devon and Leo ran the show on the former Bulan."
Kevin: "Isn't Leo your partner? Aren't you friends?"
Martin: "We actually entered the game as rivals, to be quite honest. We kinda joined here to settle it."
Kevin: "No way!"
Martin: "Yes way! Look, if we don't get rid of Andy and Leo, Tala is screwed. I'm telling you this because I want to work with you guys."
Kevin: "You're on board with us then."
Martin: "Oh definitely!"

Leo's been targeting me, now the tables are full 180!


Day 18

The tribes assemble at a challenge beach where they meet Jeff, who asks them how the tribe switch/One World twist worked out. Camille answers that it changed the game drastically, because they are not just living with the enemy, some of their tribemates are now on the opposite tribe, which further complicates the game. The tribes then compete for a Reward/Immunity Challenge.

Wheelbarrow users:
Bulan: Josh, Camille, Melissa
Tala: Martin, Kevin, Kasia

Bulan: Devon, Ricky, Jacki
Tala: Andy, Leo, Talia

Bulan initially struggles because Melissa is getting awkward and slow, but gains lead when Tala stumps on the obstacles. Bulan extends their lead by finishing collecting the coconuts first. Tala catches up when Jacki fails to shoot down Bulan's remaining few tiles. In the end, Jacki finishes the horizontal pattern, winning the challenge for Bulan.

After handing the Immunity Idol to Bulan, Jeff asks which member will partake in the Temptation Reward, in which Ricky volunteers. Jeff tempts Ricky to give up his spot at the reward and in return, he will give himself and Bulan letters from home. If not, all six Bulan members will embark on the reward. In a gesture that receives mixed responses from the castaways, Ricky refuses, denying Bulan of their letters. Ricky apologizes to the tribe, but Jacki tells him it is okay, saying that he is not obliged to accept it.

I came here to play the game, and I want no distractions. My family will always be there, this game is not. I know you guys miss yours, but I'm not taking it. If I get distracted for even just one second, I tend to lose focus on things. Hope you understand guys.

–Ricky, on not accepting the Temptation Reward, on refusing to take the Temptation Reward

I am furious because like, my brother just got voted out, and you denied me of home? He's so gonna be first in my death list.


What the hell? You see your family as distraction? How does that even make sense? The people I hate the most are those who are not straight to their point and the ones who gripe a lot. Like if you don't want to take the letters, I'd rather step up and give my place at the reward. You don't even sound that sincere to me! You're just hungry! Like seriously, how greedy can you be?!


The winning Bulan tribe are sent to the luxury yacht. The men enjoy tacos and guacamole, while the women busy taking a bath. Bulan then feasted a three-course dinner, to their enjoyment. After their dinner, the tribe goes to sleep on their comfortable beds.

I've never had a taste of the high life, and this is amazing. Two full days without hunger pains. Ah, this is life.


This is surreal!


I remembered my honeymoon with Kevin.


Back at the Tala/One World camp, Kevin and Martin plan to vote Leo out. Andy overhears the conversation, and tells them he is on board with their plan, saying that Leo is the most manipulative person out there. To earn Kevin's trust, Andy presents him his Hidden Immunity Idol, as a sign of defecting from Bulan and embracing his membership at Tala.

It's time for Leo to go. I think I'm better of at Tala. I have the idol, I have a new alliance, my only problem is how will I play this game without compromising Devon.


Later, Leo comes to Kevin and says that Martin is the mastermind behind the strategic decisions of Bulan. But with Andy and Martin saying the same thing, Kevin concludes that Leo is lying.

Of course Leo is lying. Two people have said Leo's a scoundrel over there, and there's no reason why I shouldn't trust Martin and Andy. For one, Andy wouldn't show his idol if it's not true.

–Kevin, on Leo's double-dealing

Day 19

A visibly rejuvenated Bulan tribe returns at camp and brought some leftovers for the Tala tribe. Kevin approaches his wife Camille if she can give him any intel about the original Bulans. Camille replies that Leo was unpopular because of his frequent rude treatment of his tribemates, especially Martin. When asked if they would vote for Leo, Kevin confirms that he would vote for Leo, and adds that Martin and Andy would be willing to vote him out. Unknown to them, Josh is behind the bushes, listening to their every word.

Later, Leo pulls Martin and Andy aside telling them to vote Kevin out, but when Martin leaves the conversation, Leo asks Andy if he could be willing to finally vote Martin out. Andy is still unsure.

We have Martin who is sure trustworthy, but I'm unsure if he can trust me because I was once associated with Leo, and we have Leo who became my puppet in this game, but cannot be trusted because he is wishy-washy and so bent on getting rid of Martin. I'm leaning towards voting Leo tonight.


At Tribal Council, Leo erupts at Martin saying he was the mastermind behind the eliminations of Paula, Burgundy and Declan. Expecting Andy would help him dig a deeper hole for his rival, Andy throws Leo under the bus, saying that he was aimlessly trying to vote Martin out since Day 1. The Tala members reveal that they already know Leo's lies because they notice that there is some distance between Leo and the other original Bulan members. In the end, Martin exacts his revenge on Leo, as the latter gets voted out of the tribe after an unanimous 5-1 vote, but he would return as part of the jury who will ultimately decide the Sole Survivor.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Leo (5 votes)
Andy, Kasia, Kevin, Martin, & Talia
Martin (1 vote)
Leo Harrelson

Voting Confessionals

Time for payback. Good things really happen for those who wait.


It's either you or me.


Great guy, er gay, whatever.


If I can't trust you, screw you.


You are such a drama queen. But don't pursue an acting career just yet, because you're acting's terrible.


I'm cutting the puppet's strings now.


Final Words

Gosh it was a very beautiful experience. Wished I stayed longer because I really wanted to win, or even just outlast Martin. But hey, not everybody can say they did this, and I am very grateful for it. Yes mom, I'm gay, but for some reason I still am a little attracted to girls, which make me bisexual maybe but whatever. Nonetheless it's good to be a juror at least.

–Leo Harrelson

Next Time on Survivor

  • Will Ricky's decision to deny his tribemates of their letters from home come back to haunt him?
  • The riskiest Temptation Reward yet calls one unexpected survivor.
If you forgo with the reward, I will give you ____________________.

–Jeff Probst

Author's Notes

  • Production ordered the tribes to sit separately to add the feel of the two tribes coming together as one.
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