"Plan Voodoo Part Two"

A risky move is considered amongst two players with their backs against the wall.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 10/15
Date Uploaded March 28, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 10 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "Plan Voodoo Part Two".
This episode chronicles Days 27-29.


Reward Challenge

For this reward challenge, each castaway starts on a platform in the water. When Jeff starts the challenge, everyone must jump in the water and cut the anchors off ot their platforms. Then, they must swim to shore and grab an oar, then swim back out. Once back at their platform, they must row it back to shore. Finally, each castaway must take apart their platform, and fit the pieces together differently to solve a puzzle, where they fit together to form a star. First castaway to finish the puzzle wins reward. Jeff then will ask them to bring one person with them on the reward.

Winner: Paul [Cassie]
Reward: Flown across the island to a famous Vieques mansion, with shower and food. stay the night.

Immunity Challenge

For this immunity challenge, each player must work at a set of knots that tether two balls to a pole. Once they have unlatched the two balls, they must use the balls to knock over a bottle on a pedestal, which is connected to a net that rolls the balls back if the player misses. Once it is knocked over, they must smash the bottle to find inside a paper with 10 markings. These markings will be used to solve a riddle, where they must translate those symbols using an answer key. Once the riddle is solved, you will be able to raise your flag, granting you immunity.

Winner: Mackenzie

Day Twenty-Seven

At the reward challenge, Paul won, and surprised everybody by picking Cassie to join him on the reward. Andrew and Jessie, although confused, did not jump to conclusions just yet. Jessie, however, realized that Andrew was acting very different. He was slow to get up, and was not talking as much. He seemed upset.

Andrew is acting so wierd, and I can't understand why. We're short on numbers, but I think Paul is trying to work over Cassie at the reward. I think he can hopefully persuade her, so I just have to go cheer him up.


Jonny and Malik noticed this too, and were concerned. They approached him, to find him silently tearing up in the shelter. When they asked what was wrong, he replied merely by saying that he was done with the game. He was quiet about it, but he told them that he wanted to go home, but he wanted to be voted out.

I think I've had enough. I'm just going to tell everybody I want to be voted out. But I have to be sure they don't mention it to Jeff at tribal, so that the vote actually goes down and I'm not referred to as a quitter. I know I'm going home, so why delay it. Oh yeah, that's right because I have this!

–Andrew, (pointing to the hidden immunity idol)

Andrew walked with Jessie, but kept the act. He wanted to make sure only himself, and Paul, who wasn't back until the next day, knew about the plan. They had secretly been plotting on a way to get rid of the Yaureibo alliance's top dog, Malik. They weren't sure how, because they didn't want to risk using the idol on somebody they weren't sure was even being voted out.

But, Andrew was still sour about the previous tribal, so he planned on targetting Kenzie. So, Andrew decided to pretend to want to quit. In doing so, he hoped that everybody would grant his final wish in pretending they are just voting out competition. He asked Malik and Malik agreed that this would be the plan.

I can see I guess why Andrew is so upset. Kenzie joined our alliance, and all that is left is the classic pagonging of the old Cacimar tribe. It's only a matter of time, and why prolong his demise. I would more than obliged to vote him out, especially because he asked me to.


Andrew continued to act his plan out, pretending to be depressed. He eagerly awaited Paul's return.

Meanwhile, at the reward, Paul and Cassie managed to bond while enjoying a feast. Cassie was curious why he picked her, or at least that's what she told him. She was not stupid. She knew that he was trying to persuade her. She went with it. Paul asked her to switch, and he would promise her final three with whoever she wanted. Cassie, who knew it was a load of crap, lied right to his face, pretending to agree.

Paul is so blind! Does he really think I'm going to listen to him? I have a good role in my alliance, and I'm not going to give that up. I'll play along though. If he thinks I'm with him, that means less scrambling come tribal.


Day Twenty-Eight

The tribe awoke to Paul and Cassie returning early in the morning, greeting them with smuggled food they got from the reward. The tribe was ecstatic, and immediately dug into the plethora of food they brought back. Everybody was excited, except fot Andrew. He continued the act, and it got Paul excited. Paul knew however, that they still had a chance. He played along, and brought Andrew into the woods to talk.

He told him that Cassie agreed to switch alliances. Andrew didn't buy it. He argued that they should continue with the plan regardless, and just worry about her later. Paul didn't want to blow the opportunity, but agreed, worrying that they might mess something up. So, Paul listened to Andrew and pretended to fell pity for Andrew, who was putting on a hell of a show.

I'm really concerned for Andrew. He seems really depressed. If this was a sickness, the medical team would have already scooped him up and away by now.


Cassie, upon learning of Andrew's unforeseen depression, was smelling bullshit. She didn't believe it. The person who she grew to know, Andrew, who was such a fan of the show, quitting? She wasn't sure, but she had no choice but to believe it. Paul pretended to talk strategy with Cassie, in order to take any pressure off of Andrew. He told her that they are going to vote for Cameron, because he is a strong competitor. She didn't know what to think, but was coming closer and closer to calling them out. She realized it would be a bad idea, and decided to let it go. She didn't want to attract any attention that could paint a target on her back. She also didn't want to seem like she was thinking too much.

At this point, Andrew and Paul were considering who to write down. They decided Mackenzie has to go, because she is obviously smart enough to outwit the two of them. They didn't think that Mackenzie would win immunity, but in case, they opted for Malik as back up, because he is the brains behind the yaureibo alliance.

Day Twenty-Nine

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.
Mackenzie had won immunity, which is something that Andrew and Paul were hoping would not happen. However, Andrew still acted, and Paul still pretended to not want to vote him out. Paul confided in Cassie that he is going to vote for Andrew anyway, because it will mean he is one step closer.

The plan for Paul and Andrew was to now vote out Malik, who would surely not see this coming. Andrew gathered everybody around to give them a talk.

Andrew: Okay everybody, I know you all have heard me say that I want to go. I realized that me thinking that at all means I'm not deserving to win this game. I want to be voted out. I need to be away from this madness, I think I'm too young. I love each and every one of you, and have become a second family to me in these past few weeks. All I ask of you is that you lie at tribal council tonight. I don't want Jeff to call me a quitter. I won't be able to take it. So please just say you are voting out somebody because they are an immunity threat. Please don't give any hints to him about me wanting to quit. It would really make me feel a lot better leaving this game. Thanks guys.

He then went to lie down in the shelter, getting ready for the most wild tribal council ever.

I was thinking of a name for this operation, and I remembered Cao Boi's plan Voodoo back in Cook Islands. I think I'll name this after that. How does Plan Voodoo Part Two sound?


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11: Baurimar


Andrew headshot

(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)

Cameron headshotCassie headshotJessie headshot
Jonny headshotMackenzie headshotMalik headshot

Cameron, Cassie, Jessie,
Jonny, Mackenzie, Malik

Malik headshot


Andrew headshotPaul headshot

Andrew, Paul

Voted Off:

Malik headshot


Note: At tribal, everything went according to plan, and Andrew played the idol. Everybody was shocked, including Jeff, who had no idea.

As Andrew went up to Jeff to give him the idol, he said this: "Well Jeff, I've been told I'm a great actor. I came here to play this game, and this is for you."

Voting Confessionals

Oh my god Malik, I can't believe this is going to work. Thanks for making me go down as one of the ballsiest Survivors ever! Man I'm gonna be in trouble back at camp! WORTH IT!


Andrew, you wanted this. I hope you feel better.


I'm voting for you because you told me to.


I never thought I'd be writing your name down unless it was for a winner.


Sorry to see you go.


I don't believe this. How?


You're a good kid Andrew, I wish you the best of luck.


Andrew is a genius Malik. He is the brains behind this. His convincing acting got you eliminated.


Final Words

Andrew is a smart kid I'll give him that. I have no harsh feelings towards him. He's a smart player and a force to be reckoned with. He evened up the playing field and was one of few players to actually be able to keep a hidden immunity idol under wraps. Good for him. I'm glad to have played with him.


Still in the Running

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Next Time on Survivor...

Andrew is verbally attacked by the rest of the tribe, and boundaries are made.