Paul Numez
Paul headshot
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 27, 1963 (Age 48)
Hometown New York City, NY
Occupation Taxi Driver

Survivor: Vieques

Tribes Cacimar
Placement 6/18
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 34

Paul Numez is a contestant in Survivor: Vieques.


Paul is a New Yorker. A loud mouth, but hysterical. Paul is an African American born and raised in NYC, and grew up alongside 6 other siblings. Paul is a NYC taxi driver who believes he has met enough people in his life to be able to accurately profile them and he says that he can win because of this. Paul's job has helped him understand what it truly means to walk in somebody's shoes, and he claims that this attribute is key for any sole survivor. He believes he can make the right friendships with the right people at the right time. He wants to win so that he can retire and give his wife and three sons a better life outside the hectic city life.

Survivor: Vieques

Voting History

Paul's Voting History
Episode Paul's
Voted Against
1 Barbara -
2 Cacimar Tribe Immune
3 Cacimar Tribe Immune
4 Cacimar Tribe Immune
5 Connor -
6 Colleen -
7 Yaureibo Tribe Immune
8 Jason -
9 Jonny Individual Immunity
10 Malik -
11 Mackenzie -
12 Jonny Cameron, Cassie,
Jonny, Mackenzie
Voted Off, Day 32
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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